Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Was it you?
Of course, it was me.
Now, my father
will get married to
that woman from the Asa Clan,
which means you also lost
the person you wanted so dearly.
Danbyeok has collapsed?
It's as I say,
so you must come immediately!
Still, you have it better.
You could get another chance.
I will never get to see Saenarae again.
I apologized.
I said I regretted it too!
Well, I'm sorry too.
I guess I might regret it later as well.
It's odd though.
I thought it'd be more gratifying.
my feelings toward you are pure again.
It's true. I harbor no hatred for you now.
Let's join forces again.
You're going to need me now.
I'll need you now?
Do you know what I desire
and what I fear?
- Somewhat, yes.
- Then,
call me "Mother" from now on.
You're only old enough to be my sister.
But even so, I took you in
when I was barely
a few years older than you
and I put my life on the line
by raising you.
That makes me worthy of the title.
Yes, I guess.
I will then,
Others might not understand, but you do.
Getting revenge on the one
who raised you.
You were turned into
a yeomari at a young age
and had to share a bed
with someone twice your age.
The father who raised you
ordered you to kill the man you love.
Today is a day for revenge then.
I already got mine,
so it's now your turn.
Get your revenge,
You fool.
Did you actually think
you could have Tagon?
He's right.
It's my turn now.
Was it poison?
There's no way to know.
Whether it's a poison or a disease,
the members of the union
think it's Isodunyong's punishment.
Ishillobu seguma.
Death from a god's wrath
cannot be given a funeral.
I will make sure
he is taken to Isodunyong
without feeling lonely.
All right.
Are you sure there's no way to cure him?
He's as good as dead.
I will try my best though.
Anyway, we must
get Danbyeok outside of Arthdal.
He will die if he stays.
This must be Asa Ron's doing.
You sly bastard.
A god's punishment?
Asa Ron You're protecting
that psychic ability of the gods.
Let Mihol go.
- Yes, sir.
- Then
give this to Mihol
and this to Taealha.
Yes, sir.
Sodang, Pyeonmi,
you will be held responsible
for failing to protect Danbyeok.
Gilseon, you will now
be in charge of the guards.
Yes, sir!
All the guards are responsible for
failing to protect Danbyeok.
Take extra precautions
from now on, understood?
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
I can leave?
Yes, you have been released.
Danbyeok has passed away.
If you climb up to a place you shouldn't,
you will fall.
If you do something you shouldn't,
you will be left with nothing but regret.
What happened?
You did well, Father.
Who else
would've concocted such a scheme?
He has considered all outcomes
and prepared a way
for our people to survive.
If Sanung won, my father,
and if Tagon won, I,
would become the head of the tribe.
I lack in many ways,
but I'll do my best.
You will now take a step back
and rest while looking over
the Bronze Workshop.
You know,
I'm not so sure if I can
serve the new head of our tribe.
Got any advice?
Maehonje, was it?
When administering it,
is it best to rip the mouth apart
with a spoon
or with twigs?
Who's causing a ruckus
when our leaders are talking?
I didn't raise you as a yeomari
just for my sake only.
- Our family--
- If it's one
that had to use a young girl
as a yeomari to survive,
it's better off destroyed.
Tagon must've been the one
who killed Sanung.
Of course he was.
I've been egging him on for years!
Do you remember the day you ordered
a dress for me?
You told Yeobi to
make the prettiest gown
this world has ever seen.
From that moment on,
I never left Yeobi's side.
When she picked out the fabric,
when she cut the cloth,
and when she sewed them together.
Everything was beautiful
and I was excited.
During every single moment,
was genuinely excited,
without knowing Sanung would be the one
who'd put it on me
as well as who'd take it off me.
Is that why you've chosen Tagon
over your own father?
Tagon will eventually end up
dismantling the Union.
He'll become king.
Yes, that's right.
And I, Taealha,
will be the one who owns him.
There is no future for the union.
Arthdal has gotten too big
for it to survive as one.
What about our tribe?
Persisting that we thrive as one
will only make us smaller.
Tribes won't matter anymore.
One will rule them all.
Tagon and I will rise to the top!
What about marriage?
Did Tagon even say
that he'd marry you?
I doubt it.
He'll marry one of the Asa Clan.
Of course he must.
I approved since
he needs to become the union leader.
And then
you will end up being abandoned.
