Arrow s07e16 Episode Script

Star City 2040

Previously on "Arrow" Cube in a cube.
There's another solve.
William and Mia, give these coordinates to the team, and then get the hell out of Star City.
And whatever you do, don't come looking for me.
I know where these lead.
That's where.
We're going over the wall to The Glades.
I love you so much.
I love you so much.
I'll love you even more when this baby's out of me.
Hyah! Hyah! You're ready.
Mom, I'm home! Mrs.
Carver had that cheese you love so much at the store, the one that tastes better than it smells.
Mom? Mom.
- Hyah! - Oh! - Seriously, mom.
- Good instincts.
How is Mrs.
Carver? Uh, the usual.
She's had to tell me everyone else's business in town, and she's trying to set me up with her son.
- Henry? - No.
The older one.
Oh, "Cowardly Lion" Seth? Isn't he more scarecrow, though? No brains? Either way, not for you.
Where were you? Well, I was on the phone.
A meeting with Smoak Tech.
Have you ever thought about actually going in to work? You know, we could get out of Bloomfield, go to the city.
I could go with you.
Oh, you know the city's not safe for us.
If anyone ever found out who your father is or who you are Right.
But I know how much you love that company.
And I know how to protect myself.
You made sure of that.
I sure did.
So if dad's as big a hero as you say, then why can't we just tell everyone that? It's not that simple, Mia.
You just have to trust me on that.
I'm sorry.
Hey, I was thinking a vintage movie night.
A Jordan Peele marathon.
Hand over that cheese.
Um okay.
What the frak? Intruder.
Access denied.
Initiating self-destruct protocol.
Intruder Mia, what are you doing? What am I doing? What are you doing with all this? Uh, I can explain in just one second.
7, 6, 5 Access granted.
This is just a little something that I've been working on on the side.
For Smoak Tech? No, not exactly.
Um There is a corrupt company in The Glades that I am this close to exposing.
You're hacking again like Overwatch.
Oh, well, no, Overwatch was part of a team, right? Team Arrow.
And this is solo.
So no team, no complications.
You're a vigilante.
No, not exactly.
Technically, yes, by definition How long have you been hiding this from me? - Mia - How long? Mia, I can explain.
You realize I haven't left this town ever? I didn't get to go to school like a normal kid.
I haven't even been to a real city.
I know.
You told me that we had to hide here because dad was the Green Arrow.
That's true.
And now I find out that you've been doing the exact same thing the entire time.
No, your father and I promised each other that we would keep fighting for the city to make the city better for you and for for our family.
I can't sit back and do nothing, Mia.
And yet that's exactly what you're telling me to do.
No, I'm not.
Mia, this is different.
- Is it?! - Yes.
Because I'm starting to believe what everyone else says, that vigilantes are the opposite of heroes.
That is just propaganda Oh, says you.
And why should I believe anything you say again? Mia.
You've been lying to me my whole life.
I don't even know who you are.
Mom, I'm going to Star City, and this time, you can't stop me.
I need to find out the truth about everything About who our family really is, what I'm meant to do with my life.
I can't be held back anymore.
I need to forge my own path.
What's the black star for? My mom once told me that all the starlight we see has so far to travel that the stars might not even exist anymore.
Eventually, they all just fade to black, erased.
That's where I want to be.
What's all that? Prize fighting.
How much you make on that? A few grand if you win.
I don't lose.
Of course you can do handstand push-ups.
Ready? You mean to risk our lives by sneaking into The Glades? No.
Not at all.
You? Don't have anything better to do.
Tell me again why we couldn't just take the tunnels.
There's heat on the Canaries right now.
The tunnels could be blown.
So we get to do this the hard way.
Are you coming or what? Show-off.
This is gonna be a long night.
Only 5 million more feet to go.
Rest up.
Once we get in The Glades, we'll have to move fast, find Felicity, and get her out before anyone knows we were here.
And here I thought you hated her.
No one gets to kill my mom except me.
It'd be easier if we had some backup.
Yeah, well, if you shut up, you'll catch your breath faster.
I just think it was a mistake to not bring the rest of the team.
They're not a team.
They're vigilantes.
Their kind ruined Star City.
They're not the criminals you think they are, Mia.
I remember them being heroes back then.
They only want to save the city.
- We got eyes on us.
- What? Save the arrow.
We're okay.
I thought you couldn't hack Archer.
But you can make yourself temporarily invisible.
Watch it.
Any luck finding William? Fight club was empty.
Wherever he and Mia are headed, they're on their own now.
And you're okay with that? He doesn't need my help anymore.
