Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

Is The Plains of the Moon
what you are asking for?
We do not need any of the things you have.
The negotiation fell through.
Aramun Haesulla,
who founded the Arthdal Union, is dead.
Rats that use his name
are the only ones left now.
This victory
wouldn't have been possible without you.
Sanung Your father, I mean.
Do you know he's jealous of you?
Let's go to Iark.
Once the scab falls off,
go back to this place.
Is it true? Do you really have dreams?
I cannot hear the voice of the spirits.
And unlike you, I cannot memorize
the dance for summoning spirits.
I can't even dream yet.
Let the hunt begin!
Doti, run. Run!
There are no more roads
if you go this way.
Where are you taking us?
I am
Tanya of the Wahan Tribe.
You ungrateful bitch.
Underneath the crescent moon,
a hand will rip out your heart.
My father
expects you to be dead by sunrise.
Father, what happened
Did you actually think
you could have Tagon?
Eliminate Tagon.
On what grounds can I order his arrest?
Arrest him
for the murder of Sanung Niruha.
Did you kill him?
As long as I have power over
the hearts of the people,
you will always be beneath me.
A weapon that can overthrow Asa Ron.
He is Aramun Haesulla!
Tagon is Aramun!
-He is Aramun!
I decide everything, including
where I'll stay and where I'll go,
the one I'll love
and the one I'll abandon
The choice will be mine, not yours.
Even the man who will be king.
I choose Tagon,
and I will make him become the king!
Give this to your master.
You know my secret, so I'll be sure
to track you down and kill you eventually.
I'll eventually
rescue all the Wahans
from this place, Arthdal.
Who are you?
Tell Tagon Niruha that
his son is here!
Tell him that Saya is here!
But because of you,
I had to find whom I really was
inside that dark cave all by myself.
We'll be useful to you.
Both me
and Tanya.
I wanted to show all of you
what the sea looks like.
-I'm sorry.
-Let's get out of here.
You crazy bastards.
The direct descendant
of Great Mother Asa Sin is back!
Great White Wolf,
did you really foresee this far?
Will I find the answer
when this dance stops?
-Asa Sin!
-Our Great Mother, Asa Sin!
-Asa Sin!
-She is Asa Sin's direct descendant!
I am Tanya of the Wahan Tribe,
the one who breaks the shell.
I am the next great mother
of the Wahan Tribe.
I'm here to tell you the words of Asa Sin,
the Great White Wolf,
who is the progenitor of Wahan,
and Arthdal's Great Mother.
"The land we're standing on,
the sky
we worship"
-What else was there?
-Wind and moon.
You're summoning
all the gods of Arthdal first.
Then it's fire and water.
Try again.
But I'm going to finish it up
in the Wahan language.
"The land we are standing on,
the sky we worship,
the wind that resembles our breath,
the moon that illuminates darkness,
the fire that embraces us,
the water that purifies us,
and all animals, plants, and fruits
that provide sustenance to us.
We owe our lives to the gods and spirits
that control all of them,
and our deaths are in their hands.
You gave birth to us
but do not try to own us.
You raised us
but do not make us kneel before you.
You help us
but do not destroy us
even when we are sinful."
What is going on?
If that wench really is
Asa Sin's direct descendant
Stop it.
Then when the next crescent moon rises,
someone will rip your heart out.
-Cut it out, seriously.
-You prick.
"You gave birth
to all things in the world,
and everything exists
for a reason."
These were
Asa Sin's words.
Tanya knows where the star bell is?
Where? Where does it say that?
Look at the nail marks.
does not
The female slave,
Tanya, knows."
Tanya clearly told me
she doesn't know where it is.
If Taealha betrayed us--
No, look at the three characters
after that.
"Ho" meaning "each other,"
another "ho" meaning "good,"
and this "ho" means "butterfly."
A good butterfly? What does this mean?
"Ho, ho, ho."
Taealha is laughing at me.
Dear Tanya, a descendant of Wahan
who is also Asa Sin's direct descendant.
I, Taealha, the head of the Hae Tribe,
come before thee.
Speak, the head of the Hae Tribe.
Two hundred years ago,
our Great Mother, Asa Sin,
sent Aramun Haesulla to Arthdal,
which was torn apart by the long war,
and had him found the Union.
