Arvingerne (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Vi skal afgøre gyldigheden af det nødtestamente - - afdøde Veronika Grønnegaard udfærdigede til Signe Larsen.
Du har bygget en hel del på huset.
- Har Signe ret til at arve huset? - Jeg har aldrig presset Veronika.
- Har Signe ret til at arve huset? - Ja, det synes jeg.
Frederik fordrejer alting.
Hans forestillinger er uvirkelige.
- Hvorfor siger du det? - Faderen stak af fra dem.
Er det rigtigt, at han var til mænd? Han var syg af aids, da han kom hjem.
Det skal du ikke sige til Frederik.
Det kan han ikke tåle at høre.
Gifte mænd går aldrig, Robert.
- Jeg har været Frederik utro.
- Er du forelsket i ham? Jeg var ensom.
Hvis Frederik opdager det Han kender ham ikke.
- Ole, brevet fra Veronika - Jeg tænkte, du ville bede om det.
- Ved Lise godt det her? - Nej.
Brug det, ellers taber du.
"Jeg skriver, fordi jeg ikke kan trænge igennem til John.
Vi kom op at skændes på vores tur til Rom i sidste måned.
De sidste 22 år har jeg ikke kontaktet Sunshine.
Jeg vil have, at Signe skal overtage mit hus, når jeg skal herfra.
" Det er min fars hus.
Hun tog det og smed ham ud.
Din far rejste fra jer.
Han var homoseksuel.
- Han stak af med en anden mand.
- Hvad fanden bilder du dig ind? - Han kom hjem dødssyg af aids.
- Hold nu din kæft! Jeg forstår ikke, du synes, at det er synd for ham, Emil.
Frederik Grønnegaard har opgivet sagen.
Grønnegård går i arv til dig, Signe Larsen.
Hvad fanden er du for et menneske? Så fik du ødelagt det.
Du skal aldrig kontakte os mere.
Can you manage it? I'm sorry you've been landed with this all by yourself, but he just can't.
- How is he? - He hasn't said a word.
He disappears every night.
I've no idea where he goes.
- Is dad disappearing? - No, he just goes for a walk.
He just goes for a little walk.
- Having a break? - Yes, a little bit.
- Why's Signe here? - She has to pick up some papers.
- You've managed a great deal.
- It's nothing.
We've been working at it since the court case.
I'll go and check a little more inside the house.
You'll want the documents.
The administrator said that the title deeds and leases would be here.
I've collected everything concerning the house.
There are three boxes.
- Plus, all that on the table.
- Is there a system to it? Could you come with me? I'd like you to wait in this room.
- Can I use this box here? - Yes, yes.
- Is that him? Is that them? - Yes.
I always believed that mother had thrown him out.
But, actually he left us to go away with him.
- Does it bother you? - No, I'm not upset.
For years, you were mad at mum.
Don't now start being mad at dad.
Have you ever had strong feelings for another man? No.
If you did would you tell me? I'm not like that.
What're you talking about? It's just important to me that we're truthful with each other.
You don't need to keep things from me.
- That's all I'm saying.
- Yeah, OK.
It just takes 40 minutes by car, so I can easily be there.
See you later.
- Have you found anything? - I found this here.
I can actually remember him well.
He was a nice guy.
He was there the day that dad died.
Is that why mum kicked him out? I wasn't here, but that's what Thomas says.
Carl knew he was going to die.
He wanted his boyfriend at his side.
She couldn't keep him away.
Surely, she could have told me.
She was so upset by it all.
She didn't talk to anyone about it.
Not even me.
- Why did you not say anything? - I don't know, Frederik.
No-one ever talked about it.
I was probably trying to spare you the details.
If we had talked to each other more, in this family we might have saved each other a lot of pain.
You could make a start.
- Mummy, have you seen dad? - No, I haven't.
What have you found, sweetie? You might have to say something.
It's not going well.
- Has he not packed yet? - No.
He's being difficult.
Dad? You will need to to pack your things.
- Come on! - Signe must get the keys in the morning.
Get on with it! Be useful! Pack your things.
- Watch that stuff! - We need to move out of the house.
It's all over now.
That's the reality.
That includes you.
- Be careful with that! - I am being careful! That's 300 years old.
- Come on.
Nothing's happened to it.
- How would you know? - You've plenty of other instruments.
- Are you crazy? - Hi, Hannah.
