Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- My goodness!
- My gosh!
What was that?
Is it true?
Do you really have dreams?
Did you just
wake up from a dream?
I'm sure of it. This always happens.
He sleeps in this tree house
so he won't get caught.
What? Are you saying he has dreams?
Are you serious?
How does he have dreams?
Eunseom is capable of having dreams.
- What?
- What?
- Dreams?
- How?
- How is that possible?
- Is that so?
In order to have dreams, one must train
for a long time like the great mother.
Eunseom never had any training.
But he's still able to have dreams!
I would like to talk.
Tanya is the child of the Azure Comet.
She's going to be our next great mother.
But she isn't capable of having dreams.
However, Eunseom is.
That means Eunseom stole Tanya's dreams!
- That's right.
- Yes.
That's not how dreams work.
Did you steal her dreams?
- It's not like that, Father Yeolson.
- Eunseom shall speak for himself.
And this is a place of judgment.
We need to talk to each other
like we're all equals.
Do you understand?
Did you steal Tanya's dreams?
It's true that I'm capable
of having dreams.
- See?
- He stole her dreams.
But one cannot steal someone else's dream.
No one here knows what a dream is.
I'll tell you what a dream is.
You lie down at night.
- Lie down?
- Lie down?
Lie down.
And it happens while you're asleep.
- Asleep?
- Listen.
Someone suddenly appears,
or I end up going somewhere.
It all happens before I know it. Okay?
- Did he go somewhere?
- He's right there.
- You're right there.
- We can't see anything.
What matters is that
it happens before I know it.
Things just appear without my knowledge,
so how can I steal someone else's dream?
And Listen to me!
And I've been having dreams
way before I even came here.
So how can you possibly assume
that I stole Tanya's dreams?
No, wait! Listen!
He's lying.
No one is capable of doing that.
How can anyone be born
with the capability to have dreams?
Hey! I also have something to say!
Eunseom definitely stole Tanya's dreams!
Mungtae, explain why you think that.
Tanya was born
when the Azure Comet appeared.
- Yes!
- That's right.
And Eunseom was also born on the same day.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- And?
- What about it?
It's because they were born
on the same day.
- Are you serious?
- You little punk.
Isn't that right, Mother Choseol?
Isn't that right, Choseol?
That's not entirely correct.
That fool.
Buksoe, go ahead and speak.
I saw Eunseom do
- Choseol's Spirit Dance.
- What?
- It was the same!
- He did the same dance?
- But it's so hard.
- He learned to dance by watching Choseol
so he could steal Tanya's dreams.
He needed to train himself
to be able to dream.
- Yes, that's right.
- That makes sense.
The Spirit Dance can only be done
by Choseol and the descendants
of the great mother.
- He is right!
- Only her descendants.
I just
I just saw it once
by coincidence--
How can you copy the dance perfectly
after seeing it only once?
Eunseom can copy
everything he sees after seeing it once.
he only memorized it so he could teach me
because I'm still having trouble
memorizing Choseol's dance.
Tanya, you're being fooled by Eunseom.
There is something definitely wrong
with him. He's so good at telling lies.
And he also has this
weird blue scab on his body.
Yes, he's right. His blood is also purple.
We saw it, and it was really weird.
Tanya, he's stealing what's yours.
- He's a thief!
- A thief!
- You guys are wrong.
- That thief!
Buksoe is right.
Eunseom is a thief.
He stole a horse.
He stole the horse that we hunted.
- What?
- What?
- What?
- I really wanted to eat that horse!
You little
- How could you?
- Why would you steal that horse?
Are you kidding me? Goodness.
- Hey.
- What?
- Goodness.
- This is
Come over here.
- Look.
- He's right.
He's a liar, a thief, and a weirdo.
How could he steal the horse
that we hunted for the whole tribe?
- How could you do this?
- Goodness.
This is the biggest crime
anyone can commit in the Wahan Tribe.
