Arrow s07e19 Episode Script


Previously on "Arrow" FELICITY: Galaxy One has us outmanned and outgunned.
You want to even the odds, you get out there and you fight the hell back.
Hyah! Hyah! Uh! [SIREN SCREAM] Dinah sent you.
Give this to Felicity.
[THUNDER] You military types are like swiss watches.
Youse are always on time.
Show me.
Show me what you got.
[BEEPING] [ARROW FLIES] [THUNDER] Where's Emiko? Well, if I told you that, Mr.
Queen, she'd have me head.
Ha ha! And, frankly, that's a part of me I'd like to keep.
[WHISTLES] [PUNCHES ARE THROWN] [BONE CRACKS] - Uh! - Yah! That Virgil is damn slippery.
At least now we know what he's trying to acquire.
vault drive, triple-level encryption for eyes-only documents.
If someone at the agency's leaking classified intel to the Ninth Circle Right.
But if we have some indication as to what they're planning finally, it might help me find Emiko.
DINAH: And you said you didn't need any backup.
Well, we lost Virgil, but we got what he was after.
This drive feels like our best lead at finding Emiko, at least until Archer's back up.
Alena is pulling all-nighters to get Archer back up and running, and once it is, we will be able to find Emiko.
And finally tell her that Dante killed her mother.
RENE: And, hopefully, she'll come to her senses about the Ninth Circle.
Well, that would be enough for me to turn myself against the evil organization that raised me as a child.
[BEEPING] - Crap! - What's that? What's wrong? FELICITY: The drive has a security failsafe that fried all the files, probably to prevent someone like me from trying to do what I am trying to do.
But these aren't A.
-encrypted protocols.
Someone else must've written the security program for this drive.
If it's not A.
, who is it? Well, I have hacked enough government servers in my day to know that this is the Department of Defense.
Not that I do that anymore, because I work with the SCPD.
But this branch is the D.
What would the Ninth Circle want with the defense Intelligence Agency? We need to find out.
You're married to the A.
Maybe she can help.
Yeah, well, any inquiries to A.
will send up red flags, paint an even bigger target on Lyla's back than there already is.
I think I might have an old contact at the D.
A General.
The General will be right with you, gentlemen.
What's What's going on? You're acting like we're being sent to the principal's office.
This guy can be a real hard-ass.
Just let me do the talking.
How do you know him? Ah.
I must say, I was surprised to hear from you, John.
Well, sir, I wouldn't have made the call unless it was very, very important.
No, I imagine you wouldn't have.
You must be Oliver Queen The legendary Green Arrow.
I'm General Stewart.
A pleasure to meet you, General Stewart.
Thank you for taking the time.
I'm not gonna lie, son.
I wasn't always a fan.
But since you got out of prison, you seem like a changed man, and I respect that.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, we made the call because we were hoping you could tell us what was on this.
Where'd you get it? We intercepted a handoff between an A.
agent and a man that works for a group called the Ninth Circle.
The terrorist financiers.
I heard they were just a rumor.
No, sir, they are very real.
And we have reason to suspect they are planning something.
We were hoping you had intel that you could give us and the SCPD.
I'm afraid I can't.
Heh! But even if I did, John, you know I can't just hand over classified intel, not without proper clearance, which you no longer have since you left A.
Of course.
But, sir, we were still hoping that maybe you could, uh You were on a path destined for the Pentagon, maybe even a post with the joint chiefs.
Now where are you? Working with the cops, playing vigilante? That's no career.
That's a dead end.
No offense.
JOHN: I wasn't even sure you were keeping tabs on me.
Sir, I had my reasons for leaving A.
You left to protect your wife.
I know you better than you think.
And I'm sorry to say you lost your way.
JOHN: I didn't leave A.
for my career.
I left to protect my family.
And that's not something you would understand, is it, sir? John, we should probably go.
Again, thank you for your time, General.
I always have time for my family.
Excuse me? Oh, John didn't tell you.
I'm his stepfather.
Frak! Ugh! [MOANS] Well, I guess I don't have to ask how this is going.
Well, as glad as I am that you both got to meet Laurel, her cry really did a number on this helmet.
How did it go at the bunker? Good.
The bombs we stole from Galaxy One are now secure.
Roy and Dinah are setting up a perimeter in case they ever come looking for them.
