Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Our union leader, Aramun, who came to us
in the form of an Igutu, please lead us.
White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
How did they find out?
How can they know this about me?
A Neanthal!
Harim and Nunbyeol.
Will I be able to save both of them?
I remember you.
A Daekan warrior was found dead.
Was it your doing?
He killed someone
and attacked us first.
Do you seriously expect me
to believe that?
From that day in Atturad
to the day in Manteiv,
we never attacked Saram first.
Even now,
who is the one snarling with bared teeth?
In Atturad
Asa Hon doubted until the end
that you were on the front line.
Why did you come to Arthdal?
To find someone.
And have you succeeded?
We will,
Until we meet again.
No, you mustn't set foot in Arthdal again.
Nunbyeol, are you okay?
Are you hurt?
You must've been terrified.
Please calm down.
I'll Let me explain.
No explanation is necessary.
- She's a Neanthal!
- Hear me out.
Let me explain, please!
It was during the Manteiv War.
I accompanied the troops
as a doctor, you know.
And that day, I got lost.
Have you lost your mind?
We have to kill her!
How can she be this pretty?
I want her to be my sister.
It's okay.
She has
such beautiful eyes.
There are twinkling stars in her eyes.
From now on, your name will be Nunbyeol.
My little sister, Nunbyeol.
The swordsmanship.
How did she learn it?
Neanthals' blood and breathing
are different from ours.
Thus, they can't learn
Saram's swordsmanship. So how--
It's because I severed all her lineages.
I figured her innate physical strength
and agility
as a Neanthal would cause trouble
while living with us, Saram.
Hence, I cut off every single one
of her eight lineages.
In other words, she has no strength!
She can't lift a rock,
let alone lift a small bag of rice.
Running 400 ri a day? Forget it.
She can barely climb the mountains
to pick herbs.
She has no strength whatsoever.
And she poses no threat to us.
I taught her how to fight with a sword
so that she can protect herself.
See? Nunbyeol
is weaker than us, Saram.
What brought those Neanthals here?
They asked me to come with them.
They just
told me to think about it.
I don't want to go with them.
my dad, and my mom.
I don't want to leave them.
Yes, of course.
We won't let you go.
Please don't tell anyone about this.
you spared an Igutu's life yourself.
I suppose
Asa Hon's death led us to this.
I raised a Neanthal,
and you spared an Igutu's life.
But you see, Mubaek,
sparing that Igutu's life
is a totally different matter.
What on earth are you trying to do?
Funnily enough,
I wish to right the wrongs in the world.
Right the wrongs in the world?
I will right the wrong beliefs
and punish the Union leader,
who killed his own father.
Then are you associated
with the recent uprising
of White Peak Mountain's Hearts?
And what about that priest?
Did you kill him too?
No, that wasn't me.
I killed him.
You killed the priest?
Because it's time.
It's time for the people of Arthdal
to banish those shams
and follow the true teachings of Asa Sin.
Many people will get hurt and killed.
Remember the incident with Olmadae
eight years ago?
A mere drawing wreaked that much havoc.
How could you kill a priest?
- I can win against them.
- How?
There are three reasons.
A direct descendant
of the Great Mother, Asa Sin,
has returned.
How do you know him?
How do you know Eunseom?
I'm the first person he met
when he arrived in Arthdal
to rescue you.
I'm Chaeeun, a doctor.
I helped Eunseom.
Then when Eunseom
When he died,
did you see it?
I guess she thinks he's dead.
What just happened?
Her mouth didn't even move.
What did I hear just now?
Eunseom isn't the one who died that day.
Where is he?
Where is Eunseom now?
That I don't know. But I'm certain
that he didn't die that day.
You don't even know where he is.
How do you know he didn't die that day?
The day when the fake Eunseom
was executed,
Eunseom was in our herb storage.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What did you say?
Because Wahans speak our language,
you think where they came from
is Haesulla,
and the next great mother
of the Wahan Tribe
is a direct descendant of Asa Sin?
