Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

If that horse is Kanmoreu,
then he's Aramun
Mubaek, does your horse also seem
to have trouble going faster?
Mubaek, isn't that horse Kanmoreu?
I want you guys to go back
and report this!
I'll go after him!
Save yourself.
Then one day, come back for us.
What am I supposed to do?
I need to save them.
But I don't even know who they are.
Dream! That's your name.
Because you're my dream
as well as Wahan's.
They're way too strong.
And there are too many of them.
They're too
If that horse really is Kanmoreu,
no horse in this entire world
will be able to catch up.
What should I do?
Will I be able to avoid getting hurt
by that strange weapon again?
Hey, why are you stopping?
What do you want me to do?
No, don't. Why are you turning around?
Yes, I remember what Dalsae said.
He said I'm not a Saram
because I am too keen-sighted.
I want you to become a man like Kanmoreu.
Not only should you be strong and fast,
but someone whom everyone
willingly follows and looks up to.
There's a saying from long ago
that when Kanmoreu began to run,
the enemy's horses all followed it.
Is that horse really Kanmoreu?
Mother Choseol.
Mother Choseol.
Mother Choseol, you're burning up.
Are you okay?
I'm okay. I'm fine.
I just tripped.
- Get up!
- Get up!
Who are those people?
Where are they taking us?
Are they taking us to that place?
Let's get going!
Susu Eunseom.
- Susu!
- Doti.
They killed everyone.
Olmi, Maksae, and everyone else.
A bunch of scary people
were carrying shiny blades
that looked really weird and
It's okay, Doti. You're okay now.
I'm going to save them. I'll go save them.
No! No, Susu!
They're really scary people!
Doti. Hey, Doti.
There are moments when you feel lost
because you're having a hard time, right?
Do you remember
what the great mother told us to do?
When we're having a hard time?
She told us to listen
to the voice of the spirits.
That's right.
And the thing is,
I heard the voice of that horse's spirit.
What did it say?
"Turn around and attack."
Really? But how?
There were so many of them.
There might even be a lot more.
Do you remember what Susu Dalsae said?
Susu Dalsae?
We just need to kill the leader.
We will kill the leader
and let them compensate the Anja Tribe.
Then, we'll take the meat we want.
I remember!
I may not be able to fight all their men,
but if I catch their leader,
I'll be able to exchange his life
with the lives of the Wahan people.
Hey, will you
Will you please ask him why he's here?
Hey, come on.
Come on.
The spirit isn't saying anything.
All he's doing is eating.
Would you like to try on some clothes?
Excuse me.
There are no more roads
if you go this way.
Where are you taking us?
How interesting.
How can dujeumsaengs speak our language?
Can you tell me where you're taking us?
It's going to be a dead end.
We won't be able to go left or right.
I know that. We're going up.
Up there.
But only birds can go up that high
Keep going!
How did they build something like that?
My goodness, how did they
Get a move on.
All the spirits will stop talking.
And all living things
will lose their liveliness.
They will lose their liveliness.
Keep moving!
- My gosh.
- No!
What is that?
- Go!
- Get going!
Get a move on! Move it!
Move faster!
- Come on!
- Come on out!
Hurry up!
- Move quickly!
- Move it.
Walk faster!
- Come on!
- Move!
- Move!
- Hurry up!
Go faster!
- Get out!
- Hurry!
Keep moving.
- Get a move on!
- Move faster!
Be quiet!
Quit messing around!
Get a move on!
- Move!
- Walk in a line!
- Hurry up!
- Move it!
Hurry up.
They're here.
Move it.
Get a move on!
Move it!
- Move it!
- My goodness.
Don't tell Tagon about Kanmoreu.
- Why not?
- Don't get him hooked on something
we're not even sure of.
He will easily become Aramun Haesulla
even without Kanmoreu.
- But Mubaek will come back with Kanmoreu--
- It's not too late to tell him then.
