Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

- Wahan's Tanya!
- Wahan's Tanya!
- Found Great Mother Asa Sin's star bell!
- Found Great Mother Asa Sin's star bell!
Dear Tanya, a descendant of Wahan
who is also Asa Sin's direct descendant.
I'd like to ask when Aramun will return.
Tagon, you are the second coming of
Aramun Haesulla.
Eunseom. I can come to your rescue now.
Some Wahans were taken to Doldambul.
Please bring them back to Arthdal.
Where's Dalsae?
Give up.
I will not give up on anyone from now on.
The number of men
who will follow your orders
That's what
power is.
"To call my own"?
I, Tanya,
have finally returned to her home,
so we should hold a gohamsani.
Our map of conquest, Tagon.
I will stand on the frontline with you.
And we'll become a song.
Nunbyeol is still growing,
and the lineages have been growing
as well.
The blockage was removed
because she was extremely agitated.
And she even mastered
Saram's martial arts.
If they've been reconnected
Did you say Sateunik?
We, the Momo Tribe, always make sure
to repay whatever we owe.
Once I go that way, I want you to go
that way and start running away.
He has purple lips and he has something
on his back that looks like this.
He can't have gone too far.
Search the entire Hasi Mountain!
- Yes, Xabara!
- Yes, Xabara!
Are you okay? Get up. Let's go.
Now, the gohamsani is the last hurdle
we have to overcome.
He must've gone to Sanung's grave.
It does seem like a day to remember him.
Give me your blessing.
The gohamsani will be performed here.
This is our only chance.
- What just happened?
- If you move, he'll die.
Are you dumb?
Why did you come back to save me?
I needed you.
- Whom are you trying to fight against?
- Arthdal itself.
Hurry up and paddle!
- Ipsaeng.
- What?
Over there.
The Ago Tribe.
Where's your hometown?
inside the White Peak Mountain.
Are you on your way to the High Priestess?
No way can a man who killed his father
be the union leader
and be revered as Aramun Haesulla.
Tagon is an Igutu.
- He's an Igutu.
- This is impossible!
- My gosh!
- What is going on?
You must kill everyone
who has seen your blood!
There are 25, 26, 27
Asa Ron Niruha, please get to safety.
If that's what you want,
I'll kill you all.
Two down. Twenty-five left.
What are you waiting for?
- Kill that monster!
- Yes, Niruha!
I'm afraid
I can't.
What did you just say?
Are you disobeying my order?
I'll make this quick.
Is anyone outside?
Anybody there?
Do you think
there's anyone on your side
in the Great Shrine?
My plan failed.
I can't believe Tagon is an Igutu!
There will be no trial.
The body will serve as proof.
Go kill Tagon.
No, please
- Asa Ron
- Please
- You escaped?
- Please don't kill me!
Now, there's only one left.
Hae Tuak.
Hae Tuak!
Do you think
there's anyone on your side
in the Great Shrine?
The plan failed.
Over here!
What did you say?
How could the Children of Shahati die?
Where's the Blue Spider?
He accompanied Asa Mot to the Union Palace
to find out what's going on.
- We'll find Tanya.
- How are you guys going to find her?
You're from the White Peak Mountain.
Do you even know her face?
Pair up with the priests
and search the Great Shrine thoroughly.
And if you find Tanya,
kill her on the spot.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Saya, please pull yourself together.
You should get out of here.
Don't worry about me.
What do I do? What should I do now?
Right, this dress.
- Find Tanya!
- Yes, sir!
What is this?
What on earth happened here?
Pardon me? "Shahati"?
But what are they doing in Arthdal?
It's a coup. Inform the Daekan Forces
and the guards at once.
A coup has broken out.
A coup? Led by who?
Is it Yeobi by any chance?
Are you an idiot?
Have you totally lost your mind?
The Children of Shahati are here,
so it's obviously Asa Ron!
Where are you going, my lady?
Tagon is in danger.
He went to Sanung's grave alone.
My gosh.
Now, Tagon Niruha just needs
to go to White Peak Mountain
- and perform the gohamsani.