Yes. Therefore, we must go out there
and shout in front of everyone
that a direct descendant of Asa Sin
is back.
Sure, we'll be chastised.
it won't be like
when we had no counterplan.
Now, the people of the Union
have something to rely on.
By any chance, do you know
if the next great mother of Wahan
knows where Asa Sin's star bell is?
I'm not sure.
If she claims to be a direct descendant
but can't find it, she will die!
And White Peak Mountain's Hearts
will be finished.
And what?
We do not need to find such things.
Did Aramun become a god
because he found a sacred object?
Aramun had power,
the kind that he could actually exercise.
We have no power.
Right, power. I will gather power.
That is the second reason.
The most formidable and practical power
in the entire Arthdal.
What might that be?
The leader of the Union, Tagon.
Do you really think that
you know Tagon Niruha?
I'll arrange a one-on-one with him.
With Tagon Niruha.
A woman was here.
She was headed to the Petition Wing,
holding a thin leather scroll.
A woman? Who could it be?
Niruha, I've sent a messenger
to The Great Shrine.
Shouldn't you get going?
Yes, I should.
You probably didn't get any sleep
all night.
Was it you, Father?
You did this to me?
I heard that's how this prison works.
Prisoners can't sit or lie down.
All they can do is stand.
After several sleepless nights like that,
they end up collapsing
into the cold, filthy water,
and they eventually surrender.
Is that so?
As you know,
I have a high tolerance for filth.
I mean, that's how you raised me.
You raised me to be filthy.
Niruha said he just wants you
to admit this one thing.
Tagon was the one who gave orders to kill
those affected by gosals
and to spread such blasphemous rumors.
Tagon belongs to
White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
If you admit these things,
you won't have to stand trial.
Tagon's Sacred Trial will be held.
We already have a statement
from someone who spread
the rumors as per Tuak's order.
If I give her some hallucinogen,
Tuak will obviously say
she was just carrying out your order.
We just need to take Tagon down.
You're my precious daughter
after all, you know.
No, I refuse.
I won't help you take Tagon down,
and I refuse to be your precious daughter.
Both you and I, as well as Tagon,
know this.
Ultimately, your tragedy
boils down to the fact
that no one can replace the sacredness
of the Asa Clan. Am I wrong?
It wasn't Asa Ron.
He doesn't need
to do this if he knows that I'm an Igutu.
Tagon Niruha,
I thought you'd be on your knees.
Please release Minister Taealha.
Since when were you concerned
with the matters of The Great Shrine?
Taealha is guilty of blasphemy.
Taking her side will lead
to unnecessary misunderstandings.
I will make sure everything goes back
to the way it used to be.
"The way it used to be"? I see.
I shall abide by the rules
as the High Priest.
So you'll go by the rules
and punish Taealha?
Do you think I'll let you do that, Niruha?
What will you gain from killing Taealha?
The Union that is falling apart?
Arthdal that has turned into ruins?
Are you capable of doing that?
Had that been the case,
you would've raised a rebellion
with your Daekan warriors a long time ago.
I will only wait
until the day of the Sacred Trial.
If Taealha says what I want to hear
before that day, you will be the one
getting punished.
If not, Taealha herself
will have her feet cut off
and will be banished on all fours.
I, myself, have no idea
what I will do
if Taealha's feet are cut off.
Mihol told me
that his daughter would never
sacrifice her life for someone else.
How much do you trust Taealha?
Do you trust Tagon?
How much do you trust him?
Will he start a war for you?
Would he be willing to do that?
He ended up ditching you
and married a woman from the Asa Clan.
Tagon will never side with you.
Rather, he will gather all the ministers
in one place and say this.
"It has nothing to do with me."
"Even I was shocked."
He'll lie to everyone, as he always does.
You and Tagon are two of the same kind.
That's why you fell for each other.
