Arrow s07e18 Episode Script

Lost Canary

1 Previously on "Arrow" We did it.
The bombs are deactivated.
The attack by the vigilantes has provided us an opportunity.
- What is that? - The tool that will allow us to eliminate all vigilantes for good.
Gustavo Hernandez was found dead.
You think I did this.
I'm not exactly hearing a denial.
I have busted my ass, but no matter what I do, you always just see me as the Black Siren.
District Attorney Laurel Lance.
New photos show her with Ricardo Diaz.
Could the city's highest prosecutor actually be a wanted criminal herself? Looks like you've got a problem.
You lost? I'm here to see Shadow Thief.
She's busy, but you can stay here with us.
- Hyah! - Unh! I'll pass.
Where the hell is Shadow Thief? Uh! Who are you? I'm Black Siren.
Still kicking ass, I see.
I heard you were back in town.
And I heard you traded in your leather for a power suit.
Well, that suit didn't really fit.
Seems the entire city has turned against you.
Just reminded me that there's only one person I can trust myself.
It's too bad about Diaz.
What, that he didn't die sooner? I couldn't agree more, but at least he introduced us before he did.
As much as I'm enjoying this little reunion, why don't you tell me why you're here? I'm looking for a partner.
You got a job? Multiple And I need someone with your particular set of skills.
Who was that? No one.
You still good with locks? Hey, Laurel.
It's me again.
I just had a craving for French fries, milk shakes, and really cold fruit.
Are you in? Look.
I know this is probably gonna get buried between the many, many, many, many messages I have already left you, but I'm just trying to make sure you are OK, so if you could call me back, please.
Still trying to get in touch with Laurel? Yeah.
It's taking an alarming "swingers" amount of time.
Not proud, and my go-to way to find her would be Archer, but that is taking an annoyingly long time to get back online, so She doesn't want to be found, Felicity.
Her whole life has been flipped upside down.
I know what that's like.
Just Speaking of, are you sure that you are OK now that you know that your sister's evil and tried to kill you? Too soon? Need to focus on finding her and the Ninth Circle and stopping whatever they have planned.
Well, lucky for you, your wife is incredibly resourceful.
So I made a cheat sheet on your new lead.
Emiko's bullet led me to Andrew Thornton's rifle, which led me to 12 different shell companies, which led me to the buyer.
And it's not weird that she hasn't found the buyer herself with the resources of the Ninth Circle at her disposal? OK.
Well, not to toot my own horn, but Emiko is more of the "Karate Kid", Hilary Swank version, and I am more of the "Mr.
Robot" version but prettier.
Have you considered that Emiko probably made up the whole "finding my mother's killer" thing? I know that she's lied about basically everything else, but I I just have a sixth sense that she's not lying about this one, so if John and I can find the killer first, then we can leverage that against Emiko and the Ninth Circle and stop whatever they have planned.
Well, I have a sense that a road trip with John is exactly what the doctor ordered.
Bring Rene with you for backup.
Rene ahem has a school thing with Zoe.
Speaking of which, will you just will you take it easy for me, please? Oh, who? Me? Um, you know what? I really wish I could, but I have a really intense Netflix binge that I have scheduled way back, and I also am going to eat everything in the fridge, so it's gonna get pretty crazy in here.
- Precious cargo.
- I know.
Is he still following us? I don't see him.
I think we finally lost the son of a Oh! Uh! Spoke too soon.
Over here.
Zoe, Mia, come in.
What's your ETA? Trying to shake a bogey.
What's the status on Nest Two? Gone.
Galaxy One has raided all of our safe houses.
Alpha base is our last secure location.
All surviving Canaries need to rendezvous here immediately.
Be careful.
We need to take this guy out.
Dinah gave us an order.
I don't work for Dinah.
We're clear.
Let's go.
What the hell are you doing? Finishing this.
You'll get us both killed.
Former District Attorney Laurel Lance is facing allegations of murder following the death of Halcone gang member Gustavo Hernandez last week.
The SCPD has issued a warrant for her arrest, sparking a city-wide manhunt.
