Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s02e05 Episode Script

The Sword of Aramun

That is not what's important for you,
is it?
This is about who becomes the heir.
Whoever I am,
you need me right now, don't you?
The prince has been abducted.
Is this boy really Tagon's son?
EUNSEOM: Did you summon me here?
TANYA: Then the note in my sleeve
Yes, that was me.
This is where Aramun is asleep.
Only the missionaries of the prophecy can.
Sword, Bell, and Mirror.
Therefore, the two of you must open it.
What are Sword, Bell, and Mirror?
And what's the mission?
It's an old prophecy of Arthdal.
It says Sword, Bell, and Mirror
will end the world.
Eunseom, you are the Sword.
EUNSEOM: Aramun was Igutu.
GOPIN: Before the sun sets,
come to the Ttesari Hill alone, Tagon.
If you wish to save your son,
you will have to sacrifice your life.
- Tagon is an Igutu.
- TAEALHA: Arok.
- Arok.
He's alive.
MAN: Step back.
that Aramun has reclaimed
power and nature.
Airuju has bestowed the purple blood
of the most sacred Aramun.
as the proof of eternal blessings
to the heirs of Arthdal.
MAN: Tanya Niruha gave her blessings.
MAN 2: High Priest Niruha
gave the blessings of Airuju.
MAN 3: They are Tanya Niruha's blessings.
TANYA: Aramun's purple blood
has been passed on to them.
I announce
that the Aramun dynasty,
the first dynasty of Arthdal, has begun.
ALL: (CHANTING) Tanya Niruha.
MAN 1: All hail Tanya Niruha.
MAN 2: All hail Tanya Niruha.
ALL: All hail Tanya Niruha.
- GILSEON: Your Majesty.
- YEONBAL: Your Majesty.
The king's wound is deep,
but he should be fine
once he gets treated.
That is a relief.
However, a lot of people
saw the king collapse.
Spread the word to the public
that the king was injured,
but he is still alive and well.
I understand, Niruha.
I will go to Aramun's tomb to pray.
Tell the priests to bring an oil lamp,
a thurible, liquor, and a glass.
Yes, Niruha.
You made the White Peak Mountain's Hearts'
long-time wish come true.
But this is about changing people's
long-standing thoughts.
We must not leave any chances for rifts.
We must stir up like a storm.
DISCIPLES: Yes, Niruha.
ALL: Aramun of Haesulla.
The messenger of Asa Sin
who came as an Igutu
and ascended to heaven with the wind.
Aramun of Haesulla.
The messenger of Asa Sin
who came as an Igutu
and ascended to heaven with the wind.
Aramun of Haesulla.
MAN 1: There's a tomb of Aramun?
MAN 2: Then what happens with the Igutus?
MAN 3: The White Peak Mountain's Hearts
were right?
WOMAN: It must be true.
MAN 4: What is going on?
MAN 5: They want me
to serve an Igutu as a king?
My goodness.
MAN 1: Do we really have
to serve an Igutu as a King?
MAN 2: White Peak Mountain's Hearts.
WOMAN: Does this make sense?
MAN 3: Purple blood
MAN 4: An Igutu will become the King?
MAN 5: Right?
What will happen to the Igutus?
He was Igutu?
Gosh, do I need
to serve an Igutu as a king?
MAN 6: The White Peak Mountain's Hearts
were right?
What have I done?
MAN 1: Serve an Igutu as a king?
Thank you.
But I'll listen no matter what it is.
How can people do that?
Do what?
Ever since we were born, we learned that
Igutus were dirty and filthy.
But with one word from the High Priest
The White Peak Mountain's Hearts
are the only ones excited.
You saw it just now.
They were painting Aramun's statue purple,
but nobody stopped them.
Then why didn't you stop them?
I'm not particularly against it.
Your Highness, did you plan this
with High Priest Niruha in advance?
The High Priest did that
without even knowing
that the king was Igutu?
(GASPS) Then both the abduction
and Aramun's tomb happened
by coincidence.
Perhaps Tanya Niruha really is a god!
What is wrong, Your Highness?
