Arthur (1996) s25e04 Episode Script

Blabbermouth/All Grown Up

Every day when you're
walking down the street ♪
Everybody that you meet
has an original point of view ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
You got to listen to your
heart, listen to the beat ♪
Listen to the rhythm,
the rhythm of the street ♪
Open up your eyes,
open up your ears ♪
Get together
and make things better ♪
By working together ♪
It's a simple message,
and it comes from the heart ♪
Believe in yourself,
for that's the place to start ♪
And I say hey ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
If we could learn
to work and play ♪
And get along
with each other ♪
What a wonderful kind of day ♪
What a wonderful
kind of day ♪
Hey, DW!


(Francine speaking indistinctly)
She's coming!
Everybody inside!
Okay, now when Muffy comes in,
everyone shout--
I forgot something!
Don't let them in yet!

(quickly dialing)
(television music playing,
telephone rings)
(ringing continues)

(muffled, indistinct chatter)
(Buster panting)
(panting continues)
(branches rustle)
(doorbell rings)

(doorbell rings again)
(jiggles doorknob)
(Francine straining)
FRANCINE (straining):
Arthur said to come over.
Surprise, Muffy!
Welcome back from your trip!
How was Hawaii?
Yeah, how was it?

Why didn't you tell me before?
Um, I
just forgot.
You forgot?
This is the
fourth surprise party
you forgot to tell me about!
We sure have a lot
of surprise parties.
I'm your best friend!
I should be
the first person you tell!
You're right, I'm sorry.
Here, have some cake.
I'll get you
some ice cream.
Wait a minute
I recognize this cake.
You do?
I saw you and your mom
buy it yesterday.
And you said nothing
about a party.
Why didn't you tell me?
Fess up, Arthur.
I didn't tell you
because you would have
blabbed about it to Muffy.
I would not!
I'll get you a towel.
Did you hear that?
Arthur just called me
a blabbermouth.
(both gasp)
I'm not a blabbermouth!
Am I?
What's happened?
Is he all right?
Oh, it's just you, Buster.
Blah blah blah!
Nice to see you again!
No! No!
I'm not one of you!
I'm not a blabbermouth!
Okay, I've been thinking
and thinking
and I can't remember one time
I blabbed something you told me.
My underwear nightmares,
my crush on the babysitter,
my fear of
Grotesquely Grim Bunny,
"Love Ducks,"
Binky's surprise party,
Fern's surprise party,
Brain's surprise party.
We really do have a lot
of surprise parties.
Okay, you're right,
maybe I have blabbed
once or twice.
But I can change!
Then tell me a secret.
It'll be a test.
I promise!
I won't tell it to anyone!
BUSTER (voiceover):
So it was really hard to hear
I was a blabbermouth--
sugar cone-- but then I said
sorry and he trusted me--
because we're best friends and--
nuts, no, sprinkles--
and he even told me this
huge secret and--
no, no, wait,
nuts and sprinkles--
and I haven't told it
to anybody
What was the secret?
That Arthur was born
in Transylvania.
It was the ice cream!
I was distracted!
But listen, I have a new plan.
If I only communicate
by notepad
I can train myself
to keep my mouth shut.
"Tell me one more secret!"
"Hi George"?
Oh, hi!
Why are you talking
with a notepad?
"Learning to keep my mouth--"
(pencil snaps)
You're learning to
"keep your mouth"?
Is it going somewhere?

Why are you trying
to keep your mouth shut?