Anyone with information on her whereabouts A manhunt? Don't you think that's a little harsh? - Laurel killed someone.
- Allegedly.
Her DNA and fingerprints were found all over the scene.
Laurel is smart.
You really think that she'd leave evidence behind if she really did kill the guy? She had a pretty strong motive.
Hernandez's death was imperative in her winning her case.
She hasn't killed anyone since she's been the D.
Why would she start now? You've seen how hard she's worked, how much she's changed.
Except she obviously hasn't.
I know she's your friend, and for a while, I actually thought the two of us were doing good work together, too, but the truth is Laurel is Black Siren.
She is a ruthless murderer, and we are all fooling ourselves thinking she is anything like the real Laurel Lance.
We should be helping her, not hunting her.
Laurel is a criminal, and we are going to bring her to justice, something we should have done a long time ago.
Pinky Santorini.
It's quite the operation you've got here.
What are you talking about? I own a dry-cleaning business.
I haven't had a problem in 22 years.
Well, it looks like you have a problem now.
Thanks for playing.
Time for our payday.
Feels good to be back.
Are you OK? Your message made it sound like the bunker was on fire.
Laurel didn't kill Gustavo Hernandez.
- Emiko did.
- What are you talking about? This is his toxicology report.
There were traces of hydrogen cyanide found in his blood, which is the go-to poison of the Ninth Circle.
The SCPD had no reason to trace it back to them.
Emiko framed Laurel because Laurel told Oliver her secret.
Well, it still doesn't change anything.
Of course it does.
Did you hear what I just said? Even if Laurel didn't kill Hernandez, she's back to being Black Siren.
There was just a robbery at Pinky's Dry cleaner.
- What'd they steal, bubbles? - Pinky's is run by Walter Santorini.
He's a money launderer for the mob.
- They took over 100 grand.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
- Maybe she needs the money because she's planning on leaving town again.
- She also now has a partner.
- Well, there has to be an explanation.
Santorini's actually part of a case Laurel and I had been working for the last few months, a case which is now nonexistent thanks to this last little stunt.
So she's using her D.
resources to identify targets.
That's clever.
Very bad.
This is the database of all the cases currently being investigated by the district attorney's office.
Please hold.
Looks like Laurel's been accessing it through a series of rerouted IP addresses.
- Does that mean we can track her? - I mean, it means I could probably talk to her, and then I can convince her not to do this whole Black Siren backslide - or whatever this is.
- Well, even if you could, damage is already done.
It was a good chat.
I really love our chats.
Felicity tell you how she tracked the rifle to this apartment? Just call her a genius and leave it at that.
- Gonna check upstairs.
- Copy that.
- Oliver, I found some - Nothing! You.
New outfit.
You think an arrow is gonna stop me? I think a tranq arrow will.
- Do you know him? - He's one of the Longbow Hunters.
What are they doing mixed up in Emiko's mother's murder? That's a good question.
Don't hang up, and I mean that.
Literally, you will not be able to exit my window.
You really can't take a hint, can you? Look.
I know that Emiko killed Gustavo Hernandez.
Ooh! Congratulations, Detective Felicity.
It's only a matter of time until Oliver stops her, so whatever bad and evil plan that you have brewing, it's not too late for you to not go over to the dark side.
Oliver's sister did me a favor because I was really sick and tired of pretending to be somebody I'm not.
- Plus, no one believed it anyway.
- I did.
What happened to you wasn't fair.
You were accused of murder, you lost your job, Dinah didn't have your back.
I get it.
You got a bucket load of bad news, but you are not Black Siren, not anymore.
It's funny.
I used to believe that, too.
Think of all the good you've done, Laurel.
- Think about honoring Quentin.
- Quentin is dead.
Nobody cares about Quentin.
- He only wanted his daughter back.
- That is not true.
You've done a lot of good as the D.
, not to mention you were there for me when I needed a friend.
I'm not willing to let you just throw that all away and forget about it.
I'm really sorry if you thought we had a real friendship, but it was all just an act, and don't you dare try and stop me.
