Arrow s07e15 Episode Script

Training Day

Previously on "Arrow" I had no idea you were one of them.
The district attorney's office will not be pressing charges on your friends.
Tomorrow, you will issue one of these to each of them.
They'll each be deputized like Mr.
Felicity used to force this stuff on me.
There's another solve.
This could be the key to finding our mom.
I want our children to know that they are the most important thing to us.
You said, "children.
" I'm pregnant.
Ha ha! Becoming part of the SCPD is a great responsibility.
The whole city will be watching you, holding you to the highest standard.
And now that you're working with us, you need to learn how we do things.
We have rules, protocol.
And abiding by them is critical.
The use of excessive force will not be tolerated.
Your objective is to defuse the situation, not escalate it.
Firearms should only be used as a last resort.
Do not discharge your weapon unless you are fired upon, or your life is in danger.
All evidence against a suspect must be gathered within the parameters of the law.
Any evidence obtained not in that manner will be deemed inadmissible.
In tactical situations, avoid suspect-based decisions.
This only leads to chaos and confusion.
And, above all, follow the orders of the commanding officer on-site.
Wearing the uniform of an SCPD officer is an honor.
It isn't just a uniform.
It's a symbol of the law, of justice, of transparency.
Thank you, Sergeant Bingsley.
Any questions? Rene.
He does know we have our own uniforms, right? Heh heh.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Oh, hey! How's my favorite new team of recruits doing? Missing the good old days when catching a bad guy didn't involve homework.
Well, this is uncharted territory, so the SCPD just wants to make sure we're on the same page.
It's a lot, but it'll be worth it.
I mean, we can finally work together and on the right side of the law.
Does that mean that the Black Canary's back? Well, I did get a clean bill of health from the doctor.
You all are deputized, so no reason I can't be captain and Black Canary.
Within the confines of the law, of course.
Of course.
I want to be clear.
Just because you've been deputized doesn't mean you have the latitude to operate the way you once did.
You work for the SCPD now.
And this arrangement is on a provisional basis.
Your actions will determine how long it lasts.
I think she's starting to like us.
Well, that was a different type of workday for us.
Can you believe that pollard made us go through all that? Well, I know we're not used to doing things by the book, clearly, but this partnership is what's best for the city.
But she's seen what you can do.
I mean, she knows what we're capable of.
Just trust me.
There's no use arguing with the mayor.
- Can - You hungry? Want a tartine, some sauteed broccolini, something like that? As much as I appreciate the "Master Chef" initiative that you got going on here, are you gonna tell me what's going on with you? Because you are 100% agreeable and zen about this whole police 101 thing.
I want this partnership to be done right and to be legitimate from the beginning for our baby because I did not get that chance with William.
This partnership's not gonna work if she forgets who she's hired.
The partnership has to work, Felicity, because working with the SCPD and not hiding in the shadows, I truly believe that's what's best for the city.
Then we can stay here, and our children can grow up safely.
Well, if you believe that this is what's best for the city and what is ultimately best for our family, then I agree.
We're a team, too.
Except maybe we don't, you know, until the city's safe and our family is really secure, that we don't, you know, tell anybody about what's happening in here.
Because I think it's too early, and I don't want anybody crying and asking about, like, if it's a boy - For the for the city.
- Yeah, for the city.
And for our family.
It's for a better future.
So about that tartine.
I'm starving.
I'm also nauseous.
Are they all staring at you or me? Both.
You reek of money, and, well, I'm undefeated.
Don't wander off.
Don't talk to anyone.
Let me handle this.
You don't even know what we're looking for.
Sure I do.
It's a tape mini thingy.
A microcassette player or an answering machine, old tech from the eighties.
It's the only thing that'll let us listen to the message Felicity left for us.
I'm gonna talk to my contact.
Look, I know these people.
They're lowlifes, criminals, like me.
Just stay here and don't do anything.
W Bingo.
Something catch your eye? Uh, yeah.
How much for this piece of junk? Our best microcassette player.
It's incredibly rare.
I'll give it to you cheap.
Cheap? Look, you and I both know that no one else is interested in this.
Except you, it seems.
- 400.
- 600.
Final offer.
We have a deal.
Good doing business with you.
Let go.
Let go.