Let's go see Arok.
EUNSEOM: She didn't fail
because of her greed and desires.
When you flip them,
they become fervent wishes and hopes.
I decided to consider the Ago Tribe's
selfish greed and ugly desires
as God's voice and became Inaishingi.
TANYA: The first descendant of Asa Sin
hears the second descendant's words.
I don't know which descendant
is asking this question.
It's nothing, Niruha.
I cannot say it.
Whatever you want to say is fine.
Just tell me.
"Descendants of Asa Sin?"
"Don't be ridiculous."
"In the end, slaves are lesser than bugs.
"Someone like me is Asa Sin's descendant?"
"Tell her to stop lying."
"If she speaks nonsense, I will kill her."
That's what they said.
In the end,
God's voice was the people's voices.
The voice of every living thing
crying out loud.
In fact, God
never spoke.
What is this?
Aramun was put into the coffin alive.
And before he died, he engraved this.
YANGCHA: Niruha.
The ministers have come to worship.
This is the last oracle left
by Aramun Haesulla.
"When the zelkova tree cracks
and my sword is revealed,
Aramun shall know their mission."
JEUNGSUGAE: "When the Sword of Aramun
appears in the zelkova tree,
Aramun shall know their mission."
What does this mean?
I went there to find out what we should do
with the world that changed overnight.
I'm very worried about what might happen
and whether if this is okay.
How can people just accept
something as shocking as this?
An Igutu's blood became sacred overnight.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Shall I tell you a funny story?
What is it?
I met 11 people after what happened today.
There were ministers, priests,
bachis, guards, and even a haho.
They all asked me the same thing.
What did they ask?
"How can people
accept something
as shocking as this
- That was the question.
You were the 12th person
to ask me that question.
Besides the White Peak Mountain's Hearts,
I'm sure hundreds more
have the same question.
Now, who are the people that are accepting
this big news overnight?
I'm not sure.
Locusts are different from birds.
They don't have a leader,
but they move somewhere.
If you grab one
and ask, "Why are you going that way?",
every locust
will give you the same answer.
What will they say?
"I'm not sure."
"Everyone was going that way."
What does that mean?
I think he's saying that Tanya Niruha
has turned us into locusts.
My goodness.
TAEALHA: You must've been very shocked.
- How are you feeling?
- Yes.
I'm fine.
Were you scared?
I was scared.
I was scared too.
You were scared too, Mother?
I thought everything I built
with my own strength
was going to collapse.
It was the scariest moment of my life.
But I'm glad everything turned out well.
Tanya Niruha saved us.
- Arok.
- Yes, Mother.
Nobody can save us.
Only we can save ourselves.
But from now on,
I don't have to hide my purple blood.
Arok, we didn't achieve that
with our own strengths.
The one who'll be the king
shouldn't be grateful for what was given.
You need to doubt it.
Who gave it to you,
why they gave it to you,
and whether it's yours or not.
EUNSEOM: You did the right thing.
I didn't do it because
it was the right thing.
Do you know why I worked up
the courage?
Aramun is Igutu,
and so are you. That's why.
Stop it.
This is Aramun's will and last oracle.
What does this mean?
TANYA: I don't know.
But if the zelkova tree cracks
and a sword is revealed
as the oracle states,
I hope you realize that you're Aramun.
You believe in these things?
Tanya, I told you.
Even if anyone can become Aramun,
I can never be it.
Aramun's only enemy.
What do you think
is the biggest tragedy of this land?
It's Inaishingi.
- Why me?
- And Aramun Haesulla.
These two are the biggest tragedies.
SANUNG: No one can know about you.
You must never reveal your blood
nor get discovered.
Stop it.
- You must never reveal your blood
- Pardon?
What did you say, Your Majesty?
SANUNG: Nor get discovered.
I said stop it.
SANUNG: Nobody must find out.
You must never reveal your blood
nor get discovered.
I said stop!
Everyone, leave.
Tagon, what's wrong?
Look at me.
You know what happened, right?
I don't know.
ASA SAKAN: Taealha heard this too.
Taealha fooled you
and made a political decision.
