Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

"You're too late."
Those are
the last words you'll ever hear.
- You crazy bitch.
- No!
A Daekan soldier
Tanya, Father Yeolson is
at the apothecary.
He knows Mubaek.
Mubaek will be there, too.
We'll be fine. Don't worry.
Blue lips Is that
I do not wish to go.
I understand.
What happened
to our people?
Most of them died.
There are only five survivors
including myself.
Why did you try to take me with you?
Because you're one of us.
I wanted you to join us
and find yourself a decent young man.
Although you might not find them
so attractive.
I guess I'm the only female Neanthal
that's alive.
But we're not like the Sarams.
We're not obligated to do
or offer anything.
We owe nothing to no one,
and we choose our own paths.
Your choice
is always more important
than anyone else's.
That is how we live.
So you don't need to leave your family
because of us.
If If, by any chance,
I want to meet you again
When the fox flower blooms
and the first crescent moon
shines the night sky
See? I told you she won't come.
Rottip, how can you smile?
This will be the end of our blue blood.
It won't necessarily be the end of us.
Aren't you angry at the Sarams?
How many tigers and bears
do you think are angry at us?
However, they're dead now,
and we're still alive.
Mubaek, what are you doing here?
Where's Tanya?
Tanya was being chased by Yeobi.
Chaeeun was trying to save her!
Then where's Tanya?
I told her to go first.
But I think she got caught.
Darn it.
Then it has to be Yeobi's doing.
Have you seen Mugwang?
What's with the attitude?
Show some respect
for the leader of the guards.
You little prick.
Who's that?
- You punks.
- I mean, sir.
Who are you?
I'm here to meet the Union leader.
- What?
- Is he your father or something?
You think you can meet him so easily?
Tell Tagon Niruha that his son is here!
Tell him that Saya is here!
What a psycho.
Arrest him.
How dare you talk nonsense?
You tailed me, didn't you?
Where's Tanya?
If you don't know where Tanya is,
give me one good reason
why I shouldn't kill you.
If anything happens to Tanya,
I will not forgive you.
- What son? What are you talking about?
- You didn't know either?
I thought he was some kind of a fool.
But he's inside talking to Tagon Niruha.
He can't be Asa Mot's son.
Then is he Taealha's?
He's too old to be her son.
His son really came here?
Did you really not know anything?
He obviously has no clue.
He doesn't seem startled,
so he must've known.
You knew?
You can at least nod your head!
Hey, look at me in the eyes. Look at me.
Mugwang! What happened?
Is Tagon Niruha inside?
Don't get startled.
He's inside with his son right now.
- What?
- I know, right?
He's here?
That means he knew.
It seems like Gitoha was the only one
who didn't know. He obviously knew.
Gitoha, what do you know?
All the Daekan soldiers knew.
Was Was I really
the only one?
Just me?
Don't lie to me!
It's a lie!
My gosh.
Did you catch Tanya?
No, the thing is
What do you mean, "no"?
took Tanya.
Why aren't you telling Asa Ron Niruha
about Tanya?
This is complicated.
She's the direct descendant of Asa Sin?
If you're excited,
I'll gladly join you.
Do you know a girl named Tanya?
What? Tanya?
You and Tagon
are both very bad at lying.
I can't believe you asked
for a Sacred Trial
and put yourself at risk because of her.
I don't know how you found out,
but you'll never be able to find her.
She's already here.
You don't believe me?
Would you if you were in my shoes?
Yeobi of the Hae Tribe caught me.
And she brought me to the Great Shrine?
Asa Ron is Tagon's enemy.
Yeobi works for Mihol.
Mihol is Taealha's father.
Did Taealha betray him?
Or does that mean
Mihol and Taealha are enemies?
I don't understand.
If I become the High Priest,
will I be of power?
Let's stay focused.
Eunseom is alive.
I need to save him.
Great White Wolf, please
Please give me the wisdom of the star.
Please give me the answer.
I'm sorry.