Did you really steal this horse?
Answer me!
didn't steal this horse
so he could eat it all by himself.
Why are you defending him again?
did you know
that Eunseom stole this horse?
Yes, I knew.
- What?
- But
Eunseom wasn't trying to have the horse
- all to himself.
- Then why did he steal it?
Go ahead and explain.
He kept the horse here
for our sake.
What do you mean I did it for our sake?
- For us?
- Why would he do that?
What's that supposed to mean?
Are you saying he did it for us?
What do you mean he did it for our sake?
He did it for the Wahan Tribe.
What should I say?
Tell them.
There's no way out of this.
Tell us.
What were you trying to do with the horse?
Well, I
I was trying to ride the horse.
What are you saying, you fool?
- What?
- What?
- Do what?
- Ride the horse?
- What's that?
- What?
- Ride the horse?
- What's that?
- How do you even do that?
- What?
- Well
- Yes, that's right. Yes.
I was trying to ride the horse.
If we can ride the horse
What am I saying?
it'll be good for Tanya
since she goes far away to train.
And I thought it'd be great for
Father Yeolson since he needs to travel
far to trade things with other tribes.
That's why I was trying to ride the horse.
Does this even make any sense?
I'm serious.
Horses run faster than us.
- Are you joking?
- That's nonsense.
How do you expect to ride a horse?
Why is he
always so
I told you that he's a weirdo.
This proves that I am right!
This proves that I am right.
There is something
definitely wrong with him.
Everything he says and
the way he thinks are all weird.
He even once buried an acorn in the ground
saying it'll grow again,
- when we didn't even have enough to eat.
- Yes, we need to banish Eunseom.
- Yes!
- That's right!
But there are times when his strange ideas
ended up becoming helpful.
Who put holes in our houses
to help us get sunlight?
- Eunseom.
- Eunseom.
But this time, he stole a horse!
- We need to banish him.
- He's right.
- He was only trying to ride the horse.
- Do you think that makes sense?
- No way!
- No!
- It's nonsense!
- It's absurd.
- How could he think of riding a horse?
- It's nonsense.
I, Yeolson,
the head of our tribe,
have come to a wise decision.
I want Eunseom to succeed in
riding the horse
until the next full moon.
If he fails to do so until then,
I will banish him from our village.
- How wise!
- That's very wise!
- He is very wise.
- Yes, he is.
- We should do that.
- Father Yeolson
- How amazing.
- What a great idea.
How impressive.
He really is a wise man.
- How amazing.
- He's so wise.
You do not look so well.
What's the matter?
According to all our great mothers
What did they say?
Is there something wrong?
No, never mind. It's nothing.
Gosh, you're doing it again.
You never finish your sentences.
What do you think?
- It's as good as new, isn't it?
- Goodness,
you really are amazing.
You really are.
I really love what I do.
I don't have to be scared of the spirits
or worry about the Almighty.
All I need to do is build and make stuff.
is one of a kind, isn't he?
He's different in so many ways.
But we were able to meet him
because Tanya insisted on
going to the forest that day
saying she could sense
that someone was there.
That was the day
Tanya had her first dream.
It also
ended up being her last dream.
By the way, do you think Tanya will
be able to become the next great mother?
I wonder why
she doesn't have dreams anymore.
Is it because
she can't memorize the dance?
Have faith in your daughter.
She's the child of the Azure Comet.
The child from the prophecy.
Gosh, that comet
was really bright.
Of course.
We could see it clearly
even in broad daylight.
about that prophecy of the Azure Comet
"The one who breaks the shell
shall appear on the day
the Azure Comet appears
along with death.
And the Wahan Tribe shall no longer
be the same."
What about it?
I don't know if that's a good thing
or a bad thing.
The Great White Wolf's prophecy
cannot be distinguished
as to whether it's good or bad.
"Something big will happen.
However, someone among you
will be prepared.
