Arvingerne (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

The exciting thing for me is that you're willing to make some brave choices.
I can bring my experience.
You must meet some young Korean artists.
Gro, we have to ask you, with respect, about Grønnegaard Some legal details weren't properly in place.
We understand that it happened at the first Foundation meeting.
I'm sorry I can't elaborate further.
It's a private matter.
But, because it didn't materialise, I've had time to think about things.
I've realised that I've become rather tired of management and operations.
I'm more excited to come and work here with you.
We need to talk to a few more candidates.
It was great to see you.
We'll talk later.
- So, did you knock them on their arses in there? - No.
They suddenly became cautious.
- It wasn't a formality? - I thought it would be.
It's fucking him.
Wait here a moment.
Did you say to them that they shouldn't hire me? - I gave them my opinion.
- That I would be an excellent choice.
You left your job to create a museum, which didn't happen.
- You've created this situation yourself.
- Do you think this is funny? I don't know, Gro, but I can't trust you.
We've always helped each other.
Don't start acting holy now, Kim.
I don't think we have any more to talk about.
Listen, Lone.
What kind of scam did Veronika help Kim with? Didn't she lend him some art pieces to help him start up his business.
It's not me who's starting a fight.
It's fucking him.
Just send it to me.
I'll come across.
See you later.
- Just calm down, eh? - He's not going to blacklist me.
- Just be careful.
- Yes.
Andreas, isn't this room looking a bit small? Is it right? Yes.
It's exactly like the plans.
It'll be fine.
Maybe it's also a little too small on the plans.
- We agreed on it all.
- Hey, Ole.
You're joking.
Did he say "yes"? Fuck this game.
I'll talk to him.
Ham Jensen said "yes" to a new lease.
We'll have 50,000 more a year and I'll keep the four acres down here.
Are you ready to be a farmer? And do I need to send soil samples to you? One plug for every twenty metres.
How deep should the hole be? OK.
How long does it take before I get an answer? OK.
I'm just trying to figure out what the land is best suited for.
I just came to say "hello".
You go in there and then left, and through there.
Signe, what's this like.
Is it all yours? Yes.
and you need to see all the land that belongs with it.
- Is it not great? - Yes.
It's crazy.
- Will there be walls in these places? - Yeah.
- Is this room not going to be a little small? - Seriously.
I didn't say anything.
- He's made them like our terrace house.
- No, I haven't.
Let's get on.
Are you here to help? Great.
Come on.
Well Shouldn't we look at the land instead of just doing inside? - Won't you help me? - We've got all this going on here.
- I'd like to get on here.
- Cool.
See you later.
- I don't want to talk to you.
- Gro, don't hang up.
I'm with Frederik on this one.
He's asked you to stay away.
You already got your inheritance.
OK, but can we meet? I can come across to Copenhagen.
- I'm going to Funen.
- Perfect.
So let's meet here.
- Are you going to Grønnegaard? - No.
I'm heading over to see Lone.
Can't we meet after that? It's important, Gro.
At the harbour at 3.
That sounds nice.
Are you deaf? Have not I told you to get out of here? - Malee must have his money.
- There's plenty of time yet.
Malee suggests that you make a few trips for him from Thailand.
Here's what's happening.
I'm calling the police What the hell are you doing? Are you brainless? It won't be just me they send next time you exceed the deadline.
It's fine for you to sleep here, but you need to eat something.
I've made food.
Come on.
What time is it? Why're you not at work? I've picked up Villads.
Hannah's coming shortly.
Let's eat together.
- I'm not hungry.
- You haven't eaten anything.
Come on! Will you go and wash your hands, Villads? There's smoked mackerel.
Do you want a beer, or will water do? OK.
Some water.
Sit down.
I'm going to go in - Where are you going? - I'm just going for a walk.
Frederik, stay and let's eat together.
We should eat together! Where's dad going? He didn't want to eat your rotten family lunch.
I want to eat it, mum.
I'm almost done.
Sit still.
It feels like you're taking a lot off.