And William is making sure they can't be detonated unless, well, we say so.
MIA: Although maybe he'd be more useful helping you out with this? The helmet is inlaid with this highly advanced circuitry mesh and retinal display, and I will not be able to figure out why until I get it up and running.
What do you think you'll find? Hopefully, whatever Galaxy One has planned next, if they haven't stopped from making the city go boom-boom.
Well, can't we just ask our man on the inside? No.
We can't come in contact with Rene until we get the go-ahead from Zoe.
They're at Glades City Hall now, and we don't want to blow their cover.
Okay, so how do we get this piece of junk up and running? The power module is comprised with an alloy proprietary to Galaxy One.
I've been trying to work around it, but I can't without the real thing.
I thought this helmet was a one-of-a-kind prototype.
As far as we know.
But the power module is not, which means we need to find one.
All right, public enemy number one, sit tight.
I know where to go.
Be back in an hour.
Anyone dealing in secret weapons tech won't be friendly.
You need backup.
Better safe than sorry.
MIA: Keep up.
[DOOR OPENS] ARCHER: Felicity Smoak now entering Smoak Tech.
I have missed your sweet voice.
You know she's not a real person, right? Of course she's not.
I am just so glad that we were able to start building the program out again.
It feels wrong confining Archer to just one tablet, even temporarily.
She deserves to spread her wings right after we find Oliver's evil half-sister.
Speaking of spreading wings, um, I think I've found a way to help Smoak Tech really soar.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
There's someone interested in buying the company.
It's just you, me, and Archer.
I mean, who would be interested in that? Dr.
Will Magnus.
What? Huh.
The Dr.
Will Magnus? - Mm-hmm.
- The world's foremost authority - on robotics engineering.
- Mm-hmm.
When I was CEO of Palmer tech, he wouldn't even return my calls.
My friend at Magnus Labs says that Archer could really help Doc Magnus with these new A.
S he's building.
I could set a meeting.
Magnus Labs is the gold standard in tech R&D.
Oh, my god.
With their backing, we could expand Archer to be more than just a genetic tracking system or surveillance for the SCPD.
I mean, it could be a bigger and better Overwatch system.
I mean It's a chance to change the world.
ARCHER: Warning.
Intruder alert.
Intruder alert.
[DEVICES BEEPING] Tick-tock, lads.
In and out.
Look for the device drawing the most power.
Hidden on a tablet.
Ha! Crafty.
[PISTOL COCKS] Put the tablet down, call your men off, and I'll let you live.
Felicity! Sorry, love.
No can do.
Pistol beats keyboard, darling.
Who the hell are these guys? You're safe now.
They weren't after me.
Oh, my God.
She's gone.
They couldn't have gotten her, could they? The Ninth Circle has Archer.
Then this crazy Irish guy came busting through, and Alena and I tried to fight them off, but then the D.
came crashing through the ceiling and took them all out.
- What about Archer? - Virgil made away with it.
We'll get it back.
I'm glad you're okay.
RENE: How did they find out about Archer? I'll give you one guess Emiko.
I'm sorry my men weren't there sooner, Ms.
It seems the Ninth Circle was a step ahead of us as well.
You must be General Stewart, A.
the stepfather that John hasn't told his closest friends about.
STEWART: So this is where you people work.
How did your men end up at Smoak Tech, General? Several months ago, the D.
got wind of Ninth Circle mole inside A.
Since then, we've made it a point of tracking their activity, including the theft of that drive, which led us to your friend Virgil.
I thought you said you didn't know anything.
I said I couldn't tell you anything.
A lie of omission is still a lie, General.
I'm sorry, John, but it was classified.
What was on the drive? A list of assets we have in the field Special operatives with high-level security clearance.
FELICITY: That's why Emiko took Archer, so that she could hunt them down and then gain access to what they know, which she could pretty much do with anybody now that she has their DNA.
It's only a matter of time before they find everyone on that list.
We need to make sure those assets are secure.
We have protocols in place.
I'll call my assets to a safe house.
This is General Stewart.
We need to start evacuations.
Uh Oliver, before you get started, I'm fine, man.
The second time that you've broken the chain of command with a 4-star general.
That's not like you, John.
You expect me to say "yes, sir" to that man? I you know, I I'd like to know why you won't.
And I would like to know why you never Never mentioned that you had a stepfather.
