Arvingerne (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

We have been informed that there is illegal open-grown hemp on your land.
- He can't have! - Are they your marijuana plants? Can you tell the police that it's your hash and not mine.
It's so scattered that we could miss some illegal plants.
- We have to clear it all.
- You can't! - I would've removed it.
- You should have thought of that before.
Idiot! - Our collaboration stops here.
- I'm starting this spring.
- I have terminated the lease.
- You should have thought of that before.
- You knew there were inspectors.
- Wow.
Don't fucking tell me to stop! I argued with Frederick.
- Frederik did this? - I pressed him.
- He could have strangled you.
- Don't interfere with my family I need some time.
There are some things I need to find out.
- You don't know that.
We will move.
- I'm not moving anywhere with you.
- You pack your things now.
- I'll stay with dad.
Dad can't be with us right now, right? - What the hell? - Dad, stop! - This has nothing to do with you.
- Yes, it has everything to do with me! You're making me the laughing stock of the whole club.
- The transformation is great.
- There's a lot of fine detail.
I'm only selling it because the bank is forcing me to.
I understand that it's difficult for you.
Otherwise, I'd have to sell the house.
That's what the bank recommended.
- That's totally absurd.
- My business has been crushed.
Lone told me about Thomas' pot.
That was unfortunate.
Signe has found a Dutch company, who will buy her hemp next year.
- If I can afford to harvest it.
- Yes, it costs a lot to rent the machines.
There you go.
Well, I've obviously talked to the board.
We can offer you, 700,000 for the work.
That's not as much as the assessment? The market is low right now, so that's all I can offer.
- It's not enough.
- No.
- Kim, I expected more.
- Is the prototype here? Yes.
It's in the basement.
If we could get it together with the work, then we'll give you 900,000.
900,000? - Is the prototype worth that much? - No, not by itself.
But it would increase the work's unique value considerably.
That will be perfect.
Then I can harvest and rent the machines.
So it's all here in the folder.
And the notes.
I have it.
I'll work it out.
It's good to see, you're looking better.
- Have you talked to Frederik? - No, there's been a lot to do.
- You have to get paid for this.
- I don't want money for it.
- But, it's real work.
- Do you have a minute? René can't do all this alone.
Kim is waiting up there.
- He offered me 700,000 for the work.
- So you've made a little on it.
I have to do it, Gro.
It's your work.
It is up to you.
But 700,000 isn't enough for my business to continue.
But if you give them the prototype too, I can get 900,000.
Yes, but unfortunately I can't.
He said that it wouldn't damage Veronika's reputation.
No, it was destroyed, unfortunately.
- Destroyed? - Yes.
- Can't we just get it again? - No, it is destroyed.
If it's about money, I'll pay you back.
There's nothing to discuss.
Tell Kim that it's destroyed.
Why won't you help me? You live here.
- And Emil lives here.
And your father.
- Tell Kim that it is destroyed.
But that's a lie.
Why won't you help me? Now it is destroyed.
Now it's not a lie.
It is destroyed.
- Destroyed? - I should have acted faster.
- Signe, listen - I just You won't get a better offer.
Sorry, I don't need that anymore.
It's a bit late now.
Sign here.
- You have to take them back.
- We're going on to Taasinge now.
Talk to the service department.
I need a signature.
Hi, Signe.
Congratulations on the Holland deal.
It's cool, huh? I hear that you've agreed on a price per kilo.
I'll just put these here.
Aksel I have to say no to Holland.
Seriously? Why? I have used all my contacts.
- I know, but - But what? I can't owe money when I don't have any support.
Right now, I live with my family, who don't give a fuck about me.
- Oh - Yes, it's true, Aksel.
Fuck this, I can't be bothered any more.
I can't do it.
Is your family or farming, your heart's desire? - Can't it be both? - Does it have to be? They're all over this place.
It's their childhood home.
So what are you saying to me? The bank says that if I sell now, I'll come out with a small profit.
