Arvingerne (2014) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

Is hemp going into every field? - No.
The land is leased out.
- Yes, I thought so.
Are you going to be a farmer now? How does our family fit into your plans? - I don't know what we need.
- I can't do this anymore.
I've sold it for less than it's worth, but it covers the debt.
Emil is in jail in Thailand.
We can get him out for 300,000 kroner.
Piss! - I will cast one of these.
- So you want to commit art fraud.
We are the only ones who had control over what she was doing.
- I've started therapy.
- You just sit and talk? - Yes.
- About us.
Say, if you dream of something that I am not.
I love you.
Isa has just returned from India.
Do you own the house? Have you asked if I can sleep here? - No, but - It's fine.
Isa plays well, at everything, basically.
Come on! - Have you seen some car keys anywhere? - No.
No! So Hello.
So You don't want to lie down there any more? Yes.
Yes Come here.
So Yes.
Do you want to be baptized today? - Lone, have you seen Gro? - She went down a while ago.
Come on.
Are you awake, sweetheart? Do you want some food? Signe, can you take this dish? You Can't you take her? Melody, Melody Everyone is coming to see you today.
Melody, Melody.
- Thomas, have you seen my car keys? - No.
No, no, no, no, no.
- God, yes! Sorry.
- What? Tine Tandkød gave them to me.
A bunch of them went to the grocery store.
I've been looking for them all morning.
Let me know when you take them.
Hey! Excuse me, would you mind moving somewhere else? I have all my papers there.
Signe, it may become a little hard to control.
There will be a lot of people.
Can't you move your stuff into another room? - Yes, yes.
- It's Melody's naming party.
- I will.
We'll see.
- Where did you put the dish? There.
- I can use it out by the lake.
- Perfect.
Good idea.
- Is she going in that? - Yes, it's just right.
Then she can lie there like a little sausage.
It could be fun.
No, no.
It's for the colours, when I paint her.
- Are you going to paint her? - You will stand and hold her.
- Gro's like a sort of godmother.
- Does she really need one? Yes.
It will be good for Melody.
If something happens to us, she will have Gro.
- She loves Gro.
- Do you want to give her a bottle? - Here you go.
- I'm going down to talk to the choir.
- Where are you going? - I have to buy cigarettes.
- I thought you had stopped.
- Me too.
- I'm not going into town.
- Gro is going to be godmother.
- If I die, Gro will get my child.
- Have you discussed it? No, are you crazy? It's damn Thomas.
- Did you know? - No.
- You should only do it, if that's what you want.
- Try telling him that.
- You need to talk to them.
- I can't.
She looks at me with those evil eyes.
Gro can be a bit much sometimes.
You just have to set limits.
And you say that? How can Gro take over the entire basement? She's not there much.
They have to sort out Veronika's work.
It's not my baby, is it? Hello, Jan.
So! Here we are.
- We've been waiting.
- Yes.
I know.
Aksel! - Aksel is my assistant.
- Okay.
- Aksel.
- Signe.
He was educated in Holland.
He's our product developer.
The total of our skilled labour.
Talk to Aksel, if you need to know anything to do with paperwork or fields.
- Okay.
- Good.
Shall we do it? Do they go up there? Do you want to grab a sack? No! - It's fine.
- Can I just pick it up again? Just make sure you don't get rocks in it.
Don't tell Jan.
He didn't see anything.
- Are there more up here? - No.
- Yes.
I'll take it from here, ok? - Yeah.
Jan? - Am I allowed to drive? - Yes.
Once you've got your own machines.
- I have driven one before.
- Fine.
But Aksel will drive here.
I'll take off now.
Aksel, call me when you're done? - Yeah.
- I'll open the barn for you.
- He didn't.
- No.
Aksel, should we cut these out? You cut them out, and keep them all together.
- Do you want to cut them out? - Yeah.
Can you keep a secret? Gro has started stealing some of Melody's clothes.
- What are you talking about? - She's short of a few things.
You know those baby suits? There were six of them.
Now there are four.
- They're probably just in the wash.
- No.
I've checked the basket.
- Isa, honestly - She takes a little at a time.
I'm nervous about her being godmother to my child.
Go home and talk to her.
- I can't.
- You have to.
- Can't you do it? - No! - Why not? - Because I won't, Isa.
You have to do it.
Then I'll have to have a smoke first.
- Will Thomas want that? - Yes.
He built it for Gro.
Do you remember, you've been in it? - No.
- Well, you have.
- Shall we go, or what? - Yes, when I'm done.
- We have to pick up some food for Gro.
- Yes, we can do that on the road.
- Can't we do it now.
- We'll go when I'm done! Okay? Hannah.
There is something I want to tell you.
I know I may seem grumpy - Really? - I don't do it on purpose.
I don't mean to be.
I'm under a lot of pressure.
