Arthur (1996) s25e03 Episode Script

Listen Up/Arthur's New Old Vacation

Every day when you're
walking down the street ♪
Everybody that you meet
has an original point of view ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen to your
heart, listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
Open up your eyes,
open up your ears ♪
Get together
and make things better ♪
By working together ♪
It's a simple message,
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself,
for that's the place to start ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
What a wonderful kind of day ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
Hey, D.W.!
Can I see yet?
Just a few more barrettes.
That was my head.
Almost there.
Not bad, considering
what I have to work with.
Why are you laughing?
There's a cream puff
on my head.
(phone ringing)
It's called a bouffant.
It should be called
a Bozo.
I look like a clown.
(ringing continues)
Oh, you're not taking that,
are you?
We're not finished
with your hair yet.
Hey, Mom.
But I just got here.
Okay, I'll be there soon.
Is everything okay?
What is it?
I don't know.
She just said she has
something important to tell me.

Bubbe's funeral service is
in Florida.
Francine will be gone
for a few days.
I'm really going to miss her.
She really helped me a lot
when Grandpa Dave was losing
his memory.
(door opens, closes)
She always made me laugh.
What a perfect day
for ice cream.
Know why?
'Cause it's Sunday.
Hey, why the long faces?
Although, I'm one to talk,
(imitating Three Stooges laugh)
Francine's grandma, Bubbe,
Whoa, that's really sad.
"Listen up!"
I want smiles, people!
(bird crowing)
The cue is,
"We love you, Francine,"
and then you all shout,
Are you sure
this is a good idea?
She might not be in the mood
for a party.
Well, that's the point.
As her friends,
it's our duty to cheer her up.
She's here.
Places, everyone.
Oh, Francine, I'm so sorry.
Thanks, Muffy.
How are you?
Um, fine, I guess.
Not really.
I don't know,
it's weird.
The funeral was really
Bubbe had so many friends.
Just like you, Francine.
Although, for some reason,
I just feel like being
maybe not totally alone
but, you know,
just with you,
We love you, Francine!
We want you to know
that we are here for you.
If there's
anything you need--
anything-- just ask.
Okay, um
Where's the music?
(country music playing)
Oh, Arthur, show her the card.
It's from DW.
That's her bird, Spanky,
who died a few months ago.
It says,
"Sorry for your loss."
And Brain donated to a charity
in Bubbe's name.
It's for blind dogs.
Muffy, the charity is called
Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Bubbe told me about it
This is so nice.
Thank you.
But I, um
I have to go.
Oh, you haven't had
any cake yet.
It's strawberry-vanilla,
your favorite.
I'm sorry, Muffy.
I just can't do this
right now.
But I appreciate
the thought.
Really, I do.
(footsteps approaching)
It shouldn't go to waste.

Allow me.
I'll carry it.
You should rest.
Muffy, I'm not sick.
Just sad.
I get it about not wanting
to have a party.
You just need quiet time.
Is that spinach?
I hate spinach.
I know, but it's full
of omega-3 fatty acids,
and that boosts the mood.
Not if you don't eat it.
I reserved a table
where no one will bother us.
Tell me everything.
Muffy is listening.
don't blame yourself.
I don't blame myself.
Bubbe was really old.
Oh, good.
That means your past stage one.
Stage one of what?
I read
in "Hoprah Magazine"
that there are five stages
of grief.
If you get through them all,
you'll feel better again.
Which stage is
me wanting to dump that spinach
on your head?
Oh, I guess
that would be anger.
Now, is that stage three
or four?
Oh, here it is.

Yoo-hoo, Francine!
I know you're trying to help,
The Pampered Princess
Day Spa?
Just hear me out.
All you do is relax
while people fuss over you.
I promise,
it'll make you feel better.
See? Isn't this nice?
I feel like a salad.
Stop resisting, Francine.
Let yourself relax.
We sent Bubbe to a spa once.
She said,
"Why would I put mud on my face?
I look scary enough as it is."
She always had a way of
Try thinking
about something happy.
Ooh, I wonder
what this button does.
(voice vibrating):
There's a massage button,
You've got to try it.

Sugar Bowl.
After school tomorrow.
Have something
I know you'll want.

I'm sorry, Francine.
Thanks, George.

