Arthdal Chronicles (2019) s02e07 Episode Script


Tell her! I, Eunseom of the Wahan Tribe,
will become Inaishingi
and Aramun Haesulla!
MAN: Inaishingi has returned.
I knew you would come back alive.
CHAEEUN: Are you really going
to pretend to be Inaishingi?
Eunseom took my place.
I don't see why I can't do the same.
You know.
TACHUKAN: What nonsense is that?
Do you really think
people consider Igutus as sacred
and are praising you?
You must kill everyone now.
How you're acquainted with
Saya's benetbeot.
By any chance,
are you thinking of another Aramun?
MAN: It's the sword of Aramun.
TAGON: "When the zelkova tree cracks
and my sword is revealed,
Aramun shall know their mission."
If the sword has been revealed
but I do not know the mission,
does that mean I am not Aramun?
Apprehend every man
born in the year of the singing wolf
in Arthdal and in the vicinity of Arthdal.
We received amazing intelligence.
TAE MAJA: It says the supplies will be
moved from Hanta Dock to the forest.
I will lead them myself.
TAE MAJA: It's a trap.
EUNSEOM: You've complicated everything.
If I cut your throat here
and buried your body,
it would make things a lot easier.
Is there a reason I shouldn't kill you?
A reason? There is.
You don't want me to die.
Why would I not?
You're the leader of the enemy,
you took my place while I was gone,
and fooled us, the Ago Tribe.
You must be feeling proud
after winning once.
You could get lucky
and take over Molabeol Castle.
Then Arthdal will send more troops,
more soldiers, and more powerful weapons.
The blood of thousands
of the Ago Tribe will flow.
Only then, you will realize
that you led all of them to their death.
We won.
We will continue to win.
Your bronze swords came from Arthdal.
After a few more fights,
half will become useless.
You lot cannot even make
nor fix bronze swords.
What will happen?
What does the Ago Tribe fight with?
The divine power of Inaishingi?
Will that strange horse pretending
to be Kanmoreu solve everything?
(SCOFFS) Is that why I cannot kill you?
What's worse is,
Arthdal will be armed
with iron swords soon.
I guess you know what those are.
You must know for sure now.
You guys won once
just by chance.
SOLDIER: Drop your weapons.
You know you're going to lose,
but you'll lie to them that you can win.
You must've felt touched
as you gave them hope
and received endless praise and love
from the children of Ago.
It must've been overwhelming.
Those children don't even know
you're the gosal that will kill them.
They'll just helplessly die
in your arms, you bastard.
You risked your life too?
What about your life?
Is your life so great?
Is your life worth so many people's lives?
You really are like Inaishingi.
- Don't mock me.
- No.
I mean it.
In that short amount of time
you imitated me, you've become serious.
You were praised by people,
you got excited by their expectations,
and you were touched and overwhelmed
by the children's endless love for you.
You want to be cherished, don't you?
SAYA: What?
I'm not Tagon.
I don't rely on such things and hesitate.
I don't live like a fool.
EUNSEOM: No, you want it.
You just learned very early
that you couldn't have it.
How do I know?
It was for a short while, but I
lived as you.
Why did you stop?
You seem to be very angry. Aren't you?
Let's form an alliance.
- Why should I?
- That is the only way you can win.
Then why do you want it?
Throw that here.
- What?
- I said, throw that here.
Throw that to me.
Huh? Hurry.
- Me?
- You.
You're not the guy from back then.
There was someone else
with that hairstyle.
SOLDIER: You bastards.
How dare you walk away?
Then how should we go? (SCOFFING)
Should I bow?
That lunatic.
You came to save
these Ago bastards, didn't you?
They're the Ago Tribe?
KARAT: You're slow.
BADORU: Thank you.
TAE DACHI: Please untie me.
He looks strong.
Tie him tighter.
Are you not here to save us?
Where is Hae Kkadak?
"Hae" what?
Gosh, Hae Kkadak.
Where have you been?