- Yes!
Then he'll officially be recognized
as the second coming of Aramun Haesulla!
- Bakryangpung.
- Yes.
You used to be a priest, right?
- Seriously?
- No.
He got kicked out
in the middle of his training.
Gitoha, please. Don't listen to him.
- Tell us how a gohamsani is performed.
- Gosh, cut it out.
- Come on. Tell us.
- It's not true. Just ignore him.
- What the
- What's this? We didn't order it.
This? It's for you, Daekan squad leaders.
My boss is giving it to you on the house.
We should pamper you
since you'll be guarding Tagon Niruha
during the gohamsani tomorrow.
Seriously? We have such a rewarding job,
don't we?
Now, Tagon Niruha just needs to
come to the White Peak Mountain
and perform the gohamsani--
Hey, hang on.
- Are you from the White Mountain Tribe?
- Pardon? No.
I'm a member of the Garamal Tribe.
You're not even
from the White Mountain Tribe.
Why did you say Tagon Niruha needs to
"come" to the mountain?
This is Arthdal. Use the right verb.
He needs to "go" there, you fool.
- Hey, enough! Break it up.
- But
- Why are you picking a fight?
- Tagon Niruha has to "go" there.
- Don't fight. No fighting.
- Okay, I heard you.
- Make up with him. Make peace.
- All right.
Hey, listen. Stop going on about
White Peak Mountain.
It makes me so sad
as I'm from a minority tribe.
- Now, shake hands.
- This is nice.
- And bow to each other.
- Good!
Where did you work before this job?
Jeez, what's the problem now?
I asked you where you worked
before this job.
- I worked at a brewery--
- Hey.
Then what happened to your little finger?
It seems like you trained
with the Crescent Dagger for a decade.
What are you talking about, sir?
Damn it.
- Gitoha!
- Gitoha!
They tried to kill us, the Daekans.
- That means
- Something must've happened.
- Take him to the apothecary now!
- Okay.
I'll go to the military division.
Those who were dragged off to Doldambul
will return too.
Look at you training so hard
until this late
when you have to go to
White Peak Mountain tomorrow.
I want to become strong
so that no one can harm me.
You're naturally strong,
so only a little bit of training will do.
You have a knack for it.
But here in Arthdal,
you can only become stronger
if you side with the one with power.
Only then can no one harm you.
I will head to the Great Shrine.
Sir, there is something I must tell you.
What now?
A coup?
Taealha nearly died.
It's happening near the Great Shrine,
close to Sanung Niruha's grave.
You understand what I'm saying, right?
Even Tanya Niruha is in danger now!
You must hurry.
What? You bastards!
You traitors.
What the hell are you saying now?
Do what to Tagon Niruha?
Sir, we were told to kill you first.
Had we planned to obey Asa Ron's orders,
we wouldn't even have come here.
Don't you dare try to trick me, you rats!
I'll kill you both.
If Tagon Niruha is dead,
Asa Ron will rule this land.
And you'll be screwed, you moron.
But if Tagon Niruha survives this
and manages to counterattack,
then we'll get killed.
So what do you suggest we do?
I want all of us to live.
All of us
have been friends since childhood.
So drop your knife first.
Let's find a way all of us can live, okay?
Drop your knife.
Let's wait, okay?
We'll wait a bit
to find out which one is winning.
That is the only way all of us can live.
It's Taealha!
How is she alive?
This is what it feels like.
I'll kill you all.
Please take good care of him.
Please save Gitoha.
Get up, all of you!
War has broken out!
The Daekans are on the move
with their weapons, sir.
The Daekans are on the move?
Asa Ron's plan must have failed.
All right, then. Are we good now?
Let's hurry to the Great Shrine!
You're alive.
We're both alive.
I killed all the ministers.
all over now, Taealha.
I see.
I guess we won't be liked
by the people after this.
We have to wipe out
those who are still alive as well.
It doesn't matter anymore.
You see,
it never mattered to me.
Aren't you one of the guards?
Did you receive orders
from Sodang and Pyeonmi?
