Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

The successor of Wahan's great mother.
No matter how you deny your calling,
even if you forget about it,
it will never forget you.
That successor
might be the direct descendant of Asa Sin.
My lord
Aramun Haesulla!
You came to us in the form of an Igutu,
became the envoy of Asa Sin,
and ascended with the wind
Was Aramun
an Igutu?
Was Aramun
an Igutu?
Did I
say that?
"Aramun Haesulla!
You came to us in the form of an Igutu"
That's what
you said.
How do you know Asa Sin went to Iark?
This was among the items in Wahan's
Sacred Bundle.
- The byeoldaya of Asa Sin?
- Yes, so it seems.
The people of the Wahan Tribe
are the descendants of Asa Sin.
She's the successor of
the tribe's great mother?
Yes, but I don't know
where she disappeared to.
Wait for me in the woods.
It was definitely
the face painting of our tribe.
That drawing
Identify yourself.
Why are you here
without painting your face?
Oh, it's my first day.
Did you come alone?
He's talking to someone
and will be back soon.
All right. Please do not be frightened.
Just make sure to
paint your face next time.
I'm curious about the face paint though.
Why must we wear it?
It was worn by the progenitor of the
White Mountain Tribe as well as Asa Sin.
About 200 years ago,
the Asa Clan today banned it.
Is the Great White Wolf really Asa Sin?
Also, they try to stop us
even when we're only trying to
share the words of the wise.
There was an incident in the past.
One that she could never have known.
Only Hae Tuak and I know what happened.
Tanya is
the direct descendant of Asa Sin
It was severed.
The bloodline was severed?
It happened when Asa Sin disappeared.
The Asa Clan today
are indirect descendants.
They'd be nothing
if a direct descendant were still alive.
Did that Asa Sin never show herself again
after disappearing?
Yes, but she sent her envoy instead.
That was Aramun Haesulla.
Then was Aramun Haesulla really an Igutu?
Did she really read my mind
or is she pretending to have not?
Is she not aware of the fact that she did?
Why are you looking at me like that?
How should I know
what happened 200 years ago?
Still, what they taught me at this place,
saved me.
What I thought was a curse
was considered a blessing here.
Although, those people
don't know I'm an Igutu.
Shall we go?
If this Asa Sin
really was the Great White Wolf,
that makes me
Asa Sin's direct descendant.
What if the direct descendant of
- Asa Sin came to Arthdal?
- He or she will be the High Priest.
No, that person will be made
a High Priest no matter what
by Tagon.
The High Priest?
I heard that Mubaek came to see you.
I don't know
if that was his name
What did you two talk about?
Hae Tuak, take him.
Yes, my lady.
So Tagon ended up bowing to Asa Ron
while barefooted.
Those bare feet of his
We've been seeing them often.
Go back to the initial plan.
I will stick with Asa Ron.
In the meantime, you stay close to Tagon.
Those futile
and foolish plans of yours
Don't even think about it anymore
or you'll be demoted to a bronze bachi.
Have you been
keeping an eye on Taealha?
Of course.
Who is the progenitor of Wahan?
The Great White Wolf.
The Great White Wolf.
I'd like to know more about her.
The day Mother Choseol
was supposed to tell me,
you people came.
Then where is your great mother now?
You killed her when you came for us.
Do you not remember?
Did you not receive
Wahan's Sacred Bundle then?
How could I have
when you destroyed everything we had?
Has he figured it out?
What now?
Should I tell him?
Do you know what this is?
I haven't seen it before.
Is that so?
All right then.
No, that person will be made
a High Priest no matter what by Tagon.
If I think of anything else,
can I come and find you?
Of course.
Tell Hae Tuak that I gave you
my permission.
What did my father want to know?
The Wahan?
What about the Wahan Tribe?
He asked about our origin,
and about
the founder of our tribe.
I'm not sure.
Why did my father
spare your life?
Why did Taealha suddenly make you a maid?
You don't know either?
It's because
I had a dream.
A dream?
- You have dreams too?
- Yes.
I'm the successor
of the great mother of Wahan.
She trained me.
They wouldn't have let you live
just because you have dreams.
In my dream,
I saw you.
In my dream, the Great White Wolf
told me to protect you.
