Arrow s07e22 Episode Script

You Have Saved This City

Previously on "Arrow" I think I finally figured out a plan B to keep us hidden from Archer while we try to destroy it.
We'd have to steal it from Keven Dale's computer in his office at Galaxy One.
Something's come up which requires my immediate attention.
We should get out of here.
Seize them.
- Where is William? - Mom, what's wrong? Frak! By the authority of Galaxy One, you are under arrest.
Emiko! She has the weapon.
And we have no idea where she's gonna use it.
We'll find her.
This is SCPD aerial support.
Hold your positions.
Stop right there! We are not the enemy, Lieutenant.
The enemy is still out there, and we should be working together, not wasting time.
Six arrows and six dead cops say otherwise.
Talk to Sergeant Bingsley.
He'll tell you we didn't do this.
Sergeant Bingsley is unconscious in the back of an ambulance right now.
Turn around.
Put your hands behind your head! All of you, do it now! What do you think is worse, Emiko being in possession of a bioweapon or the team being Star City's most wanted? Can I choose both? I'm going to go with the warrants out for our arrest.
The real us, not the vigilante us, which means our lives in this city are over.
Been there before.
Guys, this team always finds a way to come through.
Yeah, but this feels different.
Emiko has a personal vendetta against you and your whole family.
She has a bigger ax to grind than Adrian chase or Slade.
But there has to be a way to get through to her.
And she knows we're alive now.
That'll make her even more determined to destroy the city.
Which means we need to figure out where in the city she's planning on deploying the Cygnus.
Well, easier said than done, because Emiko must've found out that I was tracking the Cygnus by using its chemical signature because she's figured out a way to block me, which brings us back to square one.
Sounds like you all could use some help.
It's a good thing you called for backup.
In accordance with Star City penal code 10101971, you are all under arrest.
Turn around.
Put your hands behind your head.
Smoak Tech flex-restraints.
Nice to see another one of my creations being used against me.
And what if we don't want to go quietly? Failure to comply will result in summary execution.
Wrong answer.
Hyah! - Alena! - Uh! They know what we're gonna do Even before we do it.
Archer's predictive algorithm! Hyah! Hey, troublemaker.
I had him.
You're welcome.
We have to find William.
Not from here.
This place is burned.
I know somewhere that isn't.
What are they gonna do with us? You mean before they torture us to find out what you stole off Keven Dale's computer or after? I'm gonna stop asking questions now.
Look, I'm sorry I blew your cover.
It's not your fault.
Dale's been suspicious ever since I questioned what they did to Felicity.
On the bright side, I did manage to steal Galaxy One's secret evil plans for Star City.
They plan to use the zetas to establish martial law and remake Star City in The Glades' image.
Which means they're gonna hunt down everyone with a record no matter how minor and kill them on the spot.
Which is basically everyone on that side of the wall.
It will be a bloodbath.
Dad, I was so worried.
We're okay, peanut.
We need to get out of here.
You're back just in time for the fun stuff.
I'm so happy Roy's back.
I love a good reunion.
You seem awfully positive about the stuff with your sister.
I know how to break my family's cycle of violence.
Ooh, I hope it goes something along the lines of stopping Emiko from destroying the city and killing us all.
That's part one, but it needs to be more than that.
Felicity, I I want to help her redeem herself.
If I don't break this cycle of violence, I just don't ever see us being able to provide a secure future for our family.
We just got some strange chatter over the SCPD scanner.
Someone called in a bomb threat at a shopping complex downtown.
Somebody using a signal-bounced untraceable number.
Why would Emiko give an advance warning on her own attack? It doesn't make sense.
So that the whole complex will evacuate into the Plaza outside, where she'll deploy the Cygnus.
Maximizing the casualty count.
Well, we can't let that happen.
We won't.
Let's move out.
This place is jammed.
Cops, too.
This could get messy.
That's exactly what Emiko wants.
Overwatch, do you have eyes on? Okay.
Still no sign of Emiko, but we are tracking what is most likely a detonation signal to a package on the northeast corner of the Plaza.
It's got to be the Cygnus X-1.
All right.
We need to get these people clear and find that device now.
Copy that.
We're focused on the weapon.
Let's get all these people out of here.
Listen up! Everybody move now! We have to go! Move.
Hey! If we don't evacuate this building right now, all these people are gonna die.
You're the vigilantes who killed those transit workers.
You're under arrest.
All right.
We don't have time for this.
Stand down.
You should still be in jail All of you.
We're not gonna stand for this He's trying to save you, dumbass.
Questions later.
How can I help? Clear a path.
