Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

- We will repay the favor.
- Only one did throughout 1,000 years.
He survived the drop
and united the Ago Tribe.
- We must save him!
- We must save him!
- We must save him!
- We must save him!
- We did it!
- We did it!
- We did it!
- We did it!
- We did it!
- We did it!
Gosh, that hurt.
This isn't a dream.
You're alive.
You survived. You're alive!
This isn't a dream.
But I fell into the water
You guys
What happened to me?
Hey, don't come.
- Eunseom!
- No!
You're so heavy!
- You're way too heavy, you pig!
- Eunseom
- Don't go anywhere.
- Where would he go?
Don't go anywhere. Don't leave us again.
I thank you with all my heart.
You saved my life.
We've just been untwined, that's all.
What is galma in the Arth language?
The Arth language
does not have a word for it, Xabara.
When you saved my child,
our fates became intertwined.
And we've now been untwined
because I saved your life.
Now, you and I are back
to where we started.
Like fateful ties between people?
What will you do now?
I must go back and save my friend.
Do you know what it means to survive
the Judgement of the Waterfall?
I heard
that people will believe me
if I survive it.
Why are you laughing?
When you survive
a drop into Ago's waterfall
you become something else.
"Something else"?
When you return to the Ago Tribe,
you can no longer live as yourself.
You may leave with us
if you don't want that.
I have no idea what you're saying.
I must go save my friend.
He must go back to save his friend.
If you end up running away,
you can come to us, the Momo Tribe.
We, the Momo Tribe, will welcome you
as our guest.
Please keep it in mind.
All the water is connected.
All the water in the world is our home.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Our dear waterfall.
- Our dear waterfall.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
Our dear waterfall,
please return Inaishingi to us.
- Our dear waterfall.
- Our dear waterfall.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- I'm telling you.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Everyone has lost their minds.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
Return Inaishingi to us.
The sun will go down soon.
We lost a slave. What a waste!
That Igutu said
he saw Inaishingi in his dream.
It's obviously a lie.
That Igutu may be lying,
but what about the one from the Tae Clan?
How could anyone in the Ago Tribe
lie about Inaishingi?
Can you do it?
Shall I go find out whether that punk
from the Tae Clan lied or not?
- Return Inaishingi to us.
- Return Inaishingi to us.
The sun will go down any minute now.
When darkness befalls this place,
you will die.
I know that, you prick.
Here's your last meal.
Eat up.
I'm telling you.
This is huge.
What are you talking about?
We have to hurry.
You keep saying that. Care to elaborate?
- The fact that you survived
- It's that way.
- We have to go that way.
- Gosh, those dummies.
This is
Darn it.
- Hurry. The sun's going down.
- Hurry!
Come here, you bastard.
If what that Igutu bastard insists
is true,
why is this punk trying to escape?
It's a lie, isn't it?
Answer me. Tell me the truth, you bastard!
You folks are fools for believing it!
All right, you rat. I will kill you.
I shall send you to your friend!
Kill me!
Fine, kill me.
I don't want to live anymore. Kill me now!
You bastard!
You know what? I'm fine with dying here.
Because you'll all end up like me
- You rat!
- Like you? How?
You said we'll end up like you.
What the hell do you mean by that?
Must you ask?
Eventually, you'll all die
at the hands of your own tribe!
This insane war
among the tribe will go on,
and you'll eventually be beheaded
by your Ago brothers.
I will wait for you all
in the other world. Kill me!
How dare you put a curse on us?
A curse? I don't have any psychic
or spiritual abilities. It's not a curse!
It's bound to happen
if you guys keep this up.
The Ago Tribe will keep killing each other
and end up destroying themselves!
You rat!
Deny it if you can.
will never be sold
to one of my Ago brothers as a slave,
and no one in the tribe
will ever kill me." Say it.
Come forward if you can say it!
You son of a bitch.
Come on. What's the matter with you all?
Why listen to this bullshit?
That crook from the Tae Clan fooled us!
Why did we let him fool us?
Because we want it so much.
We believed
because we desperately want to change.
We want to get out of this situation
at all costs.
Everyone in the Ago Tribe is desperate
at the moment.