Mubaek tried to beat you instead.
What's wrong, Tagon?
My head hurts.
It feels like it's about to explode.
Call a yakbachi.
I understand.
What do you mean?
Originally, there were many gods
in Arthdal,
and people served different gods freely
as they liked.
Also, they did not reject other gods
just because they served one god.
I know. So?
Even before, when various gods
coexisted peacefully,
only two gods could not.
They were Aramun and Inaishingi.
Even if you win this war,
will Arthdal's people follow Inaishingi?
They will resist endlessly.
Then you will end up
killing the people of Arthdal
and rule by blood.
That's no different from Tagon.
The opposite is the same.
In the end, this war will not end
until one side is annihilated.
That's inevitable.
Even if that were true,
there is no other way.
There is.
The being who is both
Inaishingi and Aramun.
Why did your mother call you Aramun?
And why did you become Inaishingi?
When I realized that, I finally saw a way.
You will become Aramun Haesulla.
That is the only way to save this land.
How can I do that?
How can Inaishingi,
who has been Aramun's enemy for 200 years,
become Aramun Haesulla?
We must find a way.
That is your mission.
I do not believe
- in missions.
- No.
Even if you don't believe in it,
even if you abandon your mission,
the mission will come to you.
- So--
- Tanya.
You think the mission is important
right now?
We're parting ways now.
If we part ways now,
we don't know when we'll meet again.
We don't even know if we'll be alive.
Do you want us to hug and cry
before parting ways?
Should we sling rocks and fight
before parting ways like we did before?
I will be back.
I promise.
What is this?
Why are you giving this to me?
(IN OTHER LANGUAGE) This is yours.
It has been passed down
in the family of Ragaz.
(IN KOREAN) He says it is passed down
in your father's family.
I can understand roughly.
Since you are Ragaz's son,
it is yours.
Not Eunseom's?
It is probably yours.
You're the older brother,
and you used to be more energetic.
What is this?
I don't know how long ago it was.
A long time ago, two brothers parted ways.
The brothers promised to meet one day
and each took one
so they could recognize each other
when they met again.
(IN KOREAN) It's meaningless now.
So what if I meet him? I'm not a Neanthal.
(IN OTHER LANGUAGE) Anyway, it is yours.
We don't have the right to this object.
(IN KOREAN) He says it's yours anyway.
It is time for us to leave.
Let's meet again.
(IN KOREAN) Let's meet again.
CHAEEUN: We need to go to Arthdal quickly.
What if we go?
"What if we go?"
You clearly said you don't know
what might happen to Nunbyeol
if you don't go back safely.
Nunbyeol will be fine.
You said Eunseom went to Arthdal.
That's what it seems like.
I can't be certain.
I'm certain.
I met him in my dream.
Eunseom is in Arthdal
as the head of the Royal Administration
and as Tanya's lover.
CHAEEUN: So you're not going?
I should.
Even if I lost the war
and lost half of the troops,
I should go.
As the first commander that lost
to the Ago beasts,
even if I've been eliminated as an heir
I should go.
MAN: (YELLING) Save me.
NOSUNAHO: Are you okay?
- Who are they? Are they the Ago Tribe?
They're not the Ago Tribe.
I've never seen such clothes
and accessories.
Who are you lot?
They're Igutu.
What are you lot? Who are you?
He's speaking our language.
Who are you?
He's right here
Who's here?
MAN: (WEAKLY) He's right
(IN KOREAN) Who are you?
What? They showed up and said, "Ikomahis"?
I told you. He clearly said that
to those people as he died.
So where are those people now?
I don't know. They must've parted ways.
You brat. How could you just come back?
Get up quickly. We need to find them.
What about the people
we promised to meet here?
They're important people.
This is more urgent.
Hurry up.
Where are the Neanthals? Did they leave?
Did they say "Iko" something
when they saw you?
when they saw that?
Do you know what it means?
I don't.
I will be back.
I promise.
TAEALHA: How incredible.
So this really is
Aramun's tomb, is it?
"When the zelkova tree cracks
and my sword is revealed,
Aramun shall know their mission."
