Arthur (1996) s21e00 Episode Script

An Arthur Thanksgiving

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Every day when you're
walking down the street ♪
Everybody that you meet
has an original point of view ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen to your
heart, listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
Open up your eyes,
open up your ears ♪
Get together
and make things better ♪
By working together ♪
It's a simple message,
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself,
for that's the place to start ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
What a wonderful kind of day ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
Hey, D.W.!
(bell jingling)

This year is kind of
a weird Thanksgiving.
We've never had
this many people before.
Look at all these new faces.
I don't even know
half these people.
Nothing at all
like past Thanksgivings
Last year, our only guests
were Grandma Thora
and Grandpa Dave.
We didn't even have Pal.
And the year before that
Kate hadn't been born.
I sort of remember the year
Aunt Minnie visited us
That was the year
when the turkey
fell onto the table.
We called it table-turkey.
It was still really good.
Thanksgiving has never been
like this.
I mean, a fireman?
And a goat?
But I'm happy
they're all here.
Today they all feel like family.
(Pal barking)

"An Arthur Thanksgiving:
Part One."

(alarm beeping)
(alarm stops)
Pal, let me up.
I can't feel my feet.
(Pal yawns)

(cabinet creaking,
dishes clattering)
(turkey sizzling)
Let's see
sweet potatoes
grits and corn pudding
cheesy bacon brussels sprouts
Smells good!
What's for breakfast?
Leftover spaghetti
from last night.
If Thanksgiving dinner
is going to come together,
I need full use of the kitchen.
Where are the cranberries?

We have to stay
out of Dad's way.
You know how he gets when
he's cooking on Thanksgiving.
Can I have cereal?
Sorry, we're not allowed
to use any bowls or spoons.
I think he's lifted the ban
on using the sink
(Pal barking)
but I don't want to risk it.
No begging!
He's not begging!
He's just saying hello.
He's saying hello
to my meatball.
Pal has been getting
a little grabby lately.
Yesterday he took
D.W.'s sandwich.
Her plate was on the floor.
And he ate one of Kate's
teething biscuits.
He shouldn't take food
from Kate.
He's not taking it.
She's giving it to him.
Ooh, is that the cheesy bacon
brussels sprouts?
I made a double batch
this year.
(Pal barking)
Pal, no!
Down, boy!
(Pal whining)
That dog is out of control.
He is not.
He just loves bacon.
(phone ringing)
How was the flight?
(Pal barking, Kate cooing)
Okay, tell the cab driver
it's 562 Main Street.
Great, see you soon.
Who's Minnie?
She's your aunt.
She's coming for Thanksgiving.
All the way from France!
I don't have
an Aunt Minnie.
Yes, you do.
You just forgot.
She's my sister.
You were very little
the last time she was here.
Are there any other secret
relatives you're hiding from me?
What about
cousin Octo-Paul?
He has eight tentacles
instead of hands.
(Kate laughs)
He's just teasing you.
Arthur stop teasing D.W.
(Kate babbling, Pal barking)
I think we're going to have
to keep Pal in your room
during dinner
so he doesn't bother people
while they're eating.
He has to have Thanksgiving
with us!
I'll run him around and
tire him out after the parade.
He won't bother anyone.
We'll see.
I'll get you some spaghetti.
I need these plates!
But all the other plates
are in the dishwasher.
Fine, I'll just put
the brussels sprouts in here
and use this.
(Kate babbling, Pal barks)
(D.W. gasps)
Pal just stole Kate's meatball!
This is exactly
what I was talking about.
Drop it!
Here's uh
half of your meatball, Kate.
No, sweetie, you can't have that
after it was in Pal's mouth.
Maybe we'll run around
outside now.
(Kate wailing)

You're not going to eat
off the table, anymore,
right, Pal?


Hello, old friend.
I'm not interested
in your foolery today.
Where did he go?
How bumbling of me.
I keep dropping these acorns.
You're doing it on purpose!
Good show-- almost.
(whistling continues)
Here, boy.
Let's go.
One day, Nemo.
I will catch you.

