Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

You should be happy.
I'm pregnant with your baby.
What will you do?
Will you torture me?
Kill me?
But you don't have the guts to do that.
Because you've been lonely all your life.
And even when you're
trying to accept that as your fate,
you're still suffering from loneliness.
Am I wrong?
We, sarams,
indeed cannot learn without pain.
Go downstairs and bring Father up.
Pardon me? Mihol?
He passed away.
What? What do you mean?
What happened?
I did it.
Gosh, Yeobi.
What did Taealha say to you?
I have many meetings to attend.
Mihol is dead. Taealha
Taealha killed him.
But you let her go
without even saying anything.
And even though I'm your head bang,
I have no idea what happened.
Let's talk another time.
Something's gone wrong.
How are the people reacting?
People have stopped
coming to the market since you did that
to the Shrine of Mihaje.
And a number of people are leaving Arthdal
to move back to their hometowns.
The people are very shaken up
by what happened.
This has never happened
since the Union was established.
What about Nandal Mountain?
We torched Mihaje's sacred Nandal Mountain
as per your order.
no one rebelled against the Daekans,
but a few from the Bato Tribe
jumped into the fire.
How foolish.
Sorry to interrupt.
Dozens of the Myo Clan
from the Ago Tribe raided Doldambul
and took the slaves.
The Ago Tribe?
I heard the slaves started a riot
a little while ago.
I don't need to hear about the Ago Tribe.
Anything else?
Well, suspicious activities
have been observed in Jipunae,
where the Bato Tribe
and the Ggachinol Tribe
are currently based.
Are you saying
they might start a rebellion?
I'm not sure yet,
but it's certainly possible.
Why don't we send 1,000 soldiers
to Madeulgol so that the Bato Tribe
can't scheme against us?
Everything is unfolding
exactly as I had expected.
As for the coronation preparations,
just follow Saya's instructions.
Niruha, we should send soldiers
to Madeulgol--
That's not necessary.
What is Niruha thinking?
If the Bato Tribe pulls a sly trick,
other tribes may join hands with them.
Maybe he wants to try
wheedling them one more time.
It's too late for that now.
Saya, did you hear anything?
No, nothing.
Everything is unfolding
exactly as I had expected.
Tagon already has a solution.
What could it be?
I, Scribe Daedae, must tell you something
knowing that I might lose my eyes and feet
for doing so.
If this continues,
Arthdal will fall apart.
Why do you say that?
Every tribe in Arthdal saw
what happened to Mihaje.
Now, everyone will shudder with fear,
worrying about
when their turn will come.
This only gives power to the
White Mountain Tribe, whom we've finally
managed to isolate.
How will you sort this all out?
Who is Red Claw?
You and I are the only ones
in the entire Arthdal that know Red Claw.
Red Claw is
a spy that you planted
in the Ago Tribe.
Why do you think I gave such orders
to Red Claw?
Right, I'm sure a storm is sweeping across
every tribe at the moment.
However, even such a ravaging storm
will be subdued by a greater storm.
Now leave if you understand what it means.
You should be happy.
I'm pregnant with your baby.
I'm pregnant with Aramun's baby.
There's a god growing inside me.
The little Aramun
will continue the god's bloodline.
It will continue my bloodline.
Taealha's whispers
Whatever it was,
Tagon changed after he heard it.
And I do not know
what it was about. I have
no clue.
Go to the Great Gochiju Rock.
The symbol of those
who caused our tribe to collapse.
You must prepare for that.
That is our mission.
I will be sure to accomplish everything.
More than you would have, Father.
I, Taealha, will do it.
What do you mean?
They're dead?
What are you talking about?
I don't know what happened.
Harim and Gamsil
are both dead.
And Chaeeun and Nunbyeol
are gone.
They're dead?
Chaeeun, I don't want to do this.
What are you talking about?
We must sever your lineages again,
or your life will be threatened.
I don't want to do it.
If they get reconnected again
like last time,
you may die.
I don't care
- even if I die.
- What?
Fully reconnect them for me.
Even Dad has never done it before.
I obviously can't do it.
You've never done it,
but you know how to do it.
Both you and Dad.
Do it for me, please.
