Arvingerne (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Du vil give 10 mio.
Du overdrager huset til fonden.
Tag lige en tænkepause, inden du skriver under.
- Du får ikke chancen igen.
- Jeg vil kunne se dem i øjnene.
- Det er 10 mio.
- Hvorfor tænker du kun på pengene?! - Hun tænker jo ikke klart.
- I har løjet over for hende altid.
- Er Frederik imod museet? - Han skal vænne sig til det.
- Ved han, jeg fik Veronikas brev? - Jeg vil have alting på plads først.
Gro har lavet en kontrakt, hvor jeg giver det til fonden.
Vi får ingenting, hvis Signe skriver under.
- Jeg skal bruge penge nu.
- Jeg kan ikke gøre noget ved det.
Frederik og Emil deler hovedhuset.
Gro får laden og det her område til museet.
- Museet kan ikke bygges i en lade.
- Det er bedre, end at du får alt.
- Jeg kan ikke være med.
- Kunst betyder ikke så meget for os.
Veronika fik dårlig samvittighed.
Kunst var det vigtigste for Veronika.
- Det var vigtigere end familien.
- Hun har givet huset til Gro.
Det er løgn.
- Min vogn skal ikke flyttes.
- Hvad tror du, Frederik vil? Han vil da ikke smide mig ud.
Hvis nu du får huset, hvad så med min vogn? Kan den blive? - Ja, selvfølgelig.
- Kig lidt på de der fondspapirer.
I don't think it's Veronika's signature on those papers.
Should not you be making some lunch? What are you doing? Examining the Museum Foundation documents.
- Eva Mikkelsen, the handwriting expert? - Yes.
You better eat now, before you have to drive.
- Drive? - You know that Villads needs to get to his soccer.
I have to go into the office to check the signature on the Foundation documents.
Thomas told me that it might not be Veronika's signature.
What? How does he know? No! Get those off the table! - Why has this not been washed? - Obviously because no-one did it.
- It belongs to Anna.
It needs washed.
- Well, go and wash it.
Frederik, you need to help me out here.
It could be forgery, but I can't just spread rumours about it.
- 'Rumours'.
So, you're not certain? - I need to be 100% sure.
I have 25 people waiting for my presentation at the seminar.
- I have to be there in 30 minutes.
- Can Emil not drive him? He'll be happy.
He loves his Uncle Emil.
- I love you.
- I miss you.
We'll have the house to ourselves tonight, so I thought I'd cook something just for us.
Yes, I'll hurry straight home.
Ronaldo spins and heads straight for goal.
- Emil, is that OK? - Yes, yes.
- Thanks.
You are such a help.
- You've got on my shirt.
I'll take it off in a minute.
It's just so cool.
- Have you seen these? - Yes, they're really cool.
Solveig, Hannah must have this eagle as her birthday present from me.
- I don't think so.
- It's really wild.
Emil, you need to leave now if you're to get to the soccer practice on time.
Villads, let's go now, OK? Oh, Emil, tonight I'd like to be alone with Frederik.
- We haven't had time to ourselves for so long.
- That'll be cool.
I'll eat out.
Hannah I'll just be 2 seconds, Villads.
- Can we go in your car? - Yes, we can do that.
I've even got it to run.
I've taken the whole engine out.
- Dad says that it's a heap of junk.
- It's your dad that's a heap of junk.
No, it's fine, little man.
I'll drive carefully.
- How much does a car like this cost? - I haven't a clue.
- More than 3 million? - No, probably not more than 3 million.
Hop in.
That's a really good question.
Why are you going so early? It's not even 11.
Gro asked me to come early.
I've to meet the Board.
- Is that not OK? - Yes, yes.
I can stay and close up on Monday.
- What? - I can see that you're not too happy.
- No, it's just that you're away with the van.
- Did you want to use it? No, but it costs money to run.
You don't owe 250,000 to the bank.
I just didn't think you'd be using it.
- You only think of that art shit these days.
- You should come up there.
Who would look after my shop? - Can we borrow Michael's moped? - I don't know.
Why? Can't we use the van? Yes, but bring it right back after you've dropped madam off, right? - Of course.
You got everything? - Yes.
See you.
- I'm not hungry.
- Surely you'll have a coffee.
I spoke with the architects.
They won't move your trailer.
