Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

What is this?
Why are chickens kept in this tight space?
These are Hard Stones.
Oh, my goodness.
How did they shape all these Hard Stones?
When I made a necklace with Hard Stones,
it took me so long
that I saw the full moon four times.
How did they shape so many of them?
Hey, you moron!
You stupid horse! You little
What the hell!
You stupid horse.
These are rare medicinal herbs.
You ate so much of it!
You dumb horse
- He looks as if he wants to kill him.
- I know.
- My gosh.
- Hey, call the guards!
- What should we do?
- Someone please stop him!
- What's your problem?
- Gosh, is he going to kill him?
- Hey!
- Where are the guards?
Someone please stop him!
Oh, you're
My lady!
"My lady"?
I told you to go back
to where you came from.
There's something I have to do.
What you have to do now
is leave Arthdal as soon as you can.
I will. I'm going to leave
as soon as I accomplish what I must do.
This place is so weird.
You're the weirdest one here.
You're an Igutu--
In any case, you must leave at once
Hey, I'm not done talking.
- What are you doing in here?
- We're sorry.
- What the hell are you doing here?
- Let's go.
Get out!
I said, get out!
What is that place?
Whatever it is,
it's none of your business.
Those kids.
Who are they?
Those children are war captives.
Those young kids
fought in the war with swords?
Obviously, their parents were the ones
who fought in the war.
and this kid
will end up like them
if you get caught here, so leave at once.
The gigantic ladder
built by the Great Black Cliff
Is that how it was made?
I heard many people died
while building that thing.
When I saw
those countless Hard Stones at the market,
and when I saw
the crazy massive ladder
going up the cliff,
I just thought that there must be a giant.
But I was wrong.
They're just like those chickens.
I saw some chickens at the market.
Dozens of them were confined
in tiny crates.
I've never seen something so cruel before.
What are you talking about?
Those impressive things
you people have built
weren't done by some giant.
Those kids
People from my clan that you folks took
Those people are the ones doing the work!
Like those chickens, they're confined
and chained.
I must save the people from my clan.
I can't leave until I save them.
But how?
How are you going to save them?
I will hold the Unit leader hostage
and ask for them in exchange.
The Unit leader, Sanung Niruha.
What are you planning to do
to Sanung Niruha once you get in?
I have to catch him.
Let's say you somehow manage to get in.
You'll get lost once you're inside.
Susu Eunseom
has a good sense of direction.
A good sense of direction? That's when
you can see the sun and the stars.
Do you know what a corridor is?
What about a cloister?
A "corridor"?
It's a long passage where you can't see
the sun or the stars.
You can't even feel the wind.
Such passages are intertwined
like a big spider web.
So, just hurry back
to where you came from.
Then I should wait until he comes out.
I'm sure he'll come out at some point.
Do you think he'll be alone?
The Union leader is guarded
by six warriors at all times.
Then I shall fight and win.
Sure, then I don't care even if you die.
One more thing.
It's "Union leader," not "Unit leader."
See? I told you so.
My lady!
How did you handle that punk?
Forget everything that just happened.
Pretend you don't know him
even if you see his head hanging.
What about the Bachi Guild?
The meeting must be going on now.
- Get over here already.
- Gosh, I'm coming.
Have you heard the news?
Yes, it can't be.
- That's what I'm saying.
- It's nonsense.
- Goodness.
- I heard it'll actually happen.
- We don't have a say in this matter.
- It's so frustrating.
I'm sure you all know.
Tagon will stand trial
at the Sacred Court.
He has done so much for us,
the people of Arthdal.
Without him, we wouldn't have been able
to wipe out the Neanthals.
- I know.
- Definitely.
It's all my fault.
How many people lost their lives
in that war?
I'm a doctor who treats ailments,
but I used a disease to take lives.
The land beyond
the White Peak Mountain, Atturad.
How did we conquer it?
