Arvingerne (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Om brevet fra Veronika er ægte, kan vi få afgjort i en lang retssag - - eller du kan gøre det hele slut nu ved at skrive under på forliget.
Du kan stikke det forlig skråt op.
Vi skal vise dem, at du ikke har haft kontakt med Veronika.
Det skal vi have din far og din adoptivmor til at vidne om.
Frederik vil prøve at påvise, at Veronikas vilje var din vilje.
Så jeg skulle have fået Veronika til at skrive brevet? Det er jo løgn.
Du overdrog huset til museet, så du var nok ikke ude efter det.
- Jeg har jo ikke kontrakten.
- Nej, men du har vel en kopi.
- Nej, jeg gav den bare til Gro.
- Kan du skaffe den? Frederik får dig til det her.
Giv mig kontrakten, ellers melder jeg dig.
Der er ikke nogen fondspapirer.
Frederik har samlet det hele.
Kopier, original.
Hele lortet.
Det er jeg altså ked af.
Jeg skulle bare snakke med Gro.
- Hun er her ikke.
- Jeg skulle hente en kontrakt.
Hvor har du den fra? Er du brudt ind? René gav mig den faktisk.
- Det var en fejl.
- Den kommer til at koste mig huset.
Gro mødte John.
Thomas har set John luske rundt oppe ved huset.
- Hvis det er rigtigt - Så kan han vælte forsvaret.
- Frederik maser dig fuldstændig.
- Og du hjælper ham, Gro.
Just walk past and don't respond.
Give us some space.
Thank you We talked about the procedure.
Frederik will present his case, and then it's your turn.
Then the witnesses will give evidence.
Although Frederik will pressure you just breathe deeply and take plenty of time.
Where the hell has Emil got to? It's strange that he's not here yet.
- Hi, Solveig.
Hi, Frederik.
- I'll be there in 2 seconds.
See you later, sweetheart.
I'm sorry I can't take time off.
- It's OK.
It was good of you to drive me.
- I'll be back later to pick you up.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Thanks for the last time.
- So - Just be calm.
- Yes.
- See you later.
- May I sit down? - Yes, of course.
Yes, proceed.
In this case, we must determine the validity of the provisional will of the deceased Veronika Grønnegaard issued to Signe Larsen.
The Applicant is Frederik Grønnegaard.
The court case concerning the estate of Veronika Grønnegaard began today.
So far, only Frederik Grønnegaard and Signe Larsen have appeared.
Later on, Gro Grønnegaard is expected to testify against her half-sister.
Her interpretation of events will be interesting because she previously intended using Grønnegaard's house as a museum.
We may learn today why that didn't go ahead.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you.
- Excuse me, can we hurry this up? Please remove your sunglasses.
Yes, of course, but it's important that I get to court on time.
You should have thought of that before driving 20kph over the speed limit.
- It's illegal & dangerous.
- Yes, of course.
- Here you are.
I need your driving licence.
- Yes.
Signe Larsen, when did you first meet Veronika Grønnegaard? When she came and bought flowers in the shop the day before she died.
- So you'd never met her before? - No.
Why, then, did you go and visit her at 5.
00am? Firstly, because she said, it was very important and also because I had this feeling that I had to go up there.
- She gave you a provisional will.
- I never asked her for that.
But, yes.
After she fell ill, I took it home with me.
Two weeks later, you transferred the house to the Museum Foundation.
which Gro Grønnegaard represented.
Why? It was never my intention to take something from my siblings.
Gro convinced me that it was best to give the house to the Foundation so that it could be used for the museum.
She said that was what her motherour mother wanted.
You can see from Appendix 6A that Signe gave the house to the Grønnegaard Museum Foundation.
Had you put any pressure on Veronika to write the provisional will? - She had already written the letter.
- Good.
Thank you.
You may question the witness.
Signe, who is paying for the costs of these proceedings? - It's my father.
- Your father.
John Larsen.
Thank you.
I have no further questions.
I can understand that you have agreed to the first witness, the defendant's boyfriend, Andreas Baggesen.
- Did Signe put pressure on your mother? - It's not up to me to decide that.
- What did your mother say? - I don't know.
Anyone know where I should be? Hey! Hello! I better go in.
Hi, Andreas.
- Hi, Emil.
- Let's go in.
