Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

The stone that is the nearest to me.
- Hey.
- All right. You'll be my stone.
My first weapon.
I, Tanya, will serve you
as my only master.
I, Tanya of the Wahan Tribe,
cast a spell on you.
Let's see who will be the real master.
See if you can handle my spell,
"My lord"?
- Why the sudden change of heart?
- Because I want to live.
I don't want to die.
I'm sorry.
Is that
really all?
You will need me.
Do you know what I want
and what I am
afraid of?
You want freedom,
and you're afraid of being locked up
or watched.
But the thing is, Taealha ordered me
to keep an eye on you all day long.
However, I will tell her
what you'd like me
to say to her.
Do not underestimate Taealha.
It can cost you your life.
I won't die.
- Don't be so sure.
- I'm not Saenarae.
And I'm not the friend of yours
who's supposedly dead.
Don't you ever look at me again
with those eyes.
- Seriously.
- Cut it out.
Hey, come on.
Stop messing with me!
What the hell is he saying?
He said they need to eat something.
Or at least
drink some water.
Oh, dear.
Repeat after me.
"My name is Purple.
I was born to a filthy bitch
who screwed around with a Neanthal.
I'm a child of a monster.
Namely, an Igutu."
I said, repeat after me.
You won't?
Listen up. Start repeating after me
as soon as you hear the word, "Igutu."
"I was born to a filthy bitch
who screwed around with a Neanthal.
I'm a child of a monster.
Namely, an Igutu."
Now, go.
- You filthy bastard.
- Eunseom, no!
Interpret this for them.
I'm a Saram.
You guys are lowly animals
called dujeumsaengs,
and that bastard is an Igutu,
which is beneath dujeumsaengs.
As you can see, water flows
from high places to low places.
The same goes for words.
The words that we speak only travel
from top to bottom,
never the other way around.
So in other words, your blabbering
can never reach me.
Like I said,
your words can only travel down.
you guys cannot ask me for water!
Repeat after me.
"I am a dujeumsaeng!"
What are dujeumsaengs?
Lowly animals that can walk upright
on two legs but cannot fly.
Chickens and you people.
You guys are lowly animals,
and I'm a Saram!
Hey, what are you waiting for?
All right.
I want all of you to shout it together.
"I am a dujeumsaeng!"
You won't say it?
No water for you, then.
I'm curious to see
how long you'll last without water.
They say people will suck the blood out of
their own mothers when they're deprived
of water for even just three days.
Guys, let's go.
You people are dead meat.
I wonder how long they'll last.
Here I go.
- High in the sky, the dazzling sun
- High in the sky, the dazzling sun
- Rises every day
- Rises every day
- But it is dark and damp here
- But it is dark and damp here
- And you can't get out
- And you can't get out
- You cannot get out of here alive
- You cannot get out of here alive
- No laughter, no joy
- No laughter, no joy
- Don't bother being sad about it
- Move it!
- No hope, no happiness
- No hope, no happiness
- You will die here
- You will die here
- You will die here
- You will die here
Sorry to interrupt you, my lord.
I have to clean the mirror.
Go ahead.
Yes, my lord.
You hate birds in your dreams?
I'm locked up,
while birds can fly freely.
I want to catch them,
but I can't do anything in my dreams.
And that's why I cry sometimes.
That bird.
Would you like me to catch it for you?
You can do a bird call?
Yes, for about 15 species of birds.
I've never seen anything like this.
You used a stone, not an arrow.
Dear Spirit who sacrifices itself
to uplift us.
I extend our sincere gratitude
to you.
What are you doing?
The bird let us catch it to uplift us.
But I have to say, I'm impressed.
I used this strap
to fling the stone at the bird.
I'm quite good, aren't I?
Would you like to try?
- Me?
- Yes.
I'll teach you.
You see this, right?
Put this finger through here.
After that, hold this end too.
Then the stone goes
Now, look over there.
Keep your eyes locked on that spot
and spin this in a circle.
You have to let this go.
Swing this around and
All right.