Ugh! You're making a big mistake, man.
You're stupid if you think you can come at los halcones.
Stop talking! Him next.
Hey, what the hell 15 seconds.
Let's try a leg next.
Last night, 4 Los Halcones Gang members were found dead in a warehouse.
That's some "face/off" level weirdness right there.
Do we know what caused it? The bodies had bullet wounds, but there were no shells found at the scene.
Autopsy revealed traces of an unidentified substance, which caused a chemical reaction with the blood that resulted in tox Their skin melting off.
The proper term is toxic epidermal necrolysis.
- But, basically, yes.
- Yeah.
Ok, how can a bullet just disappear? There have been rumors of a new weapon making its rounds on the street.
Toxicology is working up labs now.
We should have a better idea of what's going on in the next few hours.
Or I could just put it into my trusty mass spectrometer and then compare it to all the government databases that I've hacked Um, accidentally tapped into.
It would just be so much faster.
I'm sure it would, but, um, I think we're just gonna wait to get results when we get them.
In the meantime, let's talk suspects.
The Blackout Gang.
Never heard of them.
They came onto the scene about a month or so after you went to prison.
They are some bad dudes.
And with the vigilantes gone, they've been causing a lot of trouble in The Glades.
You know, that place you guys tend to forget.
Los Halcones are their main rival.
So we're looking at a gang war.
It seems that way.
All right.
I want everybody working their contacts, okay? And I want eyes on the hideouts for both gangs.
You think maybe we should pay a visit to the Los Halcones? I don't think so.
You heard pollard.
She's looking for any opportunity to disband this partnership.
Got to run our leads the SCPD way.
Oh, sorry.
That's okay.
I thought I told you to stay put.
If I had, I wouldn't have found this.
I know you think I'm just some rich idiot, but I Had it.
The cassette player.
It was right here.
Let me guess.
Little girl bumped into you.
Seemed cute, innocent.
Felix he played you.
You couldn't have just listened to me, could you? Wait.
Screw you, Felix.
You might think twice before you swing that right hook at me.
One word from me, and you'll be in SCPD custody.
Ha ha! No problem, sir, right, Blackstar? We're just passing through.
District Attorney Laurel Lance.
Yes, I'll accept the charges.
Put the prisoner through.
I don't know what you thought was gonna happen here, but you're wasting my time.
There's no way that I'm Fine.
I'll be right there.
Visitors aren't typically allowed entry in the cell block.
Slabside doesn't say no to this D.
So, tell me, what exactly am I doing here? Ricardo Diaz is dead.
Why hasn't this been reported yet? Well, you, of all people, know Slabside's under some major scrutiny, so they're trying to cover it up, saying he was shivved by another inmate, but that's a lie.
And you know the truth.
I know who killed him.
Oh, I get it.
You have demands.
Oliver made me a promise before he left here.
He said he'd get me my freedom.
Where is it? We're working on it.
Work faster.
The terms of your sentence are rock solid.
There's a lot of red tape, especially when A.
is involved.
Well, then I guess we're done here.
Ricardo Diaz died the death that he deserved.
I don't care who did it.
Yeah, but you're still here.
I told you I can't get you out of here any faster.
Then I want to see my son, and not through a wall of glass.
I want him here with me.
Do that, and then we'll talk.
One of my officers just received word from a contact the Blackout Gang will be convening for a weapons buy tonight in Orchid Bay.
Sounds like our best chance to get our hands on the new weapon.
Take down the supplier while we're at it.
Get the unit ready to move out.
- Whoa.
SCPD's coming with us? - Yeah.
Look, that's really gonna cramp our style.
We just need to learn to suit up together.
About that.
Pollard really wants to make sure that we're treated the same as any other Officer.
But we're not like any other officers.
No, that's true.
But for now, we still have something to prove.
And so we will be wearing, um, this Out in the field.
Pollard's taking away our threads? Look, it could be worse.
She wanted to put you in standard blues.
That's also not all.
We can't use our normal weapons.
I know.
We have to use SCPD standard issue.
We'll make it work.
We got to make it work.
Alpha Team's in position.
No sign of the seller yet.
Bravo's in position.
Overwatch, do we have eyes, please? Hold on.
Pulling up thermal now.
