Arthur (1996) s01e22 Episode Script

D.W.'s Snow Mystery/Team Trouble

Every day when you're
walking down the street ♪
Everybody that you meet
has an original point of view. ♪
( laughs )
And I say hey! ♪
What a wonderful kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen
to your heart ♪
Listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
Open up your eyes,
open up your ears ♪
Get together and make things
better by working together ♪
It's a simple message
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself ♪
For that's the place
to start ♪
And I say hey! ♪
What a wonderful kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other. ♪
What a wonderful kind of day ♪
Hey! What a wonderful
kind of day. ♪
Hey, D.W.
( crashing )
That's my favorite book.
I want to save it.
D.W.'s funny.
I think if she had room
she'd save everything.
Last fall
she saved every acorn she found.
( cooing )
Kate, I hope you didn't
crack any of my acorns.
( coos )
But the silliest thing
she ever saved
is in the freezer--
a snowball from last winter.
Close the freezer.
Your snowball's not
going anywhere.
I was just checking.
Faster and more annoying
than a mosquito
( gasps )
Maybe I'm dreaming.
No, I'm awake.
( D.W. screaming )
What's wrong, D?
D.W., what on earth
are you doing?
( whining ):
My snowball is gone.
Wait, hold on.
It must be in
there somewhere.
No, the most important
thing I ever owned
is gone!
D.W., it was just
a snowball.
It was not
just a snowball.
Don't you remember?
( D.W. grunting )
( barks )
( yells )
( giggles )
( both laugh )
Hold it,
young lady.
No snowballs in the house.
I want to freeze it.
This was the best day
of my life.
I want to keep a piece of it.
So can I?
Okay-- put it
on a plate
so it doesn't stick
to the freezer.
And even in the summertime
I always checked on it
and it was always there.
And and now it's gone!
Who would have taken
your snowball?
I bet Arthur knows.
Steady easy does it.
( running footsteps )
D.W., what are you
looking for?
( thud )
As if you didn't know.
Is something missing?
You want to know what's missing?
You want to know
what's missing?!
( all moan )
My snowball.
She's keeping an old
snowball in the freezer.
( weeping ):
It wasn't just
some old snowball.
When was the last time
you saw it, D.W.?
This calls for detective work.
Take me to the scene
of the crime.
It was in
the freezer,
When was the last time
you saw the snowball, D.W.?
I asked that
ten minutes ago.
I last saw it
at lunch time.
Did anything
unusual happen
between yesterday
and today?
Hmm yes!
Grandma Thora and Mrs. MacGrady
stopped by
on their way home from bingo.
Hello, everybody.
Hello, dear.
( overjoyed ):
D.W.! my favorite
( unenthusiastically ):
Oh, hi, Arthur.
( sniffling )
Hi, Grandma.
D.W., you're
so wonderful.
And how's
your snowball?
Hold it! hold it!
That's not
what happened.
Grandma doesn't know
about the snowball.
Well, maybe
I'll tell you
what happened.
Hello, children.
You certainly
have grown.
( with deep voice ):
Hello, Grandma.
Look at me!
Look at me!
D.W., you're
annoying Grandma.
No, of course
she's not.
Get me an aspirin.
She's giving me
a splitting headache.
Grandma did not say that.
Not out loud
but I could tell
she was thinking it.
Why, hello, Grandma.
How are you today?
( blows raspberry )
Grandma, we're trying
to remember what happened
When you came over yesterday.
Well, I remember
what happened.
( Arthur and D.W.
making loud commotion )
( loud singing and humming )
Arthur! D.W.! Please!
Pardon me, dear
But I remember it
a little differently.
ARTHUR and D.W.:
Hello, Grandma.
( in unison ):
We love you.
Would you ladies
like some ice cream?
That's right.
Mom got ice cream
from the freezer.
Was the snowball
I didn't notice.
Wait a minute.
That dog was in the kitchen.
So you think Pal
took your snowball?
It's possible.
He just jumped out.
Dogs can't open umbrellas.
Maybe he learned.
What else does he
have to do all day?
Point to Agassi, that's 30-love.
Don't forget, Buster and I
were here yesterday, too.
Arthur's mom invited us
for ice cream.
I wish
my grandchildren
were more
like Francine.
But Buster was a p-i-g, pig.
( burps )
No ice cream left.
There's more ice cream
In the freezer.
Oh, I'll get it.
You're not writing,
Because that
never happened.
We were all having ice cream
and the other snake says,
"You can't love me
I'm your other end."
( uproarious laughter )
Remind me to tell Mr. Haney
to push you ahead
a grade, Buster.
