Arrested Development s04e15 Episode Script


George Michael was playing a game of lie tag with his father.
Wait, I bet we're sitting in the exact same traffic.
God, I just hope there are no kids on that plane.
find a dead kid Currently each claimed to be stuck in traffic be hinda light aircraft that had landed on the 605 Freeway.
loving that kid too much and letting him fly the plane.
And you know what? One more thing.
I think I accidentally had the phone flipped around.
I recorded my face the whole time, you know? Smartphone, stupid man.
Pal, why don't you loop around and film this thing? Someone's got to tell the story.
Michael hung up feeling confident he'd had the last word.
Kidding me? Missed you again, damn.
But, you know, I got out of my car here, and I'm standing here now with a paramedic named Tim Ridgley Can I record some video over there? - No cameras allowed.
- No camera They're being real tight-assed about this camera thing.
But George Michael was proving more adept at lying than anyone suspected.
Getting back in my car now.
You know, thank God we weren't on that plane.
Which would come in handy with a woman who only knew him as George Maharis.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, sorry, that was my dad.
He can be kind of hard to get off the phone sometimes.
Tell me about it.
At least he wasn't drunk and bitching about Don Ameche not knowing his lines in Cocoon.
He's actually great.
If anything, I've been kind of a lousy son lately, but, you know, it's just I mean, at some point, I've got to start living my life.
No, I know.
I mean, my dad is the nicest guy in the world, but he just doesn't get it.
I have to live my life my way.
It's like he's always checking up on me.
- Does yours do that? - Yeah, no, once in a while.
Hey, you want to go in here? Yeah, okay.
- Ron.
- Hey.
No, no, it's Michael.
Michael Bluth, doing the film about my family and Yeah, when are we gonna get your kid's signature though? I'm working on it.
Well, yeah, kids will be kids, right? I would've told you that he and I were exactly the same, that we were twins, you know? But now, I wouldn't even think of my son as my brother.
Although, in fairness, this is something a Bluth brother would do.
Now, the story of a family whose future was abruptly canceled, and the one son who had no choice but to keep himself together.
It's George Michael's Arrested Development.
George Michael was a new man.
He had finally cast off the shackles of his cautious persona Come on, man, throw it.
and he was ready to play with the big boys.
- Okay, I'm good! - You all right? That's it for me.
You guys keep playing.
Oh, too funny.
But later, at the student health center, he was reminded of the man who'd always supported him.
Who would you like us to call in case of an emergency? And who he'd now twice hurt.
My dad.
And that night, Michael, trying to impress Rebel by being a down-to-earth rich guy, although by doing so, he was neither - Beverly Hills billionaires who can't go two minutes without putting his phone got this call.
I got to take this.
Hold on one second.
Hey, George Michael.
You stuck in traffic, pal? You know, I just feel terrible that we couldn't get together the other night, and I miss you, you know.
But I'm free all night if But Michael hadn't forgiven George Michael.
People in politics involved and I just You know, I can't get away this time.
It seemed the two men were growing less alike every day.
And although George Michael felt guilty God, I've got to get this.
George Maharis was already planning his evening with, as it turned out, someone who had also just been put off by his father.
Hi, Rebel, it's George Maharis.
My night just freed up, and I was wondering if you wanted I thought you were having dinner with your dad.
Well, you know, older guys, the night ends for them at 8:00.
I think I could use a break from the old guys.
And I've already got some birth control in me that I paid for myself, and I'd hate to let it go to waste.
Well, that's perfect, because I'm not quite ready to have children.
So, as he straightened up his room, he got this call.
- Hey, Dad.
- George Michael, hey.
Got out of it.
I made a ton of people angry, but you know what I always say, family Well, gosh, you know, I really wanted to do that, but I just had this work thing come up.
And it's like you always say, family first, unless there's a work thing, and then work first.
I have said that, too.
- So, another time.
- Okay.
But he had another problem he had to deal with.
- Hey, George Michael.
- Hey.
Look, I got us a peace pizza.
Oh, that's great.
Hey, you've got to go.
What did you do with my stuff? I've just got a girl coming over - Maeby? -It's not Maeby, no.
But could you please leave? Okay, first you "F" me with Fakeblock, and then you're gonna kick me out when you have a hottie coming over? - I have roommate rights.
- Well, you know what? You voided your rights when you took this picture of Maeby brushing her teeth.
- Not against the rules.
- Still a little weird, don't you think? - But not against the rules.
- Well You know what? This is no longer a peace pizza.