Help me go back to being a full Neanthal.
No, I can't. If I make a mistake
If I don't do it properly, you will die.
I'll end up killing you.
I beg you.
What are you thinking?
What about you? What are you thinking,
knowing the situation we're in?
What are you thinking now?
We're thinking the same thing.
I will get our revenge.
Tagon and Taealha.
I will destroy them.
Chaeeun was at the apothecary?
I was wondering what happened.
Do you know something?
The thing is
Susu, tell her.
I saw Eunseom.
- What's going to happen to us?
- I'm scared.
It took us a while to lose the soldiers
from Doldambul who were chasing us.
They went toward Yongsocheon.
So just avoid that direction,
and you'll be safe.
Avoid that direction and go where?
What do you think?
You can all go home,
back to your hometown.
- What?
- Is he serious?
- Back to our hometown?
- We can go home?
Yes, you may all return home.
Just like this?
I bet there's a price to pay.
Yes, I'm sure you're expecting
something in return.
What do we have to do?
Those of you
who don't belong to the Ago Tribe
don't have to do anything.
However, I do expect the Ago Tribe
to do something in return.
- Damn it. I knew it.
- Oh, dear.
There are two things
that I'd like the Ago Tribe to do.
Go back to your own clan, tell everyone
about this, and do the same thing.
"The same thing"?
Rescue other clans of the Ago Tribe
that were sold
to Arthdal as slaves just like what we did
and send them home.
- What?
- Why should we do that?
what do we do after we send them home?
After that
Just free them and send them home.
That's all you need to do.
Does this make sense to you?
Do you guys actually believe him?
Does it even make sense?
What's this about? What kind of ruse
are you bastards cooking up?
I don't know what kind of wicked plan
you pricks have this time,
but don't think that
I'll buy into your bullshit!
Why don't you believe me?
Why do you think I ended up in Doldambul?
I was captured and sold by the Myo Clan.
Actually, I shouldn't be resentful
because I've sold
many of their people as slaves, too.
From little kids to adults,
I sold everyone that I managed to capture.
The Ago Tribe has been doing it
for some time now.
But the Myo Clan risked their lives
to save me, who belongs to the Tae Clan,
and will let me go on such conditions,
without expecting anything in return?
I have to say, everyone in the Ago Tribe
is well aware of their shitty situation.
What the hell did you say?
I said I'm letting you go
on two conditions.
Right, I'm sure there's more.
That can't be everything.
What's the second one?
Go back and bring more slaves?
Or go steal some jewels?
Tell me. What is the second condition?
I'd like everyone
to return to your clan
and spread the word.
Go back and what? Spread what?
He who lowers himself
despite knowing his sublimity.
He who protects darkness
despite knowing his brilliance.
He who endures indignity
despite knowing his dignity.
Tell everyone about the second coming
of Inaishingi, the one
the God of Waterfall spat out.
- What?
- Inaishingi?
- Seriously?
- The second coming?
- That is the second condition.
- What?
What did you say?
I, Pasa, the head of the Myo Clan,
speak to you
in the names of all our guardian spirits
and our sacred sickle.
The God of Waterfall spat him out.
He is the second coming of Inaishingi.
- What?
- He is Inaishingi?
I announce a tribal meeting
in the name of Inaishingi.
The meeting will be held
in the land of the Myo Clan.
The head of each clan,
come before Inaishingi.
Just like how everyone gathered together
in front of him 200 years ago.
Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
- Come before Inaishingi!
He's Inaishingi?
I'm utterly baffled.
But should we really tell everyone?
Hey, say something.
I think he is Inaishingi.
And who cares if he isn't?
I mean,
I'm going home.
I totally thought I'd rot and die
in Gitbadak.
But I'm walking like this,
feeling this breeze brushing against me.
I am walking on the ground.
Can you believe it?
We're all going home.
How can you explain this
if it's not Inaishingi's magic?
Hey, wait up!
Apdok, if you go back on your word now
You see,
I thought about it last night.
But I don't want to demean myself
and succumb to the Byeok Clan's request.
How is that demeaning yourself?
It's about gathering our strength so that
the Ago Tribe can overcome this together.
It's the same thing!
I made a rash decision.