Like this?
Look over there.
Let it go.
That was close.
My gosh!
It hit the tree.
- You're getting the hang of it.
- The stone.
Watch me.
- I think we can stop now.
- One more time.
- Again?
- Pass me that small stone.
Hey, we can't eat this.
It's tastier than I thought it'd be.
I'm sure there are
many other delicious things here.
How did this place turn out like this?
"Like this"?
Care to elaborate?
I mean
There's too much food,
and all the houses are so big.
There are too many people as well.
I'm sure it was like where you came from
in the ancient times.
I heard it became the place it is today
after Aramun Haesulla founded the Union.
By the way,
the "Union"?
What exactly is it?
I'm not sure
if you'll understand the concept,
but the Union is
At tribal meetings,
all the tribal chiefs gather.
And that's where
the union leader is elected.
Aramun Haesulla founded the Union.
Aramun Haesulla.
Go back to this place, Aramun.
Could it be that Aramun?
There are over 300 tribes.
Among them,
the biggest one is the Saenyeok Tribe.
The White Mountain Tribe comes second.
Tagon and Sanung
belong to the Saenyeok Tribe.
Asa Ron is from the White Mountain Tribe.
I must know about it all first.
That's where I begin.
All right, one more time.
"I was born to a filthy bitch
who screwed around with a Neanthal,
a monster that is"
- You bastard!
- How dare you!
- You little
- Come here!
If you repeat after me,
I'll give you water.
"I'm a dujeumsaeng!"
- You rats!
- Say it!
People will suck the blood out of
their own mothers
when they're deprived of water
for even just three days.
I'm a dujeumsaeng.
You, come here.
Come here!
Hey, over here too. Look at that!
You all saw that, right?
That's what animals do!
Who else wants water?
I'm a dujeumsaeng.
Here comes the water!
I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- Look at that!
If we give in as well,
what will happen to Eunseom?
He came to rescue us
despite his injury
and ended up like that.
What do you mean?
Eunseom and the Wahan boys are gone.
What happened?
The three of them fled
while Nunbyeol went out
to get the medicine.
She searched all over the mountains
for them, thinking it was her fault.
I know that she's a young girl,
but how could she let that happen?
It's my fault.
I asked Nunbyeol to keep an eye on them
and went to the apothecary.
What should we do now?
- Move!
- Go!
- Pick up the pace!
- Move it!
- Get a move on, you rat!
- I said, move it!
- Pick up the pace!
- Move it!
- Move!
- I said, pick up the pace!
Look straight ahead!
- Get a move on!
- Get up!
- Hey, get up!
- Get up already!
- Hey.
- Get up!
- Keep moving!
- Get up!
- What the hell are you doing?
- Move it!
- Go!
- Get a move on!
- Pick up the pace already!
- Don't slow down!
- Move, quick!
- Move it!
- I said, move it!
- Hey, move!
Get a move on!
What the hell?
What is this about?
I heard from Geomae
that you sold the Wahan men.
What about it?
- Where did you send them?
- Why are you asking?
Answer my question!
Gilseon said he sold them
to Syoreujagin or whatever his name is.
We already got paid.
All right.
Did you go to White Peak Mountain?
You did, didn't you?
You went there, right?
You met Asa Sakan, didn't you?
So you did.
Why did you go there?
What the hell are you up to?
Are you considering joining hands
with Asa Ron?
Because of him, Tagon is going through--
No, it's not like that.
If you're actually thinking
of betraying Tagon,
you'd better stop.
Even I can sense it.
Tagon will certainly pick it up.
Well, I think Mubaek is
Mubaek? He'll be here later.
I was told he's back.
Yes, he is.
He is back,
but the thing is
I mean, I think
Mubaek would never betray
the Daekan Forces, right?
What's going on?
He's been acting a bit weird
since his return
from Iark.
- In what way?
- Syoreujagin from Doldambul?
Oh, gosh. Then it might be too late.
- What do you mean?
- I know that most people hate Igutus,
but Syoreujagin, that prick,
absolutely loathes them.