Only I abandon people.
I even turned my back on you, didn't I?
I decide everything, including
where I'll stay and where I'll go,
the one I'll love
and the one I'll abandon
The choice will be mine, not yours.
Even the man who will be king.
I choose Tagon,
and I will make him become the king!
It's time.
- Come on.
- I stepped on shit!
Open his mouth.
Who knew pulling out someone's tongue
would be so difficult?
This is the wisdom bestowed upon you
by Aramun, the founder of the union.
and volition.
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon.
- Tagon!
- Union leader, Tagon!
- Union leader, Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Union leader, Tagon.
- Tagon.
- Union leader, Tagon.
- Tagon!
- Union leader, Tagon.
- Union leader, Tagon.
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Union leader, Tagon.
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Union leader, Tagon.
Open the gates!
Kill the Wahan!
He murdered Sanung Niruha!
Kill him! Kill the dujeumsaeng!
He murdered Sanung Niruha!
- Kill the Wahan!
- He murdered Sanung Niruha!
- Kill him!
- He murdered Sanung Niruha!
- He murdered Sanung Niruha!
- Kill him!
- Kill the dujeumsaeng!
- Kill the Wahan!
- Kill him.
- Kill him!
- Kill him!
- He murdered Sanung Niruha!
Kill him now!
I have avenged Sanung's death!
Isodunyong avenged our enemy!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Justice was served.
- Tagon!
- Union leader, Tagon!
- Union leader, Tagon!
- Tagon!
- Tagon!
Union leader, Tagon!
Union leader, Tagon!
Union leader, Tagon!
- Union leader, Tagon!
- Union leader, Tagon!
Eight bangs, twelve wons?
It's the system
designed about 200 years ago
when Aramun founded Arthdal.
You wish to revive that system?
Who will you appoint as the ministers
for the eight bangs, twelve wons?
I'll summon
the head of the tribes to Arthdal
and appoint them accordingly.
The heads?
You're trying to stop them
from getting any wrong ideas.
Do as you wish then.
Thank you, Asa Ron Niruha.
Bang and sol.
Are you referring to the original system
implemented by Aramun?
The one that is good at a certain task
was appointed as a sol,
and the people he led were called a bang.
The new head of Saenyeok Tribe
knows her history well
despite her young age.
The age of a head shouldn't be a factor
at tribal meetings.
Please don't mention it again,
Of course. That was my mistake.
I apologize.
Yes, it's my goal
to implement that system again.
In order to govern the union,
we need eight bangs,
and 12 wons at their aid.
So I ask the heads of the tribes
to relocate to Arthdal
and lead the network as the ministers
and vice-ministers.
He's just like Sanung.
He is one great actor.
I, Chobal, head of Hopi Tribe,
agree with your views.
I, Dawa, head of Ggachinol Tribe,
will answer to you.
I, Heukgal, head of Garamal Tribe
will answer to you.
- You have my word.
- I am at your service.
I, Kungtung, head of the Bato Tribe,
will also follow your wishes.
I, Taealha, head of Hae Tribe,
will follow you too.
I, Narin, head of Saenyeok Tribe,
will answer to your wishes.
I, Asa Ron,
head of the White Mountain Tribe,
already told our new union leader
that this does not go against
the wishes of the gods.
Then, Daedae, our scribe,
please announce their new positions.
Yes, sir.
The minister of the bang of Trade
will be Kungtung of Bato Tribe.
- Nice.
- It's perfect.
I will do my utmost best!
Next is the bang of Bronze Affiliation.
Taealha of Hae Tribe will be the minister.
I will do my best.
Next is the Minister
for the bang of Rituals.
It will be Asa Ron,
the head of the White Mountain Tribe.
- Asa Ron!
- Congratulations.
- My goodness.
- Asa Ron.
- Congratulations.
- Of course it's you.
The keeper of the White Mountain!
- Asa Ron.
- Congratulations.
- My gosh, congratulations.
- Congratulations.
You appointed Asa Ron Niruha
as a minister?
His duties will be the same,
but just under a different name.
That is not the case.
He is now outranked by the union leader!
Tagon, you bastard!
Damn it!
The heads of the tribes
were over the moon not knowing
what will happen to them.
Asa Ron could get in the way.
He won't be able to overturn you though.
By the way,
the new head of Saenyeok Tribe is bold.
