Arthur (1996) s21e06 Episode Script

The Lost Dinosaur/The Princess Problem

Every day when you're
walking down the street ♪
Everybody that you meet
has an original point of view ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen to your
heart, listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
Open up your eyes,
open up your ears ♪
Get together
and make things better ♪
By working together ♪
It's a simple message,
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself,
for that's the place to start ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
Hey, D.W.!
Bud Compson here.
Today, I'd like to tell you
about my best friend
in the whole world
He may not look like much,
but he's gotten me through
some pretty tough times.
Like my first day
of preschool.
(students chattering)
What if no one likes me?
No one like
Bud Compson?
Oh, that's crazy!
You're the most likeable person
in the whole world!
Well, if you say so
Or when I got my first
No! You leave
my hair alone!
You're so lucky!
I wish I had
some hair to cut!
I bet you're the handsomest kid
in the whole town
when it's done.
All right.
You can take a tiny bit
off the top.
Yup, Rapty's the bravest
that ever roamed the earth.
Isn't that right?
Ho-ho! Well, you know,
I don't like to brag, but
Oh, dozens of them!
Head for the hills!
Make that usually brave.
Get back here,
you giant lizard kitten!
The Lost Dinosaur.
Time to go
to the Reads'!
Be down in a sec!
I just got to find Rapty.
What's taking you
so long?
We're gonna be late.
I can't find
him anywhere.
No wonder-- look at this place!
You could lose
an elephant in here.
It just
looks bad.
I know where
everything is.
Except Rapty.
Did you find him?
but I found
this orange.
It's as hard as a baseball.
You have to
clean this place up!
I will, I will.
Right after I find Rapty.
He's gone.
He didn't even
leave a note.
I wouldn't worry.
Lost things
always turn up.
Just the other day,
I found a pacifier I lost.
When'd you lose it?
Three years ago.
Three years?
I can't wait that long!
And what if it's even longer?
I see you've listed
a "Rapty" as a character
I actually haven't seen him
in 20 years,
but when I knew him,
he thought I had
a great character!
I'll never get a job
without him.
I'm sure it won't be
that long.
Mom says things
always turn up
where you least
expect them.
Try looking
in those places.
Not there.
Not there either.
Check your pockets.
Oh, brother.
It's not here either.
We'll keep looking
in the morning,
but now it's time for bed.
But how am I gonna
sleep without him?
It's just for
tonight, Sport.
Too soft.
Too hard.
(siren blaring)
Too noisy.
Ladonna, you asleep?
Not anymore.
I can't sleep either.
It's just not the same
without Rapty.
Here, take Platy.
Your old
stuffed animal?
He can't replace Rapty!
Who said anything
about replacing?
It's not for keeps.
It's just so you can
get some sleep.
Then maybe I can
get some sleep.
(Bud groans)
Not Rapty, but it'll do.
(bells tinkling)
(Australian accent):
Bud Compson?
I've heard
so much about you!
Oh, it's such
an honor!
Put it there!
Nice to
meet you, too.
But listen,
I'm really sleepy, so
Let me tell you a little bit
about me.
I'm not a duck,
even though I do have a bill.
I'm a platypus!
We lay eggs, but I don't
because I'm stuffed.
The only eggs I lay
are bad jokes!
Get it?
So, am I your
imaginary friend now?
But just till
Rapty gets back.
Rapty the T. rex?
I love that guy!
We met in a box
on the way from Louisiana!
Where is he?
He's lost right now, but
No! Not Rapty!
Of all the toys to disappear!
It's okay,
we're going to find him.
But what if we don't?
I only met him once,
but I felt so close to him!
Okay, okay,
now just relax.
Take deep breaths.
(sobbing and hiccupping)
What now?
I'm bored.
Let's talk
some more.
You're so interesting!
Hey, sleepyhead.
Thanks for
loaning me Platy.
You can have
him back now.
You can hold onto him.
You'll probably want to bring
him with you to the dentist.
Yeah, Dad's taking you
this afternoon, remember?
This is bad.
This is really, really bad.