And besides, Felicity wants us to prioritize finding those bombs.
The city's in danger.
And, also, maybe you missed the vigilante life a little.
Working with a team, saving the city.
Any new leads on locating the bombs? Just a lot of shoddy police work surrounding Felicity's death Missing evidence, incomplete scene reports.
The case files are a mess.
Well, I have a contact at the department.
If somebody paid to have that done, he would know about it.
What, you talking about Anson? Yup.
I thought he cut you off.
Hmm, he did.
That's why I have you two as backup.
You got real balls coming here.
You wouldn't answer your phone.
Next time, take the hint.
I told you I can't help you anymore, especially not now.
I need intel.
Intel on what? The murder of Felicity Smoak.
I can't help you.
Wrong answer.
Are you shaking me down? Actually, I was really hoping to avoid it.
So why don't you tell me everything you know, Anson? Eden Corps.
They paid the SCPD to fake Smoak's death, tie up the loose ends.
Eden Corps hasn't been active for months.
Well, they are now.
And they don't want anyone to know about it, probably to start nuking cities again.
I don't know.
Tell us where they are.
The Glades.
Galaxy One's their front.
Roy! Stop it! Stop it! Come on.
It's time to go.
It's time to go.
So this is how the other half live.
Sadly, Star City used to look very similar to this.
These are the coordinates from Felicity's tape, which means she's in there somewhere, hopefully, alive.
Galaxy One is one of the richest companies in the world, and heavily guarded.
They're not just gonna let us walk right in.
Actually, that's exactly what they're gonna do.
Oh, this is ridiculous.
We need to look the part, Ms.
Executive Assistant.
I am definitely higher up than your assistant.
And that is not what I'm talking about.
We are the kids of vigilantes.
The second they scan us, we're done.
My last name isn't Clayton anymore.
And, besides, all the focus is gonna be on me, the ceo, anyway, so just play along.
Didn't I ask you to send me the financials on the Brennan Merger? It should be there.
I need you to reschedule my 12:00 with optics.
- Sir, you need to scan in.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So push my 12:00 to 3:00 to make room for Jackson labs at 1:00, and then clear my morning to review the Jackson labs R&D.
Prepare for identification.
DNA match complete.
- Hey.
You're holding me up.
- She needs to scan.
Don't be ridiculous.
She's just my assistant.
Trust me Sir.
Prepare for identification.
Access denied.
You need to come with us, miss.
How about I don't? - Lockdown.
- Hands up, now.
It's cool, fellas.
- She's with me.
- Lockdown.
Sorry, Agent Hawke.
We didn't know she was one of yours.
I know.
That's the point.
DNA match complete.
Who the hell are you? I have been tailing you guys since the bazaar.
Once I figured out you were headed here, I started pulling credentials for clearance.
As an agent for knightwatch? Which is just what, the good version of a.
? Something like that.
Look, I wanted to tell you the truth, but I couldn't.
I didn't have a choice.
- Yeah, you did.
- Mia! I trusted you, but all you did was lie to me, - like everyone else.
- Look, I'm sorry.
Was any of it real? All of it.
Okay, as much as I love relationship drama when it's not my own, do you think we could focus on the task at hand and not blow our cover immediately? Thank you.
All right, secret agent guy.
So what do you know about this place? All right.
I've been doing recon on the building.
There are hidden sublevels here, unlisted to the general public.
Well, that's where they have to be holding mom.
How do we get down there? My badge isn't gonna cut it.
There'll only be a handful of people with access, all DNA-based.
Well, I have a meeting with the guy who runs this place, Keven Dale.
I mean, if anyone has access, it's him.
All we have to do is steal and replicate his DNA.
It actually is.
Look, I have the tech.
You just have to swipe a sample.
Me? No, no.
Stealing stuff covertly.
I don't do that.
Well, lucky for you, your sister does.
I'll locate the sublevels while you guys are with Dale.
I'll find you after.
Let's do a deep dive into Galaxy.
We can see if Rene? Dad.
Damn it, Zoe.
I knew you were involved with the canaries, but I didn't think you were one of them.
Not only did you not stay away from my daughter, but you brought Roy into this.
I didn't think you were alive.
Nice to see you, too.
What are you doing slumming it in Star City anyway? I still know you're looking for the bombs.
And you need to stop.
You already know that Galaxy's behind all this, don't you? This is the part where you're supposed to tell me I'm wrong, that my father, a former vigilante, is not working with the bad guys.
The bomb plans you saw They're phase one of what we're calling the Star City reformation project.
- Oh, my god.
