Arthur (1996) s01e21 Episode Script

Sue Ellen Moves In/The Perfect Brother

Every day when you're
walking down the street ♪
Everybody that you meet
has an original point of view. ♪
( laughs )
And I say hey! ♪
What a wonderful kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen
to your heart ♪
Listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
Open up your eyes,
open up your ears ♪
Get together and make things
better by working together ♪
It's a simple message
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself ♪
For that's the place
to start ♪
And I say hey! ♪
What a wonderful kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other. ♪
What a wonderful kind of day ♪
Hey! What a wonderful
kind of day. ♪
Hey, D.W.
( crash )
Sometimes when kids first meet,
they have trouble getting along.
I remember
when Muffy met Prunella.
I hate you!
I hated you first.
But I hate you more.
I hate you
times infinity.
Now they're best friends.
Binky didn't like
the Brain at first.
( blocks tumbling )
( Brain bawling )
Maybe they aren't
best friends
But they've learned
to work it out.
( both laughing )
Nothing was like when
we all met Sue Ellen.
( cackling )
( roars like a lion )
( chuckles )
( loud rumbling )
You guys will
never catch me!
( Buster crashing )
( gasps )
I won, I won!
Did not.
Buster, who won?
Guys, look-- moving van!
Who's moving in?
Come on
Let's go see.
Do you think they have kids?
There's at least one kid.
Well, I have
hockey practice.
See you later.
I wonder if
they're in there.
( whispering ):
Buster, your ears.
( Buster gasps )
What is that
weird stuff?
I don't see
any people.
Kind of unearthly.
Look out your window
at this perfect weather
because tomorrow
will be cloudy and colder.
( panting ):
I know why we didn't
see people in there:
they're invisible!
( lights click on )
( Arthur and Buster cry out )
The new family in town
sounds interesting.
I want to
interview them.
Have you seen them yet?
I don't think anybody's going
to be able to see them, mom.
We should go to the FBI
before we go back
to that house.
Before you spread a crazy rumor,
I want to be sure.
Oh, like the idea
of invisible people
is crazy right.
Arthur, how will
we know if invisible
people are chasing us?
( both gasp )
( both panting )
What do you see? Huh?
I don't see any
invisible people.
( Buster gasping )
Aren't you glad
we looked now?
This is worse
than I ever imagined.
Sometimes they're invisible
and sometimes they're not!
Maybe it's just
that their lights
are on a timer.
That's just the kind of thinking
that'll get this planet
I heard
strange things
about them, too.
I knew it!
What'd you hear?
Rubella heard
they had to leave
their old home.
Maybe their
planet's water
got too
so they came
to steal ours and
they have
a lot of statues
and paintings
and stuff in their home.
You know what I think?
I think they were in another
city, like Paris France.
( clanking )
( propellers whirring )
( appreciative mumbling )
( clattering )
( scraping )
( both gasp )
( guards chatting )
( one guard chuckling )
( gasps )
( whistle blowing )
( alarm ringing,
whistle blowing )
( gasps )
( sirens sounding )
We must leave this country--
set course for a place called
"Elwood City,
where no one suspects
I'm here
to rob them."
I saw her-- she's not
the cat burglar type.
Thank you, Miss Jones.
( crashing )
( sinister voice ):
I'm not Miss Jones.
Give me the
master program
or I ruin your
computer forever!
( stammering )
I spy for a country that even
I can't pronounce the name of
but soon everyone will be
struggling to say it
as we conquer
the world!
( crackling )
Everyone's after you.
Where will you go?
Somewhere I can pretend
to be an ordinary girl.
But one day
I'll return to Ninga
I'll come back here.
Arthur, that's the most
ridiculous thing I ever heard.
I'm telling you
She's part of an alien
invasion force given human form.
( strange accent ):
Hey bravo.
All right!
( baaing loudly )
( laughing )
( giggles )
Who knows how many
of them walk among us.
Muffy, guess what
I heard about the new girl.
She's a criminal
who came here
to escape prison!
She's weird and creepy.
No one knows exactly
where she came from.
When you're hiding out,
you always go to a small town
( all talking rapidly )
Hello, hello?
What is everyone talking about?
Hey, did you hear
about the new kid?
Who is this?
wrong number.
Hi. I'm Sue Ellen.