Sanung Niruha made the decision
to conquer the land,
and Tagon came up with the plan.
Then Georukeumihon sacrificed--
No, we used Asa Hon.
Then we gave her the convoluted title,
- Georukeumihon.
- Georukeumihon.
- Georukeumihon.
- Georukeumihon.
That's right.
That's how we conquered Atturad.
And how many slaves have we brought here
since the war?
Asa Ron Niruha is doing this to Tagon
despite all his achievements.
Don't you think it's too harsh?
The Bachi Guild is having a meeting.
Because of Tagon?
Yes, to show that the people of the Union
are strongly against the decision.
What will you do now?
I suppose it's all on me now.
But there is one thing
that I still can't figure out.
I wonder what
he's thinking.
Is he communing with his father?
If so, since when?
I shall ask the gods.
Prepare the Sacred Smoke.
What do you think
Tagon is planning to do?
Asa Ron Niruha
thinks that Sanung Niruha
devised the whole scheme.
But Tagon is actually the one
who plotted the entire thing.
And you did exactly
what Tagon had asked you to do.
Did you come up with the scheme?
Hey, stop blabbering nonsense.
I can't think because of your yammering.
Okay. I'm sorry, my lady.
Did you visit the tower?
Oh, no.
- Get your act together, will you?
- Gosh.
Well, until when do you plan
to keep it a secret?
My gosh, how could Tagon do this to you?
You two aren't even married yet,
but he brought a kid.
Yes, I'm off.
I'll head there right away.
what are you thinking?
Come with us.
Why should I?
Well, how dare you try to grab me
without even explaining what's going on?
Break it up.
I asked you if you think
Tagon would let this go down.
He probably won't put up with this.
He must be aware of what's going on.
I heard the Bachi Guild had a meeting.
That should be enough, right?
Did many people see it?
People are talking about
how sincerely you've been praying
to Aramun to save your son.
The word is already spreading.
What could be the meaning
behind those fingers
that Aramun Haesulla engraved?
If Tagon decides to unsheathe his sword
Even if he does that,
his sword will be aimed at Asa Ron.
It's a good thing for us.
It'll get rid of both of them in the end.
But what if it's aimed at you, Father?
That won't happen.
He's ambitious but smart.
He's well aware of the fact
that he won't be able to obtain the things
he wants if he kills his father.
Neither the people of the Union
nor Asa Ron
will approve of such a man
as the leader of the Union.
Must you do this though?
Tagon just wants your validation, Father.
No, you're wrong.
Even so, it's true that he's made
all the sacrifices that he could make.
That was his way of satiating his desire.
The kind of desire that is fulfilled
by hurting other people.
Now, I can see it clearly.
Before Mother passed away,
she told me about
Daraburu's oracle about Tagon.
But I also heard
that you had refused to believe it,
saying you can't do that to a child
who was born because of your own mistake.
- So, why--
- That, in and of itself, was a mistake.
Tagon did not hesitate to kill
his own mother to fulfill his greed.
It wasn't to protect himself.
He did it to attain power
and satiate his bloodthirst.
Tagon would never--
This is precisely why
I'm trying so hard to take him down.
If I don't get rid of Tagon
and Asa Ron before I die,
you'll just remain under their thumbs.
Forget leading the Union.
The Saenyeok Tribe's position
within the Union will be jeopardized.
Ditch that useless sympathy.
Do not trust anyone,
including your brother.
Father, what happened
Did you give her
a hallucinogen to make her talk?
She said that
Tagon plotted the whole scheme.
I'm sorry.
Look at you.
Look at the mess you're in, you fool.
Did you actually think
you could have Tagon?
Did you let him into your heart?
Are you smitten by him?
Go find out what Tagon is up to.
It's Sanung Niruha's order.
You'll have to
correct things.
It's bichwisan.
I want you to go
and see Tagon right away.
Are you
asking me to kill him?
But Sanung Niruha
wants him to stand trial--
You ruined everything.
