Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

He's a king.
He has the eyes of a king.
He promised to protect
the secret of the bronze, right?
This isn't the right time to bring it up.
Did he promise you or not?
He did. He promised me.
When? Before all of this went down?
has changed.
How could he not?
All his life, he tried so hard to become
a king without doing such things.
Do you know how disheartened he is?
Do you have any idea
how heartbroken he is?
In the end,
you and Asa Ron ruined everything.
I feel so bad for Tagon.
You want me to memorize this?
Just say what's written here
at the Sacred Trial.
You still can't read, can you?
"I will relay the words of Airuju, who is
the beginning and end of this world,
to his son, Aramun Haesulla."
From now on, all oracles
will come from Airuju,
not Isodunyong of the White Peak Mountain.
What do I do after that?
Behead Asa Mot and everyone else
that had any involvement
in last night's incident.
And cut off both feet of their families
and anyone who is related to them.
Memorize everything I just told you.
Don't get confused.
I can't do it. Many of them are innocent.
They weren't even at the shrine.
can't do it.
You can't do it? Then only death awaits.
Even if you're going to kill me--
Not you. The Wahans.
I was hoping it wouldn't come to this.
I, too, am sad about what happened.
But Tagon already killed Asa Ron
and the heads of the tribes,
which means he has many enemies now.
We have no choice now.
We must instill fear in the people.
Only then can Arthdal function.
Because your existence
endows Tagon with a god-given sacredness,
this bloodbath can end
with those 100 people at the square now.
He'd have to kill over 1,000 people
if it weren't for you.
Only that will make them obey.
Just think that you're saving 1,000 lives.
I know how much
you didn't want to take this path.
And because of that,
this opportunity means so much to me.
I swear to you
that I'll do my very best to assist you
from now on, Niruha.
The whole time I was locked in the tower,
I waited for you
to rise to a position like this.
We have no choice but to do this
in order to govern so many people.
We can't listen
to all their complaints, you know.
To obtain their obedience,
we must make them fear us.
And we shall stand
above that fear.
I want to go back.
I will quietly return to Iark
with my people.
Haven't I done enough?
Asa Ron is out of the picture now,
and Tagon Niruha became Aramun Haesulla.
You got what you wanted,
so please let me and the Wahans go now.
I can't do that.
Why not? Why can't you let us go?
You folks have accomplished
everything you wanted.
What more must you take from us?
What more do you want from us?
Why did you make Mungtae become like that?
What have you done to Mungtae?
We didn't do anything.
It's just that he learned
his lesson quickly.
Without power,
you can't go back or hold out,
let alone rebel against
what you were told to do.
You can't do anything without power,
except obey orders.
And our High Priestess, Tanya Niruha,
would your people really want
to go back to Iark now?
Arrest all the families of
Ggachinol and Bato's elders
and keep them at the square for now.
Behead anyone
who rebels.
- Yes, Tagon Niruha!
- Yes, Tagon Niruha!
- Take them!
- Take them!
- Make way!
- The military division.
Keep a close eye on other tribes
that may be holding a grudge.
Yes, Niruha.
- My gosh.
- Take them all!
- Come here!
- Move.
- Move it.
- Out of the way.
We're taking a little girl
who just learned to walk?
We were told to take everyone.
I don't care.
We just have to do as we're told.
- Go!
- Move it.
Don't you think this is way too harsh?
Look, that little child obviously had
nothing to do with the revolt.
- Exactly!
- This is too cruel!
Have some shame!
Shut up!
Shut your mouth!
Be quiet.
We didn't even do anything wrong!
- This is too much.
- Why must you do this to us?
I, too, don't think it's right
for you to leave now.
How come?
It's a little How should I put this?
I think
it's stupid.
What do you mean?
What did you want
when you accepted Tagon's offer
and decided to join hands with me?
So if I become the High Priest,
will I be of power?
Can I save the Wahans from slavery?
Even the ones that were sold far away?
I understand you did it out of goodwill,
with noble intentions
of rescuing your clan,
but even that is another form of greed.
You took Asa Ron down
and obtained that position
to fulfill your own selfish greed.
If you rejected Tagon's offer back then,
he wouldn't be where he is now.
And you got your share.
Thanks to that, all the Wahans
are safe and comfortable now.
But you can't give orders to kill people?
You only want to do good things.
Don't be such a selfish coward.
It is your responsibility
and the price you have to pay.