They invited me,
and I said I'd be there
because I got a little carried away.
But why do I have to go there?
They should come here.
The Byeok Clan came here
and invited you in person.
But the head of the Byeok Clan
didn't come.
I'm the head of the Tae Clan!
Dachi! You're alive!
What's going on?
You came back in one piece!
Chief, it's Dachi. He's back!
- Chief. It's me, Dachi.
- Dachi?
- Dachi!
- Chief!
- It's me, Nima.
- Nima!
Tell me. What happened?
Did you guys escape?
It's a long story.
But first, there's important news
I must tell you.
What is it?
This is a message from Inaishingi.
We have taken our first step
with Inaishingi!
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
Ask Hae Alyeong
about the Fruit of Hae Detu.
Is this
the Fruit of Hae Detu?
Yes, ma'am.
How is this possible?
We made it
with what we found by chance
in the third kiln.
It's a sword made out of pure steel
without any impurities.
So someone who works at the kiln
did it?
Yes, I will find out
who did it or how it was done.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for?
It should've been said with pure joy,
but I made you say it in such anger.
You got it wrong, Tagon.
What about doing such a thing
without telling me at all?
You're not sorry about that?
I had to do that as the King,
and it was my authority.
Must the King apologize for his authority?
That's wrong, you know.
"Tagon already understands
what it means to be a king."
My father was right.
But why is it that I felt bad
while watching you become a king
only after destroying everything?
Why is it
that I felt sorry for you
and couldn't help but pity you?
Why did my heart break
when I thought about you
standing all alone
in front of Asa Ron and his people?
Why did I pity you so much?
Do you know
what annoyed the hell out of me
when I was standing there all by myself?
The fact that Asa Ron showed up
right at the moment
when I, filled with self-pity,
was venting to my father.
That was when I made up my mind.
"No more of this.
I must stop feeling sorry for myself
and begging for acknowledgment.
From now on, I will just do as I please,
no matter what it is that I want to do."
And that moment, you became a king.
I'm sorry.
I failed to read your mind
and became pregnant.
I want you as well as our baby.
Let's get married.
I won't tell you the secret of the bronze.
And you will have to share
your power with me.
Okay, I'll do that.
Do you know what I'll do
if you ever break your promise?
Yes, I do. Even if it costs you your life,
you will kill me
as well as our baby.
I'll send Hae Heulrip.
Before we get married, we should nail down
exactly how we will divide the wealth
and power between the two of us.
Sure, let's do that.
Getting a marriage proposal
on the day of my father's funeral
It suits us.
We fell for each other
while hating our own fathers,
and we both killed our fathers.
We're probably meant to be together,
don't you think?
Tell Heulrip to come to my room.
Yes, my lady.
Hae Heulrip will be here soon.
Daedae, I'd like you
to negotiate with the Hae Tribe.
Saya, Taealha and I will get married
on the day of the coronation ceremony,
so get ready.
Also, no one shall speak about
the secret of the bronze from now on.
So you're giving up?
Am I giving up on the bronze?
No, on becoming a king.
The king must own everything,
but Taealha's whispers were enough
to make you change your mind.
If you give up like this--
Who says I'm giving up?
I want you to find out
the secret of the bronze.
Find out what it is.
But make sure Taealha and the Hae Tribe
don't notice what you're up to.
I must meet Asa Sakan.
- Sorry?
- Sure, no problem.
I'll get ready.
Why must you choose a difficult path?
What did Taealha say to you?
The king must own everything.
For now, I won't share what
Taealha and I talked about with anyone.
I've learned one thing.
Actually, I already knew about it.
But I suppose the world must teach me
in this hurtful way.
What did you learn?
Some things just can't be shared.
Which means you have two choices.
Will you give it up
or make it yours?
I, Taealha,
will make it mine.
I will find out.
I'll put a team together.
I need someone who can help me.
What kind of person?
Someone who's smart
but isn't crafty.
Then you need Yeonbal.
I'll let Yeonbal know.
All right.
You must need something from me.
I suppose you really possess
some psychic abilities.
I do not need any psychic abilities
to guess that much.
You're right. I need you.
But I bet you probably need
someone as well.
The gods' will is truly
Taealha and Tagon.