Can I look? So! Now you just see how stylish you look.
Yes, it's a little shorter now here, where it was dry.
Here we go.
Take a look.
- Real stylish.
- No! Yes.
It's much nicer than before.
Isn't it? - Well! - It suits you really well.
- I can't make my ponytail! - It looks good on you, love.
- It must be Gro.
- No! You can't let her in.
- No! She mustn't see me! - Hi.
Come in.
- Would you like some coffee? - Yes, if you have some.
Dad? I gave him a trim, and now he can't get it in a ponytail.
Do you have the papers that I asked you to find? I'd rather not make an enemy of Kim.
Do you have them here? - So, mum loaned 15 pieces to Kim.
- So he had some collateral.
He was starting his first business.
We didn't mind him cheating the bank.
We thought they were a bunch of capitalist pigs.
But, he messed mum about, after he'd fooled them? Ah, it was nothing much.
We'd got an external valuer in to determine the value of the pieces.
He obviously worked out what we were up to.
So what? - Kim gave him a big piece of candy.
- He gave him one of mum's pieces.
Gro, let it go.
Veronika decided to forget it because Kim had invested so much in her.
Thank you, Lone.
I'll keep you out of it.
Is Thomas still out in the garden? Gro! Gro can you say that his hair suits him? Down here.
Can I see? She's crazy.
I said, she's bloody crazy.
I can't even gather it at the neck.
I actually think it suits you very well.
- Dad - I can't stay here.
I I've got a "smoking corner".
You'll get used to it, right? You you look like Prince Valiant.
Sorry! It's utterly crazy that this is all mine.
Hell, I've never owned anything before.
Just the terrace house along with Andreas.
But it was with him.
This is all mine.
My tall grass.
The shitty little thistles.
Maybe it's a shame to put up more walls.
What do you mean? If we were to have a big party, it would be cool with this room size.
- We can still have a big party.
- We should have room to stomp around.
We should use the entire space.
Up there too.
We should celebrate the fact that we've moved in, and I've moved up.
- Fine! We're done for the day.
- Good.
Could you just help me with the last stuff out front? So hey! What's going on? It sounds like you don't want the house finished.
Hold on.
You've always been keen on parties.
Hey, I can get a keg of beer from Soren.
Going to be smoking grass? These are cannabis plants on here.
My dad has a company that makes these hemp mats.
They're better than rockwool.
- Where does he get hemp from? - He grows it.
You're looking at the future right there.
Physically, you seem fine.
There's nothing wrong with your eyes either.
- Are you getting enough sleep? - It's hard.
- I can prescribe a sedative.
- I've been having hallucinations.
I understand that.
The symptoms you're experiencing, they point to you having what we, in the old days, called a nervous breakdown.
I would like you to consider starting a course of therapy.
But, of course, I can't force you.
Dad? I hate her, dad.
You mustn't say that.
You also hated your mother.
But, your mother loves you, doesn't she? Your mum is a good mum.
But this is a matter between me and mum.
Isn't it, sweetheart? I'm really sorry that I walked out.
I don't know what to do.
Say something, Frederik.
If you don't want me anymore, then you should say so.
I bought coffee for us.
No milk, right? - It's great to see you.
- What is it that you want? It's because I owe money to someone in Thailand, and I need to pay it back.
How much? - 400,000.
It is very important that I re-pay it.
So, I'm asking you if I can borrow it.
- You want me to lend you 400,000? - Yes.
I haven't that kind of money.
I'm unemployed right now.
I know, but you have mum's art pieces.
I have to pay inheritance tax and we haven't sold any pieces yet.
- I promise you'll be paid back.
- I do not have the money, Emil.
You think that I would have that amount lying around? - Fine.
Let's leave it at that.
- Have you ever actually earned any money? I don't want a fight.
Can we just leave it? You got 4 million from mum, and you never said a damn thing.
No, and I should have.
I'm sorry.
You come here, looking for more money after you just shit it all away.
I thought you'd want to talk about Frederik, but it's always you, you, you.
- I know I've fucked up.
