Arvingerne (2014) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

- This is really good.
- Is It? Cool.
- Should I terminate the lease? - Yes! Congratulations, hemp queen.
Wait a minute.
Isa, wait for Thomas! Hey! Isa, don't do this! Stop! Stop! - I'm so sorry for everything.
- I would've died for you.
I would have given you anything you asked for.
Frederik, it was a mistake with Solveig.
One mistake.
You can't see me or my family ever again.
Or else I'll make sure that you don't get out.
Is that why you came down here? For revenge? - Don't.
Leave me alone! - You're sick in the head.
- You're sick.
- Shut your mouth.
Sorry, Gro.
Oh! Isn't she trampling around there a bit much? She probably has to.
She can't just look round the edges.
How much does she need? Can't she just use the same track? - Signe! - Yes.
- I need the car.
- Not today.
I'm picking up some timber.
Emil is coming home.
If I go now, I can get to the airport.
- Why didn't you say? - I thought it was tomorrow.
- Hell, Thomas.
- Sorry.
I'm hopeless at listening, but this is for Emil.
- Here.
- How sweet you are.
- Is there petrol in it? - Yes.
- Great.
- Hey, Thomas! - Have you told Gro about Melody? - No.
- So she doesn't know anything? - No.
Not yet.
You are a treasure.
Thank you.
- Say hi.
- Yes.
It's fine there.
Just as far back as possible.
- Hi.
- Hi, honey.
It's good that you came.
Do you think Dad will be pleased? - Where is Villads? - We're picking him up from Oskar's.
- Mum, is Emil coming too? - Yes.
We'll just wait for Dad outside, ok? It will be fine.
He's looking forward to seeing you.
Come on.
Come on! Robert! There's nowhere to park here.
- Have they landed? - Yeah, just now.
See! There he is.
Hey! On the road to Mandalay, Where the flying fishes play.
You got him out.
How cool, you got him out.
You're fucking Perry Mason, you are.
- Where are the others? - I think they're in the main group.
- I got my stuff a little earlier.
- They're going through customs.
- I'm going out to meet my family.
- What? Wait a minute.
- We have to celebrate.
- I haven't seen them in a long time.
I want to go and see my family.
- Dad! - Hello, Villads.
- This is for you.
- How nice.
- Do you know what it is? - Uh - It's a medal.
- A medal? Thanks.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I couldn't stop him.
He just ran off.
- Well! Shall we go home? - No.
I want to see Emil.
They'll be here in two minutes.
Emil will be happy to see Villads.
- Come on.
- Frederik, what are you doing? - I'll take a taxi I want to go home.
- No, you can't.
We've come to get you.
- I'm going, ok? - Frederik! - Come on, we'll go.
- No.
- Frederik! - Wait a second.
- Come on, we're going.
Come on.
- Emil! - It's so good to see you.
- What happened to your head? - It's just a few scratches.
- Welcome home.
Well done.
This is for you.
There's lots of cool stone at our new house.
- Hello.
- No! Is this for me? - Welcome home.
- Thank you.
Where is he.
- Come on, Villads.
We're going.
- Let go! Stop, stop, stop.
- Thomas! - Damn, man.
No! Hello.
- Good to see you.
- No! - You look good.
- You're not too bad.
We'll go together.
Come on.
Don't take a taxi.
- You don't need a taxi? - No, sorry.
- It's okay.
- Sorry.
- No! - What about Melody? Shouldn't she be here to say hello to us? - She is with Isa.
- Did Isa come home? No, she's with her father for a while.
- Hey! Are they both with Isa's dad? - Yes.
She came and got her.
- When? - Last week.
You just let them take her? I wasn't there, ok? Signe let them.
- Shall we go? - Damn! I knew I should've been there.
What now? Have you talked to them? Signe has talked to them.
They are fine.
- Haven't you done anything? - Yeah.
I've called and called.
I've left messages.
When you do nothing, it looks worse, if it goes to court.
- It won't go to court.