- HAE KKADAK: Let's leave.
- What?
You said you needed to ask
what "Ikomahis" was.
Did you know
that your friend had a benetbeot?
What? What are you talking about?
Stop changing the subject.
Let's help Eunseom.
HAE TTAEMUN: Father, let's do that.
We can't go back to the Hae Tribe anyway.
You said Taealha killed Mihol.
You said you'll need an army if they come.
Eunseom even beat Arthdal's army.
He can't win in the end.
They lack weapons and supplies.
What if you make them?
How can I make them?
The Lake of Stars.
- Right? We found it.
- Yes.
There's no way to take it out.
Don't even bring that up.
Inaishingi, are you okay?
I heard you were ambushed by
soldiers from Arthdal.
Things could have been
Gosh, how are you
Inaishingi, how did you meet Dalsae?
There definitely is a yeomari,
just as I thought.
Still, I'm very glad that you're safe.
Did everyone come back?
Badoru, Dachi, and Chomo
have not come back yet.
We're checking on them.
Let me know when they get back.
- I will.
- And release Ipsaeng.
Why release Ipsaeng?
He was bait to catch the yeomari.
He was bait?
Gosh, how
I'll explain later.
I understand.
So the yeomari
Not yet. But we will find out soon enough.
Yes, we must.
What will you do now?
Myonita will recover, and the epidemic--
- What about Myonita?
- What?
Hey, do you find this situation fun?
Is Myonita hurt?
What are you playing at?
I can't even sleep
because I'm worried about Nunbyeol.
Nunbyeol is fine.
- How do you know that?
- I met her in Arthdal.
Nunbyeol was worried about you.
Are you Eunseom?
What happened? Where's Saya?
- EUNSEOM: Then why do you want it?
- The same goes for me.
That is the only way I can win.
Because you lost the war
and you've been eliminated as the heir?
I have to beat Tagon now.
Let's form an alliance.
How foolish.
Then those Neanthals
They left.
I don't know where they went.
But is Nunbyeol really okay?
Yes. She said everything will be fine
as long as you are okay,
and that she's all right.
Saya is in Molabeol Castle. Go there.
Dalsae will escort you.
Thank you.
By the way, you've changed a lot.
You did well.
- Does it hurt a lot?
- No.
It will heal soon.
- Where's that bastard?
- He left to Molabeol.
You just let him go?
Why let that punk go?
There's a more important matter at hand.
Call a meeting.
Stay still.
You move and I will cut you.
It's unbelievably light.
It's sharp, strong, and even fast.
- Yeolson.
- Yes, Your Majesty.
You did it.
On top of that, you made so many swords
in a short time.
DUNJI: The minister and the bachis
he trained
worked on it day and night.
Good job, good job.
This sword will end the Hae Tribe
and the Bronze Age.
Poor Taealha.
YEOLSON: Good swords have a name.
Name the sword, Your Majesty.
I'll call it the Sword of Seed.
The seed of blood,
death, and prosperity.
Then I will engrave the name "Seed"
on the sword and offer it to you.
TAE MAJA: Is the sword that strong?
It was a sharp and fast sword,
but soft as waving a whip.
How can they make such a sword
with something like iron?
CHOSAI: Moreover, if iron is the material,
they could make them easily, quickly,
and many at a time.
EUNSEOM: We have two options.
We could make them too.
steal from them.
Eventually, you'll succeed again.
I hope I will.
But I'm afraid.
I've never heard you say that.
But Inaishingi,
when you look back,
everything was impossible.
You survived the waterfall,
became Inaishingi
when you were just a stranger,
and reclaimed Doldambul, our old land.
None of these seemed possible.
But you made all of them happen.
"Only one out of Tae Apdok and Inaishingi
will see tomorrow's blue sky."
The day you prophesied as such,
I, Suhana, as if lured by a gwitgeot
killed Tae Apdok
and made that prophecy come true.
Your words have such power.
Thank you.
You told us to find a way,
so it will happen again.
Believe in yourself.