I was so angry that I thought wrong.
I found a Daekan soldier's body
near Tanya's hiding place.
That means it wasn't a Daekan soldier
that took her.
It must've been Asa Ron.
That means Asa Ron knows everything.
He could kill Tanya at any moment.
We must attack the Great Shrine.
I remember Taealha telling me
that you're cool-headed and smart.
I'm usually like that.
But right now,
we're in a serious situation.
Is it because I tricked you?
Or is it because you like Tanya?
We have no time for this.
If Asa Ron kills Tanya--
You're not going to forgive me?
You'll have to forgive
whatever you go through
if you have no power.
You have no idea how much I had to forgive
until I gained enough power.
I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
Why should I?
Because it's such a waste.
You saw everything that was in my room.
I trained myself for you.
I read every book in the Pilgyeonggwan
and I thought of every possibility
that could happen.
We'll be useful to you.
Both me
and Tanya.
I will remember
what you're capable of.
But if you fool me behind my back again
and ruin my plan
by acting like a little kid,
I'll show you what it really means
to be unforgiving.
I understand what you mean.
We're already prepared
to attack the Great Shrine.
I want you to wait for my order.
Asa Sin's direct descendant?
Have you gone mad?
How could you trust that dujeumsaeng
and ask for a Sacred Trial?
But fortunately,
Asa Ron doesn't know about her.
We still have time.
Asa Ron doesn't know yet?
We can win. Tagon will make a move.
He can't do that anymore
because we took her from him.
Why did you
choose Sanung instead of Asa Ron?
When we came to Arthdal, we melted rocks
and turned them into bronze.
People of Arthdal thought of that
as a psychic and sacred ability.
That's why Asa Ron feared us,
hated us, and kept his distance from us.
We were a threat to his sacredness.
So why would Asa Ron
choose to hold hands with you?
It's only because of Tagon.
What do you think will happen to us
if we get rid of Tagon?
It doesn't matter. We must stay alive.
We have a mission to accomplish.
We must take revenge on those
who destroyed Remus--
I'm so sick of that mission.
You really need to stop.
They won't ever show up.
More importantly,
cannot win this fight.
Asa Sin's star bell.
What if Tanya can find that?
The totem that Asa Sin hid
in the Great Shrine 200 years ago.
Whoever finds that star bell
will instantly become
the High Priest.
Are you
Are you saying
she knows where that is?
It's the star bell
that Saya told me about.
Stay outside.
Do you know
where that star bell is?
Just tell him that you know. Just do it.
I might know.
How can you know?
The byeoldaya.
I need that.
It's something that's been passed down
from the Great White Wolf,
the progenitor of our tribe.
If the Great White Wolf really is Asa Sin,
the byeoldaya will tell me the answer.
Where is
that byeoldaya?
It's at Iark.
What should I do?
Tagon has it.
Don't lie to me.
The skies must be on our side.
Mubaek brought it from Iark.
It has the mark of
the White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
Yes, that's the one.
Of course, it is. That's how I found out
that you're Asa Sin's direct descendant.
If you don't trust me,
make me drink the hallucinogen.
Then you'll know the truth.
If we find that, Tagon will win.
I'd like to meet Tagon.
that girl's able to find the star bell,
I'll do as you say.
But if she can't,
you must
abandon Tagon immediately.
Will you do it?
I will.
I wonder if I will
be able to find it.
The Daekan Force is ready.
Before we go, I want you to pick
five of the most nimble Daekan soldiers.
They'll be infiltrating the Great Shrine.
Even if we attack the Great Shrine,
we must rescue Taealha and Tanya first.
Can you do that?
Of course, Niruha.
Niruha, Mihol is outside.
I really don't understand.
You even have Tanya now.
There's really no reason
for you to come see me.
Let's say I'm the only one
who knows for now.
You're the only one who knows?
The High Priest doesn't know about this?
So are you saying that
you are going to be on my side?
You're a man who even locked up
his own daughter in prison.
