Arrow s07e14 Episode Script

Brothers & Sisters

1 Previously on "Arrow" There was a fire in the apartment.
Your mom was in there.
It wasn't the fire that killed her.
Your mission is about revenge.
- Dante's a person.
- He is the financier behind dozens of terrorist attacks.
Deputy Director Bell.
We're in the process of reinstating the Ghost Initiative.
Restoring the program is the only way we can get Dante without A.
We were able to backtrace the number Diaz called.
It belongs to Dante's contact Virgil.
Blackstar's our only lead on finding those bombs.
Felicity's still alive.
You're not gonna shoot me.
My name is Mia Smoak.
I'm Felicity's daughter and your sister.
I'm coming, I'm coming! Where are you? I can't find you! Oh, oh, aah! I'll always find you Both of you.
You stay away from me.
You stay away from me and my family! You can't protect your baby.
William, it's your dad again, and I don't know if you're getting my messages, buddy, because you're not returning my calls.
I tried I tried calling the house.
I know that I'm not your grandparents' favorite, but Felicity and I, we just want to know how you're settling in, and we would love to hear your voice because we really miss y The mailbox is now full.
He's still not answering your calls.
Zoe froze me out when I first lost custody.
Don't worry.
He'll come around.
You just got to be patient.
Patience is not really my thing, Rene, but thank you.
Any word on when Dinah is coming back? Well, she's already tried to check herself out the hospital a couple of times.
Patience is also not really her thing.
- Working a new case? - Not exactly.
It's for your sister.
That's still weird to say out loud.
Okay, Rene, look.
Our team has been deputized to work with the SCPD.
She hasn't been.
She shouldn't be out there as a vigilante, and I would actually really appreciate if you didn't encourage her.
Do you really think I could stop her? Stubbornness runs in the family.
Besides, this is personal.
Why? This is the bullet that killed her mother.
Her mother was murdered? - She didn't tell you? - No.
I'm not trying to get in the middle of any family drama.
Too late.
Her mother was murdered over a year ago.
- Ohh.
- Emiko's been trying to find the killer ever since, but all she's found were dead ends.
This bullet is her only legit lead.
Does she have any reason to blame my family for her mother's death? Y'all did become Starling City royalty while she and her mom were left to struggle in The Glades.
All I'm saying is there's a difference between trust and trust fund.
- She trusts you? - That's because I had to prove to her that she could.
I'll prove it, too.
Just like my father taught me.
He should have taught you how to aim, boy.
You'd be lucky to break skin.
Do you two ever stop talking? Oops.
That is enough.
You're supposed to be training, not trying to kill each other.
Why you got to ruin all the fun? The op in Cairo was a bust.
Dante's emissary Virgil managed to evade us.
Virgil was our only contact to Dante.
All that effort to trick Diaz into giving up the number, and we're back to square one.
Not completely.
We still have the records from Virgil's phone.
That could lead us to Dante.
Meantime, Dante is wreaking havoc, financing terrorists all over the world.
I was hoping to be done with this group by now.
I know.
The only thing anyone knows about this operation is that Diaz is a part of the Ghost Initiative, but the longer this takes, the more likely A.
brass is to find out the real reason for the Ghost Initiative is to go after Dante.
It's time to tell Oliver and Felicity.
Our position now is riskier than ever.
The less secrets we have, the better.
My sister? No.
That's not possible.
I wish it wasn't, but here I am.
Now, get the damn gun off me.
He will when you stop lying.
It just doesn't make any sense.
We all knew Oliver and Felicity.
They never had a daughter.
Guess you didn't know them as well as you think.
Is this true? Is she their kid? Hey.
Let him go.
He doesn't know who my parents are.
I never told him.
She's telling the truth.
Look, Mia, Mia, my dad told me to keep a watch on you and keep you safe, so I know who your father is.
Your dad knew, too? Who the hell is your dad? John Diggle is my adoptive father.
- A vigilante.
- Mia So you've been lying to me this entire time? Well, now that we're all acquainted, what the hell are you doing down here? She's looking for Felicity, who's apparently not dead.
How do you know? Because she's done this before.
She's just hiding somewhere, being paranoid like always.
Figured it might be here this time.
So you're just going on a hunch, huh? No.
