Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s02e06 Episode Script

Fake Inaishingi

TANYA: Aramun's purple blood
has been passed on to them.
I announce that the Aramun dynasty,
the first dynasty of Arthdal, has begun.
- Please!
- Tagon, what's wrong? Look at me.
We must kill everyone
who has seen our blood.
- Igutus are not--
- Everyone is pretending
in front of us.
We must not trust anyone.
It is passed down in the family of Ragaz.
(IN KOREAN) Thank you.
I mean it wholeheartedly.
Who are you?
It will change
once she finds out that he is Inaishingi.
How long will you
EUNSEOM: What is this?
YEOLSON: An iron sword.
Thousands and millions
of Arthdal's soldiers
will be armed with iron swords now.
You lot can never win this war.
I hope you will save
many lives of the Ago Tribe
who will die in vain.
YANGCHA: You put Tanya Niruha
in too much danger.
Die here, Inaishingi.
TANYA: "When the zelkova tree cracks
and my sword is revealed,
Aramun will know his mission."
I hope you realize that you're Aramun.
Go and tell the High Priest two things.
That is the price of your life.
Aramun's sword was found
in the zelkova tree.
What nonsense is that?
There's nothing inside.
From now on, this is Aramun's sword.
No matter how you see it,
this sword is mine.
Tell her!
I, Eunseom of the Wahan Tribe,
will become Inaishingi
and Aramun Haesulla!
They saw my blood.
Tagon, did you do this?
What happened? I
Why am I like this?
- Tagon.
- Tell me, Taealha.
What happened?
You got hurt while trying
to save Arok in Ttesarichon.
Why are you doing this?
That wasn't
a dream?
It was worth not giving up.
The waterfall helped us.
Thank you.
But who are those people?
I'm sure he will explain later.
What are you doing?
What are you going to do?
should I reveal who I am?
Let's just follow them.
TAEALHA: Get a hold of yourself, Tagon.
This is not a dream.
This is not
- a dream?
- What happened in Ttesarichon,
your purple blood being revealed,
and Tanya acknowledging the sacredness
of Igutus wasn't a dream, Tagon.
I understand.
You paid a very high price
to hide it for your entire life.
It might be hard to accept it.
But Tagon, what is important now is
that you have to take all of these.
Not Tanya. You.
You must take them all
as if they were yours to begin with.
Is there someone
over there?
Is no one there?
There is no one.
Who are you seeing?
My father.
Sanung died more than 10 years ago.
You killed him. Don't you remember?
DAMHI: We used every medicine we could.
He might see or hear things for a while,
but he will recover.
Do you see your father over there?
He is looking at me.
That can happen.
You were injured badly.
You took too much medicine
to help you sleep
and you are exhausted.
But, Tagon
it's fake.
It's neither a spirit
nor a gosal. It's just fake.
It's just an illusion, Tagon.
Do not look at what is fake.
I'm real.
I'm Taealha.
You gave up your whole life
for our son Arok.
And we fought together and saved him.
That's how we earned this chance
and it is a blessing.
It is our world now, Tagon.
The queen has arrived.
- Your Highness.
- What medicine did you use on Tagon?
Hazelnut roots, mistletoe,
and fly agaric--
Fly agaric?
- Can you use it on an Igutu?
- It is hard to tell.
Who would've tried using
such expensive medicine
on an Igutu before?
- What?
- But the wound was deep,
he was bleeding badly,
and his heart was beating too fast.
It would've been dangerous
if I had not stabilized him,
so I had no choice, Your Highness.
Tagon is hallucinating.
Will he return to normal?
I think the effect is stronger on him
because he is Igutu.
How is the king?
What about him?
We lost him.
We could not make the search obvious.
HAE TUAK: My Queen.
Our soldier saw a man
who helped him escape.
Find out who he is
even if you have to show the soldier
every single person in Arthdal.
BOTH: Understood.
TAEALHA: What are you praying for?
Please don't stand up.
I just cannot understand.
Understand what?
How you're acquainted with
Saya's benetbeot.
Who knows?
Does that mean anything now?
At one point,
I started to hear other people's thoughts.
It must be
the psychic ability of the gods.
