Arvingerne (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- I love you.
- I miss you.
What will become of all us lonely, abandoned people? I don't want to see John and Lise anymore.
- What's all this? - She wants her things.
I've done everything I could for her.
- She doesn't want to see us anymore.
- A mother would never do that.
Veronika wanted to create a museum.
Frederik's, Emil's and my inheritance will go into it.
- I want to be part of it.
- Signe gave the house to Gro.
It's because of your generosity, we are here today.
- Thank you, Gro.
I'm going to a meeting about the signature on the foundation document.
Thomas said it may not have been signed by Veronika.
- The document was forged.
- That's what she wanted.
- Doesn't this mean anything to you? - No.
It's criminal.
- What do you want me to do? - You need to dissolve the board.
- The museum's cancelled.
- Can we talk to your brother? No.
- So it wasn't what she wanted? - Yes, I just helped her.
- You forged the signature.
- Don't ruin everything.
What did you say? Penalty for forgery is up to six years.
All three of us will testify against you in court.
Isn't that right, Gro? Your letter isn't valid as a provisional will.
- For 2.
5 million.
- And what about us? - What about us? - We're still a kind of family.
No, I don't think you're part of my family.
I'll fight for the house.
Veronika thought I should have.
- It will be a difficult trial.
- I don't care.
I'm sorry, we're here a bit early.
- Karen.
- Andreas.
- You think we have a good chance? - Yes, that's my assessment.
Good morning, Katrine.
Can I get you to bring in some coffee? Yes, I'll do that.
Frederik states Veronika wasn't of sound mind when she gave me the letter.
Therefore it's not valid.
Were you alone in the house with Veronika, when she gave you the letter? Frederik will attempt to show that Veronika's action was caused by you.
What? I coerced Veronika to write the letter? That's a total lie.
I didn't try to do anything, except give them the house and try and help sort an agreement for the museum.
It's an important part of your case.
Have a seat.
We need to show them you didn't have any contact with Veronika before she invited you over.
Your father and adoptive mother can testify to that.
No, they don't want to get mixed up in it.
And Lise won't testify.
To win the case, you'll need to keep emotions out of it.
Would it help if I contact them? - Yes, I think so.
- Good.
Then there's the transfer contract.
You offered to give the house to the museum.
That shows that it's unlikely you were after it.
I think we're in a very strong position.
I don't have the transfer contract.
- Did you not get a copy? - I gave it to Gro.
Do you think you can get it back? - Well, Gro has it.
- And she supports Frederik.
Without the contract, I'd consider accepting Frederick's settlement.
It's still on the table.
- She's sleeping.
We'll go.
- No.
I need that contract, where I signed over the house to the museum.
I don't have it.
It's for the court case, Gro.
Well, I don't have it.
Will you verify that I gave it to you, if you're asked? I can't.
Are you going to stand up in court and deny that? I can't do anything else.
Don't you understand that? Dammit I helped you.
Doesn't that mean shit? - Signe.
- No.
Frederik made you do this.
Give me the contract or I'll report your forgery of the Foundation document.
There's no Foundation document.
You've got no evidence.
Frederik took everything.
Copy and original.
This is all just shit.
I have to get the contract.
Signe! I know it's here.
Stop it! You can't stand there rummaging through her papers.
- I need the contract.
- You need to stop now.
Gro, just relax.
She'll agree to a settlement.
Then she's got no proof, and she's as soft as butter.
She's a naive girl and she feels very upset right now.
What do you mean, you should've given it to her? Do you still have the contract? We agreed that it had to disappear.
- We have to go now.
- Get Emil to do it.
No, we shouldn't give her any more money.
It's time now.
Villads, come on.
You don't have your sports kit on.
I suppose I'll make her a final offer.
And you get rid of that contract.
If she doesn't accept my settlement offer, it would just confuse things.
- You're not coming? - No, I'll stay home.
No, you should come with us.
It's Villads' first competition.
- Yes.
- Do we have everything? - Why does Emil need to come with us? - He'll be support.
- How long will he be staying here? - Until the case is settled.
- He helps us with the kids.
- He sleeps on the couch.
And he's so untidy.
It isn't so bad.
- I miss it being just us.
- OK.
I'll get him to clean things up.
- What? - Did you re-arrange the papers? Yes, I wanted to make lists for the galleries.
I need that transfer contract.
Oh, I'll find it.
Nothing's gone missing.
- Give it to me when you find it.
- I will.
So you didn't tell Signe anything about her biological mother before she contacted Signe? Yes, that's right.
Karen Osterbye.
I'm Signe's lawyer.
I called earlier.
I told Karen we don't know anything about the court case.
I heard they had problems.