- Have you and mum had a row? No, not at all.
Why would you think that? Eh? - She just seems strange.
- No.
She's just got so much to do right now.
She's stressed out.
- You needn't worry.
- You OK? There's nothing wrong.
But thank you for asking.
Hannah's asked me if we've had a fight.
What did you say to her? I told her that we'd fucked and now things were a bit awkward.
- Want some water? - Yes, please.
- Gro, I'll see you.
- Yes.
- What's happening to this? - It's been sold.
- What about the other one? - René, could you get the keys to the pick-up.
- She'll get you the keys.
- Cool.
That's it.
Give it some gas.
Press the pedal down.
You should have it in first gear.
I'll get in with you.
- Is she getting mum's pick-up? - If she wants to buy it.
Ask 40,000 for it.
She's got the whole house, so she can easily afford it.
Hi, sweetheart.
Things going to auction are on the right of the yard.
Are we taking this? Emil, can you to find a box for this? - Did you catch the estates administrator guy? - He wants 35,000.
He didn't think he could sell much of it.
- We can leave it to Signe.
- Better that she doesn't know.
It's fine, Gro.
What do you want for it.
Signe want to buy mum's pick-up.
- Frederik - Good luck with the house.
Thank you.
- How much do you want? - I think about 45,000.
- 45? - Yes.
I'll need to run it by Andreas.
We're here all day.
You can just come and get it.
We'll do that.
We'd like you to have the things that we can't accommodate.
Really? What sort of things? We'll take some more with us today, but otherwise, everything that's left.
- It's a helluva lot - Well, you can sort it out.
They belong to the house.
They're mother's things.
Well, it's probably OK.
We'll take it.
See you.
She'll be delighted with it.
- Where's Andreas? - At training.
I'm going to the game tomorrow with dad.
Well, we may see you there.
- Could I see you, Villads? - Yes.
Emil, I'm sorry that I said that about Frederik's father.
Cool, man.
Now you be careful.
I was just so angry at how he was behaving.
Or perhaps you were just greedy? Could that be it? Pardon me.
It's not usually this busy in the morning.
If you were here more, you'd know that it can be very busy.
Sorry, Katja.
It was just an hour and a half.
I'm here now.
Signe, for months now, you've been either late or you've taken time off and driven away in my van.
- I have my own now.
We bought one.
- And an estate.
- Is it something in those colours? - Yes.
- Are you OK? - Maybe you shouldn't work here anymore.
What do you mean by that? Just what I said.
Are you about to fire me, or what? What do you expect me to do? Katja? Katja? Watch out that you don't stand on these - Is that what we've spent? - Clearing of snow.
It's important that everything's there.
I've got an estimate for the roof.
- It's almost 1 million.
- Yes.
But we can get a lot more out of the leases.
- Why do you think that? - I haven't read it all through.
But Veronika hadn't re-negotiated the agreements for many years.
- Can we get a grip on all this? - No, damn.
Going into the kitchen? Can you take this out? Bring a beer on your way back.
Hi, Lennie.
You're close to the top of the league.
Do you have control of your nerves? We've played a great season.
Now we must fight our final battle.
Morale is high and everyone's highly motivated.
There are several injuries.
Is everyone up for the battle? - I should be getting back.
- Are all the players ready for tomorrow? Knudsen is injured for the rest of the season, but otherwise, everyone's ready.
You've had problems with FBK's left-back, Mark Strandgaard.
Have you prepared specially to deal with him? Andreas will deal with that question.
Thanks for talking with us.
Looking forward to tomorrow.
- Good luck.
- Yes, thank you.
I've just come to deliver this.
Marianne says she will deal with plans and sponsorships if you could make time to explain stuff to her.
- Could you stay for summer camp? - I'll make sure everything's OK.
I can understand that you need space.
I just want you to know that I'll wait for you, no matter how long it takes.
You need to know that.
It's a waste of time, John.
- We have to talk about it.
- It's over, John.
You need to get over it.
I intend to.
We're just talking about Peter's knee.
He says that he's ready.
Why haven't you called me? I need to talk with The New Art Collection later.
It's not the most exciting place, but they've had Anne as their head for 5 years.
A lady with no vision.
It may take some time for me to knock it into shape but it'll be a challenge.
Call me.
It's boring talking to an answering machine.
Why can you not pull it off? OK.
Fair enough.
We'll talk about it in the morning.
See you tomorrow.