Don't play dumb.
You signed up for it
the moment you decided
to join hands with me and Tagon.
Since I was powerless,
I let both Taealha and Tagon
treat me like a dead person
for 20 long years.
The Wahans aren't the only ones
who experienced tragedy.
Everyone is living in their own tragedy.
You need to become stronger
if you want to speak up.
Then go up against Tagon.
The people of the Union already trust you.
Can't you feel it?
The people here already consider you
as someone important.
That is your power
and your calling.
Assemble all the Wahans for me.
Gosh, my sweet pea. It's incredible
that you came all the way here unscathed.
- She came with Eunseom.
- What?
I was so surprised
when I saw her at the apothecary.
So you've been doing fine,
but we had no idea.
Your mother
- Stop it. Today is a happy day.
- All right.
It's okay.
I'm all grown up now.
I'm really okay.
Anyway, how has everyone been?
I've been working
under the head of the Bachi Guild.
He's been teaching me
how to sell merchandise.
Things are sold for so much more
than what it cost to make them, right?
Yes, totally!
Father Yeolson,
you'd be filthy rich by now
if you grew up here.
That's what I'm saying.
We should've moved here a long ago.
- Father Yeolson.
- Yes?
Where did you get that?
Oh, this? Mihol gave me this,
saying I'm very good at my job.
- Really?
- Oh, my.
My gosh, I'm jealous.
I should be able to buy such things soon
if I continue
to learn from Daedae, right?
- Yes, I think so.
- Of course.
- Look at mine.
- What's this?
Those at the shrine gave me this
as soon as I started working there.
Isn't it so dazzlingly beautiful?
- Oh, my.
- Take it off. I want to try it on.
- Gosh, I'm not supposed to take it off.
- Mungtae!
- Oh, Mungtae!
- Mungtae, come join us.
What happened to your face?
- Mungtae.
- Did you trip and fall again?
He gets hurt every time he falls
because he's a big guy.
I have to say, that uniform
makes him look so manly.
- Yes, he looks great.
- It looks great on him.
You're looking good.
Now that everyone is here
Yes. What did you want
to talk to us about?
How about
we move back
to Iark?
Why should we go back to Iark?
You nearly lost your life this time,
so you must've been terrified.
Right, I was scared too.
But Tagon Niruha totally managed
to quell the coup, you know.
Exactly. That won't happen again.
Everyone worships him now.
I've been told
to give orders to kill all those people
and cut their feet off
to help him further solidify his power.
Including innocent children
who did nothing wrong.
That is not how we were taught, you know.
The teachings passed down in our tribe
state that we must be giving and generous,
and the world--
It's all useless.
Just suck it up and do it if that is
what Tagon Niruha told you to do.
- Mungtae.
- Mungtae, please.
When I was on top
of the Great Black Cliff,
I was so scared.
I didn't even know where I was,
but I was sure of this one thing.
"No one cares about me here.
I'm all alone.
Everyone needs to survive on their own."
We all felt that, didn't we?
Is that why you did such a thing?
You brutally killed all those people
who didn't do anything wrong.
That's right.
I will be loyal to Tagon Niruha.
I will do anything he asks of me.
If he orders me to beat
or stab people to death,
I will gladly do it
because it's much better than battling
the fear that I may be stabbed to death.
- Mungtae.
- Mungtae.
And the Wahan Tribe
shall no longer be the same.
I want to go back to Iark.
If you're planning to go back,
take me with you.
Okay, Doti.
The Great White Wolf.
Everything you taught us was wrong.
It's simply not how your Arthdal operates.
Why did you make me rise to this position?
There is nothing I can do.
I realized at a young age
that I can't have my way
with anything whatsoever.
On days like that,
I always
had that dream.
In the dream, I saw myself
running freely in the meadow.
I could go anywhere I wanted to go.
I hunted and danced.
I ate whatever I wanted to eat
and fell asleep when I wanted to.
And you were
always by my side in that dream.
That's why I recognized you
the moment we first met.
You probably don't know this,
but that girl in my dreams was the one
who helped me hold out when
I was completely powerless.
And I want to become
such a person to you as well.
Trust me.
Just trust me and do as I say.
For now, at least.
You were wearing this in my dream.
What should I do?
Everything is messed up.
You all saw
what happened to Trihan, right?
We should all be careful. Don't interfere.
I've never seen the guards
do such a thing.