Things are different
compared to back then.
I didn't know you had
Asa Sin's direct descendant with you.
And I didn't know
that direct descendant was capable
of finding Asa Sin's star bell.
Of course, she might fail to find it.
And I might end up
telling the High Priest about her.
But I'm willing to give it a try
if I'm able to gain something
by standing on your side.
What do you want?
It's nothing much.
I want you to abandon Asa Mot
and marry Taealha.
And I want the secret of the bronze
to stay within the Hae Tribe.
What if
I agree to those terms?
Give me the byeoldaya.
The byeoldaya?
Taealha told me
that Mubaek brought it home.
Why do you need that?
Tanya says she can find the star bell
if she has the byeoldaya.
Right now, you neither have
the direct descendant of Asa Sin
nor Taealha.
So you don't really have another option.
Instead, I want a handwritten geulbal
from Taealha.
I want Hae Tuak to witness her
writing the geulbal,
and bring Hae Tuak with you when you come.
Then I'll give you the byeoldaya.
Tanya, hang in there.
Please wait for me.
will I be able to do it?
I must. No, I will. I can do it.
I don't want to regret anymore.
I don't want to hate myself.
I don't want to be amused.
I miss you.
I want to live.
I want to live
and go to you.
What the hell?
Are you nuts?
- Shit.
- Have you lost it?
None? There are no jewels?
You little bastards.
Don't you want any food?
Are you all planning to die?
Are you all right down there?
Are you good?
Listen to how sweet he is.
He sounded like my mother.
I'm starving as it is.
Don't make me laugh.
How are you? Are you feeling better?
Not at all.
But I'll hang in there.
I might be able to get out
and see the ocean.
I might be able to die there
I don't know your story,
but you were dragged all the way here
I didn't mean it. I'm sorry.
I apologize.
There's something
I've always been dying to know.
Is it true
that people of the Momo Tribe have fins?
I hear you can breathe underwater.
Let's see it.
Come on. Let's see.
Don't. I'm exhausted as it is.
I didn't know you had that kind of tone.
You have quite a temper.
Why wouldn't I
when I'm on the brink of death?
You shouldn't mess with the Momo Tribe.
We're like brothers here.
I feel like I'm actually living.
So if Syoreujagin comes down
according to plan,
he'll poke me with his sword
to see if I'm alive or not.
So if I end up dying,
place me at the very front.
You won't die, you idiot.
Just drink your water.
If I do, though
I really don't want to die.
I should at least see the sea
one last time.
All right, let's get some more water then.
What if they all caught a disease?
Are you trying to curse us all?
When did it rain last?
Four days ago.
What are you going to do if he dies?
Mubaek wanted him alive!
Shut it! Shouldn't you
head back to Arthdal?
We'll wait until
noon tomorrow.
I will change Asa Ron Niruha's mind.
What do you mean?
At the Sacred Trial,
testify that Taealha
is White Peak Mountain's Heart.
Taealha will also say
that you're
the White Peak Mountain's Heart.
Asa Ron Niruha will ask the god
and one will be claimed as a liar.
The god will say
that Taealha is lying.
I will make sure that happens.
Does Asa Ron really not know about Tanya?
I only have one condition.
At the tribal meeting,
announce that you'll ask Asa Ron Niruha
for the gods' guidance regarding
all union business.
She's not lying.
Asa Ron is clueless about Tanya.
How's everything coming along?
Taealha will
come to her senses again soon,
so please don't worry.
All right.
I hear you captured a slave.
Oh, that.
She's a maid
and is crucial in persuading my daughter.
Is that so?
My gosh, I was terrified
for a second there.
I thought he figured it out.
Shut your trap.
You'll ruin everything.
Did you see Taealha write it herself?
Yes, Niruha.
She told you to trust her as well.
So this is
What if she fails to find it?
You, me, and Taealha.
There's no need
for all of us to crash and burn together,
is there?
Hearing you say that
makes me trust you even more.