The prophecies said
that she will send Aramun again.
I'd like to ask when Aramun will return.
He already returned,
but you people failed to recognize him.
The one who found me
with the awakened eyes that can recognize
Asa Sin's direct descendant.
The one who will protect me.
The union leader, Tagon.
Come before me.
I, Union Leader Tagon,
who is a member of the Saenyeok Tribe,
come before thee, Tanya,
Asa Sin's direct descendant.
Tagon, you are fated
to connect the sky and earth.
You will connect our present and future.
Tagon, you are
the second coming of Aramun Haesulla.
Aramun Haesulla!
Asa Sin's direct descendant!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Asa Sin's direct descendant!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Asa Sin!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Aramun Haesulla!
Asa Sin's direct descendant!
-Asa Sin's direct descendant!
Wahan's Tanya!
-Wahan's Tanya!
-Wahan's Tanya!
-Found Great Mother Asa Sin's star bell!
-Found Great Mother Asa Sin's star bell!
This is good news, right?
-Yes, of course. It's great news.
After all, Tanya found the star bell.
In addition,
-Asa Sin's descendant
-Asa Sin's descendant
-acknowledged Tagon Niruha
-acknowledged Tagon Niruha
-as the second coming of Aramun Haesulla.
-as the second coming of Aramun Haesulla.
-A great blessing has befallen the Union!
-A great blessing has befallen the Union!
The direct descendant of Asa Sin!
-What's up?
You should stay inside the house
when the next crescent moon rises.
-She did it!
Also, Tagon Niruha
has been acknowledged as
the true second coming of Aramun Haesulla!
-Nice! The crescent moon awaits you.
-Jeez, shut up.
-The crescent moon
-The crescent moon
-The crescent moon
-The crescent moon
-The crescent moon
-The crescent moon
-The crescent moon
-The crescent moon
The crescent moon!
-She's coming.
-The descendant of Asa Sin
It's Aramun!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-Asa Sin!
-Aramun Haesulla!
-They're calling me?
All these people are calling my name.
-Asa Sin's direct descendant!
-Asa Sin's honorable descendant!
-The descendant of Asa Sin!
-The descendant of Asa Sin!
I can come to your rescue now.
Pull it up. More, keep going!
Move them.
Dump them all in the swamp.
What? Who's here?
Well, the Daekans are here from Arthdal.
Daekans? Why are they here?
What are you doing?
What are you waiting for?
I told you to move them!
My gosh, Goldu.
All these rats are dead.
A plague killed them all.
They're dead?
We're from Arthdal.
He's Daekan's squad leader.
Is Olmadae dead too?
Oh, that old man?
Yes, he's dead. He wasn't going to live
much longer anyway.
Which one is he?
No, stay away!
You can get really sick, sir.
Didn't you hear what I said?
They died of the plague.
We should burn these corpses
as soon as we can, sir.
-Step aside.
-Pardon me?
Well. All right, then.
They're not dead.
-What are you trying to pull?
Nothing. I just manage the slaves here.
-Guys, run!
-What are you doing? Get those rats!
-That punk
-Get them!
-Catch that little shit!
-Get them!
-That bastard. Catch him first!
-Damn it.
-I don't even know anymore.
-Get that prick!
-You bastard!
-What the hell?
-Catch him. Go!
-Get them!
-Those rats!
-You little shit!
Get them! Damn it. Catch them!
-Get them!
-Get them!
Get them. Catch those rats.
Get them!
Hey, follow me.
Follow me, you prick!
-You little
-You rat!
How dare you!
-Come here.
-Let's go!
-Catch them!
-Come on!
-What's going on?
-What's happening?
Let's do this.
Everyone, let's get out of here.
Come on. Let's go!
We need to get out of here.
-Take him and leave.
-What do you mean?
You idiot!
I'm trying to make up
for what I did to you!
Damn it. My jewels
My jewels.
What do I do?
God damn it!
-Open this!
-Let us out!
-Open up!
-Open the gate!
Everyone, stay away!
Hurry, quick!
-Come here.
-Let go!
-Let go!
-Shut up!
-Hurry. Hurry up!