I am going on an entire lifetime of dealing with her.
Did you even bother checking into her murder? Of course we did.
She died in an explosion.
Did you actually see a body? Okay.
So where do we start? Yeah.
I'm not looking for any kind of family reunion here, bro.
Oh, I'm sorry, sis, but I have come too far to get sidelined now, so we're helping each other whether you want to or not.
The Ghost Initiative sounds a lot like task force X.
Didn't Lyla shelve that years ago? She did, but there's now a more immediate, more dangerous target that the brass at A.
, even above Lyla, is preventing us from pursuing.
We're using the Ghost Initiative to go after this target without their oversight.
Well, I love a spontaneous OTA moment as much as the next person, but you didn't really come here to tell us about resurrecting an old A.
defunct program, did you? It's not about the program.
It's about who's in it.
- Ricardo Diaz.
- Ohh.
You have to be joking.
You're working with the man who threatened and tried to kill my entire family? I think it's important that we hear what John has to say.
Working with this monster is a small price to pay for bringing down a much larger threat.
Diaz was the only one we could use to get close to this guy, and I promise you he is a million times worse.
So Diaz is just walking around free right now in exchange for intel? He's not free, Felicity.
He has a bomb in his head.
If he makes one misstep We are taking every precaution.
Well, I understand why Curtis left.
You can't really be okay with this.
No, but I I trust John, and I believe that he would only take a step like this if he had no other choice.
There was no other choice, and I hate that it came to this, but Lyla and I believe that using the Ghost Initiative is the best way to take down this threat.
You realize that this is the second time you have prioritized your job over keeping your friends safe? Working with A.
does keep you safe because it makes the world safe.
You can keep telling yourself that.
Meet Virgil, an intermediary for the terrorist financier known as Dante.
- Diaz should be familiar.
- Nice guy.
Your job is to meet with Virgil, convince him that he should be in business with you.
You get through Virgil, you get a meeting with Dante.
So our first mission is a meeting? That is way below our pay grade.
We're getting paid? If we can even get the meeting.
I tried once.
Virgil wouldn't take my call.
He wouldn't take yours, but he'll take his.
Diaz is the reason we've been able to track Virgil.
So what do you say, Diaz? You want to make that call for real this time? I thought you'd never ask.
Operation Blow the Head off the Dragon is officially a go.
I overrode A.
's security protocols and accessed the bomb in Diaz's brain, which means as soon as dig's Ghost Initiative mission is over, one click.
Boom! That's great.
- High score on candy crush? - I'm working.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize that being a fake lawyer was more interesting that getting revenge on the bastard who killed Quentin.
I'm listening.
Happy? All you have to do is get within 100 feet of Diaz, which should be easy for the D.
, and then just click this button right here and activate the remote detonator.
Da da da Won't that send me straight to the top of most likely to have killed Diaz list? Heh.
What do you care? You've been trying to kill Diaz for months.
I mean, the only reason he's still alive is because we needed him to get Oliver out of prison.
True But some things have changed.
I mean, I'm kind of good at this D.
thing, so I'm not really sure I'm ready to give it up yet.
Well, I'm not ready to give up on getting Diaz.
Diaz is in A.
He's not running around free.
Trust me.
I would be thrilled to see his head explode, but is it really worth the consequences? Yes, it is worth every consequence.
I have to protect my family.
By family you mean you, Oliver, and your baby? What, are you psychic now? Well, there's no wine or champagne and no caffeine on this mission, and that that is a pregnant lady amount of chocolates you just consumed.
I ate that much chocolate before I was pregnant.
- No one else knows.
- Not even Oliver? I haven't found the right time to tell him.
I've been trying to tell him, so I would really, really appreciate it if you wouldn't tell Anyone.
I won't.
I promise.
Really snap your wrist next time.
Gives it just a bit more power.
How the hell did you get in here? I have something for you.
- Of course Rene told you.
- Don't get mad at Rene.
I just I want to help.
I had Felicity analyze the composition of the bullet.
- It's made from a - A rare promethium alloy, the kind used by a handful of black market weapons manufacturers? I've done my homework.
Do you know it was shot with a customized rifle? Specs are on the drive.
I can help you catch who made it.
This is my mission.
Maybe we can discuss your mother.
Rene has a big mouth.