(Kate laughs)
What time do you have to be
at the Thanksgiving parade?
It starts at 11:00,
but Mr. Ratburn wants us to meet
at 10:00 to rehearse.
Okay, eat up.
We leave in five minutes.
Am I coming too?
No, you'll stay here
and watch the parade
when it comes down our street.
Maybe Aunt Minnie would enjoy
watching it with you.
Is Aunt Minnie the one who sang
all those songs that time?
Aunt Minnie is the one
who sent us those coloring books
for Christmas.
Of the stained glass.
And the wooden puzzle
of the old French cars?
Oh yeah!
Wait, then who sang that song
about the caterpillar?
Did she have a pink hat?
That was someone at the mall
selling yogurt.
I liked her.

Sorry, Pal.
No more people food.
But you can rinse
the sauce off my plate.
Pal, sit.
Good boy!
Totally trained.
(cries out)
My cheesy bacon
brussels sprouts!
What did Pal do now?
Arthur come down.
Pal ate an entire plate
of my cheesy bacon
brussels sprouts!
(doorbell rings)
Licked the plate clean.
That dog is a menace.
I left him one second ago!
It only took one second
for him to eat three pounds
of organic brussels sprouts.
He didn't mean to!
Please take him out!
(Pal whimpering)
Happy Thanksgiving?
Pal just ate all the yucky
brussels sprouts
and my dad is going to send him
to the pound.
I'm not sending him
to the pound.
Are you having Thanksgiving
with us?
We're going to my Aunt Mabel's.
But we're not leaving yet.
I'm here to stay out of their
way while they pack the car.
Oh, and to give you
this cornbread
from my ma.
Thank you!
Keep it away from Pal.
He's eating everything
in sight.
Blah blee bloop, bad dog,
blip blop!
Blip bleep bloop bacon!
Blip bloop!
(car horn honks)

Who are you?
I'm Arthur.
I'm your Aunt Minnie.
Hi! Happy Thanksgiving.
I won't force a hug on you.
There's nothing worse
than hugging a stranger.
(squishing sound)
Except for shaking a hand
that's covered
with tomato sauce.
Hm, you've grown taller
since I last saw you.
And you're no longer
wearing diapers.
I presume.
So, shall we take all this fun

I dropped it.
I am not in the mood
for shenanigans.
You are chained up, aren't you?
What did you do?
With no provocation at al,
Arthur's dad
started yelling at me.
And then Arthur was yelling.
I'm mystified.
I think Arthur
is one of those mean boys.
He is not!
I think he has a cruel streak.
Arthur is the kindest boy--
ah!-- in the world!
He's inside gorging
on Thanksgiving dinner
while you're out here
chained up in the cold.
You're wrong!
But not only is it unseasonably
warm out, but
I'm not chained up anymore.

(Pal panting, groans)
And then two days in the city,
then it's back to Paris.
It's so great to see you.
Oh, it's been too long.
That's the mystery aunt
who came out of nowhere.
Arthur, tell Aunt Minnie
about the Thanksgiving parade.
At my school we made a float
for the parade.
Do you know the nursery rhyme
"Hickory Dickory Dock"?
about "Hickory Dick" Cromwell,
who was king of England
for only one year.
Uh maybe that's
a different one.
The one we're doing is about
a mouse who goes up a clock
and then he runs down again.
And Arthur was chosen
to be the clock.
I get to ring the bell.
Well, that is an honor.
The parade comes down
our street,
so you can watch it
right out front.
Uh I'd like to rest
before that.
There's nothing worse for
jet lag than a marching band.
Of course.
I have plenty to do
in the kitchen.
Our dog just ate all the
cheesy bacon brussels sprouts.
He did?
I put them in a container
with a lid.
Wait, what container?
Well, are you two going
to come out and say hello to me?
She knows we're here.
You may call me Aunt Minnie.
Well, you may call me niece D.W.
And, uh
you may call me
Hello, niece D.W.
And Bud.
It's nice to meet you.

He was licking the plate clean.
No, I put your brussels sprouts
in this container.
That was my spaghetti plate.
Oh, phew!
I thought I was going to have to
make the whole batch again.
Poor Pal!
I chained him up for nothing.
Can I bring him back inside?

Pal! You can come back in.