You must've been happy to have gained
such an ability naturally.
No. It was extremely painful.
I barely managed to accept it.
Extremely painful?
Because I don't only hear good things.
Even if I cover my ears,
I can't block them out.
But I could hear some people's thoughts
and some, I could not.
Why is that?
I didn't know for a long time.
But now I do.
I couldn't hear the thoughts
of those who shut me out.
That's a relief.
You wouldn't have heard
my thoughts all this time.
No. But
today, I could finally hear
your thoughts faintly.
Maybe you need someone to lean on
because things are tough
and you're in distress.
What thoughts of mine do you hear?
"I was impatient."
"I was worried
about the era of bronze passing."
"So I wanted to use that man
who had the same face as Saya."
"I just needed
the Wind and Flower Ritual to be done."
"As long as the heir was secured,
everything would've been fine."
"But it was ruined."
Are they similar?
But we couldn't even do
the Wind and Flower Ritual,
and the king is delirious.
Saya's benetbeot has disappeared,
and Igutus have become sacred overnight,
thanks to you.
But I think all of these
might not be Arok's or Tagon's.
No matter who gives you what,
if you don't grab it,
it's not yours in the end.
You're the one who knows that the best.
By any chance,
are you thinking of another Aramun?
That would also belong
to whoever grabs it.
That is why you rose to that position.
That is not the only reason
why I rose to this position.
I, Taealha,
rose to this position
because I could not tolerate
things that I could not fathom
or make sense of for a long time.
I hope you keep that in mind.
You have shut me out again.
I am
very glad to hear that.
What happened?
CROWD: Airuju.
CROWD: Airuju.
It's the king!
King Tagon.
Protect us.
CROWD: Airuju.
MAN 1: Your Majesty.
WOMAN 1: Please recover.
MAN 2: You Igutu bastard.
Kill him.
CROWD: Igutu.
Go away.
WOMAN 2: Goodness.
Holy Igutu king.
MAN 3: Go away.
They're fake. They're all fake.
SANUNG: Do you really think
people consider Igutus as sacred
and are praising you?
I don't think
you're dumb enough to believe that.
I know you're an illusion.
You're fake.
Then you must know
that what I'm saying is true.
What is the truth?
In order to hide your blood,
you killed your childhood friends,
your mother,
and in the end, you killed me too.
Now, Tagon.
You must kill everyone now.
That is the reality you must face.
That is your real self
that has not changed once
since you were born with that dirty blood.
Is there anyone outside?
Put me to bed.
Bring me the sleeping medicine.
Make me sleep right now!
- Hurry up and give me the medicine!
- Go quickly.
You go. Three yakbachis
who brought him medicine died yesterday.
I will go.
CHAEEUN: To maximize your strength,
control your breath
for more than seven minutes.
Don't ever push yourself.
If you use it carelessly, you might die.
Promise me.
If you don't want to kill me,
you must not do anything on your own.
Medicine. Give me the medicine.
Is my blood dirty?
It is not.
Then is it sacred?
If I detect a lie in your answer,
I will kill you.
Tell me!
What is so great about blood
that some are sacred and some are not?
Blood is just blood
regardless of its color.
I've never heard of that before.
Who said that?
My father who treated Igutus
said that when he was alive.
(GASPING) Ishillobu beresa.
DISCIPLES: Aramun Haesulla.
TANYA: What?
Eunseom told me
to relay this message to you.
What are you planning to do? He is
If King Tagon finds out,
you won't be safe. No.
The people of Arthdal
will not forgive you either.
How will they know
when you'll keep quiet?
I can tell King Tagon
everything at any time.
Haven't you fooled King Tagon
too many times to do that?
YANGCHA: The same lightning scar
was marked on his arm and shoulder.
Eunseom said he would become Aramun.
MAN: Oh! It's the sword of Aramun.
WOMAN: It's the sword of Aramun.
- The oracle came true.
The sword appeared.
MAN: It's the sword of Aramun.
WOMAN 1: My goodness.
WOMAN 2: How incredible.
MAN: It's the sword of Aramun.
ALL: Niruha.
DOTI: High Priest Niruha.
I do not understand.