Stopping those bombs prompted Galaxy One to put their master plan in motion, expanding Archer's influence into Star City and making sure they take out any and all opposition.
Starting with the Canaries.
How many have we lost? I'm waiting on a body count from Roy, William, and Connor, but they've already confirmed 10 dead and 5 missing.
It's not your fault.
But it's my responsibility.
Oh, thank goodness you two are safe.
Um, could have taken creepy mask guy off the board except someone got in my way.
Zoe made the right call.
We've lost enough blood already as it is.
And until we know what the hell is going on, - we need to lay low.
- And do what, nothing? What we do is mourn our dead.
Then we figure out a plan that won't cost us any more lives.
You're right.
Galaxy One has us out-manned and outgunned.
We need to find another way to even the odds.
Galaxy One just decimated the entire Canary network.
You want to even the odds, you get out there and you fight the hell back.
If you don't, we're all dead.
- Psst.
- Unh! I really missed our girls' nights out.
- Me, too.
- Like taking candy.
From a filthy rich baby.
That's got to be $10 million worth of diamonds.
It's too bad it doesn't belong to you.
And what? Are you gonna stop us? Don't do this, Laurel.
Oh, I thought you'd be happy.
You were right about me all along.
Oh, and it's too bad that you don't have your cry anymore.
But I still have mine.
What an entrance.
Oh, and feel free to tell Laurel's new friend that it's a bad idea to leave vault schematics just hanging around her lair.
What are you doing here? Yeah.
Same question.
Aren't you supposed to be on your little spaceship or something? I took a break to clean up your mess.
What is this, some kind of intervention.
I know you're not my sister, but in another world or another life, you could have been, and my father believed in you.
Well, he was wrong, but you're right about one thing.
You're not my sister.
Stay the hell away from me.
You didn't go back to the bunker.
- We always go back to the bunker.
- I had work to do.
I know I should have told you about Sara.
It would have been nice.
And what was that device? I modified O.
Laurel's old collar.
- Same tech, new look.
- It was impressive.
Felicity, we are the only team sanctioned to work with SCPD.
Please remember it doesn't mean any vigilante gets a free pass.
In my defense, if anyone's gonna get through to Laurel, it's her sister well, not her real sister, but the face of her sister you know what I mean.
You cannot seriously think she's still capable of redemption after what we just saw.
That is harsh, especially coming from the person who wrongly accused her of murder.
So you're saying what Laurel's doing is my fault? Our fault.
Maybe if we had been a better support system to her.
Laurel did not become Black Siren because we were bad friends, Felicity.
That is a choice she made on her own.
It is not some inevitable consequence of something we did.
Everything that has happened since she has been fired - is on her! - I think you're being hard on her because you feel guilty.
And I think you need to drop the blinders.
This is Laurel's new gal pal Aviva Metula, former Mossad agent turned master thief.
She now goes by the name Shadow Thief.
- Very on the nose.
- She used to work with Diaz, which means she probably used to work with Laurel.
It looks like Shadow Thief has really leveled up her bad guy game since her Diaz days.
There's no more petty heists.
It's only a matter of time before she gets Laurel mixed up in whatever she came to town for.
- Then we better find them fast.
- OK.
Felicity must have figured out I was using the D.
database to find our targets.
Which one was Felicity? The chatty one.
You need this.
Don't worry.
There are plenty of jobs.
Not if she knows how I'm finding them.
Maybe it's a good thing.
No offense, but your jobs are small potatoes.
- What do you mean? - Let's just say that since our Diaz days I've met some new friends, some very powerful friends who pay very well for my destructive services.
- So you're a terrorist for hire? - Heh heh.
I prefer mercenary with perks, and I could use someone like you.
I just want to make sure that you're the same ruthless Black Siren I once knew.
I wouldn't be here if I wasn't.
Good because if those women continue to be a problem for us You don't have to worry.
They get in our way again, I'll kill them myself.
Who hired you to kill Kazumi Adachi? Kazumi who? Wrong answer.
Doesn't matter to us.
How do you want this to go? You guys can chop off all 10 of my fingers, and it won't matter.
I have no idea who hired me.