Where are you going?
We were supposed to meet.
Are you okay?
I'm fine, fine.
I just forgot.
I got to run,
but I'll call you later.
George Lundgren,
what did you say to Francine?
She looked very upset.
I was eating hummus,
and she sat down and talked
to me about her grandma.
But that's what I'm for.
I'm her best friend.
I think it really helped her.
Francine said
Oh, I'm a great listener.
No one listens better
than I do.
Well, maybe, but Francine
And I give great advice.
It's my special power.
If I were a superhero,
they'd call me The Listener.
You haven't heard a word
I just said, have you?
Yes, I did.
You were talking about
Ah, forget it.
I see why Francine finds it hard
to talk to you.
Did she say that?
(door opening)
Okay, maybe
I was ranting a little.
But I do want
to make Francine feel better.
How can I help?
Just listen to her.
Okay, fine, oh, wise one.
Teach me how you listen.
Muffy, I'm not sure
I have a window
from 4:00 to 5:00 tomorrow.
Meet you after school
at the tree house.
if you want to be
a good listener,
the first thing
you have to do is
Oh, oh!
The first thing
you have to do is
open your heart.
Um, no.
The first thing you have to do
is be quiet.
You can't listen if you're
I was going to say "talking."
I'll tell you a story,
and I don't want you to say
Once, I
Is this a fairy tale?
It might be better
if it's a real story.
You know,
so it's more like Francine.
I haven't even
started yet.
Once, when I was six,
my dad and I went
on a camping trip
And that was
how I learned to build a fire.
(Muffy clicking phone)
I was listening.
You went on a camping trip,
and then
Part of listening is
paying attention.
Well you could've said that
before the story.
Okay, to be a good listener,
I have to
not talk and pay attention.
Anything else?
That's when you feel sorry
for someone.
I do that all the time.
No, that's sympathy.
Empathy is when you share
someone else's feelings.
When you put yourself
in their shoes.
What's something that
made you really, really sad?
I had just gotten
these new capri pants, and
Try something else.
Did you ever lose someone
who was really important do you?

It's silly.
Tell me anyway.
I had this hamster once.
I only had her for three years,
but that's really old
for a hamster.
She always seemed to know
when I was sad.
She would touch her nose
to mine.
She was my first pet.
Actually, she was my only pet.
I'm sorry.
It was just a hamster.
It was your pet.
You loved her.
It feels good to tell someone
and just have them
get it, right?
It really does.

(doorbell ringing)
Hi, Muffy.
Oh, um, Francine is
It's okay.
I know she probably doesn't want
to talk to me.
I just wanted
to give her this.
Why don't you give it to her
I thought you might want this.
I remember that day.
Bubbe took us to see "5,000
Explosions and a Supernova."
Oh, it was awful.
Bubbe said they should've
paid us to see it.
(both laughing)
Do you feel like talking?
The last few days have been
so unreal.
I still really feel
her presence, you know?
And now, a word from us, kids!
My name is Miles, and
this is my first grade class.
My teacher is Miss Moylan.
Oh, Muffy,
she just didn't get it.
Muffy wasn't listening
to Francine,
and then George showed her
how to listen.
Today's theme is
about good listening.
The main goal
is to, in different ways,
practice your listening.
We all sit in a circle
on the rug,
and the leaders tell stories.
And when the leaders are done
with a story,
they're going to say,
"Who remembers one thing?"
This morning I was drawing
with a pen and cardboard,
and I found a gross bug
on the floor.
It had more
than eight legs.
But my sister said,
"It's a good thing
that it's small."
Who remembers one thing?
I remember that your sister said
it was a good thing
that it's small.
We had a speech bubble
and giant ears
(kids laughing)
to make listening more fun.
I saw a giant puppy today.
He jumped over
my backyard.
This is the back-to-back
listening station.
One person starts the story.
I saw a little pickle.
I saw a little pickle,
and it was sad.
And then another person adds on
to it.
All the rest of the pickles
were bigger
than the baby pickle.
The back-to-back one was
my favorite station.
Once there was a boy,
and his name was Fred.
I feel good when people listen
to me.
Once there was a boy
whose name was Fred,
whose sister's name was
And Sally
Went to the library.
And now, back to "Arthur"!
Bye, car.
You were great.
Except for your
Your sippy cup holder was
Why are we getting rid
of it?
It's time
for something different.
Isn't it weird how sometimes you
get tired of things you love?

I have a sweater
exactly like this.
I know-- maybe skip that
in the thank you note.
People will think
I never wear anything else.
Start the next one.
Don't you guys want to go
to bed?
We have to re-watch all 11
of the "Dark Bunny" movies
before the new one comes out.
Only three more to go.

L.E.D. dashboard.
It's like an airplane.
The cup holders fold up.
We won't be so cramped
when we go to Codpocket Beach.
Codpocket! Codpocket!
Codpocket, again?
Arthur, it's a tradition.
We go every year.
So, is everyone ready
for a new car?
New car, new car!
if we have to go
to Codpocket again,
at least we'll be going
in style.

"Arthur's New Old Vacation."

I have huge news.
You know that commercial
Dead Man's Cove?
"Avast, ye scallywag."
Avast, ye scallywag,
come to Dead Man's Cove.
Cove, cove.
Shiver your timbers
on Blackbeard's Revenge.
Walk the plank
over shark-infested waters.
Tuck into a shrimp feast
at Davy Jones's Locker.
So come aboard for
high-seas adventure at
Dead Man's Cove.
Dead Man's Cove.
Cove, cove, cove.
Cove, cove, cove.
I'm going.
You are?
Somebody where my mom works
knows somebody
who's connected
to something
I wasn't really listening,
but I'm going.
The rides.
The sharks.
The mountains of shrimp.
You're so lucky.
Hey, wouldn't it be amazing
if your family came too?
And there's a huge
where you're upside down
for, like, five minutes.
What if your shoes fall off?
I don't want to walk around
and step on someone's
old hot dog.
It sounds fun, Arthur,
but you know we go
to Codpocket Beach
every summer.
Ever since you were little.
The cabins
The salt water taffy
Yes, taffy.
But aren't
you always saying
we should try new things?
We're not giving up
the best taffy
for some cheeseball
pirate party.
Can't we have
a family vote?
All in favor of going
to Dead Man's Cove,
raise your hands.
Sorry, Arthur.
Codpocket it is.
We went to Dead Man's Cove
when it first opened.
I recommend
the all-you-can-eat shrimp
after you go on the rides.
Or bring a bucket.
My family voted against it.
We're not going.
You could change
their minds.
Find out their favorite things
about Codpocket,
then show them
they can get all those things
at Dead Man's Cove.