It's okay,
you don't have to tell
No, I can do this!
I spoke!
Okay, I'm keeping my mouth shut
You told him?!
I don't know how it happened!
One moment I was writing
in my notepad,
the next, I was telling George
about DW's brain transplant!
It's okay.
But I blabbed again.
I'll just be careful
what I tell you.
You shouldn't have to be careful
about what you tell
your best friend
I've got to think about this.
Maybe I'm just not
best friend material.
I'll see you at school.
(bell chimes)
Buster, wait!
I don't care
that you told them that stuff!
Because none of it
was true anyway.
You mean, you're
you're not from Transylvania?
So, you lied to me?
I mean, well
They were just silly stories
But-- why?
Because I didn't trust you
not to tell a real secret.
Buster! Wait!
I may have blabbed, Arthur,
but I have never lied to you.
(shutter sound effect)

Not only does Arthur
not trust me,
but he's acting like
he's never blabbed before.
(shutter sound)
Here, eat this carrot.
I need some action shots.
But he has blabbed before!
There was that time
he told everyone
(shutter sound)
that I sucked my thumb!
Wasn't that a good thing?
What do you mean?
Well, it got you to stop
sucking your thumb, right?
That's true
Hey, if you wrote a post about
how you quit thumb-sucking,
you'd probably get a million
likes on your Picto-gram!
Even this lunch I'm taking
pictures of gets likes.
Come on, let's try it.
Put your thumb in your mouth!
Umm no thanks.
Suit yourself.
(shutter sound)
I think privacy is overrated.
Secrets just make people
You know, you're right!
Maybe blabbing
isn't such a bad thing
Hey, post this:
"What's wrong with blabbing?"
Interesting idea
"If people blabbed more,
"maybe there wouldn't be
so many secrets and lies.
Maybe everybody would be
a lot happier."
Did you get that?
I'm typing! I'm typing!
"Come to the community garden
this Saturday,
"tell me your secrets,
and I'll post them!
"Get everything
out in the open!
You'll be glad you did!"
I think you're onto something!

(footsteps going by)

Aw, poor Buster
Over here!
Want to tell me a secret?
(phone ringing)
(phone beeps)
Okay, so what did we get?
Well, we only got one secret.
From George.
What is it?
Tell me!
That's it?
She says slipping on
a banana peel isn't good enough.
And she doesn't believe it.
But it's true!
Ask George if he has something
with a little juicier.
She says
it's gotta be juicier.
What does that mean?
More embarrassing?
But I'm only telling you this
because I feel sorry for you.
George has a better secret,
but he's only telling it
because he feels sorry for me.
She says that's fine.
Spill the beans.
(doorbell rings)
Hi, Buster!
What's up?
I just did a bad thing
I don't see how you can stop
Muffy from posting it.
But I just checked the website
and George's secret
wasn't there!
Maybe we still have time?
And she won't answer her phone?
Come on!
We have to hurry!

(skidding to a halt)
(both drop bicycles)
So what did George tell you?
Oh, well, you see, he
Maybe I better not say.

Muffy listen,
I've been calling and calling,
and I think
Don't worry,
I'm shutting the site down.
I just couldn't bring myself
to post it.
Why would I do that to George?
I'm sorry
I dragged you along.
I don't know why
I needed you
but I did.
I get it.
I'm glad I came.
And I'm sorry about before.
You were right--
best friends don't have to
tell each other everything.
I think they just have to tell
each other what's important.
Like the fact that I
actually have a little brother.
Why have you never told me?
Got ya!
Come on!
Race you to the Sugar Bowl!

And now, a word from us kids.
Today we are doing
character traits.
For example
uh Buster,
he's a blabbermouth.
Character traits are like
so people get to know us better
and it helps us learn about
each other.
What we're like on the outside
and how people might see us,
and what we're like
on the inside,
what people might not know
about us.
So here's my example.
Sometimes I seem very serious,
but on the inside
I'm actually really silly.
So you're going to have a chance
to create your very own picture.

