Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

During the many days and nights
that will pass until we successfully
get to repay him,
this shall be our flag!
- We will repay his kindness!
- We will repay his kindness!
What's wrong with your clothes?
Did you eat your clothes
because you got hungry?
Shut your mouth before I beat you up.
Look for a man
who has purple lips
and blue marks on his back.
He can't have gone too far.
Search the entire Hasi Mountain!
- Yes, Xabara!
- Yes, Xabara!
Look at this.
The Xabara of the Momo Tribe
must've been looking
for one of the slaves from Doldambul.
- Pardon?
- You heard her.
"Look for a man with purple lips."
One of the slaves was an Igutu.
There can't be two Igutus
in the middle of the mountain.
It's still warm.
There are footprints here, sir.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
- Are you all done?
- Yes.
They're giving out millet and sorghum
until the gohamsani ends.
Girls, let's head back now.
What about Doti? Where did she go?
She's over there.
Come and look.
Watch. Tap gently like this.
Tap gently. That's it.
Like this.
Can I try this on?
Susu, those flowers are meant
to be worn on the head.
- Like this.
- Really?
Do you like that color?
I think this is prettier.
What are those?
She got them from everyone,
saying nothing is free in Arthdal.
What's that?
- What is that?
- My gosh.
- Gosh!
- My goodness!
- Are you all right, Doti?
- Yes.
Chaeeun, are you okay?
- Nunbyeol!
- Nunbyeol!
- Nunbyeol.
- Nunbyeol.
- Nunbyeol!
- Nunbyeol.
What happened?
You said you had severed
all her lineages, so how
They've been reconnected.
- What?
- Nunbyeol is still growing,
and the lineages have been growing
as well.
I think the blockage was removed
because she was extremely agitated
at that moment.
I can't believe it.
What should we do? Everyone saw it.
And she even mastered
Saram's martial arts.
If they've been reconnected
I should sever them again.
Get ready.
I, Bowu of the Gadeul Tribe,
am here to see you, Niruha,
the head of the Saenyeok Tribe,
the commander-in-chief of
the Daekan Forces, and our union leader.
The living god, Aramun Haesulla.
We haven't even performed
the gohamsani yet.
"The living god"?
Don't speak too soon.
But it'll happen very soon.
Please forgive me if I have offended you.
Not at all. There is nothing to forgive.
I will remember the Gadeul Tribe.
May peace be with you.
Thank you, Niruha.
Are we done now?
There is one person left, Niruha.
Aramun Haesulla.
Leave the room, all of you.
- Yes, Niruha.
- Yes, Niruha.
Niruha, we won.
I told you that Tanya Niruha
knows where the star bell is.
Do you think you've managed to fool me?
Or are you just playing dumb?
I don't think I fooled you,
nor am I playing dumb.
You will only benefit from me
kneeling before you like this.
Tanya Niruha can replace
Asa Ron and his sacred ability.
But no one can replace me
as long as I am the only one
who knows the secret of the bronze.
You're right.
go ahead and kneel before me.
You can't do it?
This is
how we greet the king in Remus.
Aren't you trying to become a king?
You will eventually become a king,
and Arthdal will become a kingdom.
How much do you know about what kings do?
I was born in a land governed by a king,
and I grew up in that kingdom.
You will need me, Niruha.
I'm confident
that I'll be able to help you.
I wish to be more useful to you.
I always
side with the most powerful person,
that's all.
You know that.
As long as you stay
the most powerful man in Arthdal,
I will never
betray you.
Right, I believe that.
You'll be the first to betray me
if my position is threatened.
I'll take that as a compliment.
You obviously rushed here to speak with me
before the gohamsani.
Will you really go
to the White Peak Mountain
for the gohamsani?
What do you mean?
Asa Ron will not give up easily.
And the White Peak Mountain
is their stronghold as you know.
It'll be dangerous.
Why are you scoffing?
Will you let them take it away?
Losing the position isn't the problem.
If the Asa Clan loses
all of its privileges because of it,
we can't lead the White Mountain Tribe.
The gohamsani will be performed here.
This is our only chance.
Why are you just smiling like that?
I'm quite flustered to see
how concerned you are
about me.
Also, that is useful advice,
but it's too late.