They talked about something,
and they're hiding it from me.
Damn it.
Tanya Niruha cried for a long time
after meeting a little Wahan girl
named Doti and a servant named Seucheon.
She cried?
I know Doti, but who is Seucheon?
He used to work at Harim's apothecary.
He said he came to tell her
about Chaeeun, the missing girl.
But I don't understand why
she cried so much because of Chaeeun.
It's odd.
I heard all the Wahans
were dragged away as slaves
because someone named Mungtae
betrayed them.
Apparently, someone named Teodae
took his own life in front of Eunseom.
You can only leave Gitbadak
when you're dead,
but he got everyone out of there.
Why am I crying?
People usually cry
when they're in distress
or when they can feel others' pain.
But I guess you can also cry when
you're brimming with dogged determination.
I just learned that today.
Niruha, Saya would like to see you.
Where do those
who are suffering and deserve pity
reside here in Arthdal?
I'm not sure what to say.
There are so many places like that.
Find me a decent place.
A place where there are
a lot of people who deserve pity
and where there are
a lot of people around.
What brings you here?
Is it about the coronation ceremony?
My father wants a new name for the Union.
He wants me to do it?
Yes, the Union's going to disappear soon.
So we can't continue to call it a union.
Will the Union disappear
when Tagon Niruha becomes the king?
The tribes that formed the Union
will disappear.
We're going to become a country.
All those tribes and their people
will be ruled by the king.
So you want me to come up with a name
to make them succumb to Tagon Niruha.
You don't need to put it that way.
Am I wrong?
The people of the Union agreed to this
because they also need protection.
What if the Ago Tribe
suddenly raises an army
or we get attacked by another country?
We need a country--
That just proves that a country
is a bad thing.
It would attack another country
or trample on its own people.
What did you talk about with Mubaek?
I told you already. He asked me to do
an Ollimsani for Mugwang.
Was that really all?
What else could there be?
Then why did you meet
a servant named Seucheon?
Because I wanted to find Chaeeun.
How long are you going to
Let's not do this.
Good luck with the ceremony.
You'll have a lot to memorize.
Did you ask for me?
Follow me. I need to check something.
Get up! Get back to work!
Give these children a pair of shoes each.
To the children?
Niruha, is that why you asked us
to prepare these shoes?
Even the people of Iark wear shoes.
More so because kids have
weak and sensitive feet.
But Niruha, as you can see, these children
rarely ever walk or run.
It'll be useless for them
to wear shoes.
They will soon get to walk and run.
I forbid you from shackling these children
from now on.
But what if they run away?
Are you saying the slaves will run away
because the successor of Asa Sin
forbid you from shackling the children?
No, that's not what I meant.
You should come up
with another way without
such words spreading.
Okay, Niruha.
And I want you
to feed them three times a day.
The Great Shrine will provide the food.
It's dirty. I'll do it.
Thank you.
There's no need to thank me.
You give us hope.
I should be thanking you.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- Niruha.
- They thanked me.
But I'm the one who should thank them
and feel sorry at the same time.
They're my hope,
but they could also be
put in danger because of me.
Why would she do something so unnecessary?
I can't believe she gave shoes
to the slaves at Gungseok Workshop.
It's not unnecessary.
She heard me?
The kids need to wear those shoes
and run around the entire marketplace
telling everyone how kind I was to them.
There's nothing more important than this.
How did you
There's apparently someone
who looks exactly like Eunseom.
- What?
- Don't get startled.
And don't act like you know him.
I'm going to do the same.
He knows Eunseom.
He's Saya, the son of Tagon Niruha.
He came to ask you a few things.
Oh, I see. I'm sorry.
I have poor eyesight,
so I mistook you for someone else.
He really does look like Eunseom.
I heard you met Tanya Niruha.
Why did you meet her?
Well, I went to visit Tanya Niruha
because my master and his wife
ended up dying a wrongful death,
and I also thought she could help me
find my late master's daughter, Chaeeun.
You met her because of Chaeeun?
How did you know
that Tanya Niruha and Chaeeun
knew each other?
How could someone like you
meet the High Priestess?
Doti from the Wahan Tribe
used to stay here with us.