But say that you're afraid
only in front of me.
I will, Suhana.
MAN: (WITH ACCENT) Listen, Ago Tribe.
Listen, Ago Tribe.
Listen, Ago Tribe.
We are listening. Say the next part.
How many times has it been already?
Bring back our brothers.
If you don't,
we will kill your brother, Badaru.
You mean Badoru.
Anyway, we'll kill him.
We will kill Chomo and Dachi too.
Tomorrow at noon, bring our brothers
to the front of the Baku Cliff.
Who are your brothers?
Who do you want us to bring?
Our brothers,
Hae Kkadak, Ttaemun.
Bring them to us.
Hae Kkadak? What's that?
Hey. What was that all about?
Eunseom, what's wrong?
By the way, you've changed a lot.
Even that hair.
This isn't the first time you saw it.
My hair kept growing this way.
Who are they?
Right. I was waiting
for the right time to introduce them.
This is Hae Kkadak
and this is his son, Hae Ttaemun.
Oh, so that really was a person's name.
Why is your name so weird?
Everything in the world has its reasons.
It's my mission to shine the light
upon them in the dark.
I see.
I had no idea it had such a deep meaning.
EUNSEOM: Some unknown people
abducted our warriors
and are demanding we take you to them.
- They said you were brothers.
Brothers? Who
I see, it must be them.
We were supposed to meet them.
They must've misunderstood.
But why brothers? We only met once.
Who are those people?
They have three of my brothers.
HAE KKADAK: We don't really know either.
I needed to meet them
to talk about something. Don't worry.
Once the misunderstanding is cleared up,
they'll release your brothers.
You're here, Father.
What in the world are you doing?
What do you mean?
The sword of Aramun in Yuil Temple.
I made it and gave it to Eunseom.
What are you going to do with it?
When Eunseom comes to Arthdal,
he will hold that sword and become Aramun.
What? Eunseom cannot win.
Arthdal will be armed with iron swords.
Are you going to kill everyone with such
foolish actions
for a guy who's going to lose?
I'm trying to save everyone.
That's nonsense!
You said
that millions instead of thousands
will fight in wars in the Iron Age.
You are right.
You started the era of slaughter
where millions
instead of thousands will die.
Fine. But can you stop that?
Even Airuju cannot stop this,
not to mention Asa Sin.
I know. She can't stop it.
That is why the Great White Wolf,
Asa Sin, failed.
We were unable to give up
on anything we achieved,
but she went to Iark
and did an experiment to undo it.
There was nothing she could undo.
I know.
I know. I know I can't stop it.
I saw how you
and the Wahan Tribe
so easily threw away the teachings
that have been passed down
for more than 200 years, and changed.
How can I not know that?
That's why I'm going to do it.
In this unstoppable era of slaughter,
I should do what I have to do
as the descendant of the Great White Wolf.
What are you going to do?
I'll tell them God doesn't help people
and that only people help people.
If they don't help each other,
they'll all be done for.
I'll threaten them in God's name.
So, as we learned, the world--
The world, the world!
Stop talking about that. It's ridiculous.
Yes, it might be.
But I'll make preparations
at the very least.
A world ruled by Aramun and Inaishingi
where people don't have to fight
in this continent.
You're going to make
Eunseom become Aramun?
Eunseom can never win.
What if there's no Tagon?
What if he's really gone insane?
What in the world are you thinking?
"What if there's no Tagon?"
What do you mean by that?
The king isn't acting normal.
As you know.
I'm not going to do anything right away.
you need to choose now.
I'll say this again.
I will not betray the king.
Then you must tell him everything.
Do it as soon as possible.
Do you think I won't?
I'll tell him right away.
You don't know
what kind of past the king and I had.
Do you know where my mother is?
- My mother--
- All options.
Evaluate all those options and choose.
MAN 1: Goodness, Niruha.
MAN 2: Are you insane?
YANGCHA: This is Tanya Niruha's order.
Don't mess around
and get lost from Arthdal.