- You're part of this.
It's not what you think it is.
Really? Because wiping out an entire city sounds a lot like genocide.
Look, this isn't about destroying Star City.
It's about expanding what we've done in The Glades.
And with Galaxy's help, I'll be able to do that within a fraction of the time.
Everyone will be safely evacuated before anything happens.
How is it you got all the age and none of the wisdom? They're playing you, Rene.
Galaxy is just a front for Eden Corps.
Eden Corps doesn't exist anymore.
And even if it did, if Galaxy was run by a terrorist organization, I would know.
Just like you knew Galaxy was paying cops to fake Felicity's death? Yeah.
Yeah, she's still alive, Rene.
Galaxy's not the enemy.
They've been nothing but supportive, altruistic.
Sweetheart, you've seen it.
Yeah, but I wouldn't allow myself to be blinded by it.
You always told me to rely on my instincts.
What happened to yours? You need to open your eyes, Rene.
I did And I used to believe being a vigilante helped solve problems.
You and I both know it's not that simple.
Please just let this go.
The father I knew, the hero Would not have let this go.
You may have forgotten that hero, but I haven't.
Thank you for seeing us on such short notice, Mr.
When the ceo of Harris consolidated comes calling, you answer.
And please call me Keven.
Can I get you or your assistant anything? Actually, I'm his associate.
My associate, Ms.
Margo, and I would love some coffee.
3 cups of the house favorite.
So how can I be of service? I've heard through the grapevine that you've been working with halcyon pharmaceuticals.
That's supposed to be hush-hush.
I'm evaluating their firm for a potential acquisition, and I was hoping for some intel.
Before I share my secrets, how about you share one of yours? How were you able to get Harris consolidated off the ground so quickly? Oh, I wish I could say it was some genius plan, but, really, it was luck.
An angel investor backed me.
You have to tell me who.
City of emeralds capital.
But whoever they are, they've stayed anonymous.
So now that I've told you my secret, tell me about Halcyon.
We've ended our arrangement.
They didn't align with our philosophy.
Which is what? We want to change the world.
You can't do that mired in short-term thinking.
You know what they say about fidgeters, don't you? Dreamers with idle hands.
I assure you, Mr.
Harris, no one has ever accused me of being idle.
Harris, we have an issue back at the office now.
I am so sorry, Keven.
The life of a CEO.
I get it.
Keep in touch.
Oh, he definitely wants to be in touch.
How goes the search? Well, knowing Galaxy's behind everything really narrows it down.
If the bombs are being stored in The Glades, it'll be at headquarters.
Your dad being involved in all this, uh, it can't be easy.
I'm fine.
Let me know when you're ready to go, okay? All right.
This is the access point to the sublevels.
It's the only unlisted elevator bay in the building.
Their random full-body DNA scanner wasn't a dead giveaway? But how's this swab gonna trick a full scan? Watch.
Is that replicating the DNA signature? How? Secrets of the trade.
You want a cookie or something? All right.
Be ready.
There's no telling what we're facing.
Stay back and in the elevator.
Understood? You know, I'm really enjoying all these heartfelt brother-sister moments.
You're just more useful to me not dead.
I'm sorry.
Do you care about me? Yeah.
I'm also not the only one.
You know your angel investor, city of emerald capital? I think mom might've had something to do with that.
What do you mean? Well, emerald for Emerald City.
"The Wizard of Oz" was mom's favorite.
We used to read it all the time when I was little.
I guess she might've been watching over you after all.
Aah! Uh! Mia.
You are alive.
I told you not to come.
Was my message not clear? I wanted you both out of Star City, not to come to The Glades.
Really? No "Hey, kids, thanks for the rescue.
" Those coordinates were not supposed to lead you to me.
They are the coordinates of a stockpile of bombs hidden in this building.
That's why I told you to give them to Roy and Dinah.
Well, since we're here, would it be okay if we got you out of there? Looks like this operates under the same DNA access protocol.
Just give me a second.
It's so good to see you.
I never thought I'd see you again.
Oh, I was afraid you wouldn't want to After everything.
I'm so sorry, William.
Okay, hey, not to interrupt, but we've really got to get out of here before someone realizes what we did to those guards.
I can't leave until I disable the bombs.
You just got out of danger, and you want to go running back into it? Typical.
You would rather go play hero than do what's best for your daughter.
- Mia, come on.
- Stay out of it.
For once in your life, mom, put your family first.
Being a hero, Mia, means choosing other people's safety above your own, including your family.
That's why I hid my work from you so that I could protect you from having to make difficult decisions like these.
