Arvingerne (2014) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

- Emil is coming home.
- No.
- I'm looking forward to seeing you.
- Is he coming to Denmark? Yes.
He needs to relax.
It's been tough.
- I've put Veronica's things together.
- It's really good.
We should've made six in the series.
It's over, Robert.
- 1989.
- That was the year she gave me away.
Do you think it's me? - Is the work down there sold? - It's not a work.
Did you know Gro is going to be godmother? - If I die, Gro gets my child.
- Will you take her? Gro shouldn't be godmother, if you don't want her to be.
Signe will be godmother.
What? We haven't even talked about it.
I don't think Isa is very well.
I've tried to get her to take care of the child.
There's something wrong with her.
The first thing that happened in the universe was a sound.
And, Melody, you are our big bang.
- Won't you take her? - We have her.
Isa? Hello.
I'm in the middle of a conference.
What? Prison? What do you mean? He's been sitting there for 14 days, and you haven't done anything.
You're his lawyer.
You said we had a deal, and I have paid and paid.
No, I will not take it easy.
How can this happen? - I'll come to you now.
- Everyone is ready.
Emil has been arrested for selling.
The maximum penalty is two to ten years.
I have to go.
- But the conference? - I can't I can't do it without the presentation speaker.
This is my script.
Why am I just finding out now? He's on an even worse charge.
I didn't know about this either.
There is corruption.
Maybe someone got wind of the fact that they received gifts from us.
- I don't know what happened.
- What should we do now? More money? We can't really, now that they've charged him.
The best we can do now, is to get Emil to confess.
- The penalty is half.
- So he hasn't confessed?! So we should go after the King's birthday.
We can get a reduced sentence with the royal amnesty.
If we play our cards right, he should be home in one or two years.
- Two years.
- He's a healthy young man.
We have nothing more to discuss.
I want all the papers from the case.
You're fired.
More gravel.
- More? - Yes, more.
And then tip it over.
Let's see.
Damn! One moment.
Can you push it into place with your foot or something? Hi, Gro.
We're right in the middle of a family event.
No, my family shouldn't get involved.
Yes, I can.
Yes, I'll come.
I'm going now.
- Now Emil has been arrested for selling.
- But he hasn't sold anything.
- Wasn't he out? - I don't know.
- Gro has fired his lawyer.
- So what? I have to help her find a new one.
I don't want to use my contacts.
- It has nothing to do with you.
- No, but I'm involved anyway.
I've got to run.
I need to help Gro with something.
- Is it Emil? - Yes.
- Is he in prison? - Yes.
But I'll find a good lawyer for Gro, and they will help him.
- Will he get out? - Yes, at some point.
- It's going really well.
- Are they good enough? It looks good.
The only thing is It's dry.
- I thought it might be.
- And there's more sun coming.
- You have to give them some water.
- Okay.
Within a few days.
- There's Jan.
- I hope he agrees to expand.
Just be focused.
Show him that you know what you are doing.
- I have no milk.
- No.
Black coffee is fine for me.
I have the lease here.
If I want to do this in multiple fields I have to terminate the lease now.
- Yes,that's the first thing.
- Exactly.
- So what do I need.
- Have you seen Thomas? - He's just out playing.
- What? He's playing with his trio in a nursing home.
- I'm in a meeting, Gro.
- You have to take her.
I can't.
I'm in a meeting, and then I'm meeting my lawyer.
Emil is in custody.
They've arrested him for selling.
I've contacted the Embassy and the Foreign Ministry.
I'm going to Thailand.
Frederik is coming now.
- Will you please help? - Yes, of course.
- Should we have the meeting later? - No.
She has a bottle in about an hour.
There are clothes in here.
And she will need a clean diaper soon.
You'll need these.
Hang them over the pram.
There's Frederik.
There are more acres I can use for the business.
I have good subcontracting agreements.
- Can you reduce from 80 acres? - Probably.