Once, you said
that Tagon always tries so hard
to be acknowledged by his father, Sanung.
You analyzed him correctly.
That's who Tagon is.
And Sanung is dead now.
Whose acknowledgment
do you think he'd be craving now?
Would it be yours?
Do you really think it'd be yours?
It's the Union's.
The people of the Union, you fool.
Now, knowing that,
do you actually think
he'll be able to overthrow the Asa Clan
despite its power over the people?
Why must you do all this?
Because I robbed you of your position?
Because I rebelled against you?
Why can't you support
your daughter and the man she loves?
We can win, so why
My reason is the same as yours.
Taealha will sacrifice her life for me?
Had she been that kind of woman,
I would've never wanted or embraced her.
Taealha may desert me.
She's capable of doing that.
Tagon may do that.
He's capable of deserting me.
And the same goes for me.
Tagon knows how I am.
And I know
that Tagon knows me well enough.
I feel so bad for both of us.
A father who is trying
to kill his own son to solidify his power.
And a father who sends his own daughter
to a man of power as a yeomari
to gain power.
Let's never
put our lives on the line for each other.
Promise me.
You'll never sacrifice your life for me
in any circumstances.
I'll never sacrifice my life for you
in any circumstances.
You need to promise me too.
I'll do the same.
I'll never sacrifice my life for you.
We can
desert each other.
We promised to do so.
Your tragedy boils down to the fact
that no one can replace the sacredness
of the Asa Clan.
We assume that the Great White Wolf
was Asa Sin,
so her successor
It's Tanya?
Then it comes down
to whether we can win or not.
If we know that we can win,
we won't desert each other.
In order to be acknowledged
as Asa Sin's descendant,
she must find the star bell
of The Great Shrine.
Will Tanya know what it is?
Will Tagon pull the trigger?
If he can't, we'll be doomed.
I will only wait
until the day of the Sacred Trial.
The elder of White Peak Mountain's Hearts
who's in Doldambul
You mean, Olmadae?
When will he get here?
Yeonbal took one of the fastest horses,
but to go all the way to Doldambul
and back
It'll take a while.
I can't just wait for that.
Yes, I need to make a decision.
I must make up my mind.
I regret it.
I should never have met you.
You're right, Tanya.
We should've never crossed paths.
I'm glad you ditched me.
Hey, Purple!
Yes, I'm Purple. That's my name.
I couldn't rescue anyone,
and even Tanya ditched me.
Wahan's dream? No.
I'm Purple. Yes, I'm Purple.
Did I just see a smirk?
You smirked, didn't you?
You punk.
So there's still a possibility, right?
Do you want to escape with me?
- Hey.
- Even if we get out, we can't do anything.
There is nothing we can do.
Why are you saying that?
We can create things to do.
What I'm saying is
Remember what I showed you yesterday?
If I pick one of them and tell you
You punk, what are you looking at?
I saw you last night.
You were crying as if
you committed some mortal sin.
He was crying?
But you see,
they say there is only one sin.
don't beat yourself up.
What's that dimwit saying?
Oh, back to our conversation.
To tell you the truth,
Tagon is my brother.
I guess you've heard of him.
The thing is, Tagon is just a clever guy.
He's always been a weakling
since he was little.
He used to get beaten up all the time.
Whenever his nose bled,
I wiped the blood off for him.
- Blood?
- Yes, blood.
Don't you know what blood is?
The red liquid.
- Blood?
- Dung bug!
It's a blood disease.
Hey, Wahan!
- Eunseom is here, right? Is he alive?
- Yes.
- That's all I needed to know.
- Hey!
Get back here at once if you're done!
We didn't even feed you well.
Why do you people poop so much?
Hey, Syoreujagin!
Who's this prick
that just dared to call my name?
Who is it? Reveal yourself, you bastard.
Come out! Who's this son of a bitch
Hey, you prick. It's me, Seucheon.
"Prick"? How dare you--
Don't act all high and lofty.