The king might cut down
every single zelkova tree in Arthdal.
What brings you
all the way here, Your Highness?
If announcing Igutus
as sacred beings was so easy,
I should've asked you to do it sooner.
Everyone believed
the purple blood he gave
as the proof of eternal blessings.
If you have nothing to say, please leave.
How did you know Tagon was Igutu?
You knew.
You wouldn't have engaged in
such a huge gamble without knowing.
Since when and how did you know?
Aramun Haesulla told me.
It was Saya, wasn't it?
He's the only one who could.
It is Saya.
He longed for you so much
that he let something so huge slip.
But why
did you keep it a secret until now?
By any chance,
were you waiting until Arok was abducted?
I didn't know about it before.
If I had known,
I don't know what I might have done.
I could've ended both of you.
But now,
I also know how Arthdal works.
That's why I ended it here.
So shouldn't you express your gratitude
and respect to the High Priest?
Leave now.
You found out recently?
Yes, Your Highness. You should leave now.
You found out about it
from Saya, recently?
What's with that face?
Do you understand
what I mean?
You know about it.
Then why
Your Highness.
I'll be on my way now, Niruha.
You also knew
that Saya wasn't Saya, didn't you?
What? What do you mean Dalsae?
Is Dalsae in Arthdal too?
There's no time to explain.
Go to the apothecary
and tell Dalsae to leave immediately.
- You must hurry.
- I understand.
Yes, it is Eunseom.
What are you going to do? Report it?
What about Lord Saya?
Is Lord Saya dead?
No, he is alive. I can feel him.
I am searching for him.
Niruha hid and helped Inaishingi,
the leader of the enemy?
- Keep it a secret.
- Do you think
- I'll actually follow that order?
- No.
I'm begging you to save him just once.
Or think of it this way.
I, High Priest Asa Tanya,
am indebted to you.
Eunseom will leave today.
Until then,
keep it a secret.
I am going to Molabeol.
Inform Commander Sodang.
Yes. I already sent a messenger
on a fast horse.
I will leave as soon as I meet the king.
I understand.
Organize the troops and come right away.
BOTH: Yes, General.
NUNBYEOL: Why are you still here?
Things happened.
I'm leaving soon.
Find Chaeeun and send her back.
Before that, tell her I am safe.
I heard there was a commotion.
It's probably because of the medicine.
I used strong medicinal herbs
because the wound was deep.
He won't be able to wake up.
Even if he does, he will be groggy.
TAGON: Was it you?
- Your Majesty, please do not move.
TAGON: Did you
plan this?
Lie down.
I was planning to go to Molabeol
right after seeing you.
The purple blood
was revealed to the world, as you wished.
Are you happy?
Are you unhappy?
We must kill everyone
who has seen our blood.
- Igutus are not--
- Everyone is pretending
in front of us.
We must not trust anyone.
We must kill everyone who has seen
our blood.
(WEAKLY) We must not reveal our blood
nor get discovered.
Are you insane?
I do not wish to make you bleed.
This is Tanya Niruha's order.
Don't mess around
and get lost from Arthdal.
The queen wishes to see you
before you leave.
She wishes to meet you
to express her gratitude.
Please join us.
EUNSEOM: What is this about?
You didn't have to see me off like this.
A deal is a deal,
but I thought
I should express my gratitude
for your help in Ttesarichon.
Thank you. I mean it wholeheartedly.
Who are you?
Why are you in here?
- Where's General Saya?
- Lord Saya's gone.
- He disappeared.
- What?
YEOLSON: What do you mean?
Mungtae's not around?
That day, he went to tail Lord Saya
saying something was off about him.
Since then, I've been seeing Lord Saya,
but Mungtae's gone.
He's neither at home
nor with the royal guards.
SEUCHEON: Isn't he
a Wahan Tribe royal guard?
What happened to him?
His injuries aren't severe.
Keep an eye on him for a while
and let him go after we leave. Please.
You're leaving?
As soon as Eunseom comes.
We'll come back.
Until then, stay safe. Understood?
Don't worry about me.
Take care.
