Arthur (1996) s21e07 Episode Script

Invasion of the Soccer Fans/Pal and the Big Itch

Every day when you're
walking down the street ♪
Everybody that you meet
has an original point of view ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen to your
heart, listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
Open up your eyes,
open up your ears ♪
Get together
and make things better ♪
By working together ♪
It's a simple message,
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself,
for that's the place to start ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
Hey, D.W.!
(regal music playing)
Welcome to another exciting
episode of Mashed Peas Theater.
I'm your host, Baby Kate.
And I'm your
other host, Pal.
Today's show begins
as so many spooky tales do.
It was a dark
and stormy night!
(thunder roaring)
Well, technically it wasn't
stormy until the very end.
It's a dark and windy night.
Actually, it wasn't that dark
in the beginning.
Pal, would you please let me
finish my introduction?
Right, sorry.
In today's show,
a magic spell is cast
over an unsuspecting person.
You are under my spell!
I command you to cook bacon!
The unsuspecting person
is not the TV audience.
True, but a TV is involved.
A TV, and a most bizarre ritual.
A ritual with nachos.
They weren't
important at all!
Maybe to you.
Why do I even bother?
Prepare to be thrilled,
and very hungry.
(thunder rumbling)
"Invasion of the Soccer Fans."
(wind blowing)
To the left!
No, the other left!
There is
no other left.
How should I know?
I'm only in preschool.
Excited for the big game, D.W.?
Oh, yeah!
The Crown City Cobras are going
to crush the Sherwood Sharks
and sweep the Super Bowl.
The Super Bowl is
in football, D.W.
This is the women's
soccer semifinals.
Details, details.
As long as we win,
I'm happy.
There's something strange
going on today.
People do seem very excited.
I've also heard them
saying the word "ball"
more than usual.
Perhaps they're going to watch
a game of fetch
on the Black Box.
Why would you watch fetch
when you can just go outside
and play it?
I'll never understand people.
Come on, everyone!
It's about to start!
I wish I was actually
at the game with Alberto.
Me, too.
He's so lucky that he got to go
with his team.
Maybe we'll see him
in the stands.
Mighty Cobras can't be beat!
You can't stop
our speedy feet!
Go Cobras!
Do you have a cheer?
Win! Win!
It's the volume that counts.
(whistle blows)
Bring it downfield!
Pass it, she's wide open!
Look at them!
They're all under
some sort of spell.
You're right!
Their eyes are wide
and glassy.
They keep shouting
at the Black Box.
Blo blabby!
Blo blabby!
Even sworn enemies
have joined together.
Something is definitely
not right.
Kate, what do you think
we should do?
Look at those tiny people
all running back and forth.
It's it's so exciting!
Kate, no!
Come back!
Hey, looks like Kate
loves soccer, too.
(Kate babbling)
Here, come sit
with the other Cobra fans.
Kate, down here!
Pal, blee blyott!
She wouldn't even
look at me.
It's not her fault,
my friend.
She is under the spell.
That Black Box
has some nerve,
an innocent baby!
I'm going to bite its legs.
Killer, wait.
There may be an easier way.
Hernandez has the ball!
She's wide open!
Go Cobras!
Win! Win!
What are you doing?
Amigo, no!
Down, down!
Pal, please!
Where was I?
I broke the spell!
Oh, Kate, talk to me.
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
I just
(Kate babbling)
Don't look at that
wiggly monster.
Look at me.
Blay blon blah bloor.
Bad dog!
I thought face-licking
would work.
It always breaks the spell
with Alberto.
It worked with Kate,
but then a strange beasty
appeared in the Black Box
and she succumbed again.
That's it!
No more Mrs. Nice Dog.
Now we attack.
But the Black Box
is so big!
And boxy.
Listen to you two.
You sound like
a bunch of cats.
Who's the boss of people?
Squareface out there, or dogs?
I can't hear you!
All right, then.
Now let's go out there
and take back this house.
Come on!
We have to get a goal
before halftime!
You can't expect them
to score
when you're cheering
with those indoor voices.
Make some noise!
Not you,
you crazy dogs.
What has gotten
into them?
Maybe we should put them
in the kitchen
until the game is over.
(barking continues)
Let go!
You're changing
the channels.
I just want
to make it louder.
Great plan.
The spell isn't broken
and we're stuck in here
while they're eating nachos.
It ain't my fault.
That box is cold, bloodless.
Nothing could defeat it.
There might be
Did you notice that thing Arthur
and D.W. were fighting over?
It looked like
a stubby black chew toy.
Well, it seemed to change
the pictures on the Black Box.
So if we can get
that chew toy
We might be able
to break the spell.
But how do we get back
into that room?
They're going to let us in.
(wind blowing)
(doorbell rings)
Who could that be?
Look, it's Alberto!
(blowing vuvuzela)
I have to get a picture.
(camera shutter snaps)
Oh, no!
Put the game back on.
Where's the remote?
It was right here
a second ago.
I knew I should have been
put in charge of it.
