Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

You will have achieved nothing.
What do you mean?
My son wants me dead.
Therefore, if I die,
you'll solely be blamed for the crime.
What happened?
Tagon went in alone to save Sanung Niruha.
Yes, he went in alone.
Sanung is in danger.
That's absurd.
We must go. We must stop him.
It's time to keep your promise,
Union leader of Arthdal.
Are you truly Asa Hon's son?
I will let you and
all the people of the Wahan Tribe go.
The people of Arthdal
are in debt to your mother.
I promise you as the leader of the Union.
You always look for a way to save yourself
no matter what the situation is.
It seems that
the oracle of Daraburu is true.
- I need you to keep your word--
- How dare you.
You and that sly Asa Ron
conspired to eliminate me
once and for all.
Union leader!
Tell your people as you promised.
Tell them that a warrior of Wahan
protected you from that man.
You once tried to kill your mother
and now you're trying to take my life too.
All I wanted was to survive.
If that was your goal,
you would've left back then.
You must leave Arthdal.
Please spare me.
Let me stay in Arthdal.
I'll do it.
I can kill them all.
I have a way.
Union leader!
Open the window
and tell them, now.
You won't get an answer from him.
know nothing
about Sanung.
You have committed a mortal sin
by attempting to kill your father.
The people of Arthdal
will never forgive you for that.
Is Eunseom really in there?
Yes, it was Eunseom.
It was him, right?
Yes, it's him. He's here to save us.
Did you really come here to save us?
We can go home now.
We can finally eat again.
If Eunseom kills their leader,
they'll retaliate against us
to avenge him.
Your son is kneeling before you
and asking for forgiveness.
Every son in this world
makes mistakes in his life.
Please forgive me and take my hand again.
It's the same son
who tried to kill me a minute ago.
And now you're asking me
to forgive you and take your hand?
Yes, Father.
Please take my hand
and pull me into your embrace
just like that time.
I'm sorry. Gosh, I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
Taking you back that day
was the biggest mistake of my life.
I let myself get swept up
with fatherly love
and kept you around instead of
killing or banishing you.
That's what led to this moment.
Yes, Father.
I am your son.
Rather than taking
that lowly dujeumsaeng's side,
take the hand of your son.
Do you think I will repeat my mistake?
It's different this time.
I am not appealing to your love.
To hold power and to govern.
The insatiable gaegeol we both have.
If you address the people
with my hand in yours,
any doubt the people had of us
will dissolve like snow in late spring.
Those who chanted my name
will state yours in front of mine.
Back then, enduring the blowback
was all you got in return.
But this time,
what stands before you is glory.
I'm now known
to have the psychic ability of the gods.
If you take that for yourself,
Asa Ron will have nothing
to threaten you with.
Union leader!
Open the window and do as you promised.
Tell them your son tried to kill you
and that a warrior of Wahan saved you.
I said, open the window!
If you do so
If you choose to betray your own son,
do you think I'll watch and do nothing?
I'll stop him. I'll protect you!
- I'll die trying if I must.
- He has no chance against me.
You know what I'm capable of.
Will I
be able to stop him?
This dujeumsaeng is different.
He's fast and strong.
If I am even a little late, I will end up
killing my father in front of everyone.
can I trust you?
Union leader.
You know my greatest weakness.
That is my weakness as well.
Yes, and that truth can hurt us both.
there was no reason
for us to fight each other
in the first place.
Just this once.
Take pity on me just this once
and please
take my hand, Father.
Union leader.
I won't let you do this.
I'll take care of this animal.
Leave it to me.
Please take my hand.
Then step outside
and call out
my name warm-heartedly
just like you used to.
I'm sorry.
You poor boy.
I was sorry back then.
And I still am.
I should've killed you a long time ago.
You should've eliminated me
when I was still young and weak.
I did it.
I did it.
I finally did it, Taealha.
Something has happened.
Exactly what?
what are you instigating?
How did it get this far?
Why does he hate his son so much?
Sanung Niruha.
Why are you harboring
so much hatred for your own son?
Did you really believe
that catching the Union leader
will help free your people?
Do you even know what this place is?
Do you know what a nation is?
A nation?
You will never be able to save your people
because you have no idea
what this place is,
what a nation is,
and what moves the world.