If you die, I will kill you.
Hey. What the hell have you been doing?
Someone came here
looking for you just now.
- They knew my name? Who?
- Exactly.
How can there be someone
in Arthdal who knows you?
- So what did you say?
- That there wasn't anyone with that name.
I'm so anxious. Did we get caught?
- Come on. What did they look like?
- I don't know.
She was this tall and quite pretty.
But she suddenly said your name, so
WOMAN: Dalsae.
Were you the one who was looking for me?
Yes, it was her.
Do you know her?
The queen abducted Eunseom.
- What?
- What?
AGAJI: Eunseom is gone.
He isn't in the palace,
the military division, or in Lord Saya's
house. Perhaps he has already left.
- You
- Dalsae.
- Agaji.
Are you really Dalsae?
You are alive.
You are alive.
What about Eunseom?
Where is Eunseom?
I think
Eunseom has been abducted by the queen.
Why are you doing this all of a sudden?
I have three questions.
Who are you?
Pardon? Why do you want to know
all of a sudden?
I told you I'm just a dunce
who wanders all over the place.
What is your relationship with Tanya?
How sacrilegious.
What relationship would I have
with the High Priest?
Another wrong answer.
How did you know Tagon is Igutu?
How could I have known that?
The king is Igutu? I didn't know.
You answered all three questions
You hugged the High Priest passionately
and stayed together with her for a while.
Second, before Aramun's tomb was revealed,
you met her there in secret.
If you thought I trusted you
and didn't keep my eyes on you,
you're in for disappointment.
I can explain.
You knew Tagon was an Igutu
from the beginning.
Your Highness, I don't know
what nonsense you've heard, but--
I may not be able to find out
who you are, what you're thinking,
or what you're planning.
I know. But I
don't play games
unless I plan them myself.
I'll just upset the applecart.
So you, whose name I don't even know,
you'd better think
about my questions carefully
and answer well.
Why would the queen confine the general?
Exactly! How would I know?
Someone saw him getting dragged away.
The general is locked up
in the Fortress of Fire?
If not, why did they hide him in a chest?
Yeonbal, this is the queen's rebellion.
How dare she abduct the general
during the war?
Let's bring the military there.
That would be a real rebellion.
Let's bring Corp One
to the Fortress of Fire.
What? The Fortress of Fire?
Why go there when they need to leave soon?
I do not know.
Yeonbal and Commander Gitoha
are going there with soldiers.
Yeonbal, what is that lunatic
planning to do now?
YEOLSON: Confinement?
The queen confined the general?
- Why?
- CHOJAHA: I don't know.
Yeonbal and Commander Gitoha
rushed to the Fortress of Fire
saying that the general was confined.
ASA PIL: There must have been
a misunderstanding.
Why would the queen confine him
when he needs to go to war?
I cannot figure out
what is happening either.
The king just keeps sleeping.
JEUNGSUGAE: This is bad.
Things seem to be getting out of hand.
The Royal Guard Head led the guards
to the Fortress of Fire just now.
MEN: What?
(ALL MURMURING) What is happening?
Yeolson, something must have happened.
Mungtae disappeared and Lord Saya
was dragged to the Fortress of Fire.
Maybe the queen caught on to something.
Let's meet Niruha first.
Okay, let's go to the Great Shrine.
You two. Where are you going
at this time of night?
- To the Great Shrine.
- What?
Niruha probably isn't there.
This won't do.
I'll go out and
AGAJI: It's even more dangerous
for you to go.
I will go and find out.
DOTI: Susu.
Why haven't you left?
Why are you here, Niruha?
Look here.
Dalsae is here.
Yes, we've already met.
(GASPS) Susu Eunseom was taken away?
But since Commanders Yeonbal
and Gitoha have gone
Dalsae, how are you here?
Dalsae, Dalsae.
Mungtae, why are you here, too?
You must be surprised.
Dalsae became a merchant
and came to Arthdal--
He's Eunseom.
General Saya is Eunseom, not Saya. Right?
Please go out and check the surroundings.
I will.
Niruha, is that true?
Is he Eunseom?
