Arvingerne (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

- You'll work the land yourselves? - Yes, that's the plan.
I'll start attending an agricultural course this winter.
- And you? - It'll be just me.
Andreas is busy with his handball.
Is that OK? I'm quite aware that I need to learn everything from scratch.
I've had a reply about the soil samples.
It'll be good for hemp growing.
- Why hemp? - It can be grown without chemicals.
Plus, there's a future in growing it.
I know you're aware of that.
- Would you be growing hemp in all the fields? - No.
The rest of the land is leased out.
Well, I've been thinking.
I'll terminate the leases if the hemp goes well.
It all seems a little spontaneous, it has to be said.
But, that's not necessarily a bad thing.
I like that.
I'll give you one and a half krone per kilo.
I'll bring my machinery for sowing and harvesting.
We should get 35 tonnes out of the area here.
And so it will be processed by you? I make it into the world's best insulation material.
- Just give me a call.
- I will.
One and a half krone per kilo.
That's not bad at all.
So, now you have to be a farmer and cultivate 70 hectares of hemp? Maybe.
I don't know.
How do I and our family fit into your plans? - If we want to start a family, what then? - I haven't decided about having children.
It's you that's decided we should have them.
Right now, I'm just very happy to have found something I'd like to do.
Something I want to do.
Won't you support me with it? Take care of your fingers.
We're supposed to be a couple who want to share and live together.
- Don't just drive off.
Discuss this.
- Andreas, we just put your walls up in the house.
Are you sure that you want me in your house? - Can we just drop this now? - I need an answer to my question.
I actually don't know, Andreas.
Right now, I prefer to cultivate these fields.
- I don't know what else to do.
- Sorry.
What else to do? I'm just a little unsure right now.
About everything.
I've drawn up a contract.
You'll be responsible for the sale of the art pieces.
You know that it can take time to find suitable buyers.
And it'll be a piece at a time so we don't flood the market.
- We need to keep the value up.
- That's fine, Gro.
- All sales to be approved by you.
- Yes.
- It's probably best.
- Yes, it's a good idea.
So you can't accuse me of something later.
Don't be crazy! Gro shall receive 5% commission on the sale of each piece - I haven't asked for commission.
- It's fair that you get it.
You're actually the most decent person I know, Frederik.
Is that a problem? - Where do I sign.
- Just there.
I don't feel any guilt about Emil getting nothing.
That little shit has had more than his share.
- How are things at home? - They're fine.
I'm having lunch with Solveig, so I'm rushing back now.
- That's great.
- Yes, it'll be nice.
- What about the children? - They're fine, as far as I know.
I spoke with Hannah.
She thought things were still a little difficult.
I'm glad that she has you to talk to.
She said that she thought that you would get divorced.
She was actually hoping for it.
It's just her way of dealing with it.
I've not been able to have sex with Solveig.
It'll probably become better, Frederik.
I'm so impressed with the way you're handling it.
You stay, and you fight.
You've progressed so far.
He's not doing well at all.
So he came with a contract, and offered me 5% commission.
- Did you tell him about the Russian buyers? - We haven't even discussed that.
Helsinki are also interested.
Helsinki have been interested for years without buying.
Frederik knows that it takes time to find the right buyer.
We don't want to spend our whole lives preserving heritage.
You worked like a pig for your mother while she was alive.
You should just sell to the highest bidder and forget the heritage Camilla, I've good news.
I've sold it.
No, I got less than what it's worth.
But it's enough to cover the debt.
So now I can move on.
I'm heading off to the resort to get the paperwork sorted.
I'll show Neil around tomorrow and then I'll come home to you.
I miss you, Camilla.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.
- What are you doing? - You're not sure about us.
You don't want children.
I don't know anymore what the hell you're about.
I didn't mean it that way.
I did not mean it that way, Andreas.
- Where will you go? - I'm going to Michael's.
You can't just walk out.
We have to talk.
Andreas, try just to listen.
It may well be that things are confused, but don't go.
Shut the fuck up, Signe! He's going to destroy her whole piece and turn it into a decorative item.
How can anyone be such an imbecile? They're offering half a million.
Maybe I can get a bit more.
Veronika wouldn't have wanted it to just be stuffed into an attic.
She didn't.
Helsinki will buy it or we'll offer it to some of the other large institutions.
Will you, or should I say that the meeting is closed? I couldn't see that he had written "carburettor".
But then he explained it to me.
Thanks for lunch.
- It was really nice.
- Yes, it was lovely.
I meant to say that I've started seeing a therapist.