Hey, Mrs. Read
you gave me warm soda.
Thanks a lot.
I'll gladly get
an ice cube for you.
He's so nice.
I can get
my own ice cube.
Darn it, there isn't
any lousy ice in here.
Maybe this is big enough
to cool it off.
Oh, that is
so untrue.
What were you guys doing
while I played piano
for Grandma?
( playing "Chopsticks" )
( all snickering )
Let's see how long
it takes D.W.'s snowball
to melt in the sun.
( laughing sinisterly )
We weren't there
when Arthur did it.
( growls )
I didn't do it.
Somebody did it.
I want a confession!
( whistles )
I've reached a conclusion
by discerning the truth
from eyewitness
While we were busy,
a space alien materialized.
( sniffing )
In a scientific search
for human food
he took the snowball
but nothing else
because he left in a hurry.
( yawns )
Now, who left
that freezer
door open?
It's the only answer.
That's why the plate is missing.
That's crazy.
One of you took my snowball.
Just confess,
Why don't you?
It was probably Arthur.
How could you
think that?
Someone should
admit it.
It's not nice
to do this
to a
little girl.
You're all in on it.
You're breaking
a child's heart.
It's a conspiracy!
Someone's going
to get hurt feelings
if we all don't
calm down.
Hey, everybody!
Look outside.
It's snowing.
The first
snow of
the year.
Big deal.
It'll never be
the same.
D.W., we'll have just
as much fun as last year.
Maybe more.
Yeah, I do.
I wish I knew what
happened to my snowball.
I told you
they'd never
figure it out.
So this is
what they eat.
Mmm, we've got
to get the recipe.
And now
What happened to the snowball?
What happened to the snowball?
What happened to the snowball?
We don't know what happened
to D.W.'s snowball.
We're coming up with ideas.
( girl screams )
Who took my snowball?
What happened
to my snowball?
If you keep opening
the freezer
your snowball
will melt.
Four groups in our class
are having a play
about what happened.
This is our ending
of "D.W.'s
Snow Mystery."
I'm D.W.
I'm the leprechaun.
I'm Arthur.
I'm the elf.
I'm Pal.
( screams )
Where's my snowball?
Pal, where's
my snowball?
( barks )
Last night I saw an elf and
a leprechaun take the snowball.
The end.
I'm the freezer.
I'm the toppings.
I'm Arthur's dad.
I'm the table.
I'm the
inside of the
Ooh, I'm hungry.
I hope there's something
for me in the freezer.
D.W.'s father went
into the freezer
Ooh, this looks good.
Took the snowball out
I'll add some
whipped cream
Some hot fudge.
made it into a sundae
and ate it.
Ooh, this is good.
The end.
And now
I'm lucky.
I have great friends.
The day I met Buster
was the most unforgettable
moment in my life.
Hi, I'm Buster.
My name's Arthur.
Well, see ya.
And being on Francine's team
is the best.
( growling )
( cheering )
When you're on Francine's team
you never lose.
( moans )
you lose.
( gong bangs )
The Great Wall of China
is 1,500 miles long.
It was built
over 2,000 years ago
and still stands today.
That's older than
the cafeteria hot dogs.
( Ratburn clears throat )
The Appian way was the chief
highway from Rome to Greece.
It was built in 312 B.C.
and is still in use today.
We'll divide into teams
to study and report on
ancient civilizations.
Reporting on Rome: Arthur,
Francine and Buster.
Great team!
Oh, boy.
How should we do
our report?
We write it
Then read it
to the class.
No, no, we want it to be
the best, right?
Then we shouldn't read it
to the class, I should.
Maybe there's a more
interesting way.
I-I mean, more creative.
( baritone, piano, drums
play )
Guys, guys.
What if we
write a song?
Ancient Rome ♪
It's not like home ♪
Col osseum ♪
( piano playing simple tune )
We could do it as an
interpretive dance.
With those feet?
( woman screaming )
Let's make a video!
How would we make
it look ancient?
I have an old coat.
We need to show
what Rome was like
and be interesting.
Oh, I've been waiting
for this book to be in.
How to write and
draw comic books.
That's it!
Buster, you're
a genius!
( yells )
What do you mean?
We can do a comic book
about Rome.
Boy, my ideas
are good.
Arthur, you do
the first page
I'll do the second
and Buster,
you do the third.
It will be the best history
project anyone ever did.
What are we waiting for?
Let's go home and do it!
Oh, beauty!
( quietly ):
I don't know where to start.
What's the most exciting thing
about ancient Rome?