-Move it!
Hurry up!
-Stay away from me!
-You rat.
Get them.
-Stay away.
-Hey! You little shit.
Olmadae is gone.
-Find him!
-Yes, sir.
-Darn it.
-Hurry! Go!
-Hurry up.
-Guys, those rats are running away.
-Hurry! Go help them!
-You piece of
-Come here!
He must be around here. Find him!
Just put me down here and leave.
Why should both of us die?
-My gosh.
-I still can't believe it!
Who knew we'd get to meet
Asa Sin's direct descendant?
-What a blessing.
-She is Asa Sin's descendant.
I can't believe I got to meet
Asa Sin's direct descendant.
Asa Sin's direct descendant
-Did something happen?
-Everyone is so excited.
-Right? I guess something good happened.
-Ishillobu beresa.
Whatever it is, it won't benefit us.
Well, that's true.
-Ishillobu beresa.
-Ishillobu beresa.
Who are the Wahan slaves here?
-The Wahans?
It's us, sir.
I see. Well
Please come with us.
-What's going on?
These filthy rats!
Where are they?
I heard something around here.
-Find them.
-Yes, sir!
-They're not here!
-Not here either!
-Not here!
-They aren't here!
Damn it. I'm sure
they're somewhere around here.
Lads, hurry.
They're somewhere nearby. Move!
-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!
We managed
to give them the slip this time,
but I won't make it.
If you take me, you won't be able
to escape this place unscathed.
You're coming with me.
Give up.
I will not
give up on anyone from now on.
-But Asa Ron Niruha
-What is going on?
-This is absurd.
This makes no sense.
How could this happen?
All those years ago,
Asa Sin went to
the faraway land called Iark
to preserve the great sacred lineage
It was passed down to the Wahans,
and it's finally reached Arthdal.
I, Tanya, a direct descendant
of our Great Mother, Asa Sin,
have finally returned to her home,
so we should hold a gohamsani.
What did you say?
We must perform a gohamsani
within the next seven days.
Asa Ron,
please go to the White Peak Mountain
and prepare for the gohamsani
with Asa Sakan.
Tagon, you're obviously planning
to confine me to the Heaven Lake
so that you can take over
the Great Shrine in my absence.
Yes, Niruha. Certainly.
I will do that.
Since Tanya Niruha doesn't know much
about the Union yet,
she'll need some help.
Thus, I plan to call
the White Peak Mountain's Hearts
into the Great Shrine.
But the White Peak Mountain's Hearts
have malicious intentions.
They've brought chaos to Arthdal.
Also, Sanung Niruha passed away
because of the Wahans--
We wronged the sacred blood first.
Moreover, the Wahan warrior
whom we boiled to death might
have been another descendant of Asa Sin.
So I'd say we can call it even
and put an end to the hostility.
"Put an end"? This is just the beginning.
Also, ancestors of
the White Peak Mountain's Hearts
worshipped Asa Sin.
Wouldn't you say it's only right
for them to return
to where they rightfully belong
now that Asa Sin is back?
Yes, Niruha. You are absolutely right.
Asa Sin's descendant has finally returned.
This deserves a huge celebration.
Hence, please bestow wine and millet
upon the people of the Union
so that they can celebrate
for seven days and nights.
That is an excellent suggestion.
Go ahead and give the orders.
Now, you need to keep your promise.
What promise?
She's right. We made a promise to her.
Yes, we did.
I did everything
Saya and Taealha told me to do.
Now, it's your turn
to keep your end of the bargain.
What did we promise you?
The Wahans are working as slaves
here in Arthdal at the moment.
Please free them.
The guards are already on it.
What about Doldambul?
Some Wahans were taken to Doldambul.
Please bring them back to Arthdal.
You don't even need my permission
for such things anymore.
I am Mubaek, a member of the Mulgil Tribe
and the head of the military division.
I'm delighted to meet you, Tanya Niruha,
a descendant of our Great Mother, Asa Sin.
This man is Mubaek?
Mubaek saved Eunseom.
Why save Eunseom
after destroying us like that?
Why don't you give him
the order yourself, Niruha?
Some Wahans are held captive as slaves
in a place called Doldambul.
Please bring them back.
