Arvingerne (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 We need the other moulds.
I have them at the foundry in Copenhagen.
- I need the old moulds.
- I have a reporter standing here.
This is important.
Have you seen the prospectus for the museum? Here will be workshops and exhibitions.
- I'll look at it later.
- There's no summary for all of it.
I've missed you - you'll never get him.
Go up to bed, Mom.
I've loved all my men.
I've had children.
You've got me, your little secretary.
So you've got Emil living in Thailand who calls only when he wants money.
And Frederik doesn't bother to set foot in the house.
Frederik, why are you doing this? And then you've got a daughter, who has no idea who you are.
Ms Grønnegaard drew it for me.
- I want you to come over here.
- I don't want your house.
Yes, It's yours.
You were born here.
Are you my mother? Why did you never say anything? How could we tell you, your mother didn't want you? This morning Veronika Grønnegaard died at Svendborg Hospital.
Veronika Grønnegaard, was 68 years old and survived by her three adult children.
Do you want something to drink? - Beer Three beers.
- Are you okay? - I haven't been home in three years.
And now I'm going home to bury my mother.
Did you get them? - I bought all the ones they had.
This is good.
And there are plenty.
It's just them.
- Thank you.
Have a nice trip.
- I love you.
"Veronika's last New Year's party".
Consider holding the funeral on Year's Eve.
What does it say? "Today Veronika will be buried at her home in Funen.
She leaves behind Frederik and Emil from her marriage to Carl Grønnegaard and her daughter Gro, who she had with the musician Thomas Konrad.
" Gro must be the woman, I met.
I have three siblings.
I don't know if they know I exist.
They must be fully open.
René? You have to pull them over on the side.
- How far up should they go? - Completely up.
- Sally, you must also go further up.
- Are we there? I can attach them over the side.
Have you even sat down today? There are a lot of people.
I haven't thought about my speech.
You're an excellent speaker.
- Do I have to mention the museum? Yes, of course.
We are burying Veronika but she lives on in the house.
It is absolutely perfect The museum is important for all of us.
- It's just Frederik who doesn't agree.
what is he angry about? - He just doesn't know.
So you will have to say.
His legacy goes to the museum too.
Where's the coffin? It should have been here half an hour ago.
It should be here now.
- Are you okay? - The coffin hasn't yet come.
Let me get a hold of them.
Robert, Veronika's gallery manager.
- We've met.
Lone Ramsbo.
Veronika's lawyer.
Gro, do you have just two minutes? - Not right now.
That won't do.
I'd like to have them on ice.
I have to talk to you.
Gro, it's important.
What do they say? - I think they're at lunch.
It's about the foundation documents.
It's a bad time.
I have to send them off, but Veronika hasn't sent them back.
She didn't send them back.
- I hoped you'd know where they were.
- No.
- I haven't got them.
Lone, you are her lawyer.
Why hadn't you checked on it? - We can just find them now.
- Without them, there'll be no museum.
You can find them.
They're here somewhere.
- Gro? - Just find the coffin.
- But don't reach over! - couldn't you just move? Wait a minute.
I'm just about to drop something.
- What are you doing? - I'm looking for some papers.
- couldn't you just move? - Yes Shut up, man! - There's another one.
- Also from Veronika? "We're in Reykjavik, thinking of you, every time we see your work.
You live on in your art.
" - Should I handle it? - No.
It's strange to be standing here, when I didn't even send one.
- Should I do it? - Hello.
I understand from Andreas, I don't have time to come by.
I should at least have this.
There's enough for all of you.
- You're going to put it in the fridge.
- I'm excited to taste it.
- Have a great party.
- I love you.
Give my regards to dad and the others.
This one's for you.
- Thank you.
- Happy New Year.
Happy new year.
It smells like a French brothel.
So we're done.
Did you have a happy new year? What's up? I showed the letter you gave me from Veronika to Ole, our lawyer at the club.
He says there's something called a provisional will.
- It's just a fucking letter.
- It may well be a provisional will.
If you crash a plane and only have two minutes left You can write a provisional will on a cigarette package.
That's the provision.
- So it's Signe's house? - Yes.
Well, that's huge.
Ole says it will be assessed at about 10 million.
And there's no mortgage on the house.
So she becomes a millionaire.
- She's a fucking multi-millionaire.
You can do whatever the hell you like.
You can travel, if you want to.
Ole would like to meet with you both and talk about how he should act on it, if applicable.
What just happened there? - I don't know.
- You smudged my mascara.
You look fine.
It shouldn't be so long in between occasions.
Well? - No.
What is it? I'm going to say a few words.
Are you? - It's Gro's show, but May I read it? - Yes.
I don't know half of the guests, but I'm the oldest son.
It's fine, if you want to say something about your mother.
That's really nice.
- What are you doing? We're getting dressed.
