Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

That baby is cursed.
Give me the baby.
No, please
No, don't.
In ancient times
when mankind came down from the trees,
they learned to use fire
and began making sharp blades,
invented wheels and started paving trails,
and finally learned to plant seeds
and settled in one place.
But they did not have a nation or a king.
Homo sapiens didn't have dreams
and had not yet reached
the top of the great pyramid of nature.
The glorious land of our ancient mothers.
This place, Arth.
Over there!
Damn it.
This land belongs to everyone.
Hey, it's not here!
- It's not here!
- Stop shooting!
God damn it!
Damn it! Just one Neanthal did this to us.
- Just one of those lowly beasts!
- Mugwang.
I'm okay, Mubaek.
He went that way. Go that way.
Darn it.
Prepare the net!
At what point
did things start to go wrong?
That's when it all began.
They are coming.
That day I saw
the blue-blooded ones with blue lips,
the Neanthals,
for the first time in my life.
Tell me, Saram.
What do you want?
He is asking you
to tell him what you want.
I want us to join hands.
"Join hands"?
Did you say, "Join hands"?
We are different in every aspect.
What for must we join hands?
To attain abundance.
Mother Nature provides us
with everything we need.
What more do we need?
and garlic.
What are these?
Cultivation and agriculture.
Your formidable power
and our skills.
Your fertile land,
The Plains of the Moon,
and the wisdom
and civilization of Arthdal.
With all of our strengths combined,
we will attain the kind of abundance
that we have never imagined before.
What for?
For a nation.
Let's build a nation together.
And through our nation,
we will rule all living things
and stand on top of the pyramid.
In order to build a nation,
large-scale farming
is absolutely necessary.
On your land,
The Plains of the Moon.
Listen, Saram.
Is The Plains of the Moon
what you are asking for?
We do not need any of the things you have.
And most importantly,
and garlic.
We do not eat such things.
Just like that, the head of the Tigers
walked away from us.
They did not need anything
that we, Saram, had.
Asa Hon!
How did it go?
Talking to those beasts
is obviously useless.
Then what do we do now?
What do you think? It only means war.
What? How are we going to
fight against them?
They're monsters.
We have no other option.
Without The Plains of the Moon,
half of the people in Arthdal
will starve to death.
Sanung Niruha said
that he wishes to send them a gift
to try to persuade them one more time.
I will soon visit Atturad
to deliver the gift in person.
We're just wasting our time
with those beasts.
What about Tagon? Where is he?
This paradise flycatcher
Don't you think it's interesting?
At sunrise, it flies here
over the White Peak Mountain.
And at sundown, it flies back
to where it came from.
The negotiation fell through.
Does that mean we're going to war?
That's right. The war began.
the war ended ridiculously quickly.
Asa Ron Niruha and Sanung Niruha,
we succeeded.
I suppose this is the beginning.
That day, the sun rose in the north.
Once a year, all Neanthals gathered
to celebrate the crescent moon.
The festival usually went on
for seven days.
It was a golden opportunity.
We found out about an infectious disease
that only affected the Neanthals
and some animals.
The gift that Sanung wanted
to send to them
was a collection of fabrics
that had been wrapped around
horses and other animals
that suffered from the disease.
And Asa Hon was
a sacrificial victim.
What do you mean?
Set Atturad on fire?
Yes. Soon, this place will be
completely engulfed in flames.
So, please come with me.
We set a massive fire in Atturad.
Hurry. We must get out of here quickly.
the sudden outbreak
of the infectious disease
Was it caused by the gift that I brought?
Asa Hon, we must hurry!
Who gave the order
to pull such a cruel trick?
- If Sanung Niruha finds out--
- Asa Ron Niruha
and Sanung Niruha gave the order.
Come on. We must leave now!
I will not leave.
Go tell them.
Aramun Haesulla,
who founded the Arthdal Union, is dead.
Rats that use his name
are the only ones left now.