I'm glad he told me, okay? I know what it's like to lose a parent.
I don't want your sympathy.
I want justice.
Except you're not authorized to get it.
I am.
Why should I trust you? I understand that my parents weren't exactly the best people, but if they taught me one thing, it's the value of family, which is what you and I are, so if someone's hurt you, you better believe they've hurt me, too.
I don't know how we're gonna used this old stuff to find Felicity.
It's like a tech time capsule.
Here goes nothing.
And we have liftoff.
I thought you had Archer.
Why do you need all this old junk? Because as advanced as Archer is, it was designed for The Glades.
This system was built for Star City.
So who am I looking for again? Uh, some guy.
Paul Loiseau.
SCPD has him listed as the only eyewitness to Felicity's murder.
I'm guessing she paid him to say she was there.
Says this guy committed suicide about a week ago.
That was right when we started looking into Felicity's disappearance.
What about the coroner? Another suicide.
Star City's bad but not that bad.
Someone's taking these people out, but why? So Felicity uncovers a bomb plot, but before she can tell anybody, the party responsible fakes her death.
Now they're tying up loose ends.
- So why not just kill her? - Because they needed her.
You were the last one to talk to Felicity.
What did she say? Just the usual bull about how the city's not safe and she wanted me to get out of town.
It might not have been bull this time.
You guys are just junkies looking for your hero fix.
My mom is the only person I care about, and I'm gonna go look for her myself without any of you.
- Hold on.
Mia - Get the hell off! That goes for all of you.
This is my kind of place.
This used to be a triad hangout.
Everyone, focus.
The objective is to find Virgil and get him to agree to your deal.
Where is Virgil? Ah, speak of the devil, and he shall appear.
Ricardo Diaz, and here I thought the almighty dragon was in prison.
No prison could hold me.
You should know that.
No bodyguards.
That's a good sign.
Now all you have to do is convince him.
You know, Mr.
Diaz, I was, uh I was happy to get your call.
My employer would like to know when he can collect on your debt.
The longbow hunters were not cheap.
We have a proposition, and I think it will cover more than what I owe.
That's intriguing.
Too bad it wasn't made in good faith, though.
Kill them, except for Mr.
Dante will deal with him personally tonight.
Don't let Virgil leave! Unh! Great.
Now we owe her one.
Move! Nowhere to run, Virgil! Treachery earns the worst punishment, Ricardo.
Dante will make sure you get what you deserve.
Ha ha ha! Are the handcuffs really necessary? Until you tell us which one of you tipped off Virgil.
We were caught in the same ambush.
In case you missed the show out there, we almost died.
Well, some of us did.
You got something you want to say to me? Maybe "Dante will deal with him personally" was actually code for "Get Diaz out before the bloodbath.
" - The phone call to Virgil.
- Mm-hmm.
Diaz must have warned him somehow.
I'll have the analysts look into encoded phrases.
Lady, you ain't gonna find anything because I wasn't the one who warned them.
Sure you didn't.
You didn't really think this one through.
Even if you and Virgil had ridden off into the sunset, mommy and daddy wouldn't have let you get very far.
He didn't think we would really do it.
You guys, you have no idea who you're messing with.
You're afraid.
You'd rather have a bomb explode in your head than risk Dante finding out that you betrayed him.
Once Dante figures all of this out And he will You all are gonna be wishing for the mercy of a quick death.
Laurel Lance entering Queen residence.
No more sad chocolates.
I got you a roasted turkey sandwich.
It's not deli meat.
I double-checked.
Also, I got you some fruit and veggies.
Are you on any prenatal vitamins? Any mac and cheese in there? No? Clearly, you're having some kind of weird pregnancy crisis, and killing Ricardo Diaz is not going to solve it.
Focusing on killing the maniac who wants to kill me and my family might be a little bit more helpful than Eating that banana.
One, you need the potassium.
Two, yes, you're right.
Your husband's job is to be the enemy of monsters, and those monsters are going to target you and your family like they always have.
Thank you.
That is incredibly reassuring.
You are more than capable of protecting yourself and your family.
I mean, you built this insane, crazy security system.
Which didn't work the last time somebody targeted us.
- So? You'll fix it.
- Yeah.
In half a day, you hacked into Ricardo Diaz's brain.