Danbyeok raised his daughter well.
She's still young, so I should be nice.
What about your kid?
Are you not going to see him?
What do you think? Is it not good?
Then how about this?
Tagon will now take you outside
and present you as his son.
Isn't it exciting?
Are you kidding me?
Welcome, Tagon.
Leave the room!
You're all grown up.
That I am.
I hear you read all the books
in the Pilgyeonggwan.
There was nothing else to do.
What happened that day was my mistake.
I was flustered by the sudden intruder.
The scabs have fallen off.
You can go outside now.
However, be careful not to get caught.
Don't worry, Father.
You made a bold move
by claiming to be Aramun.
Why didn't you push harder?
Aramun Haesulla
only became a god 200 years ago
because the Asa Clan acknowledged it.
If you had pushed,
the Asa Clan would've reluctantly--
I became the union leader
even though I didn't.
But the union leader isn't a king.
Aren't you trying to be the king?
The people of Arthdal fear Asa Clan
but they adore you.
It won't make you king.
A king must be like a calamity.
You must be as terrifying
as a catastrophe.
You're trying too hard
to be loved by everyone.
Disaster will fall upon us
when the blood of Asa is shed.
You must be just as sacred.
Why must I?
Because Igutu is better than Saram.
You will become the king and I will be
your successor. We will become gods
and proudly show our purple blood--
This proves just how naive you are
when it comes to terror.
You have learned nothing about Igutus.
When I was young, a friend saw my blood.
I was seven and so was he.
He had a sister who was 11,
a brother who was 13,
a father,
a mother, and an uncle.
Let's not forget about his grandmother.
But my father slaughtered them all.
From that day on,
I killed those who found out about me.
If I didn't do so right away,
I had to kill everyone
he encountered the next day.
That is what it means
to be an Igutu in Arthdal.
So what did you say?
I've come across soldiers as
ignorant as you out on the battlefield.
I've never befriended them though. Why?
Because they die too quickly.
Learn what terror is.
If you don't,
I'll have to teach you.
Just like my father did.
The fact that you're an Igutu
Are you
It's nothing.
I will heed your warning.
The fact that you're an Igutu
Are you
Am I ashamed of it?
Am I ashamed of
the fact that I'm an Igutu?
No, I loathed it.
I loathe it.
How is everything?
Have you adapted to this place?
I need to stay alive.
So I'll do anything I need to do.
You must be really scared of dying.
To those who have a reason to stay alive,
how they live
and what kind of pain they must go through
doesn't really matter.
As of today,
I want you to keep watch on Saya
and report to me on everything.
It's a secret.
You can't tell anyone about this
including Saya and Tagon.
Okay, I'll do that.
If you try to do anything funny,
the first thing I'll do
is kill your father.
My father
Where's my father?
The Fortress of Fire.
He's going to be our slave.
So you should obey me and do as I say.
Get over here!
How could they drop Eunseom
into a pot of boiling water?
How can they be so gruesome?
These people They are like beasts.
Stop crying, everyone.
This is nothing to cry over.
How can you say such a thing?
Why are you pitying Eunseom?
Think about us.
Dalsae and Buksoe abandoned us
and ran away by themselves.
- That's
- Do you know
Do you know what angers me the most?
I didn't get to betray them first.
The fact that Dalsae and Buksoe
betrayed me first
infuriates me so much.
This one.
And this one.
Send them to Gungseok Workshop.
This one
and this one will go to Doldambul.
And send the rest of them
to the Bachi Guild.
They speak our language,
so make sure you get paid well.
- Yes, sir.
- Father.
My gosh.
- Come on!
- Oh, gosh.
- Father!
- No!
Get a move on!
Then what about me?
You will go to the Fortress of Fire
and report to me about
everything you see and hear.
Keep it a secret.
If you do anything funny,
I'll drop your daughter
into a pot of boiling water.
Come this way.
Come here and sit down.
This helps them rest their back and arms.
Why didn't I ever think of this?
Your name?
I want you to tell me everything you know.
Tell me where you're from,
the types of plants and animals
that grow and live there,
the quality of your land,
what the weather is like,
and what types of rocks are common.
And tell us every little detail
about the Wahan Tribe.
We are going to write down
everything you say.
What? "Write"?
What is that?
These are what you call "letters."
What you say will turn into letters.