Hey! You fool!
Gitoha looked everywhere for you.
- Take me to the military division, please.
- What's the matter?
- Take me to the military division
- What's wrong? Hey, Bakryangpung!
Hey! Bakryangpung!
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
You will become Tagon's puppet.
I do not fear death,
but I'm sad that I'm ending
the era of the gods.
So she is the bell.
Then what about the sword and the mirror?
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
Last night, there was an attempt
to revolt against the direct descendant
of the Great Mother, Asa Sin,
and the second coming of Aramun Haesulla.
Nevertheless, both of them survived
to see the new sun this morning
thanks to Airuju's help,
which is Arthdal's glory.
The High Priestess, Tanya Niruha,
will now carry out the Sacred Trial.
I will relay the words of Airuju, who is
the beginning and end of this world.
Asa Sakan will be locked inside
the stairwell prison at the Great Shrine.
"Asa Sakan of the White Mountain Tribe
shall be locked inside
the stairwell prison at the Great Shrine."
those who had any involvement
in last night's incident,
their families,
and anyone who is related to them
All of them?
Behead Asa Mot and everyone else
that had any involvement
in last night's incident.
And cut off both feet of their families
and anyone who is related to them.
Why all of them? We'll behead some of them
and cut off the feet of the rest.
They will all
They will all be torn to pieces,
and their remains will be scattered.
- My gosh.
- No, please
They'll all be torn to pieces?
What is she trying to do?
Those were Airuju's words.
However, I, Tanya, the direct descendant
of Asa Sin and the owner of the star bell,
suggested that we behead
only those who had direct involvement
in last night's incident
and only cut off the feet
of their families
and those related to them
so that they can shape rocks and boulders
and worship Airuju's sacred abilities
for the rest of their lives.
And Airuju
gave me his answer.
"Do as you wish."
- My gosh.
- I'm so relieved.
- We won't die at least.
- My goodness.
We can live.
This brazen wench.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for not killing us.
Praise the mercy of Tanya Niruha!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise the mercy of Tanya Niruha!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise her mercy!
- Praise Tanya Niruha!
- Praise Tanya Niruha!
- Tanya Niruha!
- Praise Tanya Niruha!
- Tanya Niruha!
- Our High Priestess!
- Tanya Niruha!
- Tanya Niruha!
And our High Priestess, Tanya Niruha,
would your people really want
to go back to Iark now?
The way you felt when you put on the dress
you're wearing now for the first time.
Wouldn't they have gotten
a taste of it too?
Father Yeolson,
you'd be filthy rich by now
if you grew up here.
Isn't this so cool?
- My gosh, I'm jealous.
- Isn't it so dazzlingly beautiful?
Most importantly,
look deep inside your heart first.
I saw it.
You went up to the podium
after finding the star bell.
Then people started
passionately shouting your name.
I saw how your eyes looked
at that very moment.
You were excited
and thrilled.
You felt powerful.
Do you really think you can leave
all of that behind?
- Tanya Niruha!
- Tanya Niruha!
- Tanya Niruha!
- Tanya Niruha!
Stop trying to look
all naive and innocent.
Have you forgotten
where you're standing now?
What the hell were you thinking?
I did what you told me to do.
Behead those
involved in last night's incident.
Cut off the feet of their families
and anyone related
and turn them into slaves.
Did I get it wrong?
I suppose
you made some kind of decision.
You told me to learn.
So I've learned my lesson.
You said I wouldn't be able to do anything
but follow your orders if I had no power.
Hence, I will try to obtain power.
But what can I do? I have nothing.
I have no land of my own to stand on.
What is the land you'll stand on?
The hearts. The hearts of the people.
The land I'm standing on now
isn't any different.
I am on the hearts of the people.
It just has a different name. That's all.
All right. The balance between us
is pretty good so far.
The union leader who instills fear
and the merciful high priestess.
I want you to guard Tanya from now on.
What's the matter?
Mugwang is
I found Mugwang dead next to the corpses
of the doctor, Harim, and his wife.
His heart was ripped from his chest, so
Do you think the Neanthals did this?
That I don't know.
Yesterday happened to be
The crescent moon.
The word has already spread
throughout the military division.
Everyone's saying
Mugwang got punished by the gods
because he was always
disrespectful to Tanya Niruha.
Engrave this on the pillars
of the Great Shrine.