Oh, boy. He must've done
something to him already.
Still, go see what's happening.
- Say it!
- Louder!
Say that you're a dujeumsaeng!
- Say, "I'm a dujeumsaeng."
- Let's hear it!
Say that you're a dujeumsaeng!
- Come on!
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- Here you go.
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- Here you go.
I'm a dujeumsaeng.
I'm an animal.
What's so hard about it?
What's wrong with being an animal?
There's an Igutu,
who is lowlier than animals.
Let's just say we're animals,
and Eunseom is far lowlier than
Don't you dare
talk about Eunseom like that.
ditched us.
Mungtae wasn't the only one.
You ditched me as well.
why can't you ditch Eunseom?
- Please give me some too.
- Here, two for you.
Goodness gracious.
Please, I'd like some too.
- Me too.
- I'd like some too.
What the hell? You little piece of shit!
- Get off me!
- Please give me some.
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
- Do you want this?
- Do you even know what this is?
- Are you all right, Eunseom?
Hey. Calm down, you rats.
Stop following me around!
- I need to save some for myself!
- I'm a dujeumsaeng.
Just say it.
Just do
as those bastards say.
You are
an Igutu, born to a filthy bitch
who screwed around with a Neanthal,
a monster that is worse
than an animal.
Your name is Purple,
and I'm a dujeumsaeng, a lowly animal.
I, too, will do as they say,
so you should do the same.
Because you can do it
if I do it?
Go ahead
and do as they say.
I can't.
You know that.
My name is
like a spell,
cast by my mom and Tanya.
It's all I have,
so I can't give up my name.
Okay, fine.
You lofty bastard, good for you.
You think you're better than us,
don't you?
You don't care about what Dalsae
and I are going through, right?
You only care
about that name you're so proud of,
don't you?
All right.
Good for you, you bastard.
Teodae! No!
What's this noise?
- A book?
- Yes.
This lasts for a really long time.
So you can hear what people have to say
without even meeting them.
Have you seen a lot of these, my lord?
There are tons of books
in the Fortress of Fire.
I read all of them numerous times.
I had nothing else to do.
Out of all those stories,
whose story did you like best?
Tamer's story.
The Hae Tribe is from Remus.
And Tamer was a famous general there.
He died decades ago,
but he tells me
all his experiences during the war
and teaches me how to fight.
Do you want to see?
I'll use the black stones.
You use the white stones.
Now, there's going to be
a war between these stones.
How can there be a war?
Are you supposed to throw them
at each other?
It's a small version of a war.
One small stone equals one Daekan Unit.
And they set up a camp here.
You need to defend yourself.
So you also need to set up a camp here.
Tamer introduces 12 different ways
to set up a camp.
And they can be used
for eight different geographical features
and six different kinds of weather.
It's called a military strategy.
But of course, you can't exactly
show everything with just stones.
You must
- find this fun.
- Of course.
While I was locked up,
I played with this all by myself
as I replayed everything from that book
in my mind one by one.
Isn't it fun?
You're enjoying this, aren't you?
This is making my mouth all dry,
and it feels as if
someone is tickling my chest.
I guess I do find it a bit amusing.
Is this an illness or something?
It's not that fun.
I must be ill or something.
What brings the Daekan Force here?
Hello, Minister Kungtung.
We will be guarding your house
and your family starting from today.
Tagon Niruha has given his orders.
I'm grateful for his kindness.
But the soldiers of the Bato Tribe
will guard this place.
So you may return.
They will no longer
be able to enter this place.
My union leader.
I'm very grateful
for the house you've provided.
But the soldiers of the Bato Tribe
can guard--
Return to your place.
My place?
Not too long ago,
we lost Sanung Niruha
to a dujeumsaeng.
And that happened because an armed soldier
was able to easily enter the castle.
From now on,
only the guards and Daekan Force will
be allowed to carry weapons in Arthdal.
Being the head of the Bato Tribe
is not important anymore.
Kungtung, you are now
the Union's Minister of the bang of Trade.
