Arvingerne (2014) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

1 He's your brother.
You're sick in the head.
Shut your mouth! Sorry, Gro.
- Frederik did this? - I pressed him.
- He tried to strangle you.
- Don't interfere with my family.
- Come on, Hannah, we're going.
- I'm not going with you.
Go home to mum.
Don't follow me.
Go away! - Gro.
- Hannah? Frederik, will you talk to me? I don't care about you.
I would like to return home.
Don't get mad.
I don't want to be your lover.
- Isa has agreed to take her medication.
- What is this medication? Antidepressants.
She has a fragile mind.
You can't sleep up here any more.
And you have to pay for electricity and gas.
You haven't ever done that.
Gro, you've been here a long time, using the basement without paying.
We could offset my loan with the rent.
Yes, I'm closing this off, so you'll have to use the other exit.
You are tough.
Hold this here Wait a moment.
It's big, eh? Hello? Hello? - Signe? Sorry.
- Yes.
Hello? I just wanted to ask if I could borrow the drill.
- Yes.
It's out in the barn.
- Sure.
- I'll borrow just a splash of milk.
- No.
- I'll buy some later.
- No, Thomas.
Well, okay.
I didn't say anything.
I'll take that.
I rang him back.
- Your father? - He's coming tomorrow.
Cool, Isa.
- Can you be here when he comes? - What time? - In the morning.
- Yes, I can.
She should have been sleeping quarter of an hour ago.
- Shall I go for a walk with her? - Yes, do that.
- Hey, Blondie.
- Hello, Isa.
Is she asleep? - Come see your new room.
- Should I take her for a while? - Isa, you have to see it.
- Will you take her? - I'll get her to sleep.
- Great.
- Oh, it's great.
- Yeah.
Come and see.
A hook, cradle, lying in bed.
Push it with your feet.
- It's really nice.
- She's sleeping now.
- You've really done a lot.
- We've earned a trip to the Finns Vig.
Finns Vig? - We could have a dip.
- Could you borrow Signe's car? - Do it yourself.
- Me and von Larsen's car! Forget it.
- So I have to borrow it for you! - Say you need to pick up some diapers.
- No, I need to look after Melody.
- She's sleeping.
Signe loves her.
I'll get some towels.
Isa, you should come too.
It will be invigorating.
- Signe? - Hi.
I have no more diapers.
Can I borrow the car, to quickly buy some? Yeah.
I need it in an hour.
I'm picking up grass seed.
I'll bring it back.
She just fell asleep.
Is it okay if she stays here? I'll take her with me.
That's fine.
- Could you get some twine? - Of course.
Those two have to be in the great hall - - and those in the street.
Ok Hannah, that's it, we need to go.
You can come again on Friday.
- Why can't I be with Dad? - You should talk to Solveig about that.
- I have all my stuff at dad's.
- We'll get Robert to retrieve them.
- I can drive past.
Do you have the key? - Yes.
- Hi, Kim.
- Hello, Gro.
Hi there.
There is good news.
Is it okay if I say it? Walders in Hamburg has agreed to do a Veronika Retrospective.
No way! I thought they would.
- And you must curate.
- Wow.
I showed them the 'corpus', and they almost fell over backwards.
'Corpus'? It's called the 'corpus'.
Signe's piece.
Oh well.
Now we'll have to see what to put with it.
You can't put much with the 'corpus', but maybe we'll find something else.
I said that maybe some new works would turn up.
It's a little too early to say.
Hannah, grab your bag.
Gro, that's great.
Have you bribed them? - 'Corpus'! What are you doing? - It should be called something.
- And you said there were more.
- You told him that too.
- Yeah, I was drunk.
- Gro, the fish is good.
Don't we have enough problems getting 'Corpus' verified? - I have nothing to show them.
- You have to create it.
Aren't you happy? It's great for sales.
- It won't go with the work.
- Why? Because I will have made it.
- Can you sign? - Yes.
- Done.
- You get a copy.
- Here you go.
- Bye.
- Are you okay? - Yes, it saved everything.
Do you want some? Thomas? Shall we make troldehår? That's what we need.
I need to piss.
- What is it? - It's grilled seaweed.
- It tastes great.
- Ah! - Have you tasted it? - No.
It's a delicacy.
Can I borrow this? This is my Hovrätt.
It shouldn't be on long.
It's just smoked.
It gets a bit crunchy.
- It's not going so well.
- It's going smoothly.
I have it.
Then it changes colour.
- Here.
It's strong.
- Is it? Holy shit, something splashed! It tastes of urine.
