Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Dalsae, hurry up and escape with Buksoe.
- Eunseom.
- Hurry!
Catch him!
Who are you?
Come here.
Politely escort Asa Ron Niruha.
Tagon and Danbyeok.
Do you think
you can handle the consequences?
Thank you.
I simply did what I had to do
as Father's son.
Mihol and Heulrip are nowhere to be seen.
The Bronze Workshop.
They're probably there.
Why are you doing this to us?
I'm just a boy.
Please spare my life.
I want you two to escape this place.
We, the Hae Tribe, barely managed
to survive in the faraway land, Remus,
and came all the way to Arth,
the eastern end.
Why did we decide
to settle down here in Arth?
Because of the fingers
engraved on the Great Gochiju Rock.
A mysterious civilization
with the same engraving on its shield
turned our homeland into utter ruins.
I'm certain that this place, Arthdal,
is connected to that incident.
We ought to uncover the secrets.
No matter where you are,
you must remember that mission.
Yes, sir.
Now, go.
You must stay alive.
Survive, no matter what.
Yes, sir.
Hey, he's burning those things. Stop him!
Damn it. Gosh!
Now, I am the only person
with the bronze-working knowledge
in the entire Arthdal.
That was completely unnecessary.
All you had to do was get on your knees
before Taealha.
Instead, you killed
these valuable craftsmen.
Take him away.
You sneaky rat!
How did a Wahan
manage to sneak into this place?
Come here.
What are you staring at?
Is that
Are you
melting stones in that thing?
A dujeumsaeng has already
figured out that much? I'm impressed.
But how
How can fire melt stones?
I'm not sure. We'll have to find out now.
You little
Let him go.
Could this be it?
Hey, what do you think you're doing?
Don't touch anything.
This is it! The wind.
This makes the fire burn hotter. Hotter!
Burn hotter! Hotter!
Burn hotter! Hotter!
An extremely hot fire
can melt stones.
It liquefies them,
and they harden again.
Come here, you rat.
No, don't.
Let him observe the whole process.
Pardon me?
- No!
- Be quiet!
- No, please!
- I'll beat you up!
- Don't
- Shut the hell up.
Be quiet!
- Here's another one.
- I caught another one, sir!
- Hey! Be quiet!
- I caught one too.
Get over here. You piece of
I caught another one!
There you are.
Is that An Igutu?
Tagon, there's an Igutu here.
How many of my brothers must I kill
because of you?
Did you see what he did?
That bastard isn't a Saram.
He's not strong enough to be a Neanthal.
Then could he be an Igutu?
What's going on? What happened?
- Mubaek.
- What the hell is going on?
He's the dujeumsaeng
that killed Sanung Niruha.
He's an Igutu?
Susu Dalsae and Susu Buksoe!
- Doti!
- Doti.
What are you doing here?
Where is Susu Eunseom?
I did not kill Sanung.
An Igutu? But how
Tagon is
If I tell him that Tagon is also an Igutu,
he may kill all the Wahans.
Tagon is what?
What's going on here?
There's a dead Daekan warrior
in Saya's room.
Take care of it quietly
and keep Saya here for the time being.
Yes, sir.
I asked you what's going on.
This girl saw Saya.
He jumped off this cliff?
He's an Igutu, isn't he?
That certainly wasn't Eunseom.
Is he just someone who looks like him?
Could he be
Eunseom's benetbeot?
I'm certain that it was the place
Eunseom saw in his dreams.
Does that mean the person
Eunseom saw in his dreams wasn't himself
but that boy?
You want to spare her life?
You said she knows that Saya is an Igutu.
We have no choice but to keep her alive
until we catch that dujeumsaeng.
No, this is
You must've made a deal with him,
but this is a separate issue.
We must silence her.
Let's cut off her tongue
if you don't want to kill her.
Those eyes look familiar.
What are you talking about?
Of course, they do.
You saw him ten years ago.
The sun will come up soon.
Should we kill her
or just cut off her tongue?
Tagon, this isn't the time
to fight about something like this.
We're about to do
some very important things.
You have to attend the meeting
at the Union Palace as well.
- Let's just kill her.
- If you kill me,
that boy will die too.
What did you just say?
Yes, let's give it a shot.
If I die
This will be fun, Eunseom.
That boy will die too.
I told you we should just kill her.
- We don't have time to waste--
- Last night,
I had a dream.
The Great White Wolf came to me.
I couldn't understand everything
because of my turbid mind,
but I heard this loud and clear.
If I die,
that boy will die too.