Well, it's not
that bad, right?
It's just a checkup.
It sounds terrifying!
I don't have teeth,
so I've never been
to the dentist.
But just those words:
"check" and "up"
You're not very comforting,
are you?
Comfort isn't really
my strong suit.
I'm better at worrying.
Come on.
D.W. will know what to say.
Sorry, Bud.
I just don't know
what to say.
If I can't find Rapty
by this afternoon,
I don't what I'll do.
another interesting fact
about the platypus:
the boys have
poisonous spurs
on their back feet.
I don't because I'm a toy,
but, wait
what if I do?
Oh dear!
But Nadine says
you have to go now.
Your platypus is
giving her a headache.
I know how she feels.
Since I can't find
Rapty anywhere,
it looks like
you're going to
have to come to
the dentist with me.
Let's practice.
Pretend I'm lying down
in the dentist chair.
Now, what do you say
to make me less nervous?
Happy kittens wrapped
in a blanket?
It's an image
that always relaxes me.
Try something else.
Oh, okay.
It won't be so bad
when the dentist removes
all your teeth.
Think of the money
you'll save on toothpaste.
That's it!
You're useless!
I'm giving you back
to Ladonna right now!
Let me try again!
I can do better!
If I can't have
a good imaginary
friend like Rapty,
then I don't want
one at all!
Just the kid
I was looking for.
Time to go to the dentist.
I-I have to apologize
to someone first.
(Platy wailing)
I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean
those things I said.
You were right!
I am a big scaredy-puss.
I wish I were brave.
Like you.
What do you mean?
You're the bravest
kid I know!
I am?
When you heard
about the dentist,
did you hide
under a bed?
Did you run away
to Australia?
That's what
I would've done!
Maybe I have been a little bit
braver since Rapty's been gone.
If you still want me
to come with you, I will.
Just hold my flipper
if I get scared, okay?
Actually, I think
I can do this alone.
But thank you, Platy.
See what I mean?
Bravest kid around!
My hero!
You're crushing me!
Good luck!
I want to hear
every terrifying detail
when you get back!
Not helping.
I try!
How'd it go
at the dentist?
Bud did great!
No cavities!
And I didn't even
need Rapty with me.
Still wish
he was here, though.
I'd like to tell him
how brave I was.
You found him!!
Hey, what are
big sisters for?
Guess I can have
Platy back now, huh?
But first,
I promised
to tell him
about the dentist.
He's probably
been worried sick.
Then the dentist
put this goo
in my mouth that tasted
like bubble gum.
It was kind of good.
Oh, I'm afraid of gum.
What if it gets stuck
in my hair?
And then she put
my picture on
the "no cavities"
wall of fame.
I got to pick
out a sticker
and a toothbrush!
Nice color.
Since Rapty and I
already have toothbrushes,
I'm giving this
to you.
For me?
I-I don't know
what to say!
I know you don't have teeth,
but I thought you could use it
as a beak scrubber.
This is the nicest thing
anyone has ever done for me!
Oh no, here
come the waterworks!
Platy's a little
intense, huh?
You have
no idea!
I missed you a lot.
Never get lost again, okay?
I'll try not to.
I'm still dizzy
from the spin cycle
in the dryer.
Goodnight, Rapty.
'Night, Bud.
Good to see them
back together again, huh, Platy?
Yeah, and thank goodness
I'm back with you.
That little brother of yours
is very needy.
And now a word from us kids.
My name is Samira, and
this is my third-grade class.
Bud was nervous to go
to the dentist,
and he needed his imaginary
friend to help him out.
Today, we're having
imaginary friends too.
An imaginary friend is a person
who pops out and helps you.
My imaginary friend is Violeta.
She sometimes pops
out of nowhere.
Each one of us had a problem,
and we got a kid to act like
our imaginary friend.
I'm nervous
for my dance recital.
Then why don't you
start practicing
instead of worrying
so much?
Yeah, that would
help a lot!
I'm afraid to go
to a new country.
You will love it!
You will learn
new things there.
Like what?