Actually, many others are confused too.
MAN: Yes, Niruha.
Aramun Haesulla's tomb was found
out of the blue,
you announced Igutus as sacred beings,
and now Aramun's sword has appeared
and we are to know the mission.
My head is dizzy
because I cannot comprehend
what all of this means.
TANYA: I am sure you are.
That is reasonable.
How is that so, Niruha?
Because what God gives us
is chaos, not an answer.
- MAN: What does that mean?
Why would God give us chaos?
Airuju gives us land, but not crops.
Airuju gives us tailwinds, but not ships.
It is the farmers' job to grow crops
on the land given by God.
It is the sailors' job to make ships
and set sails for tailwinds given by God.
Therefore, it is the job
of those who believe
to find the answers
within the chaos given by God.
Let me ask you.
What kind of god is Aramun Haesulla,
the son of Airuju?
He is the god of war.
MAN 1: He is the god of victory
and unification.
MAN 2: He is the god of war.
MAN 3: He's the god of unification.
Why did the god of war and victory come
as an Igutu and as a stranger?
is there more to Airuju's will, Niruha?
For a long time,
Igutus were despised and looked down upon,
and all strangers
were oppressed and ostracized in Arthdal.
Can you see the answer in this chaos?
CROWD: I can see.
- MAN 1: I can see.
- WOMAN 1: I think I understand.
I, the reincarnation of Asa Sin,
High Priest Asa Tanya
speak of Airuju's will
in the month of the wolf
of the year of the hungry snake
that the sword of Aramun appeared.
CROWD: Ishillobu beresa.
Follow those
who have been despised the most
and have been at the lowest place.
Embrace those you rejected the most,
those you are most unfamiliar with.
If you do so, you will hear
Asa Sin's voice in your mind
when you least expect it.
MAN: They're the words of Asa Sin.
They're the words of Asa Sin.
They're the words of Asa Sin.
They're the words of Asa Sin.
Embrace the stranger.
Embrace the stranger.
Embrace the stranger.
They're the words of Asa Sin.
TANYA: Eunseom, I've started.
I hope you win.
Inaishingi Eunseom.
Aramun Haesulla.
This is so
I put in so much effort to get to Arthdal.
Goodness, look at me.
Sir, I still brought this with me.
- Gosh, what is this?
What about it?
Bronze trading rights?
What's the point of this scroll?
We made a mess in Arthdal and escaped.
I'm sure the queen already did something.
If you take this to Pyeongmire,
you'll get beheaded right away.
You stupid bastard.
Then what should we do now?
Let's go to the meeting location first.
Let's see what Inaishingi,
or whatever he is, says this time.
Still, just in case
keep this with you.
Let's go back.
You want to retreat
just because of an epidemic?
The problem is not the epidemic.
It's the fact that
everyone finds it ominous.
Moreover, everyone found out
that Inaishingi is missing.
He will come back soon.
CHOSAYI: And if he doesn't?
What will you do then?
SUHANA: If this persists,
it's a matter of time
before the union falls apart.
Yes. We should go back
across the Notsan River
and reorganize the troops
before it gets even more out of hand.
SUHANA: That is not easy either.
If we retreat like this
without Inaishingi,
how can we be sure
that the union will be fine?
Announce a ten-people meeting now.
Inaishingi has returned.
MAN 1: It's Inaishingi.
MAN 2: It's Inaishingi.
MAN 3: Inaishingi has returned.
MAN 4: Inaishingi has returned.
BOY: Inaishingi.
Thank you for being alive.
CHILDREN: Thank you for being alive.
MAN 1: Thank you for being alive.
WOMAN: Thank you for being alive.
CROWD: Inaishingi.
MAN 2: Thank you, Inaishingi.
I knew you would come back alive.
I believed in you. Thank you.
BUKSOE: Did you see that?
He's my friend. My best friend.
"Inaishingi." You saw that, right?
He's that friend
you told us about last time, right?
Yes. I told you,
we tried to save our friends
who were dragged away as slaves,
but everyone was caught except me.
I just wished for him to be alive.
But why did they look at your friend
and say, "Ikomahis"?
I don't know.