Will she be able to find
the star bell with it?
We'll know when she sees it.
If this all works out,
I hope you forget
all the bad blood between us.
Sure, of course.
- How did it go?
- We have one,
but I can't guarantee you anything.
All right. You're dismissed.
You heard everything, right?
Make your move, then.
All right.
I asked for water to wash up ages ago!
It'll be here soon.
How did my life get like this?
Are you sure you can find it
with the byeoldaya?
I asked if you were certain.
You want us to fight?
Hey, why aren't you answering me?
I risked everything
by putting my faith in you.
If you fail to locate it,
I'll be losing the man I love and desire.
Can you find it or not?
I don't know.
I only said that
I might be able to find it.
Say that again.
I'm just as clueless!
I'll only know when I see it.
And you're saying that now?
You should've told us that earlier.
Are you insane?
This is your way of
getting back at us, isn't it?
Come to think of it,
that's not a bad idea.
Whatever happens, Tagon is still
the person who killed the Wahans.
- You bitch.
- Say that again.
What did you just say?
You filthy dujeumsaeng. How dare you.
My lady, you should calm down.
Why you
I will bring a fire,
so please calm yourself down.
I was really worried,
but I'm glad you and Taealha
are working together again.
I should apologize
for making you take
the hallucinogen twice.
That's nothing, sir.
It's all right.
Asa Ron's room?
Why did he bring me here?
Did you get it?
Yes, Niruha.
I finally got it.
On our way here, I already told you
that I was
Are you betraying Taealha?
She is the one
who betrayed me first.
Heads, we live. Tails, we die.
It's time to test our luck, Tanya.
Let me relay Momyeongjin's words.
"The direct descendant
of the Great Mother Asa Sin
has come
to Arthdal."
- What?
- Is that true?
Where in Arthdal?
- What
- In Arthdal?
So this is
what the Great Mother Asa Sin
hid all those years ago.
It's the key to finding the star bell.
I don't know
if the star bell can be found
with it, though.
Why not?
Are you worried that
I might actually find it?
Well, it's still not too late
to take Tagon's side.
Tagon can't give me what I want.
But you can get it from me?
What is it?
The position of a union leader.
You, Niruha, no longer need
to be in that position.
If that Tanya locates the star bell,
a Sacred Trial won't be needed anymore.
You just have to
discreetly obtain the star bell
and kill the girl.
The bloodline of the Asa Clan
will no longer be questioned
and Tagon won't ever be a match to you.
You can drive him out of Arthdal.
What if she doesn't know
where the star bell is?
Then you'll conduct a Sacred Trial.
Taealha will testify against Tagon.
He will be banished
after having his feet cut off
which means
that his position will be vacant.
That's true.
And you're asking me
to grant you that position?
Whatever happens, you win both ways.
You will be enjoying the victory, too.
Niruha, I wish for nothing else
than to protect the people of Hae Tribe
and achieve scientific progress.
In order to do so--
The position is yours.
please receive the honor of Isodunyong.
Go and find Asa Sin's star bell.
Yes, Niruha.
It doesn't matter if she finds it or not.
Either way, Arthdal will be in my hands.
What happened? Did you get it?
It's right here.
Is that the byeoldaya?
I wonder if Tanya's all right.
Mubaek's nowhere to be seen, either.
what will happen to
the White Peak Mountain's Hearts?
I heard that there's a meeting tonight.
- Don't attend it for the time being.
- Why not? Why would you go without me?
It's the White Peak Mountain's Hearts!
- What on earth?
- How dare you come here?
What is that?
Those crazy bastards!
- My gosh.
- They must have lost their minds!
- Is something up?
- Something must be going on.
What are you staring at? Arrest them all!
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
The direct descendant
of Great Mother Asa Sin is back!
- "The direct descendant
- "The direct descendant
- of Great Mother Asa Sin is back"!
- of Great Mother Asa Sin is back"!