- Frederik has always helped you.
Will you lend me the money? I only ask you because I really need it.
I can't, and I won't! - Gro, this is no joke.
- Then, try and take it seriously.
- I damn well am! - That'll be a first time, then.
Well, thanks for wanting to help your fucking family.
These people are The Mafia.
They'll cut off my legs if I don't pay.
- Hello.
Do you have a minute? - Right now isn't a good time.
Well, it may be that you may want to read this.
Who is it? I'll be there in a minute.
What is this? These papers show that your whole business was built on a lie.
You cheated the bank that's supported your Foundation.
I have a friend at Politiken who'll be very interested in the story.
My mum only got back 14 of the pieces she loaned to you.
You gave the 15th.
to a valuer as a bribe.
You stole it.
It now hangs in the Esbjerg Art Museum.
This is going much too far.
Do you really want to go down this road? No, but I've nothing to lose, Kim.
I'll give the reporter the documents tomorrow, if I don't hear from you.
No, no.
I just came.
We're sleeping here.
See you.
Karsten and Katrine will bring their monster barbecue.
Tomorrow, we'll go and check the land.
I Googled industrial hemp.
It sounds like it could be a great deal.
Do you have a sore arm? No, but could you hurry up and get in the shitting bed? It's all about your old dead mother, right? - It's cool, living up here.
- Yes, it's fucking cool.
For you, anyway.
You, you, you, me and your.
- Andreas, what do you mean? - Nothing.
I've got training in the morning, so I want to sleep.
It's great to live here.
- Andreas, where are you going.
- Home.
- This isn't a joint project.
- What? It is a joint project.
You approved the plans, but now, you say the rooms are too small.
You want to grow hemp, and then you want to throw a party in the middle of it all.
You never even asked me.
I couldn't tell from the plans how small the rooms would be.
- No.
Stop it.
- Hey, It's fine with all the walls.
We'll try it.
If it feels too small, we can move them around.
OK? And we can have a wild party together tomorrow.
Right? Come in.
I'm just on the way to training.
Well this is a little tricky.
We held a board meeting last night.
Well, it's not OK for you to sleep here.
- It's a handball arena.
- Yes, yes.
Of course.
We can't have the players seeing that.
It's bad for motivation.
It's not going to happen any more.
As we move up in the leagues I'd like to introduce changes here at the club.
- Yes, that would be good.
- We need hard work.
I'm really sorry and embarrassed at how things have been.
I fully understand if you want to try a new coach.
What are you talking about? I'm here as Chairman to offer you a new 3 year contract.
I know you've had other offers.
I think that if we can agree on all the practical things, then The Board also discussed your housing situation.
Here are the keys to our summer house.
Until you and Lise figure things out.
I've got some great news.
John has agreed to stay with us for another 3 years.
He'll lead us up through the league! Listen up, boys.
It's no secret .
that I've been a little fucked up lately.
Well, really fucked up, to be honest.
My family has become split up and I've asked myself if there could be anything to bring me back.
And the answer is Yes.
There is.
I've always done the best that I could.
Even when I was rather out of it.
Guys, we are in a different league now.
Why don't we promise each other that we are in this league together? We have a game next Saturday, so let's train.
We'll do twenty circuits.
Let's get some heat on.
Come on! - Does Solveig know about the hallucinations? - No.
What good would it do? - Perhaps it would help things.
- No.
Things would just get worse.
- So, you think she would laugh? - No, she'd want to understand.
But that's not exactly how she What? Our marriage is very rocky right now and And I don't know that we can put up with more.
Are you afraid that Solveig may leave you? I can't lose her.
I can't.
I just do not know if I can I never imagined that it could be that this could happen.
I had a naive fantasy that we had That what we had was something special.
Something sacred.
Something Something you could trust and depend on? Were you able to depend on your mother? Solveig is nothing like Veronika.
But it's often like this in life.
When we get hit hard old feelings that we thought were buried, suddenly re-appear.
When that happens, it can be scary to face it.
It takes courage.