And as the Union's minister,
you will be protected
by the Daekan Force
and guards of the Union.
But even so--
Thank you, Union leader,
for your deep consideration.
I also feel very reassured
to have the guards
guarding the Fortress of Fire.
the head of the Bato Tribe
keeps insisting on using his own soldiers.
By any chance,
do you have an ulterior motive?
- What if he says it's not enough?
- That's why I said to come early.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
Finally, they'll all see Tagon
for who he really is.
I feel like he planned everything
from the very beginning.
But we can't just let Tagon have his way.
Asa Sakan keeps telling me to help him.
But I feel uneasy about that.
Then what should we do?
What should we use against him
to attack him?
I thought about that.
But Tagon has done nothing
to harm the Union.
He was always away fighting wars,
so he never really had the chance
to do anything.
Yes, that's right.
The people of the Union only know
about his achievements.
What if our Asa Clan ends up--
Then how about we make
his greatest achievement
become his greatest mistake?
It is ready.
What's ready?
I caught one. I finally caught one.
I caught it.
It's a paradise flycatcher.
I used to call out for this bird
back when I trained in Iark.
What's the matter?
Why does it have a blue tail?
Did someone dye it?
No one dyed it.
It was born with this color.
Isodunyong once said this a long time ago.
"The day a paradise flycatcher
wears another color,
there shall be
a catastrophe."
"A catastrophe"?
Asa Ron.
Has it begun?
The skies will open,
and the lands will crack!
The world is tearing apart!
Hey, it's me. Can't you recognize me?
Arthdal will fall apart!
The world The world is breaking apart!
Everything will tear apart!
I'm sorry, Isodunyong.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Isodunyong.
What is wrong with you? Calm down!
Isodunyong has become very angry!
We're all going to die now!
He's burning up.
He was fine until this morning.
Oh, my goodness!
- Look!
- My goodness!
- What's going on?
- My gosh.
- Move!
- My goodness gracious.
- What happened?
- My gosh.
Oh, gosh.
- I need to kill everyone!
- Mom!
- Mom!
- My goodness!
- I need to kill everyone!
- Mom.
Isodunyong has given me orders.
Mom, what's wrong?
Mom! Mom, what's the matter?
- Mom!
- Oh, my gosh.
You're back.
Yes, I went with Harim.
Danbyeok can rest in peace now.
Thank you. I should've done it myself.
Come here and sit down.
It's been so long.
So many things happened
in such a short period of time.
I heard you chased after Kanmoreu.
Oh, yes.
I thought the horse was Kanmoreu,
- but it wasn't.
- Of course.
That legend is 200 years old.
If you came back riding Kanmoreu,
you would've become Aramun Haesulla.
That is a joke I cannot laugh at.
It would've been fun if that happened.
You caught Kanmoreu,
but it was just an ordinary horse.
But you didn't know that and went to see
Asa Sakan to check if it was really
Kanmoreu or not. How funny is that?
You went there, right?
You met Asa Sakan, didn't you?
Even I can sense it.
Tagon will certainly pick it up.
Does he know?
Or is he trying to test me?
Then I need to tell him.
Tell me the truth.
Were you a little excited?
- To be honest--
- Be the head of the military office.
Don't refuse.
Don't say you've never even thought of it.
And don't say you're startled
by the unexpected offer.
"I was born a soldier,
so I should be on the battlefield.
I'm not fit to help you rule the country."
Don't say that either.
Just take the offer.
Or at least say you'll think about it.
That's the least you can do for me.
Okay, Tagon. I mean
I'll think about it.
Okay, great.
If I got you to think about it,
that means I almost succeeded.
Come to the military office every day
starting from tomorrow.
See how things work.
That will help you make up your mind.
"I think I'll be able to do well.
It looks like just the right job."
I didn't know you had company.
- I'll come back later.
- No, go ahead.
Mubaek is my brother.
There's nothing I need to hide from him.
What's going on?
People suddenly go crazy and then faint.