I think he spared my life
because I told him that.
You don't have to believe me.
- It can all be in my head. Also--
- Then why did you try to kill yourself?
No successor disregards
the instructions from their progenitor.
But you tried to kill yourself
because a friend died.
I guess that's why
I couldn't go through with it.
I had to protect you.
I don't know.
So it wasn't just me
who saw you in a dream.
You saw me too.
You should go to bed now.
- Let me get your bed ready for you.
- You
When we first met,
it seemed like you knew me.
Well, I saw you in my dream.
In your dream,
what kind of a person was I?
You were without any family or friends.
You endured pain alone
and talked to yourself.
When will I be able to leave this place?
You endured the sufferings
all by yourself. All alone.
Someone who wishes to step
into the light.
I now wish
to tell you everything.
Will you listen?
Could I really use him
to get what I want?
Where were you this late at night?
Mubaek's been waiting for you
for a long time.
What brings you here?
I have a favor to ask.
Do you know Hae Tuak of the Hae Tribe?
Yes, she is Taealha's maid.
One of her female servants is from Wahan.
Her name is Tanya.
Let me meet her if you find her.
It's important that I do.
If you have any orders--
Mugwang, Hongsul, Geomae.
- Yes, Niruha!
- Yes, Niruha!
Do you trust me?
This is for Daekan, Arthdal, and also me.
Will you do it?
Yes, of course.
Of course, Niruha.
What are you doing?
The language of the Neanthals?
is that when Tagon Niruha
brought you home?
It's only my guess.
Considering my age,
it was only about a year or two
after The Great Hunt began.
That's when he brought me home.
why did he?
I have no idea.
Gargan was totally out of it,
but he's back to his old self again.
Why doubt the psychic ability
of Asa Ron Niruha?
Over there
Isn't that Gargan?
If you're going to stomp up the stairs,
why bother gently opening the door?
Oh, right.
So I see
you were here together.
- What now?
- It's nothing.
I didn't see her around,
so I was wondering where she was.
Are you here to see
if she's keeping an eye on me?
No, of course not. It's just that
something happened.
I was on my way back
from informing Taealha.
What is it?
What happened?
I think it was suicide.
No way.
He did love his alcohol.
Can you believe it?
What happened?
How should I know?
This is what I saw when I got here.
Move! Out of the way!
The owner of the pottery workshop
died as well
- What?
- in his store.
He slit his own throat.
The poultry dealer fell into the well.
What on earth is going on?
So those affected by gosals
ended up dead anyway.
He's right.
Neanthals' gosals weren't appeased.
In order to appease them,
Tagon Niruha did everything
the High Priest asked!
Look what happened though.
Was it Tagon's orders?
Gitoha, Geomae is missing.
Geomae? You went out with him last night
with Mugwang,
so what are you asking me for?
Where did he go?
Shouldn't we report this
to the Union leader?
I'll do that. Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
What now?
Don't tell me you murdered
the three affected by the gosals.
- No.
- Tell me the truth.
Okay, fine. So what if we did?
It was Asa Ron who made them
go mad in the first place!
He made Tagon Niruha kneel before him.
So members of the Daekan Forces
killed innocent people of the union?
Why not? Who says we can't?
If it's Tagon's orders,
I won't hesitate to even kill you.
Asa Ron and Tagon
will do anything to obtain more power.
Actually, they're already doing it.
Wielding your sword
at the very front will only
lead you to your death.
Keep saying things like that,
and you'll be the first to die.
Today is the funeral of Tohu,
father of Chobal,
and the Minister of bang of Astronomy.
Send ten jars of barley
and a bar of bronze.
Yes, Niruha.
The 30 clans of the Ago Tribe
have been suspicious lately.
What about them?
The Byeok Clan wants to bring back
the glory of Inaishingi
and has called upon a council meeting.
They're still chasing ducks, aren't they?
We should tear them apart again.
- Send a message to Red Claw.
- Yes, Niruha.
No one is to enter.
Yes, Niruha.
Have you been informed?
Not yet,
but I can tell what it is
by the look on your face.
The minister of Bang of
Bronze Affiliation came to me
even faster than
the commander of the guards.
Do you even know what I'm talking about?