Just what does "Ikomahis" mean?
What does it mean
and why won't you tell me?
Ah, well,
there were people who attacked Remus,
our hometown--
We don't know the details either.
So try to arrange a meeting
with your friend.
You went missing,
leaving your sword and armor behind,
so we were very worried, Inaishingi.
Is that so?
Thank you.
It's nothing.
I'll excuse myself now.
Does the Ago Tribe
really think nothing of Igutus?
Arthdal is the strange one.
This is normal.
That is probably why
they served Eunseom as Inaishingi.
It's a world I've never imagined.
That's not the problem right now.
That Buksoe guy just now.
- Do you know him?
- Eunseom's Wahan friend.
I've only seen him once.
What are you going to do now?
You don't know any of their names.
You'll get caught soon.
SAYA: That night,
I fell into the traps of Arthdal
and was on the brink of death.
If it wasn't for her,
I wouldn't have been able to make it back.
I, Eunseom, the reincarnation
of Inaishingi of the Ago Tribe,
express my gratitude to you.
You're the savior of all of the Ago Tribe.
will you not pay respect
to the savior of the Ago Tribe?
Chief Pasa of Myo Clan of the Ago Tribe.
I express my gratitude to the savior.
Well, sure.
SAYA: He is Pasa.
Elder Suhana of Tae Clan of the Ago Tribe.
I express my gratitude to the savior.
SAYA: Suhana, an elder of Tae Clan.
Chief Sul Sagang of Sul Clan
of the Ago Tribe.
I express my gratitude to the savior.
SAYA: Sul Sagang, an elder of Sul Clan.
Chief Chosayi of Byeok Clan
of the Ago Tribe.
In the name of the northern God,
SAYA: Chosayi.
CHOSAYI: I thank you.
SAYA: The chief of Byeok Clan.
PASA: A lot of warriors find this ominous
and are afraid.
They think it's people's turn next.
SUL SAGANG: It's the curse
of the Arth gods, Inaishingi.
Come on.
Will you keep talking nonsense?
Tachukan, stop it.
SUL SAGANG: Those fine horses
are the horses of Arthdal
brought by the horse of the heavens.
Only the horses of Ago fell sick.
In the past, Inaishingi also stopped
in front of the Notsan River
- to avoid the curse of the Arth gods.
Curse of the gods?
There's no such thing.
MIRUSOL: Inaishingi.
I heard an epidemic is common
during a war.
SAYA: Chilja disease?
It's an epidemic for horses.
It's the epidemic we spread to Neanthals
on the Red Night of Atturad.
So Sarams won't get sick.
Only Neanthals and horses will.
How do you know that?
Were you even born at that time?
It was my father who did it.
It was Harim?
how come nobody knows about it?
Because he didn't want people to know.
what happens to those sick horses?
There's no way to heal them.
Those that will live will live.
Those that will die will die.
But why aren't the horses from Arthdal
getting affected?
After the Red Night,
a lot of Arthdal horses died
from the Chilja disease too.
But at some point,
Arthdal horses wouldn't catch the disease.
- Why?
- I don't know.
There must be a reason
that we do not know of yet.
If there was a way to spread it,
there must be a way
to stop it from spreading further.
I cannot guarantee it, but
Hey. Why are you even curious about that?
We need to escape quickly. You
are the general of Arthdal.
Is there a way or not?
What if there is a way?
Are you really going to pretend
to be Inaishingi?
It is not the curse of the Arth gods
that makes the horses of Ago fall ill.
A yeomari
who is hiding among the Ago Tribe
spread the disease.
MAN 1: What does that mean?
I, Inaishingi,
will make sure to catch the yeomari
and hold them accountable.
MAN 2: Yeomari
TAE MAJA: I am sure there is a yeomari.
How would Arthdal have known
that we were going to Pyeongmire
in the previous battle?
You're right. There's no explanation
for it unless that was the case.
So who is it?
Most of us have lived
with each other for a long time.
I noticed that there has been a yeomari
since the last battle.
But if we don't catch the yeomari now,
people will doubt each other.
Yes. We have no choice
but to find them quickly.
BADORU: Hey, Ipsaeng.
What is going on now?