So do not be afraid."
That's what it means.
By the way,
- who is that for?
- You mean, this?
Urumi told me
that it's really hard to start a fire.
- Yeolson, you are so talented.
- I like to stay convenient.
It's all because I'm lazy.
Eunseom also did it for convenience.
That's why he tried to ride the horse.
It's a wild idea.
But if it works,
it'd be very convenient.
I can't let that happen.
I'm sorry, Tanya.
Darn it. Who did that?
Who did that?
You were
trying to leave, weren't you?
You weren't even going to tell me?
Hey, what are you doing? Hey.
You need horse leather in order to leave.
- Don't.
- You'll need sturdy shoes
to cross the Sea of Tears.
And you'll need a lot of meat
- for the long journey.
- Will you please hear me out first?
Will you please listen to me?
Darn it.
Hey, wait. Stop it!
I'm sorry!
Before you leave,
and before you get banished
from our village,
I'm going to kill you myself.
Darn it.
Gosh, wait!
Please hear me out.
No, don't! Stop!
Don't! Please don't
Once the scab falls off,
go back to
this place,
Your blue scab
fell off.
It happened recently.
I guess you were really going to leave.
I was.
Were you going to cross the Sea of Tears?
My mom
showed up in my dream.
Did she tell you to go back
now that your scab has fallen off?
She just looked at me and disappeared
just like that day.
Just like how she died that day
without any explanation.
It's weird that she told you to go back.
Your mom was sick.
She called you Aramun.
It's not like she didn't know your name.
I also thought of it that way
and tried to forget about it.
my mom
had been sick ever since I could remember.
But even so,
she never rested.
Not even for a single day.
She was always busy looking for a way down
The Great Black Cliff.
It took us ten years
to find a way down the cliff.
as soon as we came down,
she told me
that I used her and told me to go back.
Then she passed away.
There is no one to ask and
there is nowhere I can go to get answers.
But it's not like I can forget
what my mom said either.
I'd crack my skull open
if that could make me forget.
When were you planning on telling me?
The day before you leave?
Or on the day itself?
If you think about it,
I'm the one who saved your life.
And I'm also your friend.
It'd be nice
if I could have dreams as well.
Then perhaps I could fully understand
how you feel.
But I don't know.
I knew you'd leave though.
Your mom told you to, so I get it.
Get going.
Shoes made of horse butt leather
last longer.
Make a pair for yourself.
When were you planning on telling me?
The day before you leave?
Or on the day itself?
I was going to leave,
but because you asked me that
I thought maybe I shouldn't.
But you promised that you'd leave.
You clearly told me that you would leave.
You said you'd leave
as soon as the blue scab falls off.
Am I wrong?
Don't get attached to this place.
You do not belong here.
Why do you hate me so much?
Tanya's dream led me here.
I also belong to the Wahan Tribe.
It is true
that Tanya predicted you coming here,
but we have no way of knowing
if you will benefit us, the Wahan Tribe,
or if you will bring calamity upon us.
So, are you saying
I'll bring misfortune to the Wahan Tribe?
What makes you think that?
I'm sure you know the Great White Wolf
was the first great mother of our tribe.
There is a spell that's been passed down
from the Great White Wolf
to the great mothers for generations.
It is about the three things
we must never do.
The Wahans don't know about it.
Hearing that they shouldn't do something
only makes them want to do it more.
Since you are going to leave,
I will tell you what they are.
"Worship The Great Black Cliff
but do not cross it."
You crossed over that cliff.
Mother Choseol, that's--
"Learn the wisdom of seeds,
but do not grow them."
When no one else could even think
to do such a thing,
you planted an acorn.
And today,
you said you want to ride a horse.
"Communicate with animals,
but do not tame them."
That is the third one.
You can never become one of us,
a part of the Wahan Tribe.
And it must not happen.
Then what must I become?
The years that I lived with my mom
are gone.