Here's the list of people who offered
a lot of wealth to the Great Shrine.
TAGON: I got it.
Anything else to say?
If there's none, leave.
Do you have family or friends
you can trust completely?
Yes. I have one, Your Majesty.
You have more than me, the king.
How long have you held back?
- I don't understand.
- Your mind.
Honest thoughts and emotions.
Hiding all of those,
being with those
you don't want to be with,
and enduring it
while waiting for the right time.
Could you do that for ten years?
I don't think
I could endure it for ten years.
I would do something before that,
whatever it is.
I don't think
I can endure it any more either.
But there is someone who has endured it
for more than ten years.
GILSEON: I brought her as you ordered.
But why did you want the queen's servant?
Ten years.
You've waited for ten years.
Tell me everything now.
She's deaf and mute.
Your Majesty.
She can speak?
Since Mihol was alive until now,
it has been a long time.
Was she a yeomari?
I said
I would use you just once.
Today is the day.
Tell me the important things first.
First, ever since the Hanchoa War,
Lord Saya has never come to Arthdal.
- Are you okay?
- Can you hear?
CHOJAHA: I'm fine.
The king asked me to relay his orders.
Why? Where is the king, Royal Guard Head?
Your Highness, I do not know
as the order was relayed to me.
I will read them now.
The king gave three orders.
ALL: I will adhere to it.
First, Commander Dupa,
go to Molabeol Castle immediately
and relay the king's order.
I will. What order should I relay?
Molabeol's Commander Sodang,
Deputy Commander Daesayi,
and General Saya
shall return to Arthdal immediately.
YEONBAL: Wait. He's calling in
MAN 2: What?
the commanders in the front line
during the war?
It hasn't been long
since the general left for the front line.
GILSEON: Second, I appoint Commander Dupa
as the commander
in charge of the Ago's front line.
I, Commander Dupa, will follow his order
and annihilate the Ago Tribe.
What is happening?
That is not the end of the orders.
The third and the last order.
A banquet hosted by the king
will be held soon.
He ordered everyone to attend it.
- A banquet?
- What?
- All of a sudden?
- MAN: What is this?
Why is he calling back
Lord Saya out of the blue?
- Is there no news from Tamjo?
- Yes.
If he found something,
he must've sent a message.
If Lord Saya were alive, there's no reason
for him not to have come back yet.
Yes. You should consider Lord Saya dead.
Then what will happen?
What if Commander Sodang comes
and says he never came?
The king couldn't have
found out everything, right?
Where is Elder Asa Nipa?
She's here. Would you like to meet her?
With Asa Pil and the ministers
of the Asa Clan.
TAEALHA: Is the White Mountain Tribe
on my side?
Pardon, Your Highness?
Of course. The White Mountain Tribe
is helping you as per Asa Sakan's order.
Are the warriors
of the White Mountain Tribe
loyal enough to shed blood for me?
Is it not to that extent?
Asa Nipa.
I don't know why you are asking,
but if the reward is clear,
and if you pay for the blood,
it wouldn't be impossible.
You dare abduct Agos on Ago land?
Are you insane?
Since when was this Ago land?
We occupied it
and Inaishingi declared it,
so it's the land of Ago!
Did Inaishingi declare it?
That's bullshit.
You dare insult Inaishingi?
- Yes.
- Damn it.
I, Karat, am good at insulting.
- You'd better get used to it.
- What?
BADORU: Karat?
Both your name and that sword
I can clearly tell
which tribe you're from.
Then there's no reason for us to do this.
You and us--
I'm not interested in
what those higher-ups do.
We didn't abduct Hae Kkadak
or whatever their name is.
We don't do that!
Really? Doesn't the Ago Tribe abduct
their own siblings and sell them off?
TAE DACHI: That was a long time ago.
Inaishingi put an end to it
when he was reincarnated!
We'll wait and see.
Eat up.
The fish smells.
Is the smell from your waterfall?
You bastard.