"Hola! ¿Cómo estás?"
My imaginary friend
is a monster.
If you're scared of something,
an imaginary friend can
help you feel better.
This book is too scary for me!
What if a monster comes to life?
Don't worry,
everything will be okay.
It's just a book.
Just take a deep breath.
Thanks, that really
helped a lot.
My imaginary friend is
Dr. Francis.
You called?
I don't want to get a shot
at the doctor's.
It's okay, it's only going
to hurt for a minute,
but it's going
to help a lot,
and I'll be there
the whole time.
Ah, that's good.
An imaginary friend can help you
when you're anxious.
I'm scared to go to my first day
at a new school.
You'll make new friends,
and you can see your old friends
after school
and on weekends.
Okay, good advice!
I don't like trying new foods.
Trying new foods
is good for you!
Why don't we cook together?
How about
Brussels sprouts?
If you're scared
of something,
an imaginary friend could
help you feel better.
And now back to Arthur!
And then, Princess Perky jumped
from the tower
And used her
magic tiara
to call
a unicorn
And they flew
right into the arms
of the prince!
It was
That's what Princess Perky
always says.
Here, we got you
a tiara.
Hey, you look just
like Princess Perky.
No, she looks
like Princess Proper.
You look like
Princess Perky.
I'm Princess Peppy.
(blows whistle)
Okay, kids, gather 'round.
I'm your substitute
basketball coach for today.
Prepare to learn
some awesome new moves.
Ooh, a substitute!
Let's show her
our moves!
Can't wait
to play, huh?
How 'bout a little game
of two-on-one?
They're going to
run rings around her!
I can't watch!
(students gasp)
(awed murmurs)
(twins grunt)
Now, she's
Nice effort, guys.
Okay, now that
that's over,
let's learn
how to dribble.
Oh, but one rule
before we start:
no tiaras!
Ugh, I can't stand
that princess stuff.
The Princess Problem.
At first, I didn't understand.
How could anyone
not like princesses?
But when you said
you'd never seen Princess Perky,
I got it.
Prepare to be amazed!
Or to have
a very nice nap.
Don't you have
somewhere else to be?
I'm good.
Go ahead, D.W.
Show me
what I've been missing.
This is Princess Perky
and the Tower of Trolls.
One of my favorites.
Give us your magic tiara,
Princess Perky
or else!
Never, trolls!
I need my abra-tiara
to rule my kingdom,
protect all
the little animals in it,
and keep my hair just so.
Then enjoy
the view
(troll's voice echoes)
(door slams)
Is it a curse? ♪
Is it bad luck? ♪
This perky princess
keeps getting stuck ♪
Captured by villains ♪
Who want my tiara ♪
With powers ♪
Hey, wait!
You're a magical crown!
I'll make a rainbow
so I can slide down ♪
So maybe one day I will learn
to steer clear of towers ♪
Steer clear of towers ♪
Now do you see, Lydia?
Arthur, something's wrong
with your friend.
Everyone, wake up!
You both slept through
the greatest movie
of all time!
I'm sorry, D.W.,
but Princess Perky
is just not
my cup of tea.
How about Princess Peppy?
Or Princess Proper?
Or Princess Penguin?
And that's just the Ps!
The truth is
I've just never seen
a princess like me.
Have you seen
Princess Prancia, the Centaur?
She has red hair
like yours.
Yes, princesses
have red hair.
I know that.
I'm talking
about this.
Your wheelchair?
I've never seen
one movie princess
who's in a wheelchair.
Or blind, or deaf,
or-or disabled
in any way!
That's true.
Neither have I.
No offense, but I'll go
to a princess movie
when one of them
looks like me.
But there has
to be a princess
in a wheelchair.
There's a princess
for everyone.
Look, the doll says so!
(recorded doll voice):
There's a princess
for everyone!
Of course there's
a princess for everyone.
Did you tell her about
Princess Prancia's
red hair?
Yes, but she wants to see one
who's in a wheelchair.
That doesn't sound
very princessy,
but I'll check
my trunk.