Tagon Niruha ordered me to assist you
with the preparations for the gohamsani.
Tagon, this prick
Come on in.
It's not just here.
The old site, the streamside,
and the White Snake Valley too.
The Daekans and the warriors
of the Saenyeok Tribe are stationed
all over White Peak Mountain.
They made a move
immediately after finding the star bell.
They got here before we did.
I heard they sent soldiers to all
17 clans of the White Mountain Tribe.
They want to make sure
we don't cook up some kind of ruse.
I guess Tagon is scared of coming
to White Peak Mountain.
We are
finally here.
We were able to come this far
because you trusted me
and endured all our hardships.
The Blood of Atturad
and the decade-long
Great Hunt of the Neanthals.
Right after that, we were ordered
to quell the revolt of the Ago Tribe,
build a ladder by the Great Black Cliff,
and bring slaves from Iark.
But you all put your complete trust in me
and endured everything.
Of course, Niruha. Even you had to endure
all the ordeals yourself!
- That's right!
- That's right!
We could protect the Union
because we endured it all.
We could prevent a civil war
because we stuck it out.
Therefore, the people of the Union
can sing in joy and praise the gods today.
We came this far without shedding blood.
- To the end of what is long!
- To the end of what is long!
- To the bottom of what is deep!
- To the bottom of what is deep!
the gohamsani is the last hurdle
we have to overcome.
Mubaek already has
the White Peak Mountain under control,
so I'd like you all to guard me
from here to the White Peak Mountain.
Help me so that the gohamsani
can be performed without a hitch.
- Yes, Niruha!
- Yes, Niruha!
And to tell you the truth,
I have a secret.
What is it, Niruha?
To be honest,
I really hate killing people.
My gosh.
You're just like me, Niruha.
I, too, loathe killing people.
Me too. I much prefer to save lives!
I hate killing people.
Me too.
I really don't like to kill people.
Well, you said you had a secret.
I've been speculating for a while,
but your son
Yes, he is my son. I have a son.
You guys all have sons too.
Did you think I wouldn't have one?
But who's his mother?
It's Taealha.
- My gosh!
- Taealha?
- What?
- Pardon?
- What?
- Taealha?
What are you doing?
Your dress for the gohamsani is ready.
It's truly exquisite.
Do you think I went through such an ordeal
just to wear a pretty dress?
What, then? Was it to lay down
some leather on the floor here?
Put it down there.
What is my father up to?
As you had expected,
he visited Tagon Niruha and bowed to him.
So what happened?
Tagon Niruha told him to kneel down first.
Then Mihol
I bet he knelt down right away.
Is Saya at the Great Shrine?
My name is Saya,
and I work directly under Tagon Niruha.
I believe in the teachings
of the White Peak Mountain's Hearts,
and I'm Tagon Niruha's only child.
From now on, I will assist Tanya Niruha
in everything that she has to do.
My goodness, Father Yeolson was right.
He really looks just like Eunseom.
From now on, our new high priestess,
Tanya Niruha,
will lead the Great Shrine
according to Asa Sin's teachings.
First, I'd like all priests
and priestesses to engrave the teachings
of the White Peak Mountain's Hearts
on each pillar at the shrine.
I'd like you to be in charge of this.
Sure, no problem.
All of you will have to follow
my guidance.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
Take my hand.
It's proper etiquette.
Is that
how it's normally done?
I'm not sure. I've never seen that before.
Must we walk like this?
Don't you find this uncomfortable?
This is proper etiquette.
Get used to it.
I'm not uncomfortable at all.
Seriously? Not at all?
Niruha, you can't even bear this?
By the way,
when will the Wahans that were taken
as slaves come back to Arthdal?
They'll return soon.
They're not even your family.
Why do you care so much?
We're all family.
All of us are brothers and sisters.
Hey, don't you want to know
about your real parents and siblings?
My parents, maybe.
But siblings? That's random.
Well, I'm just curious.
What if you have a brother?
And if you happen to meet him
Even if I do have a brother,
he won't mean anything to me
as I've never met him.
Taealha is his mother?
But that's
Well, age-wise, it makes no sense.
Jeez, you are so clueless.
Who gave birth to him isn't important.