This is
Yes, it's a record of achievements
made by Tagon Niruha.
But we also need to engrave
the teachings of the great Asa Sin
This comes first.
Okay, we'll begin the work
starting from today.
Where's the High Priestess?
She's in the Room of Fire.
Yes, I'm sure Eunseom will show up soon.
Hurry up, Eunseom. I need you.
Do you know Mugwang?
How could I not know him?
There was a crescent moon last night,
and he died.
Someone's hand
ripped out my little brother's heart
just like you said.
Your words came true.
Could you please perform
an Ollimsani for him?
He was born in a minority tribe
and was persecuted all his life.
I was his one and only family.
But I never took good care of him
because I was always focused
on other things.
I'm not asking you to forgive him
for what he did to the Wahan Tribe.
I'm just asking you to undo the curse
you've put upon him
so he can leave in peace.
This is the only thing I can do
as his brother.
Please, I beg you.
I'll perform an Ollimsani tomorrow night.
I'll prepare everything for the ritual.
Thank you,
Are you really able to see the future?
You asked me why I saved that boy.
There's something I haven't told you.
"Three babies were born
on the same day and hour 20 years ago.
The three babies were each born
with the destiny of the bell, mirror,
and sword, so they could end this world."
Those were the words of Asa Sakan.
I believe that you're the bell.
The sword is probably
the boy that I saved.
And the mirror
was standing right next to you.
I knew as soon as I saw him.
How could I not recognize his face?
Ever since that day,
fear in Arthdal turned into anger,
and anger turned into sadness
which then turned into cruelty.
I, too, had given up all hope
for a very long time.
But one day, I saw Kanmoreu
and was able to find the byeoldaya.
And ever since then,
I've been acting like I was possessed
not knowing what it is that I need to do
while being unaware
of what had happened to my brother.
I truly believed
that the world would change
once the sword, bell,
and mirror all came together.
Is that what will happen?
Are you capable
of making that happen, Niruha?
The bell, mirror, and sword.
What am I supposed to do
once Eunseom returns
and the three of us
finally gather together?
Was Mubaek here to see you?
His little brother died.
But why did he come see you?
He asked me to do an Ollimsani.
Tanya's hiding something from me.
I heard you told people
to engrave Tagon's achievements
on the pillars of the Great Shrine.
I need that to make my father
become a living god.
Plus, all the achievements are true.
Like the Blood of Atturad?
That's not the only one.
He once suppressed the Ago Tribe
without a single fight.
They're from the Ago Tribe?
So you're saying
they're from the Ago Tribe,
and the person taking us
is also from the Ago Tribe?
How is that possible?
They're from a different clan.
He's from the Tae clan.
And they're the Myo clan.
Anyway, the point is,
they capture people from the same tribe
and sell them to Arthdal.
And I guess they're still doing it.
That's unbelievable.
How did this happen?
Tagon made this happen.
This is what Tagon Niruha said
to the prisoners of the Ago Tribe.
"You're always plundering stuff
from others
because your land is so infertile."
"So I'll give you permission
to trade with us."
"However, we will only accept slaves."
"You've always had a feud between clans."
"If you bring us people
from other clans as slaves,
we will exchange them for wealth."
Then he set all of them free.
Those who were set free were
probably hesitant at first.
But in the end, they started
capturing people
from other clans
and sold them to us as slaves.
Because if they didn't do that,
they might end up getting sold instead.
You made them doubt each other.
That's right. They will never get to see
the glory of Inaishingi ever again.
What's that?
He's a legendary leader of the Ago Tribe
who once unified
all the clans into one single tribe.
Inaishingi, who existed 200 years ago,
was the only one who was strong enough
to fight against Aramun Haesulla.
Even if Inaishingi returns,
we'll never be able to undo this.
You always told me not to trust anyone.
But look what happened to the Ago Tribe.
They didn't even know
that they just got fooled by Tagon.
Do you think they don't know that?
They just can't do anything about it.
Why not?
Why not just do the opposite?
The opposite?
They sold people from other clans
as slaves.
In reverse, each clan can save
other clan members from Arthdal
and help them go back home.
Think about how grateful they'd be.
Then that clan will go on
and help another clan.
That's what we would've done
back where I used to live.
I don't care where you're from.
I told you, things are different
on the Great Black Cliff.
The ones who betray will survive
and the betrayed will die.
You probably want to know
how we found out and ambushed you.
Get a move on!
