Arthur (1996) s21e01 Episode Script

Binky's 'A' Game/Brain and the Time Capsule

Every day when you're
walking down the street ♪
Everybody that you meet
has an original point of view ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen to your
heart, listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
Open up your eyes,
open up your ears ♪
Get together
and make things better ♪
By working together ♪
It's a simple message,
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself,
for that's the place to start ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
Hey, D.W.!
(door opens)
Hey, Brain,
what's so funny?
It's this comic book
someone left behind.
It's called
Dopey Dobbs and Patch.
That's Dobbs.
He's a dachshund
that's not very bright.
(dopey voice):
"Mmm, waffles!"
And that's Patch,
a sinister cat next door who is
always plotting against Dobbs.
Patch just put hot sauce
on his waffles.
Poor Dobbs!
You really think this is funny?
Oh wait,
is it like a philosophical
commentary on life?
No, I don't think so.
It's just
Sometimes you think
you know someone,
and then one day
they surprise you.
Like that time Mr. Ratburn said
those five magic words.
Let's have class outside today.
(everyone gasps)
All right,
you have five minutes
to complete
this pop quiz.
Isn't this lovely?
But I've never been more
surprised by someone
than Binky, when he
Well, you can see
for yourself.
Oh, Patch,
how could you?
I really don't get it.
Do you?
Binky's "A" Game.
(bell rings)
Don't forget,
there'll be a test tomorrow
on Renaissance astronomers.
(laughing excitedly)
(mummy groans)
(Binky laughs)
I know, I know.
"Do your homework."
Work, work, work.
All I ever do is work.
Bad enough you have to go
to school,
they make you bring it home,
"Galileo was the son
of a famous lute player
and he grew up loving music."
"They threatened him
"with torture, but still he
would not give up his belief
that the Earth revolved
around the Sun."
I command you!
"Eventually, he told them
what they wanted to hear
"to avoid being executed,
"and Galileo, the greatest
scientist of his day,
was put under house arrest."
What an amazing story.
All right, class,
settle down.
It's time for the test.
I reminded you
all about it yesterday.
Now please have a seat.
Oh dear, I told Mr. Morris
we had to fix
that chair.
Do I still have
to take the test?
What if I hurt my brain?
Your brain is not
on your bottom, Binky.
You can sit over there.
(bell rings)
That test was
I know.
"Name the four moons of
Jupiter Galileo discovered?"
I didn't even know it had one.
Io, Europa,
Ganeymede, and
How did he?
Those are probably just the
names of professional wrestlers.
Uh, Mr. Ratburn?
I think you gave me back
the wrong test.
This one has an "A" on it.
No, Binky, that's yours.
Excellent work.
I got an A.
I, Shelley "Binky" Barnes,
got an A!
That's A
as in best!
Number one,
numero uno!
Binky cheated?
Think about it.
He had that "accident"
with his chair
right before so he could
sit next to Brain.
And Binky never
gets an A.
It's the only
I can think
of another explanation.
After years of trial
and error,
Binky finally perfected
the recipe
for a super-powerful,
brain-enhancing smoothie.
One beakerful and he
temporarily gets the I.Q.
of a genius.
The only side effect?
Uncontrollable hiccups
I meant it was
the only explanation
that makes sense.
Well, it's true I didn't
actually hear him hiccuping.
Sorry, I just
don't buy it.
Binky may be a lot of things,
but he's not a cheater.
Well, I think
it's pretty suspicious.
Sounds like
a mystery.
And if there's a mystery,
there's only one person to call.
Does this help?
(doorbell rings, knock on door)
All right, Barnes,
the jig is up.
Admit it, those peepers
have been all the way
to Cheboygan and back.
Playing dumb, are we?
Well, you're out
of luck, sister.
No one plays dumb
better than me.
What are you
talking about?
The big swindle,
the long con.
And all for what?
One lousy letter
from a cheap red pen.
Are you saying
I cheated?
(grumbles angrily)
It wasn't my idea!
I thought you drank
a genius smoothie.
You haven't had uncontrollable
hiccups, have you?
I didn't cheat!
If you say so.
Why would you even think that?
What did you get
on your last test?
A C-minus.
And the one
before that?
Ugh, I don't even want
to talk about that one.
I rest my case.
This time was different.
I got really
into the reading.
Oh, relax.
It's not like I'm going
to tell Mr. Ratburn.
But I still
think it's wrong.
I didn't cheat!
It's so unfair.
The only time I do really well
on a test no one believes me.
I do.
And it's not everyone,
just Muffy and Francine.
Francine too?
I didn't know about her.
Aw, man.
I think it's just
because your demeanor suggests
a general apathy towards
the pedagogical system.
Oh, yeah, that makes it
all clear.
Now tell me in English.
It's your image-- you don't seem
that into schoolwork.
(bad British accent):
Ah, school.
My home away from home,
as it were.
Nothing like the smell
of a good old book by
You're not
fooling anyone.
Ha, ha!
