Arrow s07e21 Episode Script

Living Proof

Previously on "Arrow" Roy! Roy! Roy, stop it! They're dead.
We have to protect him.
As far as the SCPD is concerned, Emiko is the one who killed those guards.
Thank you for wiping that security camera footage.
I could not get there before the cops did.
I thought that was you.
The Ninth Circle has Archer.
They are going to use the intel they get from the assets to locate the DNA of the people involved in Cygnus X-1.
And that DNA could lead them to exactly where that weapon is.
I copied Archer's root code.
As long as Archer's out there, it could fall into the wrong hands, and I don't know what my legacy's gonna be, but it can't be that.
You'll die a villain just like our father, and I will be the cause of both of your deaths.
What did you say? I had the chance to warn our father about the Gambit, that it was rigged to explode, and I knew about it.
I let our father die because he didn't deserve to live, and neither do you.
Bye, brother.
Overwatch? John? Need some help? Tommy? Hey, Ollie.
It's been a while.
John! Rene? Dinah! Can anyone hear me? I'm here! I'm here.
Ohh! Ohh! You okay? I'm good.
Can't say much for my helmet.
You good? Well, my Bo staff's smashed, but other than that.
- Where's Rene? - I don't know.
- Rene! - Rene! - Rene! - Rene! Rene! You guys want to get me out of here? Rene, are you in there? He's here.
He's here.
Get him out! - You okay? - Move it.
We can't do it.
Hurry! - Let's try this.
- Grab it, grab it, grab it.
Grab it.
Dinah, pull on 3, okay? - Okay.
- All right.
Ready? - Yeah.
- 1, 2, 3.
Come on! All right.
Come on.
Agh! Got you.
What the hell just happened? Emiko just dropped a building on us.
That's what happened.
We got to get to Oliver.
As we lost contact, he was chasing Emiko on the floor beneath us.
- We have to get there.
- Then we better hurry.
I need our uplink gain augmenter.
Uh, more urgent, I have something to tell you bef Okay.
Your thing is definitely not more urgent than mine.
- Welcome to my thing.
- What are they doing? Don't they remember we're on the same side, deputized vigilantes and everything? Well, apparently, they have a warrant.
They what?! H-hi.
Excuse me.
What An anonymous source sent us surveillance footage of last night's incident in the subway tunnels.
Where you see Team Arrow valiantly foil a terrorist attack just like we told you? Emiko adachi didn't kill those guards.
Your friend Roy Harper did.
Then your whole team lied to cover it up.
That's insane.
Digital forensics also investigated that bomb, which you said was the work of the Ninth Circle - Uh-huh.
- But that file was activated from a program called Archer, a program which Smoak Tech owns the patent for.
Well, technically, yes, but it was stolen.
This has to be a mistake.
I mean I agree.
I know this sounds shady, but trust me We are the good guys, and we are after the bad guy well, bad girl, who currently has your captain and my husband trapped under a building.
We haven't received any word about no buildings going down.
That's because it was a small detonation in a chemical plant outside of town.
Listen! You can talk to the team all about it, but to get ahold of them, I have to get ahold of a really tiny, delicate piece of tech that is in that box that lieutenant butterfingers is rummaging through.
I'm sorry, Ms.
- You're under arrest.
- What? - You can't do that! - Yes, I can.
Turn around! Okay.
Just let me give my friend a hug first.
Go ahead.
Plug your ears.
What the hell was that? Oh.
It's part of my new security system, a remote-detonated nanoelectric pulse that I built into the ceiling.
Remind me to never get on your bad side.
- Is Oliver okay? - I don't know.
I tried.
All I got was static, but if I can boost the signal, I might be able to contact them.
You mean we can.
I'm not letting you do this alone.
Well, then let's get out of here.
We do not want to be here when these guys wake up.
Crime, violence, anarchy.
The terrible disease that once infected the streets of The Glades has risen again, but there is a cure to the vigilante problem and a chance for a better, brighter future ZETA powered by Galaxy One's Archer program.