Everyone, gather together.
We have our new batch of slaves.
Hurry up. Get moving!
- Get a move on.
- We got a lot of healthy men this time.
- You look pretty strong.
- Get inside.
Go inside.
Sit down.
Sit down!
How many are there?
My gosh.
This one's sick. Get rid of him.
An Igutu?
An Igutu isn't welcome in Arthdal.
He just needs to avoid the palace.
He's strong and hard-working.
How could you bring an Igutu?
Who would even want to buy him?
If there is a problem,
I would have to compensate them.
Do you think I'm crazy?
You're saying that after
I brought him here?
You're the one who told me to
bring the slaves.
We have to sell the slaves
to Arthdal but we can't sell him.
You know what? I don't care.
What the
My goodness.
- You came for us.
- Hurry!
- Over here!
- Over here!
- Me too!
- Over here!
- Over here!
- Me too!
What are you doing? Hurry up!
- Retreat!
- Hurry up and run!
Hey, what's wrong with those people?
Why are they suddenly dancing?
It's the dance of the waterfall.
They're praying to the God of Waterfall
hoping that the chief's daughter is safe.
If you're an Ago Tribe, you can go back
to your clan once you're done eating.
If you're not,
hurry up and leave this land.
You were wrong.
There are some who are willing
to save other clan members.
Not everyone is like you.
You're just the bad guy.
Don't ever trust anyone from the Ago Tribe
whether it's the Tae clan
or the Myo clan.
- But you're from the same tribe.
- Don't trust me either.
- What did you say?
- What else can we do?
We failed to save Yesran.
So you're saying we should
exchange those people with Yesran?
We killed a lot of their men today.
We can't go back there again.
Then you can stay out of it.
I'll take them there
and negotiate with the Tae clan.
"We will no longer let Tagon trick us.
We will no longer sell the members
of the Ago tribe to Arthdal."
It hasn't been that long
since we swore on those words.
But you're already going to break that?
I'm not selling them to Arthdal.
I'm trying to exchange them
for the chief's daughter!
No, you're trying to exchange them
for the person you're about to marry.
What? You little
That's enough!
Chief, we'll do
whatever you tell us to do.
How's your leg?
Are you okay?
Thank goodness.
The dance is over.
Do you still have things to talk about?
It's getting late. Go get some rest.
I'll clean up here.
Have some water.
Thank you.
Judging by their clothes,
I think they're the Momo Tribe.
The Momo Tribe?
The tribe where Sateunik came from?
Yes, but they rarely come so deep
into the mountains like this.
I wonder why they're here.
What? That's
- What was that again?
- Why are you watching us?
You You guys are
the Momo Tribe, aren't you?
We have a friend who's from
Don't you speak Arth?
Yes, we're the Momo Tribe.
What were you doing here?
Why were you watching us?
Eunseom! Eunseom's back!
That pattern over there!
That pattern is on Eunseom's back!
He's my friend, Eunseom!
Do you know that guy?
I'm sorry. I have to save my daughter,
so this is my only choice.
You just need to save your daughter.
I have another plan.
What's that?
I'll bring her back.
I'm the direct heir
of the Tae Clan's chief.
What? You're the direct heir
of the Tae Clan's chief?
Then why were you captured as a slave?
Back when I was young and immature,
I left the Ago Tribe
hoping that I'd get to see the world.
And I was on my way back.
But those who captured me
couldn't recognize me
since I left when I was so young.
And right when I was
about to reveal my identity,
you all showed up out of nowhere!
Do you actually believe him?
You believe that he's the direct heir
of the Tae Clan's chief?
You weren't lying.
He's telling the truth.
If you take all these men to the Tae Clan,
a war will break out.
I'll go there by myself
and ask them to free your daughter.
What if you just disappear?
How do you expect us to believe you?
If worst comes to worst,
you'll just be losing one slave!
this guy right here
He may not be from the Ago Tribe,
but he's like a brother to me.
If you can't trust me,
I'll leave him here.
What do you say?
Let's give it a try.
How can I trust that guy?
I've never trusted anyone
from the Tae Clan before.
If things don't work out,
we'll just be losing one slave.
But if things do work out,
we'll get to save Yesran.
Are you really the son
of the Tae Clan's chief?
Can you bring back his daughter?
Once I go there,
announce my return,
and say that we should trade
the daughter for
my friend who's a hostage,
it'll be over.