Their bodies are burning hot,
and I noticed blue spots.
But it doesn't seem like a plague.
And this bird
A paradise flycatcher came
flying with blue feathers.
You know the prophecy, right?
All of this happened today?
There's one more.
We found a dead tiger
at the foot of Makchi Mountain.
- And?
- But we couldn't find any stab wounds.
There was just a really big hole
in its body,
and someone had dug up its stomach.
Its heart and liver were missing.
And there was blue blood on its claws.
Are you saying there could be a Neanthal?
Everyone is scared
saying that a disaster
has been brought upon Arthdal.
- Asa Ron.
- Pardon?
Find out what he's up to.
- High Priest, Asa Ron Niruha!
- High Priest, Asa Ron Niruha!
- Please save Arthdal!
- Please save Arthdal!
- Please save us!
- High Priest, Asa Ron Niruha!
- Save us!
- Asa Ron Niruha!
- Asa Ron Niruha!
- Please save us!
Arthdal has been cursed!
We are all going to die!
- Asa Ron Niruha!
- Asa Ron Niruha!
- Please save us from this catastrophe!
- Please help us!
- Asa Ron Niruha, please save us!
- Help us!
Asa Ron Niruha, the people of the Union
have gathered--
I am in the middle of receiving an oracle.
- Asa Ron Niruha, please save us!
- Please help us!
- Help us!
- Please save us!
- Save us!
- Save us!
- Please help us!
- Save us from this catastrophe!
- Asa Ron Niruha, please help!
- Help us!
People of the Union!
Our High Priest, Asa Ron Niruha
has received an oracle.
Get down on your knees
and pay your respects.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
The god says the gosals
of all the Neanthals and Igutus
that we got rid of 20 years ago
have attacked Arthdal.
- What?
- Neanthals?
- Seriously?
- That's why this is happening?
we are going to stop the catastrophe
by soothing the gosals with a clay doll.
You shall receive one each
after you make an offer at the shrine.
Place it in front of your houses
to soothe the gosals.
- My gosh.
- We should do that.
- Let's hurry up.
- We're okay now.
- Gosal?
- Yes, that's what they're all saying.
They say the gosals of
Igutus and Neanthals
have attacked Arthdal.
And they think the heart of the tiger
was eaten by a gosal?
That's nonsense.
That sly Asa Ron must've come up
with a way to get rid of my father.
How so?
They were all killed by my father.
Who would the people blame
for those gosals?
- What kind of nonsense is this?
- We've been cursed.
- It's weird that the carcass
- What is going on?
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
What kind of strange happening is this?
I don't know about anything else,
but it's weird
that the gosal killed the tiger
and dug up its carcass.
This could be a conspiracy.
But according to the oracle
from The Great Shrine
This is the will of Isodunyong,
the god of the White Peak Mountain,
who never sleeps.
"I give you the will of Isodunyong."
- We accept the will of Isodunyong.
- We accept the will of Isodunyong.
"The gosals of the Igutus
and Neanthals that died in Atturad
have attacked
the lands and winds of Arthdal.
And thus, we wish to soothe the gosals
and send them back.
Tagon, the Union leader,
is responsible for covering Atturad
and Arthdal with blue and purple blood.
So he shall have to undo what's been done.
You shall go to The Great Shrine
and participate in Isodunyong's
Saenamsani ritual."
Asa Ron.
Tagon will become very angry.
He will learn.
His position as the Union leader.
The powerful army of the Daekan Forces.
His intelligence and cleverness.
None of that will be enough
to beat the sacredness of the Asa Clan.
Take a look at where the heart of
the people of the Union lies.
When did you prepare the bird though?
It seems like you plucked the feather
- and rubbed the poison--
- If you wish to join me,
it's best not to try and know
so much about the Asa Clan.
Yes, I understand, Asa Ron Niruha.
Asa Ron Niruha!
My dear god.
- Please.
- I beg of you.
Please watch over us.
- My god.
- Please.
I can't believe it.
So this all happened because
Tagon became the Union leader?