They are the front lines of a citywide initiative to end the vigilante menace and restore Star City's glory once and for all.
First, Galaxy One puts a bounty on your heads.
Now they're sending a damn army of super robots after you? We are just Keven Dale's scapegoats for his larger agenda.
Which is what? Turn Star City into a police state, go under Galaxy One's control.
We can't let that happen.
Oh, yeah? And how exactly are we supposed to stop them? By destroying Archer.
We tried that once, remember? It didn't work then, and Archer was nowhere near as advanced as it is now.
That's why we have to find the mad scientist who upgraded my creation into Frankenstein's monster.
You sure that's a good idea? No, but if Galaxy One has an army of Archer-powered assassins, we don't stand a chance, Star City loses.
Well, I'll put the word out to what's left of the Canary network, see what intel they can find.
You know, if you need a quick and dirty virus, I'm sure I can whip something up in no time.
It won't work.
I've tried them all.
But if the network is still online, then they could still track our DNA, - so we need a plan "B.
" - I have a plan "B!" And all of my plans include you laying low and staying safe.
Leave Archer to me.
Thank you.
You look shocked.
Um, is it the beard? Uh-uh.
You look good.
Yeah, I know.
I must have a really bad concussion.
Yeah, man.
A building just collapsed on you.
It could be a little PTSD, too.
That position that you're in with the rebar, it is remarkably similar to how you found me all those years ago.
The night you died.
And I got to tell you, man, it looks like the same thing is gonna happen to you if you don't get out of here, like, right now.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
That was close.
Um you think you want to pop that thing back in? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
1, 2, and 3.
Aah! - That had to hurt.
- Yeah.
You have Oliver angry face on right now.
Just saying.
I got to get out of here.
The team might be dead.
Everything we've built with the SCPD is is gone because of Emiko.
I need to I need to get out of here.
I need to find the others, and we have to stop her.
Um, isn't that gonna be kind of hard considering she's family? She's not my family anymore.
Well, I hope you weren't planning on using your bow to get out of here 'cause Yep.
Overwatch? Arsenal? Does anyone copy? You know, I know that you were worried about them, but they are pretty resourceful people.
They're probably fine.
Let's hope you're right.
I usually am.
You know, it is insane that we both had secret half sisters.
Well, yours didn't try to kill you, did she? Well, you should give Thea some credit.
I died before she had the chance to try.
A couple specialty arrows left, two explosive.
Seems kind of risky considering the instability of this place, especially without a bow.
Well, there are solutions for that.
Speaking of, uh, what about Emiko? What kind of solution are you planning for her? The one she deserves.
She let our father die.
He abandoned her, Oliver.
She's been manipulating me, she's been manipulating the team for months, posing as some sort of hero.
The woman's a murderer.
So now you're gonna be one, too? And here I thought that we were done with all of that.
I don't see another choice here, Tommy.
It is exactly that kind of attitude that's gonna keep you stuck down here.
Looks like your mystery contact is as good at covering their tracks as you are.
I know, which is why she's so dangerous and annoying.
So I think I finally figured out a plan "B" to keep us hidden from Archer while we try to destroy it.
Blindspots just like the one Keven Dale used to mask his DNA.
The only way this is going to work is if we copy the exact root code that was used in the original.
Well, how do we do that? Well, we'd have to steal it from Keven Dale's computer in his office at Galaxy One.
Uh, I suppose I could break in.
No, no.
I'm sorry.
Not you.
I mean, Keven Dale already recognizes me as a fellow CEO, and besides, I think he'd be a lot more agreeable to me than you.
You know, a little flirty flirt while I hack into his computer, and then we'll get what we need.
- Look.
I know it's a risk.
- A big one.
One I am not willing to take.
We have a plan "A.
" Let's stick to it.
Like I said, just leave it to me.
You know you're still treating me like I'm 13.
