Arvingerne (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 Veronika Grønnegaard is survived by her sons Frederik and Emil, and her daughter Gro.
- How did she get a blood clot? - Apparently, she had cancer.
- Sunshine found her.
- Our little sister? I have three siblings.
Do they know I exist? - What's she doing here? - She can't inherit anything.
I didn't say thank you, for finding mother.
- We didn't talk about you.
Not at all.
- No.
The foundation will operate a museum at the house.
Why did you allow yourself to announce it? - You'll get to see all the papers.
- I need the house! - Can she do that? - I hope not.
We should've probably get something too.
No? I showed Veronika's letter to our lawyer.
You can make a provisional will.
- She wrote Signe should inherit the house.
- Why? She wanted to turn it into a museum.
Veronika can't give the house to Signe.
- She gave it to the foundation.
- Are you looking for the foundation thing? What if we can't find the foundation documents? - What if they weren't signed? - I think they were, Gro.
You're allowed to shoot properly.
Yes! Fuck, man! Come on, come on! Sorry.
No, no.
I have to go to work.
That's funny.
- Hello.
- You're early.
- It will be interesting.
- Yes.
If we win, we'll damn well move into first place.
- Hi, honey.
- Hello.
- Signe, couldn't you just? - No.
I'm going to work.
It'll take two seconds.
I just have to correct the sleeves.
Father can't fit in it.
He is too Either we should screen him off, or you have to run around him.
No, what is it? Actually I was on the way over to see you.
Mom, I need you to answer this honestly.
You said I came to stay with you, when I was a few months old, right? - Yes.
It was like that.
- So just hand me the bag.
Why didn't you tell me? - Well - My second birthday at Veronika's! - You saw her a bit at first.
- In the beginning? I saw them until I was 3 years old, mother.
How often was I there? Do you fucking remember.
Once a week? Twice a week? Did I asked for her? Did I call her mother? Did I do that? No.
Why didn't Emil visit me? You said he wasn't allowed to see me.
- No.
I never said that.
- You said that.
So says Emil.
He was there once, when we had guests.
He was there a lot of times! Why wasn't I allowed to see my brothers and sister? But Signe Do you think it was easy? I wished I could rewrite your history.
Did it help? Why do you keep trying? Don't meddle in my letter! What have you done? - Dad gave my letter to a lawyer.
Well, the house is worth a lot.
- Stand still.
It could be a consolation.
- What a wound? What do you mean? Nothing.
- Signe I'm sorry if I messed it up.
- Yeah, I got to run.
Well Signe - Mom, I got to go to work.
Get off me! I understand.
I have to get someone else here to help.
No, I can do it.
Of course I can.
I spoke to 4 or 5 lawyers about Signe's letter.
She can't claim the house, at all.
The Foundation owns the house.
Do you think I invited a lot investors without double checking it? No.
What do you think they'll say if they hear? Don't talk anymore about it.
Could you please help with this? Lone, I'm not trying to be insensitive or to hurt you, right? But Veronika talked about this museum since I was a child.
You even helped to realize her thoughts and drawings in this place.
We promised her to complete it.
Simply, Lone.
Spare your emotions.
Hello, Muddy face.
Damn, you look good.
- No, Lone.
Well Yes.
- I miss her just so much.
Yes, yes, yes.
- Should I do anything? - You got to keep this here.
- Well, friends.
Do you know how to tug? - Yes.
Thomas, no smoking now.
It's simply so unbearable in here.
It seems to be repairable.
But it will be extensive and expensive.
- Hey there.
- Look what I've got.
- May I see? - Be careful.
Is that what you want? It's a Grønnegaard.
I get it, it's just a portrait.
- It would be great to clean it off.
- It's a very funny picture.
- This is our family! - Veronika's as well.
This is a piece of art history.
- Should I find someone else? - No.
- Good.
Thank you.
- If you change your mind, call me.
She was very sweet.
So what? Yes, I have Had looked all through it.
Veronika bequeathed everything she owns, to the foundation.
Technically, she disinherited us.
- It's a lie.
- No.
It can't be.
Is there no such thing as portions? - There must be something to inherit.
- Shouldn't we inherit something? - Apparently not.
Do you need money? - No, I don't lack money.
But you know how it's to start something new.
Like the time you started a mountaineering agency up in Nepal? Yes.