I just moved in.
Where's the post office?
( both stammering )
That way.
Snow is so weird.
It's like cold, wet sand.
Didn't they have snow
on your planet uh
where you're from?
No. I've never seen it before.
( muttering )
( twangy reverberations )
Is that music?
Yeah outer-space music.
( all scream )
( panting )
Wash and put on
a clean shirt.
That new family is
coming for dinner.
I interviewed them
yesterday for the paper.
Ooh, they know I know, and
they're coming to neutralize me.
Their daughter's
a stranger in town,
so be nice to her.
Stranger than
you know, mom.
I'm not hungry!
( sniffs )
Roast beef
Mashed potatoes
Raspberry pie!
No-- this may be
a clever alien trap.
( sinisterly ):
You are the
only human
who knows our
true identities.
( others laughing )
( Buster shouting )
Ah, man, now earth is enslaved
because I couldn't control
my appetite.
I wish I'd brought some cookies.
They're in my house!
Did you see the article
about Sue Ellen's family?
They lived all over the world.
That's why all their stuff
is different and
You don't believe
that, do you?
Your mom wrote it.
My own mom,
fooled by aliens.
Hey, what
smells so good?
That's the bait they're using.
Hey, if you came to eat with me,
we could guard each other.
You should
bring things
from the places
you've lived
to class.
You really think so?
My father's worked
all around the world.
The last place
he worked was San Jose
the capital of Costa Rica.
How do you explain
that you didn't know
what snow was?
Costa Rica has
a warm climate-- no snow.
Before, we
lived in Nigeria
And these are kobo--
the coins they use there.
I'll pass them around.
Thank you, Sue Ellen,
and welcome.
Kobo, shmobo.
How do we know
This is an
earth metal?
My family wants
you and your mom
to come over
for hot dogs.
Arthur told me you love them
and I've never
had an American
hot dog.
Hot dogs?
Hot dogs!
They've got me--
They know I can't
resist them.
Oh, well
maybe they're
friendly aliens.
And now
All these kids in back
of me are new in school.
We're new in school.
We're all new.
And I'm new in school, too.
We want to talk
to somebody about this.
"Dear Sue Ellen, I was nervous.
your friend, Frankie."
We're writing letters
to Sue Ellen to tell her
How we felt when we
were new in school.
I thought I would never fit in.
"Dear Sue Ellen
"I know how it feels
to be the new kid
but after a week or so
I started fitting in."
Some people are shy and stuff.
"Dear Sue Ellen, I was really
shy when I came to school.
your friend, Dee David Cole."
I felt shy, but when
I got over it, I was happy.
So if there was a new kid in
my class, I would help him out.
Tell them everybody's names
And be their new friend.
"Dear Sue Ellen"
"Dear Sue Ellen"
"I felt a little scared
because I did not know
anyone at my new school."
"I felt nervous and shy."
"but a few days later
I met Jason,
and he is my best friend."
"but the first friend
I met was Brian Dennehy.
He is my best friend."
"Your friend, Brian Dennehy."
"Your friend, Jason Azul."
And now
I love having
my friends come over.
When Buster's here, I never have
to eat leftovers the next day.
Arthur, don't forget to eat
some peas.
Do you mind?
There's none left.
I wish Buster ate here
every night.
And when Francine
visits, well
let's just say next
to her I look neat.
Don't tell me
Francine was here.
I wish my friends
could live here.
Then everything
would be perfect.
( bird singing )
( thunder )
Is that a horse
or a pig?
D.W., Go away.
Guess what.
Alan's spending the weekend.
His parents
are going away.
Alan who?
Oh, you mean the Brain.
It will be like
having a brother--
Somebody who'll do
things I like.
I always wanted
a brother.
Instead, I got stuck
With two sisters.
You're not stuck.
You can leave at any time,
and I'll take your room.
We'll have all weekend
to do great things
like build a time machine.
Are you sure this will work?
It will,
after I insert
the nuclear core.
Open the door.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go back in time!
( buzzing, rumbling )
When do we go home?
I don't know
how to go
forward in time--
just backwards.
Do you mean we can
never go home?
( explosions )
( roaring )
( roaring )
( screaming )
Or maybe we'll build
something simpler.