You are a lowly commoner, just like me.
That may be the case in Arthdal,
but I'm a Niruha here!
Oh, is that so?
Stop pooping already, you punk!
Well, his name is
You mustn't disclose Eunseom's name.
I don't know his name,
but I know he's an Igutu.
Oh, Purple.
How do you know him?
You know Mubaek, right?
Mubaek asked me
to buy all the Wahans back from you.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
Are you kidding me?
If it really is the blood disease,
he won't even be able to dig up
three to four baskets of mud.
He'll just waste our food.
He won't even die quickly.
It's not contagious though.
I wish it was contagious.
That way, we can all die.
Do you think Syoreujagin will let us die?
We're all he has.
Even in Gitbadak, half of the slaves died
because of a plague.
Those who knew about the plague
were too scared to come down.
A plague
Only Syoreujagin came down.
He dug up all the corpses
and tried to save people's lives.
"How many jewels would this be?
You guys cannot die!"
That bastard is crazy about jewels.
Hey, come here.
I said, come here!
Hold on.
Look at this.
What do you think? Amazing, right?
Do you want some?
These are useless here.
But when we get out
Anyway, give me some of that.
I'll repay you tenfold.
My gosh, you haven't given up hope yet!
Don't let that Ago prick fool you.
No one would even trade
a sip of water for that.
Getting riled up consumes energy,
so be quiet.
Do you want to touch them?
Just look at them.
Tanya, this must be an illness.
I can't believe I find this amusing.
Move! Get out of the way!
Move it! Get out of my way!
- Out of the way!
- Move!
- My gosh, be careful.
- Hang it over there.
Where's the bachi?
Over there.
Who's Momyeongjin?
Yes, that's me.
How can I help you?
- Search the place.
- Yes, sir!
What What is going on?
I'm the leader of the guards.
How dare you do this without my consent?
We got a report saying she's the elder
of the White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
There's nothing here.
What is this nonsense?
The White Peak Mountain's Hearts?
Who's the person that framed me?
Move. Move over.
- What's wrong?
- Be quiet.
My goodness, look what we have here.
We found the elder
of the White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, there's been a report.
We found this.
A report?
The informer
of the White Peak Mountain's Hearts
came from the Union Palace?
Not The Great Shrine?
Yes, that's also what I find peculiar.
Where is the elder?
Tell me. Who am I?
You are Tagon Niruha,
our Union leader.
You are the son
of our former union leader, Sanung Niruha.
And And you're the conqueror of Iark
No, not that. Have you ever heard of
any false rumors about me?
Have you talked about me with someone
during the past couple of days?
I really don't understand what you mean.
I'll arrange a one-on-one with him.
With Tagon Niruha.
Is this it?
How did he
Is there something you want to say?
About a year ago,
a young man joined our gathering.
He was very faithful.
And he seemed very touched by the fact
that our great mother, Asa Sin,
sent down an Igutu as a messenger.
He is the one who killed the priest.
He did it by himself?
Yes, that's right.
And he started inciting me.
He said it's time for the White Peak
Mountain's Hearts to reveal ourselves.
I refused.
And he offered to arrange a one-on-one
with you, Niruha.
And I think
this is what he was talking about.
Who is he?
He told me he's a Scribe of the Hae Tribe,
but I think he lied.
It is very easy for me
to rip out your tongue
at this very spot.
This is what he said.
He wanted me to tell you this
when I met you.
Asa Ron's power is fake
for it depends on people's faith.
Tagon Niruha's power is very real.
If you use that power
What is that going to change?
Asa Ron stands where he stands now
because people don't know that
he's a member of the collateral line.
He told me
that Asa Sin's true heir has appeared.
he told me that you're also aware of that.
What's the matter, Niruha?
Don't follow me.
A woman was here.
She was headed to the Petition Wing,
holding a thin leather scroll.
Saya. It was him.
Do you know that you could die here?