- Did I hear you talk casually?
- No.
- What?
- No, sir.
You little punk.
- What?
- You little
- Darn it!
- Geez!
- Go!
- Move!
- Get moving!
- Hurry!
- Go!
- Move it!
Move, you jerks!
How in the world
- Go!
- Get moving!
- This is absurd.
- Gosh, darn it.
This jerk wet his pants!
- Go!
- Hurry!
- Move it!
- Keep walking!
- Hurry!
- Move, you punks!
- Go!
- Hurry up!
Get a move on!
They're all here.
I heard there are about 2,000 slaves.
Gosh, you're all going to become so rich.
What's the use when we can't even
go back to Arthdal?
You're right. Let's go back.
- Pardon?
- Today, we will
head for Arthdal right away.
- What?
- Really?
- Are we really going?
- We received orders.
My gosh, we haven't been home
in such a long time!
Do you see those weird people?
- Get a move on!
- Go!
They speak our language.
- What?
- They speak our language.
It's really cool.
We'll get paid
three to four times more, right?
If it's true, we might even get paid
ten times more.
- Go!
- Be quiet!
Come forward!
- Come forward!
- Hurry up!
Do you think you'll finally be able
to enjoy your life in Arthdal?
You only went there for short visits.
You never got to settle down
over the past ten years.
I'm not sure.
If they don't let you stay again,
I'll destroy Arthdal.
Yes, of course.
We'll always have your back, Tagon.
To the end of what is long.
- To the bottom of what is deep.
- To the bottom of what is deep.
Let's go!
- Arthdal!
- All the way to the bottom.
It's been so long since I've seen Gilseon.
I can't believe he didn't join us. He's
probably enjoying his time in Arthdal.
Gilseon, please have mercy!
You stole the crops of the Arthdal Union.
Behead the two leaders!
And as for the rest, slit their ankles.
What in the world did we,
the Hopi Tribe, do wrong?
We plowed The Plains of the Moon
until the black rocks shattered.
And we worked hard to build the waterway
until our knees got tinged with dirt!
But why is it that our tribe
keeps starving to death
while the Asa Clan's storage keeps
getting filled with crops
when they never even do anything?
The Asa Clan
was the first tribe to arrive on Arth.
The crops you offer to the Asa Clan
are not meant for the people of Asa.
It's an offering to the gods!
What did Isodunyong, the goddess of
the White Peak Mountain, even do to
help us cultivate The Plains of the Moon?
Moreover, the current Asa Clan
aren't even the direct heirs
of the great Asa Sin.
Do you seriously think they're even close
to being the heirs of Isodunyong?
You little punk.
Are you one of
the White Peak Mountain's Hearts?
What kind of slander is that?
You got rid of every single one of them
eight years ago!
Even so, there are people who still claim
that Aramun Haesulla is an Igutu
and that the Asa Clan aren't
the direct heirs.
Just like you.
But it's true that the Asa Clan
has done nothing.
Tagon was the one who got rid of
the Neanthals from The Plains of the Moon.
And the person who enabled water
to flow in that arid land
was the head of the Hae Tribe, Hae Mihol!
- He's right.
- That's correct.
Hurry up and get ready!
"Beneath the skies and on Arth,
no tribe is superior or inferior
to the other."
Those are the words of Aramun Haesulla,
the one who created the Arthdal Union!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun Haesulla!
- Aramun!
Cut it out!
- My goodness.
- My goodness.
Hold him tight.
Sanung Niruha!
Why is this guilty man
causing such a loud fuss?
He and his men stole the crops
that were being carried to the temple.
Sanung Niruha,
the leader of the Arthdal Union,
and the head of the Saenyeok Tribe.
Yes, he is right. We did steal the crops!
But tell me, is there any lie
in what I've just said?
What did the Asa Clan do
to deserve all those crops
from The Plains of the Moon?
You cannot undo the fact
that you've committed theft.