( suction cups popping )
( screams )
A big, hairy spider
stepped on my face
( both laughing )
And we'll stay up late.
( laughing )
Are you two
asleep up there?
Yes, mom.
( suction cups pop )
( grunts )
( laughing )
( Kate laughing )
Is something
wrong, D.W.?
Arthur's friend is coming.
It will be like
having two Arthurs.
( screaming )
( laughing sinisterly )
Don't you
want to play
Egyptian princess?
First you're
a princess.
Then you're
a mummy.
Go away!
Maybe I'll spend
the weekend
at grandma's.
Hi, Arthur.
We're off to
the ice creamers'
She's nominated
for best new flavor:
cucumber crunch.
Well, good luck.
Let's put
your stuff
in my room.
Look out!
A giant mad dog!
( barking )
( both grunt )
( laughing )
Oh, no, his tongue
is poison.
Time for dinner, men.
Look how neatly
Alan keeps his clothes.
Yeah, sure, mom.
I'm done.
Let's play.
May I be excused, Mrs. Read?
of course, Alan.
Dinner was
Mr. Read.
Oh, yeah, great, dad.
Shouldn't we do homework
It's not due
till Monday.
If we do it now
we'll have the weekend
free to read
next week's
Next week's lesson?
That's very
sensible, Alan.
Oh, all right.
Are you giving up?
I'm done.
Can I look at
your answers?
But you learn by
doing it yourself.
I can finish later.
Let's play.
( Arthur gasps )
My game.
( panting )
Ready to play again?
You beat me 30 games to none.
Maybe I'll go
do my homework.
Is it okay if
I keep shooting?
I shoot 100 free throws
every night for practice.
You weren't just born good?
( giggles )
Want to sneak down and watch
Curse of the Puppet Sister?
Wouldn't your folks be mad?
I think we'd
better sleep.
It's while you
sleep you grow.
I'd rather be short
and watch scary movies.
Look at this!
While you were
tying your shoes
The Brain taught Pal new tricks.
( snaps fingers )
( claps once )
I always thought
that dog was dumb.
I guess it was
just you, Arthur.
I'm done first.
I beat you.
Mr. Read, you could
accomplish that
much more efficiently.
That's fantastic
isn't it, Arthur?
Yeah, dad.
Mayonnaise is wild.
Let's play a game, Brain.
This is my favorite game
but no one likes
to play with me.
When you delete
these files
runs faster.
That's great!
Arthur, Alan
my computer.
Oh, great.
I'll be in the yard
with the game.
Rapunzel, Rapunzel,
let down your hair!
Here she is,
putting all her hair
out the window.
She must use
of shampoo.
Hey, Brain,
the game
is set up.
He can't play now.
He's reading.
You never want me
to read to you.
Brain reads faster.
I wish he could
always live here.
I'll be there
as soon as I'm done.
Where's the Brain?
I don't know my house?
WHy don't you want him
playing with us?
Because he's always being
smarter than me, neater than me.
HE even eats better than I do.
( chewing noisily )
Why can't you chew
your food like Alan?
The Brain is nice.
He wouldn't make you
look bad on purpose.
You're right.
I guess it's not his fault
my family likes him better.
I had to go
to Buster's for something.
Hi, Pal.
Pal must have
thought I was you.
Did you finish that homework?
Sort of.
I'll go do it.
( laughter outside )
This game is fun.
When I played with Arthur,
it was boring.
He didn't read
all the rules
like you, Alan.
That weekend
went by quickly.
It sure did-- see you.
Your parents are lucky
to have a son like you.
And I'll bet
they're anxious
to see you again.
Kate said her first
word this morning:
Want to make popcorn
at my house?
No, I'm going home.
Are you mad, Arthur?
Who could be
mad at you?
You're perfect.
I'm home.
Hello, Alan.
Did you have fun?
Yeah, we'll
put my clothes
in my room.
I don't
believe it.
You were so neat in my house.
It almost killed me.
I was a guest in your house;
I had
to be polite.
Want some popcorn?
Need a hand?
Why, thank you, Arthur.
Alan, you could
take a few lessons
from Arthur.
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen
to your heart ♪
Listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
It's a simple message
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself ♪
For that's the place
to start ♪
And I say hey! ♪
Hey! What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
Hey! What a wonderful
kind of day! ♪
Hey! ♪
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