What's there to know
when it was my doing?
What? But when I suggested
that you kill them--
You were obviously against the idea.
I was.
What changed?
All three of them?
Yes, all three were found
after committing suicide.
The people believe that the gosal
of Neanthals and Igutus are alive
and are in fear stating that
the calling you received was in vain.
There were no gosals to begin with,
so they couldn't be the cause of this.
What can it be then?
Do you think it was Tagon's doing?
Even though the calling I received
may not be divine,
without me, they won't be able to receive
a calling in the first place.
Eventually, they will come to me.
Yes, of course.
There is no one in Arthdal
who can replace me.
So what's the plan?
Did you perhaps find someone
to replace Asa Ron?
No way. That's absurd.
Jeez, just spit it out!
Asa Ron is the great Asa Sin's
indirect descendant.
Like I don't know that?
Asa Sin's direct descendant?
You found her direct descendant?
Whether one exists or not
doesn't really matter.
Of course.
Whether the people believe it or not
is what only matters.
Carry on.
In the faraway land of Iark,
dujeumsaengs by the name of Wahan lived.
Surprisingly enough,
they even speak our language.
And in their village,
we found the byeoldaya
of Asa Sin which has
a drawing of
the White Peak Mountain's Heart.
- Really?
- The one who brought it to me
is the most loyal and honest
What? Really?
Risan and Asa Sin did flee south.
Are you saying they founded
Iark and the Wahan Tribe?
Is Asa Sin its progenitor?
The progenitor of Wahan
was the Great White Wolf.
We assume that the Great White Wolf
was Asa Sin,
so her successor
Her successor
knows about
Saya and Saenarae
which only you and Hae Tuak know about.
It's Tanya?
People die every day, don't they?
Father, please wake up.
- Wake up!
- The Neanthal's gosal
has yet to leave us.
Just like Asa Ron Niruha said,
we placed a Neanthal clay doll
in all our homes.
- Wake up, Father!
- It was all for nothing.
If this was intentional,
then it must've been planned by Father.
Why though?
In order to be acknowledged
as Asa Sin's descendant,
she must find the star bell
of The Great Shrine.
Will Tanya know what it is?
It'll help if she does,
but there's still another way.
First, we must spread a rumor.
Who would be appointed as minister
if Arthdal had a bang of Rumors?
It's Hae Tuak.
Three people died.
- Another person died?
- My gosh.
- How can it be?
- Someone else died.
They were all parents.
My goodness.
They must've done something bad.
All three of them?
Three out of the four
that were affected by gosals are dead.
I've been hearing
that people are throwing out
the clay dolls from The Great Shrine
because they think
it summons the gosals.
- What? Really?
- Who'd do such a profane act?
Losing a family member
is that devastating.
Tagon Niruha went to all that trouble,
but the worst happened.
That's right. Asa Ron Niruha did his best.
Then why did all these people die?
He isn't a direct descendant
which is why his prayers
didn't reach Isodunyong.
- How dare you!
- What are you up to?
My goodness!
- Then why did those people die?
- What's it to you?
We did everything that was asked,
so why did those people die?
It's because he's not a direct descendant.
Try explaining it if you can.
Father activated the God of Rumors.
The rumor will now spread
all across the union
without sleeping at night
and by traveling through
countless mouths and ears.
It will have grown
enough to reach the skies.
Out of anxiety, people may
foolishly believe unknown whispers
and find joy in them,
but they never act recklessly
just based on rumors.
Why not?
Because it's still just a rumor.
A rumor itself can't replace Asa Ron.
Maybe it's to have the people
believe in Tagon Niruha instead.
He even once received a calling
from Aramun Haesulla.
Aramun became a god only because
the Asa Clan acknowledged it.
That's why just receiving a calling
doesn't make you one.
He cannot replace Asa Ron.
Then maybe it wasn't Tagon who did this.
You're wrong.
My father did it.
But you said no one can replace Asa Ron.
Did he find someone
that can replace Asa Ron?
Someone to replace Asa Ron
He found someone that can replace Asa Ron
in just one day.
No way
Who could it be?
What did my father want to know?
He asked about our origin.
If I think of anything else,
can I come and find you?
What is it that I don't know?
- What?