That is a war pizza.
Okay, that's fine.
Do you want to take it back or No, I already ate.
That's for you.
- Oh, thank you.
- You're welcome.
Enjoy your war pizza! The pizza hadn't even cooled before Rebel arrived.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Oh, so this is a dorm.
This is a dorm.
Well, I suppose anything goes in a dorm.
You got that right.
Although, we should probably go inside, because they don't like us hanging out in the hallways, actually.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
George Michael had just officially gotten over Maeby.
Thanks for keeping it down for my RA.
You were keeping it down, right? You know what really impresses me about you? How little you try to impress me.
Well, I aim to not please.
I just came from a dinner with this right-wing politician and his date, who was an actual hooker.
Oh, my God, they sound like terrible people.
Oh, they were.
So, wait, is this where you conceived Fakeblock? It was George Michael's first chance to truly be unpretentious and undo the big lie.
On the other hand, she thought he was an unpretentious software genius.
If she were to learn that he was merely a woodblockplayer with a heightened ability to track the passage of time, perhaps she would rightly feel lack of pretension should be a given.
It was after second Twenty-four.
Yes, it was right in here.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
This is like making love with the Wright brothers in their bicycle shop.
I'm sure she just meant one of them.
Hey, how about her knowing they had a bicycle shop? Just a little token The next morning, he walked her to her car.
Listen, I got to go shoot a PSA.
I'll text you from the car.
Oh, no, don't Don't do - Action.
- Tweet and drive.
Yeah, that was good, but it's "text.
" And we need the word "don't.
" And upon returning to his dorm, he discovered that P-Hound had officially filed a grievance with the student housing office.
So P-Hound claims that George Michael Make a note of that, that's one person.
Oh, I know, I know.
Messed with his stuff and stole some software thing? Yeah, and George Michael claims that nobody can live with P-Hound.
Somebody's got to go.
Okay, it's time for a vote.
We'll each get one vote.
Oh, well, that doesn't really seem fair, because you guys are obviously gonna vote for the same person.
Oh, right, yeah, 'cause we're twins, and we have no sense of ourselves as individuals.
That's right.
We'll each get a half vote.
And the four men cast their three votes.
It's a tie, uh One and a half to one and a half.
The twins were proud to show that they voted differently from one another.
We're gonna need a tiebreaker, ugly.
Fortunately, they were able to bring in two more half voters -It's a tie.
- who also proved Two to two.
they were capable of having opposite opinions.
- Double tie! Yeah! - Yeah! To break the tie, more members of twin club joined the electorate.
A quadruple tie! Which also jammed up the works.
- Yeah! - Yeah! Go, yeah.
Maybe we should just bring in a single person now.
You mean, like, not a twin? Yeah, just to speed things along a little.
Andp erhaps it was that comment I guess one head's better than two, huh? Twin hater.
We've been dealing with twincists like you all our lives.
that united the voting body into a greater cause than expressing their individuality.
And with the exception of George Michael's vote P-Hound.
George Michael.
George Michael.
George Michael.
George Michael.
George Michael.
-and one other curiosity - George Michael.
Bender from Futurama.
I almost wrote that.
It was a George Michael blitz.
George Michael and a half vote for "George Michael, twincist.
" See you later, twin hater.
No, I'm not Shh.
And now wishing he'd actually packed the bag, George Michael aimlessly headed out onto the campus where, as fate would have it, - he ran into his beeping uncle.
(BLEEP) What are you doing here? I was in the neighborhood.
I happened to remember how much you love bologna.
Huh? So, yeah, I just I found this great ShopRite and I just thought, "You know who's got to have a taste of this, "is young George Michael.
" He didn't think George Michael liked bologna.
He was trying to correct a bad impression he felt he might have made with his nephew a few nights earlier.
We're good.
My God, Uncle Gob, what is this? Can't lie to you, George Michael, it's a Forget-Me-Now.
I wanted you to forget what happened at that magic club.
I was embarrassed.
If you don't want me to tell anyone about it, I won't.
I'm such a fool.
I go to those things too quickly.
Really, it's just the age we live in, isn't it? Take a pill to forget your problems.
Take a pill to go to sleep.
And take a pill to forget your problems.
Need an erection, take a pill.
Need to forget your problems, take a pill.
Take a pill and your problems are forgotten.
Take a pill.
What an age we live in.
It's great, isn't it? What's with the suitcase? I got kicked out of my dorm.
That was a freebie.
You in the market to buy a house? It's a great time to buy.
I don't want to buy a house.