That guy was a very skilled bachi
even recognized
in the Bronze Workshop in Arthdal.
DALSAE: Really?
Then do you think
he knows about iron swords too?
Arthdal made iron swords.
Right. Buksoe, listen to me carefully.
Iron swords are--
Arthdal did it.
They made iron swords.
Gosh, even Hae Kkadak couldn't do it
in the end.
Do you know about iron swords?
When you remove impurities from iron ore
and melt pure iron,
you can make incredible swords.
They're light, fast, and strong.
Hey, you.
Why did you change so much?
Why are you so smart?
Eunseom, hold onto him.
That is the only way.
You said he couldn't make
iron swords.
That's right, he can't. But
Gosh, I shouldn't say this.
What is it?
Tell us quickly, you punk.
Arthdal made iron swords?
- Yes.
- Gosh.
Whoever it is, they're amazing.
But why are you telling me that?
I heard you could make one.
I cannot.
I can melt iron
and I've studied swords for a long time,
but there's no way
to extract pure iron.
I heard there was a meteorite
made of pure iron.
But that is too rare.
It's very hard to find one,
and even if you do,
it would be too little.
I heard there was a huge meteorite
at the bottom of the Lake of Stars.
I shouldn't have trusted Buksoe.
That is none of your business.
Hae Kkadak, don't say that
and bet on Eunseom.
Yes. You need to stop them.
It's better for you not to know.
So there's a huge block of iron
at the bottom of the lake?
Yes. We found it before,
but there was no way to take it out.
Our lives depend on this.
We must find a way.
Let's check first.
- Be careful.
- Don't worry.
Even if it's deep,
I should be able to see it.
I'm a very good swimmer.
Don't fool around.
You punk.
Inaishingi, I'm going in.
Will Inaishingi come or not?
Of course he will.
You'll find out how absurd
your misunderstanding was.
The Ago Tribe is so funny.
You serve a dunce with unknown roots
as Inaishingi
and now you firmly believe in him.
What bullshit.
Why? Are you offended?
When this rope comes loose,
I'll pull out your tongue.
So keep talking.
Don't stop.
If Inaishingi doesn't show up,
I'm going to cut off your hand
and send it to him.
- He isn't coming out.
- It's been a while.
I'll go in.
Hey! Darn it.
Is there something?
There is. I saw it.
But I couldn't even go near it.
Hey, you should've touched it
to find out what it was at least.
You go in then.
If I went near it,
I would've run out of breath and died.
Is the lake that deep?
We need to reach it
so we can use a net or tie it with a rope.
No, no, no. Impossible.
Sarams cannot hold their breaths
for that long. It's not like we're fish.
That's why
Hae Kkadak couldn't take it out either.
You must go now, Inaishingi.
There must be a way.
We'll think of one. Get going.
Did you jump in
because you were worried about me?
No. I felt a bit hot.
It's hot?
Isn't it cold now?
Stop there.
You really came.
Are you hurt?
No, we're fine.
We were careless.
I am sorry.
You have a sorry face.
KARAT: Are you Inaishingi?
We did not abduct your brothers.
Brothers? I don't know them.
Who are you? Which tribe are you from?
Enough with the nonsense.
Send them here first.
After the trade, I'll kill that bastard.
We need
to get Hae Kkadak back.
Restrain yourself.
Thank you for accommodating us.
Forget what I said yesterday.
My nose was rotting
from the smell of your waterfall.
Hey, what are you blabbering on about?
Ttaemun, Ttaemun!
Follow him!
HAE KKADAK: Help me!
Help me!
This way.
Help me.
Help me.
Dalsae, duck!
Drop your sword and tell us who you are.
You already saved your hostages.
He is
not your brother.
The person who's supposed to take him
is already dead too.
Let him go and leave.
We must bring him with us.
An Igutu.
TAE MAJA: No way.
He was definitely dead.
(IN OTHER LANGUAGE) I, Karat of Marugin,
have resolved my galma
so I return it to water.
Please accept it.