From satellite? What did I tell you about off-the-books hacking? You said no public resources.
This is private.
Yeah, looks like you got incoming.
Looks like a vehicle.
That's our supplier.
Where's Mr.
Midas? He was unable to make it, but he sends his regards.
Midas, as in the big cheese ceo at midas medical? I trust you were happy with your sample.
We'll take as many of those bullets as you have to sell.
Start moving in.
Do not engage until the buy is complete.
All 4 of us can't go in together.
We'll be spotted.
We don't split up.
That's protocol.
On my signal.
Have you seen all the blind spots? We need to maintain the element of surprise.
This isn't up for debate.
SCPD! Freeze! Go! Move! Let's get out of here.
I'll get the supplier.
You guys take that case.
Hey! Uh! They're using the poison bullets! Damn it.
Fall back! All units fall back! Overwatch, the SUV's heading south.
Can you track it? No, I can't, because this dinosaur of a system just crashed.
Did you not listen to anything I said in training? Following protocol is not optional.
Your protocols are flawed.
That's not the problem.
The problem is your refusal to participate in our system.
We don't need a lecture on how to handle ourselves on the field.
Clearly, there was a miscommunication.
Is that what you'd call it? I'd call it a disaster.
We just need to simmer down.
Because of you, we have no evidence.
Without the evidence, we'll be lucky to put them away for a year.
How we do things matters! Then you're doing things the wrong way.
And you're putting this on us? Sending two teams into the field was a mistake.
You should've listened to me and let us do things our way.
This is our way now, Oliver.
And I'm sorry.
But we're all gonna just have to get used to that.
Excuse me.
So I'm sensing some tension here, but I'm just gonna cut right to it because csis were able to recover the bullet that went into the officer's armor.
Thank god he was wearing that, right? I mean, nobody wears helmets anymore.
Anyhoo, I ran a tox screen on it to see why it was making people go all wicked witch of the west.
I'm melting.
I'm melting.
Oh, what a world! Ahem.
What'd you find? Chlormethine is a cytotoxic agent derived from mustard gas.
But that chemical weapon was banned decades ago.
Except when it's used for medicinal purposes, like chemotherapy.
Let me guess.
All roads lead back to midas medical.
It is one of 4 labs in Star City that still uses chlormethine as an active ingredient.
And the buck stops with this guy, James Midas.
I met this guy at an SCPD fundraiser.
He's got deep pockets.
It does benefit the SCPD.
We got to bring him in.
Not until we have proof that he's behind this.
Dinah, he got name dropped at the buy.
His company produces the chemical.
How much more proof do you need? The concrete kind.
After what this department went through last year with Diaz, we have all eyes on us.
We just need actionable intel.
Then we can get a warrant, search his company.
You get a warrant, he's gonna know we're coming, and I know that you know that.
I know that if we don't do things the right way, then everything we've worked for since you got out of prison will be for nothing.
Is that a risk you're willing to take? Well, that could've gone better.
All the training, the rules.
And now this? We are not gonna be able to make Star City safe if we're constantly being micromanaged by the SCPD.
Well, that was our first time out in the field all together.
Maybe it'll get easier.
What if it doesn't get easier? What, then? Well, we go after midas our way.
No, you heard Dinah.
We do things their way, or this whole agreement is just gonna blow up.
We just have to prove to the SCPD that our way is better, and then they will be adapting to our side instead of the other way around.
All they want to do is bring this guy in.
We deliver midas, everybody wins.
Have I told you lately how smart you are? Well, I never get tired of hearing it.
I want mint chip.
Do we really expect one of these boxes to magically connect midas to those poison bullets? There's always a paper trail.
How many more boxes are there? Monroe's about to bring up another half-dozen from the file room.
So #Readfaster.
You know, Felicity was right.
We should've digitized these files years ago.
Maybe Oliver was right, too.
Maybe we go after midas the vigilante way.
There is no more vigilante way, okay? There is only the SCPD way.
It's my job to enforce it.
Look, I get it.
You're the captain, but you're also the Black Canary.
I thought that came first.
- It doesn't.
- Since when? Since I stuck my neck out to make this partnership work.
Vigilantes cannot operate without SCPD sanction.
The sooner all of us understand that, the better it's gonna be for all of us.