"What is Tagon's hidden agenda?
Why did he devise a scheme
where he'll end up dead?"
I, Mihol, do not ponder such questions.
I never partake in games
that I did not devise myself.
and poison him with this.
Does Sanung Niruha know?
He should know,
as the leader of the Union.
If I were to report this to him
"My foolish daughter
made a mistake, smitten by Tagon's youth
and physical charm."
I should say that first, shouldn't I?
Then the marriage will be called off,
without a doubt.
My lady.
Tagon took his own life,
enraged by the false accusations.
Then the people will blame it all
on Asa Ron.
- Danbyeok.
- Tagon!
How long has it been?
It's been at least three or four years.
Is that right?
Look at you. You're all grown up now.
My daughter, Narin, is already 13.
You're not even married yet.
Don't act like a full-fledged adult.
All right. Let's get some rest here.
Set up the tents.
- Got it.
- Got it.
Father is doing well, right?
He actually sent me here.
Because you performed Ollimsanis,
you'll have to stand trial.
You know that, right?
Yes, I heard on my way here.
Someone sent an anonymous letter, I hear?
Father is very concerned.
He thinks you should go to Aniartz,
across the ocean, and stay there
until he tells you to return.
Is that your idea?
No, it's not.
Father will be livid if he finds out
that you came here to see me.
Go back.
The commander-in-chief of the army
must stay by the Union leader's side.
You can't afford to
worry about me right now.
Please do as I say, just this once.
I understand where you're coming from.
But if I run away now,
what will the past 20 years of my life
even mean?
I think something's wrong with Doldol.
Hey, Doldol.
Something is wrong with him. Hey, Doldol.
Excuse me, over here.
I think Doldol is feeling sick.
Please let Doldol and us loose.
We'll look after him.
We won't run away. Please believe us.
What's going on?
This kid probably won't make it.
Hang in there, kid.
Thank you.
- Don't cry. Hang in there.
- Doldol.
You'll feel better soon, okay?
Hey, Doldol.
Just hang in there.
- No!
- No!
- Doldol!
- No, Doldol!
Be quiet!
I don't think this woman
will make it either.
God damn it.
Is it some kind of contagious disease?
No! Don't!
Drag her out.
You'll have to kill me first!
- No!
- Move!
She'll die anyway!
- No
- Please don't kill her.
No, don't.
Please don't kill her!
Spare her life, please.
We promise you our total obedience.
She is the great mother of our clan.
Please allow us to look after her.
Oh, dear.
- No!
- No!
Don't! Please don't!
Please don't kill her!
- No
- Mother Choseol
Mother Choseol
- No!
- Don't!
I am
Tanya of the Wahan Tribe.
I am
Tanya of the Wahan Tribe.
The one who breaks the shell.
I am the next great mother
of the Wahan Tribe.
I am connected to all the awoken spirits
and the spirits that will wake up.
I am the danggeuri of the Wahan Tribe.
What are you talking about?
I, Tanya of the Wahan Tribe,
put a curse on you people.
Your stonewalls will collapse,
and your homes will turn into ruins.
That crazy bitch
- No!
- Don't!
The first one that lays a finger on me
will die the most brutal death.
The blue fire will sweep across your land
like a deadly storm.
The corpses of you lads, your parents,
and your children will form a mountain.
You crazy bitch!
Their blood will form a river
and coagulate.
Could she be
Then those who barely managed to survive
won't be able to find their children
amongst all the dead bodies.
All the mothers
that managed to survive
will devour their dead children's flesh.
And when the moon rises,
their dead children will come back to life
and devour the flesh of their own mothers.
The Great White Wolf.
Do not forgive me
for putting an end to the Wahan Tribe.
And please
never forgive
those people.
You idiots!
Why are you listening to this shit?
Kill her!
- No!
- Kill them all!
The first to lay a hand on her
will die a horrific death.
You buffoon!