When do you go? Well, I have I've seen him once.
But I'm going to go again.
- How is it going? - I don't know.
You just sit and talk, or About us? About me.
About everything.
Would you like to talk about it? Not just now.
- I'm going to go with all this.
- But I want you.
Would you like to? Let me put these here.
It's just us.
Why are you sitting here in the dark? Has something happened? Where's Andreas? He's not here.
He's staying with one of his friends.
Are you coming? It's Isa.
She's just returned from India.
This is Signe, who's feeling rather down.
- We'll figure things out, Thomas.
- So, you own the house now? Have you asked if I can stay here? - No.
Do you mind if Isa - It's fine.
Will you come down and play with us? Music's the only thing that cheers me up when I'm feeling down.
Isa plays virtually everything beautifully.
That's really sweet of you, but I'm going to stay here for now.
Well, if you feel like company, you know where we are.
Good morning.
Have you seen Andreas? No, he's not here.
I talked to him about this door.
It has to be moved slightly.
I don't know anything about that.
The door needs to be moved 30 centimetres over.
- I don't know.
- We could also put up a screen.
- That should leave room for the bed.
- I just don't know.
Do whatever you like.
Shall we go outside? - How are you? - Hellish.
Me, too.
I couldn't sleep.
- I just lay thinking.
- I don't understand any of this.
I need to be practical.
- What do you mean by "practical"? - I need to find another place to stay.
- I can't keep staying with Michael.
- You don't have to, Andreas.
Just come home.
Nothing's changed.
What about us starting a family? Would things ever be the same again? So, is this the end? I think so.
Don't you? - I love you.
- And I love you.
But, I can't anymore.
Welcome back.
I have a gift for you.
I'm so looking forward to reading it.
It's had super reviews.
Could you bring more champagne from the kitchen? Pjodor has offered 600,000.
Wow! And then he'll use it as a coat stand in the hall.
I was just talking with a Russian buyer.
He's after one of Veronika's major works.
Her final piece, in fact.
How can you even consider it, when Helsinki are interested? Kim, I'm not.
No, you know what? They'd destroy it as an installation.
Of course, I won't sell to them.
I'm glad to hear that.
Congratulations on the job.
I should actually say that to the other one.
Is Thomas here? I knew only too well from the start that it would be hopeless, right? Enjoy some wine.
It was good of you to come.
What have we here? I thought that we would have ourselves a little drink.
- Where are the children? - They're with Morten and Camilla.
I'm making mojitos with lime & mint.
You could have a White Russian.
And we can make a Fidel Castro.
We can have it all.
- What would you like? - I'll start with a mojito.
That's what you'll get.
So we're going to drink ourselves silly? Yes, that's what I'm going to do.
You don't need to.
I look forward to working with you.
There's someone you should meet.
Gro, it's me.
It's Emil.
Gro, please don't hang up.
I need your help.
I've been arrested for possession of marijuana.
Emil, for fuck's sake.
My bail's been set at 300,000.
What's happened? Everyone's asking for you.
- Emil's been arrested in Thailand.
- What for? Possession of marijuana.
He's looking at a long jail term.
He needs bail.
We can get him released for 300,000.
I should have loaned him the money.
Why was he arrested for marijuana? His partner informed on him because Emil sold the resort.
- It sounds like a fishy story.
- Do you think he's lying? He sold it to pay his debts, and now he's been busted.
- I should have loaned him the money.
- It's not your responsibility.
Do you have any idea what they'll do to him? A young, white lad? - Gro, some people want to speak with you.
- I'll be right there.
- Could you - Should I not stay here? No, it's fine.
I'll make a call.
I've sold them The Beak.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can't do a damn thing.
Could Signe not lend him the money.
She could easily come up with it.
I'm the one that has to fix this.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Will you manage to tell them diplomatically, that we need the money right away.
I must call Frederik.
- I can't dance to that.
- Come on.
Let's go and take revenge on the day before yesterday.
What do you mean by "revenge"? Did you come? No, you didn't.
It was just It won't give up.
It's Gro.
Gro? I can't make you out.
Hold on.
Right, I can hear you now.
I'm not pissed.
I'm just happy to hear from you.
What's that? You're joking! God's sake! My money can't be used for that.
He's not getting a single krone more from me.
You know why.
No, it'll need to come from your share.
Yes, fine.
I'll send it straight away.
What did she want? Emil got himself arrested in Thailand.
Drug possession.
Is he in prison right now? What should we do? We're not doing anything.
What's that? Gro is selling one of Veronika's pieces.
We have to pay his bail.