- Henrik's not that crazy.
She knows where I am.
She'll come when she's ready.
- I'll call a lawyer.
- What is it with you and lawyers? Why do you have so little confidence in other people? - You didn't get that from me.
No! - Where are you? There.
I made up a bed for you.
Are you tired? - I am fucking tired.
- Stay here.
Come with me.
Instead of going to that concrete silo.
Be at one with nature.
There is peace and tranquility.
Play some music.
- Dad, it's under control.
- Yes, I know.
- Maybe it is better for him.
- Perhaps it would be best.
You should do, what you need most.
No? - I bet I will.
- That's what we'll do.
- OK then - Take good care of him.
- Feel better, ok? - Yes.
- Do you have money? - I'll find some.
Have you got cash? - Gro, I don't need your money.
- Here.
I can handle myself.
Stop it! I don't want your money.
- He's stupid.
- Thomas, don't take it.
It's up to him.
Right? If you change your mind, I'll give you a key.
- I don't need the money.
- Come on, Emil.
- I can earn my own money, thank you.
- Oh, man! Let me know if there is something you need.
I'll come over soon.
It's good to see you.
We have got timber and rockwool.
We need more of them there.
- I just got a lot of timber.
- Yes.
We'll use the 38mm there.
They are the wrong ones.
We just found that out.
- They have ordered the wrong timber.
- I saw that as well.
Torben is bringing the right ones later.
We can carry on, can't we? - Yes, yes.
- Good.
Well then Thanks.
Can you imagine me doing this alone? - No, I could not.
- A cup of coffee? No thanks.
Signe, there is something I have to say.
Come here.
- Dad, is it more expensive? - No, no, no.
Calm down.
It's not to do with that.
- What then? - There are some rumours down at the hall.
About what? That you are having a relationship with Martin.
- With Martin? - I thought, of course not.
- Who said that? - Maybe he did.
To annoy me.
It's not so good between us.
There's a sponsor's party at the harbour tonight.
Couldn't you come over? And put a lid on the stupid rumours.
I'm not going to any party.
There is too much to do here.
Come by and say hello and have some fun.
It's a celebration.
Oh! Was it heavy down there? We got him out.
Tell me about it.
It was hell, but now it's over.
What's that? Nothing.
What the hell happened? What happened? Gro, who did this? I argued with Frederik.
Frederik did this? I pressed him.
He tried to strangle you! Don't interfere with my family! He is my brother, and I'll deal with it.
Gro, it has nothing to do with familiy.
Let it go.
Gro, come here.
Tell me what happened.
What are you doing now? I need to go to work.
I want to fix some things.
Are you mad? No.
I have some things I want to fix - - that I couldn't fix from Bangkok.
Shall I come with you? No, I'll do it by myself.
It's the most effective way.
I'll take you.
Are you going to play my father? You have two children in Germany.
Shouldn't you take care of them? See you tonight.
So, this is where you're hiding.
I just called you.
Can we talk another time? - I've been through a lot.
- Yes.
I just wanted to say congratulations.
- Yes.
- The work is fantastic.
- The work? - Yes.
I just talked to Lone.
It is finished being cast.
I thought about taking it over.
Look here.
These are some pictures that Eva took for her new book.
It's so complex.
At the same time, it communicates cleanly and clearly.
It is very impressive.
I can't believe she hid it away.
This is from the period when we thought Veronika was inactive.
Then we find such a masterpiece.
It is utterly amazing.
But tell me.
Why did you sell it to your sister? Yes, I don't know.
That's her, in a way, right? Do you think she would be interested in selling it? No, I don't think so.
It means a lot to her.
I've talked with the others on the board.
I'll take a picture of it.
In the mould.
- But - The Jakobsen Foundation will buy it? - The right price might tempt her? - No, I don't think so.
You don't need to worry about it.
I'll take care of it.
- Yes - Are you going to the foundry now? Yes.
- You want company? - It would be a great pleasure.
Do you know what it cost to go to the toilet? Two crowns.