I didn't see much of a need to.
That man has not been in my life since I left home and joined the military.
I just met him.
All I have is my first impression, and my first impression is that he doesn't seem like that bad of a guy.
Oliver, when I first met the general, he was a lieutenant, my father's CO on a covert military op to quell an insurgency in Vlatava.
The op went bad.
The unit was pinned down with heavy gunfire from insurgents.
My dad stayed behind to hold them off.
Saved the whole unit.
Stewart made it out.
My father didn't.
So do you blame him for your father's death? It was his op.
He should've stayed behind.
Six months later, he's coming by the house for dinner.
Six months, Oliver.
I didn't know.
It was bad enough that, uh, he just appeared in our lives, but Once he and my mom got married, he had me and Andy running spartan survival drills he learned as a recon marine.
I mean, how long could we be out in the cold trying to find our way out of the woods without a compass.
He called it "tough love.
" Said he didn't care how we felt about him as long as it made us strong.
I don't know.
If he was so strong, how could he just abandon the first rule of the corps and leave my father behind? - Thanks.
Owe you one.
- You got it.
You get a lead? Finally, someone not afraid to talk.
There's a guy here trading Galaxy merch.
The only problem is he's in Deathstroke territory.
Well, that won't be a problem.
Trust me.
Trust you? Funny.
Are you ever gonna let me off the hook? Huh.
Well, you should let me handle this.
You're backup, remember? So back me up.
There's a vendor back there we need to talk to.
And I'm just gonna let you in because why? 'Cause I'll kick your ass if you don't.
That won't be necessary.
I got the mark.
- From who? - Your boss.
Check it.
How you know JJ? You just need to know that I do.
We good? Hey.
Who the hell was JJ? He's my brother John Jr.
Ha ha! John Diggle has one son in Knightwatch and another who's leader of the Deathstroke Gang.
That must make family dinners interesting.
Well, he grew up hating my parents, and the expectations they put on us.
That's why I'm glad that you finally figured out the truth about your family.
Look, I've wanted to tell you the truth for a long time.
What else don't I know about you? How long you got? [BLOWING] I don't think that gun's gonna get any cleaner than that.
I just want to be prepared.
I can't slip up with the Ninth Circle.
- And Emiko? - What about her? Well, I know you two were close, and you haven't said a thing about her since she went all evil.
I'm not so sure she's all evil.
When we were at the airfield, there was a moment when Emiko and I were alone, and She had the upper hand.
I thought I was dead.
I mean, I should have been dead, but she let me go.
And that tells you what? I don't know, but it can't be as simple as her being all bad.
I mean, we've all gone through paths where we've come to regret.
Hell, if Laurel can redeem herself, then maybe Emiko can do the same.
STEWART: We got a problem, people.
What's going on? I just got off the phone with intelligence.
All of our assets have been accounted for, except one An undercover agent by the name of Julian Sison.
He should be at a safe house, but there's been no response since the call came in.
Where is the safe house? 30 miles northeast of here.
OLIVER: We'll get into it.
I'll check with the other assets, see if there's been any I'll come with you.
Somebody needs to keep an eye on you.
You think I'm trying to mislead you? "Fool me once," right? FELICITY: That's not very fair, John.
It's okay.
You can come.
Follow my lead.
[SIRENS] RENE: This place is a pigsty.
Either he's messy as hell Or someone made it that way.
Overwatch, any sign of our guests? I'm getting 3 heat sigs further in.
[WOMAN SCREAMS] MAN ON TV: Come on, people! What the hell's going on? - Are you Julian Sison? - Yeah.
DINAH: Then why didn't you answer your transponder? 'Cause I'm in the middle of an op, and you three just blew it.
Overwatch, there is no sign of Emiko or the Ninth Circle.
If this guy isn't the target, then who is? Those are my assets.
Overwatch, we have men down.
The Ninth Circle knew we were coming.
Uh! [GROANS] General, we've been looking for you.
I'm trying to track John's spartan helmet, but it's offline.
Clearly this was an elaborate play to draw General Stewart.
We need to find he and John, and quickly.
DINAH: I'll put a bolo out for both of them.
RENE: I'll put the word out around The Glades in case Emiko shows up in the old 'hood.
OLIVER: Or we just find Emiko and end all this.
We will.
We have found people without Archer before.
