Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

if you harm the people of Wahan,
everyone in Arthdal
will find out you're an Igutu.
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
- It's Aramun Haesulla!
- Aramun!
- It's Aramun Haesulla!
I, Aramun,
am the vessel
that'll lead you to the skies.
Those of you who are enlightened,
board my vessel.
Join me
to achieve a mighty union!
- Aramun Haesulla!
- Aramun!
- Aramun Haesulla!
- Tagon!
It's Aramun Haesulla.
Aramun Haesulla!
Me, me!
I'm right here!
It's Aramun Haesulla.
- Aramun!
- Aramun!
My goodness.
Last night, in Arthdal,
there must have been an incident
where a man killed his own father.
Mubaek, when did you get back?
Did you see Tagon? You didn't, did you?
"Join me to achieve a mighty union!"
Mubaek, what's wrong?
Sanung Niruha dying
wasn't part of the plan.
So what happened?
Things just got a little complicated.
Don't you try to fool me.
Tell me the truth!
That's not the case. Now let go!
The dujeumsaeng abducted the Niruha--
And he killed Sanung Niruha?
Who else could it have been?
I'm coming back
from an encounter with Harim.
The doctor?
Harim is the one
who attended to Niruha's body.
So what?
The wound was a single slit
with a depth of five chi.
On Sanung Niruha's body?
A single cut nearly severed his throat.
Can a dujeumsaeng
who hasn't even seen
a bronze sword before in his life
commit such a skilled attack?
How stupid are you?
Now tell me
what really happened.
Shit. But so what?
Who cares if Tagon killed Sanung Niruha?
If it weren't for Sanung Niruha,
we would both be long gone.
And then
he used us all our lives!
However, Tagon is different.
Aramun Haesulla.
is the reincarnation of Aramun Haesulla!
It's Aramun Haesulla!
- Aramun.
- Aramun Haesulla!
- Aramun Haesulla.
- Aramun Haesulla.
- Aramun.
- It's Aramun Haesulla!
I can't believe
I'm escorting the great Aramun Haesulla.
It's an honor.
That's enough.
I really don't remember anything.
Well, that's what happens
when a god possesses your body.
The vessel doesn't remember anything.
It was truly amazing.
My lady, are you listening to me?
Aramun Haesulla!
"I am a vessel!"
Not you too.
"Board my vessel!"
- Me, me!
- Get out.
What's wrong?
What is this?
The dujeumsaeng was here.
We were wrong.
He knows what an Igutu is.
Actually, he knows a lot more than that.
He knows what it means
to be one in Arthdal.
He just gave you this and left?
"Tell him to come to where we last met
when the moon rises
on top of The Great Shrine.
Before then, he'd better not harm
a single toenail
or break a single nose of
the Wahan people."
Will Tagon answer to your summons?
He will.
I'm sure.
How can you be so sure?
What is it that you know?
It's because he's an Igutu.
I'm curious though.
Igutus are considered ominous,
but you were fine with it.
You even said that Neanthals were pretty.
Why is that?
I just heard stories.
I've never seen one before though.
But that was enough to help me?
It's just that you looked
awfully familiar
Anyway, aren't you going to tell me
- what guarantees your survival?
- Mihol.
Do you know who Mihol is?
You're really an unpredictable one.
His daughter was in Tagon's house.
His daughter?
Well, tell me about them.
What do you want to know?
Everything that concerns Tagon.
Get a grip.
Tagon, we have so much to do.
I can take care of Danbyeok,
but this is your mess.
That dujeumsaeng won't reveal your secret
as long as those of Wahan live.
He asked to meet you today.
You must comply.
Meet him there
and kill him.
Shut him up for good.
Someone must be helping him.
That dujeumsaeng knows my father's name,
rides a horse, and knows what an Igutu is.
He even knows that Igutus
are loathed in Arthdal.
Who in the union would help a dujeumsaeng?
He couldn't have accumulated
all this knowledge by himself.
Someone in Arthdal must be aiding him.
- And--
- He asked to meet at the marketplace.
- If you kill him
- Whoever is helping him
could spill my secret.