That is why
That's why we shouldn't have such hope.
It's about time we gave up
such unrealistic hope.
The hero who will apparently save us
with that old, rusty sickle?
It's total bullshit!
How on earth did you
We're good now, right?
Here you go.
I can take him now, right?
Get up.
Come on. Get up.
Well, I know
this isn't any of my business,
but was it Inaishingi?
Aside from what he said,
you shouldn't be at war with each other
when you belong to the same tribe.
Saying that it's bad isn't really enough.
I'd say it's stupid.
Let's go.
The Waterfall spat him out.
has returned!
- Inaishingi.
- What's this about?
- Inaishingi!
- Inaishingi!
- Inaishingi!
- Inaishingi!
- Inaishingi!
- Inaishingi!
Only you and Inaishingi have passed
the Judgement of the Waterfall
in the past 1,000 years.
Okay, what about it?
You have to lead us.
You are the second coming of Inaishingi.
There seems to have been
some misunderstanding.
I'm not who you think I am. Actually
To tell you the truth, someone jumped
into the water and saved me.
It doesn't matter.
Perhaps someone risked his or her life
and helped Inaishingi as well
when he walked out of the waterfall alive
many years ago.
Having someone
who'd risk his or her life for you
in this cruel, cold world
and managing to escape
the deadly whirlpool of the waterfall
regardless of whether
someone helped you or not
simply couldn't have been possible
without heaven's will.
You are already fully qualified.
to be honest,
I told you that I saw Inaishingi
in my dream, you know.
- That was also--
- Hey!
- Are you kidding me?
- What do you think you're doing?
This punk is saying he's not Inaishingi.
Come with me!
Hey, wait.
We will save the slaves as you said
and return them to their clans.
We've been waiting for this day.
We will gladly sacrifice
our lives for you!
- We'll sacrifice our lives!
- We'll sacrifice our lives!
Can you feel it now?
Do you now feel the weight of your words?
Every warrior of the Myo Clan
is ready to risk his life for you.
Whether you actually had
that dream or not doesn't matter.
Now, you are Inaishingi no matter what.
Don't you dare deny it.
You are Inaishingi.
What is it?
Come here.
What's this about?
What do we do now?
What do you think?
You obviously can't leave now.
All of this
All of this happened because of your lie.
That's not true.
Sure, I did lie about Inaishingi.
But who told them that they should save
and help other clans first?
It was you.
They're all putting their lives
on the line because of what you said.
And you'll walk away from it all?
That is crazy.
I'm sure that is not
how they taught you in Iark.
Although I don't know what you learned.
But I must save the Wahans
and Tanya.
Yes, you said you must fight.
Not against one specific person.
You said you must fight against
the entire Arthdal and that
you need subordinates to do so.
By doing this, you will have 30,000 people
from the Ago Tribe at your feet.
So why are you hesitating?
Aren't I right?
I'm scared.
You're scared? Of what?
That also means I must take responsibility
for those 30,000 people,
which means I could ruin 30,000 lives.
Seriously? That's what you're scared of?
Do you know what you should be scared of?
If you fail to respond to the aspiration
of the 30,000 people,
you will be dead meat.
This is what Xabara meant.
"You can no longer live as yourself."
I told them
to rescue the other clans first,
- so I can't go save the Wahans now.
- The Wahan Tribe no longer exists.
Everyone's selfish
and thinks of friends as a nuisance.
So they betray them, desert them,
and eventually kill them.
Can you believe
that's happening to the Wahans?
even I did it.
I was overwhelmed with fear the moment
I came up the Great Black Cliff
as I didn't want to get caught
or go through that torture again.
I wanted to die too.
I was completely clueless.
You hadn't even recovered,
but I dragged you out,
saying we must save them.
Mungtae betrayed us because of me,
Teodae died,
and you were nearly beaten up to death.
"It's all my fault.
I should just die." I kept thinking that,
but I heard that's the norm here.
The strong stomp all over the weak,
so the weak are terrified.
And those who are frightened
betray their people, run away,
and desert their tribe.
We went hunting for the first time
when we were 12.
Do you remember
what Mother Choseol told us that day?
"If everyone is frightened,
we are not cowards."