Certainly, Niruha.
I will send the fastest horse
to deliver the message.
Mubaek will execute your order, Niruha.
He was the one who brought
the byeoldaya from Iark, which means
he made a great contribution.
What the heck is going on?
Isn't that Eunseom?
Or is it someone who looks like him?
Leave it there.
That one too.
Since the Great Shrine now belongs to you,
we need to make the High Priestess'
vestment for you first.
Could he be
Excuse me.
I mean, I need to see Mubaek.
Is he Eunseom?
Or is he not?
I'm sure Yangcha saw him too.
You wanted to see me?
We need to send
the fastest horse to Doldambul.
Yeonbal is probably there now.
The High Priestess has ordered us to bring
all the Wahans back from Doldambul.
Oh, no. That means
Mugwang is in deep trouble.
He was the one
who sold all the Wahans off.
Stop babbling nonsense and go tell Yangcha
that I want to talk to him.
By the way, where were you guys
planning to go?
Who are you? You're obviously not a slave.
Actually, the Wahans
It's a long story.
What's taking them so long by the way?
It's you, right?
What happened?
That's actually a long story.
Where's Dalsae?
Dalsae was captured.
He bought us time so that we could escape.
Can you treat him?
He may not seem like one,
but he's a doctor.
I'm not a doctor per se, but
What about you?
I must go and save Dalsae.
You're going back to Doldambul?
I'll come with you.
But where's Ipsaeng?
I don't think I've seen him
ever since we left Gitbadak.
Did he stay down there?
Olmadae isn't here.
In total, 11 died and 22 escaped.
No, it's 23.
Syoreujagin got away too.
That shitty bastard.
I hope you're giving
that dujeumsaeng hell.
We are.
I'll make you beg for me to kill you.
Put it in storage.
Sure thing.
Syoreujagin, damn it!
Where's the Igutu?
You know, right?
You're from Wahan just like him!
Tell me, you bastard.
I said, walk!
Get up.
Get up!
-Get up.
Get up!
You stayed under the straw mat
while others got killed?
Should I have gotten myself killed too?
-Hit me and I'll scream.
What the
What's this smell?
Why did you come back though
when you had gotten away?
I have to save my friend.
Right, good luck then.
You know what? I'm coming with you.
That's so unlike you.
The gems Syoreujagin
Your friend is over there.
Get in there!
Over there. Hurry up.
Where did this shithead go?
Please don't kill me.
Ask me anything and I'll answer.
Just don't kill me.
There is
nothing I want to know.
Let's have
-some fun like we used to.
All right. I, Syoreujagin,
am muck.
I am muck that some bitch
pushed out of her.
Say it.
"I, Syoreujagin, am muck"
"I am muck that some bitch
pushed out of her."
-I was
born to a filthy bitch
who screwed around with a Neanthal
I am muck!
Louder, you bastard.
"I, Syoreujagin, am muck.
I am muck that some bitch
pushed out of her."
What do we do?
If Olmadae is still alive,
we'll go and get him.
Yes, sir.
Bring me Goldu.
We'll form search teams and set out again.
Yes, sir.
Damn Daekan Forces
Who are they to summon me?
Damn it!
Let's go.
Come on.
You know,
they would've never guessed
that we would come back for him.
Where's the gem?
It's you, right? You took it.
What the hell?
You little shit.
You're going to die anyway.
Where is it? Where's my gem?
Where did you hide it?
Where did you hide it?
Dalsae? Dalsae!
Where the fuck did you hide the gem?
I don't have it.
There's no gem.
That bastard Goldu took it.
You're lying!
You'll die if you stay like this.
Come on. I'll get you some treatment.
Just tell me where the gem is.
We'll split the money.
I don't have it.
We need to go.
This place is too close to Doldambul.
I can go. I can walk.
Unless you're going to stay, get up.
We're leaving him behind
whether he dies or not.
You stubborn asshole.
Goldu never took it from you, did he?
Ipsaeng's right about you close to dying.
Is the gem still that important?
I'm actually curious now.
What's so precious about it?
That is what you can obtain.
The number of men
that you can call your own
How many follow your orders
That's what
power is.
With the gem,
you can buy slaves, the Daekan Forces,
and even Scribes to call your own.