And she told me
that she could help me meet her.
No, that's not the answer
I wanted to hear.
Tell him the truth
if you don't want to die.
We talked about the people of Wahan
who managed to escape from Doldambul.
- Doldambul?
- It's the truth.
You were at Doldambul?
You were at Doldambul?
My lady, Chaeeun, asked me to go there.
Chaeeun? Why?
I really don't know why.
Why didn't you bring them back?
The owner of the Great Shrine
is from the Wahan Tribe.
I didn't know that back then.
There was a riot at Doldambul.
And I saw the people of Wahan
escape from there.
She was worried that they might've died
when she heard about the riot.
But I told her that I saw them run away
Is that why she cried?
Chaeeun sent that guy to Doldambul
way before Tanya became the High Priest.
And Doldambul
At least I don't go about babbling on
about an Igutu from Doldambul
resembling Lord Saya of all people.
An Igutu that looks like me?
My name is Yeonbal,
and Tagon Niruha asked me to guard you
and gave me permission to enter
the bang of the Royal Administration.
And also told you to keep an eye on me?
No, I never got such orders.
It doesn't matter.
I have nothing to hide anyway.
I'll tell you what we need to do here.
He looks just like him. It's eerie.
Is this what I need to do?
What was that look?
Oh, I just--
What were you thinking
when you looked at me just now?
Tell me the truth.
When did you first see me?
I first saw you in the waiting room
Yes, that was the first time
you saw me, right?
Were you thinking that I look similar
to that Igutu?
- What Igutu?
- You said
I look similar to the Igutu you saw
at Doldambul
in front of the waiting room
at the Union Palace.
No, that's not it.
You Who are you?
I made a mistake.
You don't look like him.
That dujeumsaeng who killed Sanung Niruha.
Tell me how he got caught and how he died.
- Pardon?
- That guy who killed Sanung Niruha.
To be honest,
the person who was thrown
into the boiling water
wasn't him.
But I'm sure he died.
We weren't able to find his body.
But he got stabbed
and fell into the river.
Who stabbed him?
By any chance,
was it Mubaek?
Yes, Mubaek went after him,
and that's what happened.
It probably happened
when no one was looking.
You only heard that from Mubaek,
didn't you?
Yes, you're right.
I never saw it for myself.
But there is no way Mubaek would lie.
And the mirror
was standing right next to you.
How could I not recognize his face?
Why are you just standing there?
Are you worried
the leaders might not come?
That meeting
It's mandatory that they come, right?
They'll come,won't they?
They need to come.
But it's been so long
since they last held that.
And the leader of the Tae Clan
isn't very cooperative.
That worries me a little.
They want to hold the meeting
on the lands of the Myo Clan?
You must attend. If you refuse to go--
We never held that thing
ever since Inaishingi passed away.
That's why you should go
and see if he really is Inaishingi.
My gosh, why did Dachi
have to come back alive and
tell everyone
that Inaishingi has returned?
He should've taken revenge on them
for selling him.
- Sir.
- I'm not going to attend the meeting!
And the Myo Clan has no authority
to tell the Tae Clan what to do.
"Tell them that Inaishingi has returned.
That is the second condition."
They're going to hold the meeting soon.
So the Ago Tribe will all--
Who says I'm going to go?
You're not going to attend the meeting?
Even if it's a meeting,
I, Tae Apdok,
will not receive orders from the Myo Clan.
It's nonsense!
- Sir.
- You must go.
- This is wrong.
- Please.
Why do I need to go there anyway?
The people of the Myo Clan are all lying!
Sir, if they really are lying,
that's more of a reason why you should go.
What do you mean?
Why would I go if they're lying?
With those pure and deep eyes of yours,
you should test their honesty
and prove that they're
trying to deceive us.
And secondly, everyone believes
that you're a generous leader
who embraces the thoughts and will
of your people.
If you give them
what they desperately wish,
it will strengthen
the trust they have in you.
You know what? You're right.
I can feel that.
Do you really
want me to go that desperately?
- Yes, Chief!
- Yes, Chief!
Here. Eat up.
Enjoy your food.
Be careful, Niruha.
Can I have some more?
Where are your parents?