They never contacted me directly.
Then how'd they offer you the job? They directed me to a drop-off location.
Once I got there, found a coin.
Was it an Italian florin? No idea.
All I know is that it was old.
There was a microchip inside, instructions to get my weapon, the target.
Once the job was completed, they wired my payment from a bank account in Switzerland.
A florin, Swiss bank account.
John, this is Dante.
So what now? You guys kill me? Let's go.
We got what we came for.
Well, I'm having déjà vu in the best way possible.
Did Dinah read you the Riot Act? Nothing I can't handle.
You've come a long way from the I.
girl secretly crushing on Oliver Queen.
Apparently, it wasn't much of a secret.
Everybody knew.
Zero poker face, and I always wondered, you know, were you flirting with me - all those times you said I was cute? - Why? - Were you into it? - Of course.
It's you.
- Oh, I missed you.
- I missed you, too.
- Thank you for coming.
- Of course.
I just wish it had gone better.
Laurel will come around.
All we have to do is get her away from her new bff long enough to knock some sense into her.
I mean, that is if you don't have to go back for any timey-wimey shenanigans.
Well, every time I leave the ship, it basically means the inmates take over the asylum, but it's fine.
Want to make sure that my real sister's name doesn't get dragged through the mud, and, by the way, why are you so concerned with saving this Laurel? I mean, she's more like our Laurel than you realize.
She helped Oliver get out of prison the legal way, and she stopped me from killing Ricardo Diaz.
Felicity Smoak is killing people now? I really have missed a lot.
The point is, is that I didn't kill anyone because Laurel pulled me back from the edge.
That's what I want to do for her now, you know, send her out a lifeline.
Even if there was a way back for Laurel, she has to want it.
You can't force redemption on people.
Oh, that I know.
Well, it's all theoretical anyway since I have no idea where Shadow Thief or Laurel are operating out of.
Hold that thought.
Dinah just got a location on Shadow Thief's secret hideout.
Turns out of course, of course it's at a shady warehouse in a shady part of town.
Is that where Laurel's been holing up? - That's what Dinah thinks.
- Man, it is completely off the grid.
Dinah wants me to go with her so she doesn't go in blind.
So we don't go in blind.
Um, no.
This is more of a two-woman job.
Dinah wants to keep it above board.
Got it.
Not invited.
- OK.
- OK.
Call me.
Not to belabor the point or anything, but it would have been really nice to have White Canary here with us the flight.
Heh! You know, since you're both Canaries and everything.
- Can we talk about this later? - Mm-hmm.
Who's here besides us? There's only two heat signatures in the entire building besides us, and they're right behind this door.
It's got to be Shadow Thief and Laurel.
- You ready? - Mm-hmm.
Where are they? - They played us.
- Fake heat signatures? That is devious and impressive.
Get down! Are you OK? Laurel tried to kill us.
It turns out we could have used some White Canary backup after all.
- Well, you got it now.
- Sorry.
No worries.
Find anything at the lair? No, not yet.
They were sloppy, though.
Probably too fixated on killing us.
The tech that Shadow Thief left behind will probably give us some insight on how she operates.
With any luck, that's how we'll find her.
I'm so sorry.
I really thought Laurel had changed.
Well, that's all right.
We're just lucky she's rusty and messed up.
- Yeah.
- Or maybe it's not luck at all.
I mean, Black Siren's a lethal, unforgiving killer.
It's rare she fails, even rarer she doesn't do the job herself.
I'm gonna get some air.
Let me know if you guys find anything.
You know, maybe if I could have helped more or Felicity, you have to stop blaming yourself.
Laurel had every opportunity to make the right decision, and she didn't.
Laurel has not changed.
She is the same monster who killed Vinnie.
What Laurel did is unforgivable, but she's just on this path, and she doesn't know how to get off of it.
Do you know how many times in my life I could have gone down the same path, including killing Laurel last year, and I didn't? Yeah, you didn't because you had us.
I mean, when Oliver brought you on the team, you weren't exactly a Saint.
I was protecting women who couldn't protect themselves.