"It's just that
your opponent is too strong.
At such times, you have two options.
If you're going to fight, do it together."
"And if you're going to run away,
flee quietly."
Maybe the people of the Ago Tribe
want to fight but can't do it together.
I think you'll do a good job.
What do you even know?
I think they're hoping you can unite them.
Perhaps all you need to do
is play that role
for the people here.
You said you're Wahan's dream.
It sounds like bullshit,
but just become the dream
of even more people.
Nothing will change.
I'll eventually rescue all the Wahans
from this place, Arthdal,
at all costs.
Arthdal will soon expand
to the rest of the world.
If you rescue them,
where will you go with them?
Will there be a place left
for you people to go?
It's my dad's.
My dad was an outstanding fighter.
So wear this and hold this.
Please rescue all our people
who were taken away.
My plan for saving you
has changed a little.
It's Tagon Niruha!
All bow!
- All bow!
- All bow!
On your knees!
- On your knees!
- On your knees!
Your forehead on the ground!
- Your forehead on the ground!
- Your forehead on the ground!
Why are we kneeling on the ground?
I don't know. Apparently,
we have to do this from now on.
Pay your respects to Tagon Niruha.
All bow!
- All bow!
- All bow!
On your knees!
- On your knees!
- On your knees!
Your forehead on the ground!
- Your forehead on the ground!
- Your forehead on the ground!
I thought the Sacred Trial would be held,
but he slashed Asa Ron's neck
in one stroke.
Tagon Niruha got bitten by a snake,
but Harim--
Right, so why did he give orders
to kill the doctor who saved him?
No idea. I don't know!
Mugwang didn't know the reason either.
Tagon. Why
All bow!
- All bow!
- All bow!
- Where are you trying to go?
- On your knees!
- On your knees!
- On your knees!
Your forehead on the ground!
- On the ground!
- On the ground!
And the mirror
was standing right next to you.
I knew as soon as I saw him.
How could I not recognize his face?
- On your knees!
- Mirror? I'm the mirror?
The sword and the bell. What do they mean?
- Your forehead on the ground!
- Your forehead on the ground!
Who is this crazy bitch?
I am a daughter and sister
of the Bato Tribe,
- What?
- "Bato"?
I curse you in the name
of our great hunting god,
Tagon, you killed the head of my tribe
and our elders!
Mihaje's arrow will blind and deafen you.
Your tongue will get stuck, so you won't
even be able to scream as you're dying.
- You crazy bitch!
- The shaman of the Bato Tribe.
Your god, Mihaje, cannot put any curses
on Aramun Haesulla, the living god
and the son of Airuju.
You will be destroyed
by what you were planning to destroy.
The things that you overlooked
will attack you!
May tragedy befall him!
Get her out of the way.
Niruha wants her out of the way.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
Welcome, Niruha.
I'm honored to be given this tour
of your library at Pilgyeonggwan.
Thank you.
Please don't mention it.
Everything under the sky
belongs to you now, Tagon Niruha.
Everything under the sky belongs to Tagon?
Do you really think so?
Or do you not?
Yes. I truly think so, of course.
That is a good thing, for both you and me
as well as for Arthdal.
What did you mean by that, Tagon?
What are you thinking?
Mihol, he did promise you
that he will protect our secret, right?
Then why did he say such a thing?
Let's go.
Everything under the sky
belongs to you now, Tagon Niruha.
Do you really think so?
Tell me.
What is the first thing I must do
to become a king?
You've heard of the term, right? "King."
Yes, I have.
For Tagon Niruha to become a king, he must
get rid of tribalism first.
Get rid of tribalism?
Are you listening?
Yes. Of course I'm listening.
But how are we going to do that?
The White Mountain Tribe
and the Saenyeok Tribe.
How will we get rid of them?
Tanya Niruha once said this.
"Your name ties you down."
If no one calls me Saya,
and if I never introduce myself
as Saya to anyone,
Saya simply won't exist.
The Mulgil Tribe
will no longer be called as such.
The same goes for the Saenyeok Tribe.
We will have one name for all the tribes.
What kind of name?
The great nation, Arthdal.
It will be a nation,
not just a union anymore.
A nation that belongs to you,
Tagon Niruha.