- There's something
you and my father know that I don't.
What do you mean?
You fooled me.
About what?
My father changed his mind
after he met you.
You're mistaken.
Do you think I believed
everything you said?
Do you think you managed to fool me?
Do you think I'd easily believe you
if you suddenly got on your knees
and started treating me like your master
after the huge fit you threw
in front of me?
- You're mistaken.
- I sincerely liked and wanted you.
But you used me.
Did you want to take revenge
on behalf of your dead friend?
You're breathing right now
because I like you. You're still alive
because I want you.
Do you know that?
So why
Why did you lie to me?
Why did you do that?
You told me
that's the only way to find out.
That's what you said.
You told me that if I don't have power,
I'll never be able to find out.
You told me that if I don't have power,
I'll never know
why we had to go through all that
and why Eunseom
ended up dying like that.
That's why I did what I did.
I wanted to use you to gain power.
That's what I was planning to do.
I regret it.
I feel like everything's becoming a mess.
That's why
I regret it.
Why do you regret it?
What do you regret?
Every time
I see your face
What about it?
Every time I see your face
I should never have met you.
What's the secret
between you and my father
that I don't know?
Why did my father change his mind
after he met you?
I'm the direct descendant
of the great mother of the Wahan Tribe
and the Great White Wolf.
The Great White Wolf
The Great White Wolf
must be Asa Sin.
I think I'm the direct heir of Asa Sin.
You're the one
who's going to replace Asa Ron?
Once you're done picking the gems,
pour them onto the marsh
next to all the dead bodies!
There are guards there too,
so don't try to do anything funny.
If you get caught trying to run away,
you'll get beheaded!
Hang in there.
Hang in there, Eunseom.
Okay, seventy-two!
End of morning labor!
- End of morning labor!
- End of morning labor!
Who told you to stop?
- Get up!
- What are you doing?
- Get up!
- Get up!
- I told you to get up!
- Get up!
Hurry up and get up!
- Get up!
- Get up, you punk!
- Keep your heads down.
- Heads down.
Let them through.
Yes, sir.
Let them through.
My gosh, these punks are very brave.
They have spirit.
I guess they don't mind skipping a meal.
No meals for this group.
No meals!
- No meals!
- No meals!
I'm sorry. It's all because of me.
Do you at least know
that it's because of you?
Olmadae! What are we going to do with him?
If you're an Igutu, shouldn't you find
at least 20 on your own?
My gosh, he already did his share.
What's this? Are you ignoring me?
Why are you holding your anger?
Aren't you an Igutu that can beat
everyone here if you wanted to?
What's going on? Have you lost it already?
He just understood what I said.
If he kills everyone here,
he'll have to do our share
and end up starving to death.
You dirty Igutu.
You are an Igutu, born to a filthy bitch
who screwed around with a Neanthal,
a monster that is worse than an animal.
We'll end up skipping dinner at this rate.
Hurry up and get back to work.
Hey, Igutu.
It's nice that
you're working hard quietly.
But you're not doing yourself any favors.
People tend to feel the urge
to stomp on
whatever that's weaker than them.
I'm sorry.
Goldu, you wanted to see me?
I heard you brought an Igutu.
Yes, sir.
I put him in one of our mines,
so he won't be able to climb up here.
And it's a waste
considering all the gems we have here.
You think it's a waste?
Your brother was killed by an Igutu,
and you think it's a waste to kill him?
I guess you really don't want
to lose anything.
I mean
Everything here belongs to you.
That's right.
Darn it.
Come on.
Just a little more.
I found it.
Hey, look at this. Look.
This is some amazing stuff.
I can easily buy a huge house
next to the Union Palace of Arthdal.
I'll be able to live an abundant life
along with the Daekan Force guarding me.
Do you know what a Daekan Force is?
You lunatic.
How will you even get up there?
What's the point of having enough gems
to buy the entire Arthdal?
You'll be living here your entire life.
You're talking nonsense
because of your empty stomach.
I mean, come on. We need to have hope.
He and I are already different.
He's already been tamed
like an animal by Syoreujagin.
I'm a dujeumsaeng, a lowly animal.
What's your name?
Your real name can't be Purple.
You only care
about that name you're so proud of,
don't you?