That's why
I can't seem to calm myself down.
Why are you doing this?
Because now is the time.
If I don't do this now
If I hesitate, I feel like I'll regret it.
I put my life on the line to come here.
You don't know
where the descendant of Asa Sin is.
You must've hidden her.
Where is she?
Where do you think?
Yes, there's no way Eunseom would die.
I guess she thinks he's dead.
I heard it loud and clear.
Where is Tanya?
Bring her to me.
If you do this,
you'll never be able to meet
the descendant of Asa Sin.
Then you'll never
be able to beat Asa Ron--
Shut up. What do you think you can do?
You're a nobody!
Then what are you planning to do?
If they cut Taealha's feet and kill her,
her soul will have to crawl for eternity
even after she's dead.
So what's your plan?
Should I tell you?
You'll stop things from escalating
by getting rid of
the White Peak Mountain's Hearts
before Asa Ron.
Then you'll try to negotiate with him.
Until when are you going to repeat
the same fights?
Work with us.
Let's say I work with
the White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
Then what will happen next?
We'll finally show ourselves to the world.
"Asa Sin's descendant is here in Arthdal.
Let's bring down the lies
and live by the truth.
Let's get rid of the collateral line
and return The Great Shrine
to the real descendant of Asa Sin."
That's when you'll attack The Great Shrine
along with the Daekan Force.
Then you can declare yourself as king,
and I will be your heir.
Tanya, the newly appointed High Priest,
will acknowledge that.
And last but not least,
we will reveal our blood
to the entire world.
You've lost your mind.
Then why did you keep me alive?
You were so ashamed of being an Igutu
that you ended up killing all of them.
But did you want to
at least keep one alive?
But because of you,
I was locked up
without knowing why I had to hide
and why I wasn't allowed to meet anyone.
I ate, read, and wore
whatever that was given to me.
Like an animal!
I had to find who I really was
inside that dark cave all by myself.
So do you define yourself
as an Igutu?
Are you proud that you're an Igutu?
I stayed alive
because I was proud.
Tagon, who is an Igutu,
is the hero of Arthdal.
The White Peak Mountain's Hearts
claimed that Aramun Haesulla was an Igutu.
And he was murdered
by his indirect descents.
I may be hiding in the dark like a rat
just because of the fact
that I'm an Igutu.
But I will walk into the light
when Tagon comes.
That is why he saved me
even though I'm an Igutu.
But unfortunately,
I was wrong.
You had it easy growing up
- when you're just a mere Igutu.
- What?
Back when I was seven,
my own father
choked me.
I had to get choked by my own father.
That is the life of an Igutu.
We can just kill them first.
We'll kill whoever despises Igutus.
If we do that,
Igutus will be feared
instead of being considered unlucky.
Yes, we will be feared.
But those people
that you are willing to kill
include the entire Daekan Force,
Saenyeok Tribe,
and every single person
that belongs to the Union!
And they do not wish
for a king that is an Igutu!
Did you ask them?
How do you know
when you've never even asked?
They've never even imagined
or thought of something like that.
How do you know whether or not
they want their king to be an Igutu?
Then do you know?
Do you know what the people of the Union
will think of a king that's an Igutu?
This is Aramun Haesulla's ornament.
The front shows a lonicera flower,
the symbol of peace.
And the back shows the Hammer of Wind,
the symbol of punishment.
To live
or to die.
Do you know which side we'll see
if I flip this?
I don't know. No one will know.
But Airuju will choose
whether it'll be the front or the back.
I'd rather bet on this
than to live like you.
I won't ever bet my destiny on a god.
Yes, of course.
But you must choose
between me
and the people of the Union
whom you cherish so much.
It is time
for you to choose.
Do you really think
I'm going to let you leave?
This is bichwisan.
If you take one more step,
I'll just drink the entire bottle.
Do you really think you can kill yourself?
I told you that I was prepared to die
when I came here.