- No? What's happened? - It's important that you're with us.
It's always been understood.
Even in Veronika's plan.
- That's not what you said last time.
- No, but I was so annoyed with you.
If you don't want to move, that's OK.
Take a look.
We'll just raise the floating bridge a little and then you can stay.
- You could have told me that yesterday.
- I had to speak with them first.
It can be a less solid bridge, so you can move your car.
You can decide.
Did you wash your hands? I'd also like you to have a seat on the Board.
Me? I can't understand business.
You'd meet a lot of very interesting people that you could talk to.
Yes, but it's also more.
I don't really have the time.
- Kristen Agergaard will be part of it.
- Mmm.
- You could discuss art.
- Yes, but it's finding the time.
There's a Foundation Board meeting today at 3.
What about Frederik? Or Emil.
Will they be there? They were invited, but unfortunately Dad, everything will be good again.
It'll be fine.
It's open.
Gro Grønnegaard? I'm from Langbjergs Memorial Services.
- It that? - Yes.
My condolences.
I just need a signature.
- What's that? - It's mum.
What if they ask me something about art? Just say, "I'm fascinated by modern modernism technique".
They'll love you.
If they don't, they're dunderheads.
Enjoy training.
Oh! My bag.
I thought we were trying for kids.
- Yes.
I should have said.
- Yes, you certainly should.
I'd like to wait a bit.
- Are you furious with me? - Yes, a little.
- I'm sorry.
- What? About your mother.
I'm a huge admirer of her work.
Her art is very popular.
Have you had a chance to look at the documents? Right.
So, this is your mother's signature on a card sent to your son.
As you can see, the letters slope, especially the "e", and on this piece which your son got last year, the "e" slopes upwards again.
- And? - Her writing was consistent in her last years.
- Now, this one here, we know about.
- Signe's letter.
The signature on Signe's letter and your son's card is almost identical.
But the Foundation papers? Take a look.
- It slopes differently.
- Exactly.
So this one's been written any way the wind blows? Yes.
I am sure that the signature on the Foundation documents is a forgery.
It's been copied from an old document.
- You're sure about this? - 99%.
This is fucking incredible.
Let me know if you want a written statement.
Can I take these enlargements with me? God! It's all to one side.
Why is that? Can you take one end, René? There'll be food and wine after the meeting.
Can you just press the arrow down in the corner? - And again.
- Is it just back to the start? This arrived earlier today.
It's mum's ashes.
- What will happen to them? - We'll plant an apple tree on top of them.
- Can you do that? - Not if you ask.
Can we find a place for them here just now? Oh, how funny.
Peter Wulff.
Is this not the man with the dresses? He's the chairman of the ACD Foundation.
They have an insane amount of money.
Robert Eliassen.
He's the art dealer, isn't he? - What is it with you and him? - What do you mean? There's something between you.
- I'll tell you another day.
- So, there is something.
This one, probably.
Robert would like this one best.
- That dress there looks great.
- It doesn't suit me anymore.
- I'm starting to look like a man.
- You're the most stylish woman I know.
- You should try on the dress.
- Me? If it suits you, you can have it.
It looks great.
God! It's terrific.
How do you fasten this? Wow, it's lovely.
I look like someone on a board of directors.
You are on a board of directors.
- With people like you.
- What are you talking about? I could be like The Queen and wear a hat: "Qu'est que je vous bien avec le croissant".
- What's so special about The Queen? - I don't know.
It's all those fine celebrities.
They're no better than you.
In fact, it's you that's at the centre of things today.
Veronika's unknown daughter.
You just relax.
Damn, you look good.
Are my cigarettes lying in here There they are.
- Well, that's a nice outfit.
- Stan Getz.
- John? - I'm heading off.
Can you come down here? - Will you drive over to Signe's with this? - What is all this? - She'll want these things she left here.
- No, you don't mean that.
- How do you know what she wants? - Well, I don't.
Lise, I'm beginning to think that you want this fight to get worse.
No, I don't.
But I've done everything for her over the years.
If she doesn't want to see us again, we can do no more.
Help me? What do you expect from her? You keep putting pressure on her.
- So, it's all my fault? - No, but you're punishing her.
Punishing her? So, what would you have done? You're so great at solving things, right? If you'd been her real mother, you'd not treat her like this.