We will find John and his stepdad, and then we will find your sister.
Kidnapping a 4-star general is a risky move for the Ninth Circle, especially if the Pentagon's on to them.
So why? Why do it? I don't know.
We need to find out more about who he is, what makes him so important.
I'd imagine his files are really, really classified.
"Really, really classified" sounds really, really fun.
I'm on it.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] General? John, are you all right? Yeah.
You? I've taken worse hits than this.
Where do you think we are? I don't know.
Maybe a Ninth Circle safe house.
I don't know.
They must've found out I was looking into them.
Agh! We got to get the hell out of here.
[GROWLS] You're not going to will those things into breaking, John.
Do you not remember anything I taught you? How could I forget? I know I was hard on you, son, but I wanted you to be prepared.
It paid off.
Look at you now.
Really? We're captured, probably gonna die in here.
We're not dead yet.
Uh! Uh! What about your helmet? Yeah.
Yeah, that could work.
If we could get to it, I could send a signal to the others, tell us our location.
[DOOR OPENS] [WHISTLING MELODY] DANTE: Time for us to have a little chat, General.
- Yeah.
- Oh, good work.
- Thanks.
All right.
Anything in the file that will help us find them? No.
But, uh, plenty on why the Ninth Circle would want him.
Thrice-decorated commander of the 1st recon battalion during the Khandaq conflict, after which he was appointed commandant of the marine corps, then chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.
I mean, the guy is a real bona fide American hero.
Not to John.
John blames General Stewart for his father's death during a mission they were both on in Vlatava.
Oh, yeah.
That would be enough to alienate someone like John, and why he wouldn't have told us about him, but it's not true.
Which part? According to the Pentagon's official account, the vlatava mission was so successful that the general was actually, for a stint of time, appointed head of DARPA.
But if if the mission was a success, why would he lie to John about it? To protect him? It's been a long time since we've seen each other, Agent Diggle.
Go to hell.
Hold that thought.
I want the codes to project Cygnus X-1.
My name is General Roy Stewart.
Serial number 498003145, United States marine corps.
Yes, yes.
The military's trained you well, but you'll break eventually.
[GROANING] Leave him alone! Leave him alone! Now let's try it again, General.
The codes, project Cygnus X-1.
My name is General Roy Stewart.
Serial number 498003145 Enough! I guess we're gonna have to do this the hard way.
[GROANING] Leave him alone.
This has nothing to do with him.
Give me the codes or Don't tell him anything.
Stop it! I'll tell you.
Now, was that so hard? You all right, John? Why did you give him the code? A thank you would be good enough.
What the hell is Cygnus X-1 anyway? Something we don't want the Ninth Circle to know about.
Now, let's get out of here.
JOHN: There's a box cutter on the table.
I got something better.
What the hell are you doing? You really don't remember anything I taught you, do you? With enough pressure applied at a steady pace, a shoelace can saw through plastic.
There's no power.
How about we give it a boost? [CATTLE PROD BUZZES] [BEEPING] John's helmet just came back online.
Morse code SOS.
Location? Warehouse in the meatpacking district.
Call the team.
You know, you could be court-martialed for giving up that info to Dante.
It was a necessary risk.
You don't leave a man behind.
Sooner or later, they're gonna send someone looking for us.
Let's get you the hell out of here.
That's got to sting.
Yeah, I've been through worse.
OLIVER: What'd the Ninth Circle want from you, General? Access to an experimental weapon I oversaw during my tenure at DARPA Cygnus X-1.
The project was shelved because it was too dangerous and unstable.
The goal was to genetically engineer bacteria to consume the by-product of nuclear fission.
FELICITY: So it's a biological weapon that can literally eat through anything.
That's terrifying.
A weapon like that falls in the hands of the Ninth Circle, we're It won't.
We're gonna stop them.
The problem is I don't know where it is.
They are going to use the intel they get from the assets to locate the DNA of the people involved in Cygnus X-1.
That DNA can lead them to exactly where that weapon is.
FELICITY: If I can piggyback off Archer's signal, I'll be able to Lead us right to them.
It's like we're tracking the DNA of a DNA tracker.
This is so meta.
We need to be ready the moment they reactivate Archer.
It's the only way to locate her signature.
Yeah, like one of those FBI movies where you have to keep the kidnapper on the line to trace the call.