I'm here to ask you both to testify in the case.
No It would be a great help.
Well I'll be happy if Signe gets the house but she told me not to interfere in her life.
I'll testify for us both.
- Is it OK if we continue? - Yes, of course.
When did Signe stop referring to Veronika as her mother? It didn't happen right away.
It took a while.
How old was she? She was probably four, I think.
And you chose not to talk about Signe's biological mother? - Yes, that's correct.
- Why? Lise was now Signe's mother, so Can you give me some more details? In the beginning, I took Signe to see Veronika so they could maintain a relationship, but it was too difficult for Lise.
So Lise asked you to sever contact with Veronika? Lise found it really difficult.
Finally, she told me to choose between her and Veronika.
And you never thought to tell Signe about her biological mother? I hoped it would happen eventually but Lise had a hard time accepting the idea.
Can you figure it out? Gerry can't.
I'll go up to the house.
I need to talk to Robert.
Hello, Robert.
It's great that you came.
How is she? I don't fucking well know.
She's just stays in there all day.
She doesn't know shit.
She hasn't been out of the house since that stupid meeting.
What the hell is that? Yes, it needs a lot of work.
so I moved into the library, while I'm doing it.
It would be good if you could get something into her.
You can take it.
The handles aren't hot.
Try to get something into her.
Come to scold me? I should do that.
I just want to make sure you show up at Thorvaldsen's tomorrow.
Thorvaldsen? You put Gundrún up for the art award.
No, Robert.
Kim'll be there.
They'll all be together.
I just can't.
You have to show them you're still in control.
They're all too angry with me.
I don't want to go there They don't expect you to show up.
You walk in, hand over the money, and then leave again.
In a short time, it's all forgotten.
It's not the first time a major project's been foiled.
Aren't you hungry? It's soup.
- I met your father.
- Thank you.
It's still warm.
- No, not him - I'm checking up on you.
He only came up because you're here.
He thinks he can avoid me giving him hell.
- How are you? - Go to hell.
I feel like shit.
Now, you can go away again.
I have an errand to do in Copenhagen tonight.
Can I borrow the car? - You can't.
- OK.
You first.
It's incredible.
It's powerful.
You're lucky there isn't anything intoxicating in it.
We'll drive to Copenhagen and have a lovely dinner.
You shouldn't stay here anymore.
I want you out of here.
You're going home.
- Gro wouldn't give it to me.
- I'm sorry.
Katrine, can you show them up? I won't be long.
- She lied.
- We don't need it.
We've had a good final settlement offer from Frederik.
5 million.
- What happens if I say "no".
- Then we'll continue.
But your chances are significantly impaired without the contract.
We also showed the contract to someone called Ole.
He's a lawyer.
- And he saw a signed copy? - No, I signed it at Gro's.
It's worthless without your signature.
Signe came by here today.
Did you have a talk with her? No, she was looking for some papers for the court case.
She's shocked by us.
- How's the court case going? - Frederick wants to wipe her out.
If only I could get her to accept the settlement.
Did you apologize to her? It wouldn't help.
I have to support Frederik.
Maybe she'd have settled, if all of you hadn't shit on her.
Was that your father? Gro! That was your father.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Get in and be quiet.
- You're going to Copenhagen, right? - Yes.
I just need to do something first.
What do you want? I'm really sorry, things have turned out this way.
Why wouldn't you give me the contract? I just can't.
I'm done for, if he turns me in Signe! I know you signed over the house.
But, I also think the settlement is reasonable.
You should agree to the settlement.
It would make things completely different.
Do you think I'd go through all this and then just accept the payment after all? - Frederik will crush you completely in court.
- And you're helping him, Gro.
I've nothing to do with all this.
- Hello, John.
- We need to go.
Yes, of course.
Be safe.
It's sure been a long time.
I was really sorry about your mother.
It was great to see you.
You too.
Be safe.
- Going to Copenhagen.
- SHK.
Yes, exactly.
Bye, Gro.
- I've a sound check.
- Yes.
He never got over Veronika.
They hadn't seen each other for 20 years.
He was often hanging about up at the house.
- Where? - At Grønnegården with Veronika.
- Come on.
- Are you going to play that all the way? - No, it's broken.
- Thank God for that.
This was in Veronika's paramedic's report.
- The Funen paper called.
- Do they have to pry into this now? - You told them nothing, right? - No, but If you want Signe to agree to the settlement then it might not be a bad idea to publicize her story.
We don't want the press interfering in it.
- Wait a minute.
It's Solveig.
- Can you give me two minutes? Yes.
Are you quite sure you want to press on with this case? There is nothing emotional about it.
You haven't tried dragging your family into court before.
No, but Signe's not my family.