Then what about the people of the Union?
If we're no longer a union,
we'll need a new name for them as well.
Right. They will need a new name indeed.
I'm still thinking.
Ask Tanya to come up with one.
You said she told you
that your name is what ties you down.
A name that she comes up with
will have some spiritual powers.
What else?
We need an emblem that can represent
the entire nation, not one for each tribe.
Hence, I prepared something.
I told you he has everything we need.
He's the fruit of my hard work.
Don't ever forget that.
Of course I won't.
Don't be all talk.
Anyway, carry on.
Where are you going?
Since I'm the head of the Hae Tribe,
I have many matters to attend to.
No, that can't be.
All right.
Let's wrap it up for the day.
One more thing.
The secret of the bronze
Will you keep it this way?
The king must own everything.
I know it's Taealha, but still
We'll wait outside if you need space.
there's no need for that.
I think this is why Saya demanded
your presence here.
Your military division
and the Daekan Forces
will be front and center in this uprising.
Tagon won't keep his promise.
I'm not sure of that.
This is your anxiety speaking.
You have tried to kill Tagon,
haven't you not?
That's not the case for me.
Once Tagon becomes King,
I will be his queen.
- And the Hae Tribe--
- So you'll let Tagon dictate your future.
- That's not what I mean.
- Are you betting the fate of
the Hae Tribe on the hearts of the people
which can change as easily as the wind?
It's not Tagon who has changed. It's you.
Instead of trusting Sanung or your father,
you boldly took risks and got in line
with whomever you thought was worth it.
However, Tagon is someone you trust.
You have given your full trust
to one man.
What on earth made you this way?
Yes, that must've been it.
Whenever you heard
that Tagon was in danger,
you'd pick up your sword
and ride out to him
on the battlefield
without even asking if he was still alive.
I thought you promised each other
not to risk one's life for the other.
I only did so
because I couldn't plan ahead
without knowing if he were still alive.
Is it the same for Tagon?
Would he also put everything aside
and risk his life for you?
Stop it. You've tried to
come between us enough.
The world is changing, Father.
The union will become a kingdom
and Tagon will be its King.
What do you even know about kings?
You only studied them in books
and heard stories about them.
Meanwhile, I've served one in person.
You know what though?
Looking into Tagon's eyes
made me sure of one thing.
He already fully understands
what it is to be King.
He won't share.
Not with you
or anyone else for that matter.
Father, I know it's difficult,
but the glory of the throne
involves constantly walking on
a dark and shady path.
You can't let the Hae Tribe be.
You must take everything--
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
The injuries inflicted
by the Children of Shahati
aren't healing that fast.
Is that Saya really the mirror?
The one who'll go up against Tagon?
You're here.
- It took you quite long.
- Indeed it did.
What about Olmadae?
You have no idea.
If he had known the world had changed,
he would've had a better life
after returning.
But he got caught up in a riot and
A riot?
Those at Doldambul started a riot.
It was a mess.
Then what happened to all the slaves?
Some died,
some were captured,
and some ran away.
Then Eunseom
Gitoha told me about
I can't believe it.
I don't know what to say.
Well, you should get going.
He'll want a debrief.
Airuju is the beginning
and the end of the world
and Tagon Niruha is his son.
Yeonbal of Daekan Forces
will pay his respects.
Good job on returning home safely.
You must be the Igutu.
You can't do anything!
Put down your sword!
A lot has happened since then.
Yes, Niruha.
However, I wasn't able to fully execute--
It doesn't matter now.
You will receive 12 pots of sorghum
for your hard work.
- Yes.
- Thank you, Niruha.
This must be your first time meeting him.
He's my son.
He runs the bang of Royal Administration
and assists me as well as
the High Priestess.
That's odd. His gaze seems familiar.
- Why though?
- I see.
His son?
Did Doldambul do a number on you?
Hold on.
- Follow me.
- Why?
What is it?
the man known as Tagon's son--
- Did you know?
- Know what?
That he had a son.
Of course I didn't. Anyway
Only we were in the dark.
- All the others knew.
- Let go of me.
- Only we didn't know.
- Fine. Just let me go.
Let me go for fuck's sake!