Which one of you is Andreas Baggesen? - That's me.
- I'm just the brother.
Andreas Baggesen, you've been close to Signe's father and adoptive mother? What will happen with your mother's art works now? You never thought that Lise wasn't Signe's mother? Thank you, Andreas.
I have no further questions.
- Are you nervous? - No.
I'm fine.
That's good.
There is one thing, that surprises me here.
Signe has stated that she did not want the house.
But she took the letter to a lawyer called Kaufmann and asked him to check it.
Signe didn't want to do that.
So, why did she do it? It was her letter.
It was her father, John, who thought we should get it checked.
I also think that it was a sensible thing to do.
But Signe was really upset about it, because she didn't want the house.
Thank you.
I have no further questions.
Gro, you're up next.
Gro Grønnegaard, you are aware of the penalty for perjury.
Punisnment will be severe if you do not speak the truth.
- Yes.
- Let's continue.
Well, Gro.
Signe Larsen said that she'd help you.
to create the museum out on Grønnegaard.
She showed you a provisional will and wanted to give the house to the Foundation.
It was very nice of her to offer the house to the Foundation.
But then again, perhaps not.
For what is it that happens next? I learned that the provisional will was not valid and that she could not give the house to the Foundation.
- Why is it not valid? - My mother wrote it against her will.
That's a lie.
You're the one that forged her signature on the Foundation documents.
- I never made Veronika do anything.
- Signe, that's enough.
- We can't prove anything.
- She's lying! I must ask you to refrain from any more outbursts.
- Continue.
- Thank you.
Were you not the family member closest to Veronika? Did you ever hear your mother mention Signe Larsen? - No.
- Not ever? - No.
- No.
Thank you.
I have no further questions.
Your witness.
Gro You've just testified that Veronika never talked about Signe.
- Did Veronika ever talk about her life? - Yes.
- But never about Signe? - No.
Had Veronika told you that she was ill? Your mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, a few weeks before she died.
She was in the middle of a clinical investigation.
- But she never told you? - No.
Was that because she wasn't concerned about it? There are some things in life which are too hard to talk about.
Even to the person closest to you.
I do not know.
I don't know what she was thinking.
Do you believe Signe pressed Veronika to write the provisional will? - I don't know.
- Thank you.
We'll take a break at this point.
It's strange that he only asked you one question, and that was it.
- Frederik, I'm off now.
- You can't go now.
- Well.
I gave my evidence.
- We need to stay to back Frederik up, Gro.
You're not even testifying.
You get to stay out of everything.
- Gro, he wasn't in Denmark at the time.
- That has nothing to do with it.
Stop it.
We shouldn't be standing here fighting.
- We've combined the two - Hi.
- How's it going in there? - It's - It's fine.
- Good.
Lise, you're on now.
- It'll be over quickly, sweetheart.
- Yes.
So you decided that Signe was better not knowing who her mother was.
It felt like that was the correct thing to do at the time but I regret that now.
- And there was no contact between them.
- No, there was no contact.
- John, you're next.
- Yes.
John Larsen, you say that there was no contact between you and Veronika.
That's correct.
Of course, there were a few times when we were in contact.
When did you and Veronika last speak? It's not like I can remember offhand.
Let me help you with that.
I have here a printout of Veronika's phone records.
Is this relevant to the case? We haven't seen these documents.
I only got them late last night.
I would like to be able to put them into evidence now.
- Why did not you mention these earlier? - I should have done.
I apologise.
- What does this mean? - We must accept these as evidence.
I declare these relevant.
Do you accept that? I guess I have no choice.
Thank you.
Now, John.
It appears that you and Veronika had quite a lot of contact before her death.
You spoke no fewer than nine times in the period 3 October to 23 December.
Could you tell us a little about what you were talking about? Veronika wanted Signe to inherit, but I told her that wouldn't be right.
Do you deny that you called her? I called her, but that was the only thing she talked about.
Is it not the opposite? You tried to persuade Veronica to give Signe the house.
Frederick, I would never do that.
I don't believe you.
Getting that house is important to you.
- Well, yes, that's right.
- You have invested a lot in this.
Did you know that Signe could have a right to inherit the house? - He's leading the witness.
- Keep to the point.
I'll re-phrase.
Do you think Signe has the right to inherit the house? - I have never put pressure on Veronika.