The one who carries her sacred blood
is at the Great Shrine.
- "The one who carries her sacred blood
- "The one who carries her sacred blood
- is at the Great Shrine."
- is at the Great Shrine."
The direct descendant
of Great Mother Asa Sin is back!
"The direct descendant
- is back!"
- "The direct descendant"
The one who carries her sacred blood
is at the Great Shrine.
- "The one who carries her sacred blood
- "The one who carries her sacred blood
- is at the Great Shrine."
- is at the Great Shrine."
I need your help.
Please help me save Eunseom.
Find the totem with this symbol
and keep it close to your heart.
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I don't know
what it means.
bring me the hallucinogen.
Yes, sir.
She has no reason to deceive us.
So why
Tagon destroyed her hometown.
She lost her home overnight
and saw her people
get brutally slaughtered.
She might have concocted a plan
to get back at him.
Drink it.
It's working.
All right, then.
What's your name?
am Tanya of the Wahan Tribe.
All right. Good.
Asa Sin's star bell
Where is it?
I don't know. I don't know where it is.
I'll ask one last time.
Do you
really not know
where it is?
I really don't know where it is.
Then it's been decided.
It's now your turn to keep your promise.
I kept my end of the bargain,
but she doesn't know where it is.
What now?
Do you really not know where it is?
Don't you know?
You really don't know?
I don't know
where it is.
All right.
It's all over, then.
I'll do as you say.
At the Sacred Trial,
you will testify about Tagon's crimes.
I will.
The only issue now is Tagon.
We just need him at the Sacred Trial.
Here's what you'll write.
"Tanya will find Asa Sin's star bell.
make sure to attend the Sacred Trial.
It's our chance to end Asa Ron."
Then what about Tagon?
he'll have both his feet cut off.
Is the direct descendant
of Great Mother Asa Sin
at The Great Shrine?
Please answer us.
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us.
Asa Ron Niruha, please answer us.
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us.
Is the direct descendant
of Great Mother Asa Sin
at The Great Shrine?
Please answer us.
- Please answer us.
- Stay back!
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us!
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us.
The direct descendant of Asa Sin?
Yes, that's what they're asking.
The White Peak Mountain's Hearts
that were in hiding
have all resurfaced?
Why isn't Mihol back with more news?
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us!
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us!
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us!
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us.
The direct descendant of Asa Sin!
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us.
The direct descendant of Asa Sin!
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us.
Tanya, please still be alive.
Asa Sin, she carries your blood,
so please protect Tanya. Please!
The White Peak Mountain's Hearts
are swarming outside the Great Shrine
claiming that
the direct descendant of Asa Sin is here.
We can't quietly
get rid of that girl anymore!
It's not just them.
People of the union are also here.
You are being protected by the eight gods.
This could work to your advantage.
What? How so?
You may not obtain the star bell,
but you will banish Tagon and sweep
the White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
They've voluntarily come out of hiding.
Does the girl not know
where the star bell is?
I'm afraid so.
Yes, of course.
The sun, the moon, and the star.
About 100 years ago, these were carved
on the Great Shrine's ceiling.
However, new symbols were etched
and placed upon them.
Is that so?
So even if this is a map,
it won't be of any use.
Could it be somewhere
up on the ceiling, then?
Niruha, once the Sacred Trial is over,
find it and take it for yourself.
Address the union
and inform them of the Sacred Trial.
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us!
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us!
- Please answer us.
- Please answer us!
Tomorrow, when the sun is above
the Union Palace,
the Sacred Trial of Taealha will commence.
Is the direct descendant of Asa Sin
at The Great Shrine?
- Tell us!
- Tell us!
- Please tell us!
- Please tell us!
Yes, there's someone claiming
to be Asa Sin's direct descendant.
It's Tanya of the Wahan Tribe.
If she finds Asa Sin's star bell
during the Sacred Trial,
the old prophecy will come true.
Are you sure?
Yes, the guard outside the room
heard Taealha shouting it.