What do you mean? Uh, I mean that you're doing the exact same thing to me now that you and dad did all those years ago, leaving me out of things and then getting rid of me.
Your father and I, we never wanted to let you go.
But you did, and then even after everything that happened, you still stayed away like like I wasn't even part of this family.
Ooh, and I thought we had problems.
I'm just gonna go do anything else.
William, I am so sorry.
I realize now that we made a terrible mistake, a mistake that I am going to regret for the rest of my life, but we really thought we were protecting you.
We just wanted you to have a normal life.
At this rate, we won't find Oliver until sometime next week.
Team Arrow, do you copy? Team Arrow, do you copy? Overwatch, is that you? Yes.
Are you guys okay? You have me, Roy, Dinah, and Rene.
We're safe.
And Oliver? He was in another part of the building.
We we haven't been able to contact him.
I'm guessing you haven't either.
No, but his comm unit is still online and active, so if it wasn't crushed, it means he wasn't either.
- We'll find him.
- I know.
You guys should know I don't know what Emiko is planning, but she gave the SCPD the footage of Roy in the subway tunnels, and they think that we are behind whatever the Ninth Circle is plotting.
So lying to the SCPD to cover for Roy was for nothing.
Not to mention our reputations and everything we built this year.
Let's move.
You've always been good at this kind of thing.
Remember when we were kids and you learned how to hotwire my dad's car? Well, I got grounded for an entire summer.
Yeah, because you did it 3 more times.
Then it's a good thing I should only have to do this once.
You might only be making this worse.
All the work we've done to prove ourselves to the cops, to the city.
Poof! It's just gone.
- Along with my job.
- We don't know that.
All we know is that Emiko tried to set us up.
She lied about us being behind the Ninth Circle attacks, but she was telling the truth about us covering up those murders.
We never should have done that.
Even if it meant Roy going to prison? Two people were murdered.
I'm gonna turn myself in.
- It's the only way.
- No, you're not.
You've already taken the fall for us once, Roy.
Let us help you this time.
And because of that, everything you've worked for is at risk.
He's right.
I'm sorry, but the SCPD has already tried to arrest Felicity.
It's better one of us takes the fall than the rest of us spends our lives as fugitives.
While we're arguing, Emiko's out there planning.
We need to get out of here and stop her.
Oh, that can't be good.
Move, move, move! Go, go, go, go! All right.
Is everybody all right? - Yeah.
- Oh, sure.
- Now the lights come on.
- Uh, guys, if the lights just came on, that means the emergency generator just came on.
- That's a good thing, right? - Normally, yeah, but the building you're in used to manufacture some very flammable chemicals, and flammable chemicals plus sparks equals really big boom.
- Okay.
What about Oliver? - If you don't turn off the generator soon, there's gonna be no Oliver to find.
The entire building's gonna go up in flames, and you with it.
All right.
Let's keep moving.
Felicity, we're in the boiler room.
Please tell me that's not the generator.
Well, if it sounds like a sick dinosaur, it probably is.
Good news is we still have about 8 minutes before it incinerates the whole building.
And where is it exactly? Lower level, to your left.
What do we think that is? - C6H6.
- Benzene.
Guys, that is really bad stuff.
- How bad? - Try irreparable nerve damage with severe convulsions and a painful death.
But the good news is it's heavier than air, so you are safe on the mezzanine.
And the bad news is that generator is not on the mezzanine.
Neither is Oliver.
The ground beneath your feet is airtight, so it can't get to him.
Well, I prefer my friends alive, so we're gonna have to find a new way to get you to the generator and fast.
Again, I would like to point out how structurally unsound this building appears to be, so maybe upping the payload is not the best idea.
It's a risk I have to take.
This is it.
After this, I'm out of options.
Are you, or is this just typical Oliver? Now come on, man.
Don't you ever wonder why you keep finding yourself in positions like this where things just keep getting worse? I'm here for one reason and one reason only Emiko.
Emiko, your half sister.
Her being my half sister doesn't matter.