Yeah, except the kidnapper is the tech I invented, which almost makes me wish I hadn't.
ALENA: What happened to Archer putting Smoak Tech on the map? Well, that was before I realized all the bad that she could do.
I wanted to invent something that would help save the city, and instead I made something that can destroy it.
Oh, my God.
I'm a mad scientist.
Oh, my God, no.
It's so much worse than that.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I'm my dad.
I am your friend who has some real-life experience working with evil geniuses, and you need to trust me on this one.
You are not one of them, okay? Okay.
You gonna tell me what's really bothering you? I love Team Arrow, but it is not enough.
I need to do something separate.
I need to do something separate that can still do good, and that's what Archer was supposed to be.
You know, my way of making my mark on the world, and not as Overwatch.
As me.
Well [EXHALES] It can still be that.
We just need to get Archer back, and when we do, you just need to figure out how to make sure that your beautiful creation is used exactly the way you intended.
You got this, Smoak.
Normally I'm the one off by myself staring into nothing.
That's usually true.
Usually I'm the one with the father-son issues.
Oliver, people's lives are in danger because my stepfather couldn't be honest with me.
It j it just surprises me that you don't see his position.
You know, he's at the top of the chain of command.
The John Diggle that I know, he would have done the exact same thing.
Oliver, it sounds like you're on his side, man.
I'm on your side, but I'm looking at a guy over there who cares for you, who was trying to protect you.
Frankly, he deserves a little bit more of your trust.
What is this? Those are the unredacted files from the Vlatava mission.
Your father didn't die saving his unit.
According to that, he died because he was negligent.
And he took two marines with him.
The only reason that anyone got out of there was General Stewart.
That's not possible.
It's all in there.
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, John.
One Galaxy One power module.
I guess there are perks to having a gang leader black sheep brother.
Sounds like my kind of people.
When do I get to meet him? I don't know.
I haven't seen JJ in a year, maybe more.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Funny thing is he used to be my best friend.
What happened? Ah, he and my dad started butting heads.
Guess I got caught up in the middle.
And this Deathstroke thing, that was just a way to rebel.
I just thought one day, he'd outgrow it.
But I tried to reach him.
In the end, I think I just reminded him of everything my mom and dad expected him to be.
I'm sorry.
Ain't your fault.
I just Got so mad at you for lying to me that I I never thought about how much it must've sucked for you, and not having anybody to share things with.
You know, this life.
It was unfair to both of us.
JJ has a message for you.
MIA: Hey! This way.
Run! Get back! Ahem.
It's time to go.
Hey, guys, we found the weapon.
Well, technically, the Ninth Circle did using Archer.
Felicity and I rode their coattails right into the secure facility, where it's being stored.
Yup, that's definitely a secret weapons depot.
Okay, well, now that we know where we're going, we just have to figure out how to get past Archer.
The moment you set foot onsite, the Ninth Circle will know that you're there.
So we lose the element of surprise.
I'll call my team.
We got this.
Copy that.
Let's move.
ARCHER: Perimeter breach detected.
Scanning intruders' DNA.
It's your brother and his friends.
Stop them.
Overwatch, do you have a bead on Emiko? I'm hacked into the exterior cameras, but she must already be inside.
Without Archer, it's like I'm flying in blind.
RENE: Isn't that what these boosters are for? FELICITY: Yes.
Once you've planted the signal boosters, I will be able to take back control of Archer and find Emiko.
Go find your sister.
We'll plant the boosters.
[BEEPS] [BEEPS] [BEEPS] Oliver, you have company.
Archer has our positions locked.
Where are we with the boosters? Boosters are in place and activated.
Good to go, Overwatch.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] We have uplink.
It's not working.
[ALARM] I can't get through their firewall.
They locked you out of your own program? How? I don't know, but whatever they did, I can't get back control of Archer.
Get down! We need an exfil route now! Now! [MAN GRUNTS] Most black-level facilities follow the same blueprint.
There should be a door near your position that leads to an access tunnel.
Are you sure?! Trust me.
Let's move! Move! We're clear, General.
Emiko is headed to the parking garage with the weapon.
What the hell are you doing? I'm infecting it with a self-destruct protocol.
Those boosters were the only reason we were able to access Archer.
If the Ninth Circle gets their hands on it, we may never be able to access Archer again.