The girl doesn't know.
- Then--
- All right.
You're dismissed.
Yes, Niruha.
Does that mean there's no other way now?
Mihol is here with his guard.
Tanya doesn't know where the star bell is.
He obviously didn't come here
to tell us about it.
This must be a trap.
If you want to start a coup,
you'll have to deal with Mihol first.
Niruha, the entire Daekan Forces
are ready to strike.
Our warriors are lying in ambush
in the forest and all over the square.
The entire Daekan Forces,
including Mubaek,
will faithfully obey your orders, Niruha.
So this is what's happening in the end?
This is the result? I tried so hard
to prevent bloodshed in the Union.
I did everything I could.
- Father.
- When I spill my drink,
Mihol's guard.
Yes, Niruha.
You may come in.
I come bearing good news, Niruha.
Asa Ron is finished now.
Tanya said she knows
where Asa Sin's star bell is.
Did she?
This is clearly a trap.
So the gods are abandoning Asa Ron,
after all.
Yes, Niruha.
This is Taealha's letter to you.
Tanya knows where the sacred object is.
Put your worries to rest
and just trust my father.
We won!
I miss you, Tagon.
I'd be elated if I could see you again.
Yes, that's the kind of person you are.
I delivered the news to you
with a delighted heart.
Then I will see you tomorrow
at the Sacred Trial,
I'll see you then.
Niruha, why
Why did you let him go?
Niruha, we mustn't let
this opportunity slide. Give orders to--
Here is my order.
All Daekan warriors
should wait at their current positions.
Yes, Niruha.
- The Great Mother, Asa Sin!
- Our Great Mother!
- Isodunyong!
- Return her to us!
Return our Great Mother to us!
- Asa Sin's direct descendant!
- Return her to us!
Asa Sin's direct descendant!
- Return her to us.
- Return her to us.
- Our Great Mother!
- Asa Sin's direct descendant.
- Return her to us.
- Return her to us.
Return our Great Mother,
Asa Sin's direct descendant, to us.
- Return her to us.
- Return her to us.
- Our Great Mother.
- Return Asa Sin's direct descendant
Hey, Dung bug. Hey!
Hang in there, okay?
You can get out of here tomorrow.
You have to see the cold sea
before you die.
Yes, you're right.
I wanted to show all of you
what the sea looks like.
I'm sorry.
What are you talking about?
We'll get out of here together.
It's such a nice word.
Keep it together, Dung Bug.
My name is not Dung Bug.
When you
get out of here
and climb over the Hasi Mountain,
you'll get to a place
called Jubinol on the hillside.
My wife
is probably still waiting for me there.
Take this
to her.
Tell her
that she can leave that place now.
And tell her
that I died as Sateunik of the Momo Tribe.
Okay, we will.
My wife
will return the favor.
She also belongs to the Momo Tribe.
I, Olmadae of the White Mountain Tribe.
I, Badoru of the Kaeran Tribe.
I, Chanaragi of the Mulgil Tribe.
I, Ipsaeng of the Ago Tribe.
I, Eunseom of the Wahan Tribe.
We promise you,
Sateunik of the Momo Tribe.
I will never let go of another hand.
Everyone here will hold hands together.
we will deliver the news
to Sateunik's wife on his behalf
and go see his ocean.
- You rat. Move it!
- Go!
Nothing came up, even today?
Nothing came up, sir.
I'm certain
that another plague has broken out.
God damn it, these rats
What should we do?
Not me. I can't go down there.
I know that, you prick.
- All right.
- Remove the log!
Now, send it down!
Syoreujagin is going down.
Careful with it!
Shit, these rats
Damn it!
Are they really all dead?
How many jewels would this cost me?
Send it down.
What's going on? What are you guys doing?
Syoreujagin went down,
but a plague must've broken out.
What? A plague?
See? I told you.
Damn it.
- God damn it.
- I can't believe it.
Are you enjoying yourselves?
All of you, get back to work!