I don't know if you've noticed, but you're kind of a badass.
What if it's not enough? Look.
There will always be another Diaz.
- Oh.
- You just have to have faith that you can handle the next one and the one after that and the one after that.
You know, this baby's really lucky to have you.
I know it's scary, but I promise you've got this, and if you want to kill Ricardo Diaz, I am not gonna stand in your way, but don't do it out of fear because you have nothing to be afraid of.
We just finished the analysis of the phone call between Diaz and Virgil.
No obvious ciphers or patterns.
Well, if Diaz was telling the truth, then Virgil must have been tipped off by someone else.
Probably the same someone who's been blocking us in A.
, and now they know we're using the Ghost Initiative to go after Dante.
We need to catch him before they shut us down completely.
Any luck figuring out his next move? Well, we did manage to find this.
It's an Italian Florin coin circa 1300s.
Wouldn't have pegged Virgil as a coin collector.
He wasn't.
It's a fake.
Turns out there's a microchip hidden inside.
Well, that sounds promising.
Unfortunately, the data's very heavily encrypted.
I don't really trust giving it to an A.
analyst, but Curtis did leave us his decryption algorithm.
Considerate of him.
It's gonna take a while.
Well, hopefully, not too long.
If Dante's in town, it must be for something big.
Um, the algorithm you wrote to find the weapon is lagging a little bit.
Do you mind if I take a look? The algorithm's fine.
Do you have to stand right there? Hey.
Sorry I'm late.
I had to help Zoe with her test.
Geometry's a bitch.
- How we looking? - Fantastic.
The weight on these feels a little strange.
Did you make these yourself or - No.
- I'm just asking because when I started out, I made most of my own arrows, and I could show you a trick or two if you want.
What I want is for you to not touch my things.
And that's a hit! Okay.
Andrew Thornton.
Specializes in promethium-based customized weaponry.
That sounds like our guy.
Now we just have to find him.
According to that online chatter right there, he's doing a deal tonight at an industrial plant in Pennytown.
- Hmm.
- So what's the plan? Rene's gonna roll with me, and you need to stay here.
No way.
I'm not staying behind.
You don't have a badge, okay? I'm sorry, but I promise you we will take care of this.
Let's go, Rene.
Gentlemen, who's ready to do some business? Behold my masterpiece.
Fully customizable to your specifications.
- Unh! - Ugh! I'll handle Thornton! Copy that.
Ugh! Thornton's mine.
Hey! What the hell are you doing? Taking back my mission! There's two of you now?! You're gonna tell me everything you know about the murder of Kazumi Adachi! Andrew Thornton, up against the wall! By the authority of the SCPD, I am placing you under arrest.
You have the right to remain silent.
What the hell are you doing? I'm taking him in for questioning.
This is my mission.
I need to question him my way! You'd be breaking the law, which you're already doing! There's a right way and a wrong way to do this.
The only thing I've done wrong is think that I could ever trust you.
Thornton's ready to be questioned.
Thought you'd be happier about that.
I just With Emiko.
I need to make her understand we're on the same side.
I think the problem is you thinking you can make her do anything.
I've been doing this a long time.
She's new, she's unsanctioned, and I'm trying to help her.
But she didn't ask for your help.
Imagine how you would feel if, when you first started your quest, someone had basically ripped your father's list out of your hand and taken over your mission.
I see your point.
Emiko doesn't need anybody telling her what to do or how to do it, and she definitely doesn't need anyone's protection.
You see that move she did with the bow and switched hands? Yeah.
It's impressive.
Just be her brother if you want her to be in your life and to trust you.
Just Just be her brother.
Hey! It's just me Your brother, apparently.
What, you think just because we're related I'm not gonna kick your ass out of here? That was the hope, yeah.
If you're here to convince me to join your little merry band of heroes, save your breath.
Actually, I was just hoping that we could commiserate about how much our parents suck.
I never had anyone to do that with before.
What do you have against our parents? Seems like you came out all right.
You're super rich.
Well, let's see.
Oliver, being my dad, got my mom killed.
Then he and Felicity promised to stay in my life after my grandparents took custody, and then I never heard from them again, and my whole justification for it, you know, that it's hard for publicly recognized vigilantes to raise children, sort of went out the window when I found out they actually had another kid, which means that they just didn't want me.