I don't have that kind of money.
Money? Ninja, please.
You don't need money.
With that Fakeblock thing you got going and your great credit rating, we can put you in a Bluth in no time.
Frankly, it wasn't the kind of risk George Michael would take.
But then Gob said something that changed his mind.
Plus, it would make your dad proud.
I know that he's still really disappointed about you What, that I blew him off? Blew him off.
Boy, is he disappointed about that.
I would love to say yes Yes! There it is! I got my much-vaunted yes! Gob felt good.
He would be able to prove to his brother that he could actually sell a house.
George Michael felt good because he could prove to his father that he did indeed support him.
And the residents of Sudden Valley felt good because it turns out, the very young-looking man who drove down their street that afternoon Hi.
- Hello, young man.
- Hi.
How young are you? I'm good.
How you doing? No, how young are you? I'm 22.
Twenty-two years was over 21, and they wouldn't have to search for a home that was even more remote.
He's 22! He's 22, but looks 16.
Sudden Valley residents wasted no time in welcoming George Michael to the community Just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.
every chance they got.
Thank you.
Hello again.
Welcome back.
Oh, it's so nice.
Like it's my birthday.
It's like it's everyone's birthday.
Oh, this is I wonder who this is from.
We said no clothes, Carlos.
- Hat is not clothes.
- A hat is clothes.
Gosh, I wish I had something to offer you guys.
You know, here you are, guests in my home, and you've gotten me these beautiful gifts.
You know, feels like it should be the other way around.
Football! Hut, hut! Carlos! Carlos, you're on my team.
You're on my team.
Yo, guys, the play is dead.
The play is dead.
The ball touched the ground.
Come on.
The play is dead.
Carlos, man, we're on the same team.
Guys, maybe we can't play skins versus skins.
Tops versus bottoms? I got to bring my girlfriend up here.
She's gonna love it.
Let's throw her a party, Sudden Valley style.
That actually sounds, yeah, fun.
And so George Michael was proud to invite Rebel to see how successful George Maharis had become, and how many people were eager to be in his company.
No, I'm fine, I'm fine.
He was tickling me in there.
- Hey, what is all this? - Hey.
Just a little surprise.
- You did this for me? - Yes.
- But Rebel had other concerns.
- We need to talk.
This is it.
This is the place.
Hope you don't find it too pretentious.
Well, what happened to the old "anything goes in the dorm"? Well, I got this place instead.
You know, I guess I wanted to impress you.
- I'm gonna get some furniture, obviously.
- Right.
The guys from Homefill are coming this week.
That's not the problem.
No, that's not the problem.
Wrong house, buddy.
No, this is my son, Lem Depardieu.
- Hey, baby.
- Hi.
Jacqueline still in the car? You have a son? Yeah.
- Hey, Lem.
How you doing? - Hi.
I love kids.
I'm great You want a Twister? I was just given, like, four Twisters.
You should take one.
- Go on, take a Twister.
- You know what, honey? Do you want to give Mommy some alone time with her friend? - Maybe he could go play in the pool.
- Yeah.
He'll be totally safe.
There's like 100 guys out there.
Make sure you wear your sunblock.
In fact, it was the folks in the pool who were more at risk of being near Lem than he was of them.
And perhaps that's what led Gob to having to take out another ad.
Wow, what a great kid.
You know, when I said I was not eager to have kids, but I think it's great that you have a son.
You know, I have a spare room here that the two of you could stay in.
Or maybe you could just stay in it.
He doesn't live with me.
He lives in France with his father.
He just visits March and April during French pilot season, but that's what I'm talking about.
I just don't want to get that serious.
Because you're seeing someone else? No! I mean, yes.
I'm seeing someone else, but I don't want to get serious with him, either, and you're out telling people in the neighborhood that we're seeing each other.
What happened to the guy who founded Fakeblock? The guy who keeps things anonymous? I can do anonymous.
You know, I'm all about staying anonymous.
That's Fakeblock's mission statement.
And now you're asking Lem and me to move into this house, and it just seems all backwards.
Maybe it is backwards.
George Michael shared his relationship problem with the one other woman he'd had a relationship problem with.
Well, she's not really my girlfriend.
I mean, I'm crazy about her, but she wants to keep things anonymous, and I don't know how to do that.
- Oh, that's ridiculous.
- Right.
You haven't told her your real name yet, have you? What? No, no.
No, she still thinks I'm George Maharis.
But she's dating another guy, which is probably the whole reason she's always saying I'm moving too fast.