Please say something.
My goodness.
It must be true.
Just what on earth is going on?
Then did the queen drag Lord Saya away
because he got caught?
Dragged him away?
Yes, I think he got caught.
AGAJI: Well, the queen
knows he isn't Saya,
but I don't think the queen found out
he's Eunseom.
If he's been caught by Taealha,
it's only a matter of time.
TANYA: Commander Yeonbal went
to the Fortress of Fire,
so let's check--
The Royal Guard Head is already
headed there with the guards to stop that.
HAE TUAK: How absurd.
- Who abducted who?
- Yes.
I heard such an absurd rumor,
so I just wanted to check.
Is that why you brought
all these soldiers here?
- Are you going to force your way in?
- Hey.
Is the general inside or not?
What are you doing?
Stop them.
Open the door.
The queen formed an alliance with him
knowing he wasn't Saya.
She fooled the king.
- She won't be able to expose him openly.
It will change
once she finds out that he is Inaishingi.
DUNJI: What should we do?
Everything will be revealed,
and you hid Inaishingi of all people.
We're all doomed.
- DALSAE: I will go.
- DUNJI: What?
I just need to
save Eunseom and leave quietly.
MUNGTAE: You? How can you do that?
You know nothing
about the Fortress of Fire.
Why wouldn't I?
We were all locked up in there.
That's the place I abandoned you.
I've never forgotten it.
Let me go with you.
That idiot will get lost on the way there.
Susu Mungtae.
You said you abandoned me
because you were afraid,
not because I was bothersome.
How can I leave it to that coward?
I must go with him.
- I'll go too.
I know the Fortress of Fire
like the back of my hand.
I think I know
where Eunseom is being held.
Let's try this.
Let's try this, yes.
YEOLSON: We'll work something out,
so go to the Great Shrine.
There is a secret passage.
- A secret passage?
- Last time, Saya let me
go into the Fortress of Fire
using that passage.
That was when I was a slave,
so it was a very long time ago,
but if that passage still exists
How dare you
lead the soldiers here at night?
- This is a rebellion.
- A rebellion?
We only brought 10 soldiers.
Is that a rebellion?
Leading the soldiers
of the military division
without the king's order is a rebellion.
Then isn't confining the general
- a rebellion?
- You bastard.
How dare you speak such nonsense?
I'm telling you, someone clearly saw it!
Your Highness.
TAEALHA: I am sure somebody did.
Yes. General Saya is here.
But what is wrong with that?
Officially speaking, I am Saya's mother.
I'm just meeting my son
who is going to war tomorrow.
Why are you raising a ruckus?
Nothing happened,
so Commanders, please go back.
You heard her.
Everyone, dismissed.
We will not leave
until we see that the general is safe.
How long will you
Minister, what brings you here?
- Eunseom.
- Dalsae.
Let's leave quickly.
You're here to save me?
I came here to save all of us.
Who's there?
What should we do?
Let's go.
I'm a royal guard.
A royal guard?
How is a royal guard here?
Who's there?
You must be feeling unwell.
Stand behind me.
Stop with your bravado.
Hurry up.
MAN: Intruders!
We'll leave once we see the general.
Is that so difficult to do?
If you do not go back,
I will arrest you all.
If you wish to shed blood that much,
you shall.
You know Dalrae Dock, right?
Go quickly.
I'm sorry
for what happened back then.
I'm also
Don't forgive me.
TAEALHA: Catch him.
- Search everywhere and get him.
- GUARD: Yes.
What do you think you're doing?
Can't you see?
The Sul Clan are leaving the union,
as you said.
Go back to your position.
Who are you to order me around?
How dare you give me orders
when Inaishingi isn't around?
Horses are dying from an epidemic.
Arthdal's horses are fine,
but only our horses are dying.
Inaishingi has disappeared too.
This is for crossing the Notsan River.
It's the curse of the gods of Arth.
How dare you!
Don't do this, Chief.
Tachukan! Put away your sword.
How did it go?
PASA: We barely managed to calm them,
but Sul Sagang said something unnecessary.