How did you become a slave?
My parents died when Arthdal
suppressed our tribe.
I got caught back then.
But Niruha
Yes? What is it?
Do I need to be a slave until I die?
My mother used to be a musician.
Am I not allowed to be
anything else other than a slave?
Can't I be something else?
Am I not allowed to be something else?
Do I have to be the great mother?
Don't you want to do it?
That's not what I mean.
I will do it.
But I just want to know if I'm allowed
to become anything else.
Of course, you can.
You can become anything you want.
You can be the great mother.
But you can also become
a great hunter like Urumi,
who's good at rock slinging.
And you can also become
dexterous like Father Yeolson
and bring abundance to Wahan.
It's all up to you.
No, it's all up to you.
You can become anything you want.
I can become anything I want?
Of course. You can become anything.
Do I get more than ten choices?
You get more than 100.
There are more than 100 things you can be.
Look at those stars.
How many stars do you think there are?
I'm not very sure.
But there are more than 100.
That's right. If you die
after you fulfill your mission,
you eventually rise to the sky
and become a star.
That's why each star is different.
Once you make something of yourself
and turn into a star
after you die,
no one knows what kind of star
you'll turn into.
Because in the end,
it's all up to you.
It's all up to you guys.
Eunseom, I'll do everything I can.
I will not give up, just like you.
Why are they following us?
They probably want to see
if Inaishingi has really returned.
My gosh, I guess I also need to embrace
their foolishness.
They're here.
The leaders are here.
- The Sul Clan and the Tae Clan.
- Just the leaders?
No, they brought a huge group of people.
People from the Sul Clan and the Tae Clan.
This is weird.
Only heads and elders need to come,
so why drag the others here?
they all be harboring weapons?
No, it didn't seem that way.
What if what you said before is right?
What I said before?
What's that?
This man of unknown origin
is supposed to be Inaishingi?
The God of Waterfall
doesn't punish those who are right.
The God of Waterfall talked to him
and spat him out,
making him hold the sickle.
So what exactly did Inaishingi say?
I urge you to be more respectful.
Okay, fine.
Dear Inaishingi,
please lay your guidance upon us.
"Be the first to show generosity.
Save those from other clans
that have been sold as slaves in Arthdal
and help them go home.
The clan that received such a favor
must repay it
by saving those from other clans.
Fail to do so and you'll die
a painful death."
So you're saying
that since my people were saved,
I should save those of other clans?
Those bastards sold off two of my nephews!
Well, you pricks started it.
Pricks? How dare you run your mouth!
I'm afraid this is a movement
that'll never happen.
During these ten years, bad blood
has accumulated among all the clans.
We're leaving.
Damn it.
I should've been the one to leave first.
How did it go?
From his expression, it seems like
It didn't work?
Damn it.
Don't give up just yet.
If what you said is correct
What exactly is it that I said?
I am Tae Apdok,
the great leader of the Tae Clan.
With my deep and clear eyes,
I was able to see through
the man claiming to be Inaishingi.
I looked
but was disappointed.
It's utter nonsense!
The Myo Clan fabricated a story.
I never once believed it,
but I brought you all here
since you desperately wanted to know.
- However--
- Is he really not Inaishingi?
You dare interrupt me?
Can't you hear that
I'm delivering my findings?
What did I tell you? I, Tae Apdok--
I address the Tae Clan.
My brothers,
your leader has decided
that I am not Inaishingi.
- Brothers, my ass!
- From what I hear,
all of the Ago Tribe were once brothers.
All this enmity formed in just a decade.
- Am I not right?
- Don't listen to him.
His words may be sweet to the ears
but they are bitter within.
No, they are not bitter
to the ears as well.
do not know for sure
whether I'm Inaishingi or not.
What the hell?
What is he saying?
It's true that I survived the waterfall.
But how can I say
that I'm Inaishingi
when I don't believe it myself?
Yes, he finally says the truth.
He is not Inaishingi.
let's hear him out.
if Inaishingi did choose me,
if he's within me now,
if the waterfall did spit out Inaishingi,
and if he has truly
returned in spirit within me,
then the head of Tae Clan will die
before the sun rises tomorrow.
- What? You dare say that to me?