What matters is the fact
that Taealha is officially his mother.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
By the way,
who is that young man
next to Tanya Niruha?
Hey, you don't know who he is?
You're clueless, aren't you?
That young man is Tagon Niruha's son.
Gitoha, you're talking as if you've known
since the day you were born.
Hey, watch your mouth.
By the way, why are they holding hands?
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
Are you going somewhere?
Yes, we're off to do a check
before the gohamsani to keep Niruha safe.
Where is Mubaek?
He's at the White Peak Mountain.
Please do a good job
so that everything goes smoothly.
Thank you in advance.
- Yes, Niruha.
- Yes, Niruha.
What? Niruha?
This is ridiculous.
- Hey.
- What did he say?
I received the date
for the gohamsani from Isodunyong.
Bring Tanya and Tagon Niruha.
As for the rest, let's focus
and think about what to do
when the gohamsani is over.
Are you not going to answer me?
Mother, Tagon will be worshipped
as a living god
after the gohamsani.
So what?
Have you forgotten?
I clearly told you
that Tagon isn't the problem.
A greater calamity will befall Arthdal,
and Tagon will stop it.
can you meet the gods?
What are you talking about?
I can no longer meet the gods
without the Sacred Smoke.
In other words,
I can no longer see the far, deep places
that you can see.
Asa Ron.
What did Asa Sakan say?
the Asa clan will end up--
Send a messenger
to the Children of Shahati.
Niruha, but
Tell the Black Tongue to come.
Yes, Niruha.
Tagon Niruha.
I'm coming to get you soon.
What is it?
There's nothing here.
Come over here.
What is all this?
This is
our flag.
Our map of conquest, Tagon.
I will stand on the frontline with you.
I will hold the sword again.
we will unite this entire continent, Arth.
Flags with this emblem
will be seen throughout Arth.
And we'll name the land.
Tagon and Taealha.
Our names will come to represent
and countries.
We'll have countries named after us.
And we'll become a song.
People will sing a song about us
instead of Risan and Asa Sin.
I did have faith in you,
but I didn't know it'd actually come true.
I believed in you, but I was also anxious.
About what?
What do you think?
The only thing I don't like about you.
Your personality.
You became the strongest man in Arthdal
many years ago,
which means you could do
anything you wanted.
But you were always unsure and hesitant.
And you wanted to be liked
by everyone in the Union.
Is my love not enough for you?
Only tragedy awaits leaders
who are not well-liked by the people.
I understand why the former union leader,
Ahiru, who called himself Aramun Haesulla,
did such crazy things
eighty years ago.
When you're not liked by the people,
you only have one choice.
Tyranny. I don't want that.
So the people of the Union
had better like me
if they want happiness and peace.
Yes, you were right.
You did it
with the people's love and support.
You pulled it off
without causing a bloodbath in the Union.
I could do it
because you didn't betray me.
We didn't die for each other,
nor did we betray each other
for our own selfish gain.
We've both broken free from the shell
that was confining us.
Yes, definitely.
we can really become butterflies.
Hey. Will you forgive me, then?
You must be cold.
If you're going to forgive me,
just say it. You're making me all anxious.
Are you anxious?
I mean, I know what I did.
Does the pledge we made to the gods
when Sateunik died
- mean nothing to you?
- "The pledge"?
When did you leave Iark?
What does that have to do with anything?
Hey, you'll be betrayed all the time
if you keep that mindset here.
It'll cost you your life.
Don't trust anyone from now on.
Only think about yourself.
If you want to live, that is.
That's not how I was taught.
What did they teach you, then?
Didn't you hear something just now?
I'm sure it was a man.
Which direction?
I'm not sure because of the echo.
Let's go.
This will be my last
piece of advice to you, so listen up.
I don't care what they taught you in Iark.
If you keep that mindset here, you'll die.
There will be more life-threatening
situations for you. Don't forget.
And you keep this in mind.
If you keep this up,
I just might really kill you.
I should really part ways with him.
Okay, fine.
Can you please reconsider
what you plan to do with that gold clam?
I mean, think about it.
We went through so much to get it,
so it's rightfully ours now.
The guys in the cave didn't do anything.
Okay, fine. You can keep it.
Are you okay? Get up. Let's go.