Then what now?
What do we do?
- The Wahan Tribe.
- What about them?
I must stop the execution.
Is that what you ordered?
Bring them over.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
It is time to make a decision.
Only those who die with their heads intact
will be able to meet the Great White Wolf.
We're out of time now,
so the choice
is yours to make.
must meet the Great White Wolf.
I must
reunite with my Doldol.
Go ahead and strangle me.
I can't.
The decision is made
for the sake of Wahan.
Making individual decisions
defeats the purpose.
She's right, Yeolson.
It is up
to our father to make the decision for us.
He's right.
Our father must decide for us.
Prepare the Wahan Tribe for execution.
- Yes sir!
- Yes sir!
have come to a wise decision.
will strangle
the one next to
I can't.
As the tribe's father,
I have always made decisions
for all of us.
However, I can't this time.
I just can't do it.
Why are you crying?
Everybody, stop.
I don't care if I get decapitated,
or if I can't meet the Great White Wolf.
That bastard who killed Olmi and Doldol.
All I want is his neck.
You're here, Tagon.
No! Dalsae!
We wish to know more
about Eunseom of Wahan.
Who will come with me?
Is this what protects you?
I'll go.
- Tanya?
- Tanya, no.
- No!
- Tanya!
- You can't!
- Tanya!
- No!
- Tanya!
- No
- Tanya!
I brought her with me.
Leave us.
I'll lift the spell off you.
It's my spell, so if I die,
it'll be lifted.
These grand structures,
a bustling marketplace,
fine clothes, and hundreds of nice goods.
These are all new to you.
If the spell gets lifted,
survive and fly far away,
Do you see that smoke over there?
It's not from a fire.
It's from the Fortress of Fire.
The Fortress of Fire always emits smoke.
That smoke
has provided us with many things.
You could've enjoyed all of this too
had it not been for Eunseom.
Has he been to Arthdal before?
How did he know about Sanung Niruha
and how did he know
where Sanung Niruha would be?
The dujeumsaeng can ride a horse.
How did he learn to do so?
No one in Iark can ride a horse.
It must be a fatal blow.
Also, do you know
what an Igutu is?
- A fatal blow.
- Do you know about Neanthals?
Purple blood!
An Igutu is a monster
that is half Saram and half Neanthal.
Purple blood runs through its veins.
If Saram is God's blessing,
then Igutu is God's curse.
They're considered ominous
which is why they're all killed
on the spot when they are seen.
Why are you shaking all of sudden?
That is how Igutus are treated in Arthdal.
So how can a dujeumsaeng
who just arrived in Arthdal
know all about this?
You fear those who are different from you.
That's why you kill them.
The people of Wahan are not like that.
Even every plant has a name.
As long as they have a name, even Igutus
have a reason and purpose to exist.
Kill me.
Leave. Get out of my sight.
Go back to your people.
aren't you killing me?
To you, we are no better than ants.
Also, I even tried to kill you.
So why
It's because I can't.
And that's not all.
I can't harm a single toenail of yours
or break your nose for fuck's sake.
Gosh, don't you worry.
I've been through all sorts of things,
but I'm still alive.
I didn't hurt a single toenail,
or break my nose.
It's Eunseom.
Yes, sir.
Tanya? It's Tanya!
- Tanya
- Are you all right?
Tanya, are you all right?
- Tanya!
- Tanya!
What happened?
I don't think we'll die.
- What?
- What?
What do you mean?
That's what he said.
He said he can't kill us.
Tell us more. What are you talking about?
This is what he said.
He said he can't harm
a single toenail of ours
let alone kill us.
And he can't even
break a single nose of ours?
It's Eunseom.
Eunseom must be trying to save us!
Eunseom. It's Eunseom!
- Eunseom
- Eunseom.
What's the meaning of this?
- Come with us.
- Stop struggling!
What on earth is this about?
My goodness.
So it is Hae Tuak. Where is Taealha?
Why should I tell you that?
- Take her.
- But
- Yes, sir.
- Hold on!
No, not that! You can't!
- Come with us.
- No!