Aah! Overwatch, what happens to the Cygnus if I shoot it down? An accelerant will augment the effects.
You need to freeze them.
It worked! The Cygnus didn't spread.
You got all of them.
You contained it.
Not fast enough.
Star City is reeling tonight following a horrific terrorist attack perpetrated by its own heroes, which injured hundreds.
The vigilantes' motives are still in question.
I cannot believe they still think we're behind this after everything we've done for this city.
Well, not everyone.
I'm out on parole thanks to you guys.
Look, I know tonight didn't go as planned.
That's an understatement.
That doesn't mean it's over.
You can't possibly think Emiko could have a change of heart.
Oliver's right.
What? I'm happy that you two are on the same side finally.
But how can you be siding with the woman who tried to destroy your life? She actually did me a favor.
If I hadn't had toyed around with being Black Siren again, then I never would have realized that that's not the life that I want to live.
Maybe Emiko will have the same realization.
If people were correct in their thinking that Laurel and I couldn't change, well, we wouldn't be here helping you.
I hope you guys are right because Emiko only used a fraction of the Cygnus.
She has a lot of scary nightmare bacteria left.
Any idea where she may be targeting next? At the moment, everywhere.
The detonation signal's been purposely scrambled, which means the target keeps moving.
It's like a whack-a-Cygnus.
Ha ha! Ohh, I missed you.
Our descrambling algorithm is working, but it's going to be slower than normal.
Even if you find the targets, we still need to find a way to contain the drones at each site.
Are you all familiar with the term "Optimized Cryogenic Chambers"? Oh, no, they aren't.
It's just us? Okay.
Basically I was able to modify an old portable freezing device so that it can contain the Cygnus on the drones.
Good thing you guys didn't toss all of my old tech equipment when you did the new bunker upgrades, which, by the way, are very cool, so - Right? - Okay, look Uh, it's not that I don't have faith in this team, but if this scary bacteria gets all over the city, I got to get Zoe somewhere safe.
Well, Lyla took J.
to a secure A.
She can pick up Zoe as well.
You have a son, right? Connor? - Yeah.
- We'll bring him as well.
Thank you.
I got two detonation sites.
Okay, Digg, Turner, and I will go to the water treatment plant.
Roy, Dinah, Laurel, you go to the convention center.
All right.
And I will stay here with Felicity.
All right.
No one die.
- "No" wow.
What? - Uh, I'm rusty.
Well, I'm glad everyone is safe to say the least.
Does anyone need anything? Do we need any water? It's very important to hydrate.
And we don't need any snacks either.
According to the information William got on Dale's computer, the ZETAs are marching into Star City tonight.
We have to disable Archer before they start their mass execution.
That won't be easy.
Archer doesn't have a server room.
Its server is the actual wall outside of The Glades.
The ZETAs use Archer to track our DNA.
They'll know the second we get anywhere close to that wall.
- Mom - Hmm? Why are you making that face? I am not making a face.
This is my face.
I might have put a backdoor into Archer that utilizes Queen/Smoak DNA so that you wouldn't be in the system.
So you basically just erased me.
I You know, just add that to the list of lies.
I was protecting you.
Hold on.
Yes, what she did may be overprotective - and overbearing - Yeah.
But it could be the break that we've been waiting for.
I mean, if Archer doesn't recognize Mia's DNA, she could be the key to shutting it down.
You're right.
If Archer inputs your DNA, it theoretically creates an opening for a virus to be uploaded.
I mean, I don't know if it would work.
Well, even if it did, Archer only inputs data to its main server at one location The checkpoint between Star City and The Glades.
That's where Dale plans to march the zetas into Star City.
So we go there, we scan Mia's DNA, we upload the virus.
Even with the Archer blindspots put in place, we're way too publicly recognizable to get anywhere near that checkpoint.
I mean, you can't, but we can.
- No.
- Uh, the the public doesn't even know who we are.
It is much too dangerous.
Mom, you've trained me my whole life for this.
Trust me.
Got to hand it to you, Curtis.
Your containment chamber worked like a charm.
Nice to know you still think I'm terrific.
Heh! Heard it.
That was bad.
Any luck unscrambling the detonation signal? Dinah started transmission at the convention center.
Her data plus your data should do the trick and help us identify the targets.
Okay, perfect.
If we can neutralize the rest of the Cygnus, then we can turn our focus back to Emiko.
What's happening? Okay, so we have a good news/ bad news situation going on here, guys, the bad news being we just got 15 new targets.
We don't have time to neutralize that many.
We might not have to.
All the Cygnus devices are linked up to the same detonator.
- That was the good news, right? - Uh-huh.