Your people
are evil.
Pull yourself together.
We have to get out of here!
Your people are
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
But we must save the children.
You lowly beasts.
I guess we overestimated you!
It's because they're ill.
Neanthals were much stronger
and nimbler than us.
They had eyes that enabled them to see
even on moonless nights
as well as the dignity
as the strongest species
and even had the spiritual power to dream,
but we, Saram, had fire, blades,
and martial arts.
We could scheme and conspire.
We had the will to satiate our greed.
And most importantly
Sanung Niruha.
It's a huge success!
I am proud of you, my son.
Tagon, this victory
wouldn't have been possible without you.
Most importantly, we had Tagon.
The Crescent Moon Festival,
the paradise flycatchers,
the fire, and the infectious disease
The entire plan was devised by that boy,
who wasn't even old enough
to be called a young man.
We did win the war,
but we didn't wipe them out completely.
Some of them are still alive.
They are more dangerous than tigers
and filthier than rats.
Asa Ron Niruha, do you have a plan?
We sure do.
Now that the war is over,
we shall begin our hunt.
We must kill every single one of them.
The Great Hunt begins.
Even though we won, we were still afraid.
And that's why we became cruel.
The war was short-lived,
but the hunt went on for a long time.
The Neanthals that didn't suffer from
the disease
were incredibly strong.
this is medicine for your little brother.
Take good care of it.
He's over there.
He's close.
I must tell Asa Hon immediately!
Asa Hon.
Asa Hon.
Give me the baby.
No, I can't.
This baby is ill.
It was born on the day
the Azure Comet was seen.
It will bring calamity upon the world.
Hand me the baby.
No, I refuse.
Then, shall I take his brother instead?
No, don't.
These children didn't do anything wrong.
Then I will take their father.
Asa Hon, you made this choice.
The day we meet again,
I will not spare your life.
You should run away from me
if you wish to live.
Run far away.
Do not pursue the one who sings.
Don't. No!
No! Please spare my life! Please
What was that?
Was that a dream?
Is this what they call a dream?
But I'm a Saram. How could I have a dream?
I didn't even receive the training.
Asa Hon, give me the baby.
His fever has gone down.
I think he's fine now, Asa Hon.
Thank goodness. I'm so relieved.
Asa Hon.
The Saram warriors are here.
Ragaz is fighting with them now.
Then I will take their father.
Ragaz is fighting them right now
with his older son on his back.
- What do we do?
- Where are they now?
- What are you going to do?
- I must go there.
I should go and bring my child.
That's crazy.
Give me the baby.
You're a Saram, and that baby is an Igutu.
So what?
You are a Saram
and you are from the Asa Clan.
You said no one in your tribe
can mess with those from your clan.
Without that baby,
you can get out of here unscathed.
Hand him over.
You have no idea.
No mother in my tribe would do that.
Asa Hon.
- Mubaek!
- No!
Mubaek, what are you waiting for?
Kill him!
I had a dream last night.
I saw the doomsday of your tribe.
You will all end up
killing each other.
What did he say?
I don't know about the rest,
but he mentioned something about a dream.
A dream? What's that?
Haven't you heard of it?
These beasts see hallucinations
in their sleep.
Why are they seeing things
when they should be sleeping?
What a sick bunch of weirdos.
Who nailed the shot?
- Tagon.
- Tagon!
Good job, everyone.
You are amazing as always.
All it took was one arrow.
What brings you here though?
I started this war,
so I couldn't just
sit back and watch from afar.
I will personally
lead these hunts from now on.
The orders came directly from
Sanung Niruha, my father.
I hear your contribution was glorious
in mopping up the Igutus in Arthdal.
We'd be honored.
I see many warriors have been wounded.
Hang in there, kid.
An Ollimsani must be performed
to ascend closer to the gods.
We'll take you to the barracks.
We can perform it there.
It's too late for me.
I won't make it.