Everyone's got something at stake here, D.
But if this fails, I'm the one who loses my job.
It's my ass on the line.
I don't understand why this is so hard for all of you to understand.
Captain Drake.
Okay, great.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
That was Monroe.
He found us probable cause.
I'm going to get my warrant.
I just got the first quarter reports.
We're already up 60% from last year.
Yeah, I wanted you to hear it from me.
See you tomorrow.
James Midas, you have failed this city.
You have some balls showing up here.
You know who I am? Chlormethine.
You've been weaponizing it.
Now I want to hear you say it.
I press one button, the whole city comes to my rescue.
Not with that circa 2017 first build security system.
I don't understand why people don't just click "update" when it says "update.
" Try again, James.
I'm not telling you anything.
You can't touch me.
Really? Come here.
Stop! You'll regret this.
Not as much as you.
Now tell me what you know about chlormethine.
Go to hell! Wrong answer.
Wait! I'll tell you everything.
I did it, okay? I've been using chlormethine to make the bullets, and then I've been selling them to rival gangs.
Overwatch, you get all that? Signed, sealed, delivered.
James Midas, by the authority of the SCPD, you are under arrest.
Come here.
Again, James, you have my personal promise.
There will be consequences for this egregious mistake.
I appreciate that, Emily.
I used to have such faith in the police.
I'd hate to think Star City's finest have become nothing more than a bunch of bullying thugs.
So you're just cutting him loose? We have no grounds to hold him.
He confessed.
While you were dangling him over a vat of hydrofluoric acid.
Okay, he was never in any danger.
Yeah, well, that's not his story.
You know, instead of using this case to work within the confines of the law, you all went rogue.
And you, you let him.
It's time for you to make a choice.
Are you the captain or are you a vigilante? I'm the captain.
Then start acting like it.
I asked you to be patient.
It wasn't working.
Well, it would've.
I had a warrant.
If you had listened to me, we could be searching Midas' house right now instead of being told to stay 5 miles away from him.
But now we have nothing.
Go on.
Oh! Connor.
Hi, Dad.
Come here, my little hawk.
I missed you so much, little man.
Thank you.
Go take a seat on the bed.
Dad owes Ms.
Lance a chat.
I don't know what to say.
I'm a woman of my word.
And I'm a man of mine.
The night Diaz died, I was serving another stint in solitary.
The guard forgot to close the meal slot after delivering dinner.
So when I heard yelling, I got up to get a better look.
The killer walked right by my cell, wearing green leather, but it wasn't Oliver Queen.
Whoever's been running around dressed up as the Green Arrow, that's your murderer.
They killed Diaz.
"I'm the captain"? Really? I've know you a long time, D, and I've never seen you roll over the way you just did with Pollard.
She's the mayor, Rene.
And she can put an end to this whole operation anytime she wants.
That's not the point.
You've been yelling at me, been yelling at Oliver, and pretty much acting weird ever since the weapons buy.
So what's up, D? What's going on? At the weapons buy, I tried to use my cry, but something went wrong.
It didn't work right.
It It hurt like someone was scraping knives along the inside of my throat.
I'm sorry.
Being captain is the only thing I have left.
I can't be the symbol of being on both sides, both SCPD and vigilante, because I am I'm not the Black Canary.
Not anymore.
That's a bunch of crap, and you know it.
Your cry doesn't make you the Canary.
Did you know that the pin you gave Zoe, she wears to school every day? You think she wears that pin because of your cry? No.
She looks up to you because you're the person who will go above and beyond to do what is right no matter the personal consequences.
That's who you are no matter what.
Even if that's true, it doesn't matter anymore.
Of course it does.
You say you can't be the symbol of being on both sides.
That's exactly what you are.
You really fixed this place up.
Yeah, I thought we'd need it once the whole team got sanctioned.
Oh, it's good to be back.
So good to be back.
How long till we're up and running? Just a couple minutes.
I can't believe that confession got dismissed.
I had a feeling I'd find you two here.
So I take it you are going after Midas.
He knows we're on to him, so we need to move fast before he dumps the evidence.
And what about working with the cops? Oh, you've seen what a train wreck that's been? We all know that we operate better on our own.
Now, I would like for you to be onboard with this, but if you're not, I would just I would ask you to stay out of our way.