Danbyeok has ordered our arrest.
All you have to do is let the guards
catch you with this in your possession.
No, not that!
We have Hae Tuak in custody.
- And Taealha?
- Hae Tuak was alone.
She also had this in her possession.
It is a geulbal addressed to Mihol.
These are the words of Hae Tribe.
Read it.
"Father, please relay your orders
as soon as you hear from Saehanmanop."
"We must hurry. From Taealha."
Sanung Niruha is now gone,
so who's giving orders to Mihol?
Where is Taealha?
I haven't seen her
since the morning of the Sacred Trial.
She suddenly started feeling ill that day,
so she couldn't even carry out
Niruha's order.
She's getting some rest now.
He lied to me.
Also, Saehanmanop
You saw the members of the union.
If a tribal meeting is held,
Tagon will become the leader.
You validated
his psychic ability of the gods
and that enabled him
to perform the Ollimsani.
If Tagon becomes the leader of the Union
he'll have more power than you ever had.
I will try to convince Danbyeok.
Eliminate Tagon.
Tomorrow, at dawn,
I will receive an oracle.
We don't have time to wait.
It could only be our last chance.
Danbyeok ordered the return of the guards.
Even the ones outside the gates.
They will outnumber the Daekan Forces.
Are you certain
you can persuade Danbyeok?
If you allow me to,
I'll get it done.
I'll cut to the chase.
If Sanung Niruha had wanted someone dead,
would it have been Asa Ron or Tagon?
I'm sure you know
that the answer is Tagon.
I didn't know it
when Sanung Niruha hated him so much.
Tagon is wicked and conniving.
He must be eliminated.
If not, he'll become
the next union leader.
We must join forces
- and have Asa Ron be--
- What did you just say?
Asa Ron?
My father devoted his life so that
the Asa Clan wouldn't have a dictatorship.
We can think about that
after we eliminate Tagon.
So please have the guards arrest Tagon.
On what grounds can I order his arrest?
Arrest him
for the murder of Sanung Niruha.
That's enough.
My daughter Taealha
You must be aware by now
that she was a yeomari.
I am aware of his secret.
murdered Sanung Niruha.
please believe me
and have the guards arrest Tagon.
Once you catch the dujeumsaeng,
we will finally know the truth.
do you know someone
by the name of Saehanmanop?
Saehanmanop? Who's that?
Why are you asking me
when he was mentioned
in the letter sent to you
by your daughter?
Danbyeok, you must arrest Tagon--
If you know anything
about my father's murder, tell me.
If you have proof, bring it to me.
We have no other choice.
Send out our soldiers tonight.
Yes, sir.
So Saehanmanop is Asa Ron?
Has he been in league
with Asa Ron this whole time?
Danbyeok and Mihol argued so loud it could
be heard clearly even from the outside.
Is that so? I have to give it to Danbyeok.
He's never easily swayed.
So where is Tagon at this crucial moment?
At this crucial moment,
he's off handling
something more important.
Tagon, this will be our final hurdle.
Good luck.
I know you're there.
Come out.
Sit on that chair.
Purple blood
is running in his veins.
Just like me
I said, sit down.
I'm going to leave
if you do anything stupid.
Put your arms through those nooses.
Igutus are very different from Saram.
They are stronger and faster.
Not as different as Neanthals though.
You probably don't know.
I know very well.
I told you not to do anything stupid.
Shall I leave now?
Oh, sorry.
Where are my people, the Wahans?
They're safe.
I gave the order to stop their execution.
Let them go. All of them.
I certainly can't do that.
I'll leave with them and go back to Iark.
How can I trust you?
I, Eunseom, the dream of the Wahan Tribe,
always keep my promises.
Do you trust me?
You saw me kill my father
after getting on my knees.
What will you do if I follow you
all the way to Iark
and kill you and everyone in your clan?
Then what will you do with them
if you keep them here?
They will remain as slaves,
but I promise you
they'll have decent jobs.
Back in Iark, you probably had to starve
if you couldn't hunt anything,
but that won't happen here.
If you tell anyone that I'm an Igutu,
I'll wipe out your people.