Even if you leave this place
No, even if you die,
these letters will still exist
and let us know what you said.
Even if I'm not there,
those weird drawings
will let them know what I said?
Does that mean those letters are me?
This is bundie.
This is mustard.
These are not food.
They're things that add flavors to food.
Add flavors?
What does that even mean?
This is cho.
Look carefully. It's a really quick move,
so you might miss it.
That was too fast, wasn't it?
I'll slow down a little.
Let's try it again.
I'm really not interested in
learning how to fight.
Oh, gosh. Water. Water!
Hey! What did you do?
That's all poison, isn't it?
I'm sure they can't be food.
My gosh, you little
Hey, get up. Look at the mess you've made.
Hurry up and clean everything up.
You know what? Just forget it.
Go outside and keep an eye on Lord Saya.
What in the world have you done?
No, this can't happen.
Lord Saya.
Lord Saya.
What is it this time?
- Lord Saya is
- My goodness.
Hurry up and find him.
Lord Saya! Where did he go?
Hurry up!
I'll go this way. You go that way.
Why do you keep following me?
Lord Saya?
You could just run away.
Hae Tuak and Taealha aren't here.
I can't run away.
Why not?
She said she'll kill my father
if I run away.
Where's your father?
The place where Taealha lives.
The place where the smoke comes out.
The Fortress of Fire?
What is this?
I'm able to have dreams.
Oh, right. I guess you don't know
what a dream is.
I'm locked up.
I've always been locked up.
But in my dreams,
I live in a place like that.
I see myself running across the field
and hunting animals.
I'm very fast and strong in my dreams.
No way
Is he seeing Eunseom in his dream?
But dreams are always so vague.
Everything seems so clear in my dreams,
but they become very vague once I wake up.
Were they really seeing each other
in their dreams?
I think I saw you in my dreams.
But I'm not so sure.
Is it really you?
Where are you taking me?
I have something to show you.
This is a secret passage
that only I know about.
Eunseom's benetbeot
He must have been born on the day
the Azure Comet appeared as well.
The three of us were born on the same day.
Is there something to this
just like Mother Choseol said?
I miss you.
I miss you so much.
We're here.
This is it.
I knew you'd come this way.
I'll deal with you later.
- It won't take too long.
- No, I can't let you do that.
You have to leave
before Lady Taealha comes.
- No.
- What do you need?
I need to do something.
What's that?
Her dad's locked in here as a slave.
I want to let her meet him.
My gosh, that's utter nonsense.
Do you want me to make a scene here?
- What?
- "There's an Igutu here.
I am the son of Tagon."
Should I say that?
My goodness.
Please stop joking around.
Do you think this is joke?
Lord Saya.
What would happen if I bite my tongue
and cause a huge scene here?
You may be able to knock me out
and carry me out of here,
but this place will be covered
in purple blood.
How are you going to handle that?
You think I won't do that?
Hae Tuak.
You killed Saenarae, didn't you?
These are letters?
Just for a short moment.
Come out as soon as you greet him.
Are you okay? Did you get hurt?
No, I'm completely fine.
What about you?
I'm okay, too.
Everything is okay now that you're here.
What about the people of Wahan?
Is everyone doing okay?
I think Dalsae and Buksoe
successfully managed to escape.
And I'm sure the others are
also doing well.
We're all scattered now,
but I heard they're going
to be given work just like me.
Have you heard any news about Eunseom?
What's wrong?
I guess you haven't heard.
Haven't heard what?
Father, what's wrong?
What is it?
He died.
If you do that, your wound will get worse.
Who are you?
I'm Nunbyeol.
I'm Chaeeun's younger sister.
My sister said you need to stay here.
What about the Wahan Tribe?
What happened to the Wahan Tribe?
They said they'd behead all the Wahans
if I didn't show up.
That didn't happen.
They think you're dead.
And all the Wahans are safe.
That's what Chaeeun said.
And two of your friends are outside.
- Eunseom!
- Eunseom!
Dalsae and Buksoe.
Eunseom, are you all right?
Eunseom, my gosh!
How did you find me?
We met Doti.
And a lady named Chaeeun helped us.
Eunseom is alive. We're all safe now.
- Eunseom!
- Gosh, don't
He's still recovering,
so he shouldn't be moving around.
I'll go finish decocting the herbs.