We had such a good plan here.
- What about this, Gro? - Just leave it.
- It shouldn't be archived.
- It's not very successful.
- It's just a rough.
- Let's see.
Is it using a toothpick, or what? - It's not finished.
- It's fucking ugly.
It's gross.
You don't know what it might have become - - if she had finished it.
Don't take it personally.
It has nothing to do with you.
What is it with you? What's wrong with that? It's not actually a work.
Just because Signe wanted it If mother had lived, it wouldn't have been sold.
- But if Kim says it's good.
- Kim is a merchant.
- But if it can help Signe - Gro? - Yes.
- I need to borrow your car.
- I'm going to Copenhagen.
- Isa called.
We have to meet.
- When? - Now.
- Where? - Somewhere near Henrik's.
- Is it just you two? - I think Henrik will be there too.
- If Henrik is going, I am going.
- Don't make trouble.
I won't make trouble.
I want to support you.
- Okay.
Let's go.
- You could change your clothes? You should change your clothes.
Wear the blue shirt.
That's a shame about the prototype.
Signe could have used it.
Yes, it was annoying.
That's how it is.
- Do I look ok? - You look good.
Are you picking sorrel in your good shirt? Oh god, no, I'm meeting Isa.
See you.
- Signe, where are you going? - I'm driving out to Frederik's.
Villads was crying on the phone, saying he wants to be picked up.
- Why? - Because he's sad.
You haven't given him lunch.
You've been cutting down trees.
No, I haven't.
Where is he? Villads? Villads? Villads? - Where is he? - Here he comes.
Why did you call Mum? - So - What's the deal, sport? - Don't you want to be here? - Leave him out of it.
We'll drive home, and we'll talk another time.
I think you need to move back.
- We shouldn't talk about it here.
- Hello.
- You should move back now.
- I'm not ready.
Why aren't you ready? We're going now, we can talk later.
Come on, Hannah.
Let me go.
Let go, Frederik.
Let go! - Come on, Hannah, we're going.
- I'm not going with you.
Come on, Hannah, we're going.
No, I'll stay here with Dad.
Really, Hannah? Come on.
- You can visit Dad again.
- I'm not living with you.
She wants to stay here.
I've come at a bad time.
- Yes, it is.
- I wanted to talk to you about the house.
- About the house? What house? - Grønnegaarden.
I will probably have to sell - - and so you are the first I am asking.
Are you offering to sell me Grønnegaarden? - Frederik - It's best if you go home.
- Did you have any food? - No.
Are you sure that it was here? So You don't need to say anything.
- Okay? - Yes.
Hi, honey.
Wow, she looks beautiful.
It was great, that you called back.
Thomas, why don't you two have a talk? So Oh, what? Hello, sweetheart.
Her sleep pattern was upset.
She wasn't eating properly.
It was obvious that there had been too much turmoil around her.
But now she's started sleeping well.
Maybe she slept uneasily, because she was torn away from her everyday life.
She had her mother.
That's the most important thing.
It depends on the mother you have.
Fortunately, Isa agreed to take her medication.
We've got a health care professional supporting her with Melody.
- What is this medication? - Antidepressants.
- She has a fragile mind.
- Yes.
- So the life I lead - Nobody forced Isa into anything.
- She can't say no.
- No, you have to learn that at home.
It's obvious that you don't have kids.
- I need to ask you something.
- What? I actually like being home again.
Now you won't get mad, will you? I don't want to marry you.
But do you think that we could stay together - - and just be friends and raise Melody? - Well, if that's what you want.
- It is.
So we can play together and everything like that.
It's better that you are there, than completely disappeared.
So what if we meet someone else? We can't own each other.
I know that, of course.
You are so cool, Thomas.
- Hello.
- Do you want your father? Isa, shall we? Yes, I'll take her.
- Let's put you back down.
- What now? - See you.
- We will.
See you, Gro.