Close one!

Too slow!
(Pal barks)

Catch me if you can!
(Pal grunts)
Can't catch me!

(mischievous laughter,
Nemo cries out)
(laughter continues)
(twins groan, Pal barks)
(Pal panting)

(breathing heavily):
Hold up for a moment.
And let you bite me?
(breathing heavily):
Oh, I'm not going to bite you.
I want to pet your fur
in the wrong direction.

(gnomes clanging)

(Pal grunting, panting)
(Pal pant)
(Nemo laughs)
Keep trying, Pal!
You'll catch me one day.
Oh, if only the vet
hadn't trimmed my nails!
(grunts, panting)
Good riddance
you horrible creature.
Ooh, I better head home
for Thanksgiving dinner.
Arthur will be wondering
where I am.
Which way was it?

Where are you?
I didn't see him.
No sign of him that way,
What do we do?
We'll keep looking--
he's probably close by.

will you call Mr. Ratburn
and tell him we'll be
a little late?
I'm on it.
Good luck!
(indistinct chatter)

Ah, the bustling modern city.
(bell jangling)
So many smells, so little time.
Oh, hello.
Oh, you little perrito?
Oh, where's your collar?
Will you come home with me?
Oh, you're very fluffy.
(Pal whining)
Would you like an empanada?
Okay, a raincheck it is.
So this is my room.
That's my MaryMoo Cow oven.
That's my princess ladybug
That's my doll house.
I see you have
all the essentials.
You can play with my toys
as long as you don't break them.
That's a good rule.
How long are you staying here?
Oh, just for one night.
Then I'm going
to Grandma Thora's.
I have to sleep on a cot.
I know.
I appreciate the sacrifice
you're making for me.
Now, you two leave me alone,
It was a long flight
and I would like to rest up
a little bit before I start
breaking some toys.
(both gasp)

Was she joking?
I think she was joking.
I don't know.
I can never figure out

All you mice gather around
over here.
LaDonna's not here.
Or George.
They have Thanksgiving plans
with family
and won't be joining us.
Muffy and Mr. Crosswire
are on their way--
they'll be towing our float
behind a very special vehicle
from his car dealership.
Where's Arthur?
Arthur will be a little late.
Now, first: costumes.
I'm glad to see all you mice
are wearing gray.
This was all I had.
Oh, hi, everyone.
Sorry I'm late.
(kids all exclaiming)
That's your mouse costume?
Oh, I'm not a mouse.
I'm riding in the car
that's towing the float.
I'm the official
Crosswire Motors
Thanksgiving Queen!
Now I have mouse tails here
for everyone.
Clip them to your shirts.
Get a friend to help.
Aw mine has a knot.

I can wag my ta!
Mine doesn't work.
Oh, I got it!
I'm wagging too!
(wacky car horn blowing)
Here's my ride.
Here it is!
My cherry bomb red
Drillmaster Five!
Sweet ride.
Thank you for driving
the tow vehicle,
Mr. Crosswire.
What better way to spend
than behind the wheel
of this beautiful old car?
Muffykins, hop in.
Most of the time,
I'll do the one-handed wave
But for special occasions
I do the two-handed wave.
Is that our float?

(kids exclaiming)
This is it?
Listen up, you mice:
you will be sitting here
in these benches.
One at a time you will run up
to the clock where Arthur--
who'll be inside--
will chime the bell.
(bell tinkling)
And then down you run
back to your seat.
That's not a very loud bell.
(bell tinkling)
Hmm, you're right.
I'll need to find a better one.
And then they ran off
that way.
That's the direction
of the parade.
We might as well
go meet your class.
Maybe we'll see Pal over there.
I can help look--
I don't have any plans.
Thank you!
Those people have a guinea pig.
Those people cook with curry.
Wait a moment
Lavender hand soap?
Is that my family?
No, that house uses
a different laundry detergent.
And mustache wax?
It is so tricky finding people
in this big town.
Back! You stay back!
Don't try anything!
Just keep moving
I won't! I will!
Hey, hey!
(collar rattling)
(skidding to a halt)
No hard feelings, okay?
I'm just keeping
my family safe.
I won't bother them.
You know, it's actually
quiet around here
so I'm glad you came by.
Keeps me in shape.
You hungry?
Come on, come on,
I'll show you something.