What with the move and new house and I just want us to be ok and for it to work out.
It's difficult, living in the same room.
- And 20 km from our friends.
- I want to make it work, don't you? Just say the word.
- Don't you? - Yeah.
I'll try to not be so stressed, ok? Maybe you can help me.
If you say to me: "Dad, let's do that again.
I am very sorry.
" I want to, don't you? Yes.
We'll leave in about ten minutes.
Ok? Now I'll say this one more time.
Pias cottage is empty.
We can stay there, as crazy as it sounds.
There is a real kitchen.
If it drags out here Now, we're living here, right? - Ok? - Yeah.
I keep thinking - please don't rain.
- It'll be fine.
- They sing in the sun.
They nearly always sing in the same intervals, that we write music.
Just like pop music.
Why the hell do birds it? See here.
We can just tighten or loosen it to suit.
- That is insanely great.
- Have you seen Isa? She should see it.
Yes No, not as such.
Haven't you talked to her? Ah! I fart all the time.
Did it come over? You have to tell her what needs to be done.
Yes, yes, yes.
I will.
She knows, anyway.
- She must see it here.
- Yes, yes.
We will be ready.
Don't worry.
She's fucking happy.
It's good.
Now it's moving.
It's easier now, right? Careful.
You're already going crooked.
- Hey! Keep it under control.
- Today? I don't know when.
Thomas said, that they would only smoke in his house.
- Good.
We're going down there.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What did Thomas and Gro say? - It's too late anyway.
Isa! If you don't say something, it will never be different.
Are you going too? There, see.
You don't want to either.
Or a circle or a fish.
It's up to you.
- It is you who is godmother.
- Yes, yes.
Isa has something she wants to say.
- But not to us? Or? - Come on.
Come on.
- Signe will be godmother.
- What? - We haven't talked about this.
- Why not Gro? - You asked her? - We shouldn't discuss this here.
Yes, we should do this now.
It's good for Melody - - that there are some who know how to use window envelopes.
- It's just a title, Dad.
- You said it meant a lot.
I don't want it, if Isa doesn't want it.
- Oh, come on.
Sausage, wait now.
- It's fine.
I've got things to do.
- Well! - Isa, what the hell.
- I had no idea that you would - Me neither.
You're my best friend, after all.
- Don't you like Melody? - Yes.
So would you? - So yes, if - Sweet! - I didn't know she would ask me.
- It's fine.
It might seem as if I had I didn't.
- It's fine, Signe.
- She feels a little threatened by you.
I just thought she would say that.
I don't think there's any more to say, is there? I have a lot to do.
Yes, of course.
Is there something I can help with? Yes, you can move that wagon down under the tree.
Six, seven, eight.
- How long is this now? - 13 seconds.
14, 15 - 18, 19, 20 - You get a long way anyway.
- How much is it now? - 30 seconds.
Half a minute.
You could also hurry up a little.
- It's a procession.
- Our work is done.
- There is a telephone call.
- Yes, yes.
Look after your back, Thomas.
- Yes? - The judge has accepted your money.
He is willing to prosecute me for possession.
I'll get off with a fine.
- Is that true? - Yes.
Don't you believe it? You haven't reported so clearly before.
When will they say? There's a something, something hearing next week.
After that, he says.
What's the catch.
So they can't stretch it out? - I'm going insane.
- Emil, it will soon be over.
That will be good.
- No fuss at the last minute.
- Hey, hey, hey.
I never make a fuss about things.
You know that.
- I'm looking forward to seeing you.
- I look forward to seeing you.
Say hi.
- Be careful.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
There are also all those over there.
Emil is coming home! - When? - Next week.
You are clever! You're so cool.
I knew you could.
I knew it! - I think we succeeded.
- That's fantastic.
- He should be here now.
- He is on his way home, the little shit.
Yes, but he could be here today.
- Hell, man.
What? - That's great.
- Let's smoke a cigarette.
- I don't have any.
- Off to the house.
- Oh! Let's do it.
Three out of three.
Then more.
I shouldn't sell it, but Robert already has a customer in Mexico.
- Should I register the prototype? - No, you know what Incinerate it.
You never know what one officious expert might find out.
It's gone, Gro.
I put 10,000 in as thanks for the help.
Thank you, boss.
I wanted to ask you something.
What's this over here? It's just an old prototype, I found.
Let's have a look.
- It's still wet.
- Yes, but it had settled a bit.
- I didn't know whether it came out.
- No.
- It's really good.
- I've put Veronika things together.
You have a really good eye.
But shouldn't it be fixed? No, it is out.
- René, it must be out.
- Yes Yes, yes.
I'll put her here.
I'll just get the milk.
Well, look.
Come on.
You lie there with Mum.
Here's the food.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Let's party.
Hey! - I'll do it.
- Okay.
Yes René? Hi Signe.