BADORU: I should be asking you that.
What took you so long?
Inaishingi has returned already.
He's back already?
What are you doing now?
I told Mirusol to get ready.
Go and find a way to stop the epidemic.
What the hell are you doing?
Are you really going to catch the yeomari?
Whether I catch them or not,
I have nothing to lose.
But I have something to gain.
What will you gain?
The Ago Tribe doubting each other.
The Ago Tribe is linked
with a very loose string.
If I get lucky,
that string will be severed
and they will fight among themselves.
Is this fun to you?
Do I look like I'm having fun?
I'm doing this to survive.
I'm a defeated general,
and I don't want to go back as one.
What if you catch them?
What if there really is
a yeomari from Arthdal
and you catch them?
There really is a yeomari.
Red Claw.
I don't know who that is.
That yeomari is important to Arthdal.
But you're going to get rid of them?
You, the general of Arthdal?
What do you gain from it?
Answer me. Just what do you gain from it?
Eunseom took my place.
I don't see why I can't do the same.
Nothing has been decided.
It's just
I have one more option in my life.
- SAYA: You
You bastard, why are you here?
How did you know?
No one else did.
Those who didn't know
Eunseom had a benetbeot would be deceived.
I see. How interesting.
That might be true.
So, did you find Eunseom?
- Did you meet him?
- You really are fearless.
The general of Arthdal dares come here
You'll be torn into three pieces
and your head will be mounted.
Then the Ago Union
will be torn into 30 pieces.
"The Inaishingi that returned is fake."
No. "The real Inaishingi is missing."
What will happen?
And above all else,
will they believe you?
Crazy bastard.
Go out and shout.
"He is a fake.
He is the benetbeot of Inaishingi."
"He is the general of Arthdal." Do it.
You bastard.
I will kill you.
What are you doing?
Let's do it.
Who was it?
- What are you doing?
- Ipsaeng!
That bastard isn't Inaishingi.
TACHUKAN: What nonsense is that?
That bastard isn't Inaishingi.
They are benetbeot.
Ipsaeng, what is wrong with you?
Are you mad?
IPSAENG: He is Inaishingi's benetbeot.
He isn't Inaishingi.
Are you
Arthdal's yeomari?
(CRIES OUT) You bastard!
You bastard.
SAYA: He seemed suspicious,
so I interrogated him.
Then he suddenly attacked me.
Something seemed strange when he released
Syoreujagin and disappeared with Dalsae.
When did you come back? What about Dalsae?
He is with the real Inaishingi. Why?
I'm a fake? Then where's the real one?
You said you went to find me.
Did you meet me?
- Where was I?
Were you really looking for me?
You lunatic!
What are you doing? What are you planning?
- Tell me!
- What's wrong with you, Ipsaeng?
IPSAENG: Please.
He is the general of Arthdal.
He is Inaishingi's benetbeot.
PASA: That's absurd.
What do you mean, a benetbeot?
(SOBS) How can
everyone of the Ago Tribe
get deceived so easily?
I cannot understand Ipsaeng's behavior,
but this alone--
PASA: Why is it just "this alone"?
He tried to kill Inaishingi.
Do we need more evidence?
Since when was it?
Since when did you do this?
It's not me.
He did it himself.
Shut up.
IPSAENG: Answer me then.
If you are Inaishingi, answer me.
What was the name of our friend
who died
in Gitbadak of Doldambul?
Tell me.
There's no way you wouldn't know.
There's no way you would forget.
Was it Sateunik?
That was a very sad dream.
we will deliver the news
to Sateunik's wife on his behalf,
and go see
his ocean.
That's correct.
The oath we made that day.
(SOBBING) You bastard.
DALSAE: Inaishingi is Aramun Haesulla?
Does that make sense?
Why won't it make sense?
You can just do it.
Yes, you can do that.
If the Ago Tribe and Arthdal
both follow you,
we won't have to fight.
But why do you look so down?
Father Yeolson made iron swords.
He made swords out of iron?
Do you know what really drives me crazy?
I'm afraid I might lose.
I'm afraid that I might lose
to Arthdal in the end.
Your Highness, why did you summon me?