And you also dishonored the Asa Clan,
which is something I cannot forgive
as the union leader.
This is so unfair, sir.
I shall use my authority
to postpone this man's execution.
I will discuss this with Asa Ron Niruha,
the High Priest.
Thank you, Sanung Niruha.
- Thank you, Sanung Niruha.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, Sanung Niruha.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Sanung Niruha.
- Sanung Niruha.
Execute all the others
except for the man I saw earlier.
Pardon? Shouldn't we be executing
just the leader?
That will cause a huge uproar.
The people are already very dissatisfied
with the Asa Clan as it is.
That is why I'm giving you such orders.
The people will resent
the Asa Clan for their deaths
instead of me.
Father, then why are you
letting that man live?
He's a fast talker.
And also very loud.
Let him keep talking.
And it's not like he said anything wrong.
Who are you?
Do you love me or not?
What the hell do you think you're doing?
You call this a joke?
You don't love me?
I see that you don't.
I am more than just fond of you.
Where's Hae Tuak?
She'll probably be here soon.
I must figure out Tagon's next move
as soon as possible.
I knew it. You have no interest in me.
Only Tagon is on your mind.
Why do you hate your son so much?
I don't.
Tagon must be eliminated.
But he's still a young boy.
We both know he's more than that.
He will kill you
and destroy the lives of many others.
Moreover, he will dismantle
the Arthdal Union.
That's nonsense!
Daraburu has already spoken.
The Saenyeok and those from other tribes
that follow Saenyeok
are yours to lead and protect.
Do you not know that?
I do. I know all so well, which is why
- I'll guide him--
- Even if
he doesn't take your life,
he will forever be a hindrance.
The White Mountain Tribe
will figure out your weakness
one way or another.
I asked why you hate Tagon so much.
It's not hatred.
It's fear.
I'm afraid I'll actually
end up killing him.
You think too highly of him.
Don't you worry.
He's absolutely clueless.
He only follows orders
just like a naive soldier.
He's favored among the people,
but he still has a long way to go.
What's with the gaze?
Marry me.
Don't you want to?
My father will be thrilled.
our matrimony
doesn't just involve us.
As you've said so yourself,
this will change
the power dynamics of Arthdal.
The White Mountain Tribe won't allow it.
that sly and conniving Asa Ron.
Asa Ron Niruha.
Forgive me for interrupting
your consultation with the gods.
The one who secretly frequents
Sanung Niruha's chambers
isn't a Shaman from Saenyeok Tribe.
She is Taealha, Hae Mihol's daughter.
Aren't you surprised?
What's bright will go stale
and will be immersed in the dark.
The day Mihol arrived at Arthdal
with his people of the Hae Tribe,
they should've been cast away.
Their ability to farm and handle bronze
was a threat.
Mihol has come into so much power since.
If Sanung marries Taealha
Will they?
Asa Ron Niruha, Sanung must be
planning to stand against us
with Mihol at his side.
You did well.
I'm mortified.
I'm none other than Taealha.
It shouldn't have taken him
this long to propose to me.
It took only three days
for Tagon to propose.
It shows how naive Tagon is.
Don't you think, Father?
It's absurd to even compare the two.
Sanung is their leader.
Only two individuals
hold the title of Niruha.
Asa Ron and Sanung.
Both are formidable opponents.
But one of those leaders proposed to me.
The fact that Sanung proposed to you
means he made up his mind.
He wishes to sever
the alliance with Asa Ron
and join forces with
the Hae Tribe instead.
That's the first reason.
There's a second?
Sanung is well aware of
the relationship between you two.
By proposing to you,
he's going after Tagon.
Your long journey as a yeomari
is finally coming to an end.
Why are you drinking in broad daylight?
and my father have made up their minds.
Tagon will now die.
He'll be eliminated.
You must not waver.
It is not you who's abandoning Tagon.
He's just been eliminated
from the running.
Your father is worried,
so please stay strong.