Oh, Frederick.
Some people do what they want.
Uh! Carpe diem.
What are you doing? - This is bullshit.
- Yes, it's serious shit.
What happened to you? I showed them the picture.
- Okay.
They won't say anything.
I fucking need to know what happened.
Would it be weird if I asked my siblings or Thomas? No, it's a good idea.
- Really? Okay.
- Yes.
No, no! Thomas! No.
Hey, you two! Hello! They can break.
Watch it.
Yes, yes.
And then just through the center.
In the middle.
It looks damn good.
No? Then we have to leave behind some, so we can raise it.
Hey! - No, no.
Don't do it.
So! - Okay.
It's simply unbelievable.
No! It's for the guests.
- I'm just a little one.
Don't do it.
Good grief.
- Oh, that is! So here they are.
If you must stay here, put on some decent clothes.
Is there something I shouldn't do, it's be here.
To see some arts administrators.
Sitting in their cool cars.
And getting rich from all the artists on minimum wage, right? Hello.
You're so beautiful! - Gentlemen.
- Madame.
- It's the new museum? - Yes, exactly Julien de Smedt, he is superb.
- Yes, I like his work a lot.
He designs some wonderful things It seems as though the Pompidou is giving this serious consideration.
Uh Hey.
Is Thomas here? I wanted to talk to Thomas.
- I didn't know I was interrupting a meeting.
- It's fine.
Don't worry about it.
Your dad showed me some pictures from the time when I was here.
I was wondering My mom and dad won't say anything.
So I thought, maybe I'd ask you We are sort of a family or So, you want to start by stabbing your family in the back? I think we should talk about the letter she gave you.
- You said nothing at the funeral.
- No.
I don't want it.
Whatever Veronika wrote, doesn't apply.
A trust owns the house.
You can't bequeath something away, you don't own.
- No.
Send me a copy of the letter and you'll hear from our attorney.
- Gro, I had - Send a copy.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Did Frederick say, when he'd come? No.
He's a little busy with the legacy and all that.
Have you heard she disinherited us? You've got to wonder.
What's up? There are so many fills right now, right? That pop up.
Things you'd have liked to talk to her about.
- We must fight back.
- No, Villads.
Not now.
- I'm bored.
- Go ride on your scooter.
- Out and ride on your scooter.
- Okay.
- You need to talk about history.
- Ours is just so chaotic.
What would you have asked her about? About the time Dad disappeared.
He just left.
Then we got postcards from California.
He sent one to me with a dog.
It was so strange, I didn't like dogs.
So two years passed, and he was back again.
He was so fucking sick, right? Mother just gave birth.
- She started to fight with father.
- Did she? Then she was there with Sunshine on her arms.
- I thought she threw your father out.
- She took care of him for some months.
Then one night, so So she threw all his stuff out the window.
All his clothes and They were all over the yard.
She cried and screamed he should find somewhere else to die.
What happened? Yes It was that night, he went out and shot himself.
I still remember Frederik's face when he came out of the barn.
He was quite pale.
Did Frederick find him? Yes.
So he came up to the room, pulled the curtains and sat down on the bed.
So he just sat and looked at me.
Didn't say anything.
I knew something was completely wrong, right? The next morning mother entered the room and said, she had found father out in the barn, and he had shot himself.
- What did Frederick do? - Nothing.
- So you got the damn Pompidou behind you.
- Yeah, hold up, what? - Congratulations.
Here we go.
- Yes, we will.
Your boss told you go to Rio on Monday.
I haven't focused on that yet, but yes.
I'm going to the United States but I will come down for the opening.
And I have a few galleries to see there.
I'll call you.
He's so crazy about you Yeah, what will you do about it? You were just so good.
Wasn't she great? And you just got them all together.
Now we celebrate.
- Cheers! - Congratulations! - Ah! Good.
- Should we look after the works? - we must do that also - now? - Shouldn't we celebrate her victory? - There is Hamburg, Lone.
- The pressure is on, as it is.
- Okay.
Can I do anything? - No, it's fine.
Thank you.
- Okay.
- Hey.
- Goodbye.
Maybe she thought I wouldn't carry it off.
- Whom? - Veronika.
She always grumbled, I didn't spend enough time at the museum.
You devoted a lot of time.
I should just never have said yes for the job in the Art Center.
- It's a dream job.