You lose everything.
We did it!
The Black Box
will be useless now.
No thanks to you.
I was creating a diversion.
We have to hide the stick
before the people
come looking for it.
(lock rattling)
He's locked the doggie door.
It looks like
we're stuck out here.
And I think it's going to rain.
What does it matter?
I've lost Kate
to that horrible box.
Life will never be the same.
Let's go to the window.
Who knows?
Maybe she'll see you.
(people cheering)
(thunder rumbling)
I think we're getting a storm.
(people cheering)
I'm going to let
the dogs back in.
(thunder rumbling)
The lights!
It's okay.
I'm sure they'll be back on
in a second.
I better close
the windows.
(remote clicking)
The TV's broken!
Oh, dear.
The storm might
have fried it.
No way!
Oh, you're back!
So are you!
What were you doing out there?
Oh, it's a long story.
How do you feel?
As if I've woken up
from a long, strange dream.
Hey, what's wrong
with Arthur?
He looks so sad.
Everyone looks sad.
It must be because there are
no more pictures on the box.
I wonder if that cord
has something
to do with it.
Should I say something?
Don't do it!
You could lose Kate again.
No, Killer.
Not this time.
I promise I won't look
at the box, not even once.
Do it, Pal.
For Arthur.
The TV's just unplugged!
Good boy!
Stay strong, Kate.
Oh, please,
it's really not that hard.
I'm watching something
far more interesting.
Mighty Cobras can't be beat!
You can't stop our speedy feet!
Go Cobras!
And now a word from us kids!
Arthur and his family
and friends
were watching a game.
Get it in, get it in!
And today,
we're watching a game.
We're watching a game
of trashball,
which first grade invented.
You'll be watching trashball!
My name is Aki.
Suzanne and I are doing
a sports TV show
about trashball.
Oh no, whoa!
My job is to hold up a camera
and film Aki.
My job is to watch trashball
and say lots of things
at the microphone.
Wow, what a throw!
Trashball is like basketball.
You get on the right side
of the yellow line.
You can pass the ball
to other people on your team,
but the main idea is to get it
into the trash can.
Wow, that was so close!
And no one got it
in the trash can yet!
There's two teams.
The Crushers
and the Trash Busters!
The other first grade
wanted to cheer.
Let's go, Crushers, let's go!
When you cheer on your team,
they have confidence
that they will win.
Let's go, Trash Busters,
let's go!
As a player,
when I hear cheering,
it helps me a lot
to focus on the game.
When you play
when somebody's cheering,
don't you like it?
Let's go, Trash Busters,
let's go!
When you play on the playground,
you want to have positive
cheering and teamwork.
Teamwork is when people work
together to make something,
like to get a goal in there.
I like sports.
Do you like sports?
There's basketball,
there's football,
there's trashball
And now back to Arthur!
(trash rattling)
Oh, they say every dog
has his day.
I guess today is mine!
(flies buzzing)
Hi, everyone!
I'm home!
Blahba's bog bis stinky!
Bleh bloo bee-boo?
Bad Pal!
"Pal and the Big Itch."
I just don't get it.
It's such a nasty habit.
The next best thing
to eating food is rolling in it.
I have the most annoying itch
right here.
I think a little buggy
bit me.
Maybe you should stop
digging at it.
Kate, the only upside
to having a bad itch
is the exquisite pleasure
of scratching it constantly.
Boo boy!
Be blebber blate
bloo boo the vet!
He was fine yesterday.
He just complained
about being itchy.
How itchy?
Well, very itchy.
It must have been
The Big Itch.
¡Hueso de jamón!
Not The Big Itch!
Oh, dear,
what's The Big Itch?
An itch so bad
that no matter how much
you scratch it,
it never lets you go.
Like this.
The only thing worse
than The Big Itch is
The Cone!
It was terrible!
Oh, the agonies I endured!
Oh, you poor thing!
What did they do to you?
Well, for starters,
the vet shaved me
and put some spray
on my itchy spot.
It was quite chilly.
When I returned
to the waiting room
in this horrid
all the other dogs
laughed at me.
Well, you look a bit
like an ugly lamp.
I meant a nice lamp.
The psychological pain was
so great, I lost my appetite.
I think it's coming back now.
Where are you going?
Come back here and be eaten!
On top of the humiliation,
I shall probably starve
to death.
I could bring you
some leftovers.
And I could feed them to you.
I suppose it's worth a try.
I must keep up my strength
for Arthur's sake.
Don't worry, Pal,
we'll take care of you.
Won't we, Killer?
Well, I'm not giving you
my roast beef,
but yeah, sure.
We'll get you back
on your feet again.
Best hurry, Amigo.
Before my appetite
fades again.
Oh, yes, right there.
A little softer.
Think of a feather
tickling a cloud.
Okay, that's too soft.
I can't feel a thing.
I'm taking a break.
A break?
How I wish I could take
a break from this cone!
But alas,
it's been
two whole days.
I shall probably
wear it forever.
Okay, okay.