Don't you worry. I'll take care of--
It might be of help.
Come on. Just take it.
Do you actually trust me?
I don't.
What you said seems like a lie.
So why?
I want it to end.
To end?
Just like you said, my education
growing up has been different,
and I believe in what I was taught.
Those rules don't apply here, though.
It doesn't with you,
and even my childhood friend betrayed me.
I don't even believe
what you said about the Ago Tribe.
If you really take off with this,
then it'll prove that
my education was useless,
and I won't ponder my decisions anymore.
Besides, if you don't return,
I'll die anyway.
What use would a dead man have with this?
A decision has been made.
Hold on.
We're close to Tae Clan's territory now.
Your presence will only provoke them.
I'll go by myself.
Are you confident you can do this?
Confidence has nothing to do with it.
It's a given.
I said I'm a direct descendant.
Get any wrong ideas
and we'll rip your friend into pieces.
I can't believe they fell for it.
Talk about getting lucky.
Jeez, he's such a moron.
What an idiot.
What happened?
How did it go? Where's Yesran?
- Where are they?
- He ran away!
He said he'd be back by sundown
but he hasn't.
I can't believe we believed that imbecile.
I'll rip him apart.
So everything that I had learned was muck.
The same goes for this world
and the Ago Tribe.
Get out of here.
You're all nothing but muck.
You're no better than rotten meat.
The entire Ago Tribe is like muck.
You're all morons.
What is he babbling about?
You know nothing!
Yes, I do. You people
capture your own
to sell as slaves in Arthdal.
In the end,
there won't be any of you left
to bury your rotten corpses.
That's what I know, you filthy freaks.
You and I committed the same sin.
we committed a sin.
- So let's receive our punishment together.
- Sin? What sin?
There are many sorts of crimes and sins,
but there's only one
that you get punished for.
What is that one bad deed?
Being weak and stupid.
Only that is a crime.
Only that
will never go unpunished.
I'm just the same.
I trusted people like a fool
and depended on other people.
Ceasing to exist is the punishment,
so let's all die together.
So that's what it was.
That's what
Sateunik said before he died.
He was young but smart,
I'll give you that.
What happened to you?
You! Where's Yesran? Did you save her?
As if.
It's not possible.
You're a member of the Tae Clan.
You can save her.
Yes, I'm a descendant of the Tae Clan
and its leader is my uncle. Still,
I can't save her.
Why not?
Because when I was 17,
my uncle was the one who killed my parents
and sold me off.
I used to really admire
and trust my uncle.
Save who, you ask?
I'll die the moment I enter their grounds.
Of course.
I knew there was a reason for
a member of the Tae Clan being captured.
Then why did you come back?
You tricked everyone
and made a clean getaway,
so why did you come back?
That's my sin.
I've grown weak and stupid because of you.
Like a moron, I came back.
Don't just stand there. Get them both!
Before you do,
hear him out.
We have no choice now, so tell them.
Tell them everything.
It's true that my own family betrayed me,
but I'm still a direct descendant
of the Tae Clan.
I believe in the Great Waterfall
and that Inaishingi will return.
Why hasn't he appeared to me yet?
Why hasn't he said anything?
I resented him in hardship
and I do even at this moment.
Why did Inaishingi
not appear to a member of Tae Clan
but only to this Igutu?
What are you saying?
He's an Igutu
and he has dreams.
And in his dreams,
Inaishingi has appeared!
You met Inaishingi through your dreams?
You believe that? It's nonsense!
He's already fooled you once.
What did Inaishingi say to you?
Go on. Tell him everything.
You may not be of Ago Tribe,
but our fate is at stake here.
What are you talking about,
you crazy fool?
Tell them.
He told you to do the opposite.
Why not?
Why not just do the opposite?
Did you truly see Inaishingi?
Go on.
Yes. I did.
He said
clans attacked other clans,
sold those captured as slaves,
and became mortal enemies of each other.
To solve this matter, one should
do the opposite and show kindness.
The opposite?
Save those from other clans
that have been sold as slaves in Arthdal
and help them go home
without asking for something in return.
You believe his words? That prick's lying.
That doesn't make any sense.
Inaishingi wouldn't have said
such a stupid thing.
Why aren't you telling them everything?
He also mentioned
the God of the Momo Tribe.
If they don't get revenge or repay favors,
their bodies will
be mutilated after death.