- Has Signe the right to the house? Yes.
I strongly believe that! Thank you.
I have no further questions.
- I request a short break.
- Fine.
We'll take ten minutes.
Our whole defence is built on the fact that there was no contact.
- Why did not you say it before? - Veronika called me.
I didn't think that it was important.
Frederik's distorted everything.
His performance has nothing to do with the reality.
That's an utterly crazy thing to say.
Why do you say that? The father he worshipped decieved them all.
He was gay.
He went to the USA.
He only came home, because he contacted AIDS.
What does that have to do with it? I never asked Veronika for anything.
Just as you cannot ask her about something.
I can't bear to be there.
I want to go home.
Well, I have to go in and testify.
OK? - Are you OK? - Yes.
- I think I should go in again.
- Yes, it's time.
Robert Eliassen - You were Veronika's gallery manager? - Correct.
You were in daily contact with either Veronica or with Gro.
Just over three years ago did you sell Veronika's work "Break-up"? Was there anything remarkable in connection with the transfer of funds? Can you tell us about that? Veronika asked me to put the money into a different account.
A different account from her own.
How much money was involved? 43,000 euros, roughly 320,000 Danish kroner.
Which account was the money paid into? John Larsen's accountIt was certainly John Larsen's account.
The same John Larsen, who says, there has been no contact obviously had contact worth more than 300.
000 Danish kroner.
He took the letter to his lawyer and is now now paying the costs of this case.
- What's the relevance of all this? - Keep to the point.
Thank you, Robert.
Please stay there a moment.
Do you have questions for this witness? Do you have any reason to believe John Larsen put pressure on Veronika? - I have no idea.
- So, you don't know.
- Thank you.
I have no further questions.
- We'll leave it there for today.
We'll continue tomorrow at 9.
John, will you wait?! Did you get money from her? The money was used to buy their house.
Veronika's offered it.
That's what I agreed to.
I didn't want to involve you.
Signe had no idea, right? It seemed reasonable that she paid something.
If Signe loses this case because of you, I'll never forgive you.
- Do not touch me! - Lise - He must have pressured her.
- Signe, just try to stop now.
I know this has been tremendously hard, but you must keep a cool head.
Now it's been revealed in evidence.
He has lied and lied.
He hasn't handled things well, but he hasn't done anything illegal.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yes.
Get a good night's sleep.
What are you feeling right now? I just try to concentrate on the facts.
- Were you surprised by today? - No, not at all.
- So you're happy with things? - I am fully satisfied at present.
You'll get a more complete answer tomorrow.
- Hey, sweetheart.
Has it gone well? - Yes, I think so.
- I've bought food for us.
- Emil, are you coming home to eat? I've got a dinner appointment.
It's just some old high school friends.
Come home and later and sleep.
I'll make breakfast for you in the morning.
- Have a nice evening.
- Thanks.
You, too.
Can I have a puff? It felt absolutely crazy to sit there, listening to that about her life.
Frederik looks like winning.
I couldn't care less.
I can't use the house.
The museum is over.
I must move on but I don't know what to do.
What do you want to do? The only thing I want to do is to be with you.
Just sitting here? What's that called.
How's it going in there? Chopping off the heads of each other? - Something like that.
- Do you think Frederik will get the house? We don't know yet.
I think so, yes.
I think so.
Remember a corkscrew, so you don't need to come back.
- No need.
It's a screwtop.
- Oh, well.
Then you're well fixed.
He won't move.
He just wants to stay here.
I'll leave Claudia for you, if you want that.
Married men never do that, Robert.
Can you take over the training session? There's something I need to take care of.
- John - Not now - John, can we talk? - Not right now.
What the hell were you thinking? Eh? - Ole have you got a couple of minutes? - Yes.
- That letter.
from Veronika.
- Yes.
I figured that you would ask for it Come by in an hour and I'll look it out.
Right? - OK? - Thanks.
I actually wonder if he's a psychopath, because he's lied so much.
John's not a psychopath.
Why don't you have another drink? - Stop, stop, stop! - Hey! Sorry! I'm sorry! What about your father? What about him? Is it true that he liked men? What? - Never.
Who said so? - John said it.
John said that? What did he say? That he met a man and they went to the United States.
And, well.
And he got sick with AIDS, so he came home.