I just want to exchange things with you
and strengthen our friendship.
I see.
If that is the case,
I have nothing to give you.
The benetbeot of General Saya.
We have something to exchange.
Sit down.
Tell me about Saya's benetbeot.
What do you mean?
What relationship
does the Wahan Tribe have
with Saya's benetbeot?
I have no idea what you're saying.
What relationship does he have
with the High Priest?
I do not know.
Then why did you guys
help him escape from here?
Someone saw you that night.
You could make
countless witnesses like that.
Would I need a witness
to deal with someone like you?
This is the price for my question.
A sorghum field in the south of Aram.
You can answer my question,
and take this and leave.
If you don't want to, die.
I'm no longer a slave
you can simply kill, Your Highness.
Then I'll kill you with difficulty.
I'm sure you have heard about
the three drugs of the Hae Tribe.
Maehonje, mahasin, and bichwisan.
Things would've been easy
if I had maehonje.
I don't have it anymore.
Then what is this?
It's bichwisan.
What do you think?
Can you feel how sincere I am
about killing you
if you don't answer me tonight?
When I put this away, you will die.
Fine, I understand.
He was part of the Wahan Tribe.
Saya's benetbeot.
You wanted to save him
because you were both in the Wahan Tribe?
A scoundrel was pretending
to be the general of Arthdal,
and you guys tried to save him?
We didn't try to save him.
We tried to kill him.
He found out
that he had the same face as Lord Saya,
showed up pretending to be the general,
and tried to run away with Tanya.
They've been close since they were young
because they were born on the same day.
What should we have done?
He's unpredictable.
For our safety and for the High Priest,
we had to get rid of him.
Did you kill him?
(SLAMS TABLE) Did you kill him?
The other people of the Wahan Tribe
didn't listen.
But he's far away.
I don't know where he went.
He won't show up again
since he wants to live.
You really are insane.
IPSAENG: Just trust me.
The real Eunseom will come.
What will you do if I'm right?
If a man
from Arthdal took Inaishingi's place
That is nonsense.
Why would he suddenly have a benetbeot?
So just
give me the benefit of the doubt
and go wait at Bijaram Hut.
He will come with Dalsae.
It was the blue moss bug,
just as I thought.
MIRUSOL: This caused the illness?
Yes. When they hatch,
they stick to bats, birds,
and especially horses,
and don't fall off easily.
They fly around and spread the disease.
Then did the yeomari spread these bugs?
There should be more places like this.
We must find them and bury them.
MEN: Yes, ma'am.
Do you also think
that the man named Ipsaeng
is a yeomari?
I heard he worked
with you guys for a long time.
Don't you trust him?
Whether I trust him or not doesn't matter.
What's important is
that everyone who knows Ipsaeng
is thinking the same.
Ipsaeng has betrayed us before.
Multiple times.
Take your merchants
and go to Molabeol Castle.
Why would I go there?
- Darn it.
- Darn it.
Go and wait for my order.
Am I in the Ago Tribe?
Am I your subordinate?
Don't kid yourself.
It's the Doldambul trading document.
Damn it.
With the bronze trading rights gone,
this is
This isn't an exclusive right.
I might rethink my decisions
about helping you.
That's for after the job's done.
- Dalsae.
- Badoru.
Badoru, what's wrong?
Inaishingi, do you really have
a benetbeot brother?
TAEALHA: Send someone to Pyeongmire.
Tell them to catch whoever uses
a trading document with my seal on it
and send them to Arthdal.
HAE TUAK: Yes, Your Highness.
I'll send someone right away.
And keep an eye on all Wahans.
Check who they meet and when they gather.
I understand.
Your Highness. The king has disappeared.
The court meeting is soon.
CHOJAHA: Is the king not coming?
He needs more rest.
I will lead the court meeting.
CHOBAL: Your Highness.
Rumor has it that the king has killed
as many as three yakbachis.
Is that true?
TAEALHA: He has done no such thing.
- It's a false rumor.
- There are witnesses, Your Highness.
If there are, tell them to come forward.
Isn't it your job to punish those
that spread false rumors
about the royal family?
How can you get swept away together?
ASA PIL: She is right.