- Eunseom.
- Hey.
Where's Tanya?
What happened to her?
- Did she get caught?
- We have no idea where she is now.
I'm sure she's safe.
Just now, I saw her for the first time
in my dream.
So, I'm sure she's fine.
I should be able to find her.
But the thing is, they're taking
Mungtae and Teodae somewhere far away.
And we'll rescue them.
Will you join us?
Hey, Eunseom is still recovering.
No, I'm fine. I'll go with you two.
What is that?
I heard people here think of purple lips
as an ominous omen.
I never thought
they'd bring good luck anyway.
I guess everyone thinks the same,
more or less.
Why do you keep laughing?
Are you that happy you saw your father?
Yes, of course.
Thank you, Lord Saya.
Then be good to me from now on.
I will.
Is that girl actually crazy or what?
Please take good care
of my daughter, Tanya.
She lost a friend
who she had a crush on for a long time.
I told her about it, like an idiot.
It's that boy, Eunseom.
She just found out that her friend,
who she had a crush on, died.
Look at her. She keeps chuckling.
She must be crazy.
Did you hear
what they were saying earlier?
They said
we won't be able to return in one piece.
Yes, I heard that too.
This can't be happening.
They even speak our language.
You have to sell them for a lot of money.
Don't you dare rip me off.
Jeez, seriously.
- Let's get moving!
- Let's go!
- Hey, get up. Quick!
- Hurry!
- I'll be counting on you!
- Get up!
- Get moving!
- We're leaving!
- Get moving.
- Hurry!
- Hurry up, you rats.
- Come on!
Why take so long to relieve yourself?
Hurry up already. Come on.
- Move it!
- Why do you have to pee all the time?
- Sit. Sit down already.
- Sit down!
Hey, tie them.
- Let's move.
- Show them.
Don't let the dujeumsaengs
think we're easy, okay?
Stay still!
That's just gross.
I told you to stay still! Get over here!
Stay still, you bastard!
Come here.
Jeez, you stink!
Get over here so I can tie your hands.
- You bastard.
- I said, stay still!
- Get over here!
- Give me your hands.
You son of a bitch
Are you still not done yet?
- Stay still, you bastard.
- Get over here.
Stop squirming!
What are you looking at?
What the hell are you looking at?
Stop squirming and get the hell over here.
Sir, we're ready.
Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Get up already.
- Get up!
- Get up. Quick!
- Get up! Hurry up!
- Get up!
- Let's go!
- Come on!
- Get up already!
- Get up. Quick!
- Let's get moving.
Get a move on. Move!
Hurry the hell up!
- My stomach! Gosh, just a second.
- Hey.
- Just a moment. I can't walk.
- Damn it.
- I can't walk.
- We told you to relieve yourself earlier.
- I'm in too much pain to walk.
- Hey, get up!
Just a moment, please.
- I'm in so much pain!
- We have a long way to go. What a hassle.
Come here, you rat. Hurry up!
Gosh, hold on
Hey, get going!
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Get out of the way.
Get a move on!
Move it. Look straight ahead.
- Let's go.
- Pick up the pace!
I don't see Mungtae.
He was right beside Teodae earlier.
What should we do?
Give up?
Or only rescue Teodae?
Buksoe will set a fire ahead of them.
It has already begun anyway.
Buksoe! Run! You must run away, Buksoe!
Buksoe, run!
Run away, Buksoe!
I must say,
you dujeumsaengs are pretty loyal.
Trying to rescue your buddies?
You probably want to know
how we found out and ambushed you.
We lost the one that got away.
Shall I send more guys, sir?
No, don't bother.
We now have two more slaves, so it's fine.
It's all thanks to you.
Take them.
Take them away.
- Hurry up!
- That day,
- when it was pitch-black,
- Hurry the hell up!
I kept calling out for you.
Buksoe, where is Dalsae?
Dalsae, let me come with you!
Dalsae, can I please come with you?
I kept reaching out my hand to you,
but you left with Buksoe.
- Move, you bastard.
- What the hell are you doing?
I was a nuisance, wasn't I?
- Move!
- Hey.
Stand straight!
You betrayed me first.
- Take them away.
- That's why
- Take them away!
- That's why
I came to save you.
- It's pointless.
- What the hell are they doing?
It wouldn't have worked anyway.
- And you too.
- Move it!