- So, that's what you think? - No.
I'm sorry.
You've always had her.
Should I be grateful that I got to be with her? - I miss her so much.
- And I'm scared to say anything.
Afraid of losing you.
Afraid of losing her.
But, I can't be afraid anymore.
If you don't support me, I'll need to solve it myself.
- Carry the cardboard box? - Yes.
Give it to me.
Oh, damn.
I don't think anyone's at home.
No, no-one's here.
We'll just take it in.
I'll just leave a note for her.
- Writing a note? - Yes.
- What're you writing? - Just that we've left her things.
I'm due at the club now.
Can you drive me and drop me off there? You are so clever.
- Is that a 1978 model? - Yes, a '78.
It's an import from California, so it's never been on salted roads.
No, never.
You know what? - I'll have a look at it underneath.
- Go for it.
It seems in good shape.
- Why don't you answer your 'phone? - It's in there.
It's a forgery.
The signature on the Foundation documents is a forgery.
- I don't follow.
- Mother didn't sign them.
- OK.
So who did? - Well, who do you think? It was Gro.
- You can't be serious.
- Yes.
Mother came up with the project.
But she was still undecided when she died.
Gro then decided for her.
That's document fraud.
She could get 6 years in jail.
- You wouldn't put Gro in prison.
- Yes, I would.
Now, we can stop this madness.
They're having a Foundation meeting today.
- We can't gate-crash their meeting.
- Listen, we need to go and I need you there.
- What the hell are you doing here? - I was washing the car.
Washing the car? What for? What's this? Registration Certificate & Bill of Sale? - You should always keep these in it.
- No.
Are you about to sell the car? - No, I'm not.
- There's corrosion in the suspension.
- I'll give you 89.
- No, It's not for sale.
I told you, it's not for sale.
I'll go to 90, but not a krone more.
Hi, sweetie.
You can't treat me in this way, Thomas.
OK, let's all take our seats.
Do you need to drive so fast? Welcome.
It's great to have everyone here.
We're embarking on the most ambitious Scandinavian art project ever.
I read that yesterday in "The Mirror", so we best get started.
Can you just relax a bit, Frederik? How much do you owe? More like 200, if I know you right.
250, actually, Frederik.
Slow down a bit.
I don't like being driven as fast.
- Tell me what happened.
- OK, but slow down a bit.
Quarter of a million is quite a sum.
There's someone else with us.
Oh, God! I want to thank my sister, Signe, who was born in this house.
It's because of your generosity, Signe, that we are meeting here today.
Thank you.
Thank you, Gro.
For God's sake, slow down, Frederik!! Thank you.
You were driving like a maniac.
- Sorry.
- It's OK.
Just drive more slowly.
That's not what I mean.
I'm sorry, I haven't taken better care of you.
- You've nothing to apologise for.
- Yes, I have, actually.
You've always been there for me.
You don't need to apologize.
We should drive on.
So, we've reached the matter of Thomas's house.
It was Veronika's wish that Thomas be part of the project.
His house should stay on the site.
Therefore, we found out Hi.
So you came.
This is Frederik and Emil.
My brothers.
- Can I speak with you for 2 minutes.
- Can it not wait until later? Now.
Right now.
Trust me.
Well! Excuse me for a moment.
- Do you think I should go through? - No, no, no, no.
Just let them.
- What's going on? - What do you think? - These documents are a fraud.
- What documents? - The Foundation documents.
- Frederik believes that it was you Gro, I would recommend that you tell the truth here.
This is very serious.
Criminally serious.
I had nothing to do with this.
- Who signed these, then? - I have no idea.
So, now I'll have to go to the police.
They'll start an investigation.
- It'll mean prison for whoever did this.
- You do what you need to do.
I'll ask you one last time Was it you who signed these? No.
It was what mum wanted.
Are you admitting this? I didn't fake anything.
She wanted to sign it, so I just helped her.
- For God's sake, Gro! - I did what mum always wanted.
You shouldn't have done anything.
- It was her lifelong dream.
- It's just your fucking dream! - Hey.
We should maybe relax a bit.
- You're a fucking arse! You've cheated us.
This'll give her six years in prison.
I'm heading straight to the police station now.
- What do you want me to do? - First, you need to dissolve the Foundation Board.