Before the people of the Union find out
that I'm an Igutu and shred me to pieces,
I'll make sure to kill
every single one in your clan first.
Then I'll tell everyone
that you're an Igutu!
Right. I'm aware
that my life now depends
on the Wahan Tribe.
You know my secret,
so I'll keep the Wahans here.
You'll keep my secret safe,
and I'll protect the Wahans,
although it's shitty.
Why wouldn't you kill me
and silence me for good?
Like you said,
Igutus are strong enough to do that.
If that fails,
I'll be so damn screwed.
Even if I succeed,
you could've already told my secret
to someone. If that's the case
Your complete lack of trust in people
actually tells me I can trust you.
So, what will you do?
I'll keep my lips sealed.
As long as the Wahans are safe.
I won't kill your people.
As long as you keep your mouth shut.
you know my secret, so I'll be sure
to track you down and kill you eventually.
I'll eventually
rescue all the Wahans
from this place, Arthdal, at all costs.
Arthdal will soon expand
to the rest of the world.
I'm sure you've seen the gigantic ladder
along the Great Black Cliff.
If you rescue them,
where will you go with them?
Will there be a place left
for you people to go?
I'm not sure.
I'll think about it once I rescue them.
You must stay alive.
I promise I'll rescue you.
How did it go?
You don't need to worry about it now.
What did you do?
Let me get some sleep first.
I'll tell you when I wake up.
I guess it went well.
You're always cool-headed
and composed.
You're not afraid
even in life-threatening moments.
Rather, you turn them into opportunities.
So, why do you lose your cool whenever
you're dealing with Igutu-related matters?
I wonder too.
And why did you bring Saya here?
Saya? Who is that?
Who is Saya?
I went through hoops to raise him.
Twenty years ago, remember?
The baby Igutu you asked me to look after.
Why are you calling him "Saya"?
Haven't I told you?
He came up with the name one day.
He told me to call him "Saya"
going forward.
Is he still locked in
the Fortress of Fire?
If he was confined for 20 years,
he would have gone mad by now.
He occasionally goes out at night.
Don't you worry.
I taught him to behave himself.
He's well aware of the fact
that he may get killed
if people find out that he's an Igutu.
Get off!
Come on. Get off!
- Go!
- Why
Go! Move!
What is this place?
Where the heck are we now?
What is going on?
What do you want?
It's Asa Ron Niruha's order.
They are going to
the Fortress of Fire, right?
Do you see that smoke over there?
It's not from a fire.
It's from the Fortress of Fire.
Are we inside the Fortress of Fire?
- So which one of you is it?
- Who is it?
- Please don't kill us!
- Shut up!
What? What do you mean they're gone?
Where did the Wahans go?
Well, they didn't run away
or anything like that.
- They've been moved.
- To where?
Tagon. On the podium in the market,
Daedae the scribe is
What is he doing?
This is a message for the dujeumsaeng
that murdered Sanung Niruha.
"This is a message for the dujeumsaeng
that murdered Sanung Niruha!"
Come to the Union Palace
"Come to the Union Palace"
By sunrise tomorrow.
"By sunrise tomorrow."
If you don't,
we'll skin your people, behead them,
and hang them high in the Wailing Forest.
"If you don't,
we'll skin your people, behead them,
and hang them high in the Wailing Forest."
Those of you who heard this message
"Those of you who heard this message"
Should spread the word
"Should spread the word"
So it reaches the dujeumsaeng.
"So it reaches the dujeumsaeng."
I'll skin and behead them all!
He did such a preposterous thing
to save his people,
so I'm sure he'll show up
if the message reaches him.
But what if he shows up and says
that he killed Sanung?
Niruha, the truth doesn't matter.
He can only say this one thing.
"Tagon killed Sanung Niruha." That's it.
We'll just have to make things
seem that way.
If he doesn't show up,
I'll hire someone to play him.
No one knows what he looks like anyway.
That's right.
They'll behead every Wahan
if you don't show up.
He's already breaking his promise?
What are you going to do?
Will you go out there and tell everyone
about Tagon's secret?