Was it bad in there? Frederik says I don't care about him.
- Frederik, he's just mad.
- He has always been my big brother.
It's been hard to be part of his life - - with the way he has behaved.
- It's the same with Gro.
- Yes, yes.
Those two.
In their eyes, I'm just the irresponsible little brother.
- He shouldn't be so serious.
- Frederik will be ok again.
It's not about Frederik.
That's what I mean.
I get home, and everybody is taking care of me.
Giving me money.
When I got out of jail in Delhi - - I was glad that someone took care of me, because I wasn't well.
And you're not either.
Let's go.
Come on.
- Isn't it great? - Yeah.
It has been quite calm.
It's great.
Come and see.
- Cool.
- It came today.
I haven't decorated it.
We can make it the children's room - - or we can move our bed in there.
There is underfloor heating.
I have moved house a metre forward, so you see more of the water.
- Well yes.
- Look at the view.
It's beautiful.
- Did you bring presents? - No, well No.
Dad was too busy.
He didn't have time.
Villads had his presentation on Friday.
About komodo dragons.
- Was it good? - Yes.
It went really well.
With PowerPoint and everything.
Are you going to tell him about your trip with Julie? - No.
Dad doesn't want to hear about that.
- Yes.
I thought we had stopped lying.
- Why must you be so clumsy? - He doesn't like the house.
I'm sure he really loves the house.
He's just really tired.
He's been travelling for hours.
The only thing different is that it's cleaned more often.
Signe's in there.
I'm there.
I have taken some instruments up.
But this is really new here, right? Holy shit.
She has built a kitchen.
- Yes.
It was John.
- This is John? Yes.
It's a great improvement, I think.
- Is this a project or what? - It's Signe's office.
- For all her hemp.
- Hemp? - The hemp industry she runs.
- Okay.
Now, see.
There she is.
No, this is the best.
Holy shit, it is little Melody.
- This is before she fell in the mud.
- It was an Indian theme.
- Yes.
Both her and me.
- You look really good.
- Thomas, you have to pick her up.
- No.
She will come by herself.
Wheels are turning, things happen.
One can't just bulldoze a result.
- Hello, Signe.
- Emil.
- Emil would like to stay here a while.
- Okay.
I can easily stay with Gro.
Gro was working down in the basement.
Take the room, she's not using.
So are you hungry? I think I have a few things.
I'm fine thanks.
That's ok.
Emil, I would have lent you the money.
I'm so sorry I didn't know that - No, you shouldn't.
- Yes, I would have.
- Sorry.
- You don't need to apologize, Signe.
If there is anyone who should say sorry, it's me.
I was I don't know Sorry.
I would like to say sorry.
- Don't apologize.
- I would like to apologize.
I've been so worried about you, Emil.
- Okay.
One with liver pate.
- I knew you were hungry.
- It is over there.
- Thank you.
What an effect it has.
She has really outdone herself.
It's so weird, that she didn't call me about it.
She always did when she made something new.
Then I would come over.
Then she would be contrary.
She was worse when she was alone with me.
I don't know why.
So I thought I should say if it was good or bad.
Of course it was always good.
Does Niels mind if we stay here a while? Well, I Niels? - Okay.
How do we do it? - Tighten it up.
We need some more wind.
Let go.
Now! Look.
Come and help.
How long have you been sitting there? Uh I went for a walk.
The children have been looking forward to giving you this surprise.
You could at least say something before you just move on.
Would you sit with me? I need some time.
What does that mean? I need to think a bit.
There are some things I need to work out.
It has nothing to do with you or the kids.
I love you.
- But I have my head - What does that mean? - That I need to go away for a few days.
- You don't know that.
- It's just a few days.
- No.
You don't know that.
- Solveig? - Hell no! - You're not leaving us here.
- What are you doing? You can stay here, and we'll move.
Hannah, Villads! Come! I have to pack your things.
- What's happening? - We're moving to Julie's.
- I'm not moving anywhere with you.
- Pack your things.