Can't a lad enjoy
the simple pleasures of
"intellectual edification"?
I thought we'd start the morning
with a little quiz
on last night's reading.
(regular voice):
Aw, man.
I mean
Not only did I
fail that quiz,
but Francine and Muffy
think it's proof
that I cheated the other day.
They'll never believe me now.
Well, there is one thing
you could do.
Get another A.
We have a science test
coming up.
That's a great idea!
Wait, how do I do that?
I was afraid that's
what you'd say.
This is too hard.
I'll never be able
to get another A.
Why even bother?
After you fail
tomorrow's test,
everyone will know
you're a cheater.
I didn't cheat!
Even little Binky
doesn't believe me.
There's one thing you could do
to guarantee you get an A--
bring tiny little cheat sheets
with you.
No one will know.
(laughing evilly)
Herbivore: an animal
that only eats plants.
Hey Binky,
ready for the test?
Who? Me? No!
I mean, I studied,
but it's not like I have
all the answers up my sleeve.
(laughs nervously)
Chilly, isn't it?
Good luck.
As if you need it.
Hope your chair
doesn't break.
I didn't cheat!
A milkshake!
And don't tell me a fruit
smoothie is better for me.
Today's a milkshake day.
What's that?
Huh? Nothing!
Just a fortune
from a fortune cookie.
"Omnivore: an animal that eats
both plants and animals."
That's a pretty
strange fortune.
I was going to use little
cheat sheets on today's test,
but I lost my nerve.
I thought I had thrown them
all out.
I spent hours and hours
copying stuff out
and now I'm just going
to fail anyway.
Not necessarily.
Writing information down
is a great way to memorize
the material.
You mean I might have
accidentally studied?
Stranger things
have happened.
Good job on yesterday's
science test.
The average grade was a B+,
although there were
a few exceptions.
What do think of that?
I got another A!
It's an A-minus.
Okay, fine, but it's
still in the A family.
And I wasn't sitting
next to Brain.
Now do you believe
I didn't cheat?
I'm sorry, Binky.
Me too.
I'm going to need
a bigger trophy cabinet soon.
I guess we really
misjudged him.
Get it out!
Read it and weep!
Or he really did invent
a genius smoothie.
Either way,
Binky Barnes is a lot smarter
than we give him
credit for.
And now a word from us kids!
We all chose a famous woman
and we made a report.
Someone who did something
really special.
And we painted pictures of them.
Binky read about Galileo
and learned about Galileo,
and I read about
Bethany Hamilton,
and I learned a lot about her.
Bethany Hamilton is a surfer.
She was surfing.
A shark came and bit off her arm
and she still surfs.
I like Bethany
because she is very brave.
I chose Elizabeth Blackwell
as my famous woman.
She was the first woman to be
a medical doctor in America.
I chose Frida Kahlo
as my famous woman.
She was one of the greatest
artists in Mexico
and she did very good
self-portraits with animals.
Cathy Freeman is an
Aboriginal Australian sprinter.
She was the first Aboriginal
Australian woman
to compete at the Olympics.
She ran in the 400-meter race.
I chose Rosa Parks.
Rosa Parks was sitting in
the white section in the bus.
Rosa Parks helped us
to move to better equality.
Grace Brewster Murray Hopper
was one of the first
computer programmers
and made
programming languages.
Marie Curie was a scientist.
I want to be a scientist
and discover things
like Marie Curie.
Jane Goodall is a researcher
that went to Africa to study
chimpanzees for 50 years.
I just chose her because
I basically like nature
and stuff like that.
I like learning
about famous people
and how they made a difference
in the world
and how we can make a
difference in the world too.
And now back to Arthur!
Everything in this time capsule
is over a hundred years old.
The people who buried it
wanted to give us in the future
a sense of what life
was like back in 1910.
Isn't this amazing?
It's like opening
a treasure chest.
A catalogue depicting
the latest fashions.
Look at that hat.
It's like she's wearing
a birthday cake on her head.
This was one of the big new
inventions of the time:
the Brownie camera.
It looks more like
an old lunchbox.
The Brownie was
a great invention.
It made it possible
for ordinary people
to take photos
for the first time.
They must have sprained their
arms trying to take selfies.
(kids laughing)
I'd like you all
to write a paper
on what you would put
in your own time capsules.
Oh, I'm going to do something
much better than that.
Brain and the Time Capsule.
I think it's ready
for testing.
Hey, Brain!
You making a robot?
No, but I need a favor.
Try to destroy this.
All right!

(Binky grunting)
(loud thud)
Sorry, it's still
good as new.
I built it
with three-gauge steel
so it will last
hundreds of years.
What is it?
My time capsule.
So people in the future
will know what life was like
for a kid in
Elwood City today.
Can I add
something too?
Sorry, but there's no room.
What do you mean
there's no room?
It's empty.
I know, but I have
all the contents planned.
That's the thanks I get
for helping you?
Okay, okay, you can put
in one thing.
Just don't tell anyone.
Don't worry.
I'm locking up your secret
and throwing away the key.