He would've
ended up getting killed anyway.
He would've died sooner or later.
Thank you.
I said, thank you.
What did he just say?
He just thanked us.
You're Neanthals, aren't you?
I'm an Igutu. I said, I'm an Igutu.
This is all meaningless.
I can't believe your son
survived and grew up so much, Asa Hon.
Give me the baby.
Without that baby,
you can get out of here unscathed.
Hand him over.
Thank you for everything.
What was that for?
I know him.
He's Asa Hon's son.
Asa Hon? Who's Asa Hon?
Oh, the person that saved you
when you were young?
Then I guess you repaid her what you owe.
But that means he's Ragaz's son.
Why didn't you tell me
that he's Ragaz's son?
So what if he's Ragaz's son?
There's nothing we can do.
"Don't tie yourself down
with unnecessary connections."
Why do you always talk that way
when you're much younger than me?
You talk like an old soul
that's been alive for a thousand years.
Why are you so obsessed with age
like Sarams
when I'm the one who lived with them?
I lived.
I managed to live again.
My gosh, am I invincible or something?
You know what?
I'll at least bury your body.
And I'll also take that gold clam.
Who is he? Catch him!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Let's catch him!
Get up!
Where are the others?
You know who Olmadae is, right?
You were with him, weren't you?
Where is he right now?
Is he the only person you're looking for?
I'm not interested in anyone else.
All I need is Olmadae.
Does that mean
you're going to set me free?
You little punk!
Of course, I'll set you free.
It's going to be a long journey
from here to Arthdal.
I don't have the energy
to keep an eye on you as well.
If I tell you where he is,
will you let me go right away?
No, I can't do that.
You might lie to me.
First, I'll check if you told the truth
and catch Olmadae.
That's when I'll let you go.
What do you say?
Okay, I'll lead the way.
That little
What happened to Jubinol?
Where are we supposed
to find these people?
We really should go back now.
We're almost near the Ago Tribe's turf.
Where is that darn jerk Yeonbal
or whatever his name is?
What's that lady doing
deep in the mountain?
It's the Momo Tribe.
Who's Goldu?
The great and almighty Xabara
of the Momo Tribe
wants to know which one of you is Goldu.
She's the Xabara?
I'm Goldu.
We did nothing to offend the Momo Tribe.
What's going on?
He told us everything.
We heard you captured Sateunik,
turned him into a slave,
and made him die underground.
Is that right?
She's asking if you made Sateunik
a slave and killed him!
We didn't kill him.
We didn't know he was from the Momo Tribe.
I'm serious. I really mean it.
I'm serious!
There's something I'd like to know.
I know you're looking for a man
with purple lips.
I also need to find the same person.
Tell me everything you know!
This path leads to the peak
of Hasi Mountain.
Is Olmadae at the peak of the mountain?
No, that's not it.
I know it's faster to go this way,
but it's near Agoha Forest.
The land belongs to the Ago Tribe.
We'll walk outside the forest.
It'll be fine as long as we don't enter.
But it's too close.
Wouldn't it be dangerous?
Just do as you're told. What do you know?
Hey, let me tell you
a little something about Yeonbal.
Do you even know
why the Ago Tribe is always busy
fighting and selling each other as slaves?
Back when Tagon conquered the Ago Tribe,
- Yeonbal--
- Hey, that's enough.
There's no need to tell him that.
Hurry up and lead the way.
What's taking them so long?
I'm not worried about Eunseom.
But I'm really worried about Ipsaeng.
We can't wait here forever.
Did you say your name is Seucheon?
It seems like you're from Arthdal.
Why did you come
all the way here to help us?
It's quite complicated.
It's kind of like running an errand.
My gosh, I don't even get
why Mubaek made me do this.
He doesn't even know
the market price for slaves.
Excuse me.
I've been starving for days now.
Can I have some?
What if I collapse at this rate?
Are you asking for more
now that we've spared your life?
Give him some.
Yes, sir.
What just happened?
What are you doing? Cut the rope!
You must be the Igutu.
You can't do anything!
Put down your sword! Don't move.
If you move, he'll die.
Okay, fine. Let him go first.
Put down your sword!
- Run! Come on!
- Catch them!
- Catch them!
- Run!