Do not disrupt the court meeting.
There are families of the deceased.
- What should we do about them--
- ASA SEON: Stop.
The queen already gave you an order.
The king himself has to order it.
Where is he?
MAN: Your Majesty.
DISCIPLES: Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
You're here.
"When the zelkova tree cracks
and my sword is revealed,
Aramun shall know their mission."
I did not expect that oracle
to come true this quickly.
When the sword is revealed,
but I do not know the mission,
does that mean I am not Aramun?
Is that right?
Even after bestowing me sacred blood
and announcing a new dynasty,
if I, an insignificant and dirty Igutu,
do not know the mission,
does that mean I am not Aramun?
Your Majesty,
even if you do not know the mission now,
the mission knows you.
The mission will come to you.
I am joking, Niruha.
I no longer not know the mission.
When I look at that sword,
I can see the mission
as if I'm looking into a mirror.
Right, that bell.
Are you keeping Asa Sin's star bell safe?
He clearly said
"sword," "mirror," and "bell."
Does he
Once the king has recovered completely,
he will stand before the people
to stop those false rumors.
The sword of the oracle appeared,
so he will speak Aramun's mission too.
TAGON: I will do so.
MEN: Your Majesty.
As the queen has said,
I, the king of Arthdal,
the reincarnation of Aramun,
realized the mission of the oracle
after seeing the sword of Aramun
I, Tagon, Arthdal's king, Airuju's son,
and the reincarnation of Aramun,
command you as your king.
ALL: We will comply, Your Majesty.
Apprehend every man
born in the year of the singing wolf
in Arthdal and in the vicinity of Arthdal.
If they resist, kill them immediately
regardless of their status.
ASA PIL: Your Majesty.
Why would you apprehend them?
CHOJAHA: Among them are talented people
who support Arthdal
and children of influential families.
Does that command include all of them?
I already said every man
who was born
in the year of the singing wolf.
And Commander Yeonbal and Gitoha,
you are put on hold
from going to war until the next order.
Your Majesty.
TANYA: The year of the singing wolf?
That was when the Azure Comet appeared.
That was when Niruha,
Lord Saya, and Eunseom were born.
Bring me the medicine from before.
CHOJAHA: Your Majesty.
Some are children of those
who gave their wealth for the war.
You cannot do this.
You must think of the public sentiment.
People are accepting
purple blood as sacred
because the High Priest commanded it.
But if you command them
to apprehend innocent people,
who would accept it?
The big war with the Ago Tribe is nearing.
You must take back your command.
If you cannot do that,
you must give a reason
everyone can accept.
Why are you looking at me like that?
There are people trying to kill me.
Who dares to do that?
The prophecy is trying to kill me
and the heavens are trying to abandon me.
The prophecy?
What do you mean?
Your Majesty.
You must collect your thoughts
and think straight.
Do not give me advice anymore.
You must've heard
that I killed three yakbachis.
If you do not leave now,
I do not know what I might do.
I cannot leave, Your Majesty.
I, Chojaha of the Saenyeok Tribe.
As the jwasol of the bang of Jichuk
and the person who received
your biggest grace and respect,
if I cannot stop you
from taking the wrong path,
I deserve to die. So
I cannot back down.
If I die,
I'll accept it as my fate, Your Majesty.
- Calm down.
- CHOBAL: Goodness.
- Did you get your ear cut off?
Did the king do this?
No way.
The king did that?
What is happening?
TAEALHA: The year of the singing wolf?
That was when the Azure Comet appeared.
Perhaps there was an ominous oracle.
The Azure Comet?
Yes, it was that year.
The year the Azure Comet appeared,
Cheonbuin came down to the world at once.
Sword, bell, and mirror.
Those three will end our world.
Tagon will die.
Taealha, you will fall into a deep abyss.
ASA PIL: Your Highness.
The king cut off Chojaha's ear.
It happened when he asked the king
to go back on his order.
Tagon found out about the prophecy.
What prophecy?
TAEALHA: What did Asa Sakan tell you
when she died?
She told me what you'd already heard
and hid from me.
Do you think I hid it from you on purpose?
There was no need to tell you
because it was nonsense.