If what I'm thinking is right,
and if the person Eunseom saw
in his dreams was that boy,
not himself
Look at you trying so hard
not to get killed with that clumsy skill.
Last time, you gave some spiel
about the crescent moon
and told Mugwang
that someone will rip out his heart.
But you know what?
He's still alive and well.
If you keep running your mouth,
I'll pull out your tongue first and then
think about what to do with you.
Last night in my dream,
I saw a girl.
What was her name?
Good for you.
- Her name was
- You meet other girls even in your sleep.
Oh, right!
That's her name.
Saenarae and I were going to run away
What did you just say?
What's going on?
Do you know who Saenarae is?
How do you know her?
I'm not sure what happens after that
because the story gets interrupted,
but I saw myself calling out
Saenarae's name
and crying.
Do not
hurt him anymore.
What's she talking about?
Hold on.
What else?
Go on.
After that, another woman came.
You see so many girls in your dreams.
Then she slid that thing into my hand.
The blood-smeared bracelet.
When Saenarae died,
his fate and mine entwined.
If I die,
he will die too.
I've been given a mission to protect
that boy.
I can't believe this.
How is this possible?
What's this about?
Do you know what she's talking about?
There was an incident in the past.
One that she could never have known.
Only Hae Tuak and I know what happened.
Last night, in order to uncover the truth
behind Sanung Niruha's death,
Danbyeok, the leader of the guards
"In order to uncover the truth
behind Sanung Niruha's death"
He arrested the head of the Hae Tribe,
Mihol, and the High Priest, Asa Ron,
and imprisoned them.
"He arrested the head of the Hae Tribe,
Mihol, and the High Priest, Asa Ron,
- and imprisoned them."
- What is happening?
They said calamity will come upon us
when the blood
of the Asa Clan touches Arthdal's soil.
We must pray. What are you waiting for?
They said they'd behead all the Wahans.
What is happening?
Why did they suddenly arrest
Asa Ron Niruha?
I wonder too.
Release Asa Ron Niruha at once,
or Isodunyong's wrath will sweep across
the entire land of Arthdal.
In three days, a meeting where
every tribal and clan chief will gather
will be held.
The truth behind Sanung Niruha's death
will be revealed at that meeting.
What did you say?
"The truth"?
The fact that both the guards
and Tagon failed to protect Sanung Niruha
and that they left him to die?
Exactly. Also,
neither the guards nor the Daekan Forces
have managed to catch
that puny dujeumsaeng yet.
We will catch him.
You just keep saying that.
Last night,
Daekan's brothers, Mubaek and Yangcha,
chased that dujeumsaeng.
He got severely injured
and jumped into the river.
Mubaek is looking for him
with the Daekan warriors now,
so we'll find him soon.
And when we capture that dujeumsaeng,
we'll be able to uncover the truth.
If you have nothing to hide,
just trust Danbyeok
and wait for now.
He had the nerve
to arrest the High Priest.
- I know. It's preposterous.
- How absurd.
How are they still unable to catch
that wretched dujeumsaeng?
A dujeumsaeng?
Danbyeok, the pressure is rising.
Well, I signed up for it.
You must watch your back.
You're becoming a target.
Who was that?
Reveal yourself!
Leave it.
Did he say anything else before he left?
There wasn't time
to exchange a conversation.
he was an Igutu.
An Igutu? He's an Igutu?
Why did I not figure that out?
people have been whispering
in regard to Asa Ron Niruha's arrest.
Asa Ron Niruha must be aware of that,
so what will you do?
I shall plead with him.
Will you risk losing me
and go back to only
fighting with stone axes
and swords made of bones?
Is this Taealha's handwriting?
This is Tagon's scheme.
Tagon schemed
to have Taealha take his life?
Does that make sense to you?
Saehanmanop in this geulbal
must refer to Asa Ron Niruha.
That's why you suggested
that I help you make him the union leader.
Bring me Taealha.
- Mihol--
- Bring me Taealha!
I can still see what's outside
even though I'm in here.
The members of the Union will be agitated.
What will happen
when the blood of Asa Clan
is spilled on Arthdal soil?
They'll be terrified.
That fear
will then be forwarded to
the two rats of the Saenyeok Tribe.
Worried yet, Tagon?
You're searching for the dujeumsaeng
that went over the cliff?
I'm sure he'll turn up as a corpse
for he
witnessed you killing your father.
He's not the only witness.
My father's throat was slit in half
and I saw it too.
And the sword
was in my hand.
I'm not trying to make an excuse.
You're right.
I killed my father.
Did you just confess
to killing your own father?