All right. Good for you, you bastard.
Hey, I really wasn't
planning on telling you this.
But I'm going to escape.
I'll tell you how.
Right now, we're locked up
somewhere very deep beneath the ground.
First, we need to
We're locked up underground, right?
So we need to
I don't think I should tell you that much.
But I can take you with me.
Instead, that depends on how you behave.
What do you say? Would you like to join?
You little punk. You must be deaf.
Hey! See? You're deaf.
You guys all heard me, right?
All right.
Good for you, you bastard.
Stay still!
- Get up!
- No!
- Get up!
- "My name
My name is Purple.
I was
born to a filthy bitch
who screwed around with a Neanthal. I'm
a child of a monster. Namely, an Igutu.
I'm an Igutu.
My name is Purple.
My name is Purple!
I was born to a filthy bitch
who screwed around with a Neanthal.
I'm a child of a monster.
My name
My name is Purple.
I was born to a filthy bitch
who screwed around with a Neanthal.
I'm a child of a monster."
We have no way of knowing
if you will benefit us, the Wahan Tribe,
or if you will bring calamity upon us.
It's pointless.
It wouldn't have worked anyway.
And you too. Because you tried to save us,
we ended up
Urumi died,
and even Doldol and Oryuk
lost their lives.
We can't get out of this anyway.
I regret it.
I should never have met you.
- What's going on?
- Let's go find out.
- My goodness.
- Oh, gosh.
- My gosh.
- What happened?
- Is he dead?
- My goodness.
- Who did this?
- How cruel.
I wonder what happened.
- You don't know either, right?
- What if
- Over there.
- Yes, it's over there.
Move back!
- My gosh!
- How brutal!
- Oh, no.
- What happened?
- Niruha is here!
- Did he get stabbed?
- Look at all the blood.
- I know.
- Oh, gosh.
- My goodness!
We didn't want to touch him
until you arrived.
Shall we move him?
What the heck is this?
Step aside!
Isn't he
- The White Peak Mountain's Hearts!
- Asa Ron Niruha.
"Learn why
Asa Sin sent Aramun."
I didn't do it.
Then could it really be
White Peak Mountain's Hearts?
Do you think they did it?
But Asa Ron wiped them out
eight years ago.
When they showed up eight years ago,
people said the exact same thing.
Everyone was like,
"Weren't they wiped out 20 years ago?"
I can't figure out
whether this will work
to our advantage or not.
How dare he kill a priest
who belongs to the Great Shrine?
Do you think Tagon did it?
Who else would do such a thing?
Tagon, that bastard,
wants to go to war with us.
But Tagon would never do
such a reckless thing.
As long as I have power over
the hearts of the people,
you will always be beneath me.
Do you have any idea
how far I'm willing to go to win?
Whether it'll work to our advantage or not
isn't important.
This is a big deal.
But those morons
They say that Aramun was an Igutu.
So, isn't it actually
a good thing for you?
I mean, there will be a price to pay,
but if their belief spreads
through the Union
That is why those morons
can never win against Asa Ron.
Aramun is a hero,
while Igutus are believed to be monsters.
Do you think people
will be able to accept it?
So why would I take such a huge risk?
I can't do that.
Now that a priest was found dead,
Asa Ron will make a huge fuss over it.
It'll bury the rumor about the gosal
and him not being a direct descendant.
Perhaps it was Asa Ron's doing.
Tell everyone to gather.
Did you say "everyone"?
If it was actually Tagon's doing,
it means he committed a greater sin
than performing Ollimsani.
Even if he didn't do it,
we can use this as an opportunity
to turn the tables.
What do you mean by that?
From now on, anyone who doubts
the Asa clan's powers
will be considered part of
White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
All right, then.
So, what's your plan now?
We must catch White Peak Mountain's Hearts
before anybody else does.
- Niruha!
- Niruha!
We will attack
White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
Who is the member
that was captured most recently?
Probably Olmadae, the one
who was sent to Doldambul eight years ago.
He will tell us the truth
if we torture him.
Yeonbal, go to Doldambul
with a few lads from Unit Seven
and bring him to me. Right away.
Yes, Niruha. We will depart immediately.
Unit Three, keep a watchful eye
on those at the Great Shrine.