You should've just been honest with me from the beginning.
You were right.
I am so sorry.
Being a hero is my purpose.
I can't leave.
Then I want to help.
Seriously? I'm sorry, but she's right.
Where to? The next sublevel.
Well, if you're going, you're gonna need this.
- Look, Mia - Don't.
You okay? Yes, I am used to being a disappointment to her.
The explosives are being stored in the east end of the building.
Are there any guards in our way? The coast looks clear, except for 3 heat signatures headed straight towards us.
They should be right on top of us.
Zoe? You found her.
It is so good to see you alive.
You could've told us we were on the same side.
To infiltrate Eden Corps, I had to be the calculator.
It was the only way.
Looks like your plan worked out a little too well.
Well, I'm glad my old team came to the rescue.
Thank you for helping William.
Where's Mia? Mia is So much like her father.
Sorry for not telling you about her, by the way.
Guys? The coast is clear between us and the bombs.
Hurry up.
We have to move.
Didn't you want to go with them? Hey.
I am only here to back you up.
'Cause you promised your daddy.
You know, I am really not sure what's worse.
The, um, the lying or the fact that you actually thought I needed protection.
Mia, I know that you can take care of yourself.
Then why the hell do you keep hanging around? Because I care about you.
I wanted to tell you the truth, but I knew that you would hate me the minute I did.
And every day, it just got harder and harder.
So your big idea is that I would just never find out.
Do you have any idea what it's like to find out that your entire relationship with someone is based on a lie? No, okay? But I know what it's like to have heroes for parents.
It sucks.
Man, I used to ask my dad all the time why he even adopted me if he and my mom were never gonna be around.
But you know what? When I got older, I realized I was proud of them.
You were proud that they prioritized the rest of the world above you? Okay, no, not that part.
But With great power comes great responsibility, right? Oh, come on! Spider-man? I'm not really into comic books.
Okay, my point is that the same applies to us superhero kids.
And we have to learn to share our parents and be a little selfless.
Of course you would say that.
You've been a hero in training since you were a kid.
Well, so have you.
The only difference is I got to choose, and you never got to make that choice Until today.
There's your ulterior motive.
Look, Mia, if you go out that door, you are doing exactly what Felicity wants.
Okay, you want to go? We will go.
You want to stay? We will stay.
But do not let her mistakes make your choice for you.
It's on you now.
This has to be the place.
There's someone coming.
So what'd we miss? Ohh, you came back.
Don't make a big thing of it.
What the hell? Where are the bombs? They're already onsite.
What are you doing here? You are alive.
No thanks to you or your friend Keven Dale.
You were right.
You all were right.
The attack on Star City is happening tonight, and there is zero plan to evacuate.
Dale plans to pin the blame on a vigilante.
I'm guessing that's why they were keeping Felicity.
I can't say I'm surprised.
What opened your eyes all of a sudden? Someone very smart with impeccable genetics reminded me of who I used to be.
And why should we believe you? Aren't you the evil mayor who's been trying to destroy Star City? And who are you? This is Mia.
These are mine and Oliver's impeccable genetics.
- You and Oliver have a kid? - Surprise.
Okay, now that we are all caught up, what time do the bombs go off, and how do we stop them? They're set to go off during the fireworks in exactly 38 minutes.
Even if we knew where the bombs were, that's not enough time to climb over that wall and stop this.
There is another way.
The bombs are linked by a li-fi, which means there's an exterior power source.
You're talking about a unified connectivity device.
- Yes.
- It's like the brain of the bombs.
Oh, good.
Now there are two of you.
So wait.
We're just supposed to break into some server room so you guys can hack into it? "Server room"! How 2019.
The brain is a portable cube shape.
It fits in your hand.
Dale has something like that.
I thought it was just a fidget cube.
The only way to stop the bombs is to destroy that device.
Dale's gonna be at the celebration, but he won't be easy to find.
He cut a deal for a permanent Archer blind spot.
There's always another way.
I heard these Glades parties are pretty fancy.
How are we supposed to fit in? Except for you.
Leave that part to me.
This is looking for a needle in a very creepy haystack.
I'll take that to mean you're in position.
Everyone else? Almost.
Looks like Rene's become quite the celebrity.
Overwatch, we are in position.
"Overwatch"? No one's called me Overwatch in a very long time.
Okay, can we save the walk down memory Lane for after maybe? All right.
What do we got to do? Everyone here is wearing functional textiles, so there are tiny computers embedded in their clothing and yours.
When the fabrics touch, the sensors will send us all their electronic data.
Normally, their privacy settings restrict that, but I bypassed them.