Tell them there's new information, and the project can't be completed.
Here she is.
- Unfortunately, we can't proceed.
- Can't proceed? - The museum can't go ahead.
- Gro, what's happened? New information has come to light, which means.
that we cannot proceed.
I'm really sorry.
- What is this new information? - I can't tell you that.
- Surely it's something that can be fixed? - Unfortunately, no.
- Could we discuss this with your brothers? - No, you can't! I have to go now.
It's over.
- Are you sure about what you're doing? - Yes.
So, I think we should declare the meeting closed for now.
Thanks for coming.
I'm so sorry about this.
I don't understand what is happening.
What caused this? I'm truly sorry about it.
I thought Gro was serious.
What should I say to my Board? - Gro, what's happening? - Just go home.
- We can still make this work.
- GO HOME!! What's happening? She won't even talk to me.
She forged Veronika's signature on the Foundation documents.
- No.
I can't believe she'd do that.
- She's just admitted it.
Frederick also has proof from a hand-writing expert.
Is this true? Eh? Veronika hadn't signed them.
I signed for her.
- So, it wasn't what she wanted? - Yes, it was.
I just helped her.
You should talk to Frederik.
You are so full of shit, Gro! Signe! Won't you come back inside? - No.
- Signe! We need to to find a solution to this, don't we? I suggest that all 4 of us meet in the morning.
00 at my office.
Can you do that? - OK.
- 11.
Say something.
I'll call you.
Leaving just like that? You've made me look a fool to a lot of people.
I'll need to talk with them.
- It's fucking not working.
- Why did you tell me, then? Not for you to fucking come and destroy everything.
So, it was you who told him? You need to come and see me in my office tomorrow.
All this bloody shit everywhere! - What the hell is this? - It's mother.
Emil - I can't.
- What can't you do? I have to go to the office and get organized on some things before the meeting tomorrow.
Tell Solveig, I'll be home late.
- Doesn't she want to be alone with you tonight? - Yes.
Thank you.
I know.
- I'll need to deal with that.
- She's been cooking for you.
Emil, just tell her, I'll be home late tonight.
- She's your wife, damn it.
- Don't interfere in my life right now.
Just tell her that I'll be home late.
- What the hell is wrong with you? - I have to go now.
- It's the last straw, right? - What? Candles and.
The food I've spent several hours preparing.
It's just the last straw.
I think everything will be in place soon.
OK? There will be no Foundation Now we just have to find out I don't know what's next, but it'll soon be in place.
- I don't understand why.
- Why what? We have two lovely children.
We have a lovely big house.
We have lots of money.
I can understand that he would want to fight for his inheritance.
We've both been really busy.
I know all that.
But I can't I don't understand what it is he wants.
What is it that he wants? It's just getting worse and worse and I've never seen him like this before.
He doesn't sleep at night.
- You don't want to hear all my problems.
- Hell, yes.
It's fine.
You just let it all out.
- Do you like meatloaf? - I certainly do.
- It's Frederick's favourite dish.
- It's also mine.
I love it.
Sorry I'm late.
It's fine.
- How was the meeting? - It's all canceled.
There won't be any museum.
Veronika never signed the documents.
It was Gro.
- Bloody hell.
- She forged the signature.
So what happens now? I don't know.
I've to talk to Frederick tomorrow.
- What's all this? - My old stuff.
- Lisa and John must have brought them.
- Did they just let themselves in? Everything I do turns out wrong.
They want rid of my things and you hate me because I'm taking contraceptives.
- No.
It's OK.
- Don't tell me it's OK! It's fucking horrible! I ruined everything.
I should have done as you said, and said "yes" to the money for the house.
Instead of going around being such a huge naive idiot.
- You aren't a naive idiot.
- Yes, I am.
Gro manipulated me from the start.
Tomorrow, I'm meeting Frederick, and when he offers me money, I'm going to accept it.
Unless we ourselves move up into the house, Signe.
I want nothing more to do with it.
I'll sign, and then it's over.
I don't want any more.
What's happening here? This has been needing done for ages.
Don't you think it'll be nice? I'll do the windows and frames next.
They were asking for you up at the club.
I thought you were coming.
Yes, I've just been busy with this.
- I think we'll beat Viby tomorrow.
- Mette can go up there in my place.
She has everything under control.