Yes, this looks like a good spot.
We'll do it here.
I still don't get it.
What do you mean Tagon Niruha was duped?
They're saying that a curse has been
cast upon us
because my father
who annihilated the Neanthals
became Union leader.
Can I ask what you're up to though?
Go over there and be my lookout.
Asa Ron's trying to prove something.
Tagon can kill
a Neanthal that is alive and kicking,
but the gosal of one
can only be appeased by the Asa Clan.
It's rich coming from someone
who's a gyeotjjok himself.
He's spewing words
with that sly tongue of his
and is showing how they've been
protecting us for 1,000 years.
Can such an ability be one's power?
It's the greatest of all actually.
One that can even make my father kneel.
Such an ability can be one's power?
Finally, though,
I have found my opportunity.
I owe it to Asa Ron
for bringing back the Neanthals and Igutus
that were once long gone.
I'm done.
Why is this an opportunity for you though?
What's wrong?
It's the tribal face painting
of the Wahan tribe.
Why is this an opportunity, you ask?
That's right.
I'll tell you when I get back.
Wait for me here.
How does he know the
tribal face painting of the Wahan Tribe?
Did he see that in his dream too?
Let's go. Everything's set.
Sorry? Oh, of course.
You asked why Asa Ron's actions
will benefit me.
That's right.
People worship those that they fear.
- Where did he go after painting his face?
- In the past,
I hear that some even served
the terrifying Neanthals.
- No one does though anymore.
- Could he have met someone
- Why?
- after painting his face?
Because Neanthals have been slaughtered
and they're not scared anymore.
Asa Ron has now called upon their spirits.
As a result, he has also brought about
the fear of Neanthals again.
Oh, I see.
Are you even listening to me?
To be honest, I'm not following.
The most formidable god of Arthdal
will make its move.
Which one would that be?
Isodunyong or Daraburu?
The god with thousands of mouths and ears.
A rumor. A rumor will sweep over Arthdal.
A saram's gosal is terrifying enough,
but one of a Neanthal?
Isn't it understandable though?
We gave them diseases, set them on fire,
chased them to death,
and annihilated their species.
Did we have a choice?
I don't know about the Neanthals,
but Igutus might feel wronged.
How so?
Neanthals and Igutus are both monsters.
That's not true. When I was young,
I had an Igutu servant. It wasn't bad.
Are you saying you lived with one?
We did back in the day.
Before the Blood of Atturad though,
Igutus were slaughtered too because
we feared they might join the Neanthals.
Do you remember though?
There was a rumor about
Aramun Haesulla being an Igutu.
Are you talking about
the White Peak Mountain's Hearts?
Igutus are sacred beings? That's lunacy.
Hold on. Doesn't it make sense though?
They say that Aramun has two voices
and it's because Aramun
is of Neanthal's blood too.
Also, I hear that lonicera flowers
were placed on top of their corpses.
Enough with that nonsense!
Tagon Niruha's is praying
for the gosals to leave as we speak.
I'm sure you're aware
that it was I who planned all of this.
The people of Arthdal
will now place a clay doll
in front of their homes
to appease the Neanthals and Igutus.
You will have to live with this burden
for the rest of your life.
Is that why
The Great Shrine even sells clay dolls?
What can I do?
Oracles and prayers
don't bring me any riches.
As long as I have power over
the hearts of the people,
you will always be beneath me.
To break this hierarchy,
you'll have to kill everyone in Arthdal
and become the king
of what remains in ruins.
You can't though.
Mihol was right about you.
You wish for the hearts and loyalty
of the people way too much.
It's not over yet, Asa Ron Niruha.
Do you have any idea
how far I'm willing to go to win?
I don't,
but I'm curious.
Niruha, you did well.
The Laughing Gym
and the feather of a paradise flycatcher.
Also, when did you prepare
the tiger as well?
What are you talking about?
Aren't you the ones who brought the tiger?
it wasn't us.
Why don't you get some sleep?
I'm all right.