Hold it.
Why are you crying?
Why cry after putting
such a frightening curse
on us?
What must we do to avoid that curse?
Tell me how.
- Our great mother--
- She'll die anyway.
I mean,
let us give her a proper send-off.
Hold on.
Are we taking her seriously?
You're too scared to touch her too.
Well, for me
You know
So you're serious?
We have a big event ahead of us.
Being cautious won't hurt.
Or maybe you're being soft
because she's pretty.
Was it that obvious?
You must have a death wish.
Make it quick.
No funny business.
I warned you not to touch me.
Have you forgotten?
You ungrateful bitch.
Underneath the crescent moon,
a hand will rip out your heart.
Fine, whatever.
Seulgga bitch.
What were you thinking?
What's this?
Gambaekro wine.
Your father drinks it.
I snatched a bottle for you.
Answer me first.
What were you thinking?
Let me have a sip first.
answer me first.
Are you leaving us?
Is it because of me?
Did this happen
because I'm a cursed bitch who appears
on the day the Azure Comet
appears along with death?
Is that why
you're passing away?
This has been in the works
for a long time now.
Finally, I'm relieved of my duty.
It's all
up to you now.
What can a girl like me possibly do?
I have yet to learn your dance
and I haven't had dreams either.
When I was young,
I told you that I had a dream.
It was a lie.
The dream where something
called me in the lonicera flower forest
That was a lie.
Yes, Eunseom was there,
but it was only a coincidence.
Until this day,
I have never once dreamed in my sleep.
So how am I worthy?
I'm clumsy and uncoordinated.
Compared to you, I'm nothing,
so what could I possibly do?
Since birth,
up until this very moment,
I have never had a dream either.
It could be
that no one since the Great White Wolf
has ever dreamed while sleeping.
The gods must no longer be among us.
But you heard my inner thoughts.
is something all mothers
can do
when it comes to their young daughters.
It was
only after seeing
the big structure built by those men
that I was enlightened.
I now know where we're headed.
The place where
the Great White Wolf is from.
You and the other Wahans
will see a world
where they sow seeds and tame animals.
The Great White Wolf
already perceived this future for us.
Find the byeoldaya
of the Great White Wolf.
This will be drawn on it.
Find the totem with this symbol
and keep it close to your heart.
do not know when you'll need it,
but there will come a time.
Everything I taught you
will come in handy one day too,
so never forget them.
Mother Choseol
That is
your calling.
When you
laid a curse on those men today,
the Great White Wolf appeared behind you.
might be the vessel
chosen by the Great White Wolf.
told you all of this
with great delight, but
You poor thing.
Mother Choseol
Do not
feel sorry for me.
Your heart
only feel for yourself.
Mother Choseol
Mother Choseol?
Mother Choseol
Dear Spirits,
I return our great mother to you.
We always owe you our lives
and entrust you with us after death.
You consistently give birth,
but never take back your creations.
I asked what you were thinking.
I'd like to ask something first.
- What is it?
- Why
did you do as I asked?
You know it would lead to my death.
Isn't it obvious?
I trust you, that's why.
Shouldn't you have
reported it first though?
If not to Sanung,
at least to Mihol.
Informing them of my plans
your assignment after all.
You knew everything?
Yet, you played me like a fiddle.
- You knowingly deceived me all this time!
- Hear me out.
You knew.
You knew I was a yeomari, but still--
Even though I knew,
I asked you to
take care of the Igutu baby.
I secretly hid an Igutu baby.
The punishment for that
is death without a trial.
Still, it's what I chose,
and I left it with you.
You knew I was a yeomari.
To stay alive.
To stay alive?
That's the reason
you left me with a cursed baby?
My father wants me dead
and Asa Ron considers me as an enemy.
In order to stay alive,
I needed the help of your father, Mihol.
"You can end me whenever you want,
so please put your faith in me
and take me in.
My life is at your disposal now."