Where is Geomae?
Well, Niruha. To tell you the truth,
we haven't seen him since that day.
"That day"?
The day
when you gave the order.
Then Mubaek
What about Mubaek?
Why is this here?
A Neanthal?
- Asa Ron Niruha!
- Asa Ron Niruha!
Our brother,
our priest, lost his life.
White Peak Mountain's Hearts killed him.
Isodunyong saved those who were suffering
because of Neanthals' vengeful spirits,
but White Peak Mountain's Hearts,
those bastards,
trampled all over them and killed them
to disgrace the White Mountain Tribe
and to insult Asa Sin.
Now, for Asa Sin
and the White Mountain Tribe
as well as for the Union,
we must put an end to our ties with them!
- Yes, Niruha!
- Yes, Niruha!
So, it wasn't us?
Then who do you think did that?
I don't know.
It might have been one of us.
Or perhaps, it was someone
who is trying to use us.
A meeting will be held tonight.
- What is that?
- What are they doing?
What's that?
- What's happening?
- What are they doing?
- What's going on?
- Why are the priests here?
Attention, everyone!
I came to relay the words of Isodunyong,
the leading goddess of
the White Peak Mountain
and the Mother who never sleeps.
A malicious group called
White Peak Mountain's Hearts
dared to murder a priest,
defiled the Great Gochiju Rock,
and put a curse on the Union.
In order to overcome this calamity,
Asa Ron Niruha will not consume
any water or salt and pray
for three days and nights.
Thus, all people of the Union
are expected to follow these three orders.
First, stay clear-headed
and do not utter any unnecessary words.
Second, pray to the god you believe in
for the peace of Arthdal.
Find White Peak Mountain's Hearts
and report to us.
Anyone who spews nonsense
about Aramun Haesulla being an Igutu
and doubts the sacredness of the Asa clan
must belong to
White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
Find them and report to us!
Let's find them!
- Let's find them!
- Let's track them down!
- Let's find them all!
- Let's go!
- We'll find them!
- We got this!
- Let's go!
- Let's track them down!
Let's catch them all!
I know that some of you
belong to White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
Come forward.
For Isodunyong's eyes never sleep,
- you cannot hide.
- Who is it?
You belong
to White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
Sorry? Me?
You spread the preposterous lie
about Aramun Haesulla being an Igutu.
Oh, that was
I just told people
about the rumor I heard.
You should get out of here.
Do I know you?
We talked in front of the cave.
My face was painted.
An emergency meeting will be held tonight.
Please let your friend know.
I will.
That's Tanya. Tanya!
Things have changed in the market.
People are no longer talking
about those who died.
You fool.
What are you so excited about?
- Pardon me?
- Can't you see?
We've started a fight
with Asa Sin's honor on the line.
Can't you see
the bloody war that is ahead of us?
It was thoughtless of me
to make such a remark.
However, there is no way we'll lose.
Right, we won't lose.
But I can sense
that there is something I don't know
behind everything that is happening
at the moment.
There's certainly something.
Niruha, you have a guest.
What brings you here?
I brought you a sonsisi.
It's something small,
but I hope it helps you, Niruha.
A sonsisi?
Bring her in.
Who killed him?
Was it really a Neanthal's doing?
Anyone who knowingly hides
White Peak Mountain's Hearts
or helps them in any way
will be punished for desecrating our gods.
The gods' wrath will make you suffer.
Yes, Doti.
She was right here.
Here? Who?
Weren't you talking to Tanya a moment ago?
You know her?
I'm certain that it was Tanya.
The person you were talking to.
She's the one who Susu Eunseom
tried so hard to rescue.
That girl is a Wahan?
How did a Wahan join our organization?
One of her female servants is from Wahan.
What's her name again?
Her name is Tanya.
Let me meet her if you find her.
You did it?
You killed him?
You said there will be
no hierarchy between us
and that we'll decide everything together.
Right, I did. That's why I allowed you
to talk to me casually,
and you said you'd trust me
and follow my wishes.
You never said you'd kill someone though.
What's wrong with it?
I talked about it all night.
I said I want chaos.
The priests beat someone up at the market
and took him away because of you.