If you do that, all the Wahans
will get killed immediately.
I told you. This wasn't going to work out
in the first place.
No, I won't reveal his secret.
Then what?
You have something that we don't.
When I took the union leader down,
two groups of men fought over him.
You said a union leader is like
a great father of a tribe.
I've never seen anything like it.
What about it?
And he told me something.
My son wants me dead.
He said his son, Tagon,
is trying to kill him.
I, too, tried to kill my son in the past.
It's because he had tried
to kill Tagon before.
I'm not following at all.
You people have cliques.
Even though you all live together,
you folks are divided
into different cliques.
It's quite fascinating.
Friends and enemies coexist.
As for us, our enemies were always
outside our territory.
What about it?
You told me that if Tagon had one enemy,
it'd be Mihol.
Then you asked me about
Mihol and Taealha back then because
I didn't know what Tagon would do.
He's not the only one with trust issues.
I, too, am losing trust in people.
I know what I have to do next.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to use Mihol.
I'll give him a weapon
he can use to take Tagon down
and rescue all the Wahans.
How did you come up with such a strategy
in that short amount of time
using the dynamics among people?
What is that?
You don't even know what "strategy" means,
yet you came up with the idea
to use the power dynamics
to take Tagon down?
I just thought I should try that
to save my people.
Where can I go to meet Mihol?
You don't have to meet him in person.
How can I talk to him without meeting him?
Using these.
What are they?
There are drawings on wooden tablets.
These "drawings" are called "letters."
Tell me more.
This thing
can relay my message to him?
I'll explain. This is
You're starting to scare me a little.
You seem to be enjoying this.
Hey, are you
- You're enjoying this, aren't you?
- I guess I do find it a bit amusing.
Is this an illness or something?
what are you thinking?
- What?
- I asked you if you're enjoying this.
Yes, I think I am.
It must be an illness
If what I'm thinking is right
They must be burning something.
Hold on. What if they burn us to death?
That's not from burning something
that is alive.
- That must be--
- Then what are they burning?
If it's not alive, what is it then?
Well, I'm not sure.
If you
must keep us alive,
you'd better find us as soon as possible.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I don't know anything,
but someone asked me to give this to you.
"I have a weapon
that can take Tagon down for good.
How much are you willing to pay?
When the moon comes over the Great Shrine,
meet me at the Great Gochiju Rock."
This may be Tagon's ruse.
But we can't completely ignore this
if there really is a weapon
that can take him down.
We're not talking one or two of them.
All of them are gone,
and you don't know where they are?
No, sir.
All I heard is that
Asa Ron Niruha gave the order.
"Before then, he'd better not harm
a single toenail
or break a single nose of
the Wahan people."
Then I'll tell everyone
that you're an Igutu!
What do you mean?
The man you met yesterday
is trying to save us,
and someone else is trying
to get us killed?
Yes, I think that is what's happening now.
I mean, isn't it strange?
They worried about others finding out
about them moving us here.
What is that thing called?
A wagon?
Anyway, they made us get on that thing.
If Tagon,
or whatever his name is, finds us,
- we have hope.
- Fine, let's say he wants to save us.
How will he find us though?
We were brought here secretly.
He will find us
if the Great White Wolf helps him.
I'm sick of hearing about
the Great White Wolf.
Jeez, those buggers drew
even more stuff here.
Do you see that smoke over there?
It's not from a fire.
It's from the Fortress of Fire.
aren't you killing me?
What is it, sir?
Assemble all the Daekan warriors
in secret.
- Pardon me?
- When the moon rises over the Great Shrine
and as the night deepens,
we will raid the Fortress of Fire.
Bring him to the Fortress of Fire.
I want you to go there tonight
and check him out.
Find out if he's alone or not
and if anyone is tailing him.
If he doesn't seem dangerous,
bring him to the Fortress of Fire.
Understood, sir.
If you don't return,
I will assume that it is Tagon's ruse.
Asa Ron was probably the one
who moved the Wahans elsewhere.
But that dujeumsaeng
must still be somewhere in Arthdal.