Why do you think
I've been acting as a yeomari
to spy on Sanung and Tagon?
Because it's my father's orders?
My goal
is to have Arthdal at my feet.
My only worry is that
Tagon won't go down without a fight.
This is to be sent to Taealha?
I almost forgot. This too.
It's meant for the boy
hidden in the tower.
But If things go wrong,
you'll be exiled for this.
I last saw him when he was 12.
He must be a lot bigger now.
You should get going now.
I must head out soon myself.
But My gosh.
Sure, I'll get going.
It's time to depart.
Yes, sir.
Get ready to depart!
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Turn around.
- All of you, turn around.
- Turn.
- Turn around.
- Go!
- Move!
- Now!
- Get going.
- Keep walking.
- Hurry!
Keep moving!
- Walk!
- Get going!
Pick up the pace.
- Keep going.
- Hurry!
Shouldn't Mubaek be back by now?
Why are you so bothered that your brother,
out of all people, isn't here yet?
He's Daekan's fiercest warrior!
No, you can't.
Not that pouch.
It must be you people's Sacred Bundle.
Yes, it is. So, please
Please do not destroy it.
This is a byeoldaya.
Where did you get this?
It is a totem left by our ancestor,
the Great White Wolf.
That's impossible.
When will Mubaek be back?
Who knows?
He went to capture someone.
This place gets eerie after sundown.
Don't I know it.
I'm scared.
Didn't you hear something?
I did. I heard something too.
Weren't the dujeumsaengs in this area
Must I take them on?
Will I be able to?
Is it possible?
Eunseom can copy
everything he sees after seeing it once.
How can you remember all the moves
when you saw the dance just once?
Let's do this.
Who's there?
Who are you? Show yourself.
Come out!
Nice. Helper, we did it!
There is our next target.
A dujeumsaeng on a horse?
That's not possible.
Where have you taken my people?
I heard about dujeumsaengs
who spoke our language.
It must be you lot.
Where did you take them?
They all went up.
No dujeumsaengs are left down here.
They're up where?
Up the cliff.
How can one go up that cliff?
Does that mean
you know about the cave too?
Susu Eunseom, what's that?
This can't be real.
Pillars that uphold the sky.
Long, endless ropes.
It's what my mother and I
could only dream of.
Who are you people?
How did you build that?
Who made those?
They were built under the orders of
Sanung Niruha, of course.
Sanung Niruha,
the leader of the Arthdal Union.
What kind of man is he?
Who is the man beyond the cliff
who made such a structure?
Just how tall is this man?
He must be a giant.
Is he as tall as the cliff itself?
Is he your tribal chief?
Tribal chief? I guess you could say that.
Where is he right now?
Where else?
In Arthdal, of course.
Come on.
Pick up the speed!
What are you doing?
Keep turning it!
- Hurry!
- Faster.
Is it Mubaek?
Who else would it be?
Faster! Do it faster!
- Turn it.
- Faster.
Push harder. Faster!
Come on!
Faster, come on!
Push harder!
Get him!
- Grab him!
- Get him!
After him!
Take a look at these.
Come and take a look.
- Come and take a look!
- They're very fresh.
- It's a messenger.
- A messenger!
It's a messenger!
Tagon has conquered Iark.
Tagon has brought us slaves!
He brought us dujeumsaengs.
The hero of Arthdal,Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
Sanung Niruha.
The Daekan Forces led by Tagon
has carried out the Union's order.
Good. When will Tagon return to Arthdal?
He left The Great Black Cliff yesterday,
but since there are about
2,000 dujeumsaengs,
my guess is that it'll take him
three days.
I see.
Well, give him food and drinks.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Sanung Niruha.
Did you come alone?
No, sir. Hae Tuak of the Hae Tribe
accompanied me.
Is that so?
Are you sure about this?
You saw Tagon write this himself?
Of course.
I checked with him multiple times too.
Why does he want to reveal
what should be kept hidden?