We must not let the news
of Inaishingi's absence spread.
How can we keep their mouth shut?
As soon as morning comes,
they will ask about Inaishingi's absence.
We have nothing to tell them.
PASA: The epidemic is an issue too.
The horses are becoming useless
one by one.
Why is there no news
from Ipsaeng and Dalsae?
Also, why is Mirusol nowhere to be seen?
She went on a search again
with Badoru to find him somehow.
We searched this place before.
Oh Did we?
Then over there.
Let's check below the rocky mountain.
We searched there thoroughly
in the morning.
Get a hold of yourself.
We'll find him.
We can find him.
(PANTING) What are you doing?
We must leave this forest
even if you want to rest.
Stand up.
Eunseom is taking my place in Arthdal.
And I have no idea what he is thinking.
On top of that,
he is Inaishingi.
What should I do there?
Do you have a plan?
Figure that out yourself.
I only know one thing.
I need to meet Nunbyeol.
By the way, since when
did you speak casually to me?
I can do worse things
if something happens to Nunbyeol.
Like what?
I will kill you.
SANUNG: You must never reveal your blood
nor get discovered.
Nobody must find out.
Your Majesty.
You shouldn't move yet.
You need to get more sleep.
May I check your wound?
Your Majesty.
They had help from the outside.
And I don't know how this happened,
but they came through our secret passage.
Only you, me,
and Lord Saya know about it.
HAE YEOBI: Your Highness.
You must head to the palace urgently.
YEOLSON: This is as far as I can go.
I cannot say
- that I'm thankful.
- Yes.
We did this for all of us.
let us end
our ill-fated relationship here, Eunseom.
Do not come back.
I will come back
as Inaishingi
with countless warriors of the Ago Tribe.
Take this.
- What is this?
- An iron sword.
They say if you make a sword
out of iron, it breaks or bends easily.
Is that so? Do you think it will break?
Do you think it will bend?
We finally made iron swords.
Arthdal has come this far.
It's much lighter
and stronger than bronze.
Above all, we can make a lot
very easily.
You probably even lack bronze swords.
Thousands and millions
of Arthdal's soldiers
will be armed with iron swords now.
You lot can never win this war.
Please go back across the Notsan River.
Take that with you.
Show that to your people
and persuade them. By doing so,
I hope you will save
many lives of the Ago Tribe
who will die in vain.
BUKSOE: Eunseom.
You're Eunseom, aren't you?
You are Eunseom, right?
You are.
(LAUGHING) Eunseom.
It's me.
I'm Buksoe.
Buksoe of the Wahan Tribe.
Buksoe seems to know him.
It's them. Ikomahis.
- Ikomahis
- CHAEEUN: Excuse me.
Do you remember me?
We met in the herb room.
How are you with Eunseom?
this person isn't
MIRUSOL: Inaishingi.
It's Inaishingi.
Inaishingi is here.
ALL: Inaishingi.
What is it?
You put Tanya Niruha in too much danger.
Die here, Inaishingi.
YANGCHA: A lightning scar?
"When the zelkova tree cracks
and my sword is revealed,
Aramun shall know their mission."
Is that
Aramun's sword?
Go and tell the High Priest two things.
That is the price of your life.
Aramun's sword was found
in the zelkova tree.
What nonsense is that?
- There's nothing inside.
From now on, this is Aramun's sword.
No matter how you see it,
this sword is mine.
Tell her!
I, Eunseom of the Wahan Tribe,
will become Inaishingi
and Aramun Haesulla!
MAN 1: Inaishingi has returned.
IPSAENG: That bastard isn't Inaishingi.
They are benetbeot.
- IPSAENG: He isn't Inaishingi.
- BADORU: Are you mad?
SAYA: What makes the horses fall ill
SAYA: Eunseom took my place.
I don't see why I can't do the same.
TAGON: If the sword has been revealed
- but I do not know the mission,
- WOMAN: It's the sword of Aramun.
does that mean I am not Aramun?
TAEALHA: Tagon is hallucinating.
You must kill everyone now.
TAGON: I will not be fooled
by you
nor the prophecy.
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