Is it too white? Should I maybe tone it down a bit with some yellow? - Yes, perhaps.
- No.
It's fine.
But I'm lonely and unhappy and abandoned.
Welcome to the club.
What is to become of us? Can you tell me that? What will become of all of us lonely abandoned people? I think most of us will die one day.
- Who's going to save us? - I don't think anyone can.
We're just in free-fall.
Fuck! What the hell are you doing? Are you OK? You can't just fucking lie there.
Come on.
Oops a daisy.
I don't normally drink so much.
I know that.
Did you hurt yourself? How's things? Well, I've drawn up a contract and it's all ready.
That's great.
Well, that's terrific.
We have eaten all the food.
It's your own fault.
I I don't know, what got into me.
It was meatloaf.
It was really delicious.
I apologise.
I've fixed it so that you'll get an advance of 100,000 to deal with your debts and other things.
- That's terrific.
- Yes, now we'll get our legacy.
You'll need to be here, until the division of property is complete.
Yes, of course.
I'll be here You're beautiful.
Just beautiful.
- We were going to watch a movie.
- What should I get? - Hello.
- Is that you there, biscuit? - What happened? - A big conversation took place.
- What's that? - Warm ashes.
- Veronica? Are you using her ashes? - She becomes a part of it all.
- Do you have a corkscrew? - It's too cold to sit here.
Shall we go up to the house? Why did you bring those boxes and just leave them? Lise thought Signe might want her things.
Lise? What the hell is going on, John? Signe was distraught.
Do you not understand that? Stig called and said, Carsten won't be here.
This means that we need to go as far as we've talked about.
OK, guys.
Listen up.
- You shouldn't go alone.
- Andreas has an away game.
- Then I'll go with you.
- No.
I'll be fine on my own.
So, you'll come back a millionaire.
Call me when you've talked with them.
- Do you want to borrow the van? - I can easily get there by bus.
- It's OK.
- Katja, the bus goes almost to the door.
- It's OK.
See you.
- See you.
Contents, accounts and securities we divide equally between us.
You get control of the art works.
You can buy Emil out.
I can wait for my third.
Your third is all up to you.
- What about the house? - I'll buy you out.
5 is reasonable.
- Sunshine, what will she get? - She isn't entitled to anything.
But, to save us time and effort, I'll buy her out at 2.
5 million.
What if she won't accept that? She just might take the house.
If we stand together on this, she has no chance.
Without your help, she wouldn't risk a lawsuit.
- I wouldn't testify against her.
- We're making her a reasonable offer.
Try and listen to yourself.
I would hate bringing the police into this.
You could get six years.
- Are you threatening me? - Stop fucking about! There is no need to review any more.
It's a fine deal.
We just need to talk with her, quiet and calm.
I'll get it.
- You've brought a tree with you.
- It's for Veronika's ashes.
It grows really tall.
It's a Filippa Apple tree.
- Veronika's ashes? - They're to be buried in the garden.
- She's not going into the garden.
- Frederick! - Would you like some water or coffee? - A little water, please.
Signe, the matter is very simple.
Veronika's Foundation is not valid.
- Because Gro signed the documents.
- Yes.
Things now look a little different.
We do not believe that the letter you received from Veronika, is a valid will.
But we would like to buy you out.
As you can see here we have proposed 2.
5 million.
I already offered you that earlier.
Why make this offer if you don't believe, she wanted me to have the house? Yes, that's a good question.
But if I were you, I would just hurry to sign.
- If it went to court, you'd lose it all.
- Frederick Just so she knows where she stands.
All three of us would testify against you in court.
Is not that right, Gro? - Yes.
- It's really a terrific deal.
You'll be bought out at the same conditions as the rest of us.
- Why do we not just get it over with? - What do you get out of it, Frederick? This is a very fair deal for all parties.
And what about us? - What about us? "Us"? - Yes.
We are probably still a kind of family, right? Yes, of course we are.
And what about you, Frederick? Am I still a part of your family? I won't lie to you, Signe.
We've known each for a very short time.
I do not think of you as part of my family.
Once you have signed, and you're a millionaire you can make family with anyone you want.
I'm not going along with this.
I will fight for the house that Veronika wanted me to have.
It will be hard in court.
I will not spare you.
You do what you like, Frederick.
I can't go along with this.