- If I am not
If I am not Inaishingi,
then I will be the one to die tomorrow.
That crazy prick!
He's screwing everything up!
Only one of us will see
tomorrow's blue sky.
Why did you do such a thing?
If Tae Apdok doesn't die tomorrow,
we'll be done for.
You could run away, but what about us?
We'll have to keep living
by these horrid rules.
What are you thinking?
Let's kill Tae Apdok.
He'll only hinder us anyway.
That's ridiculous.
Don't you think he'll be ready for that?
Let's wait.
What were you thinking?
Why did you do it?
I took a chance.
A chance on what?
The Ago Tribe has over 30 clans
and they should be united.
Talk about a rough start.
It'll fail anyway,
so you'll just mess things up?
taking my chances on what you said.
Which is what? What is it that I said?
What is the meaning of this?
Sir, please rethink this once more.
Rethink what?
Did you not hear what he said?
How can such a rat be Inaishingi?
If he's not Inaishingi--
Then what?
What hope does our tribe have?
Are you saying that I, Tae Apdok,
the great leader of Tae Clan,
do not give you hope?
Sir, please.
It is not what we're saying.
But just once
You leave me no choice.
Dachi, step forward.
You will be whipped 50 times.
Bring me the whip!
I told you to bring me the whip.
Dachi challenged my words--
What did Dachi do wrong?
I saw it.
I saw Inaishingi in him.
I spent eight years in Gitbadak
with nothing to look forward to.
But he saved me,
dug me up from the dark,
and showed me the blue sky.
You dare cut me off?
You cut me off!
How dare you cut me off!
You vermin.
Is there more you wish to say?
No, sir.
what are you hiding from me?
It doesn't matter.
I'll soon find out anyway,
though in a way you'll hate.
The characters are of Aniartz, right?
How do you write "star"
in Aniartz characters?
Star? Well
Like this.
How do you read it?
and "Chin."
Seong chin.
Damn it.
It worked the last time.
By tomorrow
What now?
Guys, come out. Wake up!
Hey, wake up!
I had a dream
for the first time in a while.
I'm not sure what that is,
but what happened outside
seems like a dream to me.
The drums rolling
will be your cue to enter.
I will guide the way.
I have a lot to memorize
so please don't disturb me.
Yes, Niruha.
Have you memorized it all?
I said I didn't want interruptions.
can we talk?
I have captured all of the Wahan people.
Do you think I'll torture them
to hear what's being kept from me?
I'll kill them all
after the coronation ceremony.
I don't know
if this is enough to blackmail you,
but I believe that it is.
If you tell me everything
that you know about me,
they'll live.
You should escort the Niruha out now.
- The High Priestess.
- Bless the High Priestess.
- Tanya Niruha!
- The High Priestess.
- The High Priestess.
- Bless the High Priestess.
- Tanya Niruha!
- The High Priestess.
- The High Priestess.
- Bless the High Priestess.
- Tanya Niruha!
- The High Priestess.
Bless the High Priestess.
- Tanya Niruha!
- The High Priestess.
Bless the High Priestess.
- Tanya Niruha.
- Tanya Niruha.
- Tanya Niruha!
- Bless the High Priestess.
- Tanya Niruha.
- Tanya Niruha!
- Tanya Niruha.
- Tanya Niruha.
- Tanya Niruha.
- Tanya Niruha.
- Bless the High Priestess.
- Tanya Niruha!
Eunseom is alive
and you are his benetbeot.
That is all I know.
Hey, don't you want to know
about your real parents and siblings?
- I regret it.
- Why do you regret it?
Every time
I see your face
What about it?
I should never have met you.
- Tanya Niruha!
- Bless the High Priestess.
Tanya Niruha!
You said you weren't sure
as to yourself being Inaishingi.
You must believe it now.
Just like you foretold,
Tae Apdok wasn't able to see today's sun.
That is why the Tae Clan
has chosen you as Inaishingi.
- The descendant of Asa Sin.
- The descendant of Asa Sin.
High Priestess Tanya Niruha.
- The descendant of Asa Sin.
- The descendant of Asa Sin.
- High Priestess Tanya Niruha.
- High Priestess Tanya Niruha.