( Pal barks )
( thud )
( Pal barks )
( yelling )
( groans )
E-excuse me,
Where am I?
Hey, what do you mean?
You in Rome, boss.
I am?
I traveled through time!
I can show you
all of the
big secrets
of Rome.
Five denarii.
( gasps )
And I have Roman money!
In here is
the Senate.
Come on--
be quiet.
I've gone back
thousands of years
to a strange country
but if I ever do get home
I'll have the best report
in third grade history!
( groans )
( alarm ringing )
I'm back.
But now I know exactly
what to draw!
I stayed up late
finishing my page.
Me, too.
The Roman senators
were worried.
Then the emperor arrived.
He said, "The scroll of Roman
law is lost.
If we don't find it,
I can't run the empire."
The senators searched everywhere
for the scroll.
Suddenly "looking
for this, are you?"
"Yes, thanks."
"Well, you can't
have it."
( laughs evilly )
"I'm going to run
this empire!
Get them, boys!"
( all gasp )
Thinking quickly
the bravest senator took out
his bag of gum balls.
( shouts )
"Get me out
of here!"
( growling )
( screams )
( barking )
The skeletons defeated, they
chased the villain in a boat.
"Wait for me!
"Wait up, wait up!
Let's go, let's go!"
( roars )
"You are doomed!"
( laughs )
( screaming )
"There's no escape."
That's how it ends?
That's just the first page.
You did
the second.
My page is about
the Olympics.
( crowd cheering )
I quit, I quit!
I give up!
Uncle, Uncle, Uncle!
( groans )
( crying )
I'm done.
Here's my page.
That's no comic page.
It's a drawing.
It's called a splash panel.
It's full of action.
That's Spartacus defending
the pizza from soldiers
hidden in
the horse.
They're fighting
for the pyramids.
That's Julius Caesar
on a glider.
There were no jet engines then.
Your pages aren't like mine.
Remember, your history projects
are due tomorrow.
( bell rings )
I have great expectations!
This is a total
You guys have to
redo your pages
to be like mine.
Yours rots!
You should make yours like mine.
Mine is the first page.
Why not ask
other people
which is best?
Then you can both make yours
like mine.
I will!
Then you'll
be sorry.
No, you'll
be sorry!
What's this got to do
with history?
I made history
You didn't use
any real history at all.
Maybe not very much.
I know it's great.
Just tell me
how great.
The Olympics were in Greece
not Rome.
Strike one!
I'll change it to Roman athletes
at the Greek Olympics.
No, the Romans
banned the Olympics
in 194 B.C.
Didn't you do
any research?
Yours rots!
( crowd cheers )
Arthur, we have to meet
right away!
Buster, meeting
at the tree house right now.
I should have done research.
I guess a history project
needs history in it.
Well, Binky really
liked my page
so I guess I have
to start all over.
We all have to start over
but there's no time.
Ratburn's going to fail us.
It's too bad
because you drew
the Roman forum
very well.
You think so?
Your Colosseum
and chariot race are cool.
So is this Julius Caesar.
If we'd
worked together
The project could
have been great.
There is a lot
of good stuff here.
Maybe we don't
have to start over.
In 44 B.C., he was stabbed
in the Roman Senate
and that
was the end of
Julius Caesar.
Roman emperor,
and historian
like us.
The end.
( applause )
Very good.
Who thought
of drawing a poster together?
We all did.
But it took a while
for us to figure it out.
A good team effort.
Although I'm not sure they had
pizza delivered to the senate.
Next time, we decide what to do
before we do it.
When do we meet
at the Sugar Bowl?
Aren't we going to the park?
No, to the movies.
Who agreed
to that?
Quiet, please.
The next team
is ready.
We've chosen to do
our report on Egypt
as an interpretive
Mummies were
dead Egyptians
who died
and got embalmed
and tightly wrapped
in cloth
after they died.
We agreed to go
to the Sugar Bowl!
( muffled mumbles )
I don't care
what you two do.
I'll be at
the movies.
And now
I thought you might like
to see how I draw
( screaming )
You start with
this large U shape,
and we'll do sort of a wavy line
for the top of her hair,
two circles for her eyes,
and we'll add the dots,
and two little lines
for her nostrils,
and a nice big curve
for a smile.
And now we'll add her hair
and her ears.
And there you have D.W.
( giggling )
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen
to your heart ♪
Listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
It's a simple message
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself ♪
For that's the place
to start ♪
And I say hey! ♪
Hey! What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
Hey! What a wonderful
kind of day! ♪
Hey! ♪
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