Being the clever man you are,
I'm sure you know what this means.
"The fact that
he's telling me such a big secret
must mean that he'll kill me."
Will you join hands with me again?
I will become Union leader
and you'll continue
to serve the gods of Arthdal.
You can decline, of course.
However, that'll only end in your death.
Whether the Union falls apart, or I die
while running away after killing you,
or leave with the Daekan Forces
and go to war with
the White Mountain Tribe,
before I take a step out of this room,
I'll have to kill you
since you know I murdered my father.
So what will it be?
You truly are an offspring of the devil.
You're right. If you kill me right now,
you'll die trying to escape the grounds.
Even if you manage to survive,
you'll become the Union's enemy.
If my death
can end the curse
that you'll bring upon us,
I'll gladly sacrifice myself.
So that leaves us with two options.
A scenario
where you and I both die
and a scenario
where you and I both live.
A way for us both to live?
That's right.
Which one will it be then?
Just say the word
so you can make your way back
to inhale the Sacred Smoke
and meet the gods.
Tighten the security.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
How is Asa Ron Niruha?
All he demanded was that I bring proof.
What about Mihol?
He claims that it's all a scheme
and demanded a face-to-face with Taealha.
Have you located her?
Even Hae Tuak escaped amidst the chaos.
Do you truly not know
where Taealha is?
I haven't seen her since she came
with the bichwisan.
If we find her,
may we shoot to kill?
If I die,
he will die too.
When Saenarae died,
his fate and mine entwined.
No way.
Could that bitch really have the gift?
Lady Taealha,
is upset with me, isn't he?
I was flustered by the sudden intrusion.
I should've taken care of it.
- It was wrong of me--
- Saenarae.
Do you still think of her?
Do you
resent me?
I did before,
but not now.
Just know that I'm sorry
about what happened.
Meet me at the gitgang when the moon sets.
we'll run away.
Lady Taealha.
You're still up.
You know
I came to check up on you.
It must be stuffy
being cooped up in the tower.
I've gotten used to it now.
Besides, Tuak sometimes takes me outside,
so I'm all right.
I don't see Saenarae.
She's here most of the time.
She went to bed.
She'll come if you call for her.
Is that so?
Good night then.
Sure, you too.
Hold on.
Good night.
It's all right now.
Please don't worry about it.
No, I'm sorry.
I regret it, you know.
I really do.
Hae Tuak.
She's your new maid.
You'll have her be his maid?
A maid?
What's that?
You can train her.
A dujeumsaeng wouldn't know anything.
Train me?
What on earth is that?
Must I really train that dujeumsaeng?
My lady!
Gosh, stop whining.
What about Tagon? Is he not here?
No, he's not here yet.
You had better be doing well.
Which one will it be then?
Marry someone
of the Asa Clan.
We lost him.
We'll search again from the gitgang--
No, say that you found him.
- Sorry?
- Can't you understand me?
We killed him and retrieved his body.
His wounds were too deep
to have survived anyway.
Find a body to pass off as his.
No one's really seen his face anyway.
We'll just dress the body up like him.
Is she dead?
Is my mom dead?
She's dead, isn't she?
I'll kill them all.
About Eunseom
Where did you get this?
It belonged to Susu Eunseom's mom.
That's impossible.
This is the crest of the Asa Clan.
It did belong to Eunseom's mom.
Although I don't know what an Asa is.
Tell me the truth.
Where did you get this?
It's true.
It belonged to Susu Eunseom's mom.
What was her name again?
How would I know?
Oh, I remember!
He's definitely an Igutu.
If the Wahans
are the descendants of Asa Sin and Risan,
how can he be an Igutu?
The first of the heavenly objects,
the Child of the Sword.
Is that it?
Or is it not?
I see you're learning swordsmanship.
Greetings, Mubaek.
- Is he inside?
- Yes.
Your movements aren't so bad.
Will he live?
I don't know.
I've never treated an Igutu before.
What are you planning to do?
Have you forgotten
what these hybrids mean in Arthdal?
How can I?
Igutu is the ozubari of
the Neanthals we exterminated.
Take him with you.
This belonged to his mother.
What are you talking about?
This is the crest of Asa Clan.
It belonged to Asa Hon.
How do you know this young man?
His name is Eunseom
and he's the son of Georukeumihon.
Asa Hon.
Are you all right?
Your necklace.
Where is it?
It's all right.
I guess I got greedy
with the pomegranates.
Please have one.
Swords, bows, and shields.
Don't leave anything behind.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Where's Asa Hon?
She already left.
What do you mean?
I was supposed to escort her!