- Catch them!
- Run!
Did they go that way?
Damn it.
We need to get out of here.
Come on. We need to get out of here.
This land belongs to the Ago Tribe.
But I thought you were the chief's son.
It's hard to explain.
You also said you're Tagon's stepbrother.
Was everything you told me a lie?
What do you want me to do?
We need to get out of here right now.
Just stay if you want to.
Why did you do that?
Why did I do what?
You fell on purpose, didn't you?
You wanted to stab me
so you could use me as bait.
No, this is all a misunderstanding.
That's not why--
Why did you do that?
Tell me why you did that to me!
Why do you think?
Do you really not know?
I wanted to live.
I wanted to live, okay?
Do you think I just wanted
to feed the bear?
You're a horrible person.
Yes, you're right.
I'm horrible.
Let me ask you something.
Why do you keep trying to save me
when I'm so horrible?
Are you dumb?
Are you an idiot?
I tried to kill you.
But why did you come back?
Why did you come back to save me?
If you're so worried
that I might tell the Daekans
about the cave,
why don't you just kill me?
I deserve to die anyway.
I've been lying to you
ever since we first met.
And after we finally got out,
everyone started fighting like crazy.
But I hid underneath the straw mat
so I could flee with the jewels.
And back in Jubinol, I only cared
about stealing that gold clam.
So I just ran away by myself
even when I knew
that you were going to get attacked.
I ran away all by myself!
And today, I threw you to a bear!
So what's your problem?
Why would you risk your life
to save someone like me?
Why do you keep
doing this to me, you jerk?
Tell me.
I needed you.
My subordinate.
I wanted you to become my subordinate.
Why would you need a subordinate?
Because I need power.
Damn you.
You're an Igutu.
You're already very powerful.
I'm weak.
I have no power.
If I was so powerful,
would I have let my precious people
get dragged away like that
and gotten locked up underground?
I want to save them.
And in order to do that, I need power.
But people at the Great Black Cliff
think your power is decided
by how many subordinates you have
and how powerful they are.
That's why I needed subordinates.
I thought I could gain power, defeat them,
save my people,
and eventually protect all of them!
But my people
don't know what a subordinate is
because we all think we're equal.
And because of that, I don't know
how to make someone my subordinate.
That's why I kept being nice to you.
But I guess it wasn't the right way.
Let's part ways now.
I'm done.
Whom are you trying to fight against?
Who is it?
Is he really strong?
My gosh, come on.
Who in Arthdal?
What of Arthdal?
He's more of a nutjob than I thought.
Arthdal or whatnot,
we need to get out of here alive first.
Where are you going?
That's not the right way.
Over there. Do you see that?
We'll take that and follow the stream.
As if you know the right way.
Of course I do.
I'm the third son of the Head of
the Tae Clan of Ago Tribe
Anyway, I know, so let's get out of here.
You idiot. I told you to wake me!
- When?
- We need to steer this to the bank.
- Paddle with me, you moron.
- Fine.
We're in the dead center of the stream.
Hurry up and paddle!
I heard you the first time.
- Ipsaeng.
- What?
Over there.
The Ago Tribe.
The Ago Tribe
Last night's dream
Why did the Ago Tribe appear to me?
It's all too blurry.
The date for the gohamsani
has been set. It's in two days.
Is that so?
Asa Ron must be back
from White Peak Mountain.
Yes, Niruha.
We have made all the preparations
for the gohamsani.
Thank you.
You did well.
Everything is now
where it is supposed to be.
It is due to Isodunyong's care
and the law of Airuju.
Where it's supposed to be?
Now that you're back,
we will be able to return
to the White Peak Mountain
and Aramun Haesulla will lead the union.
That is what I mean.
Grace has been bestowed upon the union.
Allow me to greet you.
I am Saya, the head bang
of the Royal Administration,
who aids Tagon and Tanya Niruha.
You're the son of Tagon Niruha?
That is correct.
Who knew that he had a fully grown son?
A son?
At this point, Tagon having a son
whom he raised in secret
isn't even that much of a surprise.
I only just found out myself.
Please forgive me.
- What about the Black Tongue?
- He's here.
The Black Tongue? Why
Lower your voice.
The Children of Shahati are here too.