"To call my own"?
Who cares if you're a skilled fighter?
Why do you think it's Asa Ron
and not Mubaek who governs Arthdal?
comes from the number of men
who follow your orders, you moron.
Let me ask you this though.
Why did you come back to save me,
you filthy Igutu?
If you survive this
and get to buy your army someday,
remember that the life you're living
was spared by a filthy Igutu.
Just how stupid are you guys?
You're heading to Jubinol
when your lives are at risk?
Are you insane?
You promised.
I only said so to ease the heart
of a soon-to-be deceased.
When circumstances change,
we should alter our plans.
Then run along.
Just know that I'll tell everyone you
didn't keep the promise you made Sateunik.
The Momo Tribe or whomever it may be.
Damn it. Must you threaten me like that?
Sateunik is of the Momo Tribe, right?
Shit. Why did I get
caught up in this mess?
Dalsae Have a seat.
Take him to Seucheon. He'll help.
I'll take Dalsae then.
You two can meet the Momo Tribe.
But you're the one
who speaks their language.
How can we relay Sateunik's message
without you?
I'll go.
The Momo Tribe
revenges their enemies
but they also repay kindness.
We already lost all our gems.
At least we'll be given compensation.
What? Gem or gold,
we need at least something.
Without it, we're no better
than common beggars.
Our lives can't improve,
you stupid pig.
Why you
We won't be gone long.
Just focus on getting better.
Don't worry about me and go your way.
Let's go. We have no time to waste.
-Come on.
-You little
How sloppy do you have to be
to let him get away?
They even took our clothes!
You useless bastard!
Goldu, we have a location.
Tell him where they're going.
Jubinol over the Hasi Mountain?
-My feet are so cold.
Must we hike up a mountain like this?
-If we cut through the mountain
-That's not an option.
That's Ago Tribe's territory.
But I thought you were from the Ago Tribe.
-You're the third son of the leader
-Damn it.
The Ago Tribe is a bunch of muck.
Everyone tries to avoid them at all costs.
You're not from Ago Tribe, are you?
No one talks about their tribe like that.
Well, I do!
That's close to where
the Ago Tribe resides.
Why would they go there?
Apparently, it's where Sateunik's wife is.
They're off to notify her of his death.
What a bunch of buffoons.
Anyway, we're heading to Jubinol.
-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
the Momo Tribe will repay us generously.
If there's nothing to eat,
they'll cut off their own flesh
and grill it for us.
Why would they go
that far to repay favors?
don't fall asleep.
It's the way of the God they serve.
you'll die if you fall asleep.
If they don't get revenge or repay favors,
their bodies will
be mutilated after death.
What about the Ago Tribe?
Which God do they serve?
The Ago Tribe
The Ago Tribe
serves the God of Justice.
The grand waterfall
which Inaishingi jumped from
Will we be able to wake up tomorrow?
Who is Inaishingi?
did you let Eunseom live?
Tanya Niruha,
this night is too short
to give you the whole story.
So many incomprehensible events
have happened to me since then.
It has been the same for me
since that day too.
What seems most unbelievable
-happened today though.
-The one who looks like Eunseom.
The one
who was next to Tagon
who looked exactly like Eunseom.
I figured he wasn't Eunseom.
So who is he?
This night
seems to be too short for us both.
Give me
the short version then.
Not even Tanya Niruha
knows the full story.
She reckons they're benetbeots.
Let's pretend not to know.
We'll pretend not to know?
Eunseom is dead anyway.
If word gets out about this,
Tagon will know
she kept a secret from him.
Moreover, it'll mean that the twin of
Tagon's son killed Sanung Niruha.
Can you imagine what that will do in
a chaotic situation like this?
This isn't the time.
We'll wait.
You owe me two crocks of sorghum.
Unbelievable. How can one be so strong?
Damn it!
That's enough.
This is a good day.
Asa Sin has returned to us.
We won't get more lucky than this.
It's not because I lost.
The way he's glaring
Stop it.
Are you a member of the Wahan Tribe?
Wahan Tribe?
What's he doing here?
He doesn't know yet.
Who spared your life?
It's you, Captain Gilseon, sir.
Head to The Great Shrine.