On the outside I'm bossy,
I'm confident.
But really on the inside,
a lot of people don't know
that I'm very shy.
We're going to do
the character traits
of Arthur's friends.
We are the DW team.
She's bossy, sneaky.
Who stole the cookie
from the cookie jar ♪
She is a troublemaker.
But in the inside, I feel like
she's very creative and kind.
I am kind of like Buster
because I make friends,
and I am nice, too.
I'm like Francine because
me and Francine like soccer.
Buster and Arthur,
them combined would make me,
and then I'm a little bit
like Binky.
This is Arthur.
On the outside
he's a big brother,
he likes to play piano,
and he's a best friend
to Buster.
On the inside,
sometimes he gets angry,
he worries about his schoolwork,
he loves his dog Pal.
I think Arthur
could be my friend.
I think Arthur
could be my friend, too.

And now, back to "Arthur"!
I said, "Nigel, you've taken
that book out three times."
Hi, Ms. Turner!
Is it in yet?
You're in luck.
But he took it out again--
what could I do?
It's called,
"Dinosaur Adventures,"
and this girl's mom
is a paleontologist,
and they find this stegosaurus
in ice, and
Free samples!
Ooh, this one looks like
milk chocolate.
It taste like soap!
"Lavender flavored
You know
it's actually pretty good.

Isn't it weird how sometimes
you don't get what you expect,
but it turns out
to be right for you anyway?
Isn't it "charmant"?
White is the new black,
you know!
It's ruined!

I'm a trend-setter
when I'm not even trying!
I pick Binky.
I pick
Hey, who does this hat
belong to?
Huh? Wait!
No, I meant
Go, George, go!
I know how to pick 'em, don't I?
It's almost like some things
are just meant to be.
Do you have any
lavender-flavored chili?
"Drawing Animals the Easy Way"?!
Ms. Turner gave me
the wrong book!
"All Grown Up."

I was going to exchange it
but I didn't get here in time.
Hey, this shows you
how to draw an aardvark!
I never knew their noses
were so long.
Can we hurry up, please?
We're wasting valuable
Saturday time!
Hello? Anyone?
Excuse me,
did you happen to see
where Ms. Turner went?
Oh, I think she's in the stacks.
Thank you.

Wow, I haven't been down here
in ages.
No one has.
It's like a dust factory!
Ms. Turner?
(inhaler rattles,
medicine hisses)
I didn't know there was
a door down here.
I didn't know
there were books down here.
(water dripping)
(electricity buzzes)
Look at all this old stuff!
I bet this is where
they keep the books
they don't want us to read.
Like this:
"101 Uses For Butter Churns".
I'm checking this out!
Muffy Crosswire,
I turn you into a newt!
Well, I turn you into a gnat!
Puny mortals!
Prepare yourselves!
I didn't read a word!
I swear!
It's just some old game.
Do you dare to know your future?
"Oskar the Oracle Octopus:
the game that predicts
what you will do in life."”
A game can't do that.
Only online quizzes can.
Let's play!
I call this diving helmet!
If you were a pizza topping,
what would you be?
Easy-- shaved truffles.
Uh, that's not one of
the choices, your highness.
1) mushrooms, 2) pepperoni,
3) black olives.
This game is so retro.
As long as they're
If you were on a desert island
and could take only one object,
would it be:
1) a fishing hook,
2) your favorite book,
3) a hot dog.
Three-- hot dog!
You give a seal your hot dog,
become friends for life,
and he fishes for you!
(game beeps)
It's the only way to survive.

What type of fish am I?
I don't know shark?
You're a herring!
It's so obvious.
My best friend
is not a herring!


(8-bit music plays)
Because you are brave, caring,
and determined, you will be
a public servant!
Public servant?!
Hey, that's great!
You could be a mail carrier.

This isn't my mail.
No, it's your neighbor's.
But you need
this catalog more.
Check out the dresses
on page number four.
The rest is just boring bills!
No, no, no!
Crosswires cannot do anything
with "servant" in the title.
my dad's a public servant!
And he's so good at it.
I'd be terrible.
It just means a government job.
You could be a politician.
I suppose I'd consider
but I think this octopus
is broken.
Maybe not--
let's see what I become.
(8-bit music playing)
Because you are driven,
competitive, and a leader,
you will be
a business person!
No fair!
You stole my future!
Bad answer, Oskar.
Try again.
Hold on.
You are competitive.
But I don't like anything
about business.
I can't even imagine it.