We have a strong case.
You've never approved of other lawyers acting in their own cases.
I've got it under control.
What's going on? - Don't leave, Solveig.
- I can't stand it anymore.
It was a mistake.
We were lonely, desperate and pissed.
Don't do it this way.
What will I tell Frederick? You have a visitor.
Ma Li wants his money.
I transferred 100,000 to him.
What the hell is the problem? - He'll get 250,000 in two months.
- He wants his money now.
- I'll shortly inherit a lot of money.
- You haven't kept your agreement.
- Tell him he can get 400,000.
- When? - In two, three months.
- It's a deal.
Three months.
You must come and hear us tonight.
Will I leave your names at the door? When did you last hear your old dad play? - For the past two hours in the car.
- OK, but with an orchestra? I'll leave your names at the door.
It's actually good for him that Veronika died.
- I went to look at some houses.
- OK.
Look at this.
The garden looks directly out to the sea.
It's huge.
And then there's a greenhouse.
It costs 2.
And this has an old orchard and a small lake.
- What's the deal? - It's OK to be stubborn.
But you could lose the case, so it's better you get a nice house.
Legal fees alone could easily run to 130,000.
Who says we'll lose? No.
I talked to Frederick.
He called me.
- Did he say anything? - Yes.
And he's obsessed with that house.
- OK.
What did he say? - He'd end up destroying our lives.
He's totally off his head.
Where are you going? - Hello, Signe.
What are you doing here? - Don't call my boyfriend.
- I just explained the situation to him.
- You're suing me based on a lie.
I don't know what happened.
I don't think, Veronika Why are you forcing Gro to lie about me? Actually I'm trying to save her arse.
If you ignore the museum, you are where you've always been.
You received a letter from Veronika, which we believe isn't valid.
We can end up in court, or you can accept the settlement.
Just because you say a lot of clever words, you can't change the truth.
No, no one can.
But you can put an end to this now by accepting the settlement I offered you.
You can stick the settlement up your arse.
I'm not afraid of your lawsuit.
I'm sorry I'm so late.
Things dragged on.
Where's Mum? She's not answering her phone.
She called me a hundred times.
- She's gone to a seminar.
- To a seminar? - She didn't say anything about that.
- No, she forgot.
- Clear the table so we can eat.
- When's she coming home.
It lasts two days, she said.
You look like you should be going home to bed.
- Let's play one more game.
- OK.
You're very quiet.
Hey Will you just - I've been unfaithful to Frederik.
- What? - No, with whom? - Someone at work.
- Are you in love? - No.
He's just a great kid.
I was lonely.
Frederik doesn't talk to me.
But I - Honey.
Come here.
- I don't know what to do.
You've been together for so long.
These things happen.
Frederik's no firework.
- What do you mean by that? - He's cute, but Indulge yourself with a little colour.
Have you got text messages from this guy? - So, how would anyone find out? - If Frederik finds out about this He won't.
He doesn't know him, Solveig.
The lawsuit takes up so much time.
I've tried to come home for dinner.
- She'll come home.
- She's never stayed away before.
What if she wants a divorce I can't live without her and my children.
Come on.
There isn't any reason for a divorce.
- You'll be able to fix it.
- Signe's got no intention of accepting! You have a wonderful family.
I'd fight to save it.
Hey, it's me.
Sorry to call so late.
I'm ready.
We'll put full pressure on Signe.
She must agree to the settlement tomorrow so we can close the case.
Call the journalist at the paper I know.
They'll have time to get it tomorrow, if they want.
How could you turn down the settlement without talking to me first? It's not you they're messing with.
Should I just stand for it? You're running this on your own.
They think I'll get scared and do what they want.
- Do you think I don't care? - No, but they're lying.
Yes, you and I know it.
What more do you need? Isn't that enough for you? I'm going to that damned award ceremony tomorrow.
- Are you coming? - Of course.
I'm glad you came.
If they have them, we must also have some sunflowers.
Can't you put that away? "So Signe was out to get her mother, because she felt cheated.
" They've no idea what they're talking about.
Good morning.
Damn, this is over the limit.
- Ole, do you have two minutes? - Yes, of course.
- Just you and me.
- We'll meet at the car.
It's about the court case.
I need you to say that you saw the contract otherwise I'll lose.
I'd be pleased to do that.
I'd like to ask you to say that you saw me sign it.
I signed the contract while I was there and I gave it to Gro later.
Frederik has threatened her.
I can't lie in court.
And you can't either.
I signed at the bottom.
They're the ones lying.
You're better than them.
You and I never had this conversation.
OK? - Good morning.
- I can't find my shoes.
- Where did you leave them yesterday? - Out there.