You're clearly clueless.
How could you
You're also
unaware of this too.
It'll be you who ends up
killing your own people.
I will tell everyone
that you killed your leader.
And who'll believe you
when it can't be verified?
what about my people?
They'll be massacred.
I know
that you're special.
You're sharp.
I'm surprised by how you were able to
replicate the martial arts of
the Daekan Forces. But you see,
there's more than what meets the eye.
- Guards!
- Yes, sir!
Sodang of Division One,
Pyeonmi of Division Two,
and Gilseon of Division Three.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
We are done waiting.
We're going in.
But we have no idea what happened inside.
Enough time has passed.
We can't just put our faith in Tagon.
Danbyeok, we should trust Tagon
and wait a little longer.
do you think you can take me on?
Without Mubaek, there's no one
who can overpower me.
This is Arthdal,
and its safety
is the responsibility of its guards.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't stop him.
- Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
No way
Did you really do this?
- Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
- No
- Niruha
- Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
- Lock the gates.
- Sanung Niruha!
Leave no stone unturned.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir!
- Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
Eunseom What happened to Eunseom?
Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
- Sanung Niruha!
Sanung Niruha!
Just like a maggot
that digs at a sick tiger's liver,
just like a rat
gnawing at a fallen phoenix's neck
A lowly dujeumsaeng
fled from the scene
after killing my father,
the Union leader of Arthdal.
So he's still alive.
Eunseom's still alive.
How will we avenge my father?
- Kill them.
- Kill them!
It can't be. Was it him who killed Sanung?
We have no way of knowing
if you will benefit us,
the Wahan Tribe,
or if you will bring calamity upon us.
It'll be you who ends up
killing your own people.
Them? They'll be massacred.
No, it can't be.
Get up.
Aren't any of the guards
doing their fucking jobs?
They're worth more alive.
That young one especially
is worth a fortune.
Mother Choseol.
You knew nothing.
There is no calling
from the Great White Wolf.
She already knew
what this place is like.
isn't a place we should've come to.
It's over.
It's all over now.
This is the end of Wahan.
It's not over yet.
This isn't mine.
It can't be.
It isn't over.
If you're still alive,
hang in there.
It's not over yet.
Father, I hope you rest in peace.
That I sincerely wish
from the bottom of my heart.
What the hell? Who's there?
Why not turn on the lights?
I thought you were the enemy.
Your feet are still intact.
What happened? Did everything go smoothly?
See? I told you he'd be back here
walking on his own two feet.
I said that too.
No, you didn't. She bet that you'd
come back crawling with your feet cut off.
Tagon, that's not true!
I never said such a thing.
I'm going to grab something to eat.
I've been hiding out here
ever since I met you at the barracks.
I was in desperate need of some fresh air.
I've been holding my breath
waiting for it to be over.
My father
passed away.
So it really happened.
You really
did it.
Well done.
You did well.
- I must meet Tagon.
- Susu Eunseom!
- What happened?
- Where does he live?
- Did you kill Sanung Niruha?
- I asked you where Tagon lives.
I'm asking if you killed Sanung Niruha.
No, it wasn't me.
- Then who did it?
- Who do you think?
That can't be possible.
I don't care if you believe me or not.
Just tell me where Tagon lives.
- What are you going to do?
- I'll go meet him.
- I have to talk to him.
- Are you out of your mind?
No. This is the only way
both the Wahans and I can live.
Tell me where he lives.
There is a way.
By the way,
why did you spare that dujeumsaeng's life?
I know you can catch him
no matter how nimble he is.
But you let him run away.
Do you have some other plans now?
No, I don't.
I just couldn't chase him.
Why not?
Don't tell me
Did he do this to you?
A way out? A solution?
What kind of solution?
No one here would believe you.
You messed everything up. And now what?
There's a way to save your tribe
after all that's happened?
Do you know what people in Arthdal
call your tribe?
Lowly animals that can walk upright
on two legs but cannot fly.
Chickens and you people.
Are you really an idiotic brute?
Can you not think?
You'll go meet Tagon?
Do you think he'll spare your life?
I found out about his secret.
It can take him down for good.
- His secret?
- You asked me if I'm an idiotic brute
that can't think.