When you first brought her here,
I could only see darkness
and even thought about committing a sin.
She's a sweetheart though.
And she's kind.
- Nunbyeol?
- Mom.
- Nunbyeol!
- Mom!
- It's all right.
- Mom.
What a relief.
You were out for days.
- I
- It's not your fault.
I should've known
you weren't well enough for the task.
I saw them.
- See what?
- When I was at the market
looking for the Wahans
I saw Neanthals.
- What?
- It was them.
I could tell.
Why did you save Eunseom's life?
Before you knew he was Asa Hon's son,
he was just an Igutu.
What are you planning to do?
I'm going to set everything straight.
Did Tagon really kill Sanung Niruha?
Is that why you're doing this?
Chaeeun, no harm
will come to your family because of this.
That's not why I'm asking.
I want to find Eunseom too.
To have Asa Hon's son
suffer just as much
is too cruel.
But revolting against Tagon Niruha
is a different matter.
From what I know,
you must know how to lie,
how to shed fake tears,
be dirty,
and even put down your sense of honor.
not you.
It's the Laughing Gym.
They were dried, crushed,
and sprinkled in the water.
That's what caused the lunacy?
Yes, in a few days,
their minds will return to normal.
What about the bird?
They found it in the Remahan compendium.
Plucking a feather and rubbing toad poison
makes a blue feather grow in its place.
It seems as though
they've been planning it for a while.
Asa Ron
How many more tricks
does he have up his sleeve?
How should the Hae Tribe react
to such incidents?
Make sure that's in your next report.
- Yes, my lady.
- Yes, my lady.
I'm all right. It's nothing.
Why won't you share
your sufferings with me?
How can you be all right
when you were humiliated like that?
Asa Ron planned the entire thing.
He laced the water with the Laughing Gym--
Knowing how he did it
won't change anything.
Then let's kill all those
that were affected by gosals.
Everything Asa Ron did
will be for nothing.
That's also useless.
- Tagon--
- Knowing that I can't do anything
pisses me off.
Even if I figure out Asa Ron's dirty deeds
or kill those involved,
the people of the Union
will just run to Asa Ron
at The Great Shrine again.
The high barrier that is the divine.
Aramun Haesulla
only became a god 200 years ago
because the Asa Clan acknowledged it.
Will I never be able to rise above them?
Will I always be beneath the Asa Clan?
Whatever I do, no matter what I do!
It's not like they're direct descendants
of Asa Sin anyway.
A collateral descendant!
They're also beogeumbaries as well.
Tagon, calm down.
It's not over yet.
Nothing is set in stone
and no one can end it for us.
It's over when we say
that it's over.
So calm down.
Settle your wrath.
It's not just Asa Ron though.
He met with Asa Sakan.
He must be up to something.
Mubaek's on Asa Ron's side then?
I don't know, but he has been lying to me.
I'm sure of it.
Tagon, this is a problem.
Half of the Daekan Forces
will die for Mubaek.
You can't let him be.
Figure out what he plans to do.
I know.
With an easy
And simple way.
Didn't you say
you're the father of your people?
How do you not know your beginning though?
In the Wahan Tribe,
the bloodline carries on
from mother to mother.
All I know is that all those years ago,
the Great White Wolf came down The Great
Black Cliff and that's how it started.
Then who is the mother of your people?
Where is she?
She's dead.
Your people killed her.
She must have a successor.
One who'll carry on her powers.
Is she dead too?
Will you not tell me?
Why do you ask?
Unless you tell me why,
I won't answer your question
even if that costs me my life.
I don't intend to harm her.
I will start by saving your people
and then the world.
It's the truth.
Where did he go that night?
Are we headed there right now?
All I know is that all those years ago,
the Great White Wolf
came down The Great Black Cliff
and that's how it started.
If the Great White Wolf
is in fact Asa Sin
If her sacred blood has been carried
through their bloodline
It's my daughter
She was the future mother of the tribe.
What is the meaning of this?
You're not a match
for Mubaek yet, are you?
I didn't order him to kill.