Ok, well, if we destroy the detonator, we can neutralize the rest of the targets.
I'm working on a location for you now.
Oh, double frak.
It's at Palmer Tech.
Formerly Queen consolidated, our father's company.
She wants to tear down our family's legacy.
This is her target.
Call the team.
Two of the Cygnus dispersement sites have been compromised.
The circle, they're concerned.
Look, they want to detonate the remaining devices now.
That isn't the plan.
The plan was only to profit on the destruction of Star City.
I mean, this extra chaos is unnecessary, especially now with the D.
closing in.
Chaos is the point.
Without terror, there is no profit.
The Circle respectfully disagrees, and they worry that your focus on your brother has led to our exposure.
Your personal vendetta is only drawing more attention to us.
I think you And the circle have forgotten who their leader is.
My brother deserves to suffer just like I have suffered all of these years.
And when he sees his city burn with his family to blame, he will.
Overwatch, we're on-site.
We're in the telecom suite.
, Laurel, and Wild Dog are still en route.
I'm picking up over a hundred heat signatures in the building, including the penthouse that is still under construction.
One guess as to where your sister is.
She really knows how to maximize collateral damage, doesn't she? If we try to evacuate the civilians, we'll blow our cover.
We need to find that relay trigger before the ninth circle knows we're here.
Actually, just the device relaying the signal.
There's a power surge coming from the room you're in, so the relay must be somewhere nearby.
We shut down Emiko's ability to detonate, we save the city.
Find the relay device and then evacuate the building.
You going after Emiko? I've got your back.
Got to go alone.
Communication is mission critical.
The last thing we need are comms failing while we're out there.
While we're out there? Sounds like you still haven't budged on Mia and William taking the reins.
We are about to stop a small army from infiltrating Star City.
I can't be the only one worried about the kids.
Of course I'm worried, but I taught Zoe everything she knows about being a hero.
Almost everything.
And now my little girl's a grown-ass woman and one of the Canaries.
I know she can handle herself.
And your kids, they're no slouches either, Felicity.
They're like their parents.
This is not the life that Oliver and I wanted for them.
They're supposed to be living happy, normal lives right now.
That was the only thing that Oliver asked me to do.
It was the only thing that I promised him I would do.
And I failed.
Some mother I turned out to be.
It's time.
Be safe.
I love you.
I love you, too, dad.
I'm going to be watching over both of you.
We'll need you.
Mia Thought you might need these.
What happened to us being public enemy number one? I told pollard the truth about what really went down.
You guys are heroes.
Is the relay down, Overwatch? Oh, so down, it's in Australia.
Emiko can't trigger the devices now.
Every remote device.
There's still an active one in the building.
Enough to take this place down? And then some.
We need to evacuate this building now.
You heard the captain.
Move! Oliver, the relay's deactivated, but the building is still armed.
Do you have Emiko? I do now.
I have been waiting for you.
Emiko, it's over.
This was his view, wasn't it? Your father.
His perch above the city, above everyone.
I'm glad you'll get to see it all fall.
Not tonight.
What did you do? I'm giving you a second chance Before it's too late for both of us.
I don't need bombs to kill you.
Welcome to Galaxy One.
Proceed to checkpoint.
This couldn't be creepier.
Just keep your heads down.
Once the scan starts, it'll only take a few seconds to upload the virus.
Prepare for identification.
Let's get out of here.
What a surprise.
I thought you'd be smarter than this.
Turns out you're just like your father.
Looks like you're having technical difficulties.
No, no, no.
Don't tell me you actually liked that creep.
No, it didn't work.
The virus didn't destroy Archer.
It's rebooting itself.
We failed.
You have every right to be angry.
I was angry, too, because you let our father die.
And that led to a ripple effect in my life of loss.
I lost Tommy, my mother, Laurel, Quentin.
And I wanted to kill you for all of it.
Hyah! Hyah I know his death affected you, too.
Instead of finding the hero that I really believe is inside of you, you went down a dark path.
And it killed your mother.
Dante killed my mother.
No, he didn't, Emiko.
Your allegiance to the Ninth Circle killed your mother.
Your hatred of our father killed your mother.
His worst impulses drove you away, and it led to every terrible moment in both of our lives.
I think that together, we can be better.
So if you're gonna kill me, do it.
Well, if you're not gonna kill him, we'll gladly oblige.
Galaxy One must have found a weak spot and modified the system.
How long until the ZETAs are back online? Uh, best-case scenario, 5 minutes? Dad, you said the brain of Archer is in the wall, so if we destroy the wall? When we built the wall, we installed explosives inside of each control tower.