We entrust you with our lives
and we are in debt throughout our life.
You consistently give birth,
but never take back your creations.
you disobeyed him on one count.
You didn't inform your father of the baby.
Why not?
Why did you keep the secret
that could ruin me?
Is it because you wanted me?
Do I hold a special place in your heart?
Your father's concoction, I believe.
An odorless and colorless poison?
And you
must have had
genuine feelings for me.
I also
wanted you beside me too.
If I had been more mature back then,
I would've told my father everything.
I was surprised that you trusted me
enough to leave the Igutu with me.
That's when the silly young girl
started harboring feelings for you.
You're right.
I wanted you.
But why can't I seem
to fully commit myself to you?
Let me tell you why.
It's because
you'll never be able to kill your father.
Because without your father,
no one will acknowledge you.
What a baby.
My father
expects you to be dead by sunrise.
You were supposed to be poisoned to death.
But I saved your life,
so whatever it is
you have planned
had better work.
If you fail
I will also end up dead.
My lady?
My lady!
What happened?
Like a fool
My lady,
what did you choose to do?
- Since when do I
- Well?
gamble my life on such silly feelings?
I shall head out discreetly.
The gods come to Asa Mu,
but to me,
I can only greet them
in the form of smoke.
How cruel.
Niruha, I received a secret urgent
message from outside the gates.
Outside the gates?
- Well
- Is it from Tagon?
Yes, Niruha.
Has he asked to meet?
You are summoned
to the Sacred Court tomorrow,
so why did you ask
for an audience tonight?
I beseech you to show mercy.
Our warriors were dying
which is why I performed the Ollimsani
on their behalf.
The Leader of Asa Clan and
the High Priest of Arthdal.
I ask thee, Asa Ron Niruha,
for forgiveness.
Yes, of course.
You probably don't want to die.
However, neither do I.
All my life, I have devoted myself
to the prosperity of Arthdal
and the glory of both Niruhas.
Are amputation and banishment
what I deserve?
Please spare my life.
There is only one way out of this.
Take this and run far away.
You are resourceful enough
to start over anywhere else.
Members of the Union will be outraged,
but they will gradually forget.
Niruha, I appreciate your benevolence.
I do so from the bottom of my heart.
Is this crisis finally averted then?
what if I told you
that there is a way I could stay
and save you from the Union's wrath?
Will you be interested?
It's Tagon!
What? Where?
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- He's back!
- Tagon!
- The hero of Arthdal.
- The hero of Arthdal.
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- The hero of Arthdal, Tagon.
- The hero of Arthdal, Tagon.
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
He brought us slaves!
Niruha will be proud!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
Did the Great White Wolf
truly come from this place?
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
Leader of the Saenyeok Tribe,
the son of Sanung Niruha of Arthdal,
the descendent of Saenyeok Tribe, Tagon.
You are to be on trial at the Sacred Court
led by the eight gods of Arth.
Lay down your sword, armor, and boots,
and follow the Priest
of the White Mountain Tribe.
He has been framed.
- He has been framed.
- He has been framed.
He has been framed!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
How dare you?
After everything he has done for us!
- He has been framed.
- He has been framed.
How dare you put him on trial?
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
He has been framed!
Tagon, we're with you!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
How dare you treat Tagon this way?
The hero of Arthdal!
Tagon, we're with you!
This is absurd!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- The hero of Arthdal.
- The hero of Arthdal.
- The hero of Arthdal.
- The hero of Arthdal.
- The hero of Arthdal!
- The hero of Arthdal!
- Tagon!
- He has been framed.
- Not Tagon.
- No!
- He has been framed.
- How dare you!
- He has been framed.
- Tagon!
- No!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- The hero of Arthdal.
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
The Union leader is guarded
by six warriors at all times.
He is Sanung Niruha, the Union leader.
Did he not heed my warning?
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
Any word from Taealha?
I haven't seen her.
Tagon met Asa Ron last night.