If you die repaying favors,
they believe you'll reach
the Land of Light in the afterlife.
They're idiots if you ask me.
"The clan
that received such a favor
must repay it
by saving those from other clans.
Fail to do so
and you'll die a painful death."
Hold it.
Is that truly what Inaishingi said?
What was he wearing?
What shoes did he have on?
How long was his beard?
The dream was too vague
for me to remember.
Look into my eyes.
He's lying.
That's how he danced
before disappearing.
Then it was Inaishingi.
How else would he know that dance?
I'm ordering a council meeting.
You already determined that he was lying.
This issue is beyond my authority.
The elders will consider God's wishes
and make a decision.
We let that Olmadae and the Igutu
escape from us,
and now we're just heading home?
Did you just say "Igutu"?
Where is he? Tell me, you bastard!
Daraburu must've blessed us
by letting us cross paths.
So where is Olmadae?
These men are guests of the Momo Tribe.
How is it that the Momo Tribe
is on land for so long?
Shouldn't you be at the waters?
That is no concern of the Daekan Force.
Sure. It's not like I want
to be associated with your tribe either.
Let's go.
Consider yourselves lucky.
Hold on! Are you after the Igutu?
Are you after him too?
It's too bad for both of us then.
The Agoha Forest.
He is now in Ago Tribe's territory.
He performed the Dance of the Waterfall?
Yes, all the warriors and I saw it.
I saw it too. Also, he's an Igutu.
It's true that he can dream.
Why would Inaishingi appear
to someone outside of the Ago Tribe?
Aramun Haesulla of Arthdal
was also a foreigner.
Also, let's think about
what Inaishingi supposedly said.
"Show kindness first.
Help slaves from other clans return home
and that clan will do the same
for other clans."
If we follow his directions, we may
be able to rid ourselves of this life.
No way. We'll only be a laughing stock.
I will follow whatever the elders decide.
Perform the Judgment of the Waterfall.
That'll be as good as killing him.
Seek out the Head of the Myo Clan
and let him know that
the Xabara of Momo requests a meeting.
Yes, Xabara.
Judgment of the Waterfall.
What's that?
There's a huge waterfall nearby.
They'll drop you over it.
If you live, you've told the truth,
and if not, you've lied.
You're just as good as dead.
I didn't know this would happen.
I, Ipsaeng,
caught whatever nonsense
you were spreading
and was only doing my best to save you.
Unfortunately, this is how it ends.
I'm a good swimmer, you know.
In the water--
They tie your limbs together.
The raft you're tied to
will shatter into pieces
as it collides with the rocks
and you might, too.
Even if you survive the drop,
there will be a whirlpool at the bottom.
No man
No, not even an Igutu can survive it.
are you saying that no one
has survived the drop before?
Only one did throughout 1,000 years.
That'll be as good as killing him.
Are you questioning
the holiness of the judgment?
No, but
Like you said, if this is a way
to solve our current situation,
his words must've been sacred.
If not, then we'll only be a mockery.
The waterfall will decide for us.
The God of the forest,
water, and waterfall
who does not punish those
who are right.
If his words are true,
if you truly chose him
to convey your message,
save him from the drop
and have him hold this sickle.
- Have him hold this sickle.
- Have him hold this sickle.
Xabara, he is receiving the Judgement of
the Waterfall. We're too late.
- Warriors born and raised in the waters!
- Xabara!
Warriors of the waters, charge!
Is this the end?
Tanya, this must be the end for me.
I'm sorry.
All the water is connected!
All the water in the world is our home.
Are you afraid to return to the waters
to repay a favor?
- We will repay the favor.
- We will repay the favor.
Sateunik, is it true
that the Momo Tribe hunts
while walking in water?
It isn't, right?
That's not humanly possible.
The Momo Tribe isn't like saram
when we're underwater.
Then are you saying
that no one has survived the drop before?
Only one did throughout 1,000 years.
He survived the drop
and united the Ago Tribe.
A beautiful and radiant butterfly?
No, it's all over now.
It ended that day.
If I become a king who has everything,
you will be my successor.
You conspired with that brat,
who I raised, and stabbed me in the back!
Are you betting the fate of the Hae Tribe
on the hearts of the people?
You have to lead us.
You said you need subordinates.
By doing this you will have 30,000
people from the Ago Tribe at your feet.
I told you
that the day I return to Doldambul
you will be buried underground.
It has started.
Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park
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