(heavenly music playing)
Look at all this food!
it's my Thanksgiving meal!
My family givese
all the leftos
because they need rm
in the frid.
Is this a whole turkey?
That's my special
Thanksgiving treat.
It's a turkey
for vegetarians.
There are no bones inside!
What will they think up next?
Help yourself
to anything you want.
I'm stuffed!
Arthur doesn't want me to eat
people food
but I am feeling
a bit peckish
Go on, go on
Maybe something small.
One or two of these
(pan scraping)

(Pal eating noisily)
That should help
with the hunger pangs.
Thank you again!
Any time!
Well, I must be off.
Oh dear.
I'm leaving pesto footprints
Oh, well, I'll take care
of them for you.
Thank you!

How's the face painting coming?
Have you children
turned into mice yet?
Squeak squeak.
Very mousy, you two.
I did mine
without a mirror.
You don't say
Is a vampire-mouse okay?
A little late for Halloween but
maybe we can get away with it.
Just no biting.
what's this?
I thought I could draw a mouse
more accurately
on paper than on my face.
But I don't want you
falling off the float.
Give yourself some eyeholes.
There's your class, Arthur.
You should go join them.
I feel like I should
keep looking for Pal.
I'll keep looking
on Main street
and Mrs. Prendergast
can ask around in stores.
Promise you'll come and tell me
if you find him.
I promise.

Sorry I'm late.
Pal is missing and we've been
looking all over for him.
My mom and neighbor
are looking for him, so
we're glad you're with us.
Now that we have our clock,
we can run through this.
Arthur, this will be
your position,
here inside the clock.
(Aunt Minnie snoring)
Is she sleeping?
(giggling quietly)
Her foot is on Trolly!
We shouldn't go in.
I just want to move him.
(snoring continues)
Aunt Minnie has heavy feet!
Just leave it.
I can't!
How would you like to be crushed
by a big foot?
(groans, objects clatter)
Who's there?

This car is amazing!
Even the tires are clean.
Binky, you have to stay on
the float for safety reasons.
Especially when we start moving.
All right.

Hey, what's this candy?
That candy is for tossing
to the parade watchers,
but everyone may take one piece.
Let's practice this.
Ready in there, Arthur?
I can't see.
Am I facing the right way?
And we will cut you some eye
holes before the parade starts.
Alan has become an expert.
All right.
you're the first mouse.
Hickory Dickory Dock!
Don't flap your arms,
you're not a buzzard.
The mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one
That's your cue, Arthur.
You ready?
Sorry. Now?
The clock struck one
(kazoo buzzes)
What was that?
Was that a duck?
The clock sounds weird.
It does sound weird.
I'll have to get something
better than a kazoo.
And down she runs.
That's when you scurry back
to your seat, Francine.
Hickory Dickory Dock.
That's all there is to it.
(dog barking, Arthur gasps)
Mr. Ratburn,
I want to do this,
but I'm too worried about Pal.
I can't have fun
with him lost out there.
I need to keep looking.
Of course, Arthur.
You know,
Patrick's shop is very close by.
I know a way he can help.
Come with me.
We'll be right back.
Take five, everybody.
He said we could take five!

(keys clacking)
Patrick is a wizard
on this machine.
I'll say!
Thank you for helping us.
Of course.
Now, how would you
describe Pal?
He's loyal,
he's afraid of thunder,
he sleeps with his nose
in my shoe.
He means, does he have
any identifying characteristics?
He's fluffy,
(keys clacking)
has golden hair,
and he has
a spot on his belly
that looks like a pumpkin.
(keys continue clacking)
Now print 50 copies.
We'll hang them up all over.
I can take some.
Me too!
If anyone sees Pal,
they'll know how to contact you.
(printer whirring)
I don't like the smell
of this place.

(loud footsteps approaching)
Yikes! A monster!
(dramatic music playing)
Stay away!