- (IN KOREAN) What are you looking at?
- Hold on.
Weren't you dead?
How were you alive in the water?
He's from the Momo Tribe.
The Momo Tribe?
Then you weren't dead.
KARAT: As I was fighting,
I got tired,
so I took a rest.
He's Karat of the Momo Tribe.
And he is the Xabara's beogeumbari.
Hey, I'll pull your tongue out
as promised.
What? Why?
Do you know what he said
after he tied us up? Darn it.
(CHUCKLING) Please shut up, will you?
What is it?
Why are you doing this?
Damn it.
MAN: High Priest Niruha has arrived.
It is nice to gather together like this.
Since High Priest Niruha is here,
I have something to say first.
TAEALHA: What's so funny, Your Majesty?
Is there something amusing?
I was talking about you.
About me?
That is right.
- Arok, come here.
- Yes, Father.
My Queen, have a seat too.
Arok. Do you know where Saya is?
He went to fight the Ago Tribe.
He did not.
It seems that your mother has killed Saya.
Am I wrong?
Everyone must've heard
that since that day,
the king took too much medicine
and his mind became cloudy.
So he says bizarre things once in a while.
he even killed three yakbachis.
Where is Saya?
Did you kill him
or did you lock him up somewhere?
Obviously, he left
to Molabeol Castle recently--
Not the fake one! The real one!
The real Saya!
What do you mean, "fake" and "real"?
You instigated the Children of Shahati
to kill Saya.
Asa Yon confessed everything.
TAEALHA: Your Majesty.
Asa Yon has deep resentment against us.
He could say anything.
Your father seems to be ill.
- Let's see him next time.
- Gilseon!
Bring him here.
TAGON: Tell me what you did
in Hanchoa under whose orders.
Yes, Your Majesty.
The queen told me
to find someone
that looked like Lord Saya.
She told me to bring his body at least.
That's nonsense!
Did you want to kill Saya,
make his benetbeot act as him,
and make that fake give up
on his position as the heir
so that when Arok succeeded me,
you could try and kill me?
Do you really not see
Asa Yon's lie and that dunce's trick?
Your Majesty.
Commander Sodang will return
from Molabeol soon.
It would be nice if he came with Saya.
But if he doesn't,
if Sodang says
Saya never went to Molabeol,
it'll be over for you, Your Highness.
So just go and wait.
I'll escort you to the Fortress of Fire.
Follow me.
I know where it is.
- Prince Arok.
It's hard to believe
that there is a fake general.
Is it so hard to believe?
Have you never heard
about Saya's benetbeot?
Answer me.
Have you heard of it or not?
I've never heard of it.
TAGON: After you announced
that the blood of Aramun came to me,
I keep dreaming.
But not long ago,
as I was lying down in my bed,
Yangcha said this to Saya.
"This is Tanya Niruha's order."
"Get lost from Arthdal."
Was this a dream or reality?
Answer me
with your psychic ability of the gods!
Why? Can't you answer me?
Should I think about it however I like?
Your Majesty.
Why would I need the psychic ability
of the gods
to find out something like that?
Did you meet the fake Saya
and say such things in the king's bedroom?
In the name of Airuju,
tell the king without any lie.
If there's anything else
you have hid from the king, tell him.
I command you in the name
of High Priest Asa Tanya,
the reincarnation of Asa Sin.
TAGON: What are you doing?
The High Priest gave you a command.
Did you hide anything from me?
Did you say such things in my bedroom?
I have
never done that.
I hid nothing.
Your Majesty.
I suppose it was just a dream.
Your Majesty, you are going too far!
I just cannot fathom what you are saying.
What is it about the general passing away?
And a fake general?
What is that now?
I heard that dreams were like illusions.
In the past, they called it "gwitgeot."
Are you saying
I saw and heard a gwitgeot?
Or are you saying I am a gwitgeot?
Niruha has started a new world.
But are you still calling the dreams
dreamt by an Igutu
a dirty gwitgeot?
My King.