They're linked together electronically, but they can only be detonated from inside one of the towers.
Yeah, but there's no way anyone can make it up there in 4 minutes.
An Archer could.
No way, Mia.
Even if you got up there, you wouldn't be able to make it back down in time.
You'll die.
Once I'm inside the tower, can you talk me through it? You know it's the only way.
If you can get inside, I can access the system remotely.
- Mia, listen to me! - Sorry, Mom.
I have to do this.
Beatrice, you don't have the authority to be here.
The council was promised the total destruction of Star City, not a sibling spat.
And for the first time in history, the world knows of our existence.
The Ninth Circle answers to me.
Not anymore.
Finish them.
Almost in position.
Ready when you are.
You're still here.
I don't leave my family.
Detonate the building.
Aah! Aah! Aah! Okay.
The device is installed.
Now all I have to do is bypass the encryption protocols, reconfigure the detonation commands, and voila.
Ready when you are.
Take care of mom.
She's already lost so much.
Here goes nothing.
I just started getting used to having a sister.
I'm not losing you now.
You have 60 seconds until that wall goes boom.
Get out of there.
I'm sorry.
I know.
It's okay.
You need to hide.
Your family's gonna die.
I made sure of it.
You need to hide Felicity and the baby.
I I I wanted to be a Queen.
Aah! Uh-oh.
The ZETAs are back online.
You think? You have 20 seconds.
So this is what it feels like to save a city, minus Palmer Tech becoming a crater.
No civilian casualties.
That's a win.
We really couldn't have done this without your help.
Thank you.
Laurel, thank you.
That last-minute SCPD assist really helped turn the tide.
Oh, well, I'm just relieved the department's back on our side and we can show our faces - in the city again.
- Yeah.
Because you proved this is a team of heroes.
I'm sorry about Emiko.
Thank you.
I I know I tried to save her.
Oliver, I know this wasn't how you wanted her story to end.
I'm sorry.
I hate to save and run.
- Ohh.
- But I have to go back to D.
The jeweler called.
The ring I picked out for Nick is ready.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
You're popping the question? Yeah.
The holtnastases are gonna make it official, assuming he says yes.
Of course he'll say yes! He'd be a fool not to.
Oh! Congratulations.
Any thoughts about what you're gonna do next? A man with your set of skills, a lot of people will be looking.
Lyla well, she's always looking.
I just want to spend time with my son, who I need to get back to.
- Copy that.
- All right.
And then there were six.
Actually, five.
I can't stay.
You're gonna catch up with Thea? There's a lot I still have to figure out.
I killed two innocent people.
I have to find a way to atone for that.
Well, since we're on the subject of good-byes, we have an announcement, too.
Hmm? We're stepping back.
We're leaving Star City.
Not forever, but, uh, for now.
You just saved the city.
You don't want to take a victory lap? I didn't do anything.
Our team did.
The fact that the city is safe is the reason why we can leave.
I've spent a long time thinking about my legacy as the Green Arrow.
I always hoped it would be saving the city.
But now I know that my greatest legacy Is this team.
I started this mission alone.
I was certain that I would end it alone, but the truth of the matter is that every bit of success that I've had along the way is because of all of you.
The city is safe because of your courage, your compassion, your selflessness, and your loyalty.
Courage, compassion, selflessness, loyalty.
Oliver, that sounds like the 4 pillars of heroism to me.
We should find a way to remember them to symbolize we will all be there for each other always no matter what.
Ooh, like a signal, you know.
One of us is in trouble, we'll all come running, including you, Roy.
We should just call it the mark of four, right? That's brilliant.
Man, I really hope this isn't the last time we're all in this bunker together.
Hear! Hear! But it does feel like the end of an era.
Okay, well, let's just try to think of it as the beginning of a new one.
Star City is a wall-free zone once again.
Restoring The Glades won't be easy.
The Glades hasn't been open to outsiders in years.
Plenty of people will be trying to take advantage.
Seems like the city's gonna need heroes.
We were thinking the same thing.
The four of you are the heroes that the city needs.
What are you talking about? Passing the torch.
Zoe, you are a born leader.
And I think you are more than ready to rebuild and take control of the Canaries.
I don't understand.
Someone's gonna get blamed for what happened.
It should be us.
You'll be fugitives.
We've spent the last two decades living in hiding.
Going off-grid won't be new for us.
I just got you back.
I'm so sorry, but the four of you having a future, that's worth any sacrifice.
Thank you, both of you.
I should be thanking you.
You got me off that island.
You never really told me how you got on that island.
It's a long story.
Look, we should really get going.
Um, I'll catch up with the two of you.