Hey, did you see that
cute little puppy?
That was close.
At least now
I am perfectly safe.
(cries out, grunting)
(Muffy clearing throat)
I'm vlogging to you
from the ninth annual
Thanksgiving Day Parade, from
the best seat in the house--
a cherry-bomb red
Drillmaster Five
from Crosswire Motors,
where car prices
will never be inflated.
But something that is being
inflated is Gobbler,
the floating turkey
from Garvin's Goat Farm.
Gobbler is one
of the most beloved stars
of this year's
Thanksgiving parade.
And I'm the other.
I'm Muffy Crosswire,
and I'll be back soon
with more parade excitement.
Now I want to get a shot
of you and the car
from the outside.
You're the boss.

All right, children, I'm back.
The rest of your costumes
have arrived.
Are these the mouse ears?
Actually, no.
Oh, dear.
Instead of mouse hats,
they sent moose hats.
This is no good.
And there is no time
for a replacement.
Can I wear it, anyway?
And me?
Me too.
"Hickory Dickory Dock,
the moose ran up the clock"?

Fine, but not when
you need to look like mice.
Now, there's been a change.
One of you will need to be
the clock.
I'll do it.
Thank you, Alan.
How come Arthur's
not going to be the clock?
Can I put my poster
on your cart?
This is my little perrito.
I saw him.
It was a little while ago.
He was going that way.
I hope he's okay.
Ouch! Ow! Ow!
(groans, catching breath)
Not as graceful as usual,
but I seem to be in one piece.
Oh, you're a dog.
I thought
someone lost a hubcap.
Where am I?
This is a dog shelter.
A shelter?
Oh, no.
I don't want to get stuck
in there.
Oh, as long as you're
on that side of the fence,
you have nothing to worry about.
I'm trying to find
my house.
Perhaps you know it.
It sms
of roast turkey,
bacon brussels sprout,
and reheated spaghett.
Gee, that sounds pretty nice,
but I can't help you.
It's been a while
since I've sniffed
around the neighborhood.
(window squeaking)

My Thanksgiving treat!
Oh. A biscuit.
Can I have some?
Sure, kid.
Happy Thanksgivin.
Mmm. Yum!
Lamb jalapeño.
Thank you.
Now that hit the spot.
(door opening)

Hold it.
She's coming out.
(car engine starts)

Okay. You're safe.
She's gone.
I would another biscuit.
What else is on
your Thanksgiving menu?
Well, um, we had kibble
this morning.
That's all you're getting
for Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is
when you get table scraps
and plates to lick
and your belly bulges out
for rubbing!
Not around here.
But that's not fair.
you get used to it.
I gobbled down your treat.
I didn't realize
you weren't getting
a proper
Thanksgiving dinner.
Don't worry about it,
I do worry about it.
I'm going to fix it.
I'll be right back.
Don't go anywhe!

(Pal panting)
Where would I go?

I'm dropping these pies off
at the retirement home,
and then I'll be right back.
We'll be fine.
I'll put these two to work.
(Mr. Read chuckles)
Good idea.
Thanks, Minnie.
See you guys later.
Can we have a snack?
I'm sure you can.
What you mean to ask is,
"May we have a snack?"
May we have a snack?
No, it'll spoil
your appetites
for Thanksgiving dinner.
There are laws against
not giving kids snacks.
Yeah, especially
on Thanksgiving.
As soon as
Aunt Meanie leaves the room,
we should run in
and grab the box of crackers.
Is it Minnie
or Meanie?
It's Aunt Minnie.
But she's a meanie,
so I call her
Aunt Meanie.
There she goes.

They're not here.
Got it!
She's coming back.



Nibble, nibble,
strong and able.
Who's that nibbling
under my table?

All right, then.
Two crackers each.
You will need your strength.
When you're finished,
you have chores to do.

(snoring, whimpering)
Hey, wake up!
Oh, oh, oh, you came back.
I didn't get very far.
Listen, about all your
leftover Thanksgiving food
Oh, yeah, yeah,
help yourself.
You know, I just had
a meatloaf sandwich.
Oh, it's not for me.
I just learned that there are
dogs at the shelter
who only get kibble and one
measly biscuit for Thanksgiving.
but that's not fair.
That's just what I said.
Will you help me?
Oh, oh,
I'll get the carriage.