- It's bad timing.
Last year of her life.
Gro, you are obsessed by Veronika.
Why does she give the house to Signe? What? Yes Very warm welcome to the top show-down.
- How did it go? - Fine.
- You want popcorn? - No thanks.
Something to drink? Wearing No.
12 Frederick Tofte, No.
19 Christian Lindeby.
And No.
22 Andreas Baggesen! No.
27 Christian Kystgaard, No.
32 Tobias Olsen.
Head Coach John Larsen, assistant coach Lars Jacobsen.
Defence! I have to pee.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- We have them.
- Okay.
We have them.
She didn't relinquish.
- What? - How could I have missed it? - This was in the first year curriculum inheritance.
- What does it mean? To relinquish.
To surrender.
To give up something.
You could give your house and all your stuff as a gift to a foundation but then you have to do without it.
But Veronika lived in his house.
She kept her things and her art, there while she was alive.
The foundation may only receive housing, if it's mentioned in a will.
- And it's not there? - And it's not there.
- What does it mean? - I saved your ass again.
- It's a lie.
- It's true.
The museum is finished.
- Now it's our house.
- It's fucking fantastic.
Hello! - Have you told Gro? - No.
I told Lone.
- There's no reason to take it personally.
- It is for me? - Why didn't you check it? - I didn't know she'd die.
I knew you were incompetent! If she had died six months later, she would have relinquished.
I think our collaboration stops here.
- Gro, you can't fire me.
- Yes, I believe I can.
You know what? We'll design a guest house for you.
So it's ready when you get home.
So it has a bath and bedroom and kitchen and everything.
- And a toothbrush.
- What color toothbrush do you want? - Green.
- You get a green toothbrush.
You've got a call.
I'll answer that right It's Frederik.
- What are you doing, are you selfish? - Relax, Gro.
Do you know what you're destroying, because you need your Victorian style home? - Don't make it personally.
- You made it personal.
It's my father's house.
It was in his will I should have it.
You understand nothing, you idiot.
- What did she say? - She almost cried.
I'll fucking go over to her and talk to her.
Say it's nothing personal.
She can get all the works, she can make the museum somewhere else.
We'll be there in an hour.
Do you have the will, so I scanned it? I'll See you soon.
Who is Carsten Hviid? Denmark's best lawyer.
He loves art.
He'll go a long way to help us.
What we did today, was to find the best proficiency we've ever shown.
It's world class! Here's to us! Cheers! If we continue to play like that, then we're going to move up.
But we'll do that.
Won't we?! - Do you want us to go home? - No.
No, no.
- What is it? - We should have taken a photo.
Andreas, I should have taken a photo.
- It's fine.
- Andreas! - Don't you want to? - No.
- Signe - Hello, Flemming.
I understand how you feel.
I'm also adopted.
They should've told you.
That's what I said: "John - she can feel it anyway.
" You can feel like that.
Kirsten says that too.
You knew?! Gro? Hello? Goddamn it to hell, you big wussy! Don't fucking! Oh yes! You looked so funny.
- Have you seen Gro, Thomas? - No.
Not for a long time.
- What are these pipes? - Organ Pipes.
And as something for air mattresses, right? - There is a G and an F and an A.
- Is it a G? Then these three together.
It all fiddling about, yes.
Just because of a shitty relinquish something.
We have a house in Italy.
She was going to move down there.
Yes, but I don't have anything in writing, and then we'll get nowhere.
I'm really sorry, I can't help you.
- Thank you for trying.
- Hey.
I'm sorry it was so clumsy.
I got a ride to Copenhagen with Denmark's best lawyer.
- Shall I drive you to the airport? - No I'll take the subway.
I talked to Svend about Rio.
- Now you can have a good trip.
- No.
- So is all hope for the museum lost? - Won't you on it sleep a little? - No.
I can't leave.
- Okay - Svend, glad you came.
- Of course.
It's not because I can't understand it.
- But you have to go to Rio.
- Madsen can handle it just as well.
- I've always been on there for you.
- Do it again.
- You even support the idea of the museum.
- You are our director.
So call it leave.
I'm not the first to take a leave of absence, right? You were hired for a year.
The requires better planning and a better reason.
I've been working in the art gallery day and night.
- You can Skype.
- No.
I have to be here.
Give me three weeks Svend.
I'll work double when I get back.