Did you do something like this
because you believed that?
Don't do this.
That wasn't why you didn't tell me.
What other reason would I have?
You hid the prophecy from me
so you could use it on me
when you needed it.
You were toying with me
behind my back.
You were always like that.
For your entire life,
you've never been completely on my side.
You shouldn't say that to me, Tagon.
When we first met,
you were Mihol's yeomari.
When you spent
the first night with my father
and came to me,
you lied to me saying it was horrible
as if you were asking me to save you.
That was
my most desperate sincerity, Tagon.
You drove a wedge between us
and instigated me the whole time.
In the end, I killed my father
as you wished.
On the day my father died,
you embraced me and comforted me,
saying I did well.
In the end, you will do the same
to Arok and me.
That is
who you are.
I will not be fooled
by you
nor the prophecy.
HAE TUAK: Your Highness.
Your Highness.
About the poison used by the assassin.
I figured it out.
That was the case.
Your Highness, are you okay?
Inform the White Mountain Tribe's Elder
Asa Nipa to meet me in secret.
Why do you want to meet the elder?
SAYA: Is there anyone outside?
Myonita. Myonita!
Call a yakbachi quickly!
Yes, sir.
SAYA: Chaeeun!
What happened?
- She was stabbed.
Thankfully, her injury isn't severe.
I guess you were worried about her.
She's still young,
so she should heal quickly.
I hope so.
Are you crying?
I'm not.
What do you think sacrifice is?
Caring for someone?
Caring for someone unconditionally,
I guess.
I thought
something like that didn't exist.
Was it always like that?
What did you think it was?
Obeying out of obligation.
You're unbelievable.
SAYA: Everyone
gave their lives
has people acting for him unconditionally.
CHOSAI: Inaishingi.
Are you hurt?
No. I am fine.
How did Ipsaeng escape from prison?
It is my fault.
No, it's not.
But what brings you here at night?
We received amazing intelligence.
It says the supplies will be moved
from Hanta Dock to the forest.
What kind of supplies?
Mostly weapons.
Bows, arrows, and bronze swords.
we cannot miss this opportunity.
Yes. If we get enough weapons,
the warriors' morale will increase.
Prepare an appropriate number
of fast warriors.
Inaishingi, let me go.
Sure. Let's go together.
I will lead them myself.
You do not have to go yourself
I was missing for a long time,
and something unfortunate has happened.
I need to use this chance
to let the warriors know
that I am alive and well.
I will lead them.
TACHUKAN: Badoru, what took you so long?
Hurry up and get ready.
We have an operation.
We should go
and kill the fake one immediately.
Go back as if nothing happened.
Don't tell anyone
and lure that fake imposter to me.
The whistle arrow is the signal.
- Hey.
- Gosh.
Oh What is it?
Why do you look so dazed?
Inaishingi said he would join
the operation tomorrow, right?
They fell for it.
Is this from Red Claw?
SANGGAL: Yes. The false information
you leaked worked.
What's more is
Inaishingi himself is coming?
(SCOFFS) Airuju is helping us. We finally
have the chance to catch Inaishingi.
You could end the war
before the general comes.
Form the supply and ambush units
with elite soldiers.
Yes, Commander.
- It's an ambush.
- SOLDIERS: It's an ambush.
SOLDIERS: Retreat.
Open it.
Oh It's a trap.
Split up and retreat!
MAN 1: This way.
MAN 2: Here.
Follow them.
Stop them!
MAN: That's him!
The whistle arrow is the signal.
Inaishingi, keep going.
Hurry up!
SOLDIER: Follow them!
Follow them!
Get him!
SAYA: Arthdal will be armed
with iron swords soon.
YEOLSON: Eunseom cannot win.
Even Airuju cannot stop this,
not to mention Asa Sin.
HAE KKADAK: If you help,
the history of the entire Arth continent
will change.
KARAT: Then I must never help you.
TAGON: Where is Saya?
The real Saya!
TAGON: It's over for you, Your Highness.
TAEALHA: I will attack Tagon.
SAYA: You'll take revenge.
Kill Tagon now.
SAYA: Let's form an alliance.
That is the only way we can win.
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