Should we bring
the turkey too?
Oh, yes.
That's perfect for Thanksgiving.
Put it in the basket.

I can't see where I'm going.
That's okay.
Just hop up into the carria,
and I'll push.
Wait, what did you say?
Hop up into the carriage!
(both struggling)
(Pal continues struggling)
We're moving!

Hey! Come back!
Uh, back from where?
Where am I going?
Hold on!
I'm right behind you!

Pal, is that ?
Where are we going?
Quick! Lean to the left!

I can't get the whole car
in the picture.
Back up a little.
(engine starts)
Be careful, Muffin.
I need to get up higher.
Okay, this works.
Daddy, put your brake on,
you're rolling backwards.
I'm not rolling backwards,
you're rolling forwards.
The float is leaving.
I have to get off.
It's not safe to climb down
while the float is moving.
I'm Miss Crosswire Motors.
I have to be in the car.
I can't be
on Garvin's Goat Float!
Sit tight, Muffykins.
I'll be right behind you
the whole time.
But but
I'm the star of this parade.
Muffy gets to go
on the goat float?
Aw, she's so lucky.
Well, then I call
the convertible!
Hi, Mr. Crosswire.
Can I sit here?
Sure, Binky.
You should be here
with us.
I can't jump off now,
Mr. Ratburn.
We're moving!

All right, places, everyone.
The parade is starting.
I just saw this dog.
You did?
He was loose
on Chestnut Street,
by-by the shelter.
He said on Chestnut Street,
by the shelter.
I'll go find Arthur.
Chestnut Street,
by the shelter?
I bet that's where he is.
Let's go!
We have to set the table?
Take these,
spread out.
They're so heavy.
Each setting needs a plate
in the center.
We don't throw them down.
This is not a barbecue.
We place them.
With care.
How many places are there?
We also need napkins, cutlery,
glassware, candles,
and condiments.
It's going to take
until Christmas
to set up
for Thanksgiving.
Hi, guys, I'm back.
Bud, your mom's
in the driveway.
It's time to go.
You're leaving me
with all this work?
Sorry, got to go.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Thanks for having me.
Any time, Bud.
Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm not a hugger.
Let's keep it civil.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Aunt Meanie.
Aunt Meanie?
He meant Minnie!
Didn't you, Bud?
Yeah, yeah.
Didn't I say Minnie?
Time to go, Bud.
All right, niece D.W.,
back to work.
This table isn't going
to set itself.

(dogs barking in background)
I don't think
anyone is here.
I'm sure the people
who work here
are spending Thanksgiving
with their families.
We're looking
for our dog.
I'm a great family dog.
I'm easygoing,
I'm a good protector.
I can catch
any tennis ball.
You're not as fluffy as Pal,
but okay.
You can be my other dog.
I don't actually make
the decisions in the family,
but I'll try.
You like this dog,
don't you Kate?
He does seem nice.
Mom, we should keep looking.
I want to hang up a flyer first.

Wow, I can see much better
without that turkey on my head.
You're wearing
turkey perfume.
Why, thank you.
There's the shelter.

Let's look down this street.
(carriage rumbling)

I told you I'd be back.
Sweet potato?
What is this?
My friend Petunia and
I brought you dinner.
Happy Thanksgiving!

It's for all of you.
How? Where?
You got me slobbering.
I had so much food this year.
When I heard you guys
only had kibble,
well, I-I just wanted
to share it.
Oh. Thanks!
This looks delicious.
Sausage for you.
Sausage for you.
We even have a turkey.

Oh, no.
That will never fit
through the fence.
The sweet potatoes are
too big too.
You could squish them through.
We won't mind.
I have a better idea.