- Get back to work!
- Move it!
Do your work!
God damn it.
Shit. Get off me!
You son of a bitch. It's good to see you.
Good to see you indeed.
I thought I'd never see you again.
You crazy bastards.
Do you actually think
you can get out of here by doing this?
If we can kill you,
that will make us happy enough.
If you help us get out of here,
we'll give you all of this.
What the hell are you talking about?
Who says you can do that?
We were going to hold him hostage
and escape this place.
Now, I know
that both we and this bastard
are like worthless vermin
here on the Great Black Cliff.
And there's no point
in holding him hostage.
They'll kill him first.
Then what?
How are we going to escape this place?
All of us are dead.
We'll be able to get out of here
if we play dead.
And if this prick helps us.
So what?
Are you saying we'll give him
all of my jewels?
Got another idea?
Damn it
I'll kill you
if we can't escape this place.
What do you say?
Do you want these jewels?
Or shall we just die together?
You see,
I liked you from the get-go, Purple.
Let's do it.
- Miruhisha.
- Miruhisha.
- Miruhisha.
- Miruhisha.
There they come!
The descendant of Asa Sin!
Let curses come upon
the one who blasphemed against our gods!
- The descendant of Asa Sin!
- The descendant of Asa Sin!
- Blasphemy must be punished!
- Punish Taealha!
- The descendant of Asa Sin!
- Let curses come upon Taealha!
- Punish her!
- You're
- Let curses come upon
- Send it down!
All right.
Pull it up!
How can we trust this sly jerk, though?
I'm putting my life on the line as well.
That sly swine won't betray us
because he wants the jewels so much.
Pull it up!
- What are you doing?
- We need to be able to see.
I see. You're very clever.
Lie down.
Pull it up!
The swamp by the mine,
where dead bodies are discarded.
Just take us there.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
Just now,
- Asa Ron Niruha entered the shrine.
- Asa Ron Niruha entered the shrine.
The Sacred Trial is beginning.
The trial is beginning!
- Punish blasphemy!
- Asa Ron Niruha!
- Yes!
- The direct descendant of Asa Sin!
I can go to Arthdal with all these jewels.
Pull it up!
Can we trust this jerk?
My precious jewels
If he tries anything funny,
we'll all get up and shout.
Tell them there are jewels
hanging from his foot,
which he's trying to steal.
If I can't get my hands on those jewels,
I'm going to kill you all.
The head of the Hae Tribe, Taealha,
who is also the Minister
of bang of Bronze Affiliation,
one of the eight governing agencies
of the Union.
You instigated your servants
to question the sacredness of the Asa clan
and spread false, blasphemous rumors
throughout the Union.
That is why you are here today,
in front of Isodunyong,
the goddess who never sleeps,
and other gods of Arthdal.
It is true that I committed such an act
without thinking about
whether it was right or wrong
to spread the rumors.
since everyone has heard the rumors,
the one who spread them first
should give us answers.
And who is that?
The leader of the Union,
Tagon Niruha.
- What?
- Tagon?
- My gosh.
- Tagon Niruha?
Tagon Niruha, answer to the gods' summons.
I, Tagon, a child of the Saenyeok Tribe
of the Black Land
and the leader of the Union,
answer to the name of Isodunyong
and to the powers of Airuju.
Tagon Niruha.
You are here to respond
to the allegations about instigating
White Peak Mountain's Hearts
and Taealha to spread false rumors
as well as blaspheming
and standing up against the gods' powers.
Am I correct?
I saw a tribe from Iark
speaking our language.
Also, Mubaek of the Mulgil Tribe
saw Kanmoreu
as well as Asa Sin's byeoldaya.
Hence, I never spread any false rumors.
I was only delivering the gods' will.
"The gods' will"?
What might that be?
"The Great Mother Asa Sin's
direct descendant came to Arthdal.
Protect and worship her."
He bit the bait.
What a shame. He is putting his life
on the line for that wench.