I take things too seriously.
I take things too serious.
I take things too seriously.
I need to note which one of those is correct, because I sound like a horse's ass when I alternate between the two of them.
I need to get my (BLEEP) together.
But the point is that I take things easily-breezily.
Well, a real serioush woman knows what she wants and moves quickly.
"Serioush" is nothing.
That's not a word.
Are you ready to see your office? I have been.
It's great.
I like it a lot.
I wonder if she's gonna think we've been a little lavish with money.
You know, is it too much? But then to contradict myself, I do think, at some point, it would be good to get a second chair just in case we have a guest, but I'm thinking big picture.
Of course, that wasn't his office.
This isn't your office.
She's over here.
And it was at his actual desk where he made his first major decision as CEO.
Maeby, you're fired! And although Mort was prepared to be handed his walking papers, there was nothing that could have prepared George Michael for what Mort would leave on his desk.
And so, later that day, it was a disgruntled Maeby that ran into Michael as he was seeking a signature for his movie.
I think movies are dead.
Maybe it's a TV show.
What? No.
This girl that I'm dating, Rebel, she's gonna be in it, and she would never do TV.
You're dating Rebel Alley? Yeah.
I have a picture of us to prove it.
I can't find it, but yeah.
So, you're the other guy.
You know her personally? Yes.
I mean, that's how I know that you were dating her.
Do you know the other guy that she's dating? And that's when she saw an opportunity to get back at George Michael.
No, no, but I know it's over.
- She is dumping him.
- She's dumping him? Apparently, he was coming on too strong, taking it too seriously.
She hates that.
- Is that what she said? - Yeah, that's what she told me.
Just kills it for her.
She wants it easily-breezily.
Well, that's informative.
I owe you.
Thank you.
No, you don't.
Okay, wait, wait, wait.
Don't knock, just Okay.
- One second.
- Mmm-hmm.
And so fortified with Maeby's information that Rebel was breaking up with her other beau - Hello.
- Michael.
Michael decided to move things along.
I think that I've been coming on a little bit too strong.
I got a lot going on, I got the movie.
You know, a bunch of stuff with the housing complex, and I'm just I'm not gonna be pressuring you anymore.
I want to just keep it easy-peasy.
- Cool, totally.
- Yeah.
- Keep it loose.
- Yeah.
And we'll have some fun with, you know if the fun, you know Someday, one day, it gets more serious, you know, then it does, and we We're walking down the aisle, you know, and I'm saying it wrong, saying it wrong, 'cause I get, I get tongue-tied, because I think that you are coming on too strong.
You know? Bugging me.
You want to come in? No.
- Oh.
- Yeah? Yeah.
It was the best sex Michael ever had.
Was that fun for you? No.
Are you gonna take a photo of me? Uh, no.
No, no, I've been trying to get a signal.
But he did want a picture of them together, which is why he grabbed the one he saw from the photo booth.
Are you gonna call me? If I'm in traffic.
Although he was growing concerned about how he was going to keep this up.
I just stole this fair young miss From a big shot, George (BLEEP) Michael had just found out that the woman he loved was also dating his son.
So, after placing a call to the niece who sent him there - Hello? - You're out of the movie.
and at an emotional impasse, he decided it was time to deal with Gob and the Sudden Valley problem.
Excuse me? And that's when Michael ran into a son George Michael, what are you doing here? who was eager to make him proud.
I'm home.
But George Michael had suddenly found himself -with enormous debt - You bought this house? and tried to hide his panic.
Why would you buy one of these pieces of Short-term investments? Well, you know, Gob told me that you wanted to start selling these things, not just renting them, and I knew it was important to you.
He said all that? Boy, that was That's nice of him.
How could you afford one of these houses, buddy? Well, I have a lot of money coming in -from investors for my software thing - Okay.
And I don't know what's gonna happen with that, so I thought I'd do what everyone around here says, put it into Bluth.
- Yeah, who else is saying that? - You know, it's an expression.
- Neighbors.
- I don't like it.
- Can I offer you anything? - No.
I just got two more boxes of Twister from the neighbors.
Oh, boy, return them.
Feel like I have one for every day of the week now.
Anyway, you know, I figure that worst-case scenario is I sell this place, and I get my money back.
It's not like they're going down in value, right? - Well - It's a great community.
- Nobody locks their doors around here.
- You should.
Plus, I wanted to make it up to you.
You know, I felt terrible about what happened with the dorm and - Wow.
- And things between us.