- Sorry.
- John didn't come to the team meeting.
He's disappeared.
And he's not answering his phone.
- He can't just disappear.
- He was talking to Lise and then left.
What's going on? Michael has seen him in the town.
- What are you doing? - Going to find him.
Say "hello" to John.
Big game tomorrow.
See you.
So, I'll put 200 kroner on us winning.
- They'll get thumped.
- We won't be thumped.
- Have not you seen us play? - It was no great experience.
- I'd love you to get thumped.
- We've got the best team.
Hi, dad.
Have you come here to drink beer? - Come on, let's go.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Yes, you're going home.
- Where the hell is "home"? Can you tell me that? I have no home.
Leave my glass alone! Leave it! - You need to be fresh for tomorrow.
- I'm as fresh as I'll be.
Keep the change.
- Leave me alone.
- Dad.
- We'll win, OK.
- You'll get thumped.
You're an optimist.
- What did you say to the others? - I said he was sick.
- They're all fucking nervous.
- He just needs to sleep a little, right? Did you get the pick-up? Andreas, come.
- Did you get the pick-up? - Yes.
But, 45,000? - I know.
- So, they just get whatever they ask? I didn't like to say "no".
It belonged to my mother.
Are you OK? Frederick, I need to go now.
They're all waiting out there.
Are you coming out? I want you to take this home.
Are you finished - I picked up the gun.
- What did you say? I helped our father kill himself.
It was me.
He said to me that the only thing he wanted, was to die in the house.
And He asked me to help him.
So I handed the gun to him.
He told me not to be afraid.
But he was shaking so much so I put the cartridges in the gun and loaded it for him.
So, I sat outside the door and then I heard the shot.
Sorry, Emil.
Sorry, Emil.
Emil? He's completely out.
What happened between the two of us we'll have to forget it.
We must not mention it ever again.
- We must just forget it.
- Yes.
It was all wrong.
I need to know that you're here.
Frederik needs you.
- Good night.
Sleep well.
- Yeah, you too.
It's so good that you're here, Gro.
So, what is it that you want? I'll be staying on here.
Well? - You thought No, I'm staying.
- So, what am I here for? One of our curators, Martin, has got a job at The National.
I thought of you for his position.
- As a curator? - Yes.
Working under you? Would not it be insanely exciting to work together? So It's hard to imagine that you will get a better offer but if you're not interested.
No, of course.
It's clear.
I have a small booklet prepared that you might want to read It's a three-year plan with my vision for the site.
You should to open it now, so you know what you have to work towards.
I'll take it home and read it.
It's exciting.
Stay and read it here and have a little more wine.
No, thanks, Anne.
I have so much to do with the house and I need to have it all finished by tomorrow.
I'll convene a meeting of the Board for your presentation.
- Lovely.
- It was good to see you.
Robert, call me.
I'm worried that I haven't heard from you.
- Where the hell is he? - There's no answer.
We should have fucking locked him in.
What's he playing at? - Andreas.
- No, leave me be.
Has he been sitting there, drinking? Please don't do that.
I just It's a fucking important game.
Does he not understand that? Good morning.
Have you been up for long? - Yes.
There's coffee.
- Lovely.
Thank you for yesterday, or do you not want to talk? - We'll be fine.
- Yes.
Good morning, sweetheart.
Are you having breakfast in there? - I'm not hungry.
- I made soft-boiled eggs for us.
You'll enjoy them.
Grandma's dress really suits you.
Good morning.
Good morning.
So, I think we've got everything.
I just wanted to say something, before we start.
It's been a little difficult in recent weeks.
Grandma's death was hard for me.
It's important that you understand that it had nothing to do with you.
The most important thing for me right now is that we put Grandma's ashes in the ground and we start anew.
I promise.
OK? - Can we get something to eat now? - Yes.
Now, we can enjoy our food.
Let me talk to her.
You stay here.
What is it, Hannah? Are you OK? I heard what you were talking about.
What do you mean? Last night? You screwed her.
Come on, Hannah.
Of course we didn't.
I just consoled your mum.
She found it difficult that Frederik was like what he was.
- Drop it.
- She just talked to me.
That's why you have to move out.
I have been and Can you not even listen? Now come on.
- Well, I'm going in to ask her.
- OK.
Hannah, don't talk to your parents about this.
Your dad's had it so bad recently, and things are just getting better.
He's finally able to breathe.