No, Isa.
We can't.
I like you, but it would get too messy.
- We are not lovers anymore.
- It will be messy anyway.
Did you taste it? Want to try? - It tastes really bad.
- A bit of the sea.
Of old cold sea.
I'll hang something there Frederik didn't like it.
There was a lot, he didn't like.
Do you remember when he spent all his money on branded clothing? - Absolutely terrible.
- The black suits.
He was so afraid that something would happen to his clothes.
You couldn't get him to sit down.
No, we rolled him up.
He looked like a black cigar eventually.
He had seaweed inside his underwear.
It would be nice to have Melody down here.
Fuck! What time is it? Fuck! I should have been home ten minutes ago.
And I had to buy twine too, because she's working with Aksel.
- What should I say to her? - We'll work it out.
We're out of here.
Piss! It's Signe.
- Say you met a friend in the city.
- That's not an excuse! Say you were drugged in the bakery.
- There was methamphetamine in a rum ball.
- Don't talk to me.
We'll just find some twine in the basement.
- We'll find some sort of string.
- Shut up! Fuck, there she is.
Duck down.
What the hell is going on? Are you okay? Emil? - Isa, are you okay? - Yes.
Holy shit, man! Oh, dammit! - You drive bloody well, Isa.
- Signe, I must apologize.
Have you been drinking? - What? Have you been drinking? - We've had a little to drink.
Isa, you drove drunk? What were you thinking? - Sorry.
- Are you completely insane? Ah, dammit! No, no, no.
- What is it, Thomas? - My knee.
- Ah, dammit! - What else? Your neck? - What about your back? - Is your neck painful? - Do you hurt anywhere else? - Just there.
If it's his neck, he should sit still.
- Stay right there.
- I'll call an ambulance.
Ask the doctor whether we should move him.
Tell him about the neck.
Stop it now.
You guys are getting hysterical.
- I'll just turn a little.
- Stay sitting there! I have just had a knock.
- She's not a damn doctor.
- They're sending an ambulance and police.
- And what? - I don't believe it! They will know I've been drinking.
Then they'll take Melody.
Of course they won't.
- We'll simply say that I drove the car.
- You're drunk too.
- You have to get away from here.
In the house.
- Make sure he sits still.
Thomas, you have to sit still.
Where is she? - Where's she gone? - She is here.
How long has she slept? How long has she slept? I don't know.
An hour.
One and a half, maybe.
Are you okay? When did we leave, Emil? Do you remember? Do you think she looks tired? - Isa? - Does she look tired? I don't know if she looks tired, okay? Calm down.
Take it easy.
Isa? Look at me.
Look at me.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
She's fine.
Just breathe.
Sit down.
Sit down on the bed.
She's doing fine.
I think you should get some rest, Isa.
Now we'll just stabilize your neck.
Do you hurt anywhere else? Yes, my knee hurts a lot.
- And my back.
- Does that help your neck? - Does it hurt here? - No.
- What happened here? - We ran into that.
Who was driving the car? It was me.
I was just distracted.
- Were you on the phone? - No.
Can I see your driver's license.
Yes, of course.
I'll see if I have it.
- It smells of alcohol.
- We broke a bottle down there.
- Have you been drinking? - No.
I'd like you to do a breath test.
I haven't drunk anything.
- What's your name? - Thomas Konrad.
Just blow, blow, blow, blow.
- Yes.
No alcohol.
- No.
That's fine.
- How's the test? - It's negative.
- What happens now? - You get this back.
You've had a fright.
- Signe? Signe? - Just breathe easily.
- Thomas, I'm right here.
- Will you call Gro? - Yes, I will.
- Thanks.
You can jump in the front with my colleague.
- Hello.
- Hi, honey.
- We thought you were at work.
- No, I'm working from home.
I'm so sorry about everything that happened the other day.
It's nothing.
- Are you ok? - We had a good trip to Copenhagen.
Hannah, we have to get going.
Grab your stuff.
I'll drive her over to Solveig's.
No, that wasn't the agreement.
- I'm driving her over to Solveig's.
- No.
Get in the car, Hannah.
- See you, honey.
- Will you? Yes.
I'll talk to mum, and we'll work it out.
See you.
- Many thanks.
- It was nice to have her.
Will you come up and have a cup of coffee? No, I should go.
Frederik went crazy in Thailand.
- What did he do? - He tried to strangle Gro.
She had marks on her neck when she came home.
I thought it was best - - that you knew.
With the children and Bye.
What's happening? No news, but Gro is coming.