Being the kid they wanted wasn't so great either.
If you hate Felicity so much, why are you wasting all this time trying to find out where she is? - Because of this.
- A rock? Felicity gave it to me when I was a kid, and it's how she sent out her distress signal Now nearly two decades later.
And you held onto it all this time.
It's actually really sad.
You know, parents aren't perfect.
They love us the best way they can.
Maybe I was just trying to do the same.
My whole life, my mom told me that our dad was a hero, but everything in this city says the opposite, that all of our problems today are because of him and the other vigilantes.
You knew him back then.
Was he a hero? Yeah, he really was, and, you know, I'm starting to think that this rock was supposed to lead me to you.
Family was always the most important thing to my Our parents.
Damn it, you are here to just talk me into joining you.
Well, did it work? We have a lead on Dante's location.
- What's wrong? - I got a call from the Pentagon.
They want me in front of the joint chiefs tomorrow.
They're going to ask for my resignation.
Lyla, I'm so sorry.
I should have never forced your hand with the Ghost Initiative.
I backed that play with open eyes, Johnny, and I stand by it now.
Still, I never thought it would mean you losing your job.
Then we better make it count.
Dante is within our grasp, and we may not have another chance.
Now tell me about that lead.
Well, Curtis' algorithm absolutely worked.
According to the microchip in the coin, Virgil was using it as some sort of storage device for all kinds of data, including a forged diplomatic credential from the Quraci embassy.
There's a delegation there tonight with a very interesting guest of honor Princess Noor Harjavti.
Rumor has it Princess noor is planning a revolution.
So she needs Dante's money to fund her palace coup, which may be the reason why he's in town To make the deal.
We need to get into the embassy and stop that deal from happening and nab Dante.
Copy that.
Only one problem.
We have no idea how Dante looks.
- We know somebody who does.
- Diaz.
Which means we have to put him back in the field.
That's not our biggest problem.
The Ghost Initiative is blown, and we can't rely on anyone at A.
, and we cannot go in there without backup.
Maybe we don't have to.
Just got off the phone with John.
He and Lyla are gearing up for a Ghost Initiative op.
They asked me to be in the field.
In the field with whom exactly? Diaz? I told John it was your decision.
Whatever you decide after the mission, I will back any move that you want to make against Diaz.
Oh, you don't mean that.
You know what? I know why you've been acting so strange lately, right? - You do? - Yeah.
I was gonna tell you.
There's just been so much going on.
I You're planning to kill Diaz.
Uh, so I'm guessing there is a speech coming.
Felicity, I think there's a better way.
I I think that, but that's my choice.
I have no right whatsoever to make yours.
Right after I got out of Slabside, I I didn't realize or totally understand the the pain that you were dealing with.
I just want you to get closure because I want us to be able to move forward.
I hope you change your mind, but if you don't, I swear I will not stand in your way.
- Thank you.
- I have your back no matter what.
Tell John you're coming on the mission.
And so am I.
Harbinger's in position.
Sitrep? I count 11, 12 guards in this room alone.
We have to move on Dante after the meet.
You copy that, Diaz? Sure thing, boss.
Can't wait for you to meet Dante.
Joke all you want.
Just remember, we're only keeping you alive so you can I.
After that, all bets are off.
Overwatch, what's your status? The feed is live, but 5 of the cameras are down in the southeast corridor.
One guess as to why.
That's where we'll find Dante and the Princess.
They don't want eyes on the exchange.
Hold on.
What the hell is Director Bell doing here? Son of a bitch.
He's Dante's source.
Looks like somebody owes me an apology.
The Princess is here.
Everyone head to the south corridor.
Your highness.
Princess Noor, at last we meet.
That must be him.
Diaz, can you confirm? Diaz? His signal is offline.
His last location was the auxiliary room to your right.
I've got it.
Stay in position.
Forgive me.
Virgil couldn't make it.
I wasn't expecting other company.
Not company.
More like proof of concept.
Bell works for A.
, one of the many we've installed at the agency that now work for you.
My god.
Diaz must have used a defibrillator to short the chip out.
That's why we lost his signal! Dante.
Excuse me.
You owe me a debt.
This is the payment.
It's a setup.