Ta Tanya!
-My gosh!
-You're alive.
What's going on,
and what's with this soft dress?
So the Great White Wolf was originally
the great mother of this place?
And you're her true descendant?
It's true. It is!
-My gosh.
-My gosh.
I can't believe it!
What happened?
Didn't you go to Doldambul?
Are you guys back so soon?
Actually, I was told to go somewhere else,
-and I became a guard.
-A guard?
-A guard?
-That's so cool.
I'm so happy for you!
Those who were dragged off to Doldambul
will return too.
-Are you sure?
This is great!
They will be back?
This is great news!
-How great is this?
-My gosh, I'm so grateful.
Father Yeolson!
-Father Yeolson!
Tanya's there.
-Tanya's right there.
Tanya's there.
Underneath the crescent moon,
a hand will rip out your heart.
-You're too late.
"You're too late."
Those are the last words you'll ever hear.
And that bitch is really Asa Sin?
I heard it was you.
This all happened because you
presented the byeoldaya.
I'm afraid so.
Then it's all a trick.
You brought the object
and Tagon Niruha mapped out the plan.
She was put there
just to discredit Asa Ron.
She still is a Niruha.
Niruha, my ass.
That Seulgga bitch.
She'll be spat out
once she's served her purpose.
On that day,
I'll be the one to slice her throat.
If only Mother Choseol
was able to see this.
So what will happen to everyone?
We will no longer be slaves.
If you choose a task you want--
No, I'm happy where I am
at Hae Tribe's Fortress of Fire.
-Studying, considering,
and bringing things to life.
It's fun.
You know I like things like that.
Then I'm glad.
You are no longer a slave,
so do as you wish.
I will.
What is it?
-What is it?
Eunseom is alive.
And his benetbeot is here in Arthdal.
Don't acknowledge him
when you see him though.
Tell our people too.
Get up.
Get up.
Must we do this all for Sateunik?
You promised, so let's go.
No, I can't.
I can't walk no more.
Forget about Sateunik.
We, the Momo Tribe,
come from the water and die in it.
So what are we doing in the mountains?
If I leave this place,
I won't be able to meet Sateunik
even if he comes back.
It's been years already.
If he comes back,
it'll be to the Sea of Momo Tribe.
But this is where we agreed to meet,
so this is where I'll wait.
So Xabara,
don't come back here risking your health.
don't bring Master Hotau here again.
Who's there?
Who are you?
Identify yourself.
Gosh, say something.
But this language is tricky.
I Ipsaeng.
To report!
Are you sure you're making sense?
Did you say Sateunik?
Thank you, Xabara.
For what?
My long wait has come to an end
because you graced me with your presence.
It is God's wish,
so don't grieve for too long.
God will take Sateunik in his arms.
Of course.
Gosh, I feel much better now.
I wonder who that baby is.
It can't be Sateunik's baby.
Or maybe the mom is
the woman in the fur coat.
She obviously seemed unusual.
Xabara? I think they called her Xabara.
By the way, why did you tell them
that Sateunik died
while he was working
because of the plague?
If I tell them what happened to Sateunik,
his wife will have to go and get revenge.
Then she'll die.
Why can't you think that far?
We should be able to find something by now
whether it's a jewel or whatever.
That woman earlier Is she your mother?
That woman who's wearing a fur coat?
You just nodded, didn't you?
She's your mother?
I guess she is the mother.
I wonder what Xabara means.
Xabara. I think I used to know
the meaning.
We'll go to Sabwe Hill.
I want you guys to scan
the Hasiwakan Valley.
Aren't you going to answer me?
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
How dare he order me around?
He obviously looks younger than me.
Damn that jerk.
Hey, I want you to cut through
that mountain.
Yes, sir.
There we go.
Arthdal isn't exactly our hometown,
but we are from there.
It's okay.
We don't care.
We are greatly indebted to you.
No, that's not true.
Sateunik was good to us.
We came to repay his kindness.
That was too fast.
I couldn't quite understand
what you just said.
He said Sateunik was good to them
and that they came to repay his kindness.
We, the Momo Tribe, always make sure
to repay whatever we owe.
This might not be much,
but it's a gift from our tribe.
I see.