Sweet potatoes,
ready for launch!
Stand back.
(whistling like rockets)
Nice shot.
Good catch.
Now, what about the turkey?
I'm going to pull it
into pieces.
Oh, I can't eat turkey.
I could choke on the bones.
Well, this turkey has
no bones.
No bones?
How did it stand up?
Actually, I think
it's made of tofu.
I'm ready.
(munching, slobbering)

Is there anything better
than eating a huge meal
in one minute?
Eating it in 30 seconds?
Hang on!
I know that smell.
Teething biscuit.
Lavender soap.
That's Kate's monkey rattle.
Oh yeah,
that's where the cute baby
dropped that thing.
What cute baby?
She was lookig
for a lost do.
A baby and a mom and
a white-haired lady.
A lost dog?
That's me!
Was there a boy with them?
Oh, yeah.
He had glasses.
The soccer ball
A kale smoothie!
It's Arthur!
I'd recognize his sneakers
There's even a spaghetti noodle
here from breakfast.
Mmm. Not bad.
Which way did they go?
Um, that way.
(Pal panting)
I've got to go!
Good luck, kid.
Thank you.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Wow, what a sweet little dog.
For such a little fellow,
he's got a big heart.
Yeah, he does.

There they are!
Arthur! Wait for me!
(catching breath)

Wrong family.
There he is!
Oh, no!
Another monster!

I've been looking for you.
(Pal whimpering)

(crowd cheering,
drumline playing)
(marching tune playing)
(marching tune playing)
(clown horn honking,
kids cheering)
(marching tune playing)
As the star of
this Thanksgiving extravaganza,
I'd like to wish you an elegant
and glamorous Thanksgiving.
Go away, Bluebell.
I'm coming to you from the float
by Garvin's Goat Farm,
which is home of the most
important member of the parade--
the Giant Turkey Balloon,
Elwood City's number-one symbol
of Thanksgiving.
(honks horn)
And that's the sound
of the number-two symbol
of Thanksgiving:
Crosswire Motors!
You'll be thankful
for our great deals.
Ed Crosswire himself
behind the wheel
of a cherry-bomb red
Drillmaster Five,
and behind him is, uh
Someone who clearly does not
know proper parade waving.
More vlog posts coming up soon,
from this special
Thanksgiving Day parade.
(marching tune playing)
It's not fa,
Mr. Garvi.
I'm supposed to be
the star of this parade,
and instead I'm being attacked
by a goat.
Naw, Bluebell's as friendly
as a puppy dog.
Stop that!
I think your puppy dog
missed breakfast.
Oh, I have to find a way
to escape this scoundrel.
(Pal whimpering)
(munching, gulps)
I guess he's a nice fellow
after all.
Wow, a real firetruck.
Look how high up we are.
Look at all these buttons.
(siren blaring)
(siren stops)
Fold it once.
And over twice.
And flop it!
Like that?
Good, you're an expert.
Are your kids coming?
I don't have children.
Who do you live with?
I live by myself.
In France.
All alone?
Aren't you lonely?
Oh, no, never.
Well, maybe sometimes.
Don't you even have
a dog?
I used to travel a lot
for work.
It didn't make sense
for me to have a pet.
Maybe I'll get one
I wouldn't want
to live alone.
You get used to it.

Is France near Antarctica?
No, but it is across an ocean.
I won't be living there
much longer.
I'm moving back to Elwood City.
You are?
Are you going to live
with us?
Oh, the last thing
you need is
for some old stranger
to move in with you.
You're not a stranger.
You're Aunt Minnie.
Aunt Meanie?
My Aunt Meanie.
You can live with us
if you want to.
You are a very sweet girl.
Your hands are sticky
in a way that concerns me,
but you're very sweet.
(marching tune playing
The parade.
Come on!
(marching tune playing,
Bluebell bleating)
(clown horn honks)
(marching tune continues)
Put your head back on.
It's too hot in there.
You don't look like a clock
I don't care.
My nose was getting smushed.
It's more fun to wear
the antlers.
(Bluebell bleating)
It's Gobbler the Turkey!
Hi, Gobbler.
Hi, Statue of Liberty!
Why does she have a goat?
That is a good question.
(wacky horn honking)
Yay! Hi, cool car!
Hi, Binky!
That's Arthur's friend Binky.
He's the Thanksgiving vampire.
It's Arthur's float.
What is it?
(honking clown horn)
Why did that tree honk
at the rat?
I don't think
we should ask why.
We should just enjoy
the spectacle.
Hey, where's Arthur?
He's looking for Pal.
Pal's been gone all day!
Poor Arthur.
Are you going to throw candy?
We ate it all.
It's supposed to be
not Thanks-taking.
So when you see Gobbler the
Turkey coming down the street,
you'll know
Oh! No, Bluebell,
Oh, no!
Farmer Garvin,
the balloon!
He's flying away!