It's about time!
I haven't eaten
anything all day.
That's not entirely true.
Since Arthur raised your bowl,
you've been able
to reach your kibble.
Yes, but I can barely
choke it down
with this thing strangling me.
What's this?
Pizza crusts.
They came home late yesterday
and didn't cook anything.
How irresponsible!
Don't they know children
need roast beef, lamb chops,
and hot dogs to grow?
If you don't want it,
I'll eat it.
No, no, I suppose
it's better than nothing.
It's happening!
The itch!
Oh, someone please
scratch me! Please!
Pal, we can't.
Arthur just put ointment on it.
It has to heal.
Then distract me.
Killer, dance!
Are you crazy?
I'm not dancing for you!
Isn't there something
you could do to distract him?
I suppose I could tell him
about my grandfather,
Fido Carnebone,
the most feared
and respected dog
in the neighborhood.
Everyone called him
The Dogfather.
(door opens)
Dogs would come from miles
to ask his advice.
The lousy cur!
He took my ball!
Dogfather, help me!
I'll talk to him.
(dogs growling)
Fido controlled the local park
with his three young pups.
A dog couldn't so much as yip
without their permission.
There was Sonny,
a real hothead.
Then there was Bobo.
He was useless.
Finally, there was
the youngest, my father Mickey.
He was cunning, cautious,
and ruthless.
(balloon pops)
The Carnebone family
had more bones
than the Natural History
Then one day,
the Dogfather was betrayed
by one of his own pups.
Was it Sonny?
I bet it was Sonny.
Or was it Mickey?
It was
Gotta go!
It's time for my walk.
You can't just leave
like that.
I have to know what happens.
I'll tell you more later,
if you're still stuck
in that cone.
Killer's story
seems to have worked.
You're not itchy
No, but I am famished.
Well, what are you
waiting for?
Feed me.
(clears throat)
Are we still on a break?
That's right.
Dolce ma non troppo.
Bloo blaw bleeber!
Good boy.
(happy whimper)
(fly buzzing)
No more cone!
my friend.
How do you feel?
Like a little pup again.
(fly buzzing)
Oh, there's so much to see
and smell and
I say, what's that?
I brought you some roast beef.
But, eh, now that
you're better
Well, I'm not entirely better.
Oh, no.
The spot is still terribly sore.
It stings just looking at it!
The spot is on your other leg.
Maybe it's spreading.
And the memories!
Such humiliation!
I shall be scarred
for life!
I can still hear their laughter
ringing in my ears.
(Kate laughing)
I really can still hear it.
How could you?
You look fine to me.
(gobbling roast beef)
Just a few strokes.
Pal, I said no.
I'm very busy.
I've almost learned
all these animal sounds.
Let's see,
the duck goes moo?
Oh, rats!
I knew that one.
See? You made me mess up.
If you pet the dog,
he goes, "Ah!"
Bany bobby home?
Ooh, Killer's here!
I can hear the rest
of the story.
I'll tell you more later
if you're still stuck
in that cone.
Bad cone!
Stay on!
How's the patient?
The itch is so powerful
I can barely move.
Please, Killer, distract me.
Distract you, huh?
I'll tell you about the betrayal
of Fido Carnebone.
Fido would take a short stroll
around the neighborhood
in the evening.
It was the only time
he was ever alone.
One evening, he heard
the whimper of a dog in pain.
It was one of Fido's sons,
but he couldn't tell which one.
He went over to him.
That's when he realized
he had been set up.
No, not you!
How could you?
His son wasn't hurt at all.
He was faking it!
Just like you.
Who, me?
I would never!
Oh, dear.
It must be defective.
Of all the rotten tricks!
Oh, please.
I have to know.
Was it Sonny or Mickey?
Or was it that simpleton Bobo?
I'm never going to tell you.
No strokes, no meaty treats,
no satisfying endings.
I almost wish I did have
that itchy spot again.
It wasn't really that bad.
I need garbage to roll in.
Hello, little buggies!
I'm here for you to bite me.
Ah! Who turned out the lights?
Thank goodness!
If not for you
and your corpulence,
I don't know what
I would've done!
What on earth were you doing
in there, Pal?
I just
I missed the strokes,
the stories, Ramon's cooking.
So you thought you would try
to get your itch back?
Of all the silly, dangerous
ideas you've ever
Why are you scratching
that spot?
I got a boo-boo
when I saved you.
It's all your fault.
No, Amigo.
Leave it alone!
If you bite at it,
you might
What do we have today?
Three delicious meatballs
from last night's spaghetti.
Uh, I mean, two
delicious meatballs.
One must have fallen out
on the way over.
Mm, I bet.
Well, what are you
waiting for?
So, after my mother ran away
from the shelter,
she joined up
with a traveling circus.
At first, she was a clown dog,
which must be why I have
such a wonderful sense of humor,
but then she moved on
to the tightrope.
To watch more Arthur
and play games with all
the Elwood City friends,
You can find Arthur books
and lots of other books too
at your local library.
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