Have you seen what they wrote about Sunshine? What's this shitty journalism? - I'll call Mum.
- No.
Find the shoes yourself.
I'm late.
- I can't train without shoes.
- Go find them now.
No, I've gone into the den.
Yes, I know, but Frederik doesn't want me to leave.
Solveig, I'll tell him.
I'll do it.
Hannah can't find her sneakers.
- Why would they be in here? - Are these the ones? Yes.
- Thank you.
- Frederik, I was wondering Do you want to buy some food for you and Hannah tonight? - I'll be late at the office.
- Gro called.
She wants me to come to Copenhagen for a few days.
- She was down in the dumps.
- I can't I'll be gone for just a few days.
I have to do that.
I'm fine.
What's wrong? There isn't anything wrong.
Can't I call you? I'm driving to Copenhagen.
Can I stay at your apartment? - It's rather crowded just now.
- It's only for a few days.
- It'll be fun.
- OK.
I'll see you soon.
We better go, if we're going.
It's just been so cozy.
Remember the pen.
Hello, ma'am.
I didn't expect to see you.
I helped to promote her for the award.
Kim, we have to talk.
I'm really sorry it had to end that way.
I think your mother would have been sorry, too.
Maybe you're just not up to much without her.
A glass of wine? Can I say something for a moment? Gudrún Jonsdottir.
Call it what you like.
It's been a meteoric career.
And from the first time you see one of her works it's quite obvious there's something at stake.
This is a new departure in new Nordic art that will resonate far into the future.
So Gudrún, congratulations.
I don't want to quarrel with you.
- I think you should go home.
- Why don't we just No.
We can't talk.
Pull yourself together and go home.
Do us all a favour.
I've worked for you since I was 16-17 years old.
And then, just because I make one small blunder I'm just out.
Thrown away.
- Stop it! - Are you ashamed of me, Kim? - Yes, he's ashamed of me.
- Now go home! - Come on, - I stood straight up, talking to Kim.
You're drunk.
Just relax.
- I have to catch a plane.
- I'll take care of her.
Have a good evening - What have you been drinking? - Leave me alone.
You are a little piggy.
Come on.
It must have been a good awards ceremony, eh? A journalist shouldn't slander people with cheap gossip.
- You know how they are.
- They can't smear my daughter.
I can't stand to talk about it anymore.
Thank you.
Signe, I'll testify for you.
- Do you want to? - Yes.
I think I'll lose the case.
Gro has the contract.
If I don't have it, she'll continue to lie about me.
- She should give it to you.
- Yes.
It's illegal to withhold evidence.
- Haven't you talked to her? - Yes, I've talked with her.
Now she's in Copenhagen.
- Can I borrow your car? - Here.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
I just wanted to talk to Gro.
She's not here.
- I came to get the contract.
- Contract? - Oh, the transfer contract.
- Yes.
Gro asked me to find it.
I have it right here.
Come on.
Thank you.
Where's Signe? - Just leave it.
- No, I'll answer it.
Hello, Renée.
What? You didn't do it? Was it stupid? Yes, it was insanely stupid.
Where the hell were you? - What is it? - I'm sorry I didn't stay.
- Where did you get it? - Renée gave it to me, actually.
- Did he give it to you? - She's a girl, but yes.
- Frederik? - Solveig.
What are you doing? I just fell out of bed.
You can just go back to bed.
It's nothing.
It's OK.
Good night.
Get out! What's happening, Frederik? Is it you? Yes.
What's all this? What? I don't know.
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK.
Don't worry.
Relax, now.
I talked to the bank.
They've agreed to lend us the money to pursue the case.
I've been thinking, we could ask Lise and John.
In a way, it's their mess.
Want to go over and pick up Villads? Dad, it's Emil.
Don't answer it.
Just answer it.
- Hey, bro.
- Something unfortunate's happened.
Signe got a hold of the the transfer contract.
- Gro is distraught.
- It's unbelievable.
She was supposed to get rid of it.
- Renée gave it to her.
- Where's Gro now? She's sitting here.
Listen to me.
It was a mistake.
This is a mistake that's going to cost me the house.
Gro says there are two important aspects of this case.
There's the contract When Signe testifies she'll appear innocent.
Then there's the fact that Sunshine and her family had no contact with mother.
- They didn't.
- But, actually, we're sure they did.
To my knowledge, there wasn't any contact.
Gro met John yesterday.
Thomas was there as well.
He said he used to see John sneaking around up at the house.
- When did he see that? - He can't remember exactly.
But it was some point in the summer.
If it's true, we can pull down Signe's entire case.
- I've got to see Thomas now.
- Yes.
See you.
- What is it? - He'll be able to fix the case.