If you choose the back side,
I'll just have to die.
What is this?
Are you socializing
with the White Peak Mountain's Hearts?
Mother, the thing is--
Momyeongjin got captured.
Do you know that?
They found the symbol
of the White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
But we're--
The Neanthals were here.
- What?
- They asked Nunbyeol
to leave with them.
She refused to go.
What are you talking about?
The Neanthals? They came for Nunbyeol?
Go to Alseom with Nunbyeol.
It won't be easy to find you there.
I'll hold hands with you and your people.
It seems like the kid is ready.
But what about you?
Are you people ready for this?
Are you serious?
I'm asking if you're ready.
Will you do it?
Will you?
- Did you hear what happened?
- We need to come up with a solution.
- This is very serious.
- She hasn't returned.
We don't know if she's dead.
- What should we do?
- This is so bad.
- What?
- What's going on?
I'm sure you've all heard
that Momyeongjin got captured.
- My gosh.
- Goodness gracious.
- What are we going to do?
- I know.
- My goodness.
- We're in trouble.
- We should brace ourselves.
- My gosh.
- What are we going to do?
- Seriously.
- I wonder what happened.
- My goodness.
How did you come here?
Momyeongjin told me.
She would never have told you
about Ggachi Cave
even if she was tortured.
You're right.
She only told me
because I agreed to join you people.
- Father.
- But on one condition.
We will reveal that we're Igutus
after some time.
We will wait until we're sure
that it'll always be the lonicera flower
instead of the Hammer of Wind.
That means
it all depends on the people of the Union.
I will do as you say.
Thank you,
I'm sorry for everything.
I know I heard it.
Do I really have
the psychic ability of the gods?
The girl must be gone.
Stay here and keep a close watch.
The target
is The Great Shrine.
You mean Asa Ron?
Have the Daekan Force
ready for battle at any time.
Yes, Niruha.
- Gitoha.
- Yes, Niruha.
Prepare at least 50 geun
of sulfur and wild honey.
Upon my orders, you will
burn down every inch of Ggachi Cave.
Ggachi Cave?
That includes
all the people inside as well.
Not a single trace of their bodies
should remain.
Yes, Niruha.
- Gilseon.
- Yes, Niruha.
Find a prisoner
we can send into The Great Shrine.
I'd prefer one who can sing.
Yes, Niruha.
The girl seems to be gone.
Hongsul is still on guard there.
We can't just sit around.
Bakryangpung, I need a drawing of her
to aid us in a search.
Ask Mugwang.
There's a girl who cursed him.
Oh, that girl.
Wasn't Tagon in possession of her?
If anyone gets in your way of finding her,
kill them.
No matter who they are.
Yes, Niruha.
Even his son?
Of course.
What the hell?
Were you here all this time? Then why--
Someone's outside.
I don't know. I just
sensed someone.
Someone's really out there.
I searched the entire grounds for you
and I didn't spot a single living soul.
I have good news.
My father
will join us.
Tagon Niruha?
The White Peak Mountain's Hearts
will drive away the impostor
and return The Great Shrine
to its rightful owner.
That's you, Tanya.
Tanya Niruha, the High Priest.
I am a descendant of the Great White Wolf,
but how do you know
if she truly was Asa Sin?
Will people believe it?
In order to be acknowledged,
you must be in possession
of Asa Sin's star bell.
Do you perhaps know what it is?
A star bell?
When Asa Sin left Arthdal,
she hid it inside The Great Shrine.
I've neither heard of a star bell
nor The Great Shrine,
so how can I
Yes, of course.
It's all right. It will never come to that
as long as my dad is with you.
Anyway, wait for me here.
if I become the High Priest,
will I be of power?
Can I save the Wahans from slavery?
- Of course.
- Even the ones that were sold far away?
Just say the word and
they will be brought to you right away.
It's your turn now.
We've all done it before.
We have no choice.