Signe, can you give me a hand with this? There.
It's fine here.
- Where's Isa? - She's resting up in the house.
- Will it go again? - I hope so.
- I'll do my best, ok? - Yeah.
I think she's hungry.
- Signe, where did Thomas go? - He's gone for some tests.
They're checking his knees and neck.
Shit, man! Shall I do that? - Why won't it come out ?! - Isa, take her.
I'll do it.
- It's me, as usual.
- Come on.
Take your daughter and give her some food.
Sit down and give her some food.
- Sit down.
- I don't think she likes me.
She likes you.
She's just hungry.
Sit down.
Now just give her the baby food quietly.
That's good.
See - Sorry, Signe.
- It's okay.
I just picked up the grass seed.
Did you? Your car probably won't be going for the next few days.
Isa, I'm going out for a while.
Hello, Robert.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah.
No thanks.
I just talked to Gro.
They're coming shortly.
She's in Copenhagen.
No, she's at the hospital with Thomas.
We had a little accident with the car.
Didn't you hear? No.
Is Thomas ok? Yes, he's fine, but the car is smashed.
I just came down to look at some works.
I've just been taking Hannah over to her mother's.
So She's moved out? Yeah, it looks like it.
I needed to get this.
There's coffee up there.
Weren't we on for tomorrow? I would have cooked.
- Come in.
- I want to talk to you about the children.
They're not going to come here for a while.
Why is that? Why have you got her? Frederik, I I heard what happened in Thailand.
They shouldn't be here alone with you.
I would never do anything to the kids.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Here are your clothes.
Have a good recovery.
Thank you.
Hi there.
Thomas, it's important that you take it easy until the pain is gone.
We'll do that.
Does it hurt? No.
I'm so high on Ketogan, but I want to go home.
Leave the wheelchair in the hallway, when you've got him in the car.
- Good recovery.
- You too.
You're an experienced driver.
We need you at home.
- Is Robert here? - Yes, he's down in the basement.
- Hi, Thomas.
How are you? - I've been better.
- Where is Signe? - She's out in the field.
- Are you high? - Yes, you are crazy! Can you help me? It's stuck in my hair.
- That's annoying.
- Morphine is damn good.
Signe? Damn, it never stops.
- I'll just see what it is.
- Yes, of course.
Thomas needs to lie down for a while.
The wagon won't be any good.
Could he stay in the house? - And he can't stay down with you? - What if he needs to go to the toilet? You don't have to look after him.
I'll call Lone.
And Emil will help too.
- It's just for a few days.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- You need to move into the house and lie down.
- Hi, Thomas.
- Hi.
Thank you.
- Can you stand on it? - Preferably not.
We can put him in Veronika's old room.
Isa's there.
Isa, can you move into the wagon? Can't I stay inside with you? Then I'll take the wagon.
You can have my room.
- Good.
- Are we agreed? - So here? - Ouch! No, put me down.
No, you idiot! What are you doing? - I'm sorry about everything.
- It's great that you've got the family under control.
- What should I do? - You've closed that off.
There's no access from the basement.
Are there many down there? - I just wanted to say thank you for today.
- Could you help out here? If you could just come over here.
There are my two girls.
- Can I put her in here for a while? - Of course.
What about you? - Sorry.
- Don't say sorry.
Isa, damn It suits me to lie here and fart, ok? Maybe I can entice Emil to to finish the job on the wagon.
You're good at getting people to work for you.
Could you get a few codeine for me? Yeah.
- How many do you want? - Two.
I don't know if I can have more.
What are you doing? You've just had morphine.
You can't have more now.
- But it still hurts.
- You have to wait about two hours.
- I didn't know.
- No, you didn't ask.
You wouldn't sit in shit.
You didn't know, that you shouldn't drink and drive.
The girl doesn't know anything.
Now she's giving him pills.
That was probably Thomas' instruction.
Why are you defending her? She can't manage anything.
Thomas could have stopped pouring alcohol into her.
- The fish is fantastic.
- No, it's not.
It's as good as 'Corpus'.
What shall we call it? Knowing you, you've already got an exciting idea.
The world loves your work.
Can't you enjoy it? No, I have no idea, what I'm making.
But I do.
It's annoying that you interfere and poke around in my stuff.
- I'm interfering? - I'll tell you when I'm ready.
When will you really be ready? I won't interfere in your art or your family.
- Can you give me some space? - Your brother was strangling you.
And I can't say anything.
It doesn't have anything to do with you.
I told Solveig.
- You did what? - I told Solveig.
Are you a complete idiot? Isn't it bad enough for him? He's unstable.