What are we supposed to do then?
There's no priest out here.
Please perform the ritual for me.
Hold on.
He may be our leader,
but he's not a priest
nor part of the Asa Clan.
Don't just stand there. Let's move him.
I'll perform the Ollimsani.
- But Tagon
- Thank you.
Which god do you serve?
I worship Aramun Haesulla.
God of Harmony and Unification
who brings Arthdal together,
Aramun Haesulla,
please welcome our warrior.
We're seeing off a brother.
Please join me.
Please welcome our warrior!
Why aren't you following Tagon's orders?
How many brothers
lost their lives
without getting a proper ritual?
- Please welcome our warrior.
- Please welcome our warrior.
God of Harmony and Unification
who brings Arthdal together,
Aramun Haesulla,
please welcome our warrior.
- Please welcome our warrior.
- Please welcome our warrior.
To Aramun who'll return with two voices,
a lonicera flower,
the Hammer of Wind, and Kanmoreu.
- We vow to protect his family.
- We vow to protect his family.
Your family
is now my family.
Thank you.
Please make sure to collect
all of the bodies.
You remind me of Aramun Haesulla.
I do?
You're clever, brave,
and generous.
It's much like the description of Aramun
in the tales I've heard about.
But I don't have
a lonicera flower or Kanmoreu.
Lonicera flowers can be found down south
and Kanmoreu is just a legend.
and Aramun is also a legend
from the ancient times,
and I'm just Tagon.
Oh, is that how it is?
You heard Tagon, right?
Leave no body behind!
- Yes, sir.
- Yangcha.
Do not encourage Tagon.
When did I ever do that?
Only those from the Asa Clan of the White
Mountain Tribe can perform the Ollimsani.
- Tagon is no exception to that.
- You must be worried
that I'll gain his trust before you do.
They say those who come from a small tribe
get jealous easily. I can see that.
Forget it.
I know you feel threatened
since I'm of the White Mountain Tribe
and a smooth talker,
but you're Daekan's best warrior.
Although, that title will be his
once he finishes his training.
Is something wrong?
Over there.
What's this?
It looks like a baby.
Why would there be a baby
in the middle of the woods?
It's a Neanthal offspring!
It must be that beast's spawn.
Don't just stand there. Kill it!
- Sure.
- It's not a Neanthal.
It's an Igutu.
Someone had a baby with a savage beast?
Who the hell would do that?
This one's the real deal.
It is half Saram and half Neanthal.
I haven't seen one before.
- But
- Wait!
It's said that Igutus brings bad luck.
Is that so?
A disaster will fall upon us?
Of course.
My grandmother always used to say
Your grandmother was a wise woman.
Igutus do bring bad luck.
Hello, little one.
Do not pursue the one who sings.
Asa Hon.
Could she be dead too?
Asa Hon.
Has the Farewell of the Moon been said?
Until we meet again,
It should've been said before he died.
Ragaz won't make it to the moon.
Aramun Haesulla
took Ragaz.
The god who founded the Arthdal Union?
That Aramun?
But Aramun is dead.
I had a dream.
You're not a Neanthal or an Igutu,
but you had a dream?
The Hammer of Wind
and a lonicera flower.
It was Aramun Haesulla.
Aramun threatened to take Ragaz
if I didn't give up the children.
couldn't hand them over.
That's why this happened.
It was just a dream.
The day my child was born,
an Azure Comet appeared in the sky.
In Arthdal, it's believed that the one
who will bring disaster upon us
is born on that day.
It's why Aramun cursed me, Rottip.
Asa Hon?
have been cursed by a god of Arth.
There are no such things as gods.
There are only those
we can see and cannot see.
Even if it existed,
why would it curse you anyway?
Because even though I'm a Saram,
I betrayed my own people
and helped you.
I also fell in love
and gave birth to an Igutu.
The day we meet again,
I will not spare your life.
You should run away from me
if you wish to live.