I can think. I am thinking.
Like you said, I'm a stranger here.
I know nothing about this place.
But I'm clenching my teeth really hard
and scratching the ground with my nails
for I can think. I'm thinking
really hard to come up with a solution
because I must rescue my people.
I ought to save their lives.
Then what is it?
What's his secret?
I saw
his weakness.
I know that you're special.
But you see,
there's more than what meets the eye.
Your son wants you dead?
I, too, tried to kill my son in the past.
You know my greatest weakness.
That is my weakness as well.
What did you see?
Tagon is
He's an Igutu,
just like me.
So he knows?
That dujeumsaeng saw this?
I'm not sure.
You're not sure?
How could you say that?
Try to remember what happened.
Did he see it
or not?
Whether he saw it or not,
your purple blood
must've gotten on his knife.
I have the knife.
The question is
whether he saw my blood or not
in that fleeting moment
in the midst of the mayhem.
So after all,
I wasn't the only Igutu.
They're monsters!
So, this is how
the two children of monsters cross paths.
I'm a warrior from the Mulgil Tribe,
I don't understand
what the gods are trying to tell me.
Pardon me?
Aren't you in the Daekan Force?
Why you of all people?
Do you know why I'm here?
Asa Sakan.
I'm here seeking wisdom.
- I'm--
- Do you know about Cheonbuin?
I heard Airuju sent down Cheonbuin,
the three heavenly objects,
and created this world.
Then what are the three heavenly objects?
The sword, the bell,
and the mirror, right?
He also said that he will send down
the three heavenly objects
when he wishes to end the world.
The sword to slay the world,
the bell to echo throughout the world,
and the mirror to illuminate the world.
These three things will end the world.
About two decades ago,
the three heavenly objects
appeared in the world together.
And last night,
five stars aligned in the sky.
Then a comet appeared
and crashed into the biggest star
in the Purple Forbidden enclosure.
I'm not quite following.
Last night, in Arthdal,
there must have been an incident
where a man killed his own father.
That man who killed his own father
will fight against the heavenly objects
and make sure the world
doesn't come to an end.
Find him and help him.
Otherwise, this world will end.
The world will end?
What exactly do you mean by that?
The world of Saram.
The three tribes became Saram because
the Asa Clan can commune with the gods.
That is how this civilization
and our Union were built.
If this world ends,
we will go back to living like
the savage brutes in ancient times.
Go find him.
Could you tell me
if the great mother,
Asa Sin, and Risan
are headed south?
Yes, they are probably headed south.
Where in the south
Could it be Iark,
over The Great Black Cliff?
It's possible. Why do you ask?
That thing over there
Did the great mother,
Asa Sin, leave it behind?
No, of course not.
Asa Sin disappeared with the totem
that has been passed down
to Asa Clan's direct-line descendants.
Then what is that?
We made it after she left.
No one knows where the original one is.
What is on the other side of it?
There is nothing on the other side.
Nothing about the other side
was passed down.
Anyone who contributes to catching the
dujeumsaeng who killed Sanung Niruha
"Anyone who contributes to catching
the dujeumsaeng
who killed Sanung Niruha"
- Will receive eight bronze bars
- "Eight bronze bars!"
- and ten jars of millet
- He must still be here somewhere.
- and sorghum.
- I'll catch that dujeumsaeng
- and kill him to avenge my father.
- "Ten jars of millet and sorghum!"
Do you understand?
You're up.
What do you think?
Doesn't it look incredible?
It's for you to wear
during the Ollimsani later today.
It's nice.
You see, I've done some thinking.
That punk is a dujeumsaeng, you know.
Yes, he is.
It's quite fascinating
that he speaks our language,
but maybe he's a descendant
of one of our ancestors.
In any case, he is a dujeumsaeng.
Even if he saw your wound,
those brutes wouldn't know about Igutus.
They're from Iark.
They used to live at the southern end.
I bet they've never even seen Neanthals.
There's no way he'd know about Igutus.
Even if he saw your blood,
he'd just be fascinated by it.
I think it's impossible,
but even if he does know about Igutus,
he'll still have no idea
what it means to be an Igutu here.
I mean, what would
a mere dujeumsaeng even know?
What's with that smile?