Hold that elevator!
First day.
(elevator dings)
(people chattering,
phones ringing)
(indistinct chatter)

Francine! Over here!
(phone ringing)
Welcome to Dynosymbatronitech!
I'll show you to your office.
Don't worry,
after five years you get
a big space,
like mine.
(telephone ringing)
(another telephone ringing)
Better get those.
You don't want to get on
Old Man Slink's bad side.
Good morning!
No wait!
No, it's
(groaning loudly)
There is no way
I am ever going to be
a boring old businessperson.
My daddy is a
"boring old businessperson."
And he's so good at it!
Actually, I think you'd be
pretty good at business.
Remember when you sold
those cat toys?
That was different.
I did it for Nemo.
(8-bit music playing)
Please let it be
Because you are curious,
imaginative, and kind,
you will be
a teacher!
I could see that.
"Mr. Baxter."
I could be a teacher!

Good morning!
Today we're going to learn
all about Bigfoot.

The odds of there being
a living gigantopithecus
are approximately
487,000 to one.
Can you teach us
something useful?
Like geometry?
We want math!
Teach us how to code!
(footsteps retreating)

Actually maybe not.
I could probably teach cats.
Is there a school for cats?
Come on, let's go
to the Sugar Bowl.
I think Oskar
has seen better days.
I can see why we've never
heard of this game.
I want to see what I get first.
(whirring, 8-bit music playing)
Because you are
creative, meticulous,
and hard working,
(powering down):
you will be
What?! No fair!
What will I be?
(imitating Oskar):
You will be
very bored looking
for new batteries for me!
Come on, Arthur.
I think it's a sign.

(light switch clicks)
(door creaks)

Hey, you forgot your book.
Oh, I just got that book
by accident.
You sure you don't want it?
There are some really great
drawings in here.
Okay, why not?

(door creaks)

(door opens, bell chimes)
Sorry I'm late!
I had all these stories
to read.
Hey, you'll never guess
what Kate wrote about.
Well, with you as her teacher,
it was probably about aliens.
(imitates buzzer)
You get an "F",
Arthur Read.
It's about a baby
who can read animals' minds.
It's really good!
Maybe she'll be a writer.
Is that it?
Yeah, but I don't know
if it's any good
(door opens, bell chimes)
The latest polls
have us neck-and-neck,
but I think I can pull ahead.
can I put one of these up?
My Sugar Bowl
is your Sugar Bowl.
And I'll do anything to get
that Mayor Hirsch out of office!
I know!
Why doesn't he just
retire already?
Hey, are those the latest style?
Yeah, but we haven't
released them yet.
I'm just testing them out.
Who ever thought
I'd get so much exercise
running a company
that makes sneakers?
Is that it?
Let me see!
I don't know
(music playing on television)
BINKY (on TV):
It may be nice now,
but that cold front is going
to body slam Elwood City
by Tuesday.
(whistle blowing)
Hey, there's DW.
I wonder who the unlucky driver
is this time.
This is a no parking zone!
Move it!
Hey DW!
It's me-- Bud!
Bud Compson?
What are you doing back?
Let me buy you coffee.
But first I have to give you
a ticket.
Come on, show us!
Can I see, too?
I'm sure it's great!
As your future mayor,
I order you to let us see it.
(door opens, bell chimes)
(door closes)
You're the only ones
who have ever seen it
except for my publisher.
I never imagined
you'd write a graphic novel.
Me neither.
I just like drawing animals.
Well, what are you waiting for!
Read it to us!

(page rustling)
"Chapter one:
how I got my very first
pair of glasses"
To watch more "Arthur"
and play games with all
the Elwood City friends,
You can find "Arthur" books
and lots of other books, too,
at your local library.

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