So, this is where you've been hiding.
There's coffee.
I'll take it across later and ask Signe for a loan.
She got 10 million to 11 million of our inheritance.
I think it'd be reasonable for her to help me a little.
She behaved like a total jerk.
So this is her chance to make amends.
I don't think there's any reason for holding grudges.
Yes, Kim gave him one of Veronika's pieces.
It now hangs in Esbjerg.
You'll get copies of all the documents.
Just that my name isn't mentioned in the article.
Hold on a moment.
I'll call you right back.
- Hey, Kim.
- Hi.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
I'm going for a bath.
I'm just here to say that I think it's ridiculous that we're fighting each other.
I'm glad that you see it that way, Kim.
Well I've talked with the New Art Collection.
I'm not really interested in working there.
- I want to return to the Art Center.
- I haven't filled that position yet.
No, and you won't need to if you take me back.
I've just been on leave.
It's still my exhibitions that are running.
So, isn't it reasonable if it's me who's the public image? Make an announcement that I'm returning as director.
Well, this'll be something of a turnaround.
Yes, that's it certainly will.
It was good that you came.
See you soon.
OK? I fixed him.
An enemy for life.
- Gro speaking.
- Hi.
It's Andreas.
I'm standing with a large wooden box that's addressed to you.
It's been sent from a foundry.
Maybe some art stuff.
- It's the casting.
- Has it come? Niels has sent it to Grønnegaard.
- Should they take it back? - No.
Don't let them do that.
Say that we'll get it now.
I want to see it.
It's your mother's last work.
We'll come and get it.
Have it put in a safe place.
- OK.
- Thank you, Andreas.
See you later.
- The Beak.
Her last work.
- Fantastic.
Let's run away with it.
- Guys, have you seen Signe? - No.
What What are you doing here? - I came to pick up some blankets.
- OK.
- In summer, you can sleep anywhere.
- Where are you staying now? Not really anywhere at the moment.
The world is my home.
- What have you got there? - It's some of Gro's art stuff.
We need to move it.
I just don't know how.
You need to move it over to the crane.
- Push it right over there.
- You need that end higher.
Come in.
Has there been a party? The Chairman came by.
My contract's been extended by 3 years.
- That's fantastic.
- Would you like a glass? No, John.
That's not why I'm here.
I've come with these.
Divorce papers? I hope we can do it in a civilised manner.
For Signe, as well.
I'll leave them here.
You can send them when you're ready.
- I did everything I could.
- You've been living a double life.
I chose you.
I did everything that I could for you and Signe.
Because you are Signe's mother.
Yeah, OK, I fell back in with Veronika.
Life isn't always as simple as you would like it to be.
I can't change the things that happened, or change myself.
Can you just set it down here? - Hello.
It's coming along - Where have you been? - I was collecting these soil samples.
- I thought you were going to help here.
I'm here now.
- God! Hi, Thomas.
- Hi, Sunshine.
Your lovely man gave me permission to crash here for a few days.
- Did he, now? - How are you? You look great.
You too.
You've cut your hair.
What are you doing here? I was wondering if you had two minutes to talk.
I've been thinking things over.
I think it's stupid that we parted on such bad terms.
- I think so too.
- Really? We were all so caught up with the court case.
I said some stupid things.
I really want to apologise for that.
I'm glad you said that.
Good to see you again.
You too.
Do you want to punch me? - There you go.
Yes please.
- Ouch! Sorry.
- Having a party? - Yes.
We're having one tonight.
Thomas is here.
He's standing over there.
Will you not come and say hello? - Yes, I'd love to.
- You want to stay for a bit? Cosy.
It's the closest you can get to Paradise on Earth.
It's our slogan.
I have to work a little on it.
- If you can't pay up - I can manage.
But, if you can't pay, you'll lose it all.
- There's maybe my credit card.
- I suppose.
400,000 is a helluva lot of cash.
I'll have to talk to the bank first.
They should be OK because there's a pretty decent equity in the house.
If you can, you'd be willing to do it? That's unbelievable! - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Now, drink your beer.