What are you doing? - We'll be right back.
Just think, kids, we'll come here to stay.
As a kid I had a room the forest.
Maybe you can have it, Villads.
- Is that where the weathercock sat? The sets will be removed again.
Then you'll get Uncle Emil's room, Hannah.
Sausage, just come here.
Is that the foundation thing, you're looking for? - Yes.
Where did you find it? - It was right here.
Have you talked to Emil? - No.
His phone's switched off.
You haven't been here, since she started building.
Is there a glass of wine? Frederik? I'd like talk to you about the house.
Today we'll just we bury our mother.
I'll take care of the formalities.
We have a succession expert in the office.
I thought of saying a few words about the food then you could possibly say something more about her.
I'd like to just Shall I serve white wine or sparkling wine when guests arrive? Don't you have any brains? There's a white wine with the food.
- What do they get when they come? - Crémant.
I'm super stressed.
- Was there a glass of wine? - There's whiskey.
I'll deliver the flowers.
You can just close the shop.
I can drive them over.
They don't know who I am.
I could just drop off flowers and then go again.
- Should I do it? - Yes.
- Good to see you.
- I'm so glad you came.
Hello, brother.
- Do you like Thailand? - Yes, it's okay.
We haven't prepared a bed for you.
You can stay with us.
You can sleep here too.
There are plenty of beds.
We'll find out.
- How many are we? - 50 persons.
It's just for the next few days.
The party is , totally in mother's spirit.
It's been a long time, since we celebrated New Year together.
Did you get them? - I contacted them in the office.
The coffin was supposed to leave half an hour ago, I got a hold of the firm bringing the coffin.
- They can't find a driver.
This is absolutely crazy.
The coffin's gone missing.
- They can't find the driver.
- Can't they call the police? You'll find it.
- Who was that? - Robert.
Mother's gallery manager.
- Well.
- What? He's handsome, mother's gallery manager.
A very handsome man.
- A handsome man.
- Totally handsome.
- Where are you stupid.
- Didn't you think? Oh, Villads.
- Thomas.
- Emil.
Good to see you.
- You look great.
- I love you.
- Hello.
- Good to see you.
You too.
It's here.
I have something you need to hear.
You'd freak out completely.
Some Siberian throat singing I arranged with the Jungle Orchestra of the Jazz House.
- Not those Huun-Huur-Tu thing? - No Yes.
The same, but with a woman, which is insanely sensitive.
I can get her to sound like Earl Bostic.
- Have you seen Robert? - No.
The Norwegian running around.
I can't find him.
We need some extension cords.
Can you get some extension cords? Out in the barn? You've reached Langbjergs Funeral Home.
We can't come to the phone.
Leave a message.
Were you ever in here? Was it here where grandfather shot himself? - Who says so? - Hannah.
- How does she know? - Her mother said so.
Why did he do it? Because he had hurt and because he was sick.
-Would you ever shoot yourself? - No, I wouldn't.
I won't.
- She didn't say anything? - Nothing.
- Sunshine who found her.
- Sunshine? Our little sister? When did they starting seeing each other again? Mother called her just before she died.
Have you met her? I have just seen her for two seconds.
- Is she coming today? - No.
It would be clumsy.
- It would be natural.
- I'll go out and see the coffin.
- It's a little slippery here.
- Will you take the flowers up? - isn't that your job? - Yes, but I'm kind of busy.
- Yes.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry.
- I've become the flower deliverer.
- Where do I put them? They're trying to get hold of the driver Hello.
What the hell do you think you're doing? I want my mom now.
If the driver doesn't call me I'll file a complaint against your company.
What don't you understand? The driver calls me now.
Camilla, can't you pass some sparkling wine around? Thank you.
Yes, it's me.
Yes, where are you? I'm coming out.
It helped.
Have Emil and Frederick, come yet? If you drive from the south, then it's straight ahead.
Well then you must call again.
His GPS is broken.
Idiot! - Who is it? - It's Signe.
She can't inherit anything.
I hope she's aware of that.
- You should go down and invite her.
- Should I do it? Would you rather struggle with mother's coffin, perhaps? - Is there a trace of it? - The driver fucks around in the woods.
Good day.
- You must be Sunshine.
- My name is Signe.
- Is she Sunshine? - Do you want to come in? I should really just deliver the flowers.
- Sunshine? Hey.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- I'll go straight to the kids.
My name is Emil.
I'm your big brother.
- What the hell are you doing here? - I had to deliver flowers.
- won't you come in? - Can I do that? - Come on.
You come up and see the house.
- Is that okay? Of course.
Make sure it doesn't tip.
- Be careful! - The diver's jumping ahead.
Got it, Thomas? Now you're back underneath it, Gerry.
Claudia, I'm Robert's wife.
- Welcome.
My condolences.