You're trying your best
to make me feel better.
What does today mean to us?
It's a very important day for both of us.
You will become a god.
That is why I chose you,
and we're taking our first step
toward that goal today.
Don't let him distract you.
He's a mere dujeumsaeng after all.
"The purple caterpillar
will become a butterfly."
Come on. Say the next line.
"Even in the midst of a rainstorm,
it shall spread its wings."
How long ago did I tell you
to track Taealha down?
That little bitch must have cooked up
a ruse. We must find her immediately.
You're here.
What did you want to talk to me about?
No matter how hard I try
I can't think of a reason why
that dujeumsaeng would kill Sanung Niruha.
Are you saying Tagon killed my father?
Why would he?
Because he had a scapegoat.
Isn't it the most perfect situation?
Just the three of them were there,
and no one was watching.
But so many people were waiting outside.
Had he saved Father,
he would've become a hero.
- Why would he--
- He's already a hero.
Did you see the way
people were looking at Tagon yesterday?
At this rate,
he'll become the leader of the Union.
- Mihol!
- If that happens,
do you think
you'll be able to keep your position?
Do you think the Hae Tribe will be safe?
We must stop it.
I cannot accuse my brother
of such a thing without any evidence.
And that is why you must track down
that dujeumsaeng as soon as possible.
He is the only witness.
Where is Taealha?
I haven't seen her
since the morning of the Sacred Trial.
She suddenly started feeling ill that day,
so she couldn't even carry out
Niruha's order.
She's getting some rest now.
Send more guards to each checkpoint.
Bring in Platoon 5 and 12.
Yes, sir.
We do not know what he looks like.
Question anyone who looks suspicious.
Ask questions that dujeumsaengs
do not know the answer to.
Understood, sir.
And Taealha too.
You should also look for Taealha
and her servant, Hae Tuak.
We shouldn't just sit back and wait
for that dujeumsaeng to be caught.
Our situation is different
from Danbyeok's.
If Tagon actually becomes
the leader of the Union
and requests that we share
the secrets of our bronze technology
Now that we've lost Sanung Niruha,
no one will be able to stop him.
There is one person who can stop him.
Only one person.
Mihol is on the move.
Where is he headed?
As you expected,
he's headed to The Great Shrine.
My father is so predictable.
Then I guess it's my turn now.
There is something I must confess to you.
Something you must confess?
Did Tagon
really kill Father?
Did he really?
I came to see you
because I need your approval on something.
I'm sure you understand what it means
to make a confession to the High Priest.
During the Sacred Trial, you said
that Tagon has been gifted
with the psychic ability of the gods.
That was Tagon's idea, wasn't it?
Everything the High Priest says and does
come from the eight gods of Arthdal
at The Great Shrine.
How dare you say that it was Tagon's idea?
Everything that's happened
was part of Tagon's scheme
from the get-go.
- What?
- The night before the Sacred Trial,
you must've had a secret rendezvous
with Tagon.
How dare you!
And he must've asked you
to acknowledge his psychic ability.
Am I wrong?
I initially sent my daughter, Taealha,
to Tagon as a yeomari.
However, even she is smitten by him.
In other words,
he toyed with all of us.
What are you getting at?
My approval?
My approval on what?
It's about Father.
May I
perform Father's Ollimsani?
If you say no,
I won't do it.
I'm sure you feel the same way,
but Father just passed away,
so you're the only person
I can consult these things with.
Father trusted you the most,
and you're the head of the Saenyeok Tribe.
I am your elder brother,
but I'm a beogeumbari
who doesn't even know his mother.
I wasn't a good son,
- but I want to--
- The Union leader's Ollimsani
- must be done by the High Priest.
- I will try to get his permission.
Did you
kill Father?
What did you just say?
The Daekan warriors attacked Father
after the Sacred Trial.
I had to find out the truth.
I needed to know if Father really hired
that man to blow the whistle on me.
I wanted to speak with him about it.
I wanted to ask him
why he had to do such a thing to me.
No matter how hard I try
I can't think of a reason why
that dujeumsaeng would kill Sanung Niruha.
I always sided with you.
Even when you went in there all alone,
I had high hopes because I trusted you
as well as what you're capable of.