They let the turkey loose!
I had my doubts
about this parade,
but they do put on
a good show.
Fly away, turkey!
Fly away!

And they say turkeys
aren't graceful.
(brakes squeak)
Why did we stop?
Is the parade over?
It's over for that turkey.
It's safe to jump off now,
Let's go help Arthur.
Good idea.
We'll all go help.

(Kate crying)
Now let's try the streets
on the other side of town.
Arthur, I need to get
Kate home for her nap.
But we still have
all these flyers.
I know, but I don't want
you out here alone.
But Pal is alone!
I know, but
I can help find
that little perrito.
Here's more tape
and a big box of thumbtacks.
We came to help too.
Wow, thanks, guys.
I think we should divide
into search teams.

(ringing, pushes button)
Oh, hi, Muffy.
Look up in the sky.
Do you see Gobbler anywhere?
Yes, I see it.
She sees it!
Daddy, head south
on Point Road.
Got it.
Somebody buckle up this goat.
(Bluebell bleats,
car accelerating)

(phone ringing)
(pushes button)
Hello, Muffy.
Yes, I can see it now.
It seems to be heading toward
(Mr. Ratburn's voice
on phone muffled)
Okay, thanks.
He said it's heading
toward the soccer field.
(car accelerates)
There it is.
How are we going to get it down?
We need a big ladder.
I'm calling
the fire department.
He's kind of a cross
between a bedroom slipper
and a dust mop.
But with a cute face and
a really positive attitude.
(siren blaring, Pal barking)
You mean like
that dog there?


(siren blaring)
(Arthur catching breath)
Did you find him?
On the
The firetruck!
Here, take my bike.
"You." Yes, I know.

the runaway Thanksgiving
turkey balloon, has been found
tangled up in the scoreboard
here at the Elwood City
soccer field,
and the fire department is
on the scene.
Let's watch as our lost
and beloved holiday symbol
is returned to its owner.
(Arthur panting)

(Arthur grunts, Pal barking)
Good boy.
There you are!
This is all very touching,
but you're in the shot.
Get out of the way!
Oh, sorry.
(firetruck beeping,
hydraulics whining)
Here you go.
(helium sputtering)
Isn't that sweet?
He's giving it a hug!

This is Muffy Crosswire,
wishing you all
a happy Thanksgiving.
you saved Gobbler.
You're a Thanksgiving hero.
Pal, I'm so thankful
I found you.
And I'm really thankful
to everyone who helped me.
do you know what would be
really fun?

Is it okay that I asked a few
friends over for Thanksgiving?
Of course.
Everyone is welcome.
There's always room
for an extra plate or two.
(Bluebell bleats,
car door closes)
Or ten.

I don't think our dining room
is big enough.
That goat better not
be coming inside.
We need to set up tables
in the backyard.
I'll get chairs from the garage.
D.W., you'll need
to fold ten more napkins.
Why am I the only one
doing work around here?

So that'sw
all these new people
came to Thanksgiving this year.
(Bluebell bleating)
I'm still not sure
why there's a goat here,
but I guess I won't need
to mow the lawn for a while.
Tell them the best part.
Oh, yeah.
There were two kinds of pie,
apple and pumpkin.
I'm talking about
Aunt Minnie.
Mom talked Aunt Minnie
into adopting some dog
she saw at the shelter.
She said she was used
to living alone,
but I knew she wanted
some company.
Oh! Oh!
Easy now!
Oh, oh, okay.
Maybe just one hug.
So when she moves here,
she's not only going to have
a niece to keep her company,
she's also going to have
her own dog.
And we get to take care of him
until she moves back.
I guess the best part
of Thanksgiving
is different for everybody.
But the main thing is
we're all here together.
Oh, looks like it's time
for dinner.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

(applause, dogs barking)

(Bluebell bleats)
To watch more "Arthur"
and play games with all
the Elwood City friends,
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