A man who might be in your organization
got beaten up to a pulp,
and someone's corpse
was brutally desecrated.
You think it's right?
Yes, I do.
Confusion and chaos. A messy mayhem.
That's what I want.
But why?
How come?
Arthdal was built on a strong foundation
that doesn't even allow a single crack.
People like us
who are at the very bottom of the pyramid
will never snag a chance
to move up without generating
confusion, disorder, and chaos.
You said you want power.
We must turn things upside down.
Only then will you get a chance.
I'll give up.
I'm done with you.
I'd rather join hands with Tagon.
Do you think he'll be different?
You said we'd decide everything together
and broke that promise.
At least Tagon hasn't done that to me yet.
Hold on. Wait.
What can I do?
What do you want?
What do you want me to do?
If I want to make you stay,
what can I do?
I told you many things.
Now, you tell me.
What can I do to make you stay?
You don't know the answer?
It's not in the book.
Don't laugh.
I always think of all possible scenarios
when I'm coming up with tactics
or even in situations like this.
But I didn't see this coming at all.
Tell me what to do.
What can I do
to make you stay?
I'll tell you.
When you want to do something
that can't be undone,
you have to ask me first.
And you must value others' lives.
Now, I want you to nod
and say that you understand.
I understand.
I will do that.
So we're good now, right?
Why are you so complicated?
Because of the things I learned
in the place where I grew up.
What are they?
The world
Forget it.
You'll just say that it's nonsense.
I should take this to that person
at the dye workshop, right?
We will escort you
to the Great Shrine, Minister Taealha.
Why should I go there?
I'm a little busy at the moment.
You must come with us.
I guess you don't know
what Hae Tuak is capable of.
And they seem to have no idea
what you can do.
Do you think you can take us?
Come with us, Taealha.
Sodang, does Tagon know about this?
We must obey all orders
from the Union Palace
as well as the Great Shrine.
This is an order from the Great Shrine.
That's correct. We received a report
that you spread false, blasphemous rumors.
What? Blasphemous rumors?
You know that the Great Shrine
deals with all blasphemous acts.
Hae Tuak will have to come with us,
of course.
This is how you'll play it?
I will go with you.
But don't you dare lay a finger on me.
Let's go.
What is happening?
Go straight to the tree house
after going to the dye workshop.
And don't even step out of the house
until I get there.
Asa Ron made a move
quicker than I had expected.
It's my turn now.
Niruha, will you let them take Taealha?
They'll detain her at the Great Shrine.
What would you do
if you were in my position?
I'm not sure what I'd do, but I'd probably
start a war with them.
If I attack Asa Ron now, he'll say
I belong to White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
Now, he has a clear goal.
He wants people to think
that I'm the mastermind
behind that organization.
what should we do?
Do nothing and just suffer?
We have to track down
White Peak Mountain's Hearts
so that we can correct everything.
- But--
- I'll negotiate with him.
Send a messenger to Asa Ron
at sunrise tomorrow.
Our union leader, Aramun, who came to us
in the form of an Igutu, please lead us.
White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
How did they find out?
How can they know this about me?
you must be very confused now.
Taealha has been taken to
the Great Shrine,
and White Peak Mountain's Hearts
is pointing at you.
What will you do now?
Whom will you treat as your enemy?
Are you
still ashamed of the fact
that you're an Igutu?
A Neanthal? What do you mean?
The killer broke a Daekan warrior's
rib cage and took out his heart.
What happened?
What's the matter?
A Neanthal!
How did you get in here?
Are you Tanya?
How do you know my name?
Do you know Eunseom?
came to Arthdal.
How do you know him?
Enjoy the chaos for now.
Everything that is shaking
is bound to come to an end.
I, myself, have no idea
what I will do
if Taealha's feet are cut off.
Eunseom isn't the one who died that day.
Thank you.
If I become the High Priest
Just say the word and
they will be brought to you right away.
I will right the wrong beliefs
and make sure the Union leader,
who killed his own father, gets punished.
Where is Tanya?
Until when are you going to repeat
the same fights?
Work with us.
I have good news.
If we attack Tagon,
what will happen to me?
If anyone gets in your way of
finding her, kill them.
No matter who they are.
Let's get out of here.
Subtitle translation by: Liya Choi
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