So, he'll be released? But he's looking at several years in jail.
This is just awful.
- Is that it? - Several years in a Thai prison.
Will you miss him? So, you wouldn't.
Don't you sit there and get angry with me because I'm upset.
Did you do it standing up like this, or lying down? Did my brother fuck you from behind, or from the front? - Can we not talk about it.
- You usually want to talk about things.
Were you standing up, or lying down? Standing up! We did it standing up! Did he fuck better than me? I met Ole.
He said that Andreas has moved out.
Are you OK? You need to work all this out.
It takes time.
I was close to your dad for so long.
Now you can take time to travel.
You've dreamed about going to Australia.
I don't want to travel.
I want to be here.
- Then, that's what you should do.
- It's such a huge house.
It needs so much work.
I'm all alone.
I don't have a job.
- Well, you can get a job.
- I can't just get one.
I don't know if I can handle it.
I made it difficult for you to keep certain aspects of yourself because it hurt me every time I saw them.
They reminded me that I wasn't your mother and that it was Veronika.
- It was OK, mum.
- No, it wasn't OK.
You have all this energy and enthusiasm.
I don't know.
You even look like Veronika.
And that's fine.
It's fine.
So, that's the money transferred.
I don't know when he'll be released.
You've done all you can.
We need to get the best lawyer so we can avoid a trial.
If he's convicted, we won't get him out.
Is that Helsinki calling? Answer it.
Magnificent! You forgot to tell him that you've sold The Beak.
- The money's already on the way to Thailand.
- Yes, but You've transferred the money.
Contracts have been signed.
But I can't say "no" to Helsinki.
It's perfect.
The Beak gets its own room.
You've already sold The Beak, Gro.
This simply can't be right.
We must find a solution.
We've still got all the sketches.
We could tell Pjodor that this Beak is much larger.
so he decides to take it instead.
That is so far-out.
Will it not look strange to suddenly find a new piece? Wouldn't it be a little odd that we never noticed before? We could say that it was her absolutely final work and that I'd intended to keep it for myself.
But if you get him all excited do you think that he'll be keen to bid? I'll need to be able to prove it.
You're the only one that has seen the rough sketches.
We're the only ones who know what she produced.
What's the harm in it? Helsinki get the genuine Beak and we sell the other Beak to Pjodor.
And Emil gets the money.
Everyone's happy.
I want the walls taken down again.
- The walls need to come down.
- We just put them up.
I'm sorry, but I hope it can be done.
Yes, of course.
Can I ask why? - I've never wanted them.
- OK.
You're paying, so you decide.
Drenge, we need to take the walls down.
See you tomorrow.
Thanks for today.
I just want to apologise.
Gro has transferred money for Emil's bail, so he'll be released.
That's good.
I would prefer that you didn't care about him.
But I know that you do.
I love you.
But you have to say if you want something that I'm not.
Please be kind enough to tell me.
Should I leave? Well, let's find out about the kids.
Then that'll be enough.
I've always known that you are the only one I want.
I love only you.
I love only you.
- What about the moulds? - They were destroyed.
- What about the scale model? - Here somewhere.
- They're definitely here.
- Yes, absolutely.
Yes, yes.
- Will Helsinki be having the sketches? - No.
Can I trust you? Of course.
I'm going to cast one of these.
You can't.
They aren't finished.
- She wouldn't use them herself - No, I'll finish one.
And it'll need to be larger than the other one.
I need to get Emil out of prison.
I know this is reprehensible.
So you want to make a false piece of art? - I saw your car out there.
- I had to talk to René about mum's work.
I'd like to help you.
We need to finalise some of mum's pieces.
And is that OK, given that she's dead? - Yes, yes.
It's always done.
- Right.
Of course.
But, you know what? - Signe, may we use the barn? - It's not really convenient.
I need the barn because I've got farm machinery coming.
- Are you going to farm? - I'm going to grow hemp.
- So, that's why my Dad's here.
- No, it's for insulation.
You can't smoke it.
The machinery'll be here in the spring.
If you can finish it by then - That'll do us fine.
- Well, then it's fine.
- I just want to say thanks.
- Yes, of course.
- What happened to the walls? - I wanted more space.
That was a good decision.
Andreas and I have split up.
So, you live here all on your own? Kind of like Veronika, with Thomas down in the backyard.
Of course, apart from that, it's not the same at all.
Have you heard from Emil? He was furious that I didn't lend him the money.
He's in prison in Thailand.
We're working to get him out.
I've transferred the money for his bail.
I think he'll be released in a few days.
It'll be fine.