If you start saying things which make him pissed off I don't know how he'll handle it.
Come on.
Just go.
She just wants to have a little peace.
We have to leave in 5 minutes.
- I'll go and tell her.
- Leave her alone.
Yes, but she must be there.
I have to tell her.
Well, there you are.
Well, you're wearing it.
You look fine.
It really suits you.
- Is that Grandma? - Yes, that's her.
- Where's Thomas? - He's not here yet.
I talked with Lone, but he hasn't slept there.
- Shouldn't we wait for him? - Why don't we just get started? Yes, let's get started.
I'm sure that Grandma is doing fine.
I looked out some shovels.
Get yourself a good shovel.
So, we just have to find a great place for an apple tree.
What about down there? She liked to be down there in the summer.
- Is not that right? - Yes, she did.
- It's a good place.
- What do you say? Yes, it's fine.
- Is it OK there? - Yes.
I'll dig just here, so we get it done.
Thomas is in here.
What's he saying? Thomas is over there.
- I'm going to go up and take a look.
- Now, we're digging fine.
Good morning.
- What time is it? - It's a little after eleven.
We're putting mum in the ground just now.
Want to join us? Yes.
- Isn't it a nice spot? - Yes.
She'll be happy there.
It's just a pity that Signe isn't here as well.
God, it's a deep hole.
Hey, man.
- Who's going to - You do it.
- Will you help me, Hannah? - That's a nice idea.
- Don't tell me what to do.
- Talk nicely to your mum.
- The hell I will.
- You need to talk nicely to her.
- Just let it be.
- I hate you.
How dare you say that to mum.
You apologise to mum right now.
- Shouldn't we go and get her? - No.
She just needs to be on her own.
I haven't done this before.
- Want to say something? - No.
- Has everyone done what they want? - Yes.
Then it just needs a sip of water, right? - Do you want to? - Yes.
That's good, Villads.
I could really go a beer.
I have a few beers in the fridge.
- Hey.
Still no sign of him? - No.
You take over.
You can do it.
You and Jacob can take over.
I'll go and try to find him.
Come on, guys.
Let's get into them.
- Hannah.
Open this up.
- Let her be for now.
We'll be late for the handball game.
- Honey, open the door now.
- Let me talk to her.
Let me deal with it.
I'll drive her home later.
- Hannah, I'm going now.
- Come, we're leaving now.
- See you, Hannah.
- I'll call you if anything happens.
They're getting thrashed in there.
You know that, right? Can I see? What did you do? I guess you're feeling sorry for yourself, but sitting here won't help.
Come on.
They need you.
Come on.
What the hell are you doing? I often used to go and sit in there.
I talked to the red buttons on the instrument panel.
Hannah, will you let me come in? Can I not come in with you? Come on! Get stuck in! Timeout.
Gather round, boys.
Listen up.
A draw's no use to us.
I want you to act as the pivot.
We've got 15 seconds.
A quick turnaround.
Or we go out.
We must hope for the best.
- What are we fighting for? - Victory! Here we go, boys.
Come on.
Mum, we won.
- You should have been there, honey.
- I need to talk to you now.
What's going on? - What the hell have you done? - What are you saying? Were you praying that Hannah wouldn't say anything? She's 14 years old.
And you stay with them.
They gave you a place and you do this.
- Sit down.
- What's happened? - You will not be able to forgive this.
- I can forgive you for anything.
I've had sex with Emil.
Yes, I've had sex with Emil.
- When? - That evening you were out.
And you didn't come home.
Emil came back alone.
I was so sad, and we were drunk.
Shall we play handball? Are you sure that you don't want to play? What are you doing? Should I move out, or what? Emil's had 4 million from mother already.
He can keep that.
He's not getting 1 krone more.
Oh, I'm so tired of you.
You can't go.
Emil, stay there.
- How are you? - Things are going well.
I just thought I'd come over.
I've been thinking a lot about you lately.
I know that you needed to get your own back and you gave me a hard-on.
I'm sorry for what happened and I wonder if you'll give me a cup of coffee.
I don't have a coffee maker.
- No.
- Why do you have your stuff out there? Just forget it, Camilla.
It doesn't matter.
Go on, then.
What are you doing here? I've left Claudia.
- When? - Tonight.
And then I came here.
I've told her everything.
- About us? - Yes.
Are you OK? - Was it OK that I came? - Yes.