Because you tried to save us,
we ended up
Please don't kill us.
Urumi died,
and even Doldol and Oryuk
lost their lives.
Move it already!
- We can't
- Hey.
get out of this anyway.
Stop it!
Take him away!
- Move it!
- Let's go!
I'm not sorry.
Hurry the hell up!
I'm not sorry.
- Hurry up!
- Walk properly.
Move it!
Are you kidding me?
I told you that three of them
can work as interpreters.
Forget it, then.
Come on. Don't be like this, sir.
I never said no.
All right.
Here. This is for the slaves.
And this is
to show you how much I respect you, sir.
Jeez, this prick.
Please help me out
so that I can go to Arthdal, sir.
But you promised me
that you won't take me to that place.
You said you'd spare my life!
Who would keep a promise made to
a dujeumsaeng?
Get up, you punk!
I betrayed my friends
because of that promise.
I told you to stay still!
Why won't you stay still?
Stop. Enough.
Are you that resentful?
You chose to betray all your friends
that came to save you.
What's there to resent?
I wanted to live.
I made such a choice
because I wanted to live.
Would you do anything to survive?
Yes, anything.
I'll do anything to survive.
You're a lot like me.
And you're very strong.
If I let you live,
will you join hands with me?
Yes, I'll do anything.
- You rats.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Move!
- Move it!
- Pick up the pace!
- Mungtae really did that?
Do you think you can break this?
No, I can't.
We must escape no matter what.
How did I manage to break that?
I can actually understand him.
I understand why he betrayed us.
You did that to me as well.
What are you talking about?
- Mungtae.
- Dalsae!
- No, please!
- Dalsae!
He's right.
I ditched them.
When we were escaping that place,
he and Mungtae were all lost in the dark,
but I pretended I didn't see them
and got out of there.
You did?
When we went hunting,
you protected Mungtae
even in front of the black bear.
I didn't think I could protect them.
I felt confident
when we encountered that black bear,
but I don't feel that way at all here.
- I wasn't sure if I could protect Mungtae.
- Don't give such an excuse.
Mungtae is a coward, and I'm a weakling.
That's why you thought of us
as a nuisance.
- Am I wrong?
- Hey!
- You ditched us!
- Shut it!
- You bastard!
- Hey, you rats!
How dare you!
- You punks!
- Bastard!
- Dalsae!
- An Igutu!
- He's an Igutu!
- Don't move!
Stay put!
- Stay still!
- What the hell is going on?
This bastard is an Igutu!
- No, don't
- Move!
He really is an Igutu.
Exactly half and half. He's a real Igutu.
God damn it. Look at this purple blood.
It's really purple!
We should kill him, right?
You moron. I spent a ton of
my precious jewels to buy these slaves!
Then what do we do?
He'll end up in the dump anyway.
I'm sure he'll be a good worker.
First, beat him up to a pulp.
- Eunseom!
- Shut up!
- Eunseom!
- Stay put!
- Eunseom!
- Shut up!
No, Eunseom!
- Eunseom, no!
- Don't move!
- Stay put!
- Eunseom, no!
Stay put, you prick!
He's a weak one.
Has she actually lost her mind?
Gosh, that girl
What if she actually goes crazy?
My gosh, you scared me.
Who's crazy?
Well, that
That girl, Tanya.
Hello, Lord Saya.
Do you need me to do something?
- Lord Saya.
- What are you waiting for?
Pardon me? What am I waiting for?
I know you're waiting for something
before you end your life.
I was going to do the same thing
when Saenarae died.
As if nothing had happened, I laughed
while I joyously waited for Taealha
to take my life in front of her.
What are you waiting for?
My lord.
I'm not really following.
Then what is it?
Your friend who you had a crush on died.
How could you
Who died?
You mean, Eunseom?
No, he's not dead.
will come and save me.
I told him to come to my rescue.
He's dead.
- No, he's not.
- He is dead.
I said, he's not dead.
I saw it. No.
Everyone in the union witnessed his death.
His tongue was pulled out
and made weird noises.
He was screaming.
Then he was dumped into boiling water
while he was still alive
- and died.
- No!
- No, he isn't.
- Everyone
clapped and shouted excitedly.
"We got our revenge!
We finally
avenged Sanung Niruha's death.
We boiled that filthy, lowly,
disgusting dujeumsaeng to death!"