- Thanks you, we'll start shortly.
Veronika was a true diva.
Even from the coffin she's dramatic, but now she's here.
It's fine, Sunshine.
- I just came from work.
We are glad you came.
It's Signe, Sunshine.
This is my wife, Solveig.
Our children, Hannah and Villads.
It's crazy, she looks just like Veronika.
No she doesn't.
- Well, can't you see it? Thanks for coming.
We're very happy.
I'll start by handing over to Thomas.
There has always been a lot of music in this house.
Veronika liked music.
It's been hard to find a song.
But we selected what was sung many times in this house.
It's also sung as lullaby for the little ones.
Now it will be a lullaby for Veronika.
"Go 'now night and now go straight home while you're still sane.
I know that on your way lurking temptation for you and you can't say no.
Go 'now night and now go straight home.
Go 'now night and now go straight home.
There are those that keep the doors ajar.
I'll take the whole door open, waiting for you and now go straight home.
We have sung, we have cried, we laughed.
For several hours we have had it awfully fine.
There is the no thinking, Now when the hour gets small because we need to go.
Go 'now night and now go straight home.
" Veronika was full of paradoxes.
You could never really catch her or understand her.
But in her art it all melted together.
The most vulnerable with the most brutal.
She had an openness to life and to people.
There's no one here who didn't at some time live in this house.
Veronika established a foundation before she died to operate a museum in this house.
A museum with mother's art and with new art.
It was Veronika's last will - What kind of a museum? - I don't know.
the site must remain in the same generous spirit, as when she was alive.
Veronika is dead, but her spirit lives on with us.
No, sorry.
- No - Are you okay? - What an entrance.
- No, sorry.
So sorry.
I hope nothing happened.
What about you? Are you okay? - Will you stay and eat with us? - No thanks.
I have to be on my way.
- I have guests.
- I'm glad you came.
I hadn't said thank you, because you found mother.
She called Was she angry or upset? No, I don't think so.
No, she wasn't angry.
- Did she say anything about me? - No.
We bickered like crazy.
We said some really stupid things.
Well, we didn't talk about you.
Not at all.
But so are they here all of a sudden the two sisters.
It's fantastic.
I go straight up and check on the food.
I'll talk.
- Is there any beer? - There's wine here.
No, it wasn't really No.
I have something to show you.
Do you have time? I'm sorry I didn't get to tell you about the museum before.
- I'm sorry too.
- I didn't say anything.
But when I stood up there It's not my decision.
Mother decided on the museum.
This is my father's house.
I know that sounds like you, but it's mother's house.
How could you announce it, before we've seen the documents? You'll get to see the documents.
We had no idea she'd die.
You know I have right of first refusal on the house.
It's in the will.
When was it written? Incredibly long time ago.
Now she gave the house to the foundation.
- I need the house! Hello.
Shall we go in? - Yes, let's go.
Hey, hey, hey.
I understand you're shocked.
I'll have to talk about it afterwards.
Now we'll say goodbye to your mother.
You can't just walk out.
Here you are.
Try to look there.
- Is that Veronika? - Yes.
When she was beautiful.
Frederik with his first joint and beer.
Here you are.
- No, it can't be me.
- It's your second birthday.
- That's why there are two candles.
- When I was with John and Lisa.
No, listen to me.
Sunshine, two years.
Here you go.
I thought I went to John and Lisa, as a baby.
You came here all the time, until you were almost three.
See here.
The car I built.
It was so big I could pull it all along.
- Is it me? - Yes.
- Emil stands and pulls it.
- You looking at the pictures? There is Emil with his stupid hat.
It was my favourite hat.
- I didn't know I knew you.
- I missed you since you disappeared.
Yes, you did.
You ran away several times and totally came back - Where to? - Over to John and Lisa's.
- Didn't you know? - I got cocoa the first time.
- Lise said you needed the rest.
- How many times were you there? - Reasonable number of times.
- Yes.
Finally she said, it was better we didn't see you.
Try to see your teeth.
It's strange she doesn't answer her phone.
Veronika would probably have said "cheers" now so I will.
Cheers! Happy new year.
- Where's Frederick? - I don't know where he is.
- I'll just go find my brother.
- I think I'll leave.
Just hang on for five minutes.
So we can talk a little to each other.
- Hello, Camilla.
- Finally.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
- Are you good? - Yes, except this here.
- It's terrible about your mother.
- It is as it is.
- You just have to grab it.
- I missed you like crazy.
Do you want to visit and drink a cup of tea? - Yes.
I don't care to now.
- One of these days.
- May I call you? - I have the same number as always.
I'll ring you up.
I figured out this is where you'd be hiding.
- I didn't know you smoked.
- I didn't either.
Didn't you know anything about the museum then? No.
Can she just do that? I hope not.
She can't just take the house and works.