Niruha, what are you planning?
My goodness!
Gosh, it's beautiful.
Don't you agree, my lady?
This will be more than enough
as a gift for Tagon Niruha
at the gohamsani.
You did well.
However, I'd like you
to put a rush on
the other bronze gift I requested.
Everyone is working hard on it,
so you need not worry.
This, I mean
Is there any way
I could hold it just once?
Do you want it that badly?
Of course! My gosh.
I'm only human too, you know.
I also like pretty things.
As a skilled warrior, it's only natural
for me to drool over such a work of art.
I bet it's like that for you too.
Isn't your heart pounding?
But I doubt you're still that good
since you haven't
wielded a dagger in a while.
I bet you've forgotten your training.
Getting cocky, are we?
Even now, I'll beat you in a duel.
Goodness, my lady!
I haven't seen her before.
Right, she's new.
Is that so?
She's pretty.
"As Isodunyong from
deep below the White Peak Mountain
cultivated this world
filled with boiling moisture,
the Heaven Lake finally surfaced
on the White Peak Mountain
which was once covered in fire and smoke."
Once that is said, a young priest
will bring the holy water of Heaven Lake.
Gosh, I'm sorry.
I'm still not used to this.
I'm all right, Niruha.
It's my first time too,
so it's more my fault than yours.
Niruha, how about a short break?
Did my father arrive?
Yes, he's probably with Tagon Niruha
as we speak.
You are now the father of
the High Priestess.
But you told her you'd like
to keep working at the Fortress of Fire?
That's right.
Did you perhaps figure it out?
The secret of the bronze.
No, not at all.
Of course.
Mihol's too cautious
to get caught by a mere slave.
I've been wondering
if something else could be used.
As in what?
Iron? That's completely useless.
I was once told
of its endless possibilities
but its melted state couldn't
be hardened to put to use.
That's because
what you melted wasn't pure.
If we could extract pure iron
Tin and copper are hard to find,
but iron just lies in the soil.
The amount of resources needed to make
one bronze sword is enough to make
dozens and hundreds of iron swords.
You're a quick study.
I hear you.
Still, if it were possible,
the Hae Tribe would've done it.
Niruha, Asa Ron
is finally back with a date
for the gohamsani.
Is that so?
It's in two days,
so you must set out tomorrow.
And my Tanya
Her too, of course.
We'll need the High Priestess there.
Tanya Niruha has asked
for the Wahan Tribe to join her.
You should go to her.
Then I'll get going.
Yes, I hope we get to talk again soon.
Why do you all seem dumbstruck?
How can they look so alike?
My gosh.
You are no longer slaves.
You need not be intimidated.
Your people who were taken to Doldambul
will soon be here.
- The Daekan Force has set out.
- Really?
Teodae, Dalsae, and Buksoe
will all be back,
I thought I'd never see them again.
Mungtae, isn't this great news?
It is.
We'll all see them again.
Let's go. Niruha is waiting for us.
Come on.
Tell him I'm here.
He's not here.
He told me to get him a decent drink
but then left with it.
Even without you?
He went out to drink without his guards?
He must've gone to Sanung's grave.
It does seem like a day to remember him.
If you're lucky
Father, I'm sorry.
You were worried, weren't you?
I apologize for getting distracted.
I'm so sorry, Father.
it's me,
your son Tagon.
So it seems
that I'll become Aramun Haesulla.
You should be happy for me.
It's what you wanted for me.
What did I do?
What have I done?
My son
I shouldn't have done this. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
You will become Aramun Haesulla.
I will make sure of it.
No, the rabbit's mine.
Tagon, are you all right?
Until then, no one
should see or know about
the color of your blood.
Do you understand?
He could've
told his family for all we know.
No one
can know about you.
You were bitten by a wild dog.
Are you all right?
Your blood
I'm sorry, but I couldn't let
your family be annihilated.
I'm so sorry.
The negotiation fell through.
We'll be at war now.
They'll start by killing Igutus.
You must leave Arthdal.
I only killed my friends
because of what you promised.
Please spare me. I'll kill the Neanthals
and all the Igutus.
I'll do it. I can do it!
How can you swear to kill
your kind and your mother's people
just to stay in Arthdal?
What for?