You will hold ground here.
It's Sanung Niruha's orders.
Stand. Be quick.
Can't you be quicker than that?
I said sit!
I told you not to stare at me.
Until your master addresses you,
a maid isn't allowed to look up.
What is a master anyway?
What's a master? Jeez.
It's the person who owns you.
It's the person
you must obey at all times.
Now let's get back to it. Sit.
Why on earth would anyone own me?
- I didn't look up.
- Don't even sigh.
Stand! I mean, sit!
I thought you knew our language,
but it seems like you can't comprehend it.
My lady, she's impossible to train!
What did you just call me?
Get back here.
Why you little
You win.
You bitch!
Crazy bitch!
My lady, please!
Is Tagon back?
Tagon has asked you to come
to Bandi Forest.
- Bandi Forest?
- Yes.
The one next to where
we hold tribal meetings.
She's a pestering little bitch.
I'll tell you about her later.
- That bitch--
- You said you'd talk about her later.
I wonder why Tagon
called you out to Bandi Forest.
I know it's a sacred place,
but it's where you two
You know, when you were young.
You two
This is a surprise.
It brings back old memories.
Did you talk to my father?
I didn't need to
since the head of the Hae Tribe
will be you as of tomorrow.
So you struck a deal with Asa Ron.
What are his terms?
As per the Union's custom,
I am to marry into the Asa Clan.
You barely train,
but your moves are getting faster.
That's because I've never once
put down the knife in my heart.
Why aren't you stopping me?
Do you think I'm bluffing?
There's no other way to handle Asa Ron.
The White Mountain tribe won't let me,
which means it'll cause a civil war.
A long time ago, Risan eloped with Asa Sin
no matter what it cost their people.
If I suggest
what Risan did all those years ago,
would you follow?
Of course.
You know me too well.
That's why
we became lovers in this forest.
You're not the only one
who's losing your love.
I truly mean it.
I also--
neither of us
has accomplished anything yet.
At least that's how I'll think of it,
my soon-to-be union leader.
can we still be lovers?
I hope so.
And I hope
you'd want the same.
Isn't Asa Mot too ugly
to be the union leader's manolha?
By the way,
how are you going to sleep with her?
You're an Igutu.
It will always have to be dark,
and I won't be able
to take my clothes off.
I guess that's how it's going to be.
I hope you get caught one day
so that you'll end up
killing Asa Mot.
I'm sure Tagon doesn't really want this.
My lady.
What are you doing with that awful thing?
Isn't that bichwisan?
I'm going to kill Asa Ron.
But I thought you agreed
to do what Tagon said.
Yes, I did. I understood everything.
He made me understand everything
so perfectly.
Tagon really knows me too well.
Then what's the problem?
Why are you trying to kill Asa Ron Niruha?
Because I am not someone who stops
when there is still a way
to achieve what I want.
- My lady
- I'm going to kill Asa Ron
and make Danbyeok take the blame for it.
I will hand Danbyeok over
to the enraged White Mountain Tribe.
Then there will be no war.
And Tagon and I will be able
to get married.
But what if things go wrong?
Call Gilseon.
Where are you going?
You haven't eaten anything all day.
Would you like me to get something to eat?
My lady?
I'm going to kill Asa Ron.
She's going to kill Asa Ron.
I will hand Danbyeok over
to the enraged White Mountain Tribe.
And she's going to hand Danbyeok over
to the White Mountain Tribe.
That means Danbyeok needs to stay alive.
And Asa Ron
needs to die.
You asked for me, Taealha?
How much are you willing
to sacrifice for Tagon?
I am willing to do anything.
Even if it's something
that goes against
what Tagon currently wants?
If it is something that will
truly benefit Tagon in the long run,
I will do it.
Asa Ron.
I want him dead.
What are you going to do?
Danbyeok, are you trying
to dismantle the Union?
Watch what you say.
Why would he do such a thing?
The Union will break at this rate.
This is not merely a problem
of the Asa Clan.
If the White Mountain Tribe
sends their troops to Arthdal,
there will be nothing I can do
to stop them.
No one knows who will win.
But the Union will collapse
as soon as the battle begins.
Danbyeok, she's right.
The White Mountain Tribe
- and the guards of the Saenyeok Tribe--
- I will make a speech
on the podium
in front of all the people of our Union.
Get ready.
That's going to be dangerous.
I told you to get ready.
I heard some people even want
to have Danbyeok killed.
We have no other choice
but to make sure we guard him better.
Danbyeok's going to make a speech
on the podium?
Yes, we're on our way to guard him.