Run far away.
I'm going to Iark.
A place where no god of Arth
can exercise their authority.
A place where Aramun's curse
can't be reached.
You'll travel down The Great Black Cliff?
Only a bird could do such a thing.
I heard there's a cave
that leads down the cliff.
But only one out of the thousands
can take you there.
I'll have to try.
Thank you for everything.
I don't care if this boy
brings upon a disaster
or obliterates the world.
If I die, so will he.
That's why I must live.
I will make sure that he lives.
Down there is Iark.
A place where no god of Arth
can exercise their authority.
In order for both of us to live,
we must go down there.
I must find the cave
that leads to the bottom of the cliff
no matter how long it takes.
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
Here we have
the Saenyeok Tribe,
the White Mountain Tribe,
and the Hae Tribe.
I guess the Hae Tribe is not here.
I didn't expect them to be here anyway.
Just like that,
we are of different tribes,
and we worship different gods.
However, the entire Daekan Forces
is a brotherhood.
- To the end of what is long.
- To the end of what is long.
- To the bottom of what is deep.
- To the bottom of what is deep.
Do you know
what it is I'm wearing on my head?
- I do!
- I do!
That's right. It's the skull
of the last remaining Neanthal in Arth.
Just now,
it was skinned from head to toe,
and its filthy blue blood
was washed clean.
Freshly killed and prepped!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
Fill up your glasses.
- Yes!
- Yes!
- Come on.
- Enjoy!
To our brothers
who we couldn't protect
but who protected us.
To our brothers
who left this world
to return to the gods of Arth.
Raise your glasses
to their glorious deaths.
To their glorious deaths!
- To their glorious deaths!
- To their glorious deaths!
- My brothers!
- Rest in peace!
A glorious death does not exist.
All death does is take away the light.
The Great Hunt
spanning a decade is now over.
Following it
is a roasted pig!
- Ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon!
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon!
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon!
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon!
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon!
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon!
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon!
- Yes!
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon!
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon!
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, Tagon!
- Ta, ta, Tagon!
- Ta, ta, Tagon.
- Ta, ta, Tagon.
Hold on.
- Wait.
- Tagon?
Wait, is that alcohol?
Oh, no.
Is this liquor too?
Wait there.
This too?
You have drinks everywhere.
- Taealha
- Pull yourself together.
The boy you found is already ten.
I can't believe I'm raising one
when I'm not even married.
Ten years.
It's already been ten years.
Yes, and for ten years I had to
follow you from one war to the next.
Here. It's the boy's geulbal.
You taught him how to write?
- "Father"?
- You wanted him to think of you as one.
What's the endgame though?
We'll both be killed
if others find out about him.
What's your plan?
His blue scab will fall off
once he's older.
It never does with Neanthals,
but he's an Igutu.
I get it,
but what exactly is your plan?
My plan is to marry you.
Does the thought make you happy
even though you feel upset?
No, I'm sad.
There will be no wedding
unless you return to Arthdal.
What do you mean by that?
The Ago Tribe is rebelling against us.
You'll need to suppress it.
It's Sanung's orders.
Your father has spoken.
Isn't the Ago Tribe
busy fighting each other?
They joined forces again,
although I doubt it'll last.
say something.
How can I not go?
It's my father's orders.
Your father, I mean.
Do you know he's jealous of you?
Keep going.
What has my father been up to lately?
You found a way
down The Great Black Cliff?
Yes, sir.
Leader of the White Mountain Tribe
and the Head Priest of Arthdal,
Asa Ron Niruha, is here to see you.
Asa Ron Niruha.
Sanung Niruha.
Greetings, Asa Ron Niruha.
Likewise, Hae Mihol.
I heard that you wanted to call
a tribal meeting.
It's probably to discuss the achievements
of the Daekan Forces since
The Great Hunt has come to an end.
Actually, no.
It's to talk about their next task.
The next task?