What matters is finding her and stopping her before she hurts anyone else.
It's a strategy you should appreciate.
Why? Because of what my father did to The Glades? No, Tommy, because of what he did to you! Any idea what it's like to to To run a scenario through your head a million times, just wondering if you could've just listened to me a little bit sooner, but you didn't because you were blinded by the fact that he was your father.
Maybe you'd still be alive today.
But I didn't listen, and I didn't make the right choice, at least not until it was too late, because I was stuck, Oliver, in my own cycle, my father's cycle, just like you are and just like you will continue to be if you don't break free.
You're wrong.
This isn't about me.
This is not about my father.
This is about Emiko, and the choices that she made, they are on her.
Overwatch, any luck figuring out that alternate approach? Looks like there's a room behind the generator with a failsafe switch.
The air ducts should be able to get you in there.
All right.
Looks like we're gonna have to crawl there fast.
We'll never make it in time.
- Roy, no! - Roy, no! Roy, if you breathe that stuff in, you're dead.
I know.
Stop! We'll find another way! There's not enough time.
No! Please don't tell me he just went in there! Overwatch, tell me how much time he has.
10 seconds, maybe 12.
Roy, I'm gonna need a sitrep.
Talk to me, Roy! Roy? Roy! He did it.
He did it.
He did it.
- Oh! - Roy! Oh.
Come on.
Are you okay? Overwatch, power's off.
We're headed out to find Oliver.
Copy that.
I don't know how you ever breathe on this job.
I don't.
Come on, Oliver.
Where are you? Hey.
Um, random question.
Did you add another hero to your Justice League? You I expected.
Too bad for your friend.
Please don't.
I thought you'd be eager to join you husband.
Please don't kill me! I'm pregnant! This baby is innocent just like you were when Robert left your family.
Please don't kill an innocent child.
Good to know.
Aah! I think the concrete gives up.
I need to get out of here.
You will.
Trust me.
What you really need to worry about is what happens when you do.
- Why? - Everything you've done this year working with the cops, fighting for the city without a mask You've got a shot at something we never had.
What's that? A clean slate.
You can't shed your past, but you can keep it from hurting your kids.
That's something our parents could never give us, but it is never, ever going to happen, Oliver, if you keep seeing red with Emiko.
As long as she's still breathing, my family will never be safe.
You know this, Tommy.
Then you haven't moved past your family's mistakes, Oliver.
You haven't broken the cycle of lies and hate.
You're trapped.
You're trapped just like you are in this room.
But you're not here.
You are a You are a figment of my imagination that has been sent here to test my resolve.
Won't work.
Looks like you found your way out.
To stop Emiko, if I need to be as ruthless to her as she was to my father, so be it.
Good luck finding your team, Oliver.
You're gonna need them.
Good-bye, Tommy.
Comms just dropped off.
We should be getting closer to Oliver.
- You need a minute? - No.
Ugh! Yeah.
Maybe I do.
Why don't you guys go ahead, find us a way downstairs? We'll catch up.
You must be a pretty big idiot, risking your life like that.
Well, we're alive, aren't we? You're lucky to be.
I'm surprised you even care if I made it out alive or not.
Of course I care.
You're our teammate.
Maybe I shouldn't be.
You lost everything to protect me, and you don't even know me.
Those guards that I killed, they're innocent.
They had families.
What you did back there, it was awful, but we all know it was the bloodlust, Roy.
That wasn't you.
That doesn't change the fact that I put everyone else around me at risk.
You should have just let me go to prison.
I was wrong.
We all make mistakes.
I was just pissed because we had just lost everything.
That doesn't mean I want you dead.
Maybe it's best if I am 6 feet under.
Dying is the coward's way out.
Every day that you stay alive, you try to redeem yourself for that messed-up thing you did because this world is a better place with a hero like you.
Now let's go.
Bunker is clear and secure.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Doesn't seem to be any permanent damage.
Just rebooting the system, get the comms up and running, and then I'm gonna check to see if Oliver's okay.