And I've screwed up a lot of things in the past few weeks, and, you know, this is the one thing that I know I did right.
I mean, who would not want to raise their kids here? And perhaps this is why he didn't give him the bad news about the neighborhood.
Thank you.
Thanks, but you didn't need to do it for me, pal.
Now he just needed to get out of the house before You know, to be totally honest, I didn't just do it for you.
- Yeah? - I also did it for my girlfriend.
Kind of wanted to impress her.
That came up.
You got a girlfriend.
Good for you.
That's great.
Your dad's got one, too.
- Oh, yeah? - Yep.
How is yours going? Not great.
I haven't been completely honest with her about who I am.
You know, I haven't even told her my real name, and I don't think I can keep that lie going, so - I think it might be over.
- Great Pain fades slowly.
But now it was as simple as getting out before - George Michael asked about - Thanks.
But what about you? You're doing great? Tell me about your girlfriend, and you're producing this movie now.
- I think they're both over.
- Oh.
Yeah, it wasn't meant to be.
I'm sorry.
And that's when Michael finally treated his son like an adult.
Hey, you know what I miss on you? The mustache.
And so, discouraged, Michael returned to his apartment, only to find worse news.
And when he saw that Lucille 2 was having a campaign event at Cinco, he knew there was only one thing he could give her instead of the money.
And he knew what he had to do first to give it to her.
George Michael, meanwhile, had a keynote speech to give, and hadn't fully decided whether he should come clean.
And that's when he ran into his uncle.
we'll take care of.
My father's got the money.
- You guys are one heck of a horde.
- Uncle Gob! - No, you're mistaken, friend.
- No, it's George Michael.
- Hi.
- Yes.
Hey, I'm actually really glad I ran into you.
I could use some advice.
Love each other.
Oh, no, that's great, but I actually need a specific piece of advice for a certain situation.
I'll give it to you fast.
Basically, for the past few weeks, I've been living a lie.
I've been in this relationship with a woman who doesn't even know.
I've been in this relationship with a woman who doesn't even know.
It's probably over with the girl.
and gone way too far, it had gotten out of control.
So, basically now I can either tell her that there is no George Maharis, and never was, or we keep things anonymous and I continue the lie that Fakeblock exists.
From my perspective, something about "there's a girl" Did you Does she like you? I mean, you're not the world's most handsome guy.
Yeah, no, she likes I would say what I did take away was that I would rather have sex with someone because they thought I was someone else than not have sex with someone because they thought I was me.
So I should probably do the opposite of that and be true to who I am and not compromise my integrity just for some fleeting sexual experience.
- So, "Love each other.
" - There it is.
It wasn't much help, and as George Michael headed off, unsure of what to do, Gob went off to find his father, who was having his own relationship crisis.
We're getting a real divorce.
You're out of the marriage.
So I am fat.
Boy, am I glad you're here.
I need money and it's not for what you think, for a magic show or a bee colony.
It's to pay the builders I hired to start building the fake wall between Mexico and America.
Are you crazy? Lucille 2 is around here.
Well, don't worry about Lucille 2.
I'll handle her.
It's just that I need to pay the Chinese.
Wait, wait.
You hired Chinese? Well, I figured, who better than the Chinese to build a wall? But, no, I couldn't afford them, so I hired They're technically Mongols, I guess.
They're the people that they built the wall to try to keep out.
How many did you hire? A horde.
That's the minimum.
They don't come in anything less than a horde.
So you hired a Mongol horde.
Look, Dad, I just if they don't get their money soon, they're gonna be really mad and then they're gonna have a major Mongolian beef with us.
There they are.
We don't have any money.
Well, he says that we don't have any money.
And at that moment, another Bluth who had no money was finding a way to pay up.
Michael, you have something for me? What are you doing? I'm gonna have sex with you.
For money.
-- Oh! - I didn't realize how heavy these rings are.
- Yeah.
But I thought you were gonna kiss me and I panicked.
I was gonna kiss you.
I didn't even try to do it that time.
So, it's, "Let's take a tumble with Old Moneybags," right? And she'll be so grateful that she'll walk away from $700,000.
No, no, no, it would absolutely not be a gift.
This would still be a loan, okay? However, my lovemaking would be, you know What? What, Michael? What were you gonna say? Something that I would never be able to take back, but I didn't want that to happen.
Now, listen, you have been the one that has been flirting with me.
Those were pity flirts.
No, they were not.
You want this as much as I do.
As much as I want this extension.
Two different this-es.
Now, you own a company that I helped to build.