Unh! Forgive me, Princess.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Dante's headed for the south exit.
Everybody move in.
What about Diaz? Dante's the objective.
Go! Leaving so soon? Nah.
Don't miss.
Hey! You don't get to go free.
Honey, didn't we go through this already? You don't have what it takes.
I do, and I'm not scared of you, and I am stronger than you are, which is why I'm not going to kill you.
I thought Dante was the objective.
He is the objective, just not the priority.
Not this time.
You made a big mistake.
Stand down! This is over.
For now.
He's gone.
Well, Diaz will be taken back to Slabside for reneging on his side of the deal.
This time, he'll stay here.
Still need to think about Dante.
He's not gonna forget what happened tonight.
I won't either.
You could have gone after Dante, but you chose Diaz.
Last year, I had the opportunity to catch Diaz, and I let it slip through my fingers.
I wasn't gonna make the same mistake twice.
Well, what about Dante being the greater threat? When I knew there was a choice between catching Diaz or Dante, all I could think about was what letting Diaz go meant to you last time, Felicity, so in that moment, I decided that sometimes the best choice is to just protect your family, and that's exactly what you two are.
I just got off the phone with the Pentagon.
We'll give you some privacy.
Agent bell will be getting a hero's funeral.
The official story is he was at the embassy on a covert assignment that went awry.
So it's a cover-up.
What about the Ghost Initiative? - It's being suspended.
- Well, that's some good news.
That's all the good news.
We lost Dante, and I lost my last chance to get him.
You didn't lose your last chance.
I'll be the one to resign.
We will tell them that I took out the Ghost Initiative without your consent and without your knowledge.
This is my responsibility.
Lyla, listen to me.
We have no idea how far this conspiracy goes.
If you step down as director, we may never find out the truth.
Being terminated for an opsec violation will ruin your career.
But you'll still have yours.
Let me take this fall for the family.
Glad you called.
Thought you were done with me.
Yeah, I did, too, until I got that.
Thanks for having Rene bring that over.
I'm sure it's not SCPD protocol to release interrogation records.
- Uh-uh.
- Yeah.
Least I could do, though.
It is your mission.
It's been hard for me not seeing you as him.
Him being our father? I just assumed I shouldn't trust you.
That's why I've been keeping so much distance between us.
Then you give me a chance, and I, of course, immediately overstep.
Pretty much.
I've lost a lot in my life.
People, you know, but With you, I lost time, so you gave me a chance, and I immediately saw it as an opportunity to get some of it back, but there was no excuse for the way that I behaved when I was coming aboard your mission.
I'm sorry.
I didn't realize Oliver Queen did apologies.
Well, I mean, I didn't, but I've Grown a bit over the years.
So? Fill me in.
What do you guys have so far? The same bomb plans you have, plus a map of tunnels into The Glades.
Cube in a cube.
- You know it? - Felicity used to force this stuff on me.
Little, uh, mother-daughter bonding time before I wised up.
There's another solve.
Cube in a cube In a cube.
No way.
What is that? I think it's a mini-cassette.
My grandparents had an answering machine that used these.
What's an answering machine? It's not important.
What is important is the message that's on this tape.
Can you hack it or No.
You can't hack this.
It's encryption through obsolescence.
It's pretty genius, actually.
Yeah, so genius, you can't listen to it.
- We'll figure it out.
- I hope so Because this could be the key to finding our mom.
Green Arrow entering Queen residence.
Hey! How'd it go? - Pretty good.
- Good.
I feel like we're getting to a good place.
- Mint chip.
- Hmm.
You want some? I'm good.
Just needed a little comfort food after the night we had.
A night that could have ended very differently.
You want to know why I didn't kill Diaz.
I wanted to.
I was ready to.
Then I realized killing Diaz wasn't going to prove anything.
The whole reason I wanted Diaz dead was to protect our family, and what our family needs is a fresh start, one in the light just like you're doing.
I want our children to know that they are the most important thing to us and that we would do anything Anything for them.
You said, "children.
" I'm pregnant.
Ha ha! Impressive.
You shouldn't be here.
Is that any way to greet an old friend? I hear you and Oliver Queen are getting along quite well.
- He trusts me now.
- Good.
The timing couldn't be better.
It's time for you to come home.
What are you doing here? Unh!