Oliver, I will always have your back, but you're giving up on this partnership before you're really giving it a chance, as if you're up against a clock I don't know about.
So what don't I know about? We're having a baby.
Really? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
It's a little early.
We're not telling anybody yet.
That's amazing! This is wonderful! It would also explain a hell of a lot.
We don't want a child born into a city like this.
Our mission is not complete.
So we're going to go about this the only way that we know how, without politicians and without a precinct.
We're going to do this the Team Arrow way.
Okay, and that would work for a while.
And then, uh, then I have to say, we will be right back to where we started, Oliver, without a team, you in prison, us on the run, and a city no closer to being saved than where we started.
Our partnership with the force is not working.
Then we have to find a way to make it work.
Compromise, do whatever you have to do because if you want a new future for this baby of yours, it won't come by doing the same thing we used to do.
We have to we have to be something else Something better.
You should've let me take him and the cops.
I can handle a couple of poorly-trained goons who don't know their right from their left.
What? Why are you looking at me like that? Nothing.
Spit it out.
I just half-expected you to shout, "Felix, you have failed this city.
" Well, that's a dumb thing to say.
That's what our dad used to say.
You reminded me of him back there.
So how do you suggest we get this cassette player if you're not gonna let me beat the living hell out of him? I have an idea.
Got it.
Only cost me my next two fights.
Better be worth it.
Oh, this is perfect.
Care to share the plan? What is the one thing the SCPD wants more than anything in this city? - To kill vigilantes.
- Exactly.
So let's hope this works.
I got a Canary sighting on the south side of the Star City bazaar, headed east.
Let's go! - Heh heh.
- You're a genius.
I am, like, literally.
I warned you to stay away.
We are not good listeners.
Your friends are off chasing a Canary.
Well, that's what they think anyway.
You'll regret this.
- Dick.
- Nice punch.
Thank you.
The place looks great.
Why did you guys call us here? To apologize.
We shouldn't have gone off-book to go after midas.
I appreciate that.
And while we're clearing the air here, I'm I'm sorry, too.
Okay? I was hard on you.
I was too hard.
You guys want to hug or something? Why don't we save the hugging until after we catch midas? The second reason that we called you here.
We found a lead.
Or Felicity found a lead.
In trying to find where midas is storing his skin-melting poison, I was able to alter my security system algorithm to track DNA anywhere in Star City.
You have Midas' DNA? Well, it turns out he's not as squeaky clean as we thought.
I got his DNA from the SCPD archive.
He was arrested 15 years ago.
Thank goodness the police have record hoarders.
And since he has a record and we work for the SCPD, voila! I interfaced with the SCPD's surveillance system and was able to legally monitor everywhere midas has been in the last two weeks.
Country club, office, home, and And a warehouse registered to what is clearly a shell corporation? Obviously, he's keeping the chemicals there.
And look whose DNA is there right now.
Midas is probably trying to destroy the evidence as we speak.
He can try, but he's not gonna get away with it.
We're gonna get him.
We want to do things the right way this time.
That means doing a few things differently.
What did you have in mind? First things first Suit up.
I want all of this gone, not a single drop left behind.
Overwatch to Team Arrow.
I have confirmation on Midas and a crapload of gun-toting goons.
What about the chemicals? Being loaded into the back of a truck.
Dinah, what's your status? Almost in position.
Take it to the reservoir.
Anyone tries to stop you I don't care who it is Kill them.
Guys, you may want to speed things up.
They're about to move out.
If those chemicals reach the reservoir, everyone in Star City will be at risk.
We can't let that truck leave.
No, we won't.
Hyah! Hyah You have the right to remain silent.
Now! Get me out of here, and I'll double your salaries.
Bad news, guys.
Midas is about two minutes away from being a free man.
Got go stop him.
You go.
I'll secure the evidence.
We're taking heavy fire! We're cornered! Man, I really missed our toys.
The chemicals are secure.
Where's Midas? James Midas, you are under arrest.
Not tonight.
You think this is gonna work out better than last time? Because now I'll have your badge and your costume.
Uh! I don't think so.
Thanks to all those chemicals we just confiscated, you're going away for a long time.
Like I said You're under arrest.