What for, you asked?
My friends and their families
who died because of me
I swore on their bodies.
I swore to become Aramun Haesulla.
Their deaths weren't in vain
but were honorable sacrifice
served to a man soon to be a god.
And now,
that day has finally come.
Give me your blessing.
I see you're here to visit your father.
Are you worried about
the warriors of White Peak Mountain?
A huge brigade like that
couldn't have moved without
you knowing about it.
I know you have
eyes and ears placed
all around White Peak Mountain.
I hope you understand
that it's to ensure your safety.
My safety?
If you have decided to go against me,
I'll have to kill you.
Then all that I and the Daekan Forces
have worked for
would have been for nothing.
If the Daekan Forces
weren't stationed here,
I might have
concocted a plan to overthrow you,
so you made the right choice.
I don't want
any hitches or surprises
when performing the gohamsani.
No hitches?
Are you saying that
because of Sanung Niruha?
My father's throat was slit in half
and I saw it too.
And the sword was in my hand.
You're right. I killed my father.
I could never quite understand
why Sanung Niruha
disliked his son so much.
All your achievements were,
by all means, his too.
It was about power.
It's quite sad.
If Sanung Niruha had accepted you fully,
he wouldn't have died in your hands.
Then we would be
in a very different situation.
Is that what you think?
Am I wrong?
you're only in that position now
because you killed him,
so in your point of view, whatever
happened could be a good thing.
No. No matter what the circumstances are,
a son killing his own father can never
be a good thing.
Of course.
No way
can a man who killed his father
be the union leader
and be revered as Aramun Haesulla.
Did you really think
that you could take over the union
by killing your father,
instigating the Hearts to kill the Priest,
and concocting
a fake descendant of Asa Sin?
Everyone in Arthdal will now know
the ugly truth about the man
who currently rules the union.
You are a monster
and a rotten seed
that must be scraped out of Arthdal.
Asa Ron
I, Asa Ron, was called upon
by the eight gods of Arthdal,
and it's my duty and responsibility
to cleanse our union.
I could die here for all I care
just as long as I get to fulfill my duty.
Taealha and Tanya
who are accomplices in this grand scheme
will never live to see tomorrow's sun.
I swear on Isodunyong!
Asa Ron
Why are you doing this?
Where should I put this?
On the table.
Would you like me to brush your hair?
Would you?
Are you on your way to the High Priestess?
Yes, Lord Saya.
Here. I'll take it to her instead.
But this is part of my job.
It's all right. You can go and rest.
- But--
- You're dismissed.
I'm afraid
I can't.
I hear you're new here.
Yes, my lady.
Where are you from?
Where's your hometown?
inside the White Peak Mountain.
Why must you go this far?
Why are you doing this to me?
Tagon spoke of his sins himself.
Arrest him!
I tried so hard.
I did.
You were always unsure and hesitant.
You tried to avoid bloodshed
as much as possible.
And you wanted to be liked
by everyone in the Union.
you were right.
I was wrong.
You did it
with the people's love and support.
You pulled it off
without causing a bloodbath in the Union.
No, Taealha, I failed.
I failed.
This was a path
I couldn't take
without spraying innocent blood.
Don't just stand there. Arrest him!
Tagon Niruha, greetings.
I am the Black Tongue of Shahati.
You're probably paralyzed.
The poison is already in your veins.
- Purple blood?
- What is that?
What What's that?
His blood
It's purple.
- What is that?
- Tagon Niruha is
My efforts
were never going to be enough.
If only I had known that sooner.
I truly am sorry
for those who died
because of me.
Just know that
you brought this on yourselves.
I never wished to sit on a bloody throne.
I didn't want to kill.
Tagon is an Igutu.
- Really?
- He's an Igutu.
This is impossible!
Tagon Niruha
Asa Ron Niruha, please get to safety.
If that's what you want,
I'll kill you all.
Do you think
there's anyone on your side
in the Great Shrine?
The ones who betray will survive
and the betrayed will die.
There will be no trial.
The body will serve as proof.
- Do what to Tagon Niruha?
- War has broken out!
I'll kill you all.
we committed a sin.
So let's receive our punishment together.
Tonight in Arthdal
will be remembered for a long time.
Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park
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