Tagon Niruha's son
looks just like the Igutu
who instigated the riot at Doldambul.
Are you insane?
Do you not get what's going on?
- Saying that could get you killed.
- What?
Those who joined the uprising
and the elders
who went against Tagon were all killed.
So what did you just say
about the Niruha's son,
Lord Saya who runs
the bang of Royal Administration?
He resembles whom?
A slave who's also an Igutu?
- Well--
- Enough with the crap.
The next audience--
I'll continue with the rest
some other time.
Yes, Niruha.
There is a message from Red Claw though.
It's about the Ago Tribe.
Should I read it?
Red Claw?
I'll take a rain check on that too.
Many still seek an audience with him,
so where is he going?
Where is he going?
all I know is that Tagon Niruha
isn't feeling so good.
I hear he suffered serious injuries
including a poisonous snakebite.
Could it be
No, it can't be.
What is it?
A deranged shaman of the Bato Tribe
cursed Tagon Niruha
by saying he'd suffer Mihaje's wrath.
And you think that's what it is?
You insufferable pig.
Scared, are you?
Insufferable pig?
Unbelievable. Hey!
At least I don't go about babbling on
about an Igutu from Doldambul
resembling Lord Saya of all people.
You insufferable pig.
I should've eaten you that day.
- Niruha!
- Niruha!
Niruha, are you all right?
- Niruha?
- Niruha!
- Niruha!
- Niruha!
Lord Saya.
It is a god's punishment.
Mihaje is punishing him.
It's for being brutal to those
of the Bato Tribe
and White Mountain Tribe.
Saying that will get you killed.
What now?
What if Tagon Niruha doesn't recover?
He must beg for Mihaje's forgiveness
and comfort the Bato Tribe
and White Mountain Tribe.
Would he do so?
Do you
even know what you're doing?
The book contains knowledge
of the anatomy of Igutus.
It's the first book Taealha made me read.
I couldn't ask for help
if I got hurt or fell sick.
I had to take care of myself.
The same goes for you.
This is nothing.
I didn't get enough rest, that's all.
It'll be a rough couple of days,
but I'll recover.
I won't die
over something like this.
Mark my words.
Get any cute ideas
and I'll kill you instead
of tossing you on the streets.
Got it?
- Yes.
- Yes.
What kind of imbecile
is knocking at this late hour?
Who is it? Show yourself, you nutjob!
Who do you think you are?
That prick
Get down here this instant!
He's the Igutu!
You're right.
You actually came here looking for us?
- What?
- No,
you make seven.
So long.
- Come on.
- Out!
I told you that the day
I return to Doldambul
- you will be buried underground.
- When?
Or whatever.
Get out of there.
It has started.
What? Someone's here from Doldambul?
Does he know what happened?
What is it?
There was a riot in Doldambul.
Some escaped while some died.
We can't verify what happened
to the people of Wahan though.
No, he's alive. He must be.
He'll survive
and come back to me.
He won't share.
Not with you
or anyone else for that matter.
It's not Tagon who has changed.
It's you.
That's right.
I didn't consider what was happening
or my well-being that day.
I just threw myself
in order to save Tagon.
You seem deeply worried.
Me? I doubt that.
they are not just worries.
You seem different.
You said you'd obtain power.
Just following orders will give you
a better life than what you had in Iark.
You never know what'll happen.
I may be needed right now,
but I'll be discarded
once I serve my purpose.
It's true. That's the way of Arthdal.
Even this gullible young girl
doesn't trust people
or depend on them.
I'm all alone.
that seems to be the case
for everyone in Arthdal.
My lady!
My lady.
What are you doing here
when Tagon Niruha has fainted?
What do you mean he collapsed?
I gave him something for the fever,
so why isn't it working?
Just like the book said
I must see the wound.
No way
Your skin is rotting away.
The wound has gotten worse.
This must be carved out
and then burned
What's going on?
It's nothing. I'll get better soon.
This has happened to me before.
How is this nothing
when rumors have already spread
across the market?
People are already gathered
at the Shrine of Mihaje.
They're begging the god to forgive you.
Don't you get it?
People are believing that Aramun Haesulla
is being punished by Mihaje.