There's something I have to do before we say good-bye Something to honor your father.
You having second thoughts? - Ahh.
- No.
Me either.
It's the right thing to do for our family.
I do wish we could tell the team about the Yeah.
Baby, but I understand it just puts them in the Ninth Circle's crosshairs.
When that threat is over.
Until then, it's the best thing for them And us.
You know, the spirit of this place will live on long after we're gone.
You've inspired so many people, Oliver.
They will carry on your legacy.
Sounds like a cycle for good.
Far better than that.
A cycle of heroes Who will fight to defend this city with every fiber of their being.
Anyone ever told you you always know exactly what to say? I have been told.
- Ha ha! - Ha ha! Mm.
Let's get you two to your new home.
Good-bye, old friend.
Well, it's not Ivy town, but it'll work.
Well, it's temporary.
Well, basically, this whole neighborhood is ex-C.
, ex D.
, and ex-A.
This is one big safe house.
You two will be fine here.
Please thank Lyla for us.
Of course.
Well, I guess this is home now.
At least until the threat against our baby girl is taken care of.
Your baby girl? You're having a girl.
That's beautiful.
It's beautiful.
Well, I guess since the city's in good hands now, you two can focus on your family, which is exactly what you should do.
Well, you are part of that family, John.
Maybe it's the pregnancy making me overly emotional, but, oh, I'm gonna miss you so much.
We love you.
I love you.
And you.
I'll reach out to you two later.
You maintain my bunker.
No food by the monitors.
There's nothing worse than crumbs in a keyboard.
What now? Well, this isn't a tropical paradise, but we never did take our honeymoon.
Mom juice.
You know, as much as I miss the team and the action of taking down the bad guys, - this has been so nice.
- Yeah.
I wish William were here.
Me, too.
You know, if this is gonna be the new normal, we should talk with his grandparents about getting shared custody.
I would love that.
Mia's gonna need her older brother.
Now? I thought I had more time.
The universe is a complex piece of machinery, and balance must be maintained.
One change requires another.
How would you propose I keep the balance? Will you help me save Barry and Kara or not? No.
But I will give you the means to save them.
Tell me what you need in exchange.
Whatever the multiverse requires to survive the crisis that is looming.
When it is time.
It's okay.
So what bargain have I made? What does the multiverse require? You assist me as we seek to prevent the inevitable.
But that sounds impossible.
The multiverse is more complex than you could fathom.
What are you not telling me? I've seen your future, Oliver, inexorable and unavoidable.
I have watched you die.
During this crisis? I am truly sorry.
You are not taking him.
- Felicity.
- Oliver.
I am not here to bring harm to you or your daughter.
Trust me, the world needs her.
You think that I'm just going to let you leave here with my husband's life? This is bigger than us Than all of us.
Why does it always have to be you? I cannot prevent his passing, but he can prevent the deaths of countless more, including you and your daughter.
But he needs to come with me tonight.
Mom? - Hi.
- Are you okay? Yeah.
I wanted to say good-bye to both of you.
- Here? - Yeah.
I just wanted us to be all together one last time.
What do you mean, one last time? Just because you're a fugitive, it doesn't mean we can't still communicate.
Well, things are gonna be different this time.
You two don't need my protection anymore.
You're our mom.
We still want you in our lives.
I promised your father that I would protect both of you until you didn't need me.
He would be so proud So proud of you two.
I miss him so much.
I know.
I wish I got to know him.
I know, but he lives on in the two of you.
It's time for me to go on a journey of my own.
I love you both so much.
So you promise me That the two of you are gonna take care of each other, okay? Okay? Hey.
This is why we can't have a normal life.
This is why our children will never have normal lives.
I had to make the deal.
Oh, there's always gonna be some danger or some threat The league of assassins or hive or the Ninth Circle or The end of the friggin' universe.
I need you to make me a promise.
Yeah, okay.
No matter what happens to me No matter what You need to do everything in your power You You need to keep William and Mia safe.
I will keep them safe.
But wherever you go Whatever happens to you You'll never leave me.
On our wedding day, you told me that I was the best part of you, but the truth is We are the best parts of each other.
And that is so much bigger than the friggin' universe.
When I came back to Star City to start my mission, I didn't think that I was capable or deserving of love.
But you opened up my heart in ways that I never th thought were possible.
My only regret is not telling you I loved you sooner.
No regrets.
Would you tell Mia that I love her every day? And I know that she will grow up to be as smart and as beautiful as her mom.
I will find you again.
I promise.
I love you.
I love you so much.
I'm ready.
Where I'm taking you, there is no return.
I have waited a very long time to see him.
I'm ready.

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