What are you talking about?
They most certainly met, but no one knows
who instigated the meeting.
Could it be possible
to sneak weapons into The Great Shrine?
The goddess that never sleeps,
will be speaking to us.
When the great spring dries up
and the white beast collapses,
the scorpion hiding among the flowers
shall go to sleep.
When you meet your brother,
where there is alcohol,
shall be covered in blood.
The oracle isn't what matters.
What matters is
how Asa Ron interprets it.
He's been fooling the Union
by fabricating oracles for years now.
I will now announce
the message from the goddess
regarding Tagon's blasphemous behavior.
If you declare that Tagon is guilty,
the people of the Union
will turn their backs on you.
But if you do not punish him,
you will lose your authority.
What will you choose to do, Asa Ron?
Tagon, son of the Saenyeok Tribe.
has been gifted
with the psychic ability of the gods.
What if I told you
that there is a way I could stay
and save you from the Union's wrath?
Will you be interested?
What? You've been gifted
with the psychic ability of the gods?
The problem is that I performed an
Ollimsani when I had no psychic ability.
But what if I had that ability?
- How dare you--
- It is not a problem
when a person that was chosen
by the gods performs an Ollimsani.
And one can only be chosen
by getting acknowledged by the Asa Clan.
This will bring no harm
to the authority of the Asa Clan.
Is this what you schemed
with my son last night?
In the name of the White Peak Mountain,
the name of the Asa Clan,
and with the power of Isodunyong,
the goddess of Heaven Lake,
and the providence of Airuju,
the beginning and end of this world,
I respectfully announce
that Tagon has been gifted
with the psychic abilities of the gods.
What is this?
it was reasonable and appropriate
for Tagon
to have performed Ollimsanis.
You must stay calm. Everyone's looking.
The fact that my insignificant son
has been gifted
with the psychic ability of the gods
is an immense honor
for everyone in the Saenyeok Tribe.
I am not done announcing the oracle.
Just like how the skies and earth
give birth to all living things,
how the waters from Heaven Lake
naturally flow down to where we live,
it is natural for a mother and father
to give birth to children
and take care of them.
That is the providence of Airuju.
What are you trying to say?
Sanung Niruha,
the leader of the Arthdal Union.
Did you report
your own son, Tagon, to have him
stand on the Sacred Court?
- What's that supposed to mean?
- He reported his own son?
Did you do such a thing
because you were jealous
of Tagon's achievements?
What kind of nonsense
How could you speak of something
so violent and horrid?
What are you trying to do?
Is that so?
It is true.
I was given orders by Sanung Niruha
to secretly report him
for he has committed blasphemy.
- What?
- This is absurd.
I swear before Isodunyong,
the eyes of Airuju,
and in the name of Daraburu,
the goddess of the Saenyeok Tribe,
that I never gave him such orders.
That means one of you
is lying right now
inside the temple of the eight gods.
It is an act of blasphemy!
Neither one of you
can exit the Great Shrine
before we find out
who's lying in the name of the gods.
Sanung Niruha.
You shall be escorted.
That is nonsense.
You cannot lock me up
for something like this.
Let's go.
My goodness.
They brought swords here?
This is crazy.
You must stop him. If Sanung leaves,
it will cause a war between the tribes.
It is a deadly sin to hold weapons
inside the Great Shrine.
Stop them!
Lady Chaeeun.
Lady Chaeeun.
Lady Chaeeun, why are we here?
Sanung Niruha, you cannot leave.
Gitoha, how dare you?
Union leader, Sanung Niruha!
Union leader, Sanung Niruha!
Union leader, Sanung Niruha!
Over here! I am Sanung!
Clear the way!
Sanung Niruha!
Catch him!
Catch him!
An unknown man
suddenly showed up on a horse.
Darn it!
What are you going to do?
What do we need to do?
We need to gather the warriors
of the White Peak Mountain to Arthdal.