We'll accept it wholeheartedly.
-Thank you.
-Don't mention it.
That's it! We did it!
The Momo Tribe really know
how to show their gratitude.
They gave us food, provided accommodation,
and even gave us clothes.
This shows that the Momo Tribe
is indebted to you.
Anyone from the Momo Tribe
will show you kindness if they see this.
It holds a lot of value.
By the way, I noticed that everyone's
carrying a water bottle on their waist.
They're not water bottles, you fool.
Let's sell this at the market.
We'll get paid a lot.
We can split the money in half and--
We should use the money
to treat the injured
and share it with everyone
who escaped from Doldambul.
You said so yourself
that if we don't have any gems,
it'll be no different from Gitbadak.
That's why we should split the money.
Why would we share it with the others?
We did all the work.
I'm utterly amazed by the way you think.
Look who's talking.
I can't believe you haven't changed
even after everything we've been through.
No wonder you guys got captured.
That's not how I was taught.
Why did the world teach us
such different things?
And why did it put us together?
I'm so upset.
The Xabara?
She's sleeping right now.
You ignorant Igutu.
Go ahead and keep living that way.
That's not how I was taught.
You'll end up dying
as you curse and regret
the things you've learned.
A person like you is bound to lose this.
And you're bound to die.
My gosh, it's them.
My gosh.
Please help.
Darn it.
Gosh, whatever.
How dare you try to harm my son?
Did Guika tell you to do this?
Forgive us, Xabara.
We will be purged of our sins
after we die.
-Come this way.
They can't have gone too far.
I want you to disperse and find them!
We won't be able to make it at this rate.
Okay, there.
Listen carefully, okay?
I will lure those guys
away from here, okay?
Once I go that way,
I want you to go that way
and start running away.
Run away.
Over there!
Be careful!
Did he fall? Can you see him?
What happened here?
How are you still alive?
How am I still alive?
So on top of stealing that gold clam,
you even saw those guys
coming to attack us?
Hey, come on.
That's not what I had intended to do.
I had my reasons.
I was going to save you
Here! Take it!
Please spare my life.
Are you the owner of this place?
Yes, may I ask what brings you here?
Do you know who Sateunik is?
-I guess you know him!
-Sir, over there.
I remember!
Remember what?
Xabara. That woman wearing a fur coat
was called Xabara.
I remember what Xabara means.
They're the Momo Tribe.
And on top of that,
she's the Xabara.
It means she's the best.
What do you mean?
You seem happy about it,
so I guess it's something expensive.
My gosh, you're so dumb.
I'm saying she's the head
of the Momo Tribe.
Daekans of Arthdal, what brings you here?
What are the Momo Tribe
doing all the way here?
Let me explain.
We came all the way here to find someone.
We do not wish to fight the Momo Tribe.
Then get out of here.
Let's go.
My fellow warriors who were born
and raised by water!
I, Karika, the Xabara of the Momo Tribe,
am greatly indebted to someone.
A young man saved not only me
but also the great family line
of the Momo Tribe.
However, I am embarrassed to say
that I know nothing about him
including his name.
The only thing I know about him
is that he has purple lips
and that he has something on his back
that looks like this.
Let's go, my warriors of water!
We will do everything we can
to find this young man
until our kids and their kids all die
so that we can repay him what we owe!
-Let us repay
-Let us repay
-what we owe!
-what we owe!
Here at Jubinol,
we swear on our blood
that we will repay
the man with purple lips for his kindness!
We will repay his kindness!
If we die, our children will carry on!
We will repay his kindness!
During the many days and nights
that will pass until we successfully
get to repay him,
this shall be our flag!
-We will repay his kindness!
-We will repay his kindness!
What's wrong with your clothes?
Did you eat your clothes
because you got hungry?
Shut your mouth before I beat you up.
Go ahead and kneel before me.
Tagon, this prick
Our map of conquest, Tagon.
Last night's dream
Hey, don't you want to know
about your real parents and siblings?
I'm so sorry, Father.
Put down your sword!
But why did you come back?
Why did you come back to save me?
A greater calamity will befall Arthdal,
This was a path I couldn't take
without spraying innocent blood.
Subtitle translation by Liya Choi
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