If the times
Tanya and I shared are also gone
If I don't belong anywhere, then I
Mom said that if we live among Saram,
then that makes us one.
Helping each other.
Laughing and crying together.
That's why
Tanya is Tanya of the Wahan Tribe,
and the same goes for Dalsae.
Everyone belongs to a tribe.
Then what about me? Who am I?
Where do I belong?
I suppose finding the answer to that
is your fate.
I'll stay just a little longer.
Tanya hasn't memorized
the Spirit Dance yet.
I'll stay just until she memorizes
the dance.
Mother Choseol.
Then stay until
the Spirit of Flowers Ceremony.
You must leave
after the ceremony without hesitation.
For I wish to see,
I come before you.
Three steps away from the fire.
This is why you still can't dream.
You must learn the dance
and start dreaming.
Only then will you be allowed to learn
the spell of the Great White Wolf.
Ten years.
We spent ten long years
wiping out the Neanthals.
"The Ago Tribe is rebelling against us.
Go to the east."
So, we risked our lives
to get that under control,
and what now?
Go to the south
and bring them dujeumsaengs?
My goodness.
Come on. We didn't risk our lives.
Tagon got under their skin,
so it was easy.
Hey, Yangcha.
How far do we have to go?
- That little brat!
- Come on.
You know he's not allowed to talk.
He's being punished.
Hey, how is that a punishment?
We're the ones being punished
because we can't communicate with him.
Didn't you see his eyes earlier?
He's being punished,
yet he's acting like he's our Niruha.
That little
You can't actually whack him though,
can you?
- I bet you're scared of him too.
- "Scared"?
I'm sure even Mubaek
can't say for certain that he'll win
if he were to go up against him.
Oh, this must be the place.
Go faster!
- Gosh!
- Move!
Keep going!
Go faster!
Hey, what are you doing?
- Faster!
- Move!
- Mubaek!
- Mubaek!
- Mubaek!
- Mubaek!
Mubaek, what is all this?
And where is Tagon?
Go faster!
- Tagon.
- Tagon.
Thanks for coming.
How did you come up with this idea?
I cannot hear the voice of the spirits.
And unlike you, I cannot memorize
the dance for summoning spirits.
I can't even dream yet.
Why can't I even run away with Eunseom?
Because you're tied.
I am?
What am I tied to?
Your name.
Your name, Tanya.
Being a member of the Wahan Tribe.
The fact that you are Yeolson's daughter,
the next great mother,
and the child of the prophecy
about the Azure Comet.
your name can tie you down
like a spell.
Do you think
Eunseom wants to leave
because he, too, is tied to a name?
Even every plant has a name.
He can't be an exception.
And as you know,
Eunseom climbed down
The Great Black Cliff.
He should go back.
Didn't you say the Great White Wolf
climbed down the cliff as well?
But she never went back.
Those were his mother's last words,
you know.
it doesn't seem like
he will leave right away.
It seems like something
is tying him down here
for the time being.
Hey, let's have a heart-to-heart.
Come on. This isn't like you.
You eat, play,
and do everything else standing up.
Hey, all I did was
tie the rope around your neck.
If you're going to sit like this
for four days because of that
maggots will start growing on your butt.
Scary, right?
It's so scary, isn't it? Good.
All right, get up now.
Okay. Come on!
For crying out loud! Gosh.
What are you doing?
I tied a rope around its neck,
and it's refusing to stand up.
I'm afraid it'll run away if I untie it.
Well, didn't you say you were leaving?
Why are you still here?
I will leave.
After you master the dance,
learn to dream,
- and become the great mother.
- Why?
Well, you know The weather is too hot.
How are you going to master the dance
without me?
I don't think you should be
worrying about me now.
You can't even get him to stand up.
How are you going to ride him?
Gosh, that's what I'm saying!
Why is he so stubborn?
He's just like you.
What is it?
All I have to do is ride a horse.