I just needed to take a few precautions
before I spoke to you.
Wait here.
It might take longer today.
Yes, my lord.
Why are you doing this?
Why haven't you been to
the military office?
I told you to be there every day.
Is that why you have me tied up?
I'm curious as to
why you've been deceiving me.
Don't try telling me
that you did no such thing.
Don't answer me with a question either.
Don't say I'm mistaken
and that you have no idea what's going on.
The Mubaek I know wouldn't do so.
I deceived you.
Good. Now that's the Mubaek I know.
What should I do?
- Mubaek, I won't sit around and
- What should I do?
let you become my enemy.
You mean too much to me
and you're also too powerful for that.
Moving on.
Why did you deceive me then?
If you don't want me
to lose a valuable comrade,
you will answer with honesty.
Tagon will kill me. I must deceive him.
You must know how to lie,
how to shed fake tears
Could I possibly do it?
Won't you answer me?
Did you kill
Sanung Niruha?
If that's the case,
decapitate me without answering.
Did you kill him?
Is that why?
- You must've seen the wound.
- Did you kill him?
It was an accident.
That dujeumsaeng is fast as hell.
You fought him, so you know that too.
The three of us were tangled in one brawl.
my sword met his neck.
Even though it was an accident,
even if he had died
at the hands of that dujeumsaeng,
it doesn't change the fact
that I couldn't protect him.
So I more or less killed him.
That is what truly happened that day.
Even if you don't believe it,
even if you can't,
pretend that you do.
Later on in life,
you may hold me accountable.
I will believe you.
No, I truly believe you.
Thank you.
Can you please untie me then?
And let you kill me?
It's your turn now.
Why did you meet with Asa Sakan?
You can be honest.
Were you there to plot against me?
I should make him think I'm on his side.
I wanted to confirm what I saw in Iark.
And what is it that you saw?
A weapon that can overthrow Asa Ron.
Sanung Niruha has always been
annoyed by the Asa Clan.
I wanted to be of help.
However, I returned
to find out that he had passed away.
Since I suspected you,
I couldn't tell you what I had found.
What are you talking about?
What exactly did you see?
A weapon to overthrow Asa Ron?
The Asa Clan can't be defeated
with weapons, riches,
or Hae Tribe's inventions.
However, Asa Sin's bloodline
has long been disconnected
and those left of the Asa Clan
are indirect descendants.
I suspect
that Asa Sin went to
And her bloodline carried on
to the Wahan Tribe.
Find the totem with this symbol
and keep it close to your heart.
No, I don't want that.
I won't be the mother of our tribe.
What about your duties and calling?
Whatever. I hate them both anyway.
I'll forget all that I've learned too.
No matter how you deny your calling,
even if you forget about it,
it will never forget you.
The successor of Wahan's great mother.
That successor
might be the direct descendant of Asa Sin.
My lord
You're calling me "my lord,"
but you disobeyed me?
Is this Taealha's doing?
No, it's not that.
I was curious.
It's the truth. I was just curious.
There's nothing more to it.
I see that you really were.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
I was going to bring you here anyway.
What on earth is this place?
Her name is Tanya?
Yes, Tanya is the descendant
of the great mother of Wahan.
Do you see those weird people?
They speak our language.
I am Tanya of the Wahan Tribe.
I am the next great mother
of the Wahan Tribe.
Aramun Haesulla!
You came to us in the form of an Igutu,
became the envoy of Asa Sin,
and ascended with the wind
Was Aramun
an Igutu?
If Tanya is
the direct descendant of Asa Sin,
the true psychic ability of the gods
belongs to her.
Asa Sin's direct descendant?
You found her direct descendant?
We must put an end to our ties with them!
We must catch
the White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
Her name is Tanya.
Let me meet her if you find her.
There's something
you and my father know that I don't.
Hang in there, Eunseom.
It will have grown
enough to reach the skies.
We received a report
that you spread false, blasphemous rumors.
Will Tanya know what it is?
Subtitle translation by: Ja-won Lee
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