I don't know exactly how much I will need.
- But you think so? - Yes, everything looks ok.
Yes, okay.
I can't guarantee that I can use more than 60.
- Shall we finish this later? - Yeah, I'll terminate the lease.
If this is going to work, we should do it now.
- You're sure? - Yes.
Well then.
Welcome to the hemp industry.
- Thanks.
- That's good.
- Good luck.
- See you later.
Yes, I'll tell her.
She will be pleased.
Thank you.
I owe you a dinner.
We'll do that anyway.
So I got hold of Tyge.
He's really good, and he wants to help - - and he's willing to work with alternative law.
But you must let Emil confess and wait for the king's birthday.
He can't sit out there for two years.
- Emil's no dope dealer.
- That's what he's accused of.
Tyge is only taking the case because I asked him.
It's the best you can get right now.
Will you look at the case, yourself? If you don't find anything, I'll do as Tyge says.
- You just need to look at it.
- No.
He's sitting alone in a Thai prison.
I know that you're mad at him, but he has no one else.
- Hi.
Have you seen Ole? - No.
Do you have an appointment? He needs to look through some papers.
Hello, sweetheart.
Are you in town with Signe? Yes.
Thomas is working.
And Gro couldn't.
- Haven't you heard from Isa yet? - She didn't take her mobile.
- I don't know any of her friends.
- What about her father? They don't talk.
Maybe he knows where she is.
She's been away before.
I found him on 'Krak'.
Henrik Varlø is his name.
- Isa has no contact with him.
- She's gone.
She has a baby.
Then I'll call the police.
Thomas and Gro are sure she will come back.
But in the meantime, shall I take her there? Lise, I put a 20 in and took out four rolls.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hello.
Ole said I would see you.
He has to look through the papers, so I don't miss anything.
Jensen can't come up with anything, to stop me using the fields.
Hi, Ole.
The lease is your only income right now.
- I will cultivate the fields myself.
- I have packed some food for you.
Thank you.
You already have a fairly large loan and property taxes and spending.
If I can't borrow, I'll have to earn something.
There is investment required to run a business.
Here is a budget.
Water boreholes, refurbishment of the barn, seeds.
You can't cancel anything before the bank has accepted the loan.
- I have equity.
- Now Martin.
- Signe, I'll go.
- John? I want to see your workout schedule.
Can you print it out, then we can look at it together? Yes, of course.
We'll talk later.
Are you making big decisions? - Hello.
- Hi.
- Do you have time for a cup of coffee? - I have a sponsor meeting.
I just came to say hello.
Another day.
- So come up and have a coffee soon.
- Yes, that would be nice.
- You may bring Mette with you.
- Yes.
We're going to have a child.
- What? - We're having a child.
- She's three months pregnant.
- You can't, Andreas.
How long has it been? I'm trying to find out - - what happened, and then you go out and start a completely new family.
And then you stand there and tell me.
Signe Signe? Now we're going home.
- You forgot your lunch.
- Well.
He was foolish to leave you for her.
He didn't.
I wouldn't have moved on from you so fast.
Why is it any of your business? - What's happening with Signes work? - It comes in next week.
As soon as they've made the mould, pick it up.
- What should I do with it? - It must be out.
It is not hard to detect, if you look.
Do you know where the pram is? I'll take her out.
- It's out in the barn.
- Okay.
Who is it? Hi.
Is that your father there? - Hi.
- What about the little robber? - Who is that? - What then? Have you escaped from Gro? Emil has been jailed.
So Gro had her hands full.
- I thought he was released.
- She's going to take care of everything.
You and Gro, you'll be ok.
She will get him out.
- What are you doing? - I was looking for some sprinklers.
But I've only found this old pump.
- Is this for the fields? - Yes, they are very dry.
- You could just make one yourself.
- How do you do that? I don't know yet.
- Down there? - Yes, just roughly.
- It's not art.
- It wasn't before, now it is.