Well, what about all your hard work, your legacy? I guess I'll just have to build a new one.
Archer's gone down.
It doesn't matter.
We got what we came for.
Take the weapon and go.
Me and my brother have unfinished business.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Emiko! You need to listen to me.
You need to hear this.
Dante's been lying to you.
He killed your mother.
Hyah! Listen to me.
He set all this in motion.
He used the Ninth Circle's resources to cover it up.
He misled you.
He doesn't care about you.
I do.
I told you to go.
And I told you I won't leave you.
[GRUNTING] [COUGHS] We're currently in a tie between good news and bad news, the good news being that I destroyed Archer, which I can't believe I'm counting as good news.
The bad news is the Ninth Circle got away with a very dangerous biological weapon.
FELICITY: How did things go with Emiko? I told her that Dante killed her mother, and it didn't make any difference.
I guess bad news wins this round.
We need to plan our next move.
What is our next move? Start by figuring out what the Ninth Circle intends to do with Cygnus X-1.
I should take this to the D.
Thank you.
I'll walk you out.
I know how much you wanted Oliver's plan to work.
Maybe I should be grateful that I can finally get to see Emiko for who she really is.
It doesn't make it hurt any less.
JOHN: Hey, I, um, ahem, wanted to say thank you.
I know this I know I haven't made it easy for you.
This is the most time we've spent together since you turned 18.
As hard as it may be to believe, I'm grateful for it.
Yeah, I'd prefer a round of golf to kidnapping and And torture.
I know you might not feel the same way, but you will always be a son to me.
Oliver told me the truth about Vlatava, about my father.
Why did you let me believe a lie? You let me hate you.
Every child deserves to believe that his father is a hero.
And believing it, you became one.
If he could see you today, I know he would be so proud of you.
If I'm a hero It was all because of you Sir.
- John.
- Yes, sir.
Call your mother.
FELICITY: I figured out the silver lining to the whole torpedoing our only viable product is that we are gonna save so much money on servers because Archer was a power suck.
Not even a chuckle.
I guess I'm not really in the mood for the whole dark humor thing, what with our only viable product being destroyed and all.
I'm sorry I destroyed our golden goose.
Golden egg.
Goose? You know, we could rebuild.
Make it better, less stealable.
When you were uploading the self-destruct code, I copied Archer's root code.
But with that and your notes, we could start over.
I appreciate that.
But as long as Archer's out there, it could fall into the wrong hands.
And I don't know what my legacy's going to be, but it can't be that.
Well, that sounds like someone who hasn't heard Doc Magnus' offer.
I know.
Legacy trumps payday.
Oh, I'm really glad you're the CTO and not the CFO, because the CFO wouldn't be so chill about me deleting our only, only asset.
I have a question.
Do we have a CFO? No.
Quick question, do we need one? Hmm, I think we should probably focus on coming up with our next project, one that makes us a lot of money.
One that can help people but also not lead to mass destruction.
Ohh, if we have to.
Yes, we do.
We must.
Hey, for what it's worth, being Overwatch won't be your only legacy.
It'll be whatever you do next here at Smoak Tech.
Because it's not Archer that was destined to change the world.
It's you Felicity Smoak.
Thank you.
All right, madame helmet, let's see what you're hiding.
Here goes nothing.
It seems like it worked.
That's not possible.
What is it? This helmet is a satellite to a much larger network.
Galaxy One was able to expand Archer.
Hold on.
I know big brother getting bigger isn't exactly great, but isn't Archer just a surveillance program? No, not if you weaponize it.
Wearing one of these would be like wearing an A.
-powered sixth sense.
Pair that with tech-enhanced strength and agility.
One of those troopers was able to take out half the Canaries.
A whole army of them, they'll be unstoppable.
Acquiring that weapon was a great victory, but Oliver Queen is still a threat.
You need to deal with your brother before he jeopardizes the last phase of the plan.
I couldn't agree more.
But first things first.
You lied to me, you betrayed me, and you killed my mother.
[COUGHS AND GROANS] Emiko, you don't understand.
Stop lying - Uh! - And tell me why.
She was the last reminder of your former life.
Your mother was making you weak just like your father did.
And I needed you strong to lead the Ninth Circle.
She was the only family I had.
No, we are your family.
Don't you see? I did it for you.
Uh! This is for my mother.
Rot in hell.