Hey, Dad,
what's your favorite thing
about Codpocket?
Mmm, the lobster roll
at the snack shack.
They have a sauce
you can't get anywhere else.
I just love swimming
in the cove at high tide.
(pencil sharpener whirring)
Everything is my favorite part.
Those free toys at that diner.
(pencil sharpener whirring)
Playing with Sharky.
(pencil sharpener whirring)
The taffy.
(pencil sharpener
makes grinding sound)
Is there something wrong
with that thing?
There better not be.
My crayon isn't nearly sharp
(pencil sharpener continues
making grinding sound)
Hey Kate,
what's your favorite
oh, never mind.
You weren't even born yet.
I'm not here to talk
about the fun rides,
the talking parrot,
or that we'd get to sleep
in hammocks.
I'm here because
of what Dead Man's Cove
has for you.
Dad, alligator sushi
and nine special ketchups.
You can't get it
anywhere else.
Mom: the Grotto Swimming Pool
has adult swim
for five minutes
every hour.
And DW,
you and Sharky will love this:
Real sharks!
No way!
It's perfectly safe.
Sharky is going nowhere
near that.
So can we have another vote?
All in favor of going
to Dead Man's Cove?
I was in it
for the alligator sushi.
But in a tie,
we stick to the original plan.

If you could get DW's vote,
your mama would fall in line.
(on phone):
Maybe you should sweeten
the deal.
Give up something that you want
in exchange
for something she wants.
This is for you, here.
Your little finger puppet?
What is this for?
Well, you usually get free toys
at that diner at Codpocket.
And if we go to Dead Man's
It's Codpocket
or nothing.
(puppet squeaking)
Isn't there some other place
you want to go?
If it's close
to Dead Man's Cove,
we can both have fun.
we can go to other places?
If we go for six days,
we could spend one whole day
going anywhere you want.

(Kate laughing)
DW and I made a compromise.
You did?
We'll go to Arthur's
boring pirate place for one day.
That wasn't
And then we go to Unicornia
for five days.
They have ponies
that might be unicorns.
And there's a butterfly garden,
and a cotton candy station,
This was my drawing
of a chicken.
Don't look at that.
The end.
I read about this place.
Apparently they have
an excellent restaurant.
It's not as expensive
as Dead Man's Cove.
Wait, five days?
This is unfair.
I think it's fair.
"Fair" is three days
at my place
and three days at yours.
Let's vote on that.
All in favor,
raise your hands.
We now have
new vacation plans.
What just happened?
We only have three days
at Dead Man's Cove now,
so I made a list of rides
we have to go on.
Is the Buccaneer's Corkscrew
on it?
(door closes)
That's on the list of rides
that might make us cry.
I've got bad news.
Dead Man's Cove has shut down.
The owners stole all the money
and left the country.
Actual pirates.
The place felt authentic,
because it was.
The trip is canceled?
But I talked everybody into it.
Now you might have to spend
six days
at Unicornia.
(birds squawking)
Now we can go
to the Prancing Parade.
DW, we have to vote
on a big change like this.
So hands up to go to Unicornia
for the whole time.

We're here.
There's that statue
There's that building
that looks like a boat.
BUSTER (on radio):
Red Wolf to Delta Captain, over.
(keying radio):
Delta Captain, over.
This place doesn't look
so bad.
There's that gas station
that looks like a fish.
Keep your expectations low,
Red Wolf.
This place is
no Dead Man's Cove.
Yep, no talking parrots.
Just seagulls.
Seagulls fighting
over a box of doughnuts.
(camera clicks)

(seagulls crowing)
You guys ready?
We leave for the beach
in five minutes.
Five actually means 20.
Equipment room?
What's that?
It's where you get life jackets
and first aid stuff.
Last year my mom saw
a dead mouse in there.
Swim masks, flippers.
Why isn't there
any ping-pong stuff?
I got a Wiffle ball.
(both grunting with exertion)

(both laughing)
Come on you guys,
it's beach time.
What is this place?
Dead Mouse Cove.
Dead Mouse Cove.
Cove, cove, cove, cove.
Cove, cove, cove, cove.
And we are definitely coming
back here.
To watch more"Arthur"
and play games with all
the Elwood City friends,
You can find "Arthur" books
and lots of other books, too,
at your local library.

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