Just let me repeat.
Are you okay? Almost dying? Nothing I haven't done 100 times before.
- Am I right? - Well, the first time you've done it when it's not just you.
Sadly, no.
William, the poor kid, I mean, all he ever wanted was a normal life Loses his mom, gets kidnapped way too many times, the final straw Being taken hostage by a serial killer.
I mean, how's life gonna be any different for this kid? You'll make it different.
You know, you make that sound so easy.
Growing up, my parents, it's just that they made my life miserable, and I promised myself that I would do better when I became a parent, that I would I would I would just be better, and I imagined this This this life, and this is not it.
I mean, somehow, I've done something worse, and I've created this life where I I can't even keep my children safe.
At Smoak Tech, you defended yourself like a badass.
You will find a way to protect those kids.
- How? - Think of it like a computer program.
How do you secure a system? You get a really good firewall, and you take it offline.
I can't exactly take my entire life off the grid.
- Well, why not? - I have a company for one.
Well, luckily, you have a fantastic CTO who can run it for you.
You want a different life for this kid, right? - Yes.
- Well, then you're gonna need to do something different this time.
Crime, violence, anarchy.
The terrible disease that once infected the streets of The Glades has risen again, but there is a cure to the vigilante problem and a chance for a better Thought you were supposed to go with Felicity in case her friend needed convincing.
She took Roy instead.
Guess she's trying to protect me, too.
You know, if you're trying to make me feel better about being abandoned by our parents, just don't.
Have your little pity party because mom benched you.
You know that's not what this is about.
Then what is it about? When we rescued her from Galaxy One, mom apologized, you guys seemed cool.
I thought we were, too, but she's still pushing me away just like she always has.
So maybe she wasn't there for you in the traditional sense, but mom made sure that your company was a success.
She was trying.
I didn't need her money, Mia.
I needed a mother.
To this day, Felicity still hasn't told me why she kept me out of her life for so long or why she wanted no part of mine.
When I first found out mom was keeping secrets, that she was still being a vigilante, I didn't wallow and feel sorry for myself.
I confronted her, demanded answers.
Maybe it's time you do the same.
John? Oliver! Oh.
Thank God! Let's keep moving.
We're lucky this is still standing.
- Which way? - East.
Felicity said it was the best way out.
It definitely is.
Hi, brother.
Emiko, you have one last chance to stand down! Funny, I was gonna say the same to you.
Hyah! This place is about to explode! Oliver, we have to go now! Not without her! Oliver, now! - It's over.
- Is it? I know about your baby.
Your family's gonna die.
I made sure of it.
Oliver, don't.
John! Oliver.
Oliver! What was that? How would I know? I'm just a figment of your imagination But if I had to guess, I'd say it's a reminder of what it feels like.
Seeing my loved ones die? Seeing my family be threatened? What about that don't I already know? God.
Well, then you know exactly what it feels like to be your father.
The fear, how that leads to vengeance, how that leads to cruelty.
It's why he abandoned Emiko.
It is why she is trying to kill you now.
Look, Oliver.
I know that you think that you have broken your father's cycle, but as long as you are giving in to your worst impulses, you are never going to be free.
What am I supposed to do? Just tell me what I'm supposed to do.
Lean in to the best parts of yourself Your loyalty, your selflessness, your courage, your compassion, and show that side to Emiko.
You are living proof that people can change, and you have got to find a way to see that in her, too.
I don't know if I can.
That's okay.
That's the risk you got to take.
He should be in there! Oliver! Looks like our time's up.
You know, Tommy, I miss you every day.
I know, but I'm always with you.
It's time to wake up now.
Hey! He's over here! - You okay? - We're gonna get you out.
I thought we lost you there for a second.
Yeah, so did I.
Oh, thank god you're alive.
Are you and the Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, we're fine.
Emiko did pay us a visit, though.
Emiko was here? Guess she left without killing you.
- You got off easy.
- Yeah.