Yes! Look at that.
It's good that no one is watching us.
Are you crazy?! - Can we use this hose? - Take it.
We can drill some holes in it.
I had thought of calling Isa's father.
- No, he's nuts.
- Maybe he knows something.
I'm here after all.
Hell no.
There's this beast if it still works .
We should try it.
- Are you ready? - I am so ready.
- Oh, how crazy.
- It works.
Damn, it's blowing back No, you know what we'll do? If we put a wind machine behind it.
It will go down to the wall.
- Yes, it needs to go further.
- It looks like it.
- Do you have a wind machine, Thomas? - You've never seen it? - Okay, I'll wait.
- About an hour.
- Thanks for the help.
- It's so great.
What a place.
Fresh air.
- How are you? - I can't get hold of him.
Is Frederik home? Yes, he's down there.
Have you got the latest correspondence from the embassy? Yes, you got him to plead innocent.
He had joints on him.
The sentence could be commuted to possession, so he might get off with a fine.
There is really only one option.
They say that he had 80 joints on him.
That's too many for his own consumption.
He will be convicted for selling.
You can challenge the indictment on the quantity and you might have a chance.
- Can we do it? - Maybe.
I need pictures of Emil from the day he was arrested.
So I can see his clothes.
If you can get them, send them to me.
See you.
I made coffee.
Do you want a cup? I don't know if I'll ever see him again.
Do you want coffee? Yes.
She won't sleep and I haven't either.
- Did you give her enough to eat? - Yes, and a clean diaper.
It wasn't this difficult with you.
You didn't cry so much.
You didn't know anything about it.
You were in Paris.
I have a lot of gigs at the moment.
So when Isa comes home, we will expand out the back.
Then we'll move down here.
So she can be by herself, when she wants.
- What are you doing? - I'll take her.
- Oh, how sweet.
Thank you.
- Sleep well.
Good night.
Hello? Hello? Emil, are you there? Hello? Emil? Gro, is that you? - Are you okay? - The connection is really bad.
- I can barely hear you.
- Now I can hear you.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Do you get some food? What about the other prisoners? There are a lot of people and it's fucking hot, but I'm fine.
- Have the people from the embassy been in? - I got a blanket and some penicillin.
- Are you sick? - Just some minor wounds.
- What sort of wounds? - It doesn't matter.
Emil, I promise you I'll get you out - - right? I have to ask you something important.
Are there any pictures from the night you were arrested? - I don't think so.
Why? - What about Facebook? Maybe Lee took some.
I don't know, Gro.
- What's your code? - Umse123.
- Umse? - Yes, like in the butt.
- How many joints did you have? - Maybe 5-10.
- You didn't have more than that? - No.
- And you weren't selling them? - Gro, I am not lying.
I didn't sell shit.
I told you what happened.
I told you what happened.
I told you everything, Gro.
- I need to be sure.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about everything.
Hello? Emil? Gro Can you look after Melody? Thomas will wake up soon.
I have to go to see Frederik.
Are you cold? Lovely warm blanket.
You have a fever.
A raging fever.
Swallow Yes, you must.
It helps the fever.
You will need to open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
Come on.
Come on.
So you take one every day.
Ten days.
So you get better.
- Are you here alone? - Yes.
I'm working at home today.
Emil's Facebook code is umse123.
- It was his code on the plane.
- He couldn't say butt.
Lee may have posted some pictures there.
- There he is.
- Lee Yang.
Wait a moment.
- Have you found something? - I don't know.
- It's not very good? - Yeah.
Because according to the police report he had 80 joints on him - - at the time of arrest.
And There's a shirt pocket and two back pockets - - even though Thomas taught us never to put joints in your back pocket.
So if all the pockets were packed, then he could have had 42 - - minus a wallet, 32 joints on him at the time of arrest.
- What if he had a bag? - He didn't.
- 32 joints is quite a lot.
- Yes, but the police have made a mistake.