Princess Perky
bubble bath,
Princess Proper
magic hand mirror
Ah, here it is!
The collector's
edition lunch box.
It features all the princesses
in the Princess Platoon.
Lydia was right.
There's not one
in a wheelchair.
Or even on crutches.
Well, it makes sense.
How could a princess
escape from
one of those towers
if she can't walk?
Maybe she could
make a rainbow ramp
with her magic tiara?
Yeah, but
Look, that's just
not how it works.
Princesses are perfect.
That's what makes
them princesses!
Get it?
Not really.
Oh look!
My old Princess Perky costume!
I bet it would fit you.
You could wear it
to my tea party this Saturday!
You're having
a tea party?
Since when?
Since right now!
It'll be a princess-
themed tea party.
You'll come, right?
Oh, wait!
It needs the final touch.
You really do look
just like Princess Perky!
I summon a unicorn!
(basketball bouncing)
Hey Lydia!
Nice crown.
Oh, this?
It's uh, nothing.
Oh, by the way,
you were right.
I checked with Emily
and there aren't
any princesses
who are in wheelchairs,
or anything like that.
that's why I came over.
I was at the library
the other day
and look what I found.
A princess
with an eye-patch?
She's Doña Ana.
She was a real
princess in Spain.
And she was
I've never seen
one of her movies.
Because she
doesn't have one.
You want me to read
a little of this to you?
"When Doña Ana
was a young girl,
she lost her eye
in a sword-fighting duel."
And then,
she tried to overthrow
the bad king.
And she hid out for years
disguised as a nun!
I don't know.
She doesn't
seem very
Yeah, but she
really was one.
See, it's all
in this book.
Well, you can't believe
everything you see in a book.
I think I might come to
the tea party as Doña Ana.
You can't!
This Doña Ana person
isn't part of
the Princess Platoon!
And she doesn't
belong at my party!
Emily, what are you saying?
I'm saying
come to my party
as Princess Perky,
or don't come at all!
Well, maybe I don't even want
to come to your crummy party!
(D.W. grunting)
Tug all you want!
You're not getting
this Doña Ana book!
Princess Perky!
Thank goodness.
Help me!
How quaint.
You remember
my name, huh?
Hey, what are you doing?
Checking out
the competition.
after all these years,
you want to replace me, hmm?
I just thought you'd like a new
friend in your princess platoon.
Sorry, no can do.
Why not?
Don't you see?
Being a princess
is a wish come true.
And who would wish
to be like her?
I'll tell you who would.
Because she and Lydia
are way more than
peppy, perky, or proper.
They've got guts.
Now give me
my book back!
You need to
call Lydia for me.
We've got
a party to crash.
Uh Oh
Timmy, Tommy,
stop rocking!
You're supposed to be trolls
standing guard!
Standing guard is boring.
Why do I have
to be a prince?
Can't I be
a space cowboy instead?
This is a princess party.
I'm Princess Peppy
and she's Princess Perky
and we're imprisoned
in the tower!
Princess Perky
uses her abra-tiara
I use my wish wand,
and we leap out of this window
we slide down the
down the
I'm stuck.
I'm stuck!
Oh look, Princess Prophecia!
A party!
Let's show them
what it really means
to be "fun-believable"!
I think she's outgrown
her bouncy castle.
Hey Timmy,
maybe we can
bounce her out.
Make it stop!
What should
we do?
What would
a princess do?
Attack those trolls!
A pirate princess!
Doña Ana!
Quick, give me one end
of your scarf!
Now give the other end
to Princess Yucky!
It's Perky!
Hold tight, m'lady!
And I'm Prophecia
princess of the future.
(all struggling)
Thank you!
Thank you both!
How can I ever
repay you?
Is it done yet?
Doña Ana
and Prophecia
are now
officially members
of the Princess Platoon.
At least according to me.
We're on
a lunch box!
Not bad for
a day's work.
I know.
Now I can't wait for the movie!
To watch more Arthur
and play games with all
the Elwood City friends,
You can find Arthur books
and lots of other books too
at your local library.
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