What's up? Thomas said there was some paint in here.
Yes, yes.
They're over here.
I'll get them out.
- Gro seems down.
Did she say anything? - No, not at all.
Signe? Great.
We'll take everything out.
- Should Melody have this on her head? - No.
The pigment from India.
It's just the stones.
This is good.
I've never seen this before.
It's quite early.
That was the year she gave me away.
God! Then it's you, lying there.
Do you think it's me? It was a tough time for her.
She practically lived down here.
She was just skin and bones, eventually.
Then she stood and made that.
Now I think I can remember.
No, she missed you.
Are you mad.
- It was the last.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Aren't you going? - Yes, yes, yes.
Veronika when she was good, she was so good.
My back is killing me.
We sat for four hours in Frankfurt.
Poor you.
Did you get home? Are these my clothes? Lovely.
Is Emil ok? Did you sell anything? Mexico is wild.
They were interested in Veronika's stuff.
It's hard to sell it.
It's always been like that.
But I sold 'The Beak'.
It is obvious.
We should have waited a while.
Now it is out.
Two other buyers were ready.
We should have extended the series to six.
It's over, Robert.
Hello? - Hey, guys.
- Hello, hello.
Good to see you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Where is Thomas? - He's out in the garden.
- Why don't you go and help him? Hi, hi.
- How's the house? - I'm fine, thanks.
- It seems a bit slow.
- No, it's fine.
I talked to Emil.
- He's getting out now.
- Okay.
That's good.
Is he coming to Denmark? Yes, I think so.
He'll be able to relax at home.
It's been tough.
Hi! I thought someone was here.
- Welcome.
Hello, Frederick.
- Hello, hello.
- Hi, Signe.
- It's been a long time.
Good to see you.
- You've got the kitchen.
- It's good.
Gro is working with a baby figure, it's insanely beautiful.
Is it sold? - It's not a work.
- That big piece down there? - What work? - It's one of Veronika's test pieces.
What will happen to it? It will be archived with her other tests in Copenhagen.
It's really nice, Gro.
It looks like a work.
- I want to buy it.
- Well, it's not for sale.
- Is it there? - The party will start soon.
There are stones and cases to be lifted.
- We promise to do that afterwards.
Come on.
- Wait.
René is working there.
We shouldn't tamper - Is it a test? - Yes.
Otherwise I wouldn't say so.
- She discarded it.
- It's better than a lot of the others.
- Well! Are you an art expert now? - What do you say? It's a fantastic work.
- We have to get a valuer here.
- No.
It is not for sale.
We have allowed the sale of other tests.
- She wouldn't even sell it.
- Don't store works away! Don't you realise that Robert is struggling to squeeze her prices up? No! You don't know shit about it, let me do it! Well, dammit! I didn't mean to stir things up.
I just love it so much.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- This will be a ladybug.
- Shouldn't it have a dash? - A dash? - If it's a real ladybug.
- Thomas says Emil is coming home.
- Does he? Do you think he will come out and see our new boat? Yes, he probably will.
Come here, sailor.
You can do anything, right? This is something of a ritual, If you take the yellow.
- Then just paint her part.
- Yes.
- What - It's just dots or lines.
What shall we do about Emil and Villads? - What do you mean? - We can't just say, Emil isn't here.
They could meet each other by chance.
It is quite yellow.
Maybe we should just say that I have fallen out.
That it's not working.
- We can't mix him up in it.
- He's already in it, Frederik.
Is that because you think we should see Emil? No, that's not it.
- We can't have this conversation here.
- That was not what I said! Hi.
Are you here? I'm very tired.
I can't be down in the cart.
People are smoking.
- Aren't you coming? - I need ten minutes.
My mother is here.
- Is your father coming too? - Yes.
They're both coming.
Then we'll see, if they can talk.
It's so stupid.
I just know that they like each other.
Come on, Isa.
My mother has probably knitted something for you.
- The party is better without me.
- No.
People have come to party with you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Thank you for coming.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hello, Signe.
Hi all.
Guess who will be godmother to Melody.
- Signe.
- No! - Will there be a priest? - No.
Thomas has devised the ceremony.
- It starts when it gets dark.
- Okay.
In a way, we will become a little family, now that Signe is godmother.
- This is for you.
- Thank you.
- Are your parents coming? - No.
My mother is dead.
And I do not talk to my father.
He is not so crazy about my lifestyle.
- Thank you.
- It's nice.
It makes me feel like I am able to take care of it.
Honey What's wrong? - Should we go out for a bit? - Yes.
- Hello.
- Hello, dear.
It's a great day today.
And the kitchen is still there? Yes, yes.
It looks damn good.
Well, how's it going down at the hall? Is there a problem with the boss? Oh! Yes, he's a hell of a slippery money man.
- What does Andreas say? - He doesn't say very much.
He's still with his physiotherapist, Mette X - You know.