- High Priestess Tanya Niruha.
- High Priestess Tanya Niruha.
- High Priestess Tanya Niruha.
- The descendant of Asa Sin.
The Great Mother Asa Sin
sent Aramun to this world
by the wishes of Airuju,
saved many clans from the war,
and had them form a union.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
- Haramahamen.
And today, 200 years from that moment,
Airuju wishes to tear down
the union he once founded
and build something new
with the newly-born Aramun.
In front of the entire union,
I will convey the words of Airuju,
the beginning and end of this world
and the one who moves all things.
- Ishillobu beresa.
- Ishillobu beresa.
- Ishillobu beresa.
- Ishillobu beresa.
Tagon, stand before the eyes of Airuju.
The newly-born Aramun
will connect the sky and land.
Look over the many days and nights
and serve and protect
all forms of life on Arthdal
to connect the old days
with the many years to come.
We received word from Asa Sakan.
We wish to bet the fate
of White Peak Mountain with you, my Queen.
The crown that validates my authority
should be worn
on your head and in your heart.
crown you as King!
I, Tagon, the messenger
of the great mother Asa Sin,
the newly-born Aramun,
and the son of Airuju
who is the beginning and end of this world
your wishes.
- Tagon, our King.
- Tagon, our King.
- Tagon, our King.
- Aramun!
I want you.
With all my heart, I still want you.
That's nice to hear.
I want you with all my heart, too.
Yes, I do.
I truly want it.
Now, I wish to have all of Arthdal.
What you said was true.
I finally get it.
Do you know what you should be scared of?
If you fail to respond to the aspirations
of the 30,000 people,
you will be dead meat.
This nutjob bet everything on those words.
He killed Tae Apdok
just by saying a few words.
will you accept us as your brothers?
I wasn't Inaishingi.
I was not born as him.
I have become Inaishingi now,
and I am now your brother.
What is your name?
I am Suhana, an elder of the Tae Clan.
I, Eunseom of the Wahan Tribe,
bring back
Ago Tribe's glorious Inaishingi.
I promise
to take you all in.
There is no Union now.
The Union ceases to exist now.
Arthdal will embrace all tribes
as one country.
Therefore, you are no longer
members of the Union.
A name is a vessel,
so all things of this world
will have a new name.
I, the direct descendant of Asa Sin,
High Priestess Asa Tanya,
give a new name
to all former members of the Union.
You can become anything you want.
There are more than 100 things you can be.
Look at those stars.
No one knows what kind of star
you'll turn into.
More than 100 stars
that can become anything
As of today,
you will be called "subjects."
- Subjects!
- Subjects!
- Subjects!
- Subjects!
I, Tanya of Wahan,
cast a spell on you all.
You may begin in this world
as those of the lowest social status,
but you can become anything.
My fate is now entwined with yours.
I hope you provide support
as long as I protect you.
My subjects.
This passion and longing.
Not just the Tae and Myo Clan
but all those of the Ago Tribe
will share this dream and desire.
Will it be able to save me
or will it eventually lead to my demise?
Will it finally lead me to Tanya,
or will it divide us?
Here is my first royal command.
Let the power of Arthdal
spread to all land of Arth.
A bigger storm to swallow a big storm.
Is that your endgame?
I will conquer the east!
I will bring those against us
including the Ago Tribe to their knees
and educate the barbarians.
Let us conquer the Ago Tribe!
- Conquer the Ago Tribe!
- Conquer the Ago Tribe!
- Conquer the Ago Tribe.
- Conquer the Ago Tribe.
So this was it all along.
He wishes to start a war
to calm the discontent, fear,
and anger of the people.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi!
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi!
- Inaishingi!
- Inaishingi!
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi.
- Inaishingi!
It is unexpected.
Someone claiming to be Inaishingi,
Ago Tribe's hero, has appeared.
The return of the dead is
the desire of the living.
He saw through it
and led Tae Apdok to his death.
The whole Ago Tribe
is in turmoil because of him.
He will be
the most powerful enemy of Arthdal.
I will wait for further instructions
while aiding his quest.
Red Claw blesses you, Tagon.
Subtitle translation by: Ja-won Lee
Ripped and synced by
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