Asa Ron Niruha.
Tagon revolted.
I wish to go to White Peak Mountain
and bring the Warriors of the Gods.
Can you guard me?
Yes, Niruha.
Let's go.
Here in Arthdal,
you can only become stronger
if you side with the one with power.
Only then can no one harm you.
I knew it.
You can never learn anything
without depending on pain.
We should be grateful
if we can learn something from pain.
I suppose
we really will become a song.
Yes, not the kind of song
we were expecting though.
Do you think she's dead?
I hope she's alive.
Arthdal will turn
into complete ruins soon.
Having no god on top of that
will be just too sad.
Tagon, you're so sweet.
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Over there!
Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
Tagon Niruha!
Niruha, are you all right?
We came too late, didn't we?
Where is Gitoha?
He was attacked.
He's dead?
The doctor, Harim, is looking after him
at the moment,
but the Crescent Dagger slit his throat.
Tonight in Arthdal
will be remembered for a long time.
The head of the Bato Tribe, Kungtung,
the head of Ggachinol Tribe, Dawa,
the head of Yeondal Tribe, Bodan,
and the head of Garamal Tribe, Heukgal.
I helped all of them
ascend to Airuju.
They tried to kill me because
they foolishly let Asa Ron trick them.
And Asa Ron has fled.
And our brother, Gitoha,
is on the brink of death at the moment.
What happened to all of you
and Taealha today
happened to me as well.
However, Airuju chose me
instead of Asa Ron,
the Daekan Forces
instead of the White Mountain Tribe,
and Taealha
instead of the Children of Shahati.
Now, whom will you choose?
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
- Tagon Niruha!
Let's go to the Great Shrine!
- To the Great Shrine!
- To the Great Shrine!
- To the Great Shrine!
- To the Great Shrine!
What's going on?
Why isn't Asa Ron Niruha back yet?
And what about Tagon?
I wonder what happened to him.
Tagon is alive.
The Daekans and the guards
are gathered in the Wailing Forest.
Where is Asa Ron Niruha?
I don't know.
What happened to Tanya?
I have no idea where she is.
We lost.
We failed.
We will return
to Isodunyong today.
Fine. Tanya, that bitch
I'll cut her head off at all costs
and shove it in Tagon's face.
Let's see him try and rule Arthdal
without a god.
You must stay alive no matter what.
I will go with Tagon.
I am his wife, after all.
Will you be able to do this?
I can with the help of Isodunyong.
There's no need for everyone to die.
Escape to the White Peak Mountain.
Niruha, guards have been stationed
around The Great Shrine.
Upon your order, we'll--
No, on no condition will you charge in.
The guard's objective
is to keep everyone inside.
I and the Daekan Forces will enter.
What happened?
Doctor Harim said
that due to the excess fat around my neck,
the blade couldn't cut me
deep enough to kill me.
Just how thick is that thing?
- Charge!
- Charge!
- Charge!
- Go!
Idiots. This can't possibly
hold the weight of a person.
Tanya is still here.
Are you a child of Shahati?
Tanya is still within these walls.
Follow me.
When did you arrive from Shahati?
A few days ago.
Then you will return once we're done here.
Shahati isn't the name of a land.
It's a name of a person.
Are you Tanya?
The descendant of Asa Sin.
I will slice your head off
and toss it to Tagon.
Isodunyong, please forgive me.
We must save Saya.
You're bleeding too much.
Father, no
A benetbeot?
Am I supposed to believe that?
What if she's lying
and he's actually the same guy?
He's not who you think.
My Eunseom isn't
a cold-blooded killer like you people.
Then what kind of a man is he?
Someone decent.
Eunseom isn't like you, Saya,
or Tagon.
are gosals.
You can hear my thoughts?
I can.
Niruha, are you all right?
Tanya Niruha and Lord Saya are alive.
Bless the gods.
Asa Ron is nowhere to be found though.
He didn't find his way
back to The Great Shrine?
Asa Ron?
Asa Ron, you traitor!
How dare you plan an assassination?