Signe! Well, here you are.
What're you doing? - We were talking about Thailand.
- Gro's here.
- Bloody hell.
- I'm going to say "hello".
- We're having a little party.
- Yes, I can see that.
- The packing case is in a safe place? - Yes.
It's safe next door.
- Signe, Come here! - Yes? - Have you examined it? - No.
I was waiting for you.
Shall we open it? So, here we go, Gro.
Her final work.
Is that not a great casting? I'm so happy.
Let's get it out on the crane.
- We're doing some re-building.
- Yes.
Manage OK? Dad? What the hell are you doing here? - I'm staying here for a bit.
- You can't do that.
What about Lone? I can't stay there with her deciding how I look and act.
- You can come and stay with me, Dad.
- Not in that posh apartment.
- Dad, you can't sponge off them.
- Don't you have a drink? Sorry.
This is bloody great.
It's just like the old days.
- It's bloody terrific! - Want another drink? - What the hell are you doing here? - Partying with my little sister.
- The sister who wants to help me.
- Have you screwed money from her? No.
We've made a loan agreement.
- That it? Thank you for your help.
- Thank fuck! You're welcome to a beer.
I think there's some food left as well.
Sorry for asking, but has Emil asked to borrow money? If you lend him 400,000, that's the last you'll see of it.
- He'll sign a loan agreement.
- What if he doesn't have a single krone? Emil has used other people's money his entire life.
Let him fend for himself.
- He needs the money.
- He always does.
Signe! - What are you talking about? - You don't give an alcoholic booze.
- Talking about something exciting? - No, not really.
- Shall we? - Let's have a beer.
It's amazing that you've got draught beer! - Here you go.
- Holy shit, man.
- Emil, about the money - You're a lifesaver.
- You'll get it all back.
- I know.
I'd probably be better to think more about it, however.
- What? - I'd have to discuss it with Andreas.
Now what? Has Gro said something? Hell, no.
No, no.
Shit, I'm just a little drunk right now, Emil.
- Signe.
Don't listen to Gro.
- I haven't.
- I thought we had a deal? - Your problems aren't my fault.
In a sense, they are.
Can't you see that? - No.
- I didn't get my inheritance.
- We shouldn't let money come between us.
- What the hell is going on? You didn't see any problem earlier.
What's happened, Signe? I can't loan anyone 400,000 without talking to my boyfriend.
You got the whole house.
You can surely fucking lend me 400,000.
- It has nothing to do with the house.
- You need to give it to me.
- You've taken our entire house.
- Can you just let go of me? - Emil, what the hell are you doing? - You fucking get off her! - What the hell are you playing at? - Fuck you! - So, come on then! - Do you want a right doing? Andreas, dammit.
Leave him! Let him go, Andreas, dammit! You're the greediest bitch on the fucking planet! - Go! - Get out of here, you shit! - What the hell was that all about? - Just relax, Andreas.
Just shut up - Don't.
Let go of me.
- Come here, dammit.
- What about Frederick? - Frederick doesn't have the money! I'll have to sell the resort.
It will hurt but I could get 1 million for it, even if that is a shit price.
- Can you sell it quickly? - Yes.
An Irishman wants to buy it.
- So this is what you should do.
- I haven't a ticket to go back.
- What would it cost? 7 or 8000? - I haven't got 7 or 8,000.
- You could borrow it.
- Who would I ask? - Can I borrow your motorbike? - Yes, but it's not worth shit.
I'm not looking to sell it.
I'll just take it for a run.
- Will I come with you? - No, I'll go myself.
Camilla? When I come back, can we not Can we not start over? - If Frederik finds out I'm here - He won't.
I'm leaving soon.
- Solveig, you're the only one I can ask.
- My sister'll transfer 20,000.
Frederik will see it if I transfer it from my account.
Thank you.
You're a treasure.
You'll get it back.
I have to go.
- How is he? - Not so good.
I must go now.
- I'm sorry for everything, Solveig.
- Me, too.
Me, too.
I'd like to.