In order to farm in
The Plains of the Moon
Isn't Hae Tribe already developing
a highly advanced device
with its technology?
That's true. However, we lack manpower.
We took over The Plains of the Moon
because we needed more land.
And now, we need more workers?
Once we have more than enough workers,
you'll then go ahead and say
we need more land.
That sense of lacking is
what improves this world.
We, the Hae Tribe, have already
experienced that in Remus.
Yes. But in the end, you failed
and ended up coming all the way to Arth.
There is no one left who can work for us.
Having a tribal meeting
won't make workers appear out of thin air.
There is Iark.
He is right. There are lots of
dujeumsaengs living in Iark.
How will we climb down
The Great Black Cliff?
According to the Hae Tribe engineers,
it's possible.
It will probably take about a decade,
but we will succeed no matter what.
How incredible.
Are you going to make wings
that will help you fly?
You're going to go down
The Great Black Cliff?
Why don't you share with us
what kind of technique you will use?
The techniques of the Hae Tribe
stay within the Hae Tribe.
You already know that.
Then what am I going to say
to the elders of the White Mountain Tribe?
Do I just tell them that since the
Hae Tribe will take care of everything,
we should just shut up and wait?
- Asa Ron Niruha--
- So tell me.
Are you going to put Tagon
in charge again?
Do you hate your son?
Why else would you ban your son
from coming back
when he fought for ten years?
And now, you're going to send him
to a place like that?
There is no person other than Tagon
whom I can entrust with a task like this.
We will take over Iark.
It's Iark.
My goodness.
Hey, Eunseom.
I found it.
Found what?
Remember how you said
there's a salt desert down there?
That place down there
where you so desperately wanted to go.
I went there.
I found the hole that leads us there.
I brought this from there.
Let's go.
Let's go down there.
Let's go.
Let's go to Iark.
Mom, what will we see when we get there?
There will be a new world and new people.
By the way, Mom.
Am I not a Saram?
Why is the color of my blood
different from yours?
Whether you're a Saram or not
isn't determined by the color
of your blood.
If you live among Saram
then that makes you one.
It's so hot.
The ground is so hot.
Get on my back.
It's okay. Hurry up and get on my back.
Asa Hon, you made this choice.
The day we meet again,
I will not spare your life.
That will never happen, Aramun Haesulla.
This is Iark.
This land does not belong
to the gods of Arth.
Mom, are you okay?
Mom! Mom!
- Eunseom.
- Yes?
- Eunseom, can I have some water?
- Okay.
Mom, wait here. Okay?
Over here.
My goodness. Yeolson!
There's really someone here.
Please help.
He speaks our language.
- My mom is sick.
- Oh, dear.
She must be severely injured.
She's in a very bad condition.
- My goodness.
- Goodness gracious.
They must've crossed The Sea of Tears.
- What? How?
- The Sea of Tears?
Mom, wake up! Mom!
Are you okay?
Asa Hon, you made this choice.
You should run away from me
if you wish to live. Run far away.
Do not pursue the one who sings.
Mom, what's wrong?
Let me go.
I need to treat your wound.
You You
You used me,
Aramun Haesulla.
What What?
You used me
to come to Iark.
Once the scab falls off,
go back to this place,
Mom, what's that supposed to mean?
Did I
bring Aramun here?
Or did I bring you to Aramun?
Mom, wake up.
Mom, what's wrong?
- What?
- What's happening?
- My goodness!
- My gosh!
What was that?
Is it true?
Do you really have dreams?
Did you just
wake up from a dream?
You can never become one of us,
a part of the Wahan Tribe.
You do not belong here.
Mom said that if we live among Saram,
then that makes us one.
Helping each other.
Laughing and crying together.
Let's get going.
Let the hunt begin!
Doti, run. Run!
Tagon is excited right now.
Give me something
so that I can keep on going.
So that I won't give up.
Subtitle translation by: Liya Choi
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