Tanya Niruha's first Sacred Trial
will be to determine your fate.
- How dare you!
- Die!
- Traitor!
- Scoundrel!
- Go to hell!
- Just give us the order!
I see you're one of the guards.
What is your name?
It's Mungtae.
I chose him to be a guard myself.
He is Mungtae of the Wahan Tribe.
You're a monster just like I thought.
No, I wasn't.
I didn't want to be one.
However, those of the Asa Clan
made me this way.
Well, Tagon,
you're coming with me.
- Niruha!
- Bitch!
Lock her up.
Your feet will be cut off
at the Sacred Trial.
Niruha, you must get that treated.
I'm fine.
- Niruha!
- Niruha!
This way.
Where's Harim? Is he still not here?
Mugwang went to get him,
so he won't be long.
What do you think happened?
A member of the Daekan Forces
was seriously injured tonight.
Something big is happening in Arthdal.
Yes, I can feel it too.
You must stay home for the time being.
Gather your things right now!
Clear the bodies.
Yes, sir.
Tagon is an Igutu.
He's a monster.
You did well today.
Is an Igutu strong?
What? What are you talking about?
Yes, they're strong.
Why do you ask?
No reason.
So that's why Eunseom's strong too.
their strength is nothing
compared to that of Neanthals.
They're the strongest of us all.
I'm done.
There's nothing more that I can do now.
Are you saying he's all right or not?
Change this regularly
and have him drink
the powder with water later on.
He will live.
Thank you.
Yes, my lady.
- Follow Harim.
- Harim?
You may return as is
if nothing happens after he returns home.
What if there's suspicious movement?
Kill him and his family.
Gather your things.
We must leave this instant.
Where on earth is this coming from?
Where would we go?
I'll tell you why later.
Now gather your things!
What about Doti? She's sleeping inside.
She'll be fine
since she's of Wahan Tribe.
Now hurry!
I wonder why she gave us that order.
Nothing's going on.
We have our orders and that's it.
Just so you know,
I've been getting a bad feeling all day.
Is that the Priest in you talking?
There's a crescent moon too--
Must you point that out, you dick?
Shit. I should've gone
to The Great Shrine first
and slit that bitch Tanya's neck.
Mugwang, please. She's still our Niruha.
I could've pinned it
on one of the Priests.
Underneath the crescent moon,
a hand will rip out your heart.
Harim, what on earth is going on?
Where are we going?
Manteiv. No, Iark.
Why? For what reason?
We'll die if we stay.
Nunbyeol, quickly. Wake up.
What's going on?
Get up.
- Mom?
- Nunbyeol, it's all right.
Let's get you dressed.
Put these on. Hurry.
We must hurry.
Let me help you.
What is the meaning of this?
Is Tagon Niruha doing better?
I don't know why,
but I've been ordered to kill you all.
I'll make it quick, so form a line.
Now, instead of dying painlessly,
you'll die in agony.
Don't just stand there. Get them!
- Mom!
- Mom!
- No!
- Mom!
Kill me instead.
Just let my children go.
I swear on the skies and on Isodunyong
that I didn't say a word.
Just kill me, all right?
The secret will die with me.
What's he yapping about?
Please spare us. Please.
Don't kill us. Please.
- Please spare us.
- Drag them away.
- Please don't kill us.
- Please.
Chaeeun, no.
- Chaeeun.
- Dad!
- Please.
- Dad!
- Please don't.
- Dad!
So members of the Daekan Forces
killed innocent people of the union?
Why not? Who says we can't?
Mugwang. No.
Wielding your sword
at the very front will only
lead you to your death.
Why are you doing this?
What did we ever do to you?
Drag them apart so that I can kill them.
Drag them apart!
- Chaeeun
- Nunbyeol!
- Chaeeun!
- Nunbyeol!
- Nunbyeol.
- Get over here.
You're coming with me.
Oh, no you don't.
Something's not right. Step back.
What's going on?
Stand back!
What's gotten into him?
You're too late.
"You're too late."
Those are the last words you'll ever hear.
Neanthals are strong
without even any training.