So you're hacking clothes? Pretty much.
Your job is to identify keven Dale.
And I can help with that via the security feed.
Let's go save the city.
It's not Dale.
Ok, Mia, at your 2 o'clock, there is a man in a blue suit.
He could be a potential match.
I don't mean match-match.
I mean target.
And I don't even know what your type is.
Is it Mom, shut up.
Okay, sorry.
Old habits.
Mia, you just brushed Dale.
Got him.
I'm following him inside.
Hold on.
You're gonna need backup.
You won't have comms in there.
Isn't this what you trained me for? I can handle a CEO.
I got this.
Nobody wants to tell you, but your festival sucks.
I was expecting a Canary.
Who the hell are you? Not a fan of chitchat.
Now, hand that thing over, or I'll take it.
Really? Take her alive.
We'll talk after the festival.
Oh, this'll be fun.
Guys, I lost him.
He's in the crowd again.
Ok, not to freak anyone out, but this is our two-minute bomb warning.
We need to thin the herd.
I know how.
Show them what heroes look like.
Help! Vigilantes! Oh, you have 30 seconds, Mia.
Mia! She did it.
The bombs are deactivated.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Citizens of The Glades, last night, our independence day festivities were attacked in an apparent act of terror.
Thanks to the tireless efforts of The Glades P.
, we know the identities of the perpetrators responsible The vigilantes known as Arsenal, Nlack Canary, and the Calculator.
A reward of $10 million will be paid for any info leading to their capture dead or alive.
This was our first attack within our walls in over a decade.
I vow to you it will be the last.
Well, that was disturbing.
I know why my dad had to make that speech, but hearing it out loud? We did already have a target on our backs, just, well, not quite that big.
Well, it's about to get rougher for everyone.
Including my dad.
I know you're worried, but he is right.
The best way to take down Galaxy is from the inside.
So what now? So I'm guessing Galaxy's not just gonna stop at bombing the city.
The purpose of the bombing wasn't to rebuild.
It was to remake Star City in The Glades' image.
Why would Dale want to ruin a city he spent so much money to fix? Because he's gonna use the shiny new Star City as a proof of concept to take Archer Global, and that's too much power for one entity to have.
Well, it's a good thing we got the band back together.
Well, we can thank William for that one.
I sent that signal out on a hope and a prayer.
And you kept it.
After all these years and with everything that's happened, I I know I don't deserve it.
Well, I'm glad I didn't completely hate you.
Now I got a sister to hate instead.
I need some air.
So maybe we don't really have that type of relationship yet.
It's not you.
- I should go talk to her.
- And it's not you.
It's me.
Who needs a drink? Mr.
Mayor, impassioned speech you gave.
It really made me believe you want those vigilantes dead.
They violated the sanctity of our walls, not to mention they destroyed our plans for expansion.
Yes, I want them dead.
They were your friends once.
Your point? Well, they seemed to know exactly what we were planning and how to stop us.
Seeing how it was your desire to evacuate Star City, I can't help but wonder You did not tell me about moving up the bomb timeline till I pressed you on it.
If I'd known, maybe you wouldn't have kept Felicity Smoak in the same damn building.
The attack by the vigilantes has provided us an opportunity.
Because a city in fear desires a solution.
What is that? The tool that will allow us to take Archer Global and eliminate all vigilantes for good.
Oh, wow.
So this is where you have been spending all your time.
Pretty much.
Still not a fan of cleaning, I take it.
You want to start by nagging? Oh, I'm your mother.
Nagging is part of the deal.
So what, you probably want me to come help stop Galaxy? A little mother-daughter vigilante time.
I wish I could take you away from all this.
I wish that you didn't have to think about any of this.
But I know that that is not my decision to make.
You know, when I first left home, I was so mad at you.
I learned everything I could about vigilantes.
I dug up old news stories about how they destroyed Star City.
I was convinced I was convinced it was true that you had lied to me my entire childhood with your your stories of the heroism of Team Arrow.
Because you didn't want me to think badly about you.
Or about dad.
I spent these past years hating vigilantes Because I hated you.
Well, I don't blame you.
I understand why you wanted to lie to me To protect me.
I can't even imagine what it was like having the entire city turn on you and turn on dad.
Mia, you are so much like your father.
Out on that field, so badass.
I'm so proud of you.
Mom, there's, um It seemed like there is something really personal about you stopping Galaxy.
Is that about dad? No, it's not.
That one is on me.
Holy crap.
Did that work? Here goes nothing.
Archer, are you online? Yes, Ms.
Archer is active.