Binky told you what?!
About your time capsule.
Can I put some
stuff in, too?
Oh, Brain,
I have the best things
for the capsule.
Future kids will love it.
What happened
to locking your mouth
and throwing away
the key?
Got to find a better
hiding place for that key.
Guys, you can't just put
any old thing in a time capsule.
Like I even own "any old thing"!
You're letting Binky
put his stuff in.
Why can't we?
Because each item
in that box
is going to be judged
by future generations.
I don't want them
laughing at us.
So what are you
putting in?
"Great Mathematicians
of the World" playing cards?
It's a collector's
And the eight of hearts
is signed by Sophie Morel.
They won't be laughing
at us in the future,
they'll just all
be asleep.
What do you mean?
No offense, Brain,
but this stuff is
a little boring.
My quantum mechanics
coloring book is not boring!
These things might say
something about you,
but they don't say anything
about what normal life was like.
And you want this to be an
accurate portrayal, right?
I guess it could use
a little bit
more variety.
Okay, you can each put
one thing in.
But I get to approve it
and you can't tell anyone else.
For the time capsule.
No way.
Uncle Slam is the six-time
wrestling champ of the universe.
Everything in the time capsule
has to be important.
Find something else.
"Six complete seasons of Keeping
Up with the Kamerahounds?"
You're kidding, right?
Nobody says today
more than they do.
Not a chance.
Well, obviously, you have
to include the Ziptron T-5.
It's the coolest phone ever.
You're willing to sacrifice
your new phone?
There's a waiting list
for it.
I know.
Bailey slept outside the store
for a week to get it.
And here are the rest
of my contributions.
I told you,
you only get one thing.
Fine, you can
include this, too.
It's a good idea
to show the future
what our currency
was like.
I don't want it
to go in the box.
I want it to go
in your pocket.
Maybe it might free up
a little room in there?

The Winkie Cake.
It says today,
but it's also timeless.
This is what life is
like in Elwood City.
It's junk food.
I want to represent
the very best of ourselves.
Besides, it won't
last a hundred years.
Yes, it will.
I looked it up: Winkie Cakes
have a shelf life of 322 years.
At least it's small.
Uncle Slam boots.
You can't even
get them anymore.
Binky, wrestling is just
vulgar entertainment
in outlandish costumes
for a gullible public.
I know!
That's why it's so cool!
I'm sorry, but no.
You said I could put
one thing in that box
and so far you've rejected
all my ideas.
I don't even know
if they'll fit.
Well, you can
at least try.
I guess I can leave out
my Math Olympics trophy.
And this.
I can't believe I agreed
to all this junk.
"To future generations,
"some of the items in this time
capsule do not reflect
"the views and opinions
of its creator.
Sincerely, Alan Powers."
Sorry, Binky.
They're just too big.
What he doesn't know
won't hurt him.
We are gathered here today
to leave a historical record
of Elwood City.
Hundreds of years from now,
kids will open this time capsule
and discover the important
things in our lives today
And hopefully disregard
the rest.
(thunder clap)
Uncle Slam's boots?
Huh, we must be in the future.
And now to open
the Alan Powers
time capsule.
That's me!
Good thing you invented
the longevity smoothie
so we could both enjoy
this moment together.
Binky, there's something
I've always wanted
to tell you
I know.
You're as excited
as I am.
And so is Uncle Slam.
Oh no!
Buster, I need your help.
I think I made
a terrible mistake.
Where on earth
did I bury it?
Last night's rain
washed away all the signs!
What's the big deal?
Binky's never going
to discover
that you didn't put
his boots in anyway.
He might--
you never know.
And if he does,
he's going to be really upset.
Why didn't you bring
a metal detector?
Because I don't have one.
But I know someone who does.
(metal detector squealing)
You found it!
It's just a bottle cap.
This isn't just a bottle cap.
It's a bottle cap from
an Old Crow Blueberry Fizz.
It's really rare.
This soda pop was only made
in Elwood City in the 1960s
before they closed
the plant down.
How on earth
do you know that?
My great-uncle Rusty
worked there.
He's going to love this.
Huh! I guess
one person's trash
is another person's
Now I feel even worse
about Binky.
Well, you can apologize
now if you want.
Here he comes.
What are you guys
doing here?
We're, uh,
digging for truffles?
Yeah, we're not looking
for the time capsule.
(laughs nervously)
I wasn't going to look
for that either.
I was just hunting
for buried treasure.
Oh, well, it's not here.
See you!
Binky, wait.
We were looking
for the time capsule.
I left these out.
Are you mad at me?
I'm thrilled!
I forgot these
were autographed.
I was here
to dig them up.
Hey, you know
what this means?
I still get to put one thing
in the time capsule.
But we can't find it.
The rain washed away
the traces of where it's buried.
Keep digging!
(dog barks)
A Winkie cake!
Mmm, delicious!
To watch more Arthur
and play games with all
the Elwood City friends,
You can find Arthur books
and lots of other books too
at your local library.
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