So what'll happen once they do?
There's no need for them to train,
but they also can't.
Their blood will pump
the other way if they do.
But still
What if they train in swordsmanship?
I'm not sure.
If a creature like that exists,
no man will ever be able to beat it.
Underneath the crescent moon,
a hand will rip out your heart.
Wake up.
Tell me more.
Tell you what?
They're of the Ago Tribe
and we'll be sold as slaves.
But you said you're one of them.
I guess I should apologize for lying.
This isn't like you.
As if you even know me.
Why don't we try this?
Keep your voice down.
- Let's say I have a contagious disease.
- Hey.
I have a blue spot on my back.
We'll say I'm sick.
- Then--
- Stop it.
They'll chuck me out of here
so that I don't infect the others--
- That's enough!
- Why?
He understands the language of Arthdal.
Didn't you hear what I told you?
They used to be part of the union.
It was a solid plan.
Too bad it won't work now.
They should've been back by now.
Something must've happened.
Let's go and look for them.
And what if our paths don't cross?
Let's just go back to Arthdal.
- Mubaek is waiting for us.
- Let's go to Jubinol instead.
The old man still needs more treatment.
I can't make it back to Arthdal.
Help us all you can while you're at it.
Take us to the doctor in Geomeuldun.
You're actually going to go there?
- My goodness.
- Let's check it out.
- This is unbelievable.
- Look at them.
- They arrested everyone.
- All the kids and adults.
I heard they're going to cut off
their hands and feet.
- My goodness.
- What's Tagon going to do?
What's going on?
What about the gohamsani?
What is going on?
Asa Ron apparently tried to kill
Tanya Niruha and Tagon Niruha last night.
I can't believe it.
No way.
How else will you explain all this chaos?
But is it really okay
to treat the priests like that?
They used to serve our gods.
They tried to kill a living god,
so they deserve it.
Out of the way!
Make way!
- My goodness.
- My gosh, look at that.
- What is it?
- The dregs of the Asa Clan.
We don't know anything.
We weren't in the Great Shrine.
We're not the High Priestess!
Shut your mouths
before I rip them apart!
By the way,
we weren't able to find Asa Ron.
- It seems like he ran away.
- That little rat. So what if he ran away?
- He can't do anything by himself.
- How's Tagon Niruha?
Why did you do that?
Why did you gag Asa Ron?
Tagon is an Igutu. He's a monster.
Don't you understand?
Even if you take me to Tagon,
you'll still end up dying.
He'll think I would've told you
about it already.
I asked you why.
He told me that you're
an Igutu.
And he told me
that even if I take him to you,
I'll still end up dying
for having heard that.
Why did you bring Asa Ron to me
when you knew you were going to die?
Tell me. I'm sure you had a reason.
Because I'll
I'll get killed soon
if I don't become strong enough.
By whom?
By the people
who once used to be my friends.
Do not wipe off your tears.
Do not wash off that blood.
And follow me.
I feel so uneasy.
I'm so scared.
No, I shouldn't talk like that.
I'm so scared, Niruha.
You don't need to do that
when it's just you and me.
No, it'll become a habit.
I think something big
is going to happen, Niruha.
Are you okay?
Are you really okay?
You were worried about me,
weren't you?
I guess you're okay.
I'm relieved.
You were worried about me, weren't you?
Well, that's a first.
What do you mean?
I've never had anyone
worry about me
just for the sake of myself.
You make it sound like it's a bad thing.
What's going to happen now?
- What do you mean?
- Did you see those people
in front of the Union Palace?
I heard about it.
I get why they arrested
the priests from last night.
But the others had nothing to do
with what happened yesterday.
Why did they arrest the kids?
They got arrested because they're from
the Asa Clan or the Bato Tribe.
Their faults and lives
don't matter at this point.
They all need to die.
If we don't,
we won't be able to move forward.
What did you say?
We need to do our best
to make them fear us.
My father already killed
so many of the tribe leaders.
The Bato Tribe and the Ggachinol Tribe
Imagine how sad they must be.
We need to turn that sadness into fear.