- Hey.
Say hi to Signe for me.
- Yes, of course.
- What happened? - She's moving home now.
She is doing really well.
Shall we go? But Henrik thinks that it's bad for Melody to be here.
- It seems Isa doesn't.
- Why do you believe her? It's so tiresome with all this distrust of everyone.
If you believe in people, they try to live up to that belief.
She didn't even know that she was on drugs.
- And what if she was? - Why couldn't she just say so? She's doing really well.
You saw her.
Or maybe Henrik was just being tactical.
They appear welcoming, and if it comes to a court case - - you haven't done a damn thing.
- You're standing on my pieces.
- Sorry.
Just don't be disappointed, if she doesn't come back, ok? We have to work out what to do.
We need to talk about it.
- Gro, can I talk to you? - I'm on my way to Copenhagen.
It's impossible to get out the door here.
You were the one who wanted to come.
I could have done it without you.
- It will take two minutes.
- What is it? Come with me.
Thomas - So what is it? - I'm offering you the chance to buy the house.
- What? - Yes.
And I'll sell it to you cheaply.
- Is it because of the 200,000? - You can think about it.
If you don't want to, I have to sell it to someone else.
Well, I can't buy this house.
Isn't that what you wanted? Did you think I was going to stay here? Why would you think that? - What now? - Signe is selling the house.
What? - You can't sell the house.
- I have no choice.
You can't do that.
It's the only thing we have together.
I've struggled to get it up and running.
What about Frederik? What will he have to say? Frederik won't buy it.
- You have asked him? - Yes.
- I think they're getting divorced.
- What? Solveig has moved, anyway.
- Hannah didn't say anything about that.
- What about Hannah and Villads? Villads left with Solveig, and Hannah stayed there.
- Frederik looked awful.
- You can't sell now.
You know what, Thomas? It's you who has ruined it all.
Who the hell destroyed everything? You destroyed my only chance to be here.
You help everyone else.
She lost 200,000 kr.
on a work which she never should have had.
You took that hammer and smashed my future.
It's never little Signe's fault.
You can never get enough.
- I should be deeply grateful.
- You went to court to get the house.
- Emil? - Yeah, this happens sometimes.
Take this.
Sit down.
Put your head back.
There has been nothing but discord, since you showed up.
Look at Emil.
- And Frederik is destroyed.
- That's not my fault.
You play holier than thou, and kiss all our asses.
Then at the slightest problem, you sell house.
And it's not your fault? Do you think that helped? It's all falling apart now.
What about Frederik, if he's getting divorced? I don't know.
Perhaps something good will come out of it.
We are a family, aren't we? We can't start falling out now.
You and Sunshine, can't you own the house together? - You could throw something into the pot.
- I will as well.
We can all help.
We can make it a collective - - and build something out of this rubble.
And maybe we should get some of our friends too.
If you can get it up and running, that's good.
We'll have to do it together.
When you say together, you mean we all jump at your command.
Why don't you care about this community? You planted skunk on her land, and we are paying for it.
But what has happened? Well, she can sell the house, if that's what she wants.
This is your ancestral home, and Melody is on the way home.
Yes, if you want the house, then buy it yourself.
We could make this shit.
- Just let it be.
- Why is it so important? Can't you just trust me? It is important.
Mother would rather have the lump in a museum, than lose the house.
- You have no idea what you're talking about.
- Why won't you help her? Why can't you show her a tiny bit of kindness? A tiny bit of kindness got you out of prison.
I am grateful for that, but it hasn't got shit to do with this.
- If the prototype can help Signe.
- Why do you always say it's me? - Because you have the solution right there.
- I can't do this! Emil, sorry.
Are you okay? Signe? - Hello.
- Hi, honey.
- I want to sell the house.
- Okay.
I put the house up for sale.
Well what about the fields? I'm so embarrassed Mum.
You warned me about this.
- You had to do your own thing.
- They don't care about me.