That's not what I mean.
It's the king's order.
I sentence Minister Chobal
to Daeyok Punishment!
TANYA: Your Majesty.
You cannot use the banquet
to confine the queen
and give an order
to kill a minister who advised you.
TAGON: Yes, I can.
I am the reincarnation of Aramun Haesulla.
I made you Aramun!
Since you appointed me,
dethrone me then.
I sentence Chobal to Daeyok Punishment.
Chobal, you will die,
unable to see the sky or make a sound.
Yes, Your Majesty.
- Drag him out.
- Your Majesty.
Sanung Niruha saved my life.
The banquet is over!
Daeyok Punishment?
He sentenced a minister
to Daeyok Punishment just for that?
Yes, the rumor is true.
The king is not in his right mind.
What's with the fake general
and Lord Saya being killed?
Hey, where are you going now?
You're going to headbutt him again?
Bakryangpung, hold him!
Should I sit still
when the country's going down?
You are insane.
How could you make me do that?
Do you think my mind is yours
just because you can read it?
Do you find pranks like this funny?
Shall I
tell you a secret?
A huge secret nobody has heard
and I've never spoken out loud.
What is it?
TANYA: I'm actually
an ordinary person.
One who has psychic ability of the gods
that can listen to others' thoughts?
No. To me,
that is like an incurable disease.
Just because I accepted it
as the voice of God,
it doesn't mean the pain goes away.
I'm just
One day, I received a mission,
and it's too much for me,
but I don't even have the courage
to run away like Asa Sin.
I'm just someone like that.
Regardless of what history you have
with Tagon and what situation you are in,
I'm lacking and in a rush
that I cannot even be considerate.
Is this a prank?
Is this funny?
I just desperately
held on to you asking for help.
- Niruha.
- Please join my side.
SODANG: What do you mean?
Why did he suddenly summon us?
DUPA: I'm just relaying
the king's message.
Also, from now on, I will be responsible
for the front line of the Ago.
This is the king's order too.
General Saya and Commander Sodang,
you must return to Arthdal without delay.
If you go to Arthdal,
what would I do here alone?
You'll get a message.
Follow Eunseom's orders.
Excuse me.
Will the new commander listen to me?
Tell him it was my order.
Write down what you need in there.
I don't know if this is enough.
Tell Eunseom to conquer Molabeol Castle
no matter what.
I'll go back and conquer Arthdal Castle.
He had it.
MAN: (IN KOREAN) Ikomahis.
Don't get on his nerves
and do it sincerely.
How many times are you going to say that?
I get it.
Why did he make me do it?
This is a military command.
You're bringing up military command?
Cheap move.
Yes, ma'am.
Only the Momo Tribe can take out
that iron meteorite
and that Hae Tribe guy can make it
into swords.
We must not let go of any of them.
KARAT: Bring the raspberry wine!
I'm coming.
I can assure you that he won't help us.
You've never dealt with him.
It's Inaishingi's order.
Until Ipsaeng comes back,
we must hold him here no matter what.
What did he order Ipsaeng?
Why did he go to Agoha Forest?
If you need anything,
feel free to let me know.
What are you plotting?
Why are you doing this to us?
(LAUGHS) What do you mean?
We just want you to rest well
until your wound is healed.
Then enjoy.
This is strange.
- Welcome.
Come in here.
Isn't there something
we need to talk about?
Yes, there is.
I resolved my galma
and am done with my business,
but you must have a lot of questions,
so I should tell you.
Before that,
why are you chasing after them?
My clan has a deep history with them too.
Gosh, what's the use of me knowing that?
But it's strange.
Why are these sly guys
treating us this way?
You aren't going to help them.
So they do want something from me.
Right? Of course I won't help them.
It's the best
for us Momo Tribe not to do anyone
any favors nor receive any.
That's all galma.
If I have galma, I need to repay it.
If I can't repay,
I can't go to the Land of Light.
Thinking about it alone is tiring.
- Gosh.