And to Sanung Niruha of all people.
This looks tasty. Can I eat it?
This is suicide.
What will you do?
Will you do as Tagon says
or will you report what Tagon is planning?
Was he humming?
When he gave you this,
was he humming some sort of song?
Gosh, I don't recall.
You're right! He was humming.
Sanung Niruha.
It's been a while.
What brings you to the Union Palace?
I'm here to see my father.
You see, my father
It's been a while."
How fake is that?
I hear that Hae Tuak came.
She came bearing something huge.
Which is what?
Will you do as Tagon says
or will you report what Tagon is planning?
Someone could be watching us.
This isn't a good place.
Tell me, quickly.
Who performs the Ollimsani?
What are you talking about?
I'm asking you who performs the Ollimsani.
A numinous priest of the Asa Clan.
What if someone else performs one?
Why ask an obvious question?
He must be
It can't be.
Tagon is done for.
performed an Ollimsani?
Not just once or twice,
but dozens of times.
Guiding spirits to the gods
is a privilege
only reserved to those numinous.
It's what the Asa Clan values the most.
But Tagon
It shouldn't have happened.
If Tagon is put on trial
at the Sacred Court,
- Father!
- what will happen to him?
He will either be killed
or banished on all fours
after having his feet cut off.
Asa Ron wouldn't kill him.
Banishment is likely.
Even if he spares Tagon's life
and just banishes him,
the Union will still be outraged.
That's right.
And to whom will that anger
be directed?
Asa Ron settles
all matters of the Sacred Court.
Asa Ron will be held accountable.
has dug his and Asa Ron's graves
all by himself.
No one can know of my involvement in this.
I am Tagon's father, after all.
A priest yet to be qualified
tried to inhale your Sacred Smoke.
She must've been frustrated
since she wasn't having any dreams.
I have warned you several times that
the smoke inhaled by the untrained
is deadly.
She was beaten and expelled.
Asa Ron Niruha!
What is this about?
This was at the Petition Wing
of the Union Palace.
You're all dismissed.
Tagon performed an Ollimsani
on the battlefield.
How is that possible?
He is not even qualified.
There are witnesses.
That is utter nonsense.
How dare someone from the Saenyeok Tribe
perform an Ollimsani?
I will arrange for a Sacred Trial
the moment he returns.
Cut off his feet.
Make him crawl on all fours
and banish him from Arthdal.
If I make such a decision,
what will people think of me
as well as of the Asa Clan?
Haven't you heard?
Even when the Hopi Tribe
invaded the storage at the temple,
people did not speak ill of them.
Instead, they said we, the Asa Clan,
are mere collateral descendants
of the great mother, Asa Sin,
and that we're a disgrace to Isodunyong.
What do you think will happen if I give
the order to cut off Tagon's feet?
Still, if we turn a blind eye to this,
what would that make of us
and our spiritual power?
We certainly cannot let it slide.
It's all good
as long as we know nothing about it.
Then we can think that it never happened.
Who else saw this?
I brought it to you as soon as I saw it,
Asa Ron Niruha.
Not many people in Arthdal can write.
Find out who wrote this.
This can get
both Tagon and me in deep trouble.
Could it be a mere coincidence that
I'm suddenly put in such a predicament?
Oh, my lady.
What did you do?
Did you do what Tagon asked you to do?
Or did you tell on him?
Lady Taealha!
I did what he asked me to do.
Come again?
Gosh, what are you thinking?
Oh, does this mean you chose Tagon?
No, not exactly.
But you said he hummed.
Yes. What about it?
Tell me. What does it mean?
He's excited.
Tagon is excited right now.
Just like the time
when he set Atturad on fire.
Even just seeing the Daekans
makes people in Arthdal so happy.
But once they see you
On top of that, we're also bringing
the dujeumsaeng slaves.
The people will be over the moon.
The real party hasn't even begun yet.
Pardon me? What party?