- Can I sleep here tonight? - Well yes, you can.
Lise, there is something beeping.
- Is it the mussels? - Yes, just take them off.
- Do you want to come in? - No, no.
- I'm sorry I came.
- Where are you going? I'll just go home.
It's fine.
- No thanks.
- You need to eat something.
It's sweet of you, but I have a lot to do, I have to clear this.
Okay? Oh! Oh! - Dad? - What is it? I wanted to see what was wrong.
You just cried out.
- What did I do? - You have an earwig.
- Why did you do that? - There's an earwig.
Where did it come from? They're coming in over here.
- Fuck, it's disgusting.
- Relax.
We're living in a forest.
- No, Dad.
Stop it.
- You know what? I think it's best, that you go home with Mum.
No, I won't.
That's toxic.
I don't feel so good.
Be good and go to Mum's.
I don't feel so good.
Don't follow me.
Don't follow me.
- Don't follow me.
- Dad? You must go away.
Understand! Go away! Go away! Go! You can't stay here.
This is a work area.
I'll go.
Don't worry about all this.
Emil, you need to stay here with us.
If you go by yourself, you will be sorry.
It's stupid.
Just relax, and we'll talk about it.
No, you shouldn't go down there.
- What's happening? - Gro, I'm moving.
It's only like this until we have the collective up and running.
This is really you.
Some exciting young artists all together.
Gro? - Emil, where are you going? - I'll work something out.
- You can't just go.
- The house has to be sold.
People are yelling and screaming.
I can't stand to be here.
Wait a couple of minutes? We can drive to Copenhagen.
It's Solveig calling.
Hi, Solveig.
No, I haven't.
Yes, I will.
- Bye.
- What was that? Frederik has thrown Hannah out into the night.
They don't know where she is.
Emil? That's a bad idea.
Emil? It's great to see you.
And Melody too.
- Is Thomas in there? - Yes.
We can't begin to allocate rooms.
- You can stay down here.
- We can't sleep in any dormitory.
- I won't stay in the dormitory.
- Look who's here.
Here come my girls.
Look at the little darling.
This is Melody.
And Melody is coming to live here now together with Isa.
My girls are moving home now.
- Would you like to hold her? - Of course.
- She's a little tired.
- Here.
We have to get this union off the ground.
Now the children are coming.
You've arrived amidst total chaos.
Signe is selling the house.
- Why? Where's she gone? - I don't know.
She dropped the bomb, and then she left.
But we'll have to have a general meeting soon.
- Dad, this is no good.
- It's fine.
Lone, you can't support him in this.
I've only got my family home.
Shall we move onto the street, or what? Come on.
We need this collective up and running.
Who should sit on the board? - What is happening here? - Signe? Hello, Isa.
- How good to see you.
- You too.
- You know I'm selling the house.
- Yes.
Now Thomas is forming a collective.
Really? Can I talk to you? I would like to lend you the remainder of the money.
- I'm sorry, what? - Yes.
This house is our family.
Of course you can't sell it.
Gro, listen This house is mine.
You don't decide what I do with it.
No, but you would like to stay here and cultivate hemp, right? You can just pay it back, when you're back on your feet.
Come on, Signe.
It's fine.
I've decided.
- Well.
- Yes.
I thought that the hemp was important to you.
It was, but unfortunately that dream is dead.
- Is it dead? - Yes.
I don't believe that it can carry on.
You know, Signe Larsen? I think you should pack your things - - and find a new exciting hobby somewhere else.
I've fought for this.
It's your fucking fault that it failed! - So you can go to hell.
- You know what? You don't know shit about what it means to have a dream.
Not a damn thing.
Frederik, will you talk to me? What? Let that go.
I know that you don't have a particularly high opinion of me.
You're wrong, I have no thoughts about you.
I am completely indifferent to you.
You can do what you want.
- Okay.
So I want to be here.
- Let go.
You are forgiven.