No matter how hard we work,
we won't be able to meet the quota
even if just one person
can't provide labor.
We'll all starve and in the end
Asa Sin!
- Our mother
- Shut it, old man!
Do you understand?
Just say it.
Do it!
Hesitating will only make it harder.
Just do
as those bastards say.
- Just do it. One cut is all you need.
- Get done with it quickly.
- Go on.
- Do it.
- Come on!
- Kill him already.
- We need to survive.
- We all did our part.
- Kill him.
- Or we'll all die.
- Come on!
- Hurry!
- Do it!
- Don't keep him alive.
- Kill him.
- Do it.
I'm a dujeumsaeng.
That's what animals do!
- I was born to a filthy bitch
- Kill him!
- Something's wrong with him.
- You'll never become one of us.
Everything about him is weird.
He's a liar.
- You could actually die!
- Do it already!
It's not your fault.
What's he saying?
Killing me and
everything that happened to you
- None of that is wrong.
- What is he saying?
Then what is?
If this isn't wrong, then what is?
Not even animals would behave so lowly,
so how is this not wrong?
Do you even know what happened to me
and what I had to do?
You know nothing!
Whatever it is,
whatever happened to you,
only one of your deeds
is worth being punished for.
What are you saying?
What is that one bad deed?
What's going on?
That prick.
Just do it!
- Only that is a crime.
- Do it!
- So
- What is he waiting for?
do it.
- Hurry.
- This is my punishment too.
- Darn.
- This is making me go nuts.
What's wrong with him?
- Just do it.
- Get it over with, you prick!
What do you think you're doing?
- Son of a
- I can't do this.
I can't stoop down
to the level of animals.
Before you came down here,
you said you were an animal and
that you were no better than one.
You said it yourself, didn't you?
We all did so
and that's why
we're living this dirty life.
Yes, I said it.
"I'm an Igutu,
a being no better than animals."
I said that too.
Then what's with the hissy fit?
So I lived like an animal.
I didn't want anything and thought of
nothing. I breathed because I could,
woke up because my eyes opened,
and ate anything
that I could get my hands on
like an animal.
Just like you lot.
You monster!
- What did you say to provoke him?
- You!
Then what are we supposed to do?
Trying to live in dignity like a Saram
means starving to death with him.
you're not a Saram.
You're not even a Saram!
Let's get out of here.
You as Sarams
and I as a monster.
We'll leave this place.
He knows a way out.
Who? Him?
You know the way out of here?
You coward. You knew all along?
You actually believed what he just said?
You believe the word of the Ago Tribe?
They fight and deceive
even their own people.
Why would you believe a word they say?
there is a way
We'll try my way then.
This isn't a lie.
I wasn't lying either.
You said you have
nothing to do outside though.
I do now.
Although I'm yet to figure out how.
You have a way to get out of here? How?
How many days can you go without eating?
Hang on. Must we starve first?
Is there
really a way out?
Do you know her?
Do you?
No, I haven't seen her before.
She's a dujeumsaeng slave.
Report it immediately if you spot her.
Have you seen her before?
Report it immediately.
- No.
- Report it immediately if you see her.
Have you made a decision?
If we attack Tagon,
what will happen to me?
Do I step down from the head of the tribe?
Now you sound like my daughter again.
Tell me what'll happen.
It'll be a funny scene for me to take
that seat again.
You will stay on as the head of the tribe.
Not as the Minister of
the bang of Bronze Affiliation though
since no such position will exist anymore.
You made the right choice.
Shut it!
I said, shut it!
Be quiet!
Mihol, can I have a word?
A slave?
She's a Wahan slave,
but the entire Daekan Force
is looking for her.
He's looking for a slave in this crucial
time by mobilizing the Daekan Force?
I thought that she had escaped
with something valuable,
but I found out
that her father is Yeolson.
I heard that Mubaek came to see you.
Don't you find it odd that
Mubaek went to see him in person
and now Tagon's people
are looking for his daughter?