The prophecy said,
"Our Great Mother Asa Sin's descendant
will return.
The gods will recognize the one
who finds Asa Sin's star bell."
And the next line goes like this.
"Those who insult the gods
will have their feet cut off,
and they will have to crawl on all fours."
If this woman isn't
Asa Sin's direct descendant,
you basically insulted our gods
by making such a false claim.
Do you realize that, Niruha?
Ishillobu seguma.
So this woman is a direct descendant
of our Great Mother.
Is that what you're saying?
That's correct.
I, Asa Ron,
the head of the White Mountain Tribe,
who is also the High Priest of the Union
will determine whether or not this woman
is truly of the sacred bloodline
in front of all people of Arthdal,
the Union founded by Aramun Haesulla
and protected by the eight gods.
- Yes!
- Haramahamen!
- Haramahamen!
- Haramahamen!
- Haramahamen!
- Haramahamen!
- Haramahamen!
- Haramahamen!
- If she finds
- If she finds
- the star bell in the Great Shrine,
- the star bell in the Great Shrine,
- she is a true heir.
- she is a true heir.
- If she fails,
- If she fails,
- she'll be banished on all fours
- she'll be banished on all fours
- with the blasphemous one.
- with the blasphemous one.
- The direct descendant of Asa Sin!
- The direct descendant of Asa Sin!
The woman who claims to be
a direct descendant of our Great Mother.
Our Great Mother's star bell
is somewhere in this shrine.
Find it and prove yourself.
Here, try.
Father, why did you let him go?
According to Taealha's letter,
Don't trust Father.
Just say you don't know.
Bite your lips if you know.
I really don't know where it is.
She knows?
She knows where it is?
When I gave her the hallucinogen,
she said she doesn't know.
What is going on?
What do you think is going on?
I really don't know
where the star bell is.
Even at this very moment, I have no clue.
I've never even seen this place before.
Is there some sort of fire in that place?
Yes, the kind of fire
that can't be put out.
The shrine was built there because of it.
This is fire.
And there are three feet here.
Three steps away from the fire.
Three steps away from the fire.
Your stride width is too wide.
That was too narrow.
The Spirit Dance must look the same
every time even if you do it 100 times.
Great White Wolf,
did you really foresee this far?
Did all those years in the past exist
for this moment?
Will I find the answer
when this dance stops?
Lift your chin up.
Your left eye should be in line
with your left shoulder.
Gosh, I'm exhausted.
Must I practice this hard?
Will the Spirit not come
if I don't practice this hard?
I'm not sure.
I'm just teaching you
the knowledge that's been passed down
from mother to mother.
Could it be there? Is it there? If not
It's bleeding!
- Did it die?
- What just happened?
- What is that?
- What's going on?
The shell! "The one who breaks the shell
shall appear
with the Azure Comet
along with death."
"The one who breaks the shell."
This was what it meant.
No, we must stop her.
But it's way too high. How can I
My gosh
Why must I learn to fling stones
with a sling?
I'll be the Great Mother of our tribe.
I'm not sure. This is just how
it's always been done.
All other Great Mothers
had to learn this too.
- Asa Sin!
- Our Great Mother, Asa Sin!
- Asa Sin!
- She is Asa Sin's direct descendant!
- Asa Sin!
- Asa Sin!
- It was true!
- Our Great Mother, Asa Sin!
- She really is a direct descendant!
- Asa Sin!
- Asa Sin!
- Asa Sin!
- Asa Sin!
- Asa Sin!
- I'm coming for you.
- I'm coming for you.
What is the land you'll stand on?
The hearts.
- The hearts of the people.
- Run!
It's a coup.
Tonight in Arthdal
will be remembered for a long time.
We will repay his kindness!
We will repay his kindness!
Their limbs will be ripped to pieces
and thrown away separately.
Who's the crazy bastard?
I, Eunseom of the Wahan Tribe, promise
to take you all in.
Subtitle translation by: Ja-won Lee
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