How bad is it?
What condition are you in?
- Let me look--
- No, don't.
I'm heading out.
As if.
You're not strong enough to move.
I need to go.
To show everyone
that you're sick,
you're not a god,
and that you can die like a mere mortal?
She's right. You shouldn't do this.
Actually, it's quite the opposite.
Why not?
You can't.
It's too dangerous.
Truth be told, it's too soon.
What are you talking about?
What's too soon?
No way
You think I can't do it?
This is what you wanted.
If you do this,
you won't be able to take it back.
You're the one who never cared about
being adored by the people.
Tagon Niruha is present.
Show your respect.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
So he came to seek forgiveness.
Of course. Mihaje wouldn't forgive him
if he didn't come here in person.
- Niruha.
- Niruha
Do your worst, Mihaje.
Try and kill Aramun Haesulla if you can.
We'll see who's the true god
and we'll see who's the first
to be removed from The Great Shrine.
We'll see.
Daekan Forces, I address you.
- Yes, Niruha.
- Yes, Niruha.
God of the Bato Tribe
and God of Hunting, Mihaje.
Burn Mihaje's every shrine
and torch his sacred Nandal Mountain.
Didn't you hear me?
- We did, Niruha.
- We did, Niruha.
I'm sure I don't look
like a purple caterpillar anymore.
A beautiful and radiant butterfly?
No, it's all over now.
It ended that day.
I mean
Should this have happened?
I'm not the only one who has changed.
Tagon is different too.
He's not like the Tagon Niruha I know.
What do you even know about kings?
He already fully understands
what it is to be King.
If so
Who is still able to make a hallucinogen?
Only Hae Yangu, my lady.
Her grandmother passed away.
Bring her to me tomorrow.
What? Why?
What's your reason?
Are you nervous and afraid?
You want me to summon a random doctor
and wait
while a stranger seals my fate?
I've never done such a thing in my life.
It's your decision to make.
I don't want a doctor.
You must do this.
All the instruments you need
are over there.
I can't do it.
I've never tried it before.
You said
that you'd make me King.
Then you should start by saving me.
You must do this. It must be you.
Call a Daekan you can trust.
He must pin your body down.
I can take the pain.
Normally, Igutus live
while enduring excruciating pain.
All but you, I guess.
Everything is clear now.
This Igutu is my father,
and Mihaje or any other god
will not be able to defeat him.
No god will ever be able
to defeat this Igutu.
How do you feel?
I think I'm okay.
Mihaje stands no chance.
There's something I haven't told you yet.
What is it?
If I become a king who has everything,
you will be my heir.
You will be my successor.
- Father.
- And I've decided
to own it all.
Does that mean
Okay, Father.
I'll take care of it right now.
Tagon Niruha wishes to see you.
Why does he wish to see me?
I heard he wishes to talk to you
about bronze.
Let me escort you. Please follow me.
Stop right there. He only asked for Mihol.
Let us go.
I wanted to ask you a simple question.
Saya saved Tagon.
Tagon will now be considered
more powerful than Mihaje.
He wishes to become a king,
so what he needs to do now
is to take everything from everyone.
We've completed the bronze gift.
Would you like to see it?
Sure. Where's my father?
He should see it too.
Mihol went to meet Tagon Niruha
early this morning.
I heard you asked to see me.
Yes, I did.
So you'll let Tagon dictate your future.
Are you betting the fate of the Hae Tribe
on the hearts of the people
which can change as easily as the wind?
Would he also put everything aside
and risk his life for you?
He seemed so different.
He understands what it's like to be King.
Mihol went to meet Tagon Niruha
early this morning.
Tagon won't keep his promise.
You got in line with
whomever you thought was worth it.
Why are you
looking at me that way?
I'm relieved.
You seem all right.
Are you here for your father?
Yes, I heard you summoned him.
Pretty much.
"Pretty much"?
What's that supposed to mean?
I asked Saya to find out
the secret of the bronze.
How could you not tell me about that?
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
But it's not a choice
for a king to have everything.
If a king doesn't have everything,
he just dies.
And we're dealing with Mihol here.
He always tried to kill me
without even telling his own daughter.