Where are the dujeumsaengs?
Oh, we're getting them washed up and fed.
Eat up.
Come on, eat.
They spared our lives
and didn't even take anything from us.
Why do you think
they're taking us with them?
That's what I'm saying.
They're even feeding us.
Why are you crying?
Stop crying and have some food.
Mother Choseol.
You need to eat too.
I left my grandmother there.
Bugs will eat her flesh.
And my daughter, Doti
I don't even know
whether she's alive or not.
We must eat to stay alive,
and we have to stay alive to run away.
Only then will we be able to find Doti.
Mom's crying.
Wait just a little longer.
I'll catch their leader and
The one in Arthdal?
The unit leader, Sanung Niruha.
"The unit leader"?
I thought he was the union leader.
No, he's the unit leader.
Really? The unit leader?
Then you have to catch him
and save my mom, okay?
Yes, I will.
You're Wahan's dream, Eunseom.
Don't worry, Tanya.
I'm coming for you.
Damn it!
Asa Ron Niruha, what is the matter?
He's from the Saenyeok Tribe.
- He used to be in the Daekan Force.
- Pardon me?
The one who sent the anonymous letter was
Sanung Niruha's leather merchant.
Then do you think Sanung Niruha
actually devised this scheme?
Tagon is his son though.
Finding out who came up with the scheme
comes second.
Go track down that merchant immediately.
Find out whom he has told about this.
If there is anyone who has heard about it,
I don't care if you have to coax them
with gifts or kill them.
Do whatever it takes to silence them.
First and foremost,
we must bury the fact that
Tagon performed the Ollimsani in the past.
Yes, sir.
Sanung, that prick
I can't just wait around.
Follow me.
Did you really give an order
for that letter to be sent?
You are becoming disgraceful
every day, Sanung.
However, I am High Priest Asa Ron
who has the spiritual powers
of Isodunyong.
- Asa Ron Niruha!
- Asa Ron Niruha!
- Please forgive Tagon.
- Please forgive Tagon.
- Asa Ron Niruha, please forgive Tagon!
- Asa Ron Niruha, please forgive Tagon!
Asa Ron Niruha!
I heard that my foolish son, Tagon,
dared to perform
the sacred ritual, which can only
be carried out by the Asa Clan.
I came rushing to see you,
completely flabbergasted by what I heard.
Please understand
that I am a father
before I am the leader of the Union.
Please, I beg of you
to be merciful with my foolish son.
I sincerely implore you.
Please forgive my son!
- Please forgive Tagon!
- Please forgive Tagon!
Please forgive my son.
Please forgive Tagon!
Doti, are you all right?
Yes. Why did Helper stop all of a sudden?
Why? It's obvious.
Hey, you ate earlier.
You're supposed to help me.
You should be named "Pig" instead
because you keep eating nonstop.
By the way, what is this?
It's sorghum.
Hey, you really eat everything.
That's not what I was asking.
How come they're forming lines?
You're right.
How did these
grow in rows?
You thieves!
Go away. Go!
You little rats!
Are you all right?
How dare you steal my grain
in broad daylight? You gutsy little rats!
Well, who owns these?
They're mine! This is my land.
Your land?
Ttam nap naeng gawi.
Someone's here to steal the land?
Steal the land?
The Anja Tribe doesn't own any land.
Owning the land
is equal to owning the sky and the wind.
So, is it actually possible
to own and steal land?
How? How is it possible?
Of course, it's mine.
I sowed the seeds, fertilized the soil,
and rooted out all the weeds
until my back hurt.
You sowed seeds?
So, you sowed the seeds on purpose to--
Gosh, why you little
Oh, dear.
Please spare my life. I didn't know
you belonged to the Asa Clan.
The Asa
An Igutu?
You're an Igutu.
What is an Igutu?
What does it mean?
There's an Igutu!
An Igutu is here!
Over here!
There's an Igutu over here!
An Igutu is here!