Yes, but even in your darkest of times, even when you were hell-bent on killing Laurel, we still had your back.
I mean, we gave you a second chance, and look where you are now.
You're you're captain of the SCPD, you're a deputized vigilante.
I mean, you couldn't possibly have imagined that this is where you would have ended up.
No, that's true, but I I'm grateful for Oliver and for the whole team, but I don't think it matters with Laurel.
I don't think she ever even wanted that kind of support.
Or maybe she wanted it more than any of us and didn't realize it until it was gone.
I appreciate you wanting payback for what happened to the Canaries, but not like this.
Mia, if you go out there on your own, chances are you will not make it back alive.
Galaxy One found all of your safe houses, Dinah.
They'll find this one, too.
I'm not gonna sit around and wait for them to massacre the rest of us.
Believe me, there is nothing I would love more than to see those sons of bitches pay for what they did to my girls.
- So why don't you? - Because I know I can't do it alone, - and neither can you.
- Then come with me.
Instead of hiding in the shadows, let's take this fight to Galaxy One, make them pay for blood with blood.
Sometimes, I don't know who you sound more like your mother or your father.
Do you know why I started the Canaries, what it represents? This is more than just some rebellion group.
It's a support system.
This is a way for women to know we always have each other's backs no matter what happens, whenever we need it most, something I failed to do for a friend once, but ever since that happened with her, I made a promise to myself that I would never make that mistake again.
That's why we wear these.
To honor that promise and the bravery and the sacrifice shared with these amazing women, who somehow no matter how many times they get knocked down they always find the strength to get back up and fight again And that is exactly what the surviving Canaries are going to do together but when the time is right.
It's too bad I'm not a Canary.
Dante has been pulling the strings this entire time.
He orchestrates her mother's murder, and he sends her down this path.
Sounds like you're softening up on your sister again.
I just have a better understanding of why she's done what she's done.
When Emiko realizes that Dante has been manipulating her, it will drive a wedge between her and the Ninth Circle.
That's how we stop them.
Thought I might find you here.
It's pretty brave of you, sneaking up on me from behind.
If you wanted to kill people, you wouldn't have gave them that warning time before the bomb went off.
I really miss him.
It looks like you do, too.
Is this you trying to convince me that I've changed, that I'm more like your Laurel? No.
Nobody's as good as the original Laurel Lance, not even me.
I don't know what you've heard about me, but basically, I had an affair with my sister's boyfriend, I allowed my entire family to think that I was dead, and then I became a league-trained assassin.
That's impressive.
My point is even someone with a past as checkered as mine can still turn their life around, - can be a hero.
- I was being a hero.
I was the D.
, I got Oliver out of prison, and I was the only one who figured out that his little sister was basically the devil, and they still turned on me.
So, what, you think you deserve a medal for trying to be good for 5 seconds? Redemption isn't a destination.
It's a journey.
I wasted years running away from all the bad things that I had done because I didn't want to face the pain that I had caused because I didn't want to be that person, and then I realized the only way to stop being that person was to come home and own up to the things that I had done, and, yeah, it was painful, and it took a really long time, but it was the only way to become someone else, someone better than who I was.
Well, that's great for you, but even if I wanted to change, it's a little bit too late because this is who I am.
I was starting to think you might not show.
I had some business to take care of.
So what's this weapon that we're stealing? Who cares? All that matters is that we're getting paid.
You ready? Absolutely.
Manpower seems thin.
I thought we'd run into some guards.
Why, do you think we're hitting it now? I'm gonna check out the south wing.
- You.
- Don't look surprised.
Your friend's suit is basically a giant tracker.
And we happen to know somebody who's very good with a computer.
You brought your little friend with you.
How typical.
It's not too late, Laurel.
don't do this.
That song of yours is getting a little old.
Laurel! Ugh.
You're here, too? Do you know what Shadow Thief is planning to do with that device? Yes.
Sell it for a lot of money of which I get half.
Who do you think she's gonna sell it to, the girl scouts? That device is gonna be used to kill people.
Well, that's not really my concern now, is it? - Move.
- No.