Let us borrow a few of your men.
Stay here and stand guard.
Okay, will do.
What are you doing here?
I was getting ready to give this
to Asa Ron Niruha.
Aren't you in Troop One?
You're supposed to be
in front of the podium.
Get to your senses.
- Really, sir?
- Get going.
Yes, sir.
Here's your meal.
Where's Tagon?
Why isn't Tagon coming?
He'll be here soon.
Do you really need to do this?
If I, the leader of the guards,
can't even eat at the marketplace
because I'm scared of the people,
I wouldn't be worthy of my position.
You've been poisoned. This is an antidote.
The name of the poison is bichwisan.
That's absurd.
We even fed it to the chickens.
My goodness, what happened?
- They were alive until a second ago!
- It was clear,
- What am I going to do?
- and it had no smell or color.
My goodness gracious.
- So how is this possible?
- This is crazy!
What am I going to do now?
- My goodness.
- Bichwisan.
It has no smell, taste, or color.
What am I going to do now?
Did Mihol make a new type of poison?
I am a descendant of the Saenyeok Tribe,
the son of Sanung Niruha,
and the leader of the guards
whose job is to protect
the people of the Union.
And I am here
to inform you of the recent event.
He is the senior of Arthdal,
the head of the White Mountain Tribe,
and the priest who serves
the eight gods of Arthdal.
We have detained Asa Ron Niruha!
- What?
- My goodness.
How can you do such a thing?
The gods will punish us!
- My goodness.
- We will be punished!
Isodunyong will curse those who are
blasphemous toward the Asa Clan!
People of the Union!
Have you already forgotten
about the death of Sanung Niruha
who was my father, the Union leader,
and the head of the Saenyeok Tribe,
whom you loved and respected so much?
Asa Ron Niruha conspired against
my father's life
during the Sacred Trial!
- My gosh.
- Look.
- He's bleeding.
- It's blood.
- Is that blood?
- It's blood.
My goodness.
What's wrong with him? Has he been cursed?
He conspired against my father,
and that is why Sanung
That is why he died
He died
- My goodness.
- What's happening?
- When he died
- What's wrong with him?
- The gods have cursed him!
- He's been cursed.
He's been cursed!
- My goodness!
- It's a curse!
He has been cursed!
- It's a curse.
- My goodness.
The gods have cursed him!
- It's a curse!
- A curse!
- The gods have cursed him!
- It's a curse!
- He is being cursed!
- Danbyeok!
- It's a curse!
- It's a curse!
- The gods have cursed him!
- It's a curse!
This is all quite futile.
So many things happened
only to go back to how things were.
Not everything is the same.
The union leader will be
someone different.
What's wrong?
Well, the thing is, Danbyeok collapsed
on the podium.
He's in critical condition.
What happened?
I fed bichwisan to Asa Ron, but he's fine.
Why did Danbyeok become sick?
It's complete chaos out there.
Danbyeok apparently collapsed,
and some even say he died.
What are you talking about?
Why did he collapse?
I don't know. He was giving a speech
on the podium.
My lady, isn't it a bad thing
if Danbyeok ends up dead?
Your plan was to blame
Asa Ron Niruha's death on him.
But you won't be able to do that
if he ends up dead.
Taealha! Taealha!
Something went wrong.
Is Danbyeok dead?
I'm not sure about that,
but he's in critical condition.
Why? How?
I heard his nose started bleeding,
and then he started vomiting blood.
And did his body start to shiver?
Those are the symptoms of bichwisan.
What's even more strange
is that Asa Ron is still alive.
He's completely fine.
I definitely saw him drink it.
My lady
What's the matter?
Is there something wrong?
What is it?
Are you okay?
Was it you?
Was it you?
Of course, it was me.
She's going to kill Asa Ron.
And she's going to hand Danbyeok over
That means Danbyeok needs to stay alive.
And Asa Ron
needs to die.
What if the opposite happened?
Was it really you?
Now, we're even.
You also
did the same thing to
the person I loved
and wanted so much.
You did this
because of Saenarae?
Now, my father will get married
to that woman from the Asa Clan,
which means you also lost
the person you wanted so dearly.
Tagon will eventually end up
dismantling the Union.
He'll become king.
You will become the king
and I will be your successor.
The fact that you're an Igutu
Are you
As of today, I want you to keep watch on
Saya and report to me on everything.
Are you sure there's no way to cure him?
He's as good as dead.
- Father!
- Then be good to me from now on.
Have you heard any news about Eunseom?
Saya. You'll be my stone.
I should be able to find her.
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