An Igutu!
Please don't kill me.
What is an Igutu?
I'm asking you what it means!
I won't kill you.
What does "Igutu" mean?
Mixed blood between a Saram
and a Neanthal.
Then what is a Neanthal?
The Neanthals
They're monsters!
I'm a monster's child?
a monster's child?
Susu Eunseom!
A monster
I won't hurt you. Calm down.
It's okay.
Why aren't you afraid of me?
He said I'm a monster's child.
He's wrong.
The Neanthals weren't monsters.
It's just a hoax spread by the Asa Clan.
Purple blood.
You really are an Igutu.
I've never seen one before.
You shouldn't wander around like this.
You'll either die or end up
killing someone like just now.
If the Neanthals weren't monsters,
then what were they?
A species that was a little different
from Saram.
They were more beautiful than us, Sarams.
Asa Ron Niruha.
No. We cannot cut Tagon's feet off.
If we do that, people will start a riot
against the Asa Clan.
But we have no choice
now that everyone knows about it.
If we don't punish him,
our power and authority
will be jeopardized.
Asa Mot, you are right.
The Mother of the White Peak Mountain.
What brings you all the way here
from Heaven Lake?
Like a mother who saw her child
riding a blind horse toward a cliff,
I ran here as fast as I could
upon hearing the horrific news.
Dear Mother of the White Peak Mountain.
Admitting that someone
outside the sacred circle
performed the Ollimsani
is no different from telling people
that anyone can meet the gods.
- If we let that happen--
- Dear Mother.
But if we punish Tagon now
Only one out of a hundred people
No, only one out of
a thousand or ten thousand people
gets to meet the gods.
People gathered around the chosen one
and formed a clan.
Over time, multiple clans
formed a tribe together.
And that is how we're able to
have the Union today.
If the power and authority
of the chosen one collapses,
what will gather the people?
If they scatter
instead of gathering together,
and if they choose
not to combine their strengths,
the world of Saram
will go back to being one
ruled by lowly beasts.
If we say everyone is the chosen one,
it basically means there is no chosen one.
High Priest.
Such a notion of equality
will only destroy the Union.
This isn't just about the Asa Clan.
It will break the Union.
Come to your senses.
- What is your name?
- Doti.
I see. It's such a pretty name.
That looks weird.
Thank you.
Pout your lips.
For what?
What is this?
I'm sure you have blue spots on your back,
but the color of your lips
is all that can be seen.
You need to cover it.
I made this for my little sister,
but you can keep it.
Make sure you wear it at all times.
It seems like people here
absolutely loathe Igutus.
Are you an exception?
Why are you helping me?
I won't anymore.
I may kill you next time I see you.
So, you'd better hurry back
to where you came from.
You're obviously from a place where
people don't even know what Igutus are.
Where can I go to meet the Neanthals?
You can no longer meet them.
We killed them all.
What is that stone wall?
Why is that thing here?
Who knows?
Why build such a thing and waste land?
Go in.
What's this?
That shiny blade
You may go in.
Go in.
Susu Eunseom, why did you pinch me?
When did I pinch you?
You just started crying.
You pinched me! It hurt.
I don't remember.
Don't lie to my face.
That's just absurd. Come on.
I was passing by
- Why must I do this?
- Come on. Help me out here!
- What is wrong with you?
- What did I do?
- Well
- Why me?
Are you trying to get back at me?
I'll give it to you at a good price.
Have a look.
This place is
I will hold the Unit leader hostage
and ask for them in exchange.
But how?
I can't leave until I save them.
The blue fire will sweep across your land
like a deadly storm.
Why cry after putting
such a frightening curse on us?
Whatever it is
you have planned better work.
- It's Tagon!
- Tagon is here!
I will now announce
the message from the goddess
regarding Tagon's blasphemous behavior.
Who in the world was that man
who showed up out of nowhere?
Subtitle translation by: Ja-won Lee
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