Tagon is planning something treacherous.
Now, what will you do, Mubaek?
Last night, in Arthdal,
there must have been an incident
where a man killed his own father.
That man who killed his own father
will fight against the heavenly objects
and make sure the world
doesn't come to an end.
Was she referring to Tagon?
I think it's him.
The guy who rode the horse in Iark.
I think he's the one
who killed Sanung Niruha.
If that horse is Kanmoreu
then he's Aramun
And the three heavenly objects
that will end the world.
The sword, the bell,
and the mirror.
What's the matter?
Father, Eunseom was here.
He was wearing a necklace and a bracelet
made with Hard Stones.
I'm serious.
I really saw him.
Eunseom was here.
He came to save us.
He was right here.
I really saw him, Father.
It sounds like
had a dream.
You had a dream.
But why?
Why now?
A dream?
It's all useless now.
Where is Mihol?
Don't move.
Don't turn around.
He would like to meet you.
Come with me.
You will meet him.
If you try to trick me--
There is no trap.
We desperately need that weapon.
Lead the way.
Danbyeok, we're simply trying to
find out the truth.
The truth behind Sanung Niruha's death.
Mihol must've given you the rundown.
When did you
join hands with Mihol?
In order to
catch the dujeumsaeng
that was at the scene,
we're holding the Wahans hostage.
Are you
We have an emergency.
Fully armed Daekan warriors
are headed to the Fortress of Fire.
Where are you taking me?
The Fortress of Fire.
What is going on?
Tagon's Daekan Forces
are on their way here.
The Wahans. I bet they're raiding us
to take back the Wahans.
Take them to Pilgyeonggwan. Now!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Block the gates!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Get up!
Please, don't!
Go in!
Go in! Move!
- Don't
- Go in already!
What is happening?
- Lock them up in the storage room.
- Pardon me?
- Lock them up now!
- Yes, sir. This way.
- Hurry up.
- Move!
- This way.
- Go!
- Hurry!
- Move!
- Gosh!
- Move!
- Please don't do this.
- Let go!
- This is the Hae Tribe's territory. Leave!
- Get lost!
Stop them! Don't let them get in here.
- Leave at once!
- This is the Hae Tribe's territory
Well, Tagon.
What is going on here?
This is the Fortress of Fire.
How dare you barge in like this
with your Daekan warriors?
The dujeumsaengs
we, Daekan Forces, caught in Iark
rightfully belong to us.
We're here to take the Wahans back.
Don't give such a blatant excuse, Tagon.
I know that is not why you're here.
We brought the Wahans here
in order to catch the dujeumsaeng
that killed Sanung Niruha.
You were afraid that the dujeumsaeng
might get caught.
That is why you are here.
Am I wrong?
You are here because you are scared
of the truth.
Am I wrong?
The truth?
Did you say, "the truth"?
The truth must be revealed.
I cannot trust you
to reveal the truth, Mihol.
Why is that?
Why is that, Tagon?
Because you tried to kill me
the day before the Sacred Trial.
Because you're trying to frame me
by catching that dujeumsaeng.
I tried to
kill you?
You asked Taealha
to murder me.
That is nonsense.
It has no smell,
or color.
You know what it is, right?
tried to kill Tagon?
I'm not sure.
What is that?
Father wouldn't have given such orders.
I haven't seen Taealha.
Mihol, have you been scheming with Asa Ron
even before the Sacred Trial?
It doesn't matter
what kind of misunderstanding there is
or what kind of dispute there was
between you and Mihol.
You broke the basic principles
of the union
by bringing the Daekan Force
into the Fortress of Fire.
The union leader is no longer with us.
Therefore, I, Asa Ron,
the head of the White Mountain tribe
and the High Priest hold authority.
And I hereby order
Tagon to be arrested.
Tagon, just surrender.
We've already summoned the guards
from all of Arthdal,
and they are already on their way here.
The Daekan Force may be brave,
but you are outnumbered.
So please just cooperate.
Guards, what are you doing?
Arrest Tagon!
Danbyeok, what are you doing?
Order your men to arrest him!