I forgive you.
Is that ok? Okay.
Are you okay? You are forgiven.
Yes, it is okay.
Now you are forgiven.
Now you need to go.
You have nothing to do here.
- You have no idea what is going on.
- What is going on? I can see that you're about to fall apart.
Frederik? Do you remember that year at school, when I started stealing? Do you remember you covered for me all the time? Do you remember that you always covered for me? Frederik? Hello! I don't think you did it to help me.
You were fucking afraid that someone might discover - - how I felt inside.
And all that with dad.
And if they found out, they would also discover how you felt.
And that wouldn't do.
Oh no, you're so strong.
- You could look after yourself.
- Get out of here! Isn't that right, Frederik? What if you were wrong.
- Maybe you also needed someone.
- I told you that.
- I don't think that you dared.
- Don't tell me what I dared to do.
You've fled from everything in your life.
What will happen when Gro's money lands in your backpack? It's not going to happen.
You can threaten me all you want.
You can threaten me.
So beat me! Hit me now, Frederik.
Come on.
I won't give up, Frederik.
In the large room, there should be two.
I can understand that you want to keep the house.
It's a shame to give up.
No one can keep up with them.
They're like a fucking mafia family.
They follow you everywhere.
Hello, everyone.
I must ask you to go home now.
Where did Thomas go? Get these people out of here now.
You said that you wanted to sell, then we should be allowed to buy.
It's not working.
- I'm not doing this.
- I want to talk to you.
- We have to get some things in place.
- You can't stand there and eat my food.
Come on.
Get out.
- I just got a coffee.
- You have to go now.
- No, I know.
- Would you please go.
- Signe? - No, you're not staying here.
I know that it's all under way now, but I want to help you.
Great, Emil.
Stay here.
I have something to say to all of you.
- Wait there.
- Sid, outside.
Come on.
So what the hell was that about? - Have you come back? - Yes.
- How did it go? - Fine.
Well, do you want to go? Signe said that we need to stay here.
She wants to talk to us.
- Can't we wait five minutes? - Okay.
Don't look at me.
I don't know shit.
- Has she thrown them out? - Yes.
Where are they? - It's good that you're here.
- Hello, mouse.
Have you seen her? - Hello.
- Would you like to hold her? Ah, how sweet you are.
There she is.
Gro, I want to say yes to the loan that you offered.
- Okay.
- You're keeping the house? No, damn, Sunshine! You gave us a real fright.
It's fine, Thomas.
I've been so upset about that field.
I haven't finished, sit down.
Gro, you've been here a long time and used the basement without paying.
We could offset my loan with the rent.
I think that 7000 for the whole basement is very reasonable.
If you still want to lend me money for the premises - - you have half a year left free in the house, then the loan will be offset.
How is that, Sausage? It sounds very reasonable.
Okay then.
It will be good to get rid of all the hassle - - that would come with the collective.
And we've just built a new bed in the carriage.
Thomas, you can sleep there from now on, you can't sleep up here any more.
And you also need to pay the minimum for power and gas.
You haven't ever done that.
And if you don't have the money, then you have to help here.
You and Melody are allowed to come up here, if there is anything you need.
Emil, I must ask you to remove your mess and organize yourself in the basement.
And I'd just be happy if you would like to help me.
That's it.
Do you want your mother? Yes, I'm closing this off, so you'll have to use the second exit.
You are tough.
I hear you had a family meeting.
Shall we go home? I've been trying to since yesterday.
It was good, that you sent me home to my children.
Claudia is ok again.
We were together for the whole day with the kids.
It was actually ok.
That's good.
You know what I think? That we should buy an apartment together in Copenhagen.
Where there is room for the kids.
- But they go to school in Hamburg.
- Yes, but on weekends and holidays.
We should talk about it.
Shall we go? - Gro? - Hannah? - Come in.
- It's dad.
He is completely mad.
We have to help him.
I don't know who else to ask.