And we must do it quickly.
But that won't happen. Don't worry.
My father is different from me.
He'll probably hesitate again.
He'll try to come up
with something agreeable
so that he can be loved
by the people of the union
since he can never seem to give that up.
Something like that.
Do you think so?
He killed Asa Ron so mercilessly.
That's because
he had a good reason to do that.
The union ministers
have all gathered together.
We must go.
- My goodness.
- Is this really happening?
- What is going on?
- My gosh.
- This is not right.
- I can't believe this.
- How could they
- My goodness gracious.
possibly do this?
How could they?
- My gosh.
- This is not right.
Hello, sir.
How could you do that to them?
I get that Asa Ron made a big mistake.
But that's the great mother
of White Peak Mountain!
The gods will decide what to do
at the Sacred Trial.
Get out of the way.
- My goodness.
- Goodness gracious.
- I can't believe this.
- My goodness.
My goodness gracious.
- My goodness!
- This is unbelievable!
- How could they do this?
- This is absurd!
- My goodness!
- My goodness!
- Asa Sakan come up here.
- My gosh!
- My goodness!
- The rest of you stay here.
We almost died as well.
It's all because they tried to attack us
while you were gone.
Yes, I'm glad things didn't get worse.
Darn that Shahati or whatever his name is.
But as you already know,
my entire body is a weapon.
Where's Mugwang?
What? Mugwang?
I haven't seen him since yesterday.
I bet he's still drunk
with Bakryangpung somewhere.
- Be careful.
- Move!
- Move it!
- Watch it.
- My gosh.
- What's his problem?
What's wrong with him?
- What's with him?
- My goodness.
- What's going on?
- What's his problem?
What is the meaning of this?
Is Tagon Niruha doing better?
I don't know why,
but I've been ordered to kill you all.
It was Tagon.
They're probably all here, right?
Yes, probably.
It wasn't our fault.
A god
never makes mistakes.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
"Last night, the head
of the White Mountain Tribe
and the priest of the Great Shrine,
Asa Ron,
Kungtung of the Bato Tribe,
Dawa of the Ggachinol Tribe,
Bodan of the Yeondal Tribe,
Heukgal of the Garamal Tribe,
all gathered together
and tried to revolt against the union.
However, thanks to the care of Airuju
and the wisdom
of our union leader, Tagon Niruha,
the union was able to
become peaceful again."
Ishillobu dikeva.
Ishillobu dikeva.
Kungtung, the head of the Bato Tribe,
only went there yesterday
because he got a message from Asa Ron.
He died because he was involved in
what had happened yesterday,
and I do not wish to question his death.
However, there was no need for you
to arrest his family as well.
It's just utterly absurd.
They're the family of a traitor.
The gods will tell us their fate
at the Sacred Trial.
Even Asa Sakan?
Are you serious?
I know Asa Ron did something terrible.
But how could you treat the great mother
of White Peak Mountain like that?
We, the Ggachinol Tribe,
also lost our great mother.
She urgently left
after she got a message from Asa Ron.
And after that, she came back beheaded.
We don't even know what happened,
but we're being told to follow orders.
How could you do this to us?
Are you trying to break the union?
Niruha, what they're saying
isn't complete nonsense.
Please explain it to us.
They're right, Niruha.
You must give us an answer.
He'll probably forgive them for the better
and wrap things up
by saying they should thrive
for a stronger union.
What's Tagon going to do now?
How is he going to deal with this?
His eyes
Yes, this is it.
In the end
He's a king. He has the eyes of a king.
I've been
trying so hard
to avoid walking this path.
I, Tagon,
have become
the king of disaster.
"Three babies were born
on the same day and hour 20 years ago."
Everyone is living in their own tragedy.
And Airuju gave me his answer.
To solve this matter, one should
do the opposite and show kindness.
"Do as you wish."
- "Fail to do so
- They will all be torn to pieces
and you'll die a painful death."
"The three babies were each born
with the destiny of the bell, mirror,
and sword, so they could end this world."
Subtitle translation by: Ja-won Lee
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