Gro, I can't do it.
So fire me.
So fire me if that's what you want.
Slam the door when you go.
One, two.
One No.
It's too fast.
One, two.
One, two - It's okay.
- No! The hose is shot.
- Is it broken? - Not exactly.
- Sausage? - Hello, Gro.
- What are you doing here? - I wanted to see how you were doing.
- I'd give you some sibling care.
- Did you get stoned with my father.
- Are you spying for Frederick? - No spies here, right? We're worried about you.
Frederik is pissed off about it.
I'll get that museum.
Why are you against it? - He doesn't want us disinherited.
- Don't be selfish like Frederick.
He dreamed of this house.
- Should I answer it? - No.
Just let it be.
Gro, it's Svend.
Why don't you answer the phone? The Board won't accept your leave of absence.
I can't promise I can protect your position.
Call - Do you want to turn on here? - No.
I'm going to bed.
I don't want to interfere, but I received a copy of Signe's letter.
- I discovered something.
- What? It's probably valid as a provisional will.
Now we must see if we can persuade her to use it.
- Why? - Veronika mentioned the foundation in the letter.
Now you just see.
Give it to me again.
It's "All works must be included in the Grønnegaard Foundation as agreed.
" - So what? - The foundation is mentioned in the will.
- So it's valid.
- So 'relinquish' doesn't matter? - Right here is the will.
- Are you sure? I double-checked it with others.
Completely discreet, of course.
No! Now we just have to find out what we can do with Signe.
- Have a good day.
- Thank you too.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
It's been a little difficult for me to Mother called you, and you were the last person to see her alive.
- And she gave you that letter.
- I've got no interest in the letter.
Yes Anyway I'd like to tell you about the past, if you still want to know.
You're right.
We are a family.
We have a common history.
- Well! - You can come over tonight.
I can cook something, if you like.
Well I'd like that.
- I'll see you.
- Hello.
- You won't sign anything.
- I'm going up there to eat, Andreas.
Hasn't she been acting weird? - She just lost her mother.
- Yes.
I wouldn't sign any contracts before someone looks at them.
Even if I trust them.
Don't you just love it? Yes.
See you.
Hello? Hello? - The ones we drew every year.
- Hello.
Do you remember anything? No.
It's you.
I haven't told Emil and Frederick about the letter mother gave you.
It's a little sensitive right now.
I don't think we should talk about it.
- Of course.
- Hey, Sunshine.
Good to see you.
You too.
- Oh, how it smells good.
- Well, hello! I could smell it all the way .
- Hi, Thomas.
- I picked up Thomas.
He has the most stories from the old days.
- Is that okay with you? - Yes, yes.
Is there enough? Yes, there's plenty of food.
- Do you have a tattoo? - Yes.
From Australia.
Were you down there to dive? I didn't try to dive, but I snorkelled.
I also have a tattoo.
Do you want to see it? - Uh okay.
- It's pretty cool.
This means peace.
I got it in Burma.
Ever been to the Far East? No.
I thought I'd travel a lot, but then I met Andreas.
He doesn't like to travel or what? Yes.
He has to be here because of his handball.
- Where does he play at? - In SHK.
- Cool.
- Now I'm just getting started.
Well go ahead.
- I also want to hear all about you.
- You don't remember anything? - No.
- Well! - Where the hell do you start? - How often did I see you? In the beginning a lot, but then it became less and less.
- Lise wasn't so crazy about it.
- No.
She sat there miserable in the car, and she could sit there for hours.
That's how it was in the house.
She didn't want to come here.
Veronika wasn't exactly the coolest mom.
Me and Frederick were sent over to our aunt for eighteen months.
She was concerned because Frederik shut himself up when Carl died.
- It wasn't the reason.
- You couldn't possibly reach him.
- No one tried to.
- That's not right.
- He chose to go to boarding school.
- And why do you think he did it? Cheers.
- It tastes damn good.
- Thank you.
Who is Carl? Carl was my father.
Carl Grønnegaard.
You can say, he owned the house earlier.
There have been developments.
Frederik, I had a conversation with Emil, about when your father died.
I think he needed to talk.
- There isn't much to talk about that.
- Why did she dislike your father? I have no idea.
He wanted to die in his own home, and he wasn't allowed to.
And then he shot himself in the barn.
Who found him? Veronika did.