Even Heulrip found it suspicious
that they speak our language.
Isn't it most likely that
they're descendants of someone
from Arthdal?
Everybody, leave!
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
What is the matter, sir?
Listen to me carefully
for your daughter's life is on the line.
If you lie, stay silent,
or hesitate to reply,
I will boil your daughter to death
in front of your very eyes.
I swear upon all the gods of Arthdal.
Sir, what on earth are you saying?
Please spare her life
and ask anything you want.
What did Mubaek ask you that day?
He inquired about
the origin of our people.
And your answer was what?
The Great White Wolf came down
The Great Black Cliff
and founded our tribe.
When did that old lady go down the cliff?
I hear that it was over 200 years ago.
your daughter
a direct descendant of that old lady?
Yes, sir.
She was the next in line
to become the great mother of the tribe.
you must be out of your mind.
You're excited, aren't you, Tagon?
Are you going ahead with it?
If that's the case
Are you done contemplating?
Were you able to make a decision?
Yes, Niruha.
I have finally stopped my wandering.
The words of your father
must've been effective.
His sincerity must have reached
your heart.
You will confess to your crimes
in front of everyone
and Tagon--
I request a Sacred Trial.
No matter what,
you must comply
with the request for a Sacred Trial.
You must allow it.
You bitch. What are you plotting?
A Sacred Trial is--
Yes, I'm sure that you will control
the outcome of that trial.
So you're willing to sacrifice yourself
for someone like Tagon?
but who says you'll still be
the High Priest at my trial?
I thought you had Tanya in your custody.
Taealha and Hae Tuak
were keeping an eye on her,
but she disappeared
after they were arrested.
She could've fled or been abducted.
I know some people, so I'll ask around.
You know
a girl named Tanya, right?
Good. But the thing is,
she has gone into hiding.
Where could she be?
the big tree
on Dalrae Hill
where there's a mud hut
If something happens
or you have news,
find someone named Chaeeun
at the market apothecary.
I will boil your daughter to death
in front of your very eyes.
I swear upon all the gods of Arthdal.
Do you have everything?
I'm sorry for putting you through this.
Don't say that.
You must've been scared.
I wasn't. They were nice.
I didn't want to go with them.
We should tell Mubaek
where that Tanya girl is.
Don't worry. I'll make sure to tell him.
Thank you, Doti.
I already informed Tanya of Mubaek so
Chaeeun. Where is Chaeeun?
That's me. What--
Please tell Mubaek
that my daughter's life is in danger.
Father Yeolson, is that you?
Doti? My goodness.
What do you mean by your daughter?
My daughter Tanya. Please save her.
I think something has happened to her.
Is that your name?
Tagon, this is a ridiculous plan
you're cooking up.
A direct descendant of Asa Sin?
How ridiculous.
A member of the Daekan Forces?
What brings you by?
I was ordered to kill anyone
who got in the way.
Hand over the girl.
Because the Hae Tribe
is known for its academics,
you have no idea
what our servants are capable of.
Get her!
Come on. Let's hurry.
Someone's coming.
Over here.
Who are you bitches?
Move. Damn it.
I caught you again.
Even though you cursed me,
I'm still very much alive.
The crescent moon
fell and rose multiple times,
but nothing happened.
You're too late.
"You're too late."
Those are
the last words you'll ever hear.
You crazy bitch.
Tanya? Tanya!
A Daekan soldier
If you don't know where Tanya is,
give me one good reason
why I shouldn't kill you.
Do you really not know where it is?
Don't you know?
I don't know.
I'll do as you say.
We must attack the Great Shrine.
The Daekan Force is ready.
When I spill my drink, kill Mihol's guard.
The Sacred Trial of Taealha will commence.
Is the direct descendant of Asa Sin
at The Great Shrine?
I'm certain
that another plague has broken out.
Are they really all dead?
Prove yourself.
Will I be able to find it?
Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park
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