She has a right to know.
- It could affect the children.
- Go to hamburg now.
Isn't that where you're going? Sorry.
Will you stay tonight? No.
And don't call me - - until you're ready for us to share everything.
The two of us.
- Are you okay, Isa? - It's too small.
- It's too small.
- Be careful.
You'll crush her.
Isa, you'll crush her.
Let just leave it.
- I'll do it.
- Yes, but you're putting it on wrong way.
You're squeezing her arm.
Be careful with her.
Her hand goes through here.
Could you take her? Just for tonight.
I'm really tired.
I'll take her, but you have to talk to a psychologist.
I know you've done it before, but not since you became a mother.
So you'll take her? - Yes.
- Thanks.
You can get some sleep.
- What the hell is going on? - Let's give her a chance.
- She said yes to the psychologist.
- She was crushing the baby.
I know.
She's just been in an accident.
- Let's give her a chance.
- Yes.
Isa, come here, damn it! Stop! Isa, stop now.
Isa, stop, dammit! Isa! Isa, come on, dammit! Please don't go.
- Isa, come back.
Stop now.
- Leave me alone.
- Wait a minute.
- Isa ?! Please don't go, Isa.
Relax, we can talk about it.
Isa, what's happening? - Stop now, dammit! - Emil! Where are you going? - I just need to be alone.
- Come back.
I can't I must have peace.
You said that yourself.
- Don't run away.
- I can't be here anymore.
There is always something.
It was going well And then suddenly I'm back again.
And then I stare at Emil.
- And everything seems possible.
- Isa.
- Come back.
- I have to try by myself.
- No.
You can't take her with you.
- This is my child! Yes, but you can't take care of her.
Now you don't think I can? I don't think that you can look after Melody by yourself.
No, I don't think so.
You crush her when you dress her.
You drink and drive.
It all goes straight into her.
You're not well.
Isa Isa? Hello.
Hi, honey.
Hello, darling.
Just go on ahead.
I'll be right here.
What did you say to him? Solveig, what did you say to him? I said that we have separated.
And I said, that they will stay with me.
We haven't agreed anything.
- You can't just say - But that's the way it is.
Solveig, we've been through so many things over the years - - and we can overcome this.
We can't.
It's over, Frederik.
It's over.
You can't stop me seeing my children.
I have to.
That wouldn't happen in court.
In court? Is that really what you want? Good morning.
- Hello.
- Good morning.
I just looked in on Thomas.
He's asleep.
Isa has gone.
She was taking Melody too, but we stopped her.
I took her.
I said some harsh things to her.
- It's probably fine.
- I said she wasn't well.
She was completely You could have said she was the world's most amazing mother She couldn't manage, Signe.
- You've done the best thing for Melody.
- Do you think so? I'll take her to Copenhagen for a few days.
- What if Isa comes back? - Then we'll work it out.
I can take her if Thomas wants her in the house.
He's on a lot of morphine.
He should take it easy.
- He can't deal with much.
- Gro? - Yes.
- Gro? Yes.
- What is it? - I can't lift my arms.
What? I woke up, and I couldn't move my legs.
- Can you feel anythng there? - No.
- Dad, can you feel that? - No, I can't.
Emil! Call an ambulance.
Thomas can't feel his arms.
My phone is in my jacket.
- What's happening? - Something's wrong with Thomas.
- Where the hell is it? - Take it easy.
This isn't good.
I'm calling from Grønnegaarden.
We need an ambulance.
What's happening? Have you heard from Gro? Not yet.
- Can you give me a hand? - Where do you want it? Over there on the flat bit.
Hello? Hello? God! It's Isa's father.
We asked him over for a coffee with Isa.
Don't say anything about Thomas and the accident.
- Hello.
- Isa isn't here, unfortunately.
- Where is she? - I don't know.
I think she needed some fresh air.
I'm really sorry.
Hey, little mouse.
I have some clothes.
She liked this.
And there are some in here.
- No, that's great.
- Yes, it is, baby girl.
Come here.
- Say hi to Isa from me when she comes back.
- I will.
And just call, if you need help with anything.
Bye, honey.
- Ok? - Yes.
Thank you.
See here.
Your father has a displacement between 5th and 6th cervical vertebra - - and the disc cartilage is compressing the spinal cord.
- But you examined him after the accident.
- Yes, but there was no sign of it.
We need to operate to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord.
- And that will be it? - We can't guarantee anything.
But we need to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord.
- Will he be able to move? - We hope for the best.
She won't let me see the kids.