It should be enough, to cast doubt on the indictment.
Thank you, Frederik.
- How clever.
- Yes, yes.
I knew it.
Did you talk to the lawyers in Bangkok? Yes, I'm flying out tomorrow morning.
Be careful about discrediting the police work.
I'll do what the lawyers say.
I promise.
And I won't fire them.
Bloody idiot.
Old King's Road is empty.
There are no people.
So it goes - Thomas? No, sorry.
- Dammit! I have a meeting at the bank.
- Can you take her? Hello, Lone.
- Where the hell are you going? - I'll make a cup of coffee.
- Want a cup of coffee? No, here.
I'll put your stuff on the floor.
- Okay? - Yes.
- I'll put her here.
- Yes, do that.
That was very sweet of you.
Have a great day.
- Did you hear? - No.
We name the teams in the morning.
No beer tonight.
How did it go? Bad.
They are still skeptical, even though I have equity.
You will need a business plan.
No one has ever made money growing hemp in Denmark.
- If they say no, I'll switch banks.
- Signe? - Ole is only trying to help.
- Thanks for your help, Ole.
You're welcome.
- There's the field mouse.
- I'm not in the mood for that.
Has Ole gambled away your business? I don't understand why he doesn't get that there are opportunities in hemp.
You can use the plant for so many different things.
Clothes, medicine, building materials.
- You can do what you want with it.
- A wonder-plant.
A guy in Holland built a house from hemp.
And you can grow it without chemicals.
It's sustainable.
Denmark hasn't really become aware of it yet.
But the research is there.
In Holland they are quite advanced.
In 20 years, Ole will be with you.
Do you know how cool you are, when you talk about hemp? - See you, Martin.
- See you.
- Lone, can I ask you something? - Thomas had no more coffee.
That's fine.
I've just been in a shit meeting at the bank.
I created a business plan but they will not lend me money.
- What did they say? - They don't believe it.
They think I'm squandering the money.
They asked for proof of value for the loan for Veronika's work.
Now, they think I'm unreliable.
They say the work is just an expense.
- It's an investment.
- It seems not.
- I have no professional assessment.
- Get one.
Not before it gets cast in six weeks.
I have to terminate the lease now.
If you have the prototype, you can easily get an assessment.
I don't know if it is a bad purchase.
The work is not worthless.
It's a good idea to get an assessment.
I'll talk to some people, and we'll look at your prototype.
Come in.
Good day.
Henrik Varlø.
I am Isa's father.
- And you are? - Sorry.
My name is Signe.
I was the one who called you.
Do you know where Isa is? - Unfortunately not.
Is the baby here? - Yes.
Down in the cart with Thomas.
Is that her boyfriend? Yes.
- Is he there now? - I think so.
It's down in the backyard.
If you go left around the house - It's a sort of wagon.
- That's good.
Have you ever heard a nightingale? Have you seen one? It's a plain little bird with a great voice.
- There are some down in the bush now.
- That's wonderful.
Can we help you with something? Hello.
I'm Isa's father.
Well, it's you.
No, how nice.
- I'm looking for Thomas.
- That's me.
- Would you like some coffee? - Are you? Yes, it is me - I am Thomas.
And this is Melody.
That's your granddaughter, Melody.
Don't wake her.
Just have a look.
She needs to sleep now.
- Melody? - Yes, she's lovely, isn't she? - Who are you? - Lone.
I am a friend.
I have to go.
- We need to talk about Isa.
- Do you know where she is? No.
She will never be able to take care of her child.
- Why do you say that? - She has been hospitalized several times.
Yes, you can quickly go crazy, if you're not already.
I am offering to help with Isa's child.
That's awfully nice of you, but we're doing just fine.
See you, Thomas.
A small child needs security and quiet surroundings.
Yes, they do.
- And do you think they get that here? - Yes.
- You're standing there, smoking marijuana.
- Don't meddle.