- If you help,
the history of the entire Arth continent
will change.
The history
of the entire Arth continent will change?
Then I must never help them.
I cannot form galma with the entire world.
Relay my words to Minister Asa Pil.
Then you will get ten times more.
SAYA: You should give me more.
For example
the whole of Arthdal?
What is this?
Who are you?
And isn't this Mihol's memento?
I see.
Since you killed him yourself,
it must not be very precious to you.
Are you Saya?
Who else would it be?
What happened?
You were alive, but until now--
Aren't you being too shameless
when you tried to kill me?
Believe it or not,
I never tried to kill Arok.
I know
that it was not you.
Did you try to kill me when you knew that?
Because you needed to kill me anyway?
When I sent the Children of Shahati,
I really thought it was you.
I investigated the poison
that almost killed Arok.
But the Hae Tribe's bachis who knew about
more than 200 poisons
couldn't figure it out.
Then we finally figured it out.
That poisoned needle
There was
no poison.
We were trying to find poison,
but there was none,
so of course we couldn't.
Then that incident
It was Tagon.
He wanted to make me kill you
and kill me for that crime.
He almost succeeded.
So what will you do now?
I will attack Tagon.
Can you not forgive the king?
Tagon and I don't have
that kind of relationship.
- There's nothing to forgive.
- Then?
Something in me finally ended.
Do you want to listen to my plan?
If that plan consists
of you and I taking over Arthdal.
Kill Tagon and enthrone Arok.
You'll be the regent, of course.
What will you get?
I'm going to marry Tanya.
That is all I need.
That is all you need?
You don't expect me
to believe that, right?
In the end,
we might end up fighting.
I'll prepare too.
Sure. But until then,
we can work together.
SAYA: Those that attacked Remus.
Are the records
in Pilgyeonggwan everything?
When Father helped Hae Kkadak run away,
he sent some with him.
What about it?
SAYA: "Those with the shields
with finger patterns
wiped out Remus in an instant."
"In the place where they charged
shouting, 'Ikomahis,'
not one survived."
It has been
passed down in the family of Ragaz.
(IN KOREAN) No way.
- What?
- Sodang is back,
and General Saya isn't dead.
They came together.
Where is Sodang?
Saya is here?
Yes. Not Eunseom, but Saya.
The real general is back.
NUNBYEOL: What about my sister?
Where is she?
Don't worry. She is on her way.
Why didn't she come with you?
- If you're fooling me--
- MAN: Who is it?
What brings you here?
If anyone sees us together,
things will get messy.
Go in there.
I'll explain later.
MAN: Who is it?
Stop there!
I have a question for you.
How did you get that?
What is your relationship with it?
You came here for this?
I guess this is very important.
Where did you get it from?
Before that,
tell me what this is first.
Did you steal it?
Whose is it?
Is it yours?
If it is?
If you are its owner, we must go together.
If not, you must die.
Who are these guys?
I don't know.
They followed me here.
I don't know why they did.
NUNBYEOL: Now tell me.
If something happened to Chaeeun,
you'll die.
I shouldn't die.
Our time has finally come.
What do you mean?
You'll take revenge.
And I
will get Arthdal.
We will
kill Tagon now.
What I mean is
- I'll explain everything.
- Tell me your plan.
How will you
take over Arthdal?
The original plan we made with Mubaek.
We'll kill Tagon,
take down Taealha,
and we,
the three children of the prophecy,
will take over this world.
TAGON: I sentence Yeonbal and Gitoha
to Daeyok Punishment.
His madness is getting out of hand.
TAEALHA: We must not miss this timing.
HAE TUAK: Can you really kill someone
whom you've wished for for so long?
TAEALHA: Because he was someone
I wished for in the past.
SAYA: See you again at this time
tomorrow night.
In front of Tagon's corpse.
PYEONMI: The High Priest is with us too,
which gives us a lot of support.
SAYA: We benetbeot brothers
will make this land peaceful
with the least amount of blood, for you.
Only for you, Tanya.
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