I thought, "If Tagon saves Father's life,
the years of conflict between the two
may finally come to an end.
Father will eventually open up to him."
Was I wrong?
Did you kill Father?
- Why would I--
- Because you're sick and tired of it too!
I bet you hated Father. Did you kill him?
I did want to kill someone.
You, not Father.
You, Danbyeok.
I wanted you dead.
I thought
Father might become fond of me
if you were gone.
I thought it might make him
warm up to me and treat me like how
he always treated you.
Until the white stones crumbled
and until the blue rocks shattered,
whether I was on The Plains of the Moon
or over The Great Black Cliff,
I thought
that I'd done enough
for Father to finally approve of me.
But now,
I'll never get that approval.
And you think
I killed him?
He stole Taealha from you.
Am I wrong?
I did want to kill
Taealha was the first person
I opened up to when I was 17.
Mihol used that and made her
a yeomari to keep an eye on Father.
That man, Mihol,
took Taealha from me.
And like a sly snake with fangs,
he drove a wedge between Father and me.
Tagon wants to become a king.
A king?
What is that?
Is it the thing that your tribe had
in the faraway land in the west, Remus?
It's the ruler of all things,
the most powerful person under the skies.
Tagon has such a preposterous goal?
Hence, you should become
the leader of our Union.
I'll help you.
No priest
shall serve as a Union leader.
But Kansareu Niruha did.
I will persuade the head of each tribe.
At the tribal meeting,
hold Tagon responsible
for Sanung Niruha's death and oust him
then become the leader of our union.
What should we do with the Wahans?
What? All of the Wahans?
He told me to behead all of them
and hang them at the market
after Sanung Niruha's Ollimsani tonight.
Hey, what if we don't get paid
for the slaves?
I can't believe you're worried about that.
That's not important now!
Then what's important?
If we didn't bring the slaves,
that Eunseom of Wahan
wouldn't have shown up.
Then Sanung Niruha wouldn't have died.
Are you saying he died because of us?
No, I'm saying
that we need a scapegoat
before the people start
questioning our responsibility.
My gosh, you guys are so dumb.
How about we beat that punk up today?
The Daekan Force must be upset.
I know, right?
Those slaves are their property,
but now they're about to lose them all.
You're all going to die tomorrow.
You'll get beheaded.
We are
going to get beheaded tomorrow?
It's all your fault.
If you didn't bring Eunseom
from the lonicera flower forest
If you didn't have that dream
Mungtae, you're talking nonsense!
No, I'm not!
Eunseom came to rescue you
when we all got captured.
You should've just run away with him.
Why did you have to insist
on staying with the people of Wahan?
We're all going to die now
because of what Eunseom did.
"The one who breaks the shell
shall appear on the day
the Azure Comet appears
along with death.
And the Wahan Tribe
shall no longer be the same."
I've been curious
about the meaning of this prophecy
for a very long time.
The child of the prophecy.
And also
my precious daughter.
My daughter, Tanya,
is a cursed child.
The Azure Comet was a cursed comet.
Eunseom is cursed as well.
The cursed child
ended up luring the cursed child.
Father Yeolson, what are you saying?
That's absurd!
He's right. Father's right.
How could something like this happen
if I wasn't cursed?
Ever since I was born until now,
I tried to learn the Spirit Dance,
I tried to have dreams,
and I tried to cast spells.
But I never succeeded.
I did succeed
in casting a spell just once.
Give me a name
so that I can keep on going.
Because you're my dream
as well as Wahan's.
One day, come back for us.
Because of my spell,
we're all about to die.
And Eunseom, who's under my spell,
will do reckless things just to save us,
only to end up dead.
Father Yeolson.
I can't let myself
get beheaded like Urumi.
Me neither.
If I get beheaded,
I won't be able to meet Doldol
or my mother and father.
I will make my last judgment.
If we get beheaded,
our souls
will fail to reach the Great White Wolf
and just fade into the wind.
So before that happens,
we can
to choke each other to death.
Father Yeolson!
The Union leader's Ollimsani
is going to be held tonight.
Once it's over and the sun rises
Where are you going?
I must meet Tagon.
I'll go to the house you told me about.
He won't be there.
It's his father's Ollimsani,
so he'll be in front of the Union Palace.