James Midas is in SCPD lockup.
We got what we need to put him away for a very long time.
Thank you for doing it the legal way.
Thank you for letting us do it our way.
And for joining us.
We missed you, Canary.
I missed her, too.
Thank you for reminding me of that.
Why do I get the feeling the Canary flight was a one-night-only kind of thing? I'll be back in the field, just, uh, without my cry.
When my nerve was ruptured, it created lasting damage.
I'm I'm sorry, Dinah.
Well, Dinah, cry or no cry, you are the Black Canary.
You proved that tonight.
Thank you.
You know what else we did tonight? We forced Pollard's hand.
I leveraged her relationship with Midas to convince her to sign off on creating a special vigilante task force.
We're still sanctioned by the SCPD, but we're operating as our own unit out of the bunker in our suits.
And the anti-vigilante law? It's on her desk for repeal.
She's gonna sign it.
So we're like the Black Ops for the SCPD now? That's cool.
I'm just glad we're all back.
It feels right.
I'll second that.
It's nice to be part of a team again.
And be here at the bunker The sweet bunker.
Do you guys feel like hitting up the, uh, "sweet" bar? You guys go ahead.
I ate something that's not gonna mix well with alcohol.
I'm gonna hang back, too, guys.
I got you something.
Gee, you shouldn't have.
Well, it was the only thing that Lyla said helped her with her nausea.
They're ginger candy chews.
Oh, god.
I'll try anything.
Morning sickness or not, Felicity, you have not missed a beat.
You were absolutely amazing out there today.
Your tech was phenomenal.
Well, Curtis would've had 5 ideas to make it better, but Well, maybe But if Curtis was still at A.
, I would've asked him to buy your tech.
And I'm sure A.
wouldn't be the only corporation hunting for it.
And I think that's more than a security system you're working on.
I think you're on to something big.
Thank you for coming in.
I'm Laurel Lance, District Attorney.
I know who you are.
And I know who you are, too.
Emiko Adachi.
Your mother was killed a year ago.
Your father is Robert Queen.
And for the last 7 months, you've been running around the city dressed like your brother.
And you've also managed to endear yourself to Oliver and his team.
I also know that you were at Slabside the night that Ricardo Diaz burned to death.
What's your point? That you're lying about who you really are.
You're not a hero.
And I wonder how Oliver and his team will feel when they find out that their new vigilante friend murdered Diaz in cold blood.
I'm guessing family dinners are gonna be a little bit more awkward.
And, uh, what makes you think they will believe a word you say, Black Siren? Do you think I'm showing, just even a little? I think you look exactly the same.
How you feeling? Oh, I feel like I could sleep for 2 weeks.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, so in between updating the SCPD's tech and taking down evil CEOs, I was brainstorming baby names today.
- Really? - Yeah.
Any frontrunners? For a boy, I've always liked Lucas.
That's good.
I may have thought of a name for a girl.
Yeah? Mia.
Short for Moira.
Sweet and fiery.
I love it.
And regardless of whether we have a boy or a girl I just want to make sure that She or he end up Growing up in a better and safer Star City than I did.
I want that for both of our children.
They'll always have each other to lean on.
And we'll always have us.
What are you waiting for? Let's play the damn thing.
I don't know.
What are you waiting for? Fine.
Maybe I should do it.
It's not as easy as it look Just give it to me.
This is some, like, feelings thing, isn't it? Well, I haven't heard Felicity's voice in almost two decades, so, yeah, it is.
Look, whatever she says on there, it's clear she wanted both of us to hear it Together.
All right.
Let's just get this over with.
William and Mia, you know, this is the first time I've ever said your names together? 20 years, and I avoid ever saying your names in the same sentence.
It feels like the work of a paranoid, overprotective mother.
I guess we really do turn into our parents.
I'm rambling.
Not just for the rambling.
For everything, but mostly for keeping the two of you apart.
I'm not asking for your forgiveness, but just know that your father and I did it to protect you.
We did it because we love you.
Now that you've found each other, I just have one request.
Give these coordinates to the team: 47.
6119 North, 122.
3301 West.
And then get the hell out of Star City.
And whatever you do, don't come looking for me.
So we're ignoring her.
I know where these lead.
That's where.
We're going over the wall to The Glades.