I haven't seen anything about it yet.
Probably we should get something too, right? She was so crazy, man.
- And cold in the ass.
- She's so cold.
- What's happening? - Mother's little terrier.
Kim is all fired up about the museum.
We'll get all the money we were looking for.
Why does she continue to stay here? She said she was going home.
I called seven times.
Let's go home.
- Hello.
- This is my boyfriend, Andreas.
- Emil.
- Frederik.
We're on our way home.
We have guests.
It was nice.
So good to see you.
I'll see you again, right? Soon.
Okay? - Deal? - Yes.
- Hello.
Happy new year.
- That was Andreas Baggesen.
- Who was he? - Andreas Baggesen.
- He plays right back in SHK.
- Well.
Wow, Frederick.
- You're such a lad.
- He's big.
Andreas Baggesen.
Are all the works and the house entailed to the museum? She promised me a loan.
She promised to invest in the resort.
Her account is locked until the estate is settled.
- It was a clear agreement.
- The blockage is standard procedure.
- How long does something like that last? - I don't know.
- May I offer my condolences? - Of course.
Thank you.
Kim Halland.
I'm the President of the Jakobsen Foundation.
We will work together in the future.
I'm a great admirer of your museum.
I will be closely involved in both the museum's construction and operation.
What the hell is that? - What is it? - It was part of an art video.
- It was five years ago.
- It's a family portrait.
- It's also a period piece.
- This is my grandfather.
We shouldn't discuss art now.
Come in and have a drink.
Down in the university canteen he stood with food on his tray completely full, and then I took him by the ears So did you get him? Very romantic.
There he is well.
I'm telling you about the time we met each other.
So I took you.
It's very romantic, Frederick.
Leave off pouting.
- We're going home now.
- No, Frederick.
We can't do that.
- Frederik, what's happening? - Nothing.
I want you to go.
We're going now.
- We haven't even proposed a toast yet.
- We're going.
We'll go now.
Where are the children? Villads.
Come on.
We'll go now.
- Don't push.
- I'm not pushing.
I'm holding.
- Don't make a scene.
- I'm not making a scene.
Hannah? - I'm here.
- Hannah? - Yes, father.
- You just come down? - We're going home.
- Now? Thanks.
Be careful.
There's no railing.
Can't you behave yourself? I don't want to spend New Year at home with you.
You going? Hannah can stay here if she wants.
- Come on.
- Frederik? - You can't just take it.
- She killed him in his home.
- Come on, Frederick.
- Shouldn't a sign hang in the barn? "Here Carl Grønnegaard shot himself.
" Fascinating for you artists.
Thank you.
- Get in there.
- I'm staying.
I'll come in the morning when I have helped Gro to clear up.
I lost my father last year.
I was paralyzed.
without Robert, I couldn't have handled it.
You stood by her all by yourself.
You're just like your mother strong and independent Hello.
She was sent off with a party.
And now I stand here.
Your mother just died.
- Frederik is furious.
And people are stiff.
And I'm just so tired.
I'm also part of it.
Claudia is here.
I didn't know what to say.
She introduced me to Veronika.
It's the New Year.
Of course, your wife should be here.
We look like two people in a lifestyle magazine.
When this is over, you'll have a little more time If only she had told me she was sick.
She called Signe.
There's no one who can take anything away from you what you and your mom had together Sorry! Lise and John said, you were with them since you were a baby.
I got it.
I want to go in and party.
I don't want to think anymore now.
Signe? I just wanted to I think I found out, the house is yours.
John talked to Ole, a lawyer.
- What does John have to do with it? - He just wants to help.
- Why are you talking to my dad? - I want to make it easier for you.
- I won't take their house.
- She gave it to you.
Just drop it now! Come on.
Let's go and celebrate.
How did it go? Were they nice? Yes.
I don't want to talk about it now.
I just need a shot.
Where have you been? - Are you sleepy? - No.
I saw you were there and talked to Signe downstairs.
- Did she say anything? - What could she say? - No.
- Lone, what would she say? I talked to Lisbeth, Ole's secretary, the lawyer in the square.
She said Sunshine approached Ole regarding a letter.
What is in this letter? A letter Veronika wrote when she was dying where she wrote Signe will inherit the house.
Why should she give her house? She wanted to make turn it into museum.
I don't know.
Either way, Veronika wouldn't give the house to Signe because she'd already given it to the foundation.
What if we can't find the the foundation documents? They must be here.
What happens, if they weren't signed? I think they were, Gro.
- Are you coming? - Yeah, I'll be here shortly.
Sausage, she has to leave now.
Aren't you coming out? Yes.
- You're not working now.
- I won't do it.
Put on something warm.
- Are you stoned? - Not enough.
- 23:55.
- Do you have some champagne? - Happy new year, guys.
- Happy New Year.
It looks really good.