Your daughter, Taealha,
suddenly disappeared that morning
on the day of the Sacred Trial.
What were you doing?
And whose orders were you following?
What are you talking about? I was
- following orders from Sanung--
- No.
My father would never give
that kind of order.
If Tagon died before the Sacred Trial,
the one who'd benefit from that the most
would be the one
who had his back to the wall.
Asa Ron, the High Priest.
Guards, draw your swords!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
I order you to arrest Asa Ron Niruha
and Mihol, the head of the Hae Tribe,
in order to uncover the truth!
My goodness.
What a ridiculous situation.
The full moon is up in the sky.
But it so happens to be covered
by the dark clouds in the night sky.
This is the Fortress of Fire.
This is my home.
- What's this?
- What's happening?
- Catch Mihol!
- Catch him!
- Catch Mihol!
- Catch Mihol!
- Catch him!
- Catch Mihol!
Open up! Open the doors!
- Don't move!
- The doors are closed!
- What's this?
- What's happening?
- Catch Mihol!
- Catch him!
- Catch Mihol!
- Catch Mihol!
- Catch him!
- Catch Mihol!
- Don't move!
- Catch him!
- Catch him!
- We must catch him!
- You did it!
- Over here!
Father Yeolson, what should we do now?
Let's kill at least one of them.
Let's die fighting.
Yes, let's fight in the name of Wahan.
- In the name of Wahan.
- In the name of Wahan.
no longer exists.
I will make one last wise decision.
- Buksoe of Wahan.
- Yes.
Mungtae of Wahan.
Agaji of Wahan.
All the people of Wahan.
From this moment on,
I shall free all your names
that have been tied to Wahan.
From now on, we are on our own.
We shall decide for ourselves
and live on our own.
Some of us will die.
And some of us will live.
Let's stop hoping
that we'll meet after we die.
Let's hope that we'll be able
to meet each other again alive.
Let us never be determined
to die together ever again.
Now, go.
Father Yeolson.
- What's going on? Don't move!
- Bring a torch!
- Stay still!
- Where's the torch?
Don't move!
- Bring a torch!
- We can't see!
- Bring a torch!
- Let's go out!
Gather around!
Stay still!
Bring a torch!
Dalsae, I can't see anything!
It's the Wahan Tribe!
- Let's go.
- Come on.
I got you!
- Dalsae, please help!
- Catch them!
Dalsae, help me! Dalsae!
Dalsae, please help!
- Dalsae!
- Dalsae!
A dream?
It's all useless now.
It wasn't
a dream.
Be quiet.
What about Mungtae and Teodae?
Just hurry up.
Can you jump?
My leg
My leg
Gosh, my leg
- Buksoe
- Eunseom!
- Eunseom.
- Dalsae.
Why is the Daekan Force here?
Did you have another dream?
Last night, it was the recurring dream
of being locked up.
I was confined in a place
surrounded by rocks.
Hanging from the walls
were tanned hides
with weird drawings on them.
Pieces of wood were threaded together
and rolled into a cylinder.
I'm inside
Eunseom's dream.
It's Mubaek.
Mubaek, there's
What's the matter?
It's the dujeumsaeng
that killed Sanung Niruha.
He's over there.
Dalsae, hurry up and escape with Buksoe.
- Eunseom.
- Hurry!
About two decades ago,
the three heavenly objects
appeared in the world together.
Then what are the three heavenly objects?
The bell to echo throughout the world,
the sword to slay the world,
and the mirror to illuminate the world.
These three things will end the world.
I decide everything, including
where I'll stay and where I'll go
and who will become the king.
I will make him become the king!
You will end up being abandoned.
Who are you?
Everyone is scared
saying that a disaster
has been brought upon Arthdal.
Asa Ron
How did one end up in Iark
while the other ended up here?
I will stick with Asa Ron.
In the meantime, you stay close to Tagon.
I have avenged Sanung's death!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- He's dead.
- No!
No, he isn't.
It's the comet!
What in the world
Why did the comet have to
appear now, of all times?
What if she has the baby today?
Subtitle translation by: Ja-won Lee
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