Too easy.
She must have been after something else.
- Our thoughts exactly.
- Yeah, but we checked, and the only things missing are a few arrows from the armory.
Why would she need Oliver's arrows if we already got blamed for the attack at the subway? She must have had something else planned.
Yeah, but Emiko thinks she killed us.
How could she pin a second attack against a group of dead vigilantes? Well, the public doesn't know that you're dead yet.
Just got an APB.
Green Arrow sighted outside of SCPD, shots fired.
At least now we know what she was after.
Oliver, we walk in there, we're going in as wanted criminals.
Let's gear back up.
We've got to move fast.
William, right on time.
After our last meeting, I'd hoped to hear from you again, but I never expected it to be so soon.
Well, you know what they say Strike while the iron's hot.
- Ha! - Heh heh heh.
I hope you don't mind, but I was so excited when you said you wanted to discuss our ZETA program that I invited the man who inspired it to join us.
Mayor Ramirez.
You two know each other? By reputation.
I bought Harris Consolidated the day of its IPO.
- Smart man.
- Well, we've done well enough.
Speaking of my profit margins, who do I have to sleep with to get Harris Consolidated in on those ZETAs? I mean, your commercial was impressive, but stopping vigilantes? It's microthinking.
If you really want this program to be profitable, you have to think macro.
I mean, imagine what an army of ZETAs could do on a grander scale, and with Harris consolidated's global reach, why, Galaxy One could change more than just Star City.
It could change the world.
If you'll excuse me a moment, gentlemen, something's come up which requires my immediate attention.
Of course.
Have you lost your damn mind? You nearly blew my cover.
I'm sorry.
It was a calculated risk I had to take to access Dale's files.
Is that why you've been checking your watch? You've been hacking him this whole time? And now I have his blindspot code.
We should get out of here before Dale figures that out.
Seems I already have, Mr.
Harris, or do you prefer Clayton? Such a pleasure to finally meet the son of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak.
As for you, Mr.
Mayor, I'm afraid we've reached the end of your political career.
Seize them.
So you're the fool who's responsible for this whole Archer mess.
You're the kid Felicity went into hiding for.
I can see you got a lot of your mom in you.
Well, that's not all you're gonna see if you don't step back.
Alena has agreed to help us destroy Archer for real this time, isn't that right? Well, now that you've frozen my bank account and shredded my passport, yes, I have.
I'm sorry about your Canaries.
I never meant for Archer to be used like that.
And how exactly did you mean for it to be used after you stole it from Smoak Tech and sold it to Galaxy One? It started as a software licensing deal till Keven Dale turned it into a hostile takeover.
Once he had Archer, he threatened to use it to hunt and kill everyone I loved unless I disappeared, so that's what I did to protect them.
Why don't you get to work taking down Archer, so we can all come out of hiding? I guess 3 genius brains are better than 1.
Speaking of geniuses, where is William? I spoke to him right after you and Roy left.
Where the hell is he? Mom, what's wrong? That sequence that William ran to steal Keven Dale's blindspot code, I think he used it.
How? I thought you said he could only use it if he actually went Frak! By the authority of Galaxy One, you are under arrest.
Oh, my God.
It's a slaughter.
What happened? I thought it was you.
Somebody dressed like you stole the weapon from the subway.
Spread out and find Emiko.
Wild Dog, on me.
Hyah! Raah! Hyah! Aah! Emiko! You just refuse to die.
Emiko has the weapon, and she's up on the roof.
Copy that.
We'll meet you there.
Emiko, stop! Don't make me do this.
You are supposed to be dead, but this will be even better.
You can watch me burn your city to the ground.
Haven't you seen enough death? Your mother, our father.
I want you to be better than him.
I want you to help me Help me end our family's cycle of violence.
We are not family.
Do it.
Kill me.
She has the weapon.
And we have no idea where she's gonna use it.
- We'll find her.
- Guys, we got company.
This is SCPD aerial support.
Hold your positions.