He's refusing to stand up,
so I can just sit on him with him
lying down on the ground like this.
- Technically I'd be riding him.
- Hey.
- What?
- Are you
- Me? What?
- You're enjoying this,
aren't you?
Of course not. I'm dead serious.
I must ride him.
If I can't, I'll be kicked out.
Right, that's exactly my point.
You might get kicked out,
so it's stressful but
You find it amusing, right?
- A little?
- Hey!
I don't know! I have no idea why.
For goodness' sake.
But you see
This is
making my mouth all dry,
and it feels as if
someone is tickling my chest.
So in a way,
I guess I do find it a bit amusing.
Is this an illness or something?
Are you really
not going to take this seriously?
If you can't pull it off,
you will actually be banished.
If you're banished as a thief, you won't
be able to even reach the Sea of Tears.
Members from other tribes will kill you.
If you keep doing stupid things because
they amuse you, you could actually die.
Gosh, don't you worry.
I've been through all sorts of things,
but I'm still alive.
I didn't hurt a single toenail,
or break my nose.
Gosh, you say that all the time.
Do whatever you want.
Oh, a carrot. Thanks for this carrot.
- Here. Have some.
- Give me a name.
You see this, right?
Stand up, and I'll give you this.
Do you want this?
Darn it.
Was it you?
Did you just talk to me?
Did I just hear
the voice of a spirit
for the first time ever?
What am I tied to?
Your name.
Have you named this horse yet?
Name? No, not yet.
Oh, boy.
About the voice I just heard
I'm not sure if I misheard it
or if you actually talked to me.
I'm just not good enough to figure it out.
But I,
Tanya of the Wahan Tribe,
the one who breaks the shell,
the next great mother of the Wahan Tribe,
the shaman who is connected
to all the awoken spirits
and the spirits that will wake up.
I, Tanya,
give you a name.
Your name is Helper.
Help Eunseom, please.
Hey, wait. Hey!
- What are you doing? Don't do that!
- I tied him up with something else.
It may not work though.
Hey, how did you do that?
Even every plant has a name.
What's she saying?
His name is Helper.
Look at you. Now that you're standing up,
I can see how tall you are.
Go faster!
- How adorable!
- You look so cute.
I'll go do it on him.
- Okay.
- Who wants to go first?
You haven't gotten
your face painted yet. Here.
- Doldol!
- What took you so long?
- Yes?
- Come over here!
- Oh, my. Look at you, son.
- Do I look good?
- You look gorgeous.
- How adorable! Who drew this?
Doldol, did you get it all?
- Is everyone ready?
- Yes!
You look so pretty.
Where did Mungtae, Teodae, and Dalsae go?
Come on.
Be a good boy.
Good boy.
Be good.
Be good, okay?
Let me ride you just once.
Just this one time, okay?
Let me ride you. Just this once.
- What's he doing?
- Goodness.
What? What's with him?
he's so screwed.
- But why isn't the horse running away?
- What?
Think about it. He's not tied to anything
but he's not running away.
Look, he got on!
Hey, so what?
He'll be kicked out
if he can't ride the horse.
Let's go.
Father Yeolson must be waiting for us.
Who has it?
It's in the bundle Mungtae is carrying.
Father Yeolson!
- Hey, hurry up!
- Those guys
Oh, dear.
Mungtae, you're cut out for this.
You're getting stronger by the day.
It's of no use.
He's a coward. He's always running away
when we go hunting.
Yeolson, the Anja Tribe especially likes
the ones you make,
so they'll probably give us
about five boars, right?
Five boars?
Then we can have a feast for days.
- Yes!
- Yes!
Goodness, we'll have to talk to them
and see what they say.
- Right.
- Can we ask for one more boar?
- Yes!
- Yes, we should.
They'll probably bring boars,
so you should go get more Nana leaves.
Why are you following me around
looking all antsy?