When Isa comes home, I'll tell her you've been here.
- I hope she doesn't come home.
- What are you talking about? Are you aware that Isa had cannabis psychosis? Maybe there was another reason, that she was running away from you.
Your diagnosis.
You just didn't love each other enough.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
Let her sleep.
Hey, what are you doing? - I'll save my granddaughter from you.
- You will not.
Give her back! You can't do that, I'll report you.
Signe? Signe? Signe? Signe? - Thomas, what's happening? - He's taking Melody.
Now just relax.
Take your car and piss off! - No, I won't.
- Calm down.
- Take it easy.
- Let him go.
What the hell are you doing? Who are you? - Stop.
I'm calling the police.
- Take it easy.
- I have Melody.
- Who the hell do you think you are? He smokes marijuana right next to my granddaughter.
I lost my daughter.
I can't watch this happen.
I think you should go and never come back.
Gro, stop! Stop.
Henrik, I know that Thomas is not a family man - - but he loves her.
He is abusive.
He won't even admit that it's wrong.
- We have a lot of people to look after her.
- It doesn't end here.
- Bloody hell.
- He's more insane than his daughter.
- He'll come back.
- Why was he here? I called to inquire if he had heard from Isa.
- Did you call him? - We have to find her.
Thomas shouldn't smoke around her.
- You called a neurotic idiot! - I was trying to find Isa.
What do you want with her? She can't and won't take care of the child.
- No, but she is still the child's mother.
- Yes, but where the hell is she? You need to cover your mouth, when you cough.
Didn't your mama teach you that? Do you have family? My mother and father are dead.
So I have three siblings - - and it's a mess at the moment.
But that's life with family, isn't it? It goes up and down.
And yet you stand together.
Me and my big brother stayed with an aunt - - after my father died.
I was so tired of Frederik, because he always corrected people.
He corrected me if I smacked my lips or sat restlessly - - or talked too loud.
So I didn't want to be there anymore.
I wanted to be with my mother.
So I went.
I went all the way.
Over 20 kilometres.
And when I finally arrived, she wasn't home.
So I sat out on the stone steps and waited.
Later I found out that she had been home, but she hadn't heard me.
And so I sat there.
Then a bike came up the driveway.
At first I couldn't see who it was, but it was Frederik.
He parked the bike.
I thought: Now I'll get the world's biggest ass kicking.
He walked up and stood in front of me - - and he pulled a coin out of his pocket, without a hole.
An old-fashioned one.
He gave it to me, and said: "We won't say anything to Aunt - - about you smoking in the orphanage.
" Then he put me up on the bike and doubled me all the way back.
On the road he told me stories about a boy named Emil - - and his brother, Frederik.
They could catch all villains in the world.
They could fly too.
I'm going now.
I fly out tomorrow morning.
I don't know when I'll get home.
- You just get him out.
- Yes, I hope so.
She is sleeping.
You mustn't wake her.
If anything goes wrong with her, you have to ask for help.
Come on.
I have looked after you, Emil and Frederick.
It will be Ok.
If that psychopath comes, call the police.
And the Army and National Guard.
It will be very cozy.
Isa will be here soon.
Then we'll have two.
You don't need to worry.
Just get him home.
Okay? You could check in with Thomas to see if he needs help.
Just you looking after her though.
Don't call on any idiots.
- Do you promise? - Yes.
Henrik had no right to to come here.
If you see him again, call the police.
See you.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Can you take her for a moment? I have to get something from the cart.
- Hi.
- Take this.
It will only take a moment.
What's this? Are they financial statements? Let's see.
There Solveig? Hi.
- Has something happened? - No.
- I'm going with Gro to Thailand.
- To Thailand? - I'll be back in a few weeks.
- Is that a good idea? I'm going with her to help.
Go back to sleep.
I'll call you, as soon as I'm there.
- Say bye to the children.
- Shouldn't we Can't we - Have you checked in? - Yes.
To think you came!