Seriously? Felicity, don't you think you're just a little bit out of your element? That is correct.
I know that, but so are you.
Oh, for the love of God, would you give it up already? This is who I am! Do you not see that? Who I see is someone that I believe in and someone that I really care about.
Felicity, what are you doing? Forget living up to Laurel's legacy, and forget being who Lance wanted you to be.
- What do you want? - I want you to get out of my way.
I guess if you're OK with that device killing people, you may as well start with me.
- Me, too.
- And me.
I changed my mind.
The deal's off.
I kind of expected.
Good thing I had a backup plan.
We have to get out of here.
Is the payload device big enough to clear out the building? Yes, but the problem is we're inside the building.
That's exactly why they won't be expecting it.
How long do you need to arm it? 90 seconds.
But how are we gonna get out? Birds fly, don't they? Let's buy her some time.
Uh go.
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
- Ohh! - It's time to go.
Stay close.
Overwatch, now! Can we never do that again? - Is everybody OK? - You came back for me.
We're only as strong as we are together, something I didn't realize till just now.
We are pretty bad-ass together.
Like a birds of justice.
Something like that.
To ladies taking down ladies.
And to Laurel.
Thank you for the assist, and I am very, very sorry that I doubted you.
That means a lot.
- I just wish we got Shadow Thief.
- We'll get her next time.
So does this mean you're not gonna arrest me? I don't see why I would.
This new evidence proves you didn't kill Hernandez, and you went undercover to bring down the Shadow Thief, so I am as surprised as anyone.
Thank you.
Now that Laurel Lance, upstanding citizen, is back, everything can go back to normal.
Actually, it can't.
Say what, now? I am so tired of running.
It's time for me to go home now.
Home? As in Earth-2 home? Yeah.
Someone in similar shoes told me if I wanted to be one of the good guys that I needed to right my wrongs, and the only way to do that is to go back to where it all started.
Well, uh I'll cheers to that.
- Yeah.
- Ah-ah.
I think I deserve two of these.
I mean, come on.
I worked really hard, so there.
Cheers to me.
Oh, no.
It's the SCPD.
Apparently, criminals don't care how badly I need a girls' night.
I have something for you.
From one Canary to another, Sara wanted you to have this.
I can adjust it for you.
Probably get your cry back if you want it.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Yes, you are welcome.
- Thank you.
No sweat.
Did it all the time when my sister was pregnant.
Way to bury the lede.
That's how you knew I was pregnant.
I have something for you.
It's Laurel's Black Canary costume.
I thought you could use it here, but, you know, maybe Earth-2 needs a Black Canary.
You are still planning on being good, right? I'm planning to try, yeah.
I just really hope one day I'm actually worthy of it.
Welcome home, Ms.
Oh, you're home.
I missed you.
Did you get what you were looking for? Yup.
I'm exhausted.
Just want to sit on the couch and order some food, and I don't know I'll have whatever you're craving, OK? I already ate after I said good-bye to Laurel.
So you found Laurel, but you said good-bye to her already? Well, yeah, after we stopped her from going on a killing spree.
- Hmm? - Dinah and Sara and I.
- Hmm? - Yeah.
That Sara, and we did it, super-easy, you know.
It was like "Charlie's Angels" without the feathered hair and casual sexism.
So that whole taking it easy thing? Well, you know I'm not good at that.
Well, I'm here now, so I'll take care of you.
Well, you could start with a foot rub.
We keep this up, people are gonna start asking why we keep hanging out in cemeteries.
I was never very good at good-byes.
Quentin always saw the good in me when when nobody else did.
I wish I could tell him how much it meant to me.
He knew.
He was the first person to make me feel like I was never alone.
You're not alone, not anymore.
So much for plan "A".
But I've seen you before.
The old Green Arrow documentary.
- You're - A friend of your parents.
You're lucky we got here when we did.
Dinah sent you to watch my back.
It's what Canaries do.
Give this to Felicity.
You look so much like her, and you may not be a Canary, and you still have a long way to go to prove that you're a hero.
Take it from someone who knows how hard it can be, and don't screw it up.