- It's fine, Dad.
Do you have a funnel somewhere? - Hi, Lone.
- Hi! - You want a funnel? - I'll go.
See you out there.
- Hello.
- Hello, Gro Thank you.
Have you and Isa agreed when you give her Melody? - No.
When should I do it? - When the B section begins.
- I don't know when that is.
- No, but you will hear.
- I don't think Isa is well.
- No.
She said some weird things to me today.
She said that you stole Melody's clothes.
Stole? I've taken some of them out, because she doesn't fit them.
- You should tell her that.
- She's totally paranoid.
I've tried to get her to take care of the child.
There's something wrong with her.
- Perhaps we should call someone.
- Who would that be? A healthcare person or counselor.
Well! Now there is a celebration.
Isa! Fuck! Isa! No, how cute.
No! No.
Everyone has lain here.
Even Gro, the long tube.
- Did Emil lie in that too? - Yes, you're mad.
He wasn't asleep because Frederik was always pushing him.
Emil lay and laughed.
He has definitely been in here.
No, it says 'Melody'! Thank you.
- You need to thank this one, over here.
- Was that you? How sweet you are.
Yes! We should slip out into the garden.
So she can get some rest.
- Sleep well.
- Yes.
So So You've spoken to Robert about a sales contract.
- We can get 400,000 for the test piece.
- It wasn't for sale.
- You also manage my inheritance.
- I do it as well as possible.
- You send our money to Emil.
- It's not your money that I use.
- How much did you send him? - It's my money.
You'll get money from the next sale.
It isn't a problem.
That is a problem.
And the fact that I have to pay for your sister jealousy - is an even bigger problem.
- My what? - Jealousy, Gro.
No? Your mother complex.
Why should I pay for that? You know what? You can sell this shit, if you want.
Don't you think I have plenty to do? I also run an art gallery.
- Well! You are making lights.
- They are lights.
It looks like oatmeal.
Gro has agreed to to sell that piece.
I spoke with Robert, who said that it was worth about 400,000.
You can have it for 370.
- Thanks.
- Then there is the bronze top.
- And how much is that? - About 200, he said.
I need to talk to the bank.
There's still equity in the house.
So, yes I don't think it will be a problem.
- Thanks.
- Not at all.
- It's a kind of investment.
- 570,000's a lot of money.
It's absurd.
It's a test piece.
They're taking you for a ride.
No, they're not.
Gro wouldn't sell it.
- Get someone to evaluate it first.
- No.
I would just like to have it.
- You don't owe them anything.
- No, I know.
You feel you are responsible for them, because you got the place.
- No, Mum.
- You got it in court.
I don't want to discuss it any more.
The first thing that happened in the universe was a sound.
And Melody, you are our big bang.
Yes! So fine, Melody.
Yes, you are so lovely.
Yes, you are so clever, Melody.
- Will you take her? - No! We have her! Move.
I'll fill the tub.
- Should I call a doctor? - No.
She is doing just fine.
- She just needs heat.
- She just slipped out.
- She may have swallowed some water.
- There is no shit.
- Come here.
- I just slipped.
We must put a sign up saying 'source prohibited'.
- It's important that she gets undressed.
- This is unbelievable.
- Melody is all good now.
- I shouldn't have been there.
- It was your fault.
- It's not anyone's fault.
- It's fine, Thomas.
- She's fine now.
We just baptize children really well here in the family.
Don't do that.
So Listen.
Now we'll go down to them, and then we'll get I'm not at home in your fucking clammy cart! I hate it.
I hate you and your long thin hair.
I'm fucking breaking up with you! And this shit place.
- What are you talking about? - Your mouth stinks.
You can't even wash your old cock! - Isa - Keep your mouth shut.
Isa! Wait! Isa! What a day! Yes Was it fun? How was she ever going to manage out there - balancing with her Indian gear? It was too much with the ritual and all the people.
Yes, but she shouldn't talk to him like that.
I just want to go home now.
It's not true what she said.
You should go, before she comes back.
- Dad, can you play this? - I don't think so.
- You can play this.
- Get a rhythm going.
Like the bass drum? - What have I discovered here? - It's mega nice.
- So it's you, Villads.
- Okay.
- What that, musician mother? A beer? - What that, rocker father? No, thank you.
- Okay, Villads.
Are you ready? - Okay.
One, two, three, four.
That's heavy, Villads.
Try this.
Come on.
Yeah! - Sleep well? - You too.
I'm off to bed.
I'll just go.
- It is so cozy, here.
- Okay.
Sleep well, and thanks for this.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Hannah! Villads! They're not out the back.
- Have you looked there? - Yes, I just looked.
- What do you have there? - You are so stupid.
Hannah? How disgusting.
They are old.
Well! Where the hell have you been? Nowhere.
- What? What's so funny? - Nothing.