Danbyeok has control over the guards.
The Daekan Force can't beat them.
Are you suggesting
we should fight each other?
What did you say?
Sanung Niruha didn't come here.
Danbyeok, who saved Sanung Niruha?
I don't know.
He looked like a warrior
from a small tribe.
Then maybe,
he got caught by the Asa Clan.
Was that man a subordinate
of the Asa Clan?
You must gather the guards.
They have my father as a hostage.
I cannot start a war in this situation.
Whatever the case, the guards
greatly outnumber the Daekan Force.
You must siege the Great Shrine
before the warriors
of the White Peak Mountain arrives.
That way, you'll be able to negotiate.
- Sodang.
- Yes, sir.
I'm issuing a wimaengryeong.
What's that sound?
What is that sound?
- What's going on?
- What is it?
- What's wrong?
- What's happening?
- Something must've happened.
- What?
Are we in trouble?
- What in the world is going on?
- What's happening?
Are we in trouble?
What is going on?
No way. Did he really
- I wonder what's happening.
- It must be serious.
My goodness.
It's a wimaengryeong.
Danbyeok just issued a wimaengryeong.
But the White Peak Mountain warriors
aren't even here yet.
Who in the world was that man
who showed up out of nowhere?
Please give us orders.
will negotiate with my father.
Let's go!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Sanung Niruha isn't in the Great Shrine.
What do you mean?
He's in the marketplace.
The marketplace.
What? The marketplace?
What are you saying?
Sanung Niruha is being held hostage
in the marketplace?
Who's holding him hostage?
The people of Arthdal, listen to me!
I am Eunseom,
the dream and warrior of Wahan.
Your Union leader,
Sanung Niruha,
is with me right now.
- My goodness.
- Oh, gosh.
Do you really wish to greet
the dead body of your father
by becoming Wahan's enemy?
- What does he want?
- My goodness.
Then I will
gladly kill this man.
What happened?
- Do you wish
- He keeps shouting from there.
to hold your father's hand
while he's alive?
A few guards tried to stop him
when he went up there,
but they all got defeated.
Bring the people of Wahan before me.
I will return your father to you,
and with the people of Wahan,
I will climb over the stonewall
and go back down the Great Black Cliff.
Did that dujeumsaeng really do this
all on his own?
The people of Arthdal, listen to me!
I am Eunseom,
the dream and warrior of Wahan.
- Bring the dujeumsaengs from Wahan.
- Your Union leader,
- Yes, sir.
- Sanung Niruha, is with me right now.
- What are you planning to do?
- Do you wish to see
- your father alive?
- I'll try to negotiate.
Or do you wish to see his dead body?
He may be able to speak,
- but I'm not sure if he'll understand me.
- Bring me the people of Wahan.
Tagon is here!
- Hurray!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- He's here!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon is here!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- I will
- Tagon!
go up there.
- Hurray!
- We are saved!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Hurray!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
Listen to me, warrior of Wahan.
I am a member of the Saenyeok Tribe.
And my name is Tagon,
the son of Sanung Niruha.
I want my father to be alive
when I greet him.
Thus, I will return
the people of Wahan to you.
I will abandon my sword
to meet you.
- Hurray!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
Move it!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Move faster!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Hurry!
- Tagon!
- Kneel!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
Get on your knees! Get down!
Brother of Wahan.
I shall go up there to meet you.
I, Wahan's dream, Wahan's Eunseom,
will face Tagon, the son of Sanung Niruha.
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Go get him!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
It's time to keep your promise.
You know nothing about Sanung.
Do you want to save your tribe
or get killed with all of them?
I want to save them.
But if I can't,
I'd rather just die with them.
You will become a god.
And we're taking our first step
toward that goal today.
The truth doesn't matter.
We'll just have to make things
seem that way.
- What do you plan to do?
- I saw his weakness.
It's Eunseom.
Subtitle translation by: Liya Choi
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