Now! - No.
I'll stay here with Dad.
- Well, your father can't be with us right now.
Isn't that right? Isn't that right, Frederik? Tell them to pack their things.
Go and pack your things.
We are leaving now.
- Is it in four fields? - It's these two.
Turn it around.
This is where we come in.
- It is right there.
- Is that 80 hectares? No, no, no.
Not at all.
I'll do 80 hectares in the spring.
Right now I have done four - to see if the land can sustain it first.
- Thomas, dammit.
- Amazing, that you've become a farmer.
You wander around the fields, cuddling the plants in your rubber boots.
I love it.
It's so wild.
Just to stand on the land - - sow some seeds and see them grow into something.
- What the fuck, Emil! - Hello, Rene.
Hi, Emil.
It's good to see you, man.
- What are you doing here? - Tidying up your mother's things.
- No thanks.
- Still? - Yes.
- What the hell are the police doing here? - God, how strange! - Emil come.
We'll slip away.
Not something to do with Melody.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Funen Police.
Signe Larsen? There is illegal open-grown hemp on your land.
- No, no.
It is industrial hemp.
- The inspector found marijuana plants.
That can't be.
I have the papers here.
I know this is industrial hemp, but we have found hash out there.
- He hasn't! - He? There is also something what the hell is it? Elderflower.
- It is calming too.
Honey? - Yes, I'd like that.
- Not too much.
- Just a blob.
What the hell is she bringing the police down here for? No! No! No, no, no.
What the hell do they want now? Emil, take this.
Climb out here, and I'll talk to them.
I can't do that.
I don't want anything to do with pot.
Come on! No, dammit.
I'm an idiot.
I'll take it.
I'll go.
You stay here.
- Hello.
- Thomas Konrad? Are they your marijuana plants in Signe Larsen's fields? - Who said that? - We have found marijuana plants.
- If this is you, say so now! - Of course it's not.
Don't lie.
- Is it yours? - No! What are you talking about? I'm standing here with the police.
Say if it's yours.
Well?! Is it you? Can you tell the police that it's your hash and not mine? Mine? Ok, yes.
- It's only a few plants.
- It is his, and he'll remove it.
You are charged with a violation of the law of narcotics.
If it's over one gram, you go to court, otherwise you will be fined.
Of course it is under.
We will inspect the fields first.
You can follow us.
- Come with me.
- Yes, yes! No, man! What the hell's going on, man? So! So! - This is the last.
- Fine.
- No.
There's more over here.
- It's fucking sin, it is.
- There are a lot of top shoots there.
- Yes, that's fine! - We'll remove it from here.
Just go.
- What will you remove from here? The rest of the plants.
We'll get assistance to clear them.
- Why? Thomas, is there more? - No.
We'll go and find them.
Do you know where they are, Thomas? They're too scattered.
We have to clear it all, to be sure.
No, stop it.
I've removed them all.
- Are you sure? - Of course.
- Would you please go.
- Fascists.
- You can't clear my fields.
- Listen, I'm sorry.
Had it all been gathered, I might be able to do something.
- I'm sorry.
- It's oppression.
- To just clear her field.
- You should have thought of that before.
Idiot! We specialize in art, but otherwise - How far are you with the verification? - We're one third through.
It's a huge work.
So there's still a chance that something will come up? Yes, it can't be ruled out.
But is there a possibility - - that you might be able to look a little more closely into it? You know Veronika, right? There are sketches and prototypes everywhere.
Can we agree that if you find something I am the first to know? - Shall we make a contract? - You wish.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
- You know what to do with it? - Kim It can open doors everywhere.
- I have to close up now.
- That was a short celebration.
And you owe me a bottle of whiskey.
- Yes.
- That was you, Kim.
- Good to see you.
- You too.
More! Yes - Thanks for that.
- Bye.
- Where are we going? - Home.
- I can't go home.
I'm full.
- No, you are beautiful.
- We could go back to mine.
- No, no.
I would like to sleep with you.
- No No.