You need to think first.
I didn't know they'd execute them
so quickly.
I have no time to waste.
I need to do something.
Do you want to save your tribe
or get killed with all of them?
I want to save them.
But if I can't,
I'd rather just die with them.
Asa Ron Niruha.
What is it this time?
In front of the Union Palace
What's happening there?
Tagon is
performing an Ollimsani for Sanung Niruha.
An Ollimsani?
This is absurd.
Let us go.
It has worked.
What has worked?
How can Tagon perform the Ollimsani
for the Union leader?
I'm sure Asa Ron Niruha won't stay still.
I was actually worried that he might.
the owner of Arth and the Black Land.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
We return Sanung,
the successor of the Big Bear,
the Oraha of the Saenyeok Tribe,
and our father, back into your arms.
So please accept him.
- Miruhisha.
- Miruhisha.
To Aramun who'll return with two voices,
a lonicera flower,
the Hammer of Wind,
and Kanmoreu.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
Tagon's performing an Ollimsani.
- An Ollimsani?
- Let's go see.
- Tuak. Where are you going?
- I won't get caught.
No, you'll get caught by my father.
Even if he catches me,
I promise I won't say a word.
That's what you said last time,
but look at what happened.
I promise I won't get caught.
- Please trust me.
- No!
Please don't worry.
If you get caught,
I won't forgive you.
- He's performing an Ollimsani?
- Yes.
- Let us go and see.
- Let's go.
- Where is it happening?
- This is unbelievable.
Have you ever had a dream?
Have you ever had a dream?
have you ever heard
the voice of the spirits?
Answer me!
If you've never had a dream
or heard the voice of the spirits,
that also means you have never heard
the voice of the gods.
Am I correct?
- Yes.
- Then how could you dare
to perform an Ollimsani for Sanung Niruha?
you announced
- that I have the psychic ability--
- Your psychic ability
is only good enough to lead the souls
that died during battle!
How could you dare to perform an Ollimsani
for Sanung Niruha,
the Union leader of Arthdal?
Get down here immediately!
With the power given to me by Asa Sin,
the one who first set foot in Arthdal,
and in the name of Isodunyong,
I order you to come down
and wait for your punishment!
Kneel before me, Asa Ron.
I commanded you to kneel before me!
Have you failed to recognize me
just because I am
borrowing this man's body?
How dare you lie in front of me
and call yourself a god
by putting on an act?
Asa Ron.
I shall borrow
this man's body.
I shall borrow
this man's tongue and lips.
How dare you!
Asa Ron.
I grabbed the hands of the Asa Clan
to help you rise.
I am the one who embraced you!
So how is it
that you fail to recognize me?
I hope he's doing a good job.
We've been dreaming
of this moment for too long.
I breathed life into the Asa Clan.
And I helped you stand
on your own two feet!
I allowed the Saenyeok Tribe to thrive.
And I enabled you
to run across the Black Land!
He is Aramun Haesulla!
- Tagon is Aramun!
- Aramun!
- He is Aramun!
- Aramun!
He is Aramun!
- Aramun!
- He is Aramun!
- Tagon is Aramun!
- He is Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- He is Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Tagon is Aramun!
- He is Aramun!
- Tagon
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
He is Aramun Haesulla!
- He is Aramun Haesulla!
- Aramun!
- Aramun Haesulla!
- Aramun.
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
Aramun Haesulla!
Who are you?
Give this to your master.
- You must be the dujeumsaeng.
- Tell him to come to where we last met
when the moon rises
on top of The Great Shrine.
Before then, he'd better not harm
a single toenail
or break a single nose of
the Wahan people.
- He is here!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- He is Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- He is Aramun Haesulla!
- Aramun!
- Tagon is Aramun Haesulla!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
Aramun Haesulla is here!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun Haesulla!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun Haesulla!
If you harm the people of Wahan,
everyone in Arthdal will find out
that you are an Igutu.
Tagon. Meet him there
and kill him.
They're considered ominous.
I will kill everyone in your tribe.
He's already breaking his promise?
- What are you going to do?
- You have something that we don't.
Arrest him for
the murder of Sanung Niruha.
Tagon's Daekan Forces
are on their way here.
I really saw him.
Eunseom was here.
Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park
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