You can't say anything to Frederik.
- OK.
- It would devastate him to hear that.
Your father said straight out, that my father was gay.
- My father is a psychopath.
- Maybe they were both queer.
- What? - Maybe both of them were queer.
- I damn well think they were.
- Yes, definitely.
So the radius is Pi R Squared Don't do that in here.
I've been all through it.
It doesn't look as if John Larsen received any more money.
But, I did find something else.
We'll go into my office.
No, stop being so annoying.
NOW! Now, sit yourselves down quietly.
Do you understand that, Tobias? And stop fighting.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hey, kids.
- Will we move into Grønnegaard? - Yes, probably.
- What did Martin have to say? - Nothing.
- This is just all too much.
? - Wait, please Emil has received about 5 million kroner over the past 6 years from Veronika.
These gifts were never listed.
Investments, standing orders month after month after month.
- Five million? - Yes.
Basically, he's already got all of his inheritance.
- Are you drunk? - Can you not just help me? - You're drunk.
- Not particularly.
- Is there anything to eat? - Where have you been? Down at the harbour.
Who were you with? With Emil.
We're in the middle of a court case and you get utterly pissed with Emil.
I don't care.
You don't care? I don't care about the court case.
If you've decided that you don't care, you'll certainly lose.
What if I think that it is better that I lose? Hi, this is Lise.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
Lise, it's John.
There are some things we need to talk about.
Can you call me back? It is very, very important.
Call now.
What's up, man? Why are you not in bed? Why are you not in bed? I was out drinking with the boys.
I'll be fine tomorrow.
How much money did you really receive over the years? From mother? - I don't know.
- Try and guess.
A few million.
I've had quite a bit.
I know it's a lot of money.
But, she did it as a form of investment.
Why? You've actually received £ 3.
987 kroner.
Get away.
Perhaps there's another Emil Grønnegaard in Thailand? When we subtract this from the division of property, then you've nothing left to inherit.
-Don't disinherit me.
- I'm not disinheriting you, Emil.
You've already received your legacy.
It can't be right.
There must be something due to me.
- You need to talk to Gro.
- No.
- It's also her money.
- She wouldn't understand my lifestyle.
I don't understand your fucking lifestyle, man! Frederik, I have to pay my debts, otherwise I don't know what'll happen.
- I bought a bridge.
- You bought a bridge? Mum promised she would pay for it, so I borrowed the money from a guy.
I don't know what he might do, if I can't pay him back.
I'm sorry.
I know I'm a bloody idiot.
Who have you borrowed the money from? Who have you borrowed from?! I borrowed it from a guy from Bangkok.
- He arranges gambling.
- You've borrowed money from a gangster? - I'm not involved in that - Are you an imbecile?! I said I was sorry.
I didn't know that I wouldn't have the money.
- I'm not trying to cheat you.
- I'm going to bed.
He's borrowed money from the mafia.
The Thai mafia.
I suppose we could give him some money anyway.
- When Gro is told, she'd never help.
- So, she doesn't need to know.
- He'll never learn to take responsibility.
- You can't just cut him adrift.
I can't just fucking give Gro's share away! You have to figure it out so he can come back and sort himself out.
So he can have one final chance.
A final chance.
- So do you want some? - Yes, please.
I won't tell anyone about the money you've had.
Not even Gro.
Nobody will review the accounts, so they won't be included in the division of property.
So I'll get my inheritance? You've already had that.
You can thank my dear wife that you're getting it again.
- I must have Danish and mathematics.
- Did you do your homework? - Yes.
- Is that true? - Good morning.
- Emil, can you come to the swimming pool? I can't, little man.
I have to be in court.
What about tomorrow? I can dive from five metres.
Emil is busy, honey.
You have to go and pack your bag now.
Come on, son.
I'll help you.
I'm going back to Copenhagen as soon as the court case is over.
It's fine.
And Thaks for what you did.
Hi, there.
- Sister - Hello, Robert.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Let's get this done He seems very nice.
- You take good care of our witness.
- What do you mean by that? - What is your profession? - I am a specialist in general medicine.
I'd ask you to listen to this report from paramedics that were called out to assist Veronika Grønnegaard.
Please listen.
"The patient was speaking, but was confused.
She was slipping in and out of consciousness.
She smelled of alcohol.