- Yes.
Niksen biksen, buksen baksen.
(You can't run a business with your trousers down) - Let's drive to Copenhagen.
- No.
I want to go to Gr√ɬłnnegaard.
Was that Signe? Signe! Signe? I must really apologize.
I'm just so sorry.
- I don't want to talk to you.
- It was fucking stupid.
- I know.
But they're bloody snakes.
- What else could they do? Nobody was hurting anyone, right? I'll help you to start again in spring.
Don't help me with anything.
You've fucking helped enough.
I could've easily removed the plants.
I knew where they were.
- They were just making trouble.
- I said that they would come.
- Are you an idiot? - They just ruined it all.
I told you, that there would be inspectors.
- But wait.
- Just stop! Shut up! Emil? Hey! Sit down.
Just sit down.
- Hey, Signe.
- A double tequila.
Hey, darling.
I'm glad you changed your mind about coming.
- Hi, honey.
Glad you came.
- Hello.
It's been a long time.
Congratulations on everything.
- Shit music.
- You know how it is.
It's always Party Zone, which means party music.
- It's bullshit.
- Hi.
- This is for you.
- For me? Look.
It's a proper one.
Who gave it to you? - Here you go.
- Thank you.
- I'm going to mingle.
- Yeah, okay.
See you.
- Hello, beautiful.
- Martin, I was with my father! What did you tell him? That it was from you, because we had shagged.
- Bye.
- Going home.
Thanks for tonight.
- Have you worried about it at all? - Does he know? Bye.
No, he doesn't.
And neither should he.
Do you feel like a dip in the Archipelago? What the hell is going on here? - Dad! Dad, stop.
- What are you thinking?! Stop! This has nothing to do with you, Dad! Yes, it has! It has everything to do with me.
Bloody hell! - Dad, wait.
- No.
- Wait! - How can you do this to me? You'll make me the laughing stock of the club.
I thought I could trust you.
- And this is coming from you? - Okay, good.
Both of us! - I didn't know you were such a - A what? Such a what, Dad? A what? "I love you" - It doesn't taste so good.
- Not at all.
- What did you say this one was? - It's hessian and pine needles.
- No! - And porse, right? Like the car Porsche? - It actually tastes very good.
- It is the best.
The taste of alcohol.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Hi! - Hi, Signe.
We made soup.
Would you like some? It's good.
- It is asparagus.
- We can heat it up.
She'll be ok.
- I'll help her.
- Yes.
That's a good idea.
Want something after all? Maybe we should finish this party? - What about all this? - I'll get it in the morning.
- Just leave it, Thomas.
- I'll hit the road.
You can finish up.
- I'll finish up.
- Yes, yes.
I know the type.
- Sleep well.
- Yes.
You too.
- Thomas Thomas! - What is it? - Don't worry.
- No.
They can hear us.
- They can't hear us No.
- They can hear us.
No! - Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'll clean up.
I'll just have a cup of coffee first.
Thomas is so sorry about the fields.
I'm going to tell Jan now, that he won't be getting his hemp.
He'll be furious.
He warned me about Thomas and the pot.
Thomas understands that now.
It's not going to happen again.
Luckily it was only the four hectares.
You wouldn't have made much from it anyway.
This is good land.
We know that now.
It will be good in spring.
Hello! Hello? - Jan? Have you heard? - What the hell were you thinking? Have I heard? The towncrier won't stop ringing for me! - I'm just so sorry.
- You promised that you had it under control.
It's not going to happen again.
Thomas understands - - it was the stupidest place to plant his skunk.
- And who are you? - I'm Signe's lawyer.
- I'll clean this up.
- Our collaboration stops here.
- What? I'm starting in spring.
- You're not working with me.
- You can't.
- Don't you think I mean it? - I have terminated the lease.
- You should have thought of that before.
- Jan, take it easy.
- You should not! It was your responsibility to keep an eye on the fields.
Okay? - And how do you think it went? - Aksel hasn't done anything.
Our collaboration stops here!