How are you feeling? What? What do you think? - What do I think? - Yeah, what do you think, Frederik? I think: Boy, am I lucky I have such a sweet wife.
A delicious, clever and cute wife I want to take her dress off and heave her into the bedroom Mother! Hello.
She was here because of the moulds.
They're in Amsterdam.
Oh yes.
I couldn't like them.
They looked like, I don't know what.
There you are, Sunshine.
- What am I doing? - You was always there.
Wrapped in wax or take a bath in paint.
- Is it John? - Yes.
John couldn't give up the dream of Veronika and a family.
- But she threw him out.
- Yes, yes.
But after you moved out to John and Lise, he came here again.
And he and Veronika started up everything again.
Well, then, why would Lise take him back? I don't know he went and talked to Lise.
- She got tired of it eventually.
- How? She stood as here, screaming and and threw pieces of wood.
Everyone screamed and screamed.
- Emil howled and screamed.
- Father! - What? It's just as well.
- Yes, yes.
No It may be one of the girls from art college.
Lise came up here one day, where John was here with you.
He had to choose between her and Veronika.
You ran away.
They searched around.
They couldn't find you.
I found you.
You were sitting right here.
Then Lise took you, and then they drove off.
John drove away too.
I remember you sat in the rear window and cried.
What happened? So they adopted you.
So we haven't seen you since.
No, he hasn't forgotten.
Emil See! - Hello, Camilla.
- Hello.
We arranged to go for a ride.
- I fucking forgot, Camilla.
- We can just do it another day.
No, no.
It's fine.
We'll just do this.
No? I'll do this right now.
I'll call you.
I'd really love to see you again.
It was fucking nice.
Have a great evening.
- Have a nice trip.
- Yes.
Don't mind him.
He's like that.
It should just start by love, right? - How are you? - Things are going well.
And you? Yes, thank you.
I don't know exactly what's happening here.
- We can just sit here.
- Yes.
You can sit very well, right? - Do you still play music? - Not so often anymore.
- It's a shame.
You were awesome.
- Thank you.
Where were you really all the time? I went to Nepal.
And then I traveled around.
Cambodia and Thailand It's good to see you, Camilla.
- You look great.
- Like always.
- My father was in love with Veronica.
- That was a jealousy drama.
- It wasn't about me.
- It's rarely about the children.
- I'd better go home.
- Won't you sleep here? There are plenty of beds.
It would be nice.
I'll show you where you can sleep.
Did you say you wouldn't use the letter? Yes.
Veronika wanted to create a museum in the house.
She spent the last years making a the Foundation to take it on.
But there was a mistake, so I need to use the letter she gave you.
- I didn't think it mattered.
- The Foundation doesn't own the house.
Only the artworks.
So it's important.
You can actually use it.
You can also stay in the house, if you like.
I don't want the house.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
It's also my heritage, go for it.
And Emil and Frederick.
- It's a great project.
- I want to be part of it.
I can just get the letter.
I made a transfer agreement, where you give the house to the foundation.
Thank you.
I'll have to show it to my boyfriend first.
He handles contracts.
He writes contracts for the clubs.
- But it's not such a contract.
- No, I know.
- But I promised him.
- Yes, yes.
Of course.
- I'll still sign it.
- Of course I'll talk about it.
If there's anything you are unsure about, just say.
- Okay thanks.
Frederik, can't we just talk a little bit? I'd like to.
Frederik, what's happening? What are you doing? - Camilla, what are you doing? - Do you know how sorry I was? You just disappeared.
- You can't fucking do this.
- Now we're even.
Camilla! Camilla, come back! Camilla, sorry.
Camilla! Camilla! Camilla! Camilla! Camilla, came back, dammit! Camilla! It's a lie this here.
Hey hello.
I need some help.
I need some tools.
Thomas has a hacksaw or bolt cutters in his car.
Will you go get it? You know where his car is? Let's keep it between us.
You won't say anything to Gro.
What the hell? What the hell are you doing? Can't you just help? Now go away.
Don't laugh.
You don't need help.
I'll do it.
Watch now! Don't do it, Thomas.
Gro, say something to him.
What is it with you? Do it now.
Gro, say something to your fucking father.
Otherwise she was a nice girl.
Won't you see each other again? How did it go? I don't want to see them anymore.
Whom? John and Lise.