It was all of my hard work.
This is something you have to do, because if you don't, I can't be held responsible for what I might do.
As it turns out, George Michael was the only Bluth who could be responsible for what he did, and as he headed to the microphone, Mongols, not paid what they were promised, did what they do best.
Viva Mongolia.
Which led to this.
Put up this wall! And it's hard to know whether it was the chanting -of "Put up this wall" - Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention for a moment or the note that promised him a sexual resumption of his anonymous relationship with Rebel that made him say this.
Yeah, so, I'm George Maharis, and Fakeblock is real.
Let's put up this wall.
Put up this wall! But not everyone wants to put up a wall on the Internet.
Let's put up Put up this wall.
Have a good night.
And the anonymous who left the note wasn't Rebel.
A discouraged Michael returned to the model home, where he ran into a brother who also had something to hide.
As an emboldened George Maharis gave Rebel a note that she now believed he'd written for her.
And for the son, it was a night to remember, and for the father, a night to forget.
So easy to forget - It was May 5th - Rebel, it's Michael.
And while Rebel was on the phone, George Michael was realizing that taking things casually was not going to be an option for him.
You can come over later, okay? - Good-bye.
- I'll see you soon.
-- Who was that? No one.
Look, I don't care.
I don't care that you're seeing someone else.
I just I want to continue this.
I'm ready to try and make this work.
I'll fight anyone I have to for you.
I'm not going to pretend I don't care about you.
I'm a grown-up man and I want to get serious.
Things are getting serious.
And the girl who was never capable of making a commitment Okay.
suddenly found herself making too many.
George Michael felt good.
And, at least for that day, he wouldn't encounter his father in Rebel's bedroom.
He'd run into him leaving the building.
Hey, what are you doing here? I'm on a visit.
I'm visiting.
My girlfriend lives here.
So you're gonna work it out with your girlfriend.
Good for you.
That's great news.
- That says "Rebel," huh? - Great to see you again.
Is that a little gift for Rebel? I'm dating Rebel Alley.
So there better be two Rebels in here, am I right? I'm dating Rebel Alley.
That'd be weird.
No, ironically, she did say that there was another guy, but that his name was George - Maharis.
- Maharis.
That's me.
You're George Michael.
No, but, yeah, but I use the name George Maharis when With women, because I hate the name George Michael.
- I told you that.
- This is This is weird.
Are you not kidding me? It's insane.
So, you're the other guy.
I'm the other Well, you're the other guy.
Yeah, well, one of us.
Did I not tell you that we were alike? Exactly alike.
- This is just - So horrifying.
Too funny.
This is what I was talking about.
I told you.
I mean, we're like twins.
Are we not like twins? All the way down to the photo booth.
You name me one way in which we're different.
Well, Dad, you know, I never, in a million years, would have gone out with her if I knew that you were, you know, the other guy.
Me, neither.
I wouldn't have, either.
Damn it.
You know? You gotta believe me.
This is just - This is - Yeah.
How'd you know about the photo booth? 'Cause you said, "Right down to the photo" I said, "Right down to the photo booth.
" Ironically, he could've told the truth and said he'd taken a Forget-Me-Now.
But like the victim of a roofie circle, having taken one was the only memory he hadlost.
So, instead, he doubled-down on this.
It's like we're identical twin Gob gets an important call from his mother.
- Hello.
- She's gone.
Lucille 2 has disappearedand it's time for you to step up and be president of the Bluth Company.
- Keep your nose clean.
No scandals! - Okay.
And even though Gob hadn't taken a Forget-Me-Now the night before, it seems Tony Wonder had.
Hey, Gobie.
It's Tony.
We still on for our sex date tonight? And this happens.
Are you Buster Bluth? I am.
- Okay, this - Can we come in? This isn't my house.
- What is this regarding? - That's all right.
You're under arrest for the murder of Lucille Austero.
Read him his rights.
Okay, I think there's been some kind of mistake.
That left hand might be difficult to cuff.
Trouble cuffing him.
I'm not a monster! I got it.
All right, great.
Well, the infamous Bluth family is at it again, this time facing murder charges, and our Imagine cameras were there to capture it all.
Hey, did you see this? Yeah, I saw it just now in the elevator.
Is this the family you've been talking about? It sure is.
Wow! You got the rights to this? Well, only for the killer, but that's enough for us to get a green light, right? Absolutely! It's our next Da Vinci Code! Yay! That's great! Plus, it's gonna put Imagine News on the map.
This is John Beard.
Remember, love each other.