I'm just
About today's ritual,
- can Eunseom--
- Mother Choseol, did you ask for me?
Eunseom, you should get ready too.
- Pardon?
- This is better.
- Uncle Eunseom!
- Doti.
- Look at this.
- Thanks.
Oh, share this with your friends.
Thank you!
Look at this! Uncle Eunseom gave it to me.
- Isn't this nice?
- Let me see.
Can we really eat this?
I will kill you.
Oh, right.
About Mother Choseol's dance
There's the part
where you always make a mistake.
Do you have it all memorized now?
This is how you do it.
Get up and do it with me.
Practice makes perfect.
How can you remember all the moves
when you saw the dance just once?
You're so good at making bird sounds.
I find that more fascinating.
Don't ever do this dance
in front of anyone else but me.
You can't get caught.
Don't you worry about that.
Just follow me.
All right. Look, okay?
Like this.
I'm actually pretty good now.
If I keep it up, I should be able
to master it by the last day
of the ceremony.
But after the ceremony
So, don't worry about me.
What about you?
I still have a little bit of scab
left on my back.
How little?
Just a tiny bit.
Come here.
We should finish it.
Did you have another dream
about your mother?
Last night, it was the recurring dream
of being locked up.
I was confined in a place
surrounded by rocks.
Hanging from the walls
were tanned hides
with weird drawings on them.
Pieces of wood were threaded together
and rolled into a cylinder.
After unrolling one,
I laughed.
How can he have
dreams so easily?
What are you doing?
When you become the great mother,
make sure to wear this.
It's a Hard Stone.
It takes quite a while
to smooth out the edges
like this.
You know how hard this stone is, right?
I had to sand it down every day
over the course
of four full moons.
This won't win me over, you know.
I'd rather you not cause havoc.
It's pretty though.
- That's absurd!
- All right, fine.
Believe it or not, it's true.
- What on earth?
- What is it?
What can make
these deep, sharp wounds?
If you run away, I'll rename you!
Come on. Helper!
Helper, stop!
I'm going to rename you!
Anja Tribe?
What happened?
What does that word mean?
Right! "To come"! Someone came?
Ttam nap naeng gawi.
"Naeng gawi"? That means "to steal."
Ttam nap
- Land!
- Ttam nap
Someone's here to steal the land?
What the heck is this?
- What is he holding?
- I found another one!
He's speaking our language.
What the heck?
You're an Igutu.
An Igutu?
What kind of stone is this?
Members of the Anja Tribe are dead?
Yes, the entire tribe was attacked.
I bet it was the Wabi Tribe.
I met with them recently
and made peace with them.
- So why--
- Isn't it obvious?
The Wabis broke their promise.
We must attack right away!
Going to war is not a decision
that should be made lightly.
- It'll result in many casualties.
- We just need to kill the leader.
I'll take Teodae and Buksoe with me.
And then what?
We will kill the leader
and let them compensate the Anja Tribe.
Then, we'll take the meat we want.
- Well
- Yes, let's do that.
I'll go with him!
That's one clever idea.
It wasn't the Wabis!
What happened?
Who did this?
- Then who?
- I don't know,
but I heard
they're here to steal the land.
What do you mean to steal the land?
Steal the land? That's absurd.
- The Anja Tribe doesn't own any land.
- Owning the land
is equal to owning the sky and the wind.
One has never owned it
and it can never be owned,
- so how can another steal it?
- I don't know.
- It's what he said.
- He's lying!
Dalsae, it isn't a lie.
The Anja warrior said so himself.
Also, take a look at this.
They attacked the Anja Tribe with this.
There's more?
They spoke our language.
- What?
- How is that possible?
- What?
- That's insane.
How is that possible?
They spoke our language?
I'm telling you. He's lying!
Where is the Anja warrior?
He's injured. Let me bring him here.
You can hear it from him.
Uncle Eunseom!
What on earth is going on?
Has Eunseom gone crazy?