And he can leave Arthdal
whenever he wants.
Other than that, what if he dies one day?
How are we going to make bronze?
No one else knows the method.
So that's why you're torturing my father?
I know you hate your father,
but I couldn't ask you to do it.
How considerate of you to do that for me.
Don't be so cynical.
Try to be level-headed.
You're right.
A king must have everything.
And you can't let one person have control
over the country's foundation.
I'll do it.
Do you think torturing my father
will get him to talk?
Plus, he's my father.
Torturing him is a bit too much.
Then what?
You've never seen this before, have you?
It's a hallucinogen.
And the ratio of all the other metals.
Tell me how to make weapons,
how to make accessories,
and all the other stuff that can be made.
Tell me.
My initial thought
was right.
Sanung was right as well.
We should've
killed Tagon when we had the chance.
Just kill me.
No matter how hard you try,
you won't be able to get
anything out of me.
No, I'm not going to let you die.
If you're sick or injured,
we'll make sure you get treated.
And once you get treated
I'll ask you once again.
All you need to do is just tell me.
Then you and your daughter will both
become high authorities of Arthdal.
I sincerely pity you.
What brings you here?
Tagon Niruha is worried about
leaving this in the hands of a greenhorn.
All you know is how to be rough.
You aren't capable of doing anything else.
Father, you're also just as foolish.
Why are you being so stubborn?
You know it's useless.
The hallucinogen
will easily get the job done.
You must be out of your mind.
Are you really
planning to give him everything?
Get out. All of you.
You stay.
Yes, ma'am.
I should've killed you.
I should've killed you
when you started making mistakes
because you were so infatuated with Tagon.
What are you doing? Get out of here.
Are you really
going to ruin everything?
I know how much you resent me,
but this is just wrong.
If you were in my shoes,
what would you do?
You should kill me
before I start
telling them everything.
If you truly think of yourself
as the head of the Hae Tribe,
you should
bring bichwisan
instead of the hallucinogen
and kill me.
You are unbelievable.
It's odorless.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I never once felt the need
to apologize to you.
But I do now.
It took me so long to learn.
Everything you said was right.
Father, I'll take revenge.
So tell me the secret of the bronze.
And leave.
to the Great Gochiju Rock.
The symbol of those
who caused our tribe to collapse.
You must prepare for that.
That is
our mission.
It's the mission of the Hae Tribe.
I'll take over that mission.
I don't know if they'll show up or not,
but I promise.
I can't hear anything.
What are you all doing outside?
She yelled and ordered us to leave.
Open the door.
What's going on?
This was bichwisan.
I threw away all the hallucinogens.
And the only person
who knew how to make it just died.
will no longer exist in Arthdal.
And I'm the only one
who knows the secret of the bronze.
Why are you doing this?
Because you started it.
You went behind my back.
I helped you become a king.
You conspired with that brat,
who I raised,
and stabbed me in the back!
You started it, Tagon.
How could you do this to me?
You've already changed.
And so have I.
Now that I've changed, do you think
I won't be able to torture you?
I'll give you my acknowledgment
if you're actually
able to do that.
I'll gladly accept my death
even if I die while I get tortured.
You should be happy.
I'm pregnant with your baby.
I'm pregnant with Aramun's baby.
There's a god growing inside me.
What will you do?
Will you torture me?
Kill me?
If you don't kill me now,
I won't be able to guarantee
that I'll keep my mouth shut.
But you don't have the guts to do that.
Because you've been lonely all your life.
And even when you're trying to
accept that as your fate,
you're still suffering from loneliness.
Am I wrong?
Right, I'm sure a storm is sweeping across
every tribe at the moment.
However, even such a ravaging storm
will be subdued by a greater storm.
If I am not Inaishingi
I'll kill them all
after the coronation ceremony.
Only one of us will see
tomorrow's blue sky.
Niruha. If this continues,
Arthdal will fall apart.
Yes, I do.
I truly want it.
Now, I wish to have all of Arthdal.
I, Tanya of Arthdal,
cast a spell on you all.
I, Eunseom of Wahan,
bring back
Ago Tribe's glorious Inaishingi.
Subtitle translation by: Hye-lim Park
Ripped and synced by
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