There were no signs of improvement with oxygen.
We suspected a blood clot".
Now, we know that Veronika had consumed two bottles of wine and had also taken various prescription medications.
Tradolan, Diazepam, Hexalid, Citalopram.
The list goes on.
We know that she had been diagnosed with cancer, and that she had a blood clot.
The doctors refer to her as "confused".
Would you say that someone in that condition could make sensible decisions? - No, I would certainly not.
- Would they have good judgment? - No, I do not think they would.
- So would Veronika Fuck! Sorry.
So, this is Veronika's state, as Signe Larsen receives the letter.
Is it possible that Signe would be aware that Veronika was not in her right mind? Could Signe have known that John had pushed Veronika to write the letter? Then her conscience bothered her and she decided to give the house to the Foundation.
Frederik Grønnegaard, can I remind you that this is not a criminal case.
Thank you.
I have no further questions.
It says, "The patient smelled of liquor".
It doesn't say that she was drunk.
How does alcohol affect someone who drinks heavily on a daily basis? It's an addiction.
The body can tolerate more and more.
If you drink heavily for 25 years, then not even two full bottles of wine would affect you.
Alcohol tolerance depends on the individual.
- I'm coming.
- Emil, what the hell are you up to? Hi, Thomas.
I was just heading out to get you.
- We need you in there now.
It's your turn.
- Well, heck.
What is it that's so important? - Did Lise know this? - No.
I think you'll need it.
Otherwise, you'll lose.
Don't go in there.
We need to talk.
Could I ask the two of you to step up here.
A letter has emerged, which has come from the defendant.
This is relevant to the case.
Keep in mind that the defendant has shown good practice in relation to your documents.
This letter is genuine? You can call Ole Kaufmann.
He's the one who received the letter.
We could ask Ole to appear here.
But, only if you really have reason to believe that the letter is not genuine.
- This should have been presented earlier.
- The case took a new turn yesterday.
Otherwise, we would have presented the letter sooner.
The case must continue in the High Court, if we do not get agreement now.
That would be both expensive and time consuming for all parties.
So, use it.
I have here a letter written by Veronika Grønnegaard to lawyer Ole Kaufmann on 30 June 2011.
The text reads: "Dear Ole, I am writing to you because I cannot get through to John.
I have kept my word for the last 22 years and have not contacted Sunshine.
But I'm not keeping quiet any longer, Ole and I want Signe to inherit my house after I am no longer here.
Sunshine is my, and John's, child.
The forces of nature.
And Sunshine is entitled to get something from her mother.
I hope you will make my case.
Affectionately yours, Veronika".
Mum! Mum! Do you want to question the other witnesses, given that there has been a shift in the matter? I don't give a damn, what the crazy bitch wrote.
She changed her mind depending on how the wind blew.
Everyone knows that.
And you! You sneak around just waiting to drop this on us.
- This ends up in High Court.
- Can we not stop this now? No.
Your father deserted you.
He was gay.
Don't, Signe! - He ran off with another man.
- What the hell do you think you are? - He came home ill with AIDS.
- Shut the fuck up, you bitch! I don't understand why you feel sorry for him, Emil.
Sit down, all of you! - He has lied here for two days now.
- He didn't fucking know about any of it.
What the hell do you know about it? Emil It doesn't fucking matter, Frederik.
Emil, leave him be.
- Why don't we go down and have a smoke? - No, I don't smoke any more.
Not now.
Is he there? - Hey! Hey, kids.
- How did it go? The Court is adjourned.
- Hello.
Emil! - We'll be right back.
There's chocolate in the vending machine.
Frederik Grønnegaard has abandoned the case.
This means, as the Receiver has already confirmed, that Grønnegaard, according to the provisional will of 24 December 2013 is passed on to you, Signe Larsen.
Are you willing to compromise about the legal costs? This means Frederick doesn't have to pay.
No, he should not pay anything.
Well, the matter is concluded.
Grønnegaard is yours.
I really hope it was worth it.
It's really nice for you.
What kind of person are you? What? You just destroyed everything.
You better not contact us again.
Signe has got the house.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Thank you for your help.
- You're welcome.
I'd like to be alone for a bit.
- Lise - There is nothing more to say.
- How can I fix this? - I think you need to pack.
I want you out of here by the afternoon.