- How is this possible?
- Father.
- Eunseom.
- How can this be?
Is there anything Eunseom said
that makes sense?
No one in Iark speaks our language,
but he said someone is here
to steal the land.
Only lies come out
of Eunseom's purple lips.
After stealing a horse,
he said he was going to ride it.
Tanya, am I wrong?
I can't live with Eunseom anymore.
His origin makes him
too different from us.
He must be banished.
- He'll bring the injured warrior--
- Either he goes
- or I go.
- No, you can't!
That's absurd.
I can't stand the fact that you believed
he was trying to ride the horse!
- Hold on.
- Don't go.
Dalsae, wait.
- Please.
- Dalsae, think about this for a second.
Don't be like that.
Don't do this.
- What
- What's that?
Is he a Saram?
Are they Saram?
Look, they're riding the horses.
The horses
They are
riding horses.
Uncle Eunseom was right!
You can ride horses.
What the hell?
They speak our language.
- No!
- Olmi!
Get back!
- Arrows at the ready.
- Olmi!
What's that?
- What
- Olmi!
Let the hunt begin!
No, please don't kill me.
Doti, run!
Doti, run. Run!
- Let go!
- Stop resisting.
- No!
- Don't kill us!
Let go of me!
Speak up.
Okay, got it.
You may eat now.
I was worried and excited
when we first traveled down
The Great Black Cliff.
You were excited? About what?
The Legend of Aramun Haesulla says
that Iark could be where Risan the father
and Asa Sin the mother fled.
Then Aramun, the envoy of Asa Sin,
would also have come to Iark.
That's why
I was hoping to see Kanmoreu here.
Kanmoreu is here?
You scared me.
It's only wishful thinking.
The world's most glorious horse
rode by Aramun Haesulla.
What are you going to do to us?
- Doldol!
- I'm right here.
I'm all right.
I'm fine.
- I'm all right.
- Are you okay?
Just keep your head on straight.
All right, we're moving out. Get up!
Get up.
Look, it's Eunseom.
It's Eunseom!
- What?
- Eunseom?
- Eunseom!
- Over here!
Get them.
Go. Run!
Just go.
I can't.
I am the child of the Azure Comet.
I must be with my people.
Save yourself.
Then one day,
come back for us.
Arrows at the ready.
Give me a name.
Give me something
so that I can keep on going.
So that I won't give up.
That's your name.
Because you're my dream
as well as Wahan's.
So come back for me no matter what.
Arrows at the ready.
After him!
Get him!
What the hell is wrong with my horse?
What's happening?
My horse won't speed up.
It's the same for the others.
No way
It can't be.
Could that horse be
Is Kanmoreu
really that fast?
It's not that he's fast.
From the first horse
ever to live,
Kanmoreu is the direct descendant
of the long line of firstborns.
Memories of running around in the wild
are etched into its brain.
That's why no horse can outrun it.
You can whip at your horse, but
it won't be able to keep up with Kanmoreu.
Gosh, if Kanmoreu really exists
It's only a legend.
It's just an old story.
If that horse is Kanmoreu,
then he's Aramun
In ancient times
when mankind came down from the trees,
they learned to use fire
and began making sharp blades,
invented wheels and started paving trails,
and finally learned to plant seeds
and settled in one place,
but they did not have
a nation or a king.
Saram didn't have dreams
and had not yet reached the top of
the great pyramid of nature.
The glorious land
of our ancient mothers.
This place,
I must save my people.
Where are they taking us?
We will head for Arthdal right away.
I must figure out Tagon's next move
as soon as possible.
The smoke inhaled by the untrained
is deadly.
It is finally coming to an end.
The real party hasn't even begun yet.
What are you thinking?
You are becoming disgraceful
every day, Sanung.
- Please don't kill me.
- He's planning to stand against us.
It's a messenger!
Don't worry, Tanya.
I'm coming for you.
Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park
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