No, that's not true. Eunseom isn't dead.
No, I know it's not true.
Eunseom is not dead.
He's not dead. Don't lie to my face!
- Hey!
- You crazy bitch!
- Let go.
- Lord Saya.
- Are you all right, Lord Saya?
- I said, let go!
Hey, how dare you attack Lord Saya?
Eunseom isn't dead.
You crazy bitch!
I said, he's not dead!
- Move it!
- Move, you rats!
- Get a move on!
- Hurry up, you punks!
- Move it!
- No funny business.
- Pick up the pace!
- Hurry up!
- Go!
- Move it!
- Let's pick up the pace.
- Move it!
I got you killed.
Here, right here.
What's wrong with this?
- Watch your leg.
- This one is fine.
Oh, how did I do this?
Hey, don't.
- One, two
- One, two
Hey! No cheating!
What is that?
I was so close!
But he doesn't know
One, two, three. Go!
Don't push it too hard.
Go slowly.
One, two, three!
You were supposed to fly freely.
But I
tied you down with a spell like an idiot.
You died such a brutal death
because you were under
the spell of a cursed bitch
"To those who have a reason to live,
how they live doesn't matter."
That boy, Eunseom
Was he the reason?
Why must things like this
happen to us?
Why did that little kid have to die?
Why did Urumi have to end up like that?
And why did Eunseom have to suffer
such a cruel
Why did you people
have to capture us
to begin with?
We need a lot of workers here.
We must sow seeds and raise crops.
We have to build big houses,
and we need fancy clothes and many jewels.
But why?
Why do you folks need so many things?
My people lived happily
without any of those things.
One wild boar
can feed more than 20 people.
When you people catch a boar,
does one person eat it all?
Or do you all eat five to ten meals
a day?
We eat to satiate the mind,
not hunger.
Even tons of gold
or thousands of white horses
won't be enough to satiate the greed
of the people here.
That's why their minds are hungry for more
all the time.
I really
can't understand
anything at all.
I really can't.
Right, I'm sure you don't get it.
Until you know what having power is like
and what it's like to never be satisfied,
you won't understand.
You'll die without finding the answers.
"Why did my tribe have to suffer
such a tragedy?
Why must I die?
Why was my friend, who was
my reason to live, boiled to death?"
You'll die without knowing
any of the answers.
What should I do?
What if she actually takes her own life?
Until you know what having power is like
and what it's like to never be satisfied,
you won't understand.
You'll die without knowing
any of the answers.
A reason
- Eunseom.
- Move it!
- Get up!
- Get up already!
Get up!
- Get up. Quick!
- Get up already.
- Stop squirming!
- Get a move on!
- I said, get up!
- Go!
- Move!
- Move it!
Let's pick up the pace! Come on!
This stone is too big. It won't go far.
For catching birds,
this size is usually the best.
But for boars
Look for something like this.
Stones with sharp edges at both ends.
- Because their skin is thick?
- That's right.
Then let's say
we're just hanging out here,
and a tiger jumps out at us
from over there.
What kind of stone should you use
if that happens?
Damn it
Why should I care if that
filthy dujeumsaeng dies or not?
I don't care.
I'm sorry.
I've decided to live.
I will attain power
so that I can find out
what exactly happened to you
and why we had to go through all of that.
I'll find answers to all these things
that I don't understand
at the moment
and tell you all about them someday.
This pointy stone?
If a tiger suddenly jumps out at you,
you should just grab the stone
that is nearest to you.
The stone that is the nearest to me.
- Hey.
- All right. You'll be my stone.
- You
- My first weapon.
Please forgive me.
I must've lost my mind for a moment
upon hearing about my friend's death.
Please forgive me
and spare my life.
I, Tanya, belong to you,
my lord.
"My lord"?
I, Tanya, will serve you
as my only master.
You will need me.
I will serve you
to the best of my ability, my lord.
I, Tanya of the Wahan Tribe,
cast a spell on you.
Let's see who will be the real master.
See if you can handle my spell,
I must know about it all first.
That's where I begin.
Finally, they'll all see Tagon
for who he really is.
Asa Ron.
- Mommy!
- Has it begun?
- Go!
- Move it!